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Shad 01-04-2019 01:51 AM

2019 - Worldlies never ever give up.
So, new year, new thread although we are up to the 4th Jan here. To go back to look at the last quarter of last year, click 2018 - Leg 4.
I'll post this and then come back to edit.

Okay, that's done. I'm off to Adelaide tomorrow to have a second Christmas, birthday party and general catch up with the family down there. I will try and post from my phone but you all know how much I hate doing that. Hope it is a bit cooler down there than up here.

ceejay52 01-04-2019 12:08 PM

Thanks Shad for starting a new thread for the new year.

MyChoice2bfit 01-05-2019 03:34 PM

Thanks Shad for the new thread. Enjoy the trip!

Hi Ceejay! I hope you are having good day.

It is almost 50 degrees here this morning and very sunny. We had a lot of rain last night but very nice today.

I got up early and cleaned the house before my hair appointment. Feels good to have the cute and color refreshed.

We are going to dinner this evening in town worh two younger couples. Kari and Matt are one couple. We met Kari when she was 3 yrs old....we taught her in Sunday school and her dad and my husband became best friends....her dad died very unexpectedly anout 5 yrs ago. He played a soft ball game, came home and had a heart attack. He was a very athletic man and we were all in shock. My husband was devastated and still has a great deal of sorrow over losing his friend.

As Jesus people, we know where he is and that helps our missing him...we beleive we will see him again one day.

John had the honor of walking Kari down the isle 2 years ago at her wedding.

The other couple is Karlee and Ever. We have known Karlee for about 8 years. She is our chef when she is home from Mexico, where she lives with her husband and is Missionary there.

I cant believe they want to hang out with us.....we are their parents age....but they say we are cool!

The work week flew by. This upcoming week will too....we have to pack our offices and clean things out and reduce our files and such as we only get to take 1 crate per person to our new site. We have been cleaning out for year every quarter but this week it is crunch time. We will do this while we work. Last week in that old, dreary building!

I stayed the same at TOPS weigh-in. Now that life is back tp normal..I need to step up and remain on top of it.

miniDoodles 01-06-2019 01:54 PM

:celebrate: HAPPY New YEAR :snow4: sisters :grouphug:

Prayers for everyone to have a Healthy & very~very Happy 2019 reaching your goals :cheer2: :cheer3:
Even though I haven't posted in several months, I continue to pray for each of you because we've shared our life together :hug:
:brr: our winter is returning.... Every week is certain to confuse mother nature right now, instead of waiting for spring to sprout new seedling growth.
Shad ~ does Australia & New Zealand go through the crazy weather changes that we get here in the U.S.?
If anyone has a moment I'm asking for prayers for Healing for our grandson Drake's throat biopsy to be Benign. I have a serious health problem now & I need Healing prayers to nolonger have a disease inside me. I'm trying to regain my body strength that I've been losing. My husband goes to work & then he comes home to a broken wife, I honestly don't know if he considers leaving me & I won't ever get angry if he stops loving me & ends our marriage because of my bad health & the expenses. Small things can have big Effects in our life so Ladies, pLease do small health things daily like: lift handweights, walk 10,000 steps daily, eat colorful veggies & relax & meditate for at least 10 minutes. Don't: let your job stress you or bring your work home, binge on fried or sugar foods, stay angry with anyone for more than a day- write down your anger & then throw it in the trash letting go of your hurt feelings. Do: take time to read scripture weekly, enjoy nature, look at the animals in the clouds, play outside/sports, snuggle with someone & watch TV, laugh & show compassion :df: I gotta go take my RX & pet my doggies now.
Love & Hugs to my sister~friends & BLessings aLso to anybody reading this post :hug:

ceejay52 01-06-2019 07:13 PM

Praying for your health and thanks for posting again. Missed your post.

We have had a couple of beautiful day's this week. Where is your company moving.? Also joined a Tops that has online chat rooms. I'm not sure if I will use it. But they do have some very useful information.

Hello's to Laura, Happy and Shad.

happy2bme 01-07-2019 02:53 PM

Hi ladies,

Happy New Year. Ours was on the quiet side - first DH got the flu. He was really sick. I got a flu shot and was hoping I could have avoided it but last Saturday at about 2pm all of a sudden I got really tired and my nose got stuffy. I took a Sinex because I had a really bad sinus headache and laid down for a nap. After about an hour I woke up with a start - it was hard to breathe. I could not put my finger on why - no chest pains, I wasn't coughing hard but I did have a few occasional really strong sneezes on and off the day before. My chest felt heavy like I had been in a smoky room for a long, long time and I was very much aware of my breathing and I just felt like I was tired of taking breaths in and wanted to stop. I started to freak myself out so I went and took a shower. Figured if I was going to die I didn't want to be dirty and perhaps the steam of the shower would make me feel better. How we rationalize things! :rofl: I got dried and dressed and got my mind off breathing. I asked DH to take me to urgent care. Figured if he had the flu, perhaps I would catch it too and in order to get the Tamiflu drug, you have to catch it early. They took me to the emergency room, did an EKG - no heart attack which was good. Not dying. No flu. Clean smelling but you do have acute bronchitis! They stuck a swab deep into my nose to test for the flu. The nurse warned me it was "not pleasant" and that's an UNDERSTATEMENT. It was such a horrible sensation I think I preferred the colonoscopy when the anesthia didn't quite work! My arms and legs were flailing - I looked like a bug and I'm sure I was making the most horrible face at her. They gave me some steroids and 2 breathing treatments and sent me on my way. I'm glad I went because I did have the random chest discomfort after that which I have realized is because of the strong sneezing I've been doing. They recommended Afrin nasal spray twice a day also and I never tried that before. I was pretty impressed - it does reduce the nasal congestion quite a bit. Still stuffy and blowing nose but I can breathe through my nose better than usual. DH is recovering - I told him not to push it lest he get a relapse. Today I woke up with the dreaded coughing and goo in the throat and lungs that makes that so difficult to deal with. I heard that fresh pineapple is good for a cough and I did go grocery shopping on Thursday so going to try that. Honey lemon tea also helps.

I learned a new skill on Friday. Offered to help with our Senior Center quarterly newspaper. They generally toss a bunch of articles and stuff at the poor lady who does the layouts without much guidance or help. We worked together under a tight deadline. Wound up missing some stuff because we also changed to a quarterly instead of semi-monthly format but we got it done and put to bed Friday afternoon. I never realize how much planning and work there is in putting together a newspaper. Next issue will be much better. After I finished that task and relaxed that's when I got sick. :lol:

So the weekend was quiet with us both just resting. DH watched football games and I just worked on some computer stuff. I did start to research the Mediterranean Diet plan. My sister said that's the "it" diet of 2019. I have to look at something and I am anti supplements and powders and things. They do say that there is an eating plan that will work for everyone - you just have to find the right plan that your body responds to. Mediterranean speaks to my desire to approach diet with real food and it doesn't completely eliminate things I would miss in the low carb plan. Maybe a good stepping stone. I picked up a nice piece of Ahi (tuna) for DH which he ate yesterday. I made myself some salmon and a cucumber salad which I enjoyed very much. Except when the frying pan popped some oil right into my cupped hand as I was turning the fish. Got a nasty burn on the fleshy part of the thumb as well as the front and back of my little finger. Ouch, I did say a bad word.

Hope you are all starting the new year off in the way that you want it to.

Annie - hope you can find a way to check in with us. We miss you.

Shad - thank you for starting the new thread. Enjoy your second family visit.

Susie - glad you are getting back on track again. Did you have fun on your time off - I'll bet you did. Didn't remember that you were moving offices / buildings. Good time to purge and start over again. I hope you are not continuing to carry the heavy load of the support of many people like you were.

Laura - did you have a good extended weekend also?

Ceejay - how are the new shoes feeling? Are you caught up in the storms that are spreading across the south?

Dee - good of you to check in. I am trying to do all those things you mention. Hope this year will bless you with better health.

I'm going to post this now before I forget once again.

ceejay52 01-07-2019 08:29 PM


Bronchitis seems to be going around. No the storms went south and stayed west of us. We did get some much needed rain. Sorry you and DH have been sick
I've been thinking about the South Beach diet. I need structure and not just a grab and go type menu. I did join Tops online but I'm not sure if that will do me any good.
My new shoes are nice, just my foot, mainly bunion is giving me some problems. but I will live. I've been walking to much on the treadmill.

I haven't been in a mood to do much of anything. Been dealing with light bulbs. I've lived here almost 2.5 years and now the light bulbs are beginning to be changed. I don't like climbing any more so I had sis's DH change one set of bulbs over the bath tub, even he had to have a three step stool.
I'm going to take some light bulbs back to Lowe's because they didn't fit. and those cost almost 100 dollars. I need a handy man and or n electrician to change the housing for the bulb in one of the closets in the bathroom. I'm glad it started blinking after sis's DH changed the bulb.It did with me, that's why I wanted them to see it. I don' think this is the problem for the rest of the bulbs though.
Rode the bike.

