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Shad 01-04-2019 01:51 AM

2019 - Worldlies never ever give up.
So, new year, new thread although we are up to the 4th Jan here. To go back to look at the last quarter of last year, click 2018 - Leg 4.
I'll post this and then come back to edit.

Okay, that's done. I'm off to Adelaide tomorrow to have a second Christmas, birthday party and general catch up with the family down there. I will try and post from my phone but you all know how much I hate doing that. Hope it is a bit cooler down there than up here.

ceejay52 01-04-2019 12:08 PM

Thanks Shad for starting a new thread for the new year.

MyChoice2bfit 01-05-2019 03:34 PM

Thanks Shad for the new thread. Enjoy the trip!

Hi Ceejay! I hope you are having good day.

It is almost 50 degrees here this morning and very sunny. We had a lot of rain last night but very nice today.

I got up early and cleaned the house before my hair appointment. Feels good to have the cute and color refreshed.

We are going to dinner this evening in town worh two younger couples. Kari and Matt are one couple. We met Kari when she was 3 yrs old....we taught her in Sunday school and her dad and my husband became best friends....her dad died very unexpectedly anout 5 yrs ago. He played a soft ball game, came home and had a heart attack. He was a very athletic man and we were all in shock. My husband was devastated and still has a great deal of sorrow over losing his friend.

As Jesus people, we know where he is and that helps our missing him...we beleive we will see him again one day.

John had the honor of walking Kari down the isle 2 years ago at her wedding.

The other couple is Karlee and Ever. We have known Karlee for about 8 years. She is our chef when she is home from Mexico, where she lives with her husband and is Missionary there.

I cant believe they want to hang out with us.....we are their parents age....but they say we are cool!

The work week flew by. This upcoming week will too....we have to pack our offices and clean things out and reduce our files and such as we only get to take 1 crate per person to our new site. We have been cleaning out for year every quarter but this week it is crunch time. We will do this while we work. Last week in that old, dreary building!

I stayed the same at TOPS weigh-in. Now that life is back tp normal..I need to step up and remain on top of it.

miniDoodles 01-06-2019 01:54 PM

:celebrate: HAPPY New YEAR :snow4: sisters :grouphug:

Prayers for everyone to have a Healthy & very~very Happy 2019 reaching your goals :cheer2: :cheer3:
Even though I haven't posted in several months, I continue to pray for each of you because we've shared our life together :hug:
:brr: our winter is returning.... Every week is certain to confuse mother nature right now, instead of waiting for spring to sprout new seedling growth.
Shad ~ does Australia & New Zealand go through the crazy weather changes that we get here in the U.S.?
If anyone has a moment I'm asking for prayers for Healing for our grandson Drake's throat biopsy to be Benign. I have a serious health problem now & I need Healing prayers to nolonger have a disease inside me. I'm trying to regain my body strength that I've been losing. My husband goes to work & then he comes home to a broken wife, I honestly don't know if he considers leaving me & I won't ever get angry if he stops loving me & ends our marriage because of my bad health & the expenses. Small things can have big Effects in our life so Ladies, pLease do small health things daily like: lift handweights, walk 10,000 steps daily, eat colorful veggies & relax & meditate for at least 10 minutes. Don't: let your job stress you or bring your work home, binge on fried or sugar foods, stay angry with anyone for more than a day- write down your anger & then throw it in the trash letting go of your hurt feelings. Do: take time to read scripture weekly, enjoy nature, look at the animals in the clouds, play outside/sports, snuggle with someone & watch TV, laugh & show compassion :df: I gotta go take my RX & pet my doggies now.
Love & Hugs to my sister~friends & BLessings aLso to anybody reading this post :hug:

ceejay52 01-06-2019 07:13 PM

Praying for your health and thanks for posting again. Missed your post.

We have had a couple of beautiful day's this week. Where is your company moving.? Also joined a Tops that has online chat rooms. I'm not sure if I will use it. But they do have some very useful information.

