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ceejay52 03-23-2019 05:02 PM

WhooHooooooooo, she's gone. as of 1.30 today.:dance: And unless there is a miracle and she can do a lot more she will not be coming back. I know the reason why she and her niece can not get along. She's a know it all, very bossy and wants to be in control of everything. It would irritate any one including me. I've had to hold my tongue but she put to many straws on the camels back and it broke. I did do some things for myself but I had to text her while she was still in her room, and tell her what i was going to do. Enough is enough ceejay. Let it go, she's gone.
I did start the Metabolic Research center program but have decided to take only a couple of the pills.or potions as I call them, I was a nervous wreck the other day as I had a meeting a noon in Springfield. She, at MRC told us in class that we could weigh in at home and call in the weight. I may do that. They want us to weigh in every 4 days.
My friend wanted to go to Penny's and I texted her and told her that I would not be coming back down in this area.on a Friday afternoon. I can't handle that much traffic.
Thank ya'll for being understanding.

I need to make out a grocery list for next week but haven't decided on my menu as yet. I have my diet sheet.

What is the next project?

Jean 03-23-2019 08:29 PM

Good Afternoon! We had sunshine this morning but the clouds and raindrops have taken over. It is supposed to be more of the same tomorrow. Our pastor had his gall bladder removed on Friday so the guest speaker will be the retired superintendent who was so good the last time he took the podium. The fund raiser lunch will be served from 10:30-1:00 so will come home and then go back to eat. I have been fixing card club food yesterday and today, plus cleaning all week it seems like. Just when I think I have everything done I see more dust or a fur bunny flitting around. The high school principal resigned Thursday, as of immediately, with no reason given except he violated school policy. He lives two doors down from us and it has been pretty quiet there. Rumor has it that it was sexual harassment against his secretary and had been written up twice for it. Dumb on his part if true.

Ceejay, I don’t understand why your friend kept herself shut up in the bedroom, let alone send you text messages from there. Isn’t she sociable and like to visit with you? Like I said before you were a much better hostess than I would have been! I’m glad she is gone and I hope she doesn’t ask to come back again! Does she have children of her own that she lives with a niece? I wouldn’t blame her niece if she asked her to move out. What kind of foods does the MR encourage? Good luck, you can do it! :D

“Gma,” when we were in Sioux City last time we went through a car wash where people clean inside and outside the car. It goes through the wash part on a pulley thing and we could watch through the hall window. For $20 my car was squeaky clean for a few hours. Bob remembers going there when he was 10 years old, with his mom. He asked the cashier how long it had been there and she said a long time, then he told her at least 64 years! :lol: Can you smoke in your condos? We had Asian neighbors when we lived in Ohio and every once in awhile we could smell their cooking. They invited several neighbors over for a meal and asked if we would like a drink. It was straight whiskey and I had to let my ice cubes melt before I could drink it. Did you get your shopping done?

I need to keep moving or I will fall asleep. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

gma22 03-24-2019 08:22 PM

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Good evening. I had some “issues” today so spent a good deal of time in the “loo” as the brits say. Pretty dismal day, but tomorrow will be better. Today started out rainy, but was sunny and warm this afternoon. I felt so bad, Jack went and got Sonic for dinner. I ate, but wasn’t enthused.

As a treat for being such a nice guy, I think I’ll make Jack enchiladas for dinner tomorrow. I haven’t done that in awhile and I have everything I need. I cheat and use minute rice in my spanish rice because it’s easier.

Yesterday the neighbors were running a car wash in front of their garage. Sheesh!!! The darn manager doesn’t live here and he’s the only one that can stop that nonsense. They raised the HOA fees, which was ok with us, but now they want to remove trash collection as one of the amenities and make us pay for city collection. Jack’s the only board member against it, but lately they haven’t had a quorum to vote on anything and like I said, the HOA president up and quit. It’s a mess. Jack comes home frustrated because nothing gets done. They are back to parking in front of their garages and Jack’s fed up with tagging them and they move their cars before the tow truck can get here to tow them away. It’s a real pain.