MyChoice2bfit 01-07-2019 10:12 PM

Hi Ladies.

We had a fun dinner with our younger friends on Saturday.

Sunday was church and then niece's basketball game.

Cleaned house between Saturday and Sunday then it was Monday and time for work.

Dee, praying for you and your health. Please keep in touch.

Ceejay: I have a friend who does TOPS online and she is doing really well.

I think the online group has a day that they go live and people join the podcast? Do you have someone or somewhere you can do your weekly weigh in?

Light bulbs should not be so time confusing...but we have had to deal with the same issues with these new light bulbs and their
cost as well!

Our office is moving into our exisitng building in Mason OH. They built us a who new adjoining building. This is our last week in our existing building.

Happy: oh my goodness that urgent care visit sounds alarming!and you had me giggling too.

I hope you and DH feel better every day.

Hello to Annie....hope to see you post soon....I miss you!

Laura: I am looking forward to hearing about the deep stretching class.

Hi Shad: If I remember correctly you were going on a little trip? I am posting from my phone and it isnt easy to go back and see the former posts....so if I am confused we will blame it on that! Lol

I did my workout when I got home. I didnt want to be once I started the treadmill I just kept going. I must get this 20 lbs back off.....Kings Island opens in April and I am going to ride every coaster in the park this year...even the ones that terrify me! And I am looking forward to the antique cars coming back.

Good night ladies!

ceejay52 01-08-2019 12:10 PM

Glad you did your work out when you got home. If I put things off then it doesn't get done. I'm going to the gym today, didn't go yesterday cause the bottom of my foot was still sore. No I looked online and didn't find a TOPS meeting anywhere near me.


Still nothing going on. Missing Annie's post. Hope she is doing okay.
My niece sent me a picture of Miley and her new best friend Walter, my nieces other cat. I'm not going to worry about her any more. I think she has adjusted to her surrounding. . I still miss her though.
I have a wellness doctor's visit in the morning so I need to make out a list of complaints. I'm going to try to persuade him to get me out of jury duty.

Laura705 01-08-2019 02:24 PM

Afternoon all.

Shad - Thanks for setting us up on our new thread! I hope you're having a nice time in Adelaide celebrating holidays and birthdays and catching up with the family. Safe travels!!

Susie - Glad you enjoyed your dinner out with the youngsters, lol. I hope your move goes smoothly. One crate per person - was that drastic for you? So you'll be in a newly-built space? It'll be nice. Now how will this affect your commute? Good for you with the workout.

Dee - Glad to hear from you. Prayers for you and your grandson.

Happy - Sorry to hear you and your dh have been sick! I hope you're both feeling 100% soon. Please avoid the sickies! There's a guy on the other side of our cubes ("over the glass" as we now say) that's coughing. I just hope I can stay well this winter. I already had one bought of the throat crud and coughing in the fall... So you've written for the newspaper and now you're learning/helping to lay it out - that'll keep your mind sharp! :yes:

Ceejay - Have you switched to the LED light bulbs? We just did that in our kitchen, in our can lights. We initially purchased the wrong kind - too white and bright. Returned those and now have the right kind and it's great. Hope they last as long as they claim. But we did get a good deal - our electric company ComEd was sponsoring discounts, so we go the bulbs for a lot less $$. Glad Miley is doing well and has a new buddy! Hope your foot feels better!!

Hi Annie - Hope to see you posting soon!!

Last week was a short workweek, but I was still glad for the weekend to come. Confession - on Thursday I might have driven my car before the windows were sufficiently cleared and I ended up in a collision with a car crossing at a 4-way stop. Thankfully no injuries, just auto damage to both our vehicles. Sigh. No ticket for me, but upon investigation, I was found liable by the insurance company and I do feel bad thinking I could drive those few blocks to the train station with subpar visibility and just be extra careful (I thought I was being extra careful, BTW). My insurance already appraised the damage to my car & paid out. Bf is working on getting repair estimates from a couple body shops and seeing if he can source less expensive parts. And a used bumper part with the same paint color that has aged and blends in better with our faded paint than a part with a new paint job.

Great timing since we've been talking about different vehicles for the past few weeks. I'm not keen on switching out the vehicles, though our SUV is not practical for bf's use - needs more cargo space. So maybe sell that and replace it with a minivan. Bleh for that. But I don't like the SUV anyway, and it keeps having to go into the shop for somewhat nitpicky things which are not always inexpensive to fix. Thankfully we have the extended warranty. Bf knows I don't like that SUV, and I rarely drive it. He feels bad that I drive the 14 year old sedan, which runs fine but looks rather ugly these days. But the idea of buying a replacement for it just to have it sit in the train station parking lot...I'd rather run the old car into the ground and then replace it. And I do love the way the old car drives... Enough rambling.

The stretch class started last night. It's the first time it's been offered, and the first time the instructor is teaching it. She's an experienced fitness instructor and also a personal trainer and seems to have a decent personality... but it still feels like us students are guinea pigs. That said, the class was alright. A lot of yoga-like stretches, and she actually has pilates experience and not as much yoga experience, and was working off notes. But not unacceptable. I do think she needs to say what body part/muscle is meant to be stretched as she is going through the moves. So we'll see how next week goes. And we'll see how I feel later today, LOL. Been a while since I've done much of that, so I'm thinking I might be feeling it later.

Okay, meeting in about 10 minutes, so I'll get this posted. TTFN.

happy2bme 01-09-2019 01:30 PM

good morning all,

Cold is progressing - DH was sicker than I was but I'm not sure I'm suffering any less. :lol: Yesterday was a lot of coughing. I forgot to take my Nyquil the night before when I went to sleep so rest was not as good as it could be. Last night I remembered - got a better sleep but today I feel very tired, I think part of it has to do with reduced airflow / lung capacity. I am living on soups which for the Mediteranean Diet isn't so bad. I made homemade chicken soup and used cheese tortellini - but didn't eat many - far less than I would have noodles. I also made Pasta Fazool (sp??) with the tiny ditalini pasta. I also bought a bunch of fresh littleneck clams when I went shopping the other day so yesterday I made DH's favorite Rhode Island style clam chowder - it's broth based not creamy. He ate 2 bowls of it. I had a bowl myself because after I cooked it, I didn't feel like making my salmon and cucumber salad.

Yesterday a bunch of deer showed up on the lawn. DH was out on the road in the far reaches of the county setting up computer systems at one of the remote Senior Center sites and I felt bad so bundled up and went out to feed them. Over the course of 90 minutes we had 5 separate rounds of deer come through. I could tell because some of them we know, some of them are skittish when we open the door, some of the regulars follow us in step as we go to the "corn pile". There are new deer that we think smell the corn or follow the lead of the regulars. They all stand in the yard and stare at the front door which is pretty funny but when you open it they get startled and scamper back in the woods. There is a crowd mentality so if a few run. generally the whole flock runs although there are always one or two - usually babies who act like - what are you running from, they are here to FEED us. :shrug: Much to my astonishment we have not one but 2 deer that have completely broken their spindly front leg and I cannot believe their are making due. The first one is a female we named Tripod. We think she survived being hit by a car. Her left front leg just hangs and swings in the air. At first she could not use it at all and would hop jump up in the front, land on the good leg and make her way across the yard. We didn't know if she could survive so DH called the DNR (Department of Natural Resources / Forestry Group). One of the rangers told him she has seen many a 3 legged deer - they are incredibly resilient - so unless she was in really bad shape or down, let nature take it's course. Tripod is pretty fiesty too - the deer do sometimes rear up on hind legs or kick each other to assert pecking order for eating and Tripod fights with the best of them so they leave her alone. She comes pretty much every day to eat and she has a small buddy that comes with her I have named Burro because it's a young fuzzy deer that looks a bit like a donkey. Tripod and Burro are always together. Then we had a second deer - this one a buck that has a mangled front leg. It's badly damaged, swollen and bloody. We have named him HopALong. While he looks in worse shape than Tripod, he too is holding his own. Neither deer can put any weight on the bad leg. It's amazing how they manage to get around. I told DH as long as they are getting regularly fed, I guess they have the strength to survive. Both Tripod and HopAlong came to eat yesterday - HopALong stayed a good 30 minutes - longer than usual - ate from 4 corn piles and got a good bellyful. It was worth me going out although it was darn trecherous out there - we had gotten rain and sleet and now the temps were crashing to single digits so the big snowflakes that fell during the day covered over what because terrible ice patches. I shuffled across the drive way. I even put corn piles up into the snowbanks on the grass as well as several on the perimeter of the icy driveway. I noticed that all the deer except HopAlong ate from the lawn and were hesitant to approach the icy driveway - they are not dumb! HopAlong had not issues and therefore got all the biggest piles to himself on the driveway. :lol:

I was happy to be able to stay home for the last several days and recuperate. Seems like everything came together on Thursday. I have a 9am doctor's appointment for my annual check up. I forgot I had scheduled a meeting at the Shelter at 10am to discuss use (or lack of) for the Shelter software program - I will be late to that meeting. Then I have bingo tomorrow night. I think I am recovered enough to go although DH said I should stay home. Then I opened my email and saw the reminder that I had a hair appointment at 2 tomorrow also. That was wayyy too much in one day. Especially since DH will have be Mr. Uber and drive me around all over because it's too slippery to drive the Avalon. So I rescheduled the hair appointment for next week. Which is good because the hair dresser has a young toddler and I'm sure she doesn't want to be around sick people anyway. I told DH that I decided I am going to skip bingo one night on the 24th to take a beginning watercolors painting class and he said "good for you - you always say you want to pick up art again and always put it off in favor of doing other things (volunteering) so do something for yourself for once". And maybe I can make use of all those art supplies I have sitting there gathering dust :lol:

Laura - I sort of know where you are coming from with the car because I fail to plan ahead when it's cold to allow enough time for the car to defrost / warm up properly. I myself am usually running a few minutes late or or with no wiggle room. I'm glad you didn't get into too bad of a crash. I also understand about the car - the Avalon has turned into my car and it's 13 years old. I am thinking about replacing it - runs well - would be a good commuter car but I'd like something where I can sit a bit higher again and although with new snow tires it holds it's own for winter driving, I think I'd like to go back to the SUV again. I just don't like the small ones and the next size up is bigger than I'd like. So like you, I am on the fence about another car. DH said he doesn't mind driving me (until we get into an argument about something else ;) and if the economy is going to downturn and with my upcoming teeth expense I am hesitant to make a move. What is the model of SUV that you don't like right now? I am NOT IMPRESSED with the lack of quality in DH's Ford truck. Would not at all be interested in another Ford. As for the fitness instructor. I find that I am become more cranky and judgemental in my old age. And DH is 1,000 worse than me. It doesn't take much to get him upset and I find myself talking him down off the ledge more and more. So in the new year I am attempting to be more like my more calm friends who are not as "passionate" about things as I am :rofl: So that being said, I might approach the fitness instructor off to the side after class and offer some constructive feedback if you feel she is approachable. We have a fitness instructor at the Senior Center and J is amazing - she is young and athletic and I am so impressed how she adapts her classes to an older crowd with different needs. So it might be the case with this person - trying to merge / fusion - 2 styles into something new. It's hard to come up with new concepts and she might appreciate some comments. And if not, well then you tried it and move on. I am finding I get cranked up about stuff and hold my temper and then when I talk to someone, it's a really good outcome rather than the fight I was expecting. And then I feel sheepish. Cuz that's just how I am. :rofl:

Ceejay - I can certainly understand the issue of having to change lightbulbs when you live alone and it's hard to get to some fixtures. I would try the LED ones too. I didn't like the first ones that came out - the squiggly gas ones but I think they have improved on them greatly. I just tried some new ones in the pendant lights we have over the kitchen island and I like them alot. They are instant bright, use less energy and are supposed to last much longer. How sweet that Miley has a buddy in Walter. Having a friend to romp with may burn off some of that excessive energy she has too. I hope your foot feels better. I started back on the NuStep again and had to remind myself that 20 minutes is a good start at first because my bad knee was complaining when I tried to push it further. Don't want to knock yourself out and ruin any progress you made. That's unfortunate you could not find a local TOPS group. We used to have a WW meeting the same night as Bingo at the Senior Center but they lost their leader so now we don't have any local choices either. I'm not sure we will continue our unofficial TOPS group when C recovers from surgery and returns back. It never really took momentum like it needed to which was our fault I'm sure.

Shad - hope you had a good time with the family in Adelaide. How is Lil Miss doing?

Susie - what an interesting goal to set - I am going to ride all the roller coasters - even the ones that TERRIFY ME :rofl: Being scared of them myself, that's why I laugh. But using that as your goal to sit comfortably in any ride is great motivation. Ok so you only get to take one crate to the new building - I assume that's your personal stuff and NOT the lives and times of all the people you support - LOL I hope the new building is light and bright and has great amenities. We had to move from a new building to an older one in the complex in Memphis which upset me because the new building was more earthquake proof (and we were up on the top 10th floor) and the elevators which I always hated - got stuck on a routine basis. It got me so unnerved I was happy to take a job across town in another complex even though it was in the ghetto very bad part of town - single story though.

Hello to the rest of you lot. I am going to sniff some Afrin, clear my nose and tackle a few chores around here.

ceejay52 01-10-2019 11:18 AM

Dr's appointment yesterday was okay. It was mainly a Medicare assessment type thing. I have to fill out a form for power of attorney etc. I'm at that age. Also got a pneumonia shot. My arm is sore today.
He also wrote an excuse for me not to have to go to jury duty next week. The main thing that was bothering me is the weather that may occur and the night driving but I told him my lower back. Told my nephew who stopped by yesterday afternoon that if I summoned again in the Spring or Summer I will go.
Went to potluck last night at church.Theme was Mexican. Such good food and of course I was miserable last night and took me awhile for the heaviness to settle down. I rode with a couple of friends who live in Springfield since I don't drive at night unless I just have to. She bought a 2015 Mercedes this week which looked brand new on the inside and outside.
I'm taking all those light bulbs back today. and getting a new housing for the closet.
How nice that you fed the deer! Just be extremely cautious on the ice and snow. I'm also happy to hear that you are going to do something for yourself. Enjoy the watercolors class.

Ouch on the fender bender. Glad that no one was hurt.

Shad 01-13-2019 04:06 PM

Sorry, MIA again. Can't stop right now. I'll be back after getting to the hardware store before the crowds do. Have to get some cheap plastic pots and a few other bits and pieces. Then it is clean up day in the house. It look like I have either been through a cyclone or burgled, but really the mess is all mine.
Have a great day or night, which ever is applicable.

Laura705 01-14-2019 04:08 PM

Afternoon all. My weekend was fine. Bf and I went to lunch on Saturday and then I dropped him off at a place where he was meeting a friend to watch the nfl playoff games. I stopped off at the market to pick up a few things and then went home. It was snowy and it was nice to stay in and have some me time at home.

On Sunday morning I boiled some eggs, made a batch of steel cut oats, and made some pizza dough. Then I went to Costco. I mentioned wanting some wool blend socks to bf and he told me Costco had them for men (but he didn't find his size when he was there recently), so I went to see what they had for women. I ended up with a 4-pack of wool blend socks, a 4-pack of "lounging" socks that I'll wear to bed, a pair of base layer pants (aka long undies) to wear as pj bottoms, and a 2-pack of sport bras. Oh and a pack of socks for bf because I was able to find his size. After Costco I went to the fc for a workout. At home, I did several loads of laundry. Uneventful weekend.

The lounging socks are alright....good thing they were inexpensive. I'm wearing the wools socks today and so far so good. If they feel good and launder nicely, I'll buy some more this weekend.

I'll probably wear one of the new sport bras to class tonight even though it's just a stretch class. Actually, I have to remember to wear a stretchy tank top because I always forget that loose tops don't stay in place when doing certain stretches and it's annoying! And now that I know there's a lot of yoga movements, I'll bring my yoga mat and wear my sticky toeless socks so I don't slip around. Last week I had it all wrong - loose top, regular athletic socks and my cushioned exercise mat!


Happy - Wow, I'm also surprised a "disabled" deer could survive, but more power to Tripod and Hopalong!! I get what you mean about the SUV size - the small ones are too small and the bigger ones too big. And I just don't like how they drive because they're more like trucks. I prefer a smaller vehicle that's quick and nimble. It's too bad your TOPS group may not resume. :( How's the Mediterranean style of eating going?

Ceejay - Hopefully you can defer the jury duty until the warmer weather and longer days. BTW - our days are getting longer now, so yay for that. Oh, and daylight savings time begins on March 10th!! Something to look forward to!! :)

Hi Shad! Did you get all your bits and pieces at the hardware store?

Hellos to the rest of you. :wave:

ceejay52 01-14-2019 05:58 PM

I've made a couple of phone calls. One to my insurance to see if they will pay for the shingles injection. They pay for most of it and I pay under 50 dollars. I'm glad about that. I will go tomorrow to pick up my refills and I will ask about getting that injection.
Didn't go to church yesterday. Wasn't in the mood to drive in this cold weather.
The only productive thing I did Saturday was go to the gym. Today when I went to the gym Did a 30 minute cadio and 4 weight machines. My hip started to bother me and I didn't want to irritate it more.

My doctor wrote an excuse for me so I do not have to go to jury duty. I'm glad that you can wear wool. Wool makes me itch and I break out in hives.

I see that you are planning on doing more renovation. How was your trip.

MyChoice2bfit 01-14-2019 08:52 PM

Hi Everyone, The first day in the new space went well and I actually like where I am sitting. It all very light and bright and we have some fun aminities; like a barista, and a very nice break room space. We have "Wink" walls in the meetings rooms and you can write on them like you would a white board.