Hello's to Laura, Happy and Shad.

happy2bme 01-07-2019 02:53 PM

Hi ladies,

Happy New Year. Ours was on the quiet side - first DH got the flu. He was really sick. I got a flu shot and was hoping I could have avoided it but last Saturday at about 2pm all of a sudden I got really tired and my nose got stuffy. I took a Sinex because I had a really bad sinus headache and laid down for a nap. After about an hour I woke up with a start - it was hard to breathe. I could not put my finger on why - no chest pains, I wasn't coughing hard but I did have a few occasional really strong sneezes on and off the day before. My chest felt heavy like I had been in a smoky room for a long, long time and I was very much aware of my breathing and I just felt like I was tired of taking breaths in and wanted to stop. I started to freak myself out so I went and took a shower. Figured if I was going to die I didn't want to be dirty and perhaps the steam of the shower would make me feel better. How we rationalize things! :rofl: I got dried and dressed and got my mind off breathing. I asked DH to take me to urgent care. Figured if he had the flu, perhaps I would catch it too and in order to get the Tamiflu drug, you have to catch it early. They took me to the emergency room, did an EKG - no heart attack which was good. Not dying. No flu. Clean smelling but you do have acute bronchitis! They stuck a swab deep into my nose to test for the flu. The nurse warned me it was "not pleasant" and that's an UNDERSTATEMENT. It was such a horrible sensation I think I preferred the colonoscopy when the anesthia didn't quite work! My arms and legs were flailing - I looked like a bug and I'm sure I was making the most horrible face at her. They gave me some steroids and 2 breathing treatments and sent me on my way. I'm glad I went because I did have the random chest discomfort after that which I have realized is because of the strong sneezing I've been doing. They recommended Afrin nasal spray twice a day also and I never tried that before. I was pretty impressed - it does reduce the nasal congestion quite a bit. Still stuffy and blowing nose but I can breathe through my nose better than usual. DH is recovering - I told him not to push it lest he get a relapse. Today I woke up with the dreaded coughing and goo in the throat and lungs that makes that so difficult to deal with. I heard that fresh pineapple is good for a cough and I did go grocery shopping on Thursday so going to try that. Honey lemon tea also helps.

I learned a new skill on Friday. Offered to help with our Senior Center quarterly newspaper. They generally toss a bunch of articles and stuff at the poor lady who does the layouts without much guidance or help. We worked together under a tight deadline. Wound up missing some stuff because we also changed to a quarterly instead of semi-monthly format but we got it done and put to bed Friday afternoon. I never realize how much planning and work there is in putting together a newspaper. Next issue will be much better. After I finished that task and relaxed that's when I got sick. :lol:

So the weekend was quiet with us both just resting. DH watched football games and I just worked on some computer stuff. I did start to research the Mediterranean Diet plan. My sister said that's the "it" diet of 2019. I have to look at something and I am anti supplements and powders and things. They do say that there is an eating plan that will work for everyone - you just have to find the right plan that your body responds to. Mediterranean speaks to my desire to approach diet with real food and it doesn't completely eliminate things I would miss in the low carb plan. Maybe a good stepping stone. I picked up a nice piece of Ahi (tuna) for DH which he ate yesterday. I made myself some salmon and a cucumber salad which I enjoyed very much. Except when the frying pan popped some oil right into my cupped hand as I was turning the fish. Got a nasty burn on the fleshy part of the thumb as well as the front and back of my little finger. Ouch, I did say a bad word.

Hope you are all starting the new year off in the way that you want it to.

Annie - hope you can find a way to check in with us. We miss you.

Shad - thank you for starting the new thread. Enjoy your second family visit.

Susie - glad you are getting back on track again. Did you have fun on your time off - I'll bet you did. Didn't remember that you were moving offices / buildings. Good time to purge and start over again. I hope you are not continuing to carry the heavy load of the support of many people like you were.

Laura - did you have a good extended weekend also?

Ceejay - how are the new shoes feeling? Are you caught up in the storms that are spreading across the south?

Dee - good of you to check in. I am trying to do all those things you mention. Hope this year will bless you with better health.

I'm going to post this now before I forget once again.

ceejay52 01-07-2019 08:29 PM


Bronchitis seems to be going around. No the storms went south and stayed west of us. We did get some much needed rain. Sorry you and DH have been sick
I've been thinking about the South Beach diet. I need structure and not just a grab and go type menu. I did join Tops online but I'm not sure if that will do me any good.
My new shoes are nice, just my foot, mainly bunion is giving me some problems. but I will live. I've been walking to much on the treadmill.

I haven't been in a mood to do much of anything. Been dealing with light bulbs. I've lived here almost 2.5 years and now the light bulbs are beginning to be changed. I don't like climbing any more so I had sis's DH change one set of bulbs over the bath tub, even he had to have a three step stool.
I'm going to take some light bulbs back to Lowe's because they didn't fit. and those cost almost 100 dollars. I need a handy man and or n electrician to change the housing for the bulb in one of the closets in the bathroom. I'm glad it started blinking after sis's DH changed the bulb.It did with me, that's why I wanted them to see it. I don' think this is the problem for the rest of the bulbs though.
Rode the bike.