CeeJay: I am knitting a summer sweater. Here is the hem of it. There are 6 pages of instructions, very confusing, but I am giving it the ole college try. I am so glad your home is back to normal. It’s sad when people act like that. They don’t get they aren’t the center of the universe, but then when you basically call them on it, they throw it back on you. Nothing you can do at that point, but do what is best for you.

Jean: Hope you enjoyed your visiting speaker and things went ok with the day. Glad everything is ready for your card club. Technically they are townhouses so they can do as they please unless they are renters. Even then they do whatever the heck they want. We have trash across the street who have lived rent free for nearly a year now because they filed bankruptcy. I don’t think even the same people live there. The cars change like people change their socks, I swear. I am not an alcohol drinker much. I do like one type of champagne and that’s about it. Jack usually buys a bottle to take on the cruise to toast. He likes margaritas. I usually get virgin whatever I want. I despise even the smell of beer. My dad was an alcoholic as was my bil and he tried to kill my sister when I was a kid and committed suicide when his kids were young teens. Just gives me bad vibes.

Everyone have a good week this week!

ceejay52 03-25-2019 08:20 PM

My friend has fibromyalgia. She claims it flairs up on a bad day or trip ride and can last up to 7 days or longer I think that's her excuse to be waited on hand and foot. :lol: I"m not sure she will be coming back.
I've had a headache today. I'm not sure why.
Yesterday was church and afterwards we went to see the baby. She is adorable.
I asked the man who did a lot of work here 2 years ago when I moved in came to come and check on a couple of things , The entry way over head light has started flickering and my garbage disposal. I have to get a new one for him to install later and a new light switch.
I had a doctor's appointment this morning, then went to the gym. My goal is to walk 1 mile. I can't do a 15 minute walk . Takes me around 35 minutes I'm a turtle.

That's going to be a beautiful sweater. Wish I could do something like that. I'm glad that you are feeling better.
Sorry to hear that the Pastor had to have surgery. Sometimes it is good to hear some one different once in awhile. My sis and bil will be going to visit their daughter and grand daughter next week in Dallas. He has scheduled the youth to do their thing on Sunday morning.

Have we lost Garnet?

Jean 03-26-2019 02:02 PM

Good Morning! The sun has finally come out, no wind, and it is warming up. :cp: The snow in our yard is gone but the parking lot piles are still slowly melting away. I went to get my nails done this morning, picked up a prescription, and now home for the rest of the day. I am doing a happy dance, found the $.60 error in the gift shop bank statement. Third time is the charm; I had written a check for sixty cents less than the invoice. The only thing I can think of is either the hospital accountant caught it and changed it, or the company misread the check amount and sent it through. Card club evidence is put away until next time and now to finish the leftover casserole for lunch. I was tired yesterday and my brain felt mushy. :rolleyes: Tomorrow is my day to work in the gift shop and then bell practice.

”Gma,” our newest neighbor, a widow who moved in last fall, has her son’s fishing ice house, a utility trailer, and a pickup with Iowa Hawkeye symbols all over it, parked in her driveway and yard. He lives three houses down the street with a garage so full of “toys and junk” he can’t park either of his vehicles in it. He has the old vintage double laundry tub in his front yard. Talk about trashy neighbors! :( I’m just glad we are usually in the back of our house and don’t have to look at it all the time. The “summer weekenders” must have gotten some water damage from all the snow. They were here last weekend, hauled in wet vacs, and opened all the windows. The city council wants to do a city wide clean up this spring; since we’ve gotten our new garbage cans lots of people just sit them in front of their house or even leave them on the curb all week. There is a time frame for putting them out but evidently it doesn’t apply to everyone. That doesn’t look very spiffy! They don’t enforce garbage bags piled along alleys nor cars parked on yards. People who don’t want to pay for garbage pickup, dump their trash in the business dumpsters during the night. People just don’t take pride in their homes like they used to imo. The sweater pattern is beautiful!