I have worked at the MBC site before and it is an amazing building and very huge.....and now even bigger with the addition of our building. To give you an idea of how large, from our building to the cafeteria and the gym which is in the middle of all the buidlings is a 1/2 mile walk one one.

I think it was Happy who asked if my one bin was just for my stuff, yes everyone only got one bin to bring their personal work things; even Management. I also had to bring the personal files which took up 3 bins and I have a whole cabinet for them.

Happy: I hope you are getting over the sickness and that DH is as well. I loved hearing about the deer; it is amazing they can get along just on 3 legs but I would also say that you feeding them is helpful to their survival.

Laura: I love new socks! I bought some Cuddle Dud socks when I was shopping at Christmas time. I love them..they are so warm and so soft and cushy...they feel good in my boots.

Ceejay: That is good that the doctor gave you an excuse for jury duty; I understand why you wouldn't want to do it in the winter time, but are willing to do it in the spring/summer/fall if needed.

Shad: Did you get the house sorted? I feel it is a never ending chore. I can go about a month and then things pile up again and I'm once again waging the war on the piles...this happens in my home office most of the time.

Last week at TOPS I had a 2 lb loss. All that walking around and packing things up was good for me! I am working for a loss this week.

I hope to check in more this week now that I am settled in at work and can now just work and not deal with cleaning out offices and file cabintets and packing.

Hi to Dee...I hope you are feeling better and getting well...we would love to hear how you are doing.

Hi to Annie: You are missed very much. Continued prayers for the right job to come along soon!

Shad 01-16-2019 04:47 AM


Shad 01-16-2019 04:48 AM

Well that works. Facebook is not letting me reply to any posts.

Laura705 01-16-2019 05:52 PM

Afternoon all.

I woke up with a sore throat and my eyes were a bit watery this morning. No wonder I was feeling tired last night. Been taking the dissolving zinc tabs every 3 hours to try and ward off whatever this is that's trying to invade. Also bought some cough drops at lunch time so I'm prepared.

I went to stretch class on Monday. It was fine. The instructor is bringing a foam roller next time to demonstrate moves for IT band and sciatic nerve. I asked her a question about the muscle being stretched during class and also asked about another stretch after class and she now has the message that she needs to say what muscles are being stretched (or are intended to be stretched) during a specific movement. No class next week as it's a school holiday for Martin Luther King Jr.

Because I was feeling tired after work last night, I did a Margaret Richard workout at home instead of going to the fc. The workout was good - I've got sore parts today. This dvd (called "Muscle and Grace") also has a bunch of 5 minute stretch segments. I did one segment after my workout last night and will try to keep those in mind when I do more workouts at home. I also have my "Stretch Deck". I should put that in the living room and do stretches while I watch tv.

Tonight I'll try to get to bed early and let my body fight this bug. Tomorrow is my Friday, so yay for that. I'm taking a vacation day on the actual Friday and have a doctor appointment, so it would be better to not be sick with a cold or lung/sinus crud when I go.
Shad - What does FB have to do with replying to 3fc posts? I'm clueless, except for never choosing to log in to a site via FB. I'm paranoid, I guess.

Susie - I'm glad your move went well and that you like the new space. Wow, that's a big building!! You'll get extra steps for sure! We also have some conference rooms with entire walls that are whiteboards. Congrats on the WL!!!!

Ceejay - Glad the shingles shot is affordable. I get itchy with 100% wool. The socks I bought are a wool blend with maybe 40-50% wool, so they don't itch me!

Hello to the rest of you - miss you!!

happy2bme 01-16-2019 05:57 PM

Hi ladies,

Well bronchitis is mostly cleared up. I lost a front tooth - crown broke - will be taking care of that on Friday. Things are nuts at the Senior Center. I did an extra bingo for the SC at a bar on Monday - that went well. Everyone had fun. Gonna get my hair done today. That catches me up :lol:

Annie texted me with a joke this morning. She said she will get on soon and post. I said we missed her lots. Send prayers and good thoughts. This is such a rough time for so many people.

Shad - I'm sorry you are stuck in FB limbo. Please send some of your heat - our high temps will be negative 3 (F) on Saturday. We are in typical January weather. I had the heat on 83 degrees in the car yesterday and darn near melted DH. :rofl:

Susie - glad you got moved ok. Sounds like you'll get an extra amount of exercise in the new place walking to and fro. That could be a good think except if you are carrying an armful of files. My last job was an old warehouse - once around the perimeter of the building was a half mile so we'd take to walking a lot for exercise. I love how they are designing new meeting spaces such as yours. Yay for your TOPS loss last week. Keep up the good work!

Ceejay - more insurance companies are starting to pay for the shingles vaccine as it become more of an issue for us. Glad you can get some reimbursement. I am on the fence about the vaccine even though I had a mild case. DH has a much worse case that left some nasty scars on his face.

Laura - I was giggling at the idea of body parts popping out in stretch class. Are you liking it any more than the first time - has the instructor found her rhythm? I am actually finding the Mediterranean style of eating not so bad. I am not perfect on it but am finding it much easier to make substitutions and follow the plan - more than I would with Keto. However I saw my doctor last week and she was really pushing low carb. Said my plan was a start but gave me a low carb diet. :rolleyes: Sugar is my devil. :shrug: I went to Sam's Club yesterday - they have the most awesome cherry tomatoes - I loaded up on them - also brussel sprouts, blueberries that are HUGE, cucumbers, veggies and meat. And my favorite sushi which I totally enjoyed. I don't miss potatoes, am minimal on sweets but I did get 2 containers of their fresh squeezed orange juice which I am drinking in place of Coke. And drinking more water. It's sooooo dry here. My hards are awful. Did you get much snow?

Ok, need to post this - started this morning and now it's time to get dinner on. Later chicks. :wave:

happy2bme 01-16-2019 05:59 PM

Laura - I used a foam roller when I had IT band problems. It works good but HURTS pressing that sore muscle. Good for you for understanding what muscles you are working. Teacher SHOULD be explaining that!!

ceejay52 01-16-2019 06:08 PM

Not feeling it today. I need some sunshine.

happy2bme 01-17-2019 02:21 PM

We have abundant sunshine but bitter cold right now. Guess you can't have it all.

I am enjoying the sushi I picked up from Sam's Club yesterday. Also the cherry tomatoes they have called Flavor Bombs. They are at that. Last night we had a really good supper from stuff I picked up there - all fresh and tasty.

Been on the computer all day with senior center and shelter stuff. No escaping it. Have to get ready shortly and go to bingo early to teach a new volunteer how to call bingo. Funny I have only done it twice myself and now I'm qualified to train :rofl:

She did a different color on my hair yesterday - a sort of taupe color blonde because there was too much white gray for my liking. The whole top of my head is snow white. How the heck did that happen????

Hope you are all doing well...

annie175 01-17-2019 08:43 PM

Happy New Year!

This computer is driving me nuts. I tried to post in 3fc and lost the entire post. So I am doing this in Word and going to try to copy and paste method.

Not going to try to do personals altho I am hoping LAURA, HAPPY and BF and DH are all on the mend. I think I caught it all from you. Haha more like from the boys. Went to the clinic today. Bronchitis and sinus infection. Cough cough cough.

Nothing on the job front. Not even one interview. I call BS. I have applied for about 20 – 25 jobs between October and today. My brother Michael used to say it takes about 50 apps to get an interview. Bleh. My next step in a couple of weeks is to go to a temp agency for maybe temp to hire sort of thing. **** I would even take a cut in pay to just have benefits. This country is in a sad situation. I don’t think it will get much better in my life time. Sorry to sound like a Debbie Downer. My day starts out in depression and as the day goes on it gets a bit better. Some days I just randomly cry throughout the day. I give it to God but take it back too much. Give and take.

C has really been struggling with his bipolar crap and frankly I just do not want to deal with it or him. It is all I can do to keep myself in the right frame of mind. We tried to get him VA benefits but he makes too much money to get them. Have to wait till he retires I guess.

Christmas and New Year’s was very nice.

I have an appt next week to see our accountant about our taxes. I am dreading that one. This will be the last year we will have to pay, hopefully. Just another fine reason I need to get a job.

On a brighter note I won 100 bucks on a 2 $ scratch off. Not enough to retire. Bleh.

My diet is about the same. Staying strict KETO since January 1. Still need to lose 12 lbs. My size 8s are so tight I couldn’t go to an interview if I wanted too. My have to call a tent and awning joint. Haha. My body must be used to Keto and won’t let me lose. I don’t know. I will just keep plugging away. Doesn’t help that I don’t get out and move much either.

Sorry no personals. Love you ladies lots and lots.