MyChoice2bfit 01-07-2019 10:12 PM

Hi Ladies.

We had a fun dinner with our younger friends on Saturday.

Sunday was church and then niece's basketball game.

Cleaned house between Saturday and Sunday then it was Monday and time for work.

Dee, praying for you and your health. Please keep in touch.

Ceejay: I have a friend who does TOPS online and she is doing really well.

I think the online group has a day that they go live and people join the podcast? Do you have someone or somewhere you can do your weekly weigh in?

Light bulbs should not be so time confusing...but we have had to deal with the same issues with these new light bulbs and their
cost as well!

Our office is moving into our exisitng building in Mason OH. They built us a who new adjoining building. This is our last week in our existing building.

Happy: oh my goodness that urgent care visit sounds alarming!and you had me giggling too.

I hope you and DH feel better every day.

Hello to Annie....hope to see you post soon....I miss you!

Laura: I am looking forward to hearing about the deep stretching class.

Hi Shad: If I remember correctly you were going on a little trip? I am posting from my phone and it isnt easy to go back and see the former posts....so if I am confused we will blame it on that! Lol

I did my workout when I got home. I didnt want to be once I started the treadmill I just kept going. I must get this 20 lbs back off.....Kings Island opens in April and I am going to ride every coaster in the park this year...even the ones that terrify me! And I am looking forward to the antique cars coming back.

Good night ladies!

ceejay52 01-08-2019 12:10 PM

Glad you did your work out when you got home. If I put things off then it doesn't get done. I'm going to the gym today, didn't go yesterday cause the bottom of my foot was still sore. No I looked online and didn't find a TOPS meeting anywhere near me.


Still nothing going on. Missing Annie's post. Hope she is doing okay.
My niece sent me a picture of Miley and her new best friend Walter, my nieces other cat. I'm not going to worry about her any more. I think she has adjusted to her surrounding. . I still miss her though.
I have a wellness doctor's visit in the morning so I need to make out a list of complaints. I'm going to try to persuade him to get me out of jury duty.

Laura705 01-08-2019 02:24 PM

Afternoon all.

Shad - Thanks for setting us up on our new thread! I hope you're having a nice time in Adelaide celebrating holidays and birthdays and catching up with the family. Safe travels!!

Susie - Glad you enjoyed your dinner out with the youngsters, lol. I hope your move goes smoothly. One crate per person - was that drastic for you? So you'll be in a newly-built space? It'll be nice. Now how will this affect your commute? Good for you with the workout.

Dee - Glad to hear from you. Prayers for you and your grandson.

Happy - Sorry to hear you and your dh have been sick! I hope you're both feeling 100% soon. Please avoid the sickies! There's a guy on the other side of our cubes ("over the glass" as we now say) that's coughing. I just hope I can stay well this winter. I already had one bought of the throat crud and coughing in the fall... So you've written for the newspaper and now you're learning/helping to lay it out - that'll keep your mind sharp! :yes:

Ceejay - Have you switched to the LED light bulbs? We just did that in our kitchen, in our can lights. We initially purchased the wrong kind - too white and bright. Returned those and now have the right kind and it's great. Hope they last as long as they claim. But we did get a good deal - our electric company ComEd was sponsoring discounts, so we go the bulbs for a lot less $$. Glad Miley is doing well and has a new buddy! Hope your foot feels better!!

Hi Annie - Hope to see you posting soon!!

Last week was a short workweek, but I was still glad for the weekend to come. Confession - on Thursday I might have driven my car before the windows were sufficiently cleared and I ended up in a collision with a car crossing at a 4-way stop. Thankfully no injuries, just auto damage to both our vehicles. Sigh. No ticket for me, but upon investigation, I was found liable by the insurance company and I do feel bad thinking I could drive those few blocks to the train station with subpar visibility and just be extra careful (I thought I was being extra careful, BTW). My insurance already appraised the damage to my car & paid out. Bf is working on getting repair estimates from a couple body shops and seeing if he can source less expensive parts. And a used bumper part with the same paint color that has aged and blends in better with our faded paint than a part with a new paint job.

Great timing since we've been talking about different vehicles for the past few weeks. I'm not keen on switching out the vehicles, though our SUV is not practical for bf's use - needs more cargo space. So maybe sell that and replace it with a minivan. Bleh for that. But I don't like the SUV anyway, and it keeps having to go into the shop for somewhat nitpicky things which are not always inexpensive to fix. Thankfully we have the extended warranty. Bf knows I don't like that SUV, and I rarely drive it. He feels bad that I drive the 14 year old sedan, which runs fine but looks rather ugly these days. But the idea of buying a replacement for it just to have it sit in the train station parking lot...I'd rather run the old car into the ground and then replace it. And I do love the way the old car drives... Enough rambling.