Ceejay, I don’t know much about fibromyalgia except there is no cure and it has symptoms that are similar to other diseases. It still doesn’t give your friend a right to act the way she does. :no: That is sad for her and everyone around her. I could walk with you! I am not a fast walker either so Bob and I can’t walk together, he’s always way ahead of me. I figured Garnet might be working extra hours with spring here and Easter right around the corner.

Bob will be home for lunch soon so better get it going. Hope you are enjoying a terrific Tuesday and do something fun! :wave:

gma22 03-26-2019 09:55 PM

Good evening. We are just sitting here in the quiet, which is unusual. Usually the neighbors are out revving their cars or making noise or the dog is barking or something is going on. It’s really quiet not even sirens, which you hear all hours of the night and day. We are about 3 miles from a police substation and we are between two firehouses each only 2-3 miles away. The condos sit on a main drag and are used by semis too. Very noisy most of the time. We have learned to live with it.

I put a roast, potatoes and carrots in the crockpot tonight and watched the Cubs game. Cleanup was pretty easy too. I have one of those turkey loafs in the freezer and think I may make hot turkey sandwiches for dinner tomorrow night.

Worked on the sweater a bit, but the headache is still bothering me off and on. I think it may be the new med so am going to stop it and see. It isn’t something that is dangerous to stop immediately, I checked. Nothing else seems to be the cause. I am not stressed, am not having eye issues, am not having sinus issues right now,etc. I looked up the info on this med and it can be a side effect. So, we’ll see how it goes.

CeeJay: I just hope when I get to the top of the sweater I can decipher the instructions. The sweater is knit in the round with no seams and the sleeves are knit into the existing sweater not separate. I can do all those things, but her directions are confusing because she has all these charts for different sizes and she uses number and letter codes you keep having to go back and match up to the size you’re making. Here is just one line of her instructions, “Next round (dec): k4, k2 tog, k to 6 sts before next marker, ssk, k4, sm, k4, k2 tog, k to last 6 sts, ssk, k4. (=4 sts dec'd).” “Knit 4, knit two together, knit to 6 stitches before next marker, slip 2 stitches then knit them together, knit 4, slip marker, knit 4, knit two together, knit to last 6 stitches, slip two stitches then knit them together, knit 4. 4 stitches decreased.” Now that’s one of her easy rows as most knitters know all of these symbols, but some of the others are really confusing. The problem is knitters tend to make their own keys about things instead of using basic ones. For example, a basic symbol is “sl1, K2tog, psso,” which means, slip stitch, knit next two together, pass the knitted stitch over the slipped stitch leaving one stitch. She wrote her symbol “sk2p” so then I had to check her key because to me p is purl. So now you know why sometimes I am pulling my hair out when I’m knitting. :lol: My husband is 6’2” and long legs. I can’t keep up with him even before I used a cane. I can however whiz by him with my scooter. :lol:

Jean: :cp: You found your discrepancy! You always do sooner or later. I imagine it has to do with a bazillion people messing with the books and such. Maddy sure has grown into a pretty girl. Sure is hard to see them so grown up though. Thomas will be 19 in 3 months! Our cans are not to be put out until Tuesday night and put back into the garage or in our back patio by Thursday morning. People leave them 24/7 and now our trash company has become irratic. They didn’t pick up last Wednesday and who knows about tomorrow. Sounds like they’re trying to change your neighborhood into Dogpatch :lol:

You all have a nice evening. I’m going to read a bit and go to bed.

ceejay52 03-27-2019 09:41 PM

It's been a warm day but very little sunshine. I've been to the gym but only walked 3/4 of a mile in 30 minutes and did 4 weight machines. I always do better at the gym when my stomach is not full so I eat when I get back.
I got my blood test results back yesterday and they were great. I only had one test in which the doctor was concerned about and that was my Vitamin D level which was on point below the normal range. I'm to take an over the counter vitamin D and recheck it next year. That could very well have been my trouble last winter.
I've been invaded by ants. I've cleaned the kitchen and told my sis while ago that they were here. She wants me to get ant hotels but I want them gone quicker than that so I've sprayed. Now I see them in the office. Yuck. The ground is wet and they are trying to find food and a dry spot. They are not welcome here.
Also went to the eye doctor yesterday morning. My cataracts are ready to be removed. This will be done in the near future.