Shad 01-18-2019 12:44 AM

Well today Murphy's law applies. If it could go wrong it did. I now have to do everything from my phone because I have lost internet and landline phone service. Thank you WiFi at least that works. It's hot again. Roll on Autumn. No rain since before Christmas and none in sight which means the price of food will rise due to increased costs of water etc.
Annie - good to see you back posting. So sorry to hear of the word plaguing you and your family.
Happy - good that you are getting better and DH too.
Hate typing on this thing. Hello to Ceejay, Susie, Laura and anyone else lurking.

ceejay52 01-18-2019 12:49 AM

Feeling a bit better. Made it to the gym and to WM. Also made spaghetti for my dinner tonight. It was good.
Dreading the next round of cold wintry weather.
Sis got sick at work today and left early with out her phone. She contacted me via email and it was luck that I looked at my email today. She had been trying to contact her dh so she wanted me to call him. I did and he's responded to her. He said he'd been trying to contact her for the past hour. To top this off this is her birthday. She said last week that a virus has been going around.
I've been sleeping in till 10 a.m. this week. Why I don't know unless it's the dark, gray,skies that we have been having.
I've asked my nephew to teach me how to light a fire in my fireplace. I think I can do it but need to have some one to hold my hand the first time around. I purchased some of those Duraflame logs and some wood sticks like you use when one goes camping. I've decided that a fire might be the thing to help break this mood.
I'm sure you do perfectly fine in calling Bingo. I'm glad that you like sushi. I'm not a fish person unless it's fried catfish.

Good to see your post tonight. Sorry that you are sick too. There is a saying that goes good things come to those who wait. Don't give up hope.

happy2bme 01-19-2019 12:33 PM

Hi ladies,

Brrrr - it's very cold and dry here. We are freezing and my hands are in such bad shape from dishwashing. I am slathering the hand lotion on and boiling a pot of water on the stove. Had an incident Thursday at bingo. Let's just say it was a perfect storm of personality conflicts, conflicts about running bingo, following rules and unhappy patrons. I got caught in the middle, decided I didn't need this B.S. and I said it would be better if I left so I called DH to come pick me up and I walked out. I'm not even sure we should run bingo any more. There are some problems at the Center and it's becoming more difficult to just go and do what needs to be done. Why do people have to mess things up???

We are staying in this weekend because it's just too cold to go out. Good to stay in and do some cleaning. And that's my life, you are caught up. :lol:

Annie - good to hear from you again. I don't think outside of a very serious illness there is anything more depressing than looking for a job. Especially in today's world where benefits are a thing of the past and getting a liveable wage job is going the same route. AND you live in a big city where it would be reasonable that there is work. It just doesn't make sense. All I can offer is to keep plugging away at things. When you can't even get the dignity of a response, that just makes it worse. I thank God every night that we were fortunate enough to be able to make a go of things ourselves because I too the last 3 years we were working it was a struggle for DH to find work after he got cut and then when they eliminated my job I was in the same boat. I managed help desks for 14 years and could not even get an interview at the very company I was working for for 8 years. That's pretty sad. The idea of the temp agency isn't bad - at least you might be able to get your foot in the door for something else. I think you are right about the Keto and your body - I think everyone is different which is why there are 10 million diet plans but when you break it down, everyone has something specific which will allow their body to respond - you just have to find what works for you. I'm sure though if you are trying to conserve grocery spending, Keto probably costs more... Don't loose the faith sister, still pulling for you :hug:

Ceejay - so I take it that you have wood fireplace. It's smart of you to get some instructions, particularly about keeping the flue open, not using wet wood and most importantly, how to build a proper fire. We had a wood fireplace in Memphis - didn't use it much, a pain to clean and it was more for looks than real heat. But we also used the Duraflame logs - easy to light and stay lit. I always loved looking at the flames in a fireplace - like a fish tank, I find it mesmerizing and soothing. I think there are viruses all through the country, no matter where you live. Best to eat healthy, get enough rest and wash your hands alot. When you do catch something it seems to linger on for a while - DH and I both have residual coughs.

Shad - is this just a temporary thing with the Internet and phone? I agree, don't do much with my phone and I also have problems focusing my eyes if I spend more than 10 minutes looking at my phone screen. Gads, a month without any rain. That has to be worrisome. We are also about 10 inches below what we should get for snow and precipitation. I think this world is in for some hard times and not enough people realize that. Will food prices go up because crops not watered will not come to market so therefore supplies are limited? I will never forget you using your gray water from the laundry to water your garden. We don't realize how fortunate we are.

Well DH is buzzing about me doing things and getting underfoot which means I need to move to another part of the house before I get annoyed with him. Will post this - hellos to the rest of you lot. Hoping you are enjoying your weekend.

ceejay52 01-19-2019 01:14 PM

We have a little snow, maybe an inch. The howling wind is fierce. The temperature in the morning is supposed to be 13 degrees, we will see. I'm staying inside this week end also.
Yes I do have a wood burning fireplace. I've never used it for heat but I would like to have a cozy fire going once in awhile. I think cleaning the fireplace after use is one of the reasons I haven't used it. Oh my with the drama at Bingo! Glad you left. How do you like the Mediterranean diet?
Glad to see your post. Hang in there on finding another job.

annie175 01-20-2019 02:29 PM

Hi ladies

Burrrrr. 9 degrees today. We didnít get the 8 inches predicted. Just ice and about 2 inches of snow blown into drifts. Can still see the GREEN GRASS in most spots of the yard with little one foot drifts. Kind of pretty.

Keto meatloaf. Green beans. Salad. Angeled eggs and baked potatoes for the crew. Delish.

Boys will be home from their dads in a bit. Missed the little boogers. At least for the first hour they are home. Watching football the rest of the day. Letís go Chiefs and rams.

Bout it here. Hugs to all.

ceejay52 01-20-2019 03:36 PM

Meatloaf sound good. May make one this week.
We may have gotten an inch of the white stuff. When I woke this morning it was 11 degree's.
Nephew brought more wood than I will use this winter. Plus he showed me how to light a fire.It was hard for the heater to keep up last night. Put an extra quilt on the bed and wore socks to bed. If my feet are cold I can't get warm.
I don't trust myself out on the ice so I didn't get out to go to church this morning. I let the pastor know why I would not be there.
We have sunshine today.

MyChoice2bfit 01-20-2019 04:20 PM

Hi Everyone,
The work week just seems to fly by and when I get home I dont want to get back on the computer so I read the posts on my phone and then I end up not posting because it takes so long to post from the phone.

We have really cold weather today,about 4 inches of snow overnight and about a 10th inch of ice under the snow.

The neighbor boys sholved for us...I pay them and DH cleaned the cars off so things are ready for DH and work in the morning..I have the day off as a holiday. Yeah!

Happy: drama at bingo! You didna good thing by just walking out. Now, my advice it to let someone else handle it. You have taken your turn.

Shad: are you connected yet with the outside world?

Ceejay: i always used those logs that Happy talked about in our fireplace..less mess and I felt safer using them. It is good that your newphew could instruct you on how to build and light the fire.

Annie: so nice to see you hear lady. Looking for a job anytime is so stressful...but in the time frame of November until about mid Feb it doesnt seem like much activity and that makes it more stressful.

Hang in there and know I am specifically praying about the best job for you to come your way soon.

Hi Laura: it sounds like the streatching class is working out the kinks....i think once it really gets going you will like it and the instructor will get better.

I am cleaning house today..time to get back to it.

Laura705 01-21-2019 03:04 PM

Happy Monday everyone.

Happy - I'm glad your bronchitis is mostly cleared up. Sorry to hear about your crown broke!! BTW - did the dentists come up with a plan for you?? == I like the stretch class well enough. I was wearing my glasses during the 2nd class and that was stupid. It wasn't awful, but it's better without them. I know the instructor and class will get better each time, so I'm going to stick with it. == Yes, without knowing much about the Mediterranean diet, I'd guess it's a lot less restrictive as to entire groups of foods. We have a Costco membership and use it mostly for gas and the occasional rotisserie chicken. And a while back we bought frozen fish. Oh, and the socks and sport bras a couple weeks ago. We don't eat enough of the fresh produce to buy the large quantity packages there. I suppose we could organize ourselves and determine what kinds of stuff we could buy in quantity and split with our mothers... And I wonder if the pricing of warehouse-size packages of zip-lock freezer bags are comparable to the prices at W'mart. I'd have to run the numbers on that... On the other hand, it's probably a good thing not to go shopping there too much, as I know I'd walk out with a lot more than I went in for and eliminate the savings because of my impulse buys!! == Last weekend we had about 3 inches of snow and this weekend we had about 6 inches. == Yes, the foam roller would probably be effective if I could get past the "discomfort". == I imagine cherry tomatoes are about the only variety that has flavor. Followed by the roma variety. The rest of what you get at the store and in restaurants are the worst. == My hair must have a lot more gray now, the new growth shows up much more quickly. I'm thinking of what to do between salon touch-ups. Oh boy, sorry the bingo thing got too bad to deal with that night. Maybe the volunteer efforts should go elsewhere. Is it benefitting the senior center to offset the negatives - like the loss of volunteers who don't want to deal with the bad stuff anymore??

Annie - I hope you're feeling better. I'm sure things will pick up soon on the job front. I agree that going the temp route could be good if you're getting antsy and anxious about your situation. Keeping busy and bringing in something would alleviate your depression, and also take focus off your other worries - C's issues, etc. And we all know that as soon as you take something, another something else will come up - that's how it works. -- Get off the sofa during tv time and do some exercises - ab exercises, squats, hand weight exercises. You won't lose weight but you'll tighten things up, help your clothes fit better! == At least the Rams are still alive. Not happy about the outcome of the other game!!

Ceejay - Do you make your spaghetti sauce from scratch? Just curious. My bf grew up with old school Italian cooking (Sunday dinners at his grandparents) and he's not thrilled when I suggest throwing together a quick meal with store bought sauce. == How did you enjoy sitting by the fireplace with a nice blaze going? The thing about a wood-burning fire is having to leave the flue open until the fire is out. I think it sucks a lot of heat out of the house... I like that we converted our LR fireplace to a gas starter with ceramic logs. Fire or no fire, I've been thinking of a cup of homemade hot cocoa, and even bought a bag of the mini marshmallows. Still haven't done that yet. By the time I do, the marshmallows will probably be stale, lol.

Susie - I agree with you - I don't like to post here from my phone. == Hope you're enjoying your snowy day off. Nice you had neighbors shovel. Our snowblower has another issue and bf had to borrow our neighbor's machine again. For that favor, he cleaned off their two cars and cleared their driveway and sidewalk in addition to our property! I recently learned that there are now cell phone apps for snow removal...tempting to ditch the snowblower and all the repair and maintenance!

Hi Shad - have you gotten your internet stuff sorted out?? I hope the weather is nice out your way. Send a bit of the heat over here!!

Hi Dee, hope you're well.

My weekend was alright. I took Friday off for my doctor appointment - the allergy/asthma doctor. All is well with that, thankfully. I'm not out walking a lot in the cold air, so that helps my lungs and no asthma symptoms lately. The cold I was fighting came on Friday with runny nose/watery eyes. It was the worst on Saturday - some sinus pressure. Sunday was better and so is today, so I'm happy about that. I rested a lot over the weekend and didn't leave the house at all over the weekend after my Friday AM dr appointment and a stop at W'mart.

Back to work today, we don't get the MLK holiday. But it's nice that the train was rather empty and it's pretty quiet here in the office today. No stretch class tonight.

Nothing else to report, so I'll finally get this posted. TTFN!

MyChoice2bfit 01-22-2019 07:12 AM

Hello Everyone
Posting from my phone again. I am riding to work with DH today. We used to ride together a lot and tend to do more of that when it is winter.

He gets dropped of and then it is about 12 more miles to my work.

I was off yesterday. I finished house cleaning and started a new book. It is fiction. Reading relaxes me.

I am also reading a nonfiction book, "Girl Go Wash Your Face"....on of those self motivation books. I am about half way through it.

I got a 30 min recumbent bike workout in yesterday. I am working on the commitment that for the next 30 days, 5 days a week I will do at least 30 min of cardio.

Laura: Glad to hear you are feeling better and the cold didnt escalate.

Seems that listening to your body and resting did the trick. I am trying to do more of listening to my body.

Have a great day ladies!

happy2bme 01-22-2019 10:13 AM

Good morning ladies,

Cold and a bit snowy today. They are calling it "Hollywood Snow" - those pretty flakes that gently drift in the air. Looks nice until you step on them and go sliding on the ice that's underneath. :eek: I got word on my teeth. They have to fix the hard, intensive bite that I have which is loosening all my teeth. The cheapest route is $17,000 which is full dentures on top and 2 implants on the bottom to replace 4 molars I have missing. I am terrified to have all my teeth yanked and I know I would not be happy with dentures. My 4 front teeth need to be pulled for sure as I have worn the front 2 down to practically nothing because of the terrible overbite I have - over time I have scraped away most of the enamel which is why the one is broken now. And I have big gaps with the other 2 teeth next to them so they get pulled to in order to make a more sturdy structure be it a bridge, partial or implants (the most costly option but the most sturdy in the long run). And then in order to change my bite they have to make my teeth bigger/longer. That means replacing 13 existing crowns. Yes most of the teeth in my mouth are crowns because over time with gaps and my dental issues teeth have shifted, pressure points have been created and teeth have chipped and broken. So 13 crowns and potentially 6 implants will cost me around $45,000. And dental insurance which costs me over $800 a year pays about $2,000 in benefits. And I turn 65 this year so the dental insurance they offer pays little more than routine check ups and cleanings so this means the cost of this is on my dime. Why didn't you address this earlier you might wonder? No matter when I did it, it would have been an expensive undertaking. A fancy cosmetic surgeon would have probably charged even more - would I have been willing to spend that much money? Probably not. I didn't realize until now how bad it really was. Also I suspected about 2 years ago I'd have to do something and asked my dentist at the time. He is a regular family dentist and this was out of his league so he never really gave me any advice or referred me to an oral surgeon for follow up. I will have to take the money (plus extra to pay taxes) to pay for this. Means I have to die a few years earlier than planned but at least I will have decent teeth ;) :rofl: If I was 5 years older I might think twice about this. I do want to take care of this before I have to deal with any complications like heart issues or blood thinners or problems with anesthesia although they said everything would be done probably with novacaine or twilight gas (which doesn't work for me - another concern about getting them all yanked out). They are ready to start work any time I tell them I am ready. I am just fiddling with the numbers to decide what might be the best way to pay for this. They offer a 5% discount if you pay up front but if I take all the money out at once, it will bump us into another tax bracket (withdrawals from retirement funds count as income for taxes) so the bump in taxation could be more than the 5 percent discount which would be better than to take it out in portions as we go along. So that's that. I still need a new car and washer and dryer and DH is very unhappy with his Ford truck and wants to swap it out if we sell the almost new pontoon in the spring for next to nothing... Always something, eh? Work so hard for your money, so hard to save up and then whoosh can be gone. BUT... I am grateful that I can plan and space this out. There are people who lose everything due to fire or storms or just watch everything whittle away while they tread water trying to stay afloat and I am not in that position so I thank God for that. I did get a $22 raise in my monthly social security and my medical insurance should go down by a few hundred once I go on Medicare in April so I will find a way...

Did bingo at the bar (another fundraiser for the senior center) last night. It was a much smaller crowd. Got off to a rocky start at first - disorganized, wrong people talking to each other who had different expectations but in the end we got it smoothed out. The bar owners are good people "south side Chicago" like me and I appreciate their willingness to help out the center. Will work harder to promote it. Thing is they want to do this every Monday until Memorial Day the end of May. I was hoping every other Monday through the end of March. I can't seem to get out from under the volunteering. :shrug: More drama with personality issues and conflicts at the Senior Center. I feel sorry for the ladies in charge, it's wearing on them too.

Heard a bunch of squawking in the yard. Looked out and 7 male turkeys are standing on a snow pile out there pushing each other off and playing "king of the hill". They are making the noise of a flock of 150 :lol: I tried to take a video but when they saw me in the window they broke up the fight. :rolleyes:

Susie - "Girl Go Wash Your Face" - what an interesting title for a book. Let us know what you think, I am intrigued. Nice that you and DH can ride in together - do you talk or is it just the morning gads I'm sleepy auto pilot commute in? Good for you for setting a cardio goal! Are you finding you get more steps in now that you are in the new building? Sometimes I'd walk to the restrooms at the far end of the place I worked at if I had the time or didn't wait until the last possible minute :lol:

Laura - I hear you on the Costco membership and the overspending. I don't get too much in the way of produce there either - most everything is packaged in just too large of a quantity for us to use up before it spoils. I did get a large bag of brussel sprouts besides the cherry tomatoes and a single fresh pineapple that I am force feeding DH ! I will eat the tomatoes before they dry up and start to wither and will have to make a supper of mostly roasted brussel sprouts for me. Even the meat is packaged in too large of a quantity. They did renovate our Sam's club with fresh fish and meat counters so you can buy individual portions which I like. Hmmm I have no good advice for brunettes with the outgrowth issue. It was easier to mesh the blonde into the white that I have so it wasn't so obvious but gray against brunette is harder to cover up unless you changed out your haircolor and mixed high and lowlight ins so that your color was more mixed. And that would probably fry your hair anyway. :( Good advice to Annie about keeping things tight! Oh you poor thing with BF being old school Italian with his sauce. My BIL is Italian and while my sister still makes her own sauce, sometimes when they order catering she will get a quart of restaurant sauce which is an acceptable substitute. And then there is the magic of the green box of Kraft Spaghetti dinners which we all love :rofl: Glad to hear your asthma is under control. Getting sick has to be a scary thought - are you prone to bronchitis?

Ceejay - during these really cold nights I have taken to either putting my blanket in the dryer for about 30 minutes on high and then running into bed (because the blanket only stays warm about 5 minutes). It's a wonderful feeling. Or I have a neck thing with those beads in it - I warm it for 2 minutes in the microwave and wrap it around my neck. It is warm and soothing and helps me fall asleep quickly while keeping at least a part of me warm. You should try it. Sleeping with socks also helps keep you warmer although halfway through the night I wake up too warm. Did you make your meatloaf?