My neighborhood also has some stuff scattered around. One house, a couple of door down, has at least 5 cars parked there. I think I'm going to ask around at church to see if any one would like to play cards. I'm needing something to do other than cleaning house.


Jean 03-27-2019 10:32 PM

Good Evening! It was a nice sunny “spring” day in my neighborhood today. This afternoon was sweater weather . . . finally! We had a tornado drill while I was at the hospital this morning, coffee and gift shop people had to go in the bathrooms. Last year they forgot to tell us when it was over but this time I don’t think we were in there ten minutes. I sold a book this morning and did some busywork paper collating and stapling for the office. Did some laundry after lunch and went to bell practice later.

“Gma,” I had he sliding doors open this afternoon and noticed the truck noise from the highway two blocks away. They are picking up speed so sound loud to me. I hope your headache is gone. I have sinus pressure all of a sudden and finally broke down to call the allergist my doctor recommended. Wednesday must be the day they travel to other towns because the answering machine said their office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. He does come here but is booked until September! Your knitting instructions could be in Chinese for all they mean to me. :lol: I do know knit and purl, it is the rest I don’t understand. Sometimes the print on invoices is small enough that the 9 looks like a 3; if I’m in a hurry I’m not at careful as I should be. :o Before we moved out here lawn and garden buildings were not allowed and people weren’t supposed to park in driveways for extended periods of time. Things have sure changed and not for the better. I had to laugh at Dogpatch even though it is true.

Ceejay, I have the best luck with Terro ant killer. It is a liquid and I put a drop on a piece of wax paper, on the floor where I see the most ants. They come in like a wagon train, circle around, eat/drink, and leave to die in their hole. Because of the cat, I put one of Bob’s caps over it but it doesn’t slow them down any. Good luck with your ant removal! :congrat: on the gym visit and great lab results! :cp: I take otc Vitamin D and credit with making my bone density test results improve. You will be pleasantly surprised how well you will see after cataract surgery.

Bob has basketball on tv and I have a few dishes calling me from the sink. Hope you all enjoy your evening and a terrific Thursday tomorrow! :wave:

ceejay52 03-28-2019 12:48 PM

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do today except clean out my fridge and get the garbage ready for pick up tomorrow and do some laundry. I'm not in the mood to do house work. I may get outside and do some yard work this afternoon if it doesn't rain.

I will get some Terro and use it. That's what we used at work. I am a bit nervous about having the surgery. But others have had it with success. The eye doctor said he had it three months ago.

We were posting at the same time yesterday. I'm like Jean and would know how to read the instructions.

gma22 03-29-2019 07:07 AM

Good morning! We had the fans on all night as it stayed warm overnight. My back was killing me at 3 AM so came downstairs, but couldn’t fall back to sleep. So I sat here playing games and here I am.

I got my sister’s birthday gift ready to ship. $20 to ship it postal priority. They took out the self shipping at our post office and I didn’t want to stand in line to ship it so I did it at home. Ahh well, I just hope she likes it. I noticed the mug I had made for her finally shipped. She is a big coffee drinker and the front says, “The love between sisters knows no distance,” and has our two states with an arrow between and “I love you,” with her name. Since my other two siblings have passed away in the last couple years she and I are the only two left. Unfortunately, she lives in AZ.

I am fixing Jack rolled tacos and spanish rice for dinner. He’s been wanting it, but it’s labor intensive so I like to leave it until the weekend. I had turkey last night and he gobbled it right up.

Well, baseball season has started. Yippee!! We won last night 16-7. We have a night game tonight so I can get dinner over and get everything cleaned up before hand.

CeeJay: Cataract surgery is a whiz and you’ll be amazed how well you see after. My vision had gotten so poor they couldn’t improve it and I had both eyes done and I have 20/15 in both eyes now. My husband had his done and his vision is 20/25 in both eyes. Sometimes you still have to wear glasses but your prescription will be a lot lower and you will see so much better.