Anne - good to hear from you the other night. We were texting a bit while watching the football game and making jokes. :lol: Still sending good thoughts your way about finding gainful employment. I have a couple of stickers around the house in various places that my yoga teacher gave me to remind me to stop and take a few deep breaths. I have added to that saying a small prayer for you so that quadruples the good vibes being sent your way. :hug: Are you getting whalloped with these recent snowstorms too? Bet Sassy Girl ain't happy about that...

We have having lunch at the Senior Center today and then I have to head over to the president of the Humane Society's house to figure out how we will transition her mailing list to something more universal we can all utilize for various reasons. We are in the deep freeze with no end in sight. I haven't used my hot tub in over 2 weeks. Need to open it up and add chemicals - the windows are already all frozen up from the condensation of just using the dryer and warm damp air. No relief in sight for temps higher than the teens so guess I will just bite the bullet and deal with it.

That's about it for me. Have a nice week - stay warm or cool in your case Shad. :wave:

ceejay52 01-22-2019 12:56 PM

I cheat and use the jar spaghetti sauce. I don't like to cook but have been lately to keep me from going to fast food. But I try to take short cuts.

Ouch on the prospective dental bill. My bill last year was high but not that much. I almost had a heart attack but my teeth are good now. It took awhile for me to get an okay to start going every six months but I did that in December. I 'm really disappointed in my dental insurance. They paid less than 50 percent and on some things nothing at all. on others.

Sending good vibes on the job hunt.

I am grateful that my nephew lives close enough to help me with things. I never had that in Arkansas.I will be using the fireplace this week. Temps are going to be colder
My nephew stopped by the house yesterday. He needed a place to land for awhile while their house was being cleaned. His oldest son was running a fever. He thought he had an ear infection and his youngest son was here too. He needed to run an errand so I told him to let me keep the boys with me. He told them that they would go to MCD when he got back. I went with them. I really enjoy those two little boys. However, the 6 year old is chest high on me now.
After they left I went to the gym and grocery store. The wind was around 40 mph and brutally cold. Wished I had stay inside. My body was cold to the bone when I got home.
We had snow on the ground yesterday but this morning it's mostly gone. It warmed up during the night.
I've had a couple of business task to take care of this morning that has been partially been taken care of. The main office is telling me not to pay any more but the place where I'm sending my money says pay it. I've gotten 2 refund checks back from the main office. I've asked the place where I mail the check to to send me all information that I have on my account. I'm going to get to the bottom of this even if I have to make a trip to Paragould.
I'm going to have to do something with the wood in the office area of the house. It bothers my sinuses if I'm in here to long of a time.

Laura705 01-23-2019 01:56 PM

Afternoon all. Well, weíve got some nasty winter weather this week. Freezing rain yesterday and it took forever for me to scrape the car windows last night after work. And that included a kind person helping me a bit! Not looking forward to Friday and the weekend because itís going to be *really* cold those days. Oh well, winter in the Midwest. Nothing much to report. Had a reminder in my calendar since FALL to start my Sambucol regimen and finally I heeded it and had bf order some from Amazon and I started it this morning. The corner of our living room that had the Christmas tree now looks so bare every time I look over there. I think Iíll shop for a good quality fake ficus tree. Actually, Iíll check craigslist firstÖSusie Ė Ugh, I donít envy you your driving commute. Nice that you and your dh drive together in the winter. Iím not much of a non-fiction reader in my leisure time (except for the Sunday newspaper), but the title of that book has me curious. Iíll see what goodreads says about it. Good for you recommitting to your workouts! Yeh, I think the rest helped with the cold. And I wonder if those dissolving zinc tabs helped make it milder? Happy Ė Yes, major ouch on the dental issues and their cost! Did the chipping/breaking happen when you slept or during waking hours while eating, etc? Iíve worn a nightguard for years because of the grinding, but I already had some damage from before that. Anyway, in your case, I donít know why something so serious isnít considered a medical issue and isnít covered to a greater extent under your medical insurance. I guess they figure as long as it didnít lead to life-threatening health issues and is considered largely cosmetic, they just donít care. Yes, you are fortunate to be able to figure out a plan to handle it financially. So many people are not so fortunate. == Too bad you couldnít get video of the turkeys playing king of the hill!! == Iíve heard of the green box Kraft spaghetti dinner, but never experienced it. My momís favorite ďconvenienceĒ item back in the day was the Campbellís cream of chicken soup, LOL. == Yeh, when I get sick with a cold or other virus, I do worry about my asthma flaring up. Iím being very diligent with my maintenance inhaler! Stay warm! I think I have one of those things you warm in the microwave. I need to dig it out for my bedtime. Our bedroom is cooler than the rest of the house as itís the furthest from the furnace, and with my side of the heated mattress pad not working, I need something else to pre-warm the bed!! Ceejay Ė There are a ton of good jarred spaghetti sauces available now, so Iíd say more people use that than make their own most of the time. Way back when, I only remember seeing Ragu (spagettios didnít count!), and my mom just made her own. Hers (and mine) was nothing fancy Ė ground beef, cans of tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste and all the dried herbs and spices Ė so it wasnít a big deal to make (pre-bf, LOL). == Iím glad youíre keeping up with your dental. I need to get my mom back on track Ė Iím pretty sure she hasnít been to the dentist since she moved here. Ė Brave of you getting out in the winter weather to work out! Iíve been skipping because of my cold and the crap weather. Yesterday we had freezing rain and I considered hacking away at my carís windows after work to be my workout!!!Hellos to the rest of you. As Happy said Ė stay warm, and Shad Ė stay cool. Off to cut and pasted and post! No time to re-format, so sorry if this looks funky. TTYL.

ceejay52 01-23-2019 03:36 PM

My nephew had the boys here Monday and the oldest one was sick and coughing. I'm coughing today. Hope it doesn't amount to much. Since you mentioned the other brand name, I use the Prego brand. Yuck for having to scrape off the windshields in this cold weather.
Good for you in recommitting to your exercise routine. I''m going to ride my bike for thirty minutes a little later this afternoon. Meant to yesterday but the time got away from me.

I woke up cold this morning so I got up to look at the thermostat. It read 64. The heater needs some maintenance done on it but I have the fireplace so I tried my hand at lighting a fire in the fireplace. Texted sis and let her know. She's been dragging her feet on getting it repaired.
Think I have caught what ever my nephew's son had the other day, at least his cough.
This is about it for me. Trying to stay warm.

Shad 01-23-2019 07:02 PM

Morning all,
Yes I am back on the computer and internet and the phone goes as well. A very nice repair man came out on Monday and test the cables and said there was a short circuit but it wasn't outside the house. Oh of course not, one needs to pay to get things done inside the house. Anyway, he came in and spotted the problem immediately on walking through the door. Idiot here (me) had plugged the modem cable back in the wrong grey box. Well as I said, I knew it was to go in a grey box and I was certain that that is where it came out of but apparently not. It came from the other grey plug in place. Yeehaa, cable, internet and phone back in about 2 minutes. Lesson learned. He spent a fair amount of time with me talking about how the NBN would work for me. NBN - National Broadband Network. A previous government had decreed we should all have technology into the house, business, school, everywhere. So they set about cabling the entire country. Naturally enough when it came time for a general election, the new and the new government said fibre optic cable is too expensive to give to the plebs (us) we will take it to the nearest power pole and then copper wire to the houses. It's our turn to get it put on soon so the cabling has been done and they have dug up bits of my garden to extend the cable through the existing phone cable lines. At least it is underground. Naturally enough, the older folk are confused. They don't have computers or mobile phones, they just have the landlines and now they have to have a box attached to the side of their house, another black box inside the house, and a modem just to use their phone. NBN is NOT getting rave reviews from the general population, although it is improving.

I've been tiling in the laundry and doing minor maintenance around the house this week, generally early in the morning until it gets too hot and the cat and I just laze around until it gets bearable again. I start the French lessons Friday week and Yoga lessons today (I think). The cooking lessons I wanted to do are not going ahead this time so I will have to find something else to do.

Annie - good to see you back and posting. Things will look up job wise in the near future. Believe in yourself and also, December January is a hard time to be looking for work. And you will get that weight off soon.

Happy - So sorry to hear of the dental woes. It's always something when we get older. Hope you can string out the payments to save yourself some money and some interest on savings. I think I would have said rude things to the bingo people and also to the senior people. Seems that volunteers should always be doing more. You've stretched yourself far enough and now it is time to give yourself some slack. Hope the boat sells quickly, you have some hideous expenses there with cars, boats, teeth, house and all those other things.

Laura - Must be awful having to scrape ice and snow off the vehicle when you are just ready to go to work or out to play or just coming home for the evening. Hope the weather clears up and isn't to bad for the rest of the winter. Must be nice to be cool tho'.