Jean: I take vitamin d rolled into my calcium tablets. Thank goodness because I am not a milk drinker. Seems like the only people in this city who take care of their lawns and such are the ones rich enough to have someone else do it. I just get tired of the condos looking like the hood. Now that the temps have warmed up there is a lot more noise just from them being outside.

Well I hear Jack up and around upstairs. Have a nice weekend.

snowell 03-29-2019 05:02 PM

Greetings everyone. I haven't been on here in at least a week - been working a lot. Lots of employees have been "calling in" so I was called in for them, which is more hours for me. Worked until late night for six days straight. I woke up with leg cramps one night from doing so much leg work on the job. Think I twisted my right knee Sunday because it has been sore since then - am off today, just resting it now. Hope my boss does not call me in today. I'm tired.
Spring is busting out all over here. Trees are blooming in white, pink & red flowers all over. Spring is beautiful here. The trees, except evergreens, and bushes turn into full bloom flowers. I never saw this until I moved to OR. And of course because it rained here almost everyday since October the grass stayed green everywhere here.

Congratulations on the baby girl. Six pounds is a good average weight. Babies can make one feel wonderful just holding them.

Glad you found a lamp shade that is what you want. White is always a good "color" for a lamp shade.

The afghan is beautiful. I enjoy crocheting.

About fiber...apples are almost totally fiber.

About the frustration of waiting in line at stores to "check-out" - I am a "checker" (cashier) at a national grocery store & even I get frustrated with customers that take forever to check-out when I know that other customers are waiting in line who may be in a hurry or has ice cream or a fussy child or is in pain or whatever. Example: A customer who tries their bank card several times to get it to work, they can't remember the pin number, tries other cards over & over, has maybe three/four separate transactions because they are also buying groceries for other people, then they remember they want a book of stamps, then they remember they want a bag of ice, then they forgot to get whatever & leaves the register to run to get whatever they forgot to get, then after their final transaction is done & I have printed out a receipt THEN they say "Oh! I forgot to enter my phone number into the pin pad. I want to cancel my transaction and start over!" (At that point my mind is in a rage!) Then I have to void the transaction, get a Manager's approval (Page manager & waiting for manager now), UN-BAG EVERY item from bags (after taking all the bagged bags out of customer's grocery basket) and RE-RING-UP EVERY item just so the customer can enter their phone number of all things - & with a smile on my face! Then when the other customers in-line get to me they are in a really bad mood because they had to wait so long. Me - smile no matter what. But, it sucks when I am called into the office & the manager says "A customer called and complained that they had to wait in line for 45 minutes to check-out. Why?" Me - Uh........

I know what you mean about getting bored eating the same stuff all the time. I still weigh the same, haven't lost any weight in the last week or two. I got bored/tired of eating the same stuff daily - just meat and greens/green veggies. I ate some things I cannot eat if I want to lose weight. An apple, some blueberries, some nachos, cookies........ Then I feel so guilty.
I'd come home from work late at night & be so tired I just wanted to feel comfort. Food is comforting so I would sometimes over eat or eat things I shouldn't because it's comforting. But also, I really crave "normal" food - pizza, spaghetti, sandwiches, oatmeal, biscuits (I ate that too a few days ago when I made biscuits and gravy for my son,) and I really crave pie & ice cream. We Americans are terribly spoiled with grocery stores that sell everything a person could want to eat. We don't have to grow our own food and starve until we can harvest it. Who here has sugar cane growing in their back yard (for sugar) or a salt mine under ground, or banana trees, or a slaughter house in their garage to butcher their cows/chickens, or a cheese cellar, or a grain mill, or a hill covered with all kinds of berry bushes and fruit trees...etc...etc...
Example: The fudge "sounds" so good but the woman who made it probably did not have cocoa bean trees & sugar cane growing in her back yard. We are a spoiled lot we are. And every time I blow my weight loss eating plan I remind myself that I am acting like a spoiled brat.
No wonder so many Americans are over weight. This country may be the best country to live in, in many ways but, many of us are greedy & undisciplined (myself included) due to our lifetime habits. It is so unfair that people in poorer countries are starving while Americans are enjoying anything we want to eat & getting fatter. Sigh, alas, yes, I also would have enjoyed every bite of fudge - who wouldn't! My mother use to make fudge with walnuts every xmas & it was awesome.

Quotes? Most are things I read somewhere else, don't know who originally said them, some I made up. I just remember them because they were inspiring to me.

So, I have not lost any weight this last week or so. That sucks. I just keep trying. That's what life is about - hanging in there. It's not over yet. I can do better. I just need to stop eating so much & to remember that the adult body needs no more food than a toddler & the body is healthier with minimal digestion.
Have a good weekend everyone.

snowell 03-29-2019 05:15 PM

Ceejay: I am glad you are finally free from the stress you have been dealing with. You seem to have dealt with it well. Your little jumping character is perfect for your situation. It is how I feel when I have a day off of work. :)

Jean 03-30-2019 01:24 PM

Good Morning! The sun is shining but it is bitterly cold outside with 25 mph wind blowing everything not nailed down outside. I am having a lazy morning, just can’t get in gear for some reason. I am dressed, have sheets in the washer, and scooped Ernie’s potty box so I am making progress. : here: Lunch will be leftover tuna casserole from yesterday. Other than that there is nothing on my “have to do” list for today!

Ceejay, you mentioned cleaning out your refrigerator, I need to do that! There are odds ‘n ends of cheese, etc., left from card club that I need to pitch. Do you have dates for your cataract surgery? The surgeon gave me a chart to keep track of the eye drops which was helpful. You will do just fine! :hug: The most amazing thing for me was being able to see so clearly in the middle of the night. It took me a long time to get used to not wearing contacts because I had worn them 50+ years.

”Gma,” I didn’t know there was such a thing as self shipping at the po. I don’t think that will ever happen here. We were in SAMs Club last week and they have replaced almost all of their check outs with the do-it-yourself kind. :mad: The two that had checkers had clerks unloading your cart on one side while you waited on the other. Makes no sense to me. I also take calcium with vitamin D but my retired doctor recommended the extra vitamin D capsule saying it wouldn’t hurt. I haven’t had a glass of milk since I was a little girl and my mother bribed me. She didn’t like milk either. We have a couple of lawn care companies here but Bob likes doing his own. I can’t remember if I shared or not, but our high school principal resigned without notice, a week ago. Rumor has it it was for sexual harassment against his secretary. Anyhow he lives a couple houses from us and has been working on his yard. We are waiting for the “for sale” sign to go up.

Garnet, it’s nice to catch up with you. :D Is there a limit to the number of hours you can work since you are not on a regular schedule? Six days seems like a lot. Our WM just remodeled and put in a cement floor. That makes my legs hurt just thinking about. I know there are people who go there to walk laps during the winter months. As I mentioned before, SAMs has gone to more self checkouts. Makes me growly! When I am serious about losing weight I find it easier to not have food in the house that I can graze on. Bob can leave the candy or chips alone but they seem to call my name. We went to Kolby’s orchestra concert early last week; just sat watching people come and go, there are far more overweight FAT people than thin people. I know we are overweight but not nearly as bad as some people. Some looked like they hadn’t had a shower or clean clothes that day either. Sad to think our children will grow up in that mind set. Next week will be a better eating week for you. You can do it! “Gma” plans her menus which is a good plan you could try, or maybe you do that now. I’ve never been very good at that.

I need to get busy and get sheets in the dryer at least. Hope you all enjoy a nice weekend! :wave:

gma22 03-30-2019 05:58 PM

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Good afternoon. Cloudy and rainy here today. It is nice and warm though. We had a neighbor’s dog bark for three hours straight this afternoon. Ugh! Gave both of us a headache.

Jack took the car to get an oil change early this AM then came home and we loaded up the scooter and went to WM, which was a zoo. On a Saturday and they had 2 checkers and the self check out. :mad: I mean geez on Saturday? There were cashiers already there too because the head checker was checking out and the lines were about 8-10 long each and full baskets. Guess he got fed up because he called 5 cashiers to the front. We got lucky as they opened a lane right next to us and the head cashier told us to go there.