Susie - Hope the weather isn't treating you too badly either. Good idea commuting with the DH. Less stress all round.

Ceejay - good to know you can safely light the fire now. Thanks to the nephew for training you. Hope you get over that cold/ flu soon,

Well we are now into the eighth week of our horrendous heatwave. Still no rain in sight. We haven't got down past thirty (90F more or less) in ages. Still I shouldn't complain - although I do, the sweating and the lack of sleep is taking it's toll. But spare a thought for those out west of here who are getting it much worse than us and who have been in drought for years. They are getting up to 49C (around 135F) for weeks now. We are all looking forward to Autumn (such as it is here) around the end of Feb. The country has had drought, floods, earthquakes, huge daytime temps, fires, slips, etc. You name it, we've had it. The monsoon is finally getting here up North so maybe we will get some reasonable weather soon. Not looking forward to my water bill at all.

And I guess at this point I should also write the bad news. I am going to have to put off my trip to USA and Canada until our Spring/ your Autumn at least. I planned out the itinerary, sourced the stops and sights I wanted to see and there just isn't enough money in the budget at the moment to do all the things. I've also lost Carla49/ Carol's address, through the computer crash so I can't let her know either. Unless of course she is reading this. Better email me your address if you are Carol!!!!! I still do not have my 2016/2017 emails back. As well as the budget situation, I have to go to hospitals for tests in both May and June and because they are so understaffed and over worked there, I can't change the appointments anyway. I'm sad and annoyed about it all. But maybe I should not have bought the car or paid cash for it. Too late, now done.
Okay, better get off this computer and get going on the house work before the heat hits 37C (104F) again like it did yesterday and the day before. See ya

MyChoice2bfit 01-27-2019 10:50 AM

Hello Everyone,

I can't believe how fast the work week flew by and now the weekend. I have a busy week coming up this week as we have the Perfumer House suppliers coming in for meetings every day. We have two a day coming Monday-Thursday. I have been busy with secuing rooms, ordering in-house catering for breakfast, lunch, and AM and Morning breaks. Also, helping to prepard the content that is needed to be shared via PowerPoints. Then there is my other job where I do all the work for my Director.

I did manaege four 30 min workouts this week; then we didn't have a TOPS meeting on Thursday due to the weather and our local schools closing. If school closes due to winter we cancel the meeting I was disappointed as I would have shown a loss. I will need to be careful with all that work food around this week so I can maintain the loss I would have had last week and hopefully add to it for this week.

I am not feeling well today; my IC is flared up and when that happens it feels lke a UTI. I am trying to take it easy today and using all the things I can to give me relief.....Uristat, heating pad and just rest...and drinking water and making sure I don't eat anything acidic. Cold weather seems to flare it up for me as well. I looked back at dairies and I seem to deal with it more in January -March.

I am still reading the "Girl Wash your Face book", I had a couple of fiction books that a friend dropped off for me to read.. She and I like reading the same books and authors so we share books back and forth. I actually read a couple of chapters this morning. Since it is a "self-help" type of book, I am taking my time reading it and picking out what I want to apply from a couple of chapters that I just read and see how it works out for me.

Happy: Holy moley that is a lot of money for the teeth repairs.....I would say you will be able to go to Hollywood after all that work and be a Movie Star! :)

I like that you are focusing on what you will be able to do to get it done and the blessing that you do have.

Laura: Scraping ice from a windshield after you have worked all day and it is cold and dark and you just want to go home stinks! I have to do that as well; winter and working and commuting is hard and tiring. Come on Spring! I can't blame you for not going back out to work out once you get home or even in the car to go home.

Ceejay: I hope you didn't catch a cold from the nephew and his boys. I didn't realize you were having issues with some sort of issue with mail and somehting being overpaid?

Shad: Glad to hear the connetivity issues were easily fixable. It is good you had the repair man come out...anymore, they want to trouble shoot those issues with you when you are on the phone and sending signals out and such. That broadcast system thing does sound a bit complicated,

My brother is trying to get me to give up my cable for watching TV and get a Roku or whatever that thing is and then get Youtube TV and NetFlicks and such. I am thining about it but it seems like I will need to become more techincal with the "hardware" end of things. I'm ok with software but no so much hooking things up and such. Oh well....I can learn.

Hi to Annie and Dee!

I am going to try and get the kitchen cleaned up and then do some resting again...I MUST feel better by tomorrow so nothing strenerous today.

Laura705 01-28-2019 12:54 PM

Morning all. Weather has been more wintery than usual. We had more snow on Saturday evening, and more overnight and this morning. I got out earlier than usual to clear the car, but I couldn't get out of the driveway, even after shoveling a little bit around the tires. Bleh. Had bf drop me off at the train. Our snowblower is still not operating. Bf took it to the guy to have the blade repaired a while back, but unbeknownst to bf, the belt came off (not discovered until the next time he went to use it). He purchased a new belt, but hasn't installed it yet. Pretty sure bf if procrastinating on this because it's not an ideal time to do the repairs in the cold garage. But he just needs to get the space heater (or maybe two of them) into the garage and get that done because we now have a lot of snow to remove and I don't think we should borrow our neighbor's machine again!...I just sent him a text "reminding" him, and saying this is the warmest it's going to be for the rest of the week, hint hint.

My weekend was alright. Saturday was a hair appointment (touch-up/trim) and then other errands. Didn't do much else the rest of the day as it was rather cold. Same for Sunday. I did a load of laundry and got on my stationary bike at home for 20 minutes. Oh, our laundry sink was draining very very slowly and it was at this point that we realized we didn't have one of those mesh lint traps on the washing machine drain pipe. Sigh. But bf got that cleared out, thankfully. Another thing I'd noticed - even after we replaced part of our whole-house humidifier - was that the drain tube for it was draining a LOT of water, not just the usual light dribble. So I did a test by having it drain into a 2-gallon bucket. In just over a half hour, the bucket was full. That's at least 2 or 3 times as much as it should. Sigh.

BF and I got out later for a quick lunch and more errands, including Home Depot for the mesh bags. I finally bought different bed post finials for our spare bedroom's daybed. The previous ones I bought years ago (to replace the ugly faux brass globes on it originally) were square and pointy and a bit too large in scale. I'd poked myself on the corner of them more than once...Anyway, replaced those with smaller, flatter, rounded finials, sort of like small doorknobs.

BF researched the humidifier issue and determined the part that needs replacing and ordered it. He's done that replacement before for a client of his, so he knows how to do it, so yay for that. With the 10% humidity reading at the office, I at least need the humidity at home to be sufficient. Oh yeh, I ordered a small humidifier for my desk at work!

Ceejay - Saw the photo on FB of your blazing fire - nice! :flame: -- Hope your cough isn't too bad. -- I see it's not going to be quite as cold in your neck of the woods, yay for that.

Shad - Well, at least the internet connection fix wasn't a big deal. Did you mark the correct port with something in case you need to disconnect for some reason in the future? My mom is big on marking things with highlighter, marker or nail polish, LOL. I admit to using a dot of White Out here and there... == How was yoga? == Ugh, that heat sounds awful, and I think I saw a blurb about fires in Tasmania? I don't mind cleaning snow and ice off the car, but it's annoying that parts of you get cold while the rest of you gets all hot and sweaty and gross from the physical efforts while wearing layers of clothing and all the outerwear one wears in the cold weather. == I'm sorry to hear you're going to have to put off your trip here for a bit. :( But the needs need to come first!! :yes:

Susie - Sounds like a busy week ahead for you!! Just remember to come up for air once in a while (especially with the perfume folks in the building, LOLOL! -- Good job on the workouts. Bummer that you didn't get to register your loss at TOPS last week. Keep on track and you will hopefully be able to show an even nicer loss this Thursday. :crossed: I hope you get the IC under control before it starts making you too miserable.

Hellos to Annie, Happy & Dee!!
Tonight is supposed to be the stretch class...right now I'm not feeling up for going back outside after I get home from work, but we'll see how the day goes. I guess I'm kind of in hibernation mode right now, and will be especially this week when it's really cold on Wed & Thursday. I certainly have exercise options at home, so I'll go that route. Yesterday I used the Nordic track stationary bike (the one I "returned" for full credit last year and for which I received "destroy authorization" instead of having to return). The bike is okay as long as I use the lowest resistance levels. However, I don't like the seat at all - the shape is odd and I find I want to push my tush (I rhymed!) back on it, but the shape doesn't allow for that. Anyway, I guess I can get a bit of cardio on it during this time when I don't want to trek out to the fitness center. And when I do go back to the fc, I'll take note of the shape of the seat on the bike I normally use to see how it differs from the Nordic track. Maybe I can switch out the seat??

It's quiet here in the office today. The boss is out of town on a 3-day work thing in a warm place. The other two are working from home today. I'll be bringing my laptop home every day this week because I may work from home on one or two of the really cold days.

That's enough rambling for me. Everyone stay warm, except Shad - stay cool! And everyone be safe!! TTYL. :wave:

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