We are in for the night. Cubs play at 7 pm. Jack had chicken soup and I am having my “issues” so nothing for me at the moment. Maybe I’ll feel like eating dinner later and make myself something.

Here is what I have learned about dieting all these years. You must eat to lose weight. Drastically cutting calories actually makes you gain weight because you end up binging. Giving yourself a treat once a week is a good thing not bad. Don’t deny yourself totally another way you’ll eventually binge. If you want pizza get a single serving one with veg instead of meat toppings or plain cheese and you add the veg you like to it. I get the Lean Cuisine pizzas and they are very good. Keep junk food or temptation food out of the house. If someone in the house eats snacks, lock it in a cabinet and give them the key. Eat high fiber foods but drink a lot. Eat oatmeal for breakfast. Not only is it filling, it is good for your heart. When I am dieting I follow the plate method as I’ve said. Buy yourself a three portion plate. Your protein should fit in a small section, carb in a small section, fill large section with veg(s). Add 1/2 c of fruit especially berries on the side. I also have 1- 2 low carb snacks a day. Anyway it works for me. I bought an air fryer and if I get the urge to want fried foods I use it. I make air fried buffalo cauliflower that is really good.

Garnet: You poor thing. I can imagine your calves have to be screaming! I imagine you appreciate the $$ but tough on the ole feet and legs. When I was in college I was 38. I had a husband in the Navy and two teens. I worked a night job at a bbq place, came home at 11 pm, sat in a hot tub of water because my legs ached so bad and studied. Got up at 5 am and started it all over again. So, I understand doing what you have to do even if your body complains a lot. Thank you about the afghan. I taught myself to crochet and here is my first and only project but... I washed it and blocked it, but when it dried and I folded it, it wouldn’t fold even. I guess I need a live person to show me how to get it right at the end of each row. I was adding stitches. I knit and crochet left handed so it can be a challenge with patterns.

Jean: Our POs here have a weigh machine where you can weigh your packages and purchase postage for it or buy stamps. You can use exact cash or credit cards. I didn’t want to drive across town to the next closest post office that has one. I too got a paper showing which drops to do when, how many, etc. I like being able to buy sunglasses. Guess that’s my vanity. I have a pair with purple lenses and pink ones, though they’re mirror lenses so you aren’t looking through pink or purple. I had to drink a full glass of milk every meal as a kid and I hated the taste. I would hold my breath and drinking it straight down then I could have koolaid. :lol:

Well gals, time to get going. Have a good Saturday afternoon and evening.

Jean 03-31-2019 07:46 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun is shining but it’s another cold day in my neighborhood. With the wind yesterday, the lake is now open and a pile of ice is decorating the south shoreline. Bob spent the weekend cleaning the garage from top to bottom.The tile dust from the bathroom shower project made everything gritty. After the fact, the goofus didn’t use a wet saw which would have saved a lot of the grit from blowing around. We pitched a lot of stuff, two being old Gateway computer boxes that probably date back to around 1999. You never know when you might need a big box! With many humid summers it was time to pitch them! I’ve done some laundry and organized the pantry shelves. I think gremlins come in and mess up my shelves when I’m not looking! Maddy has her first soccer game tomorrow and I washed my grimy winter jacket to wear if it is this cold.

“Gma,” I know one is supposed to wear sunglasses and I see people wearing them even when the sun isn’t shining. I must admit I rarely wear mine. :o I have a prescription pair which I don’t like because they are big and feel clunky. I drive such short distances the sun doesn’t bother me. I do wear them when we travel or out on the lake. We had a lady at church wear hers in church. I’m not sure if she had cataract surgery or something more serious going on. I had a divided plate when I was little because I didn’t like my food groups touching each other. Ian was the same way and I was going to get him one. Jason said, “don’t you dare, all the food goes to the same stomach!” :rolleyes:

Bob just asked what there is for a snack; usually Sunday night is popcorn night so guess that is my clue. Enjoy your evening and have a marvelous Monday tomorrow! :wave:

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