The stretch class started last night. It's the first time it's been offered, and the first time the instructor is teaching it. She's an experienced fitness instructor and also a personal trainer and seems to have a decent personality... but it still feels like us students are guinea pigs. That said, the class was alright. A lot of yoga-like stretches, and she actually has pilates experience and not as much yoga experience, and was working off notes. But not unacceptable. I do think she needs to say what body part/muscle is meant to be stretched as she is going through the moves. So we'll see how next week goes. And we'll see how I feel later today, LOL. Been a while since I've done much of that, so I'm thinking I might be feeling it later.

Okay, meeting in about 10 minutes, so I'll get this posted. TTFN.

happy2bme 01-09-2019 01:30 PM

good morning all,

Cold is progressing - DH was sicker than I was but I'm not sure I'm suffering any less. :lol: Yesterday was a lot of coughing. I forgot to take my Nyquil the night before when I went to sleep so rest was not as good as it could be. Last night I remembered - got a better sleep but today I feel very tired, I think part of it has to do with reduced airflow / lung capacity. I am living on soups which for the Mediteranean Diet isn't so bad. I made homemade chicken soup and used cheese tortellini - but didn't eat many - far less than I would have noodles. I also made Pasta Fazool (sp??) with the tiny ditalini pasta. I also bought a bunch of fresh littleneck clams when I went shopping the other day so yesterday I made DH's favorite Rhode Island style clam chowder - it's broth based not creamy. He ate 2 bowls of it. I had a bowl myself because after I cooked it, I didn't feel like making my salmon and cucumber salad.

Yesterday a bunch of deer showed up on the lawn. DH was out on the road in the far reaches of the county setting up computer systems at one of the remote Senior Center sites and I felt bad so bundled up and went out to feed them. Over the course of 90 minutes we had 5 separate rounds of deer come through. I could tell because some of them we know, some of them are skittish when we open the door, some of the regulars follow us in step as we go to the "corn pile". There are new deer that we think smell the corn or follow the lead of the regulars. They all stand in the yard and stare at the front door which is pretty funny but when you open it they get startled and scamper back in the woods. There is a crowd mentality so if a few run. generally the whole flock runs although there are always one or two - usually babies who act like - what are you running from, they are here to FEED us. :shrug: Much to my astonishment we have not one but 2 deer that have completely broken their spindly front leg and I cannot believe their are making due. The first one is a female we named Tripod. We think she survived being hit by a car. Her left front leg just hangs and swings in the air. At first she could not use it at all and would hop jump up in the front, land on the good leg and make her way across the yard. We didn't know if she could survive so DH called the DNR (Department of Natural Resources / Forestry Group). One of the rangers told him she has seen many a 3 legged deer - they are incredibly resilient - so unless she was in really bad shape or down, let nature take it's course. Tripod is pretty fiesty too - the deer do sometimes rear up on hind legs or kick each other to assert pecking order for eating and Tripod fights with the best of them so they leave her alone. She comes pretty much every day to eat and she has a small buddy that comes with her I have named Burro because it's a young fuzzy deer that looks a bit like a donkey. Tripod and Burro are always together. Then we had a second deer - this one a buck that has a mangled front leg. It's badly damaged, swollen and bloody. We have named him HopALong. While he looks in worse shape than Tripod, he too is holding his own. Neither deer can put any weight on the bad leg. It's amazing how they manage to get around. I told DH as long as they are getting regularly fed, I guess they have the strength to survive. Both Tripod and HopAlong came to eat yesterday - HopALong stayed a good 30 minutes - longer than usual - ate from 4 corn piles and got a good bellyful. It was worth me going out although it was darn trecherous out there - we had gotten rain and sleet and now the temps were crashing to single digits so the big snowflakes that fell during the day covered over what because terrible ice patches. I shuffled across the drive way. I even put corn piles up into the snowbanks on the grass as well as several on the perimeter of the icy driveway. I noticed that all the deer except HopAlong ate from the lawn and were hesitant to approach the icy driveway - they are not dumb! HopAlong had not issues and therefore got all the biggest piles to himself on the driveway. :lol:

I was happy to be able to stay home for the last several days and recuperate. Seems like everything came together on Thursday. I have a 9am doctor's appointment for my annual check up. I forgot I had scheduled a meeting at the Shelter at 10am to discuss use (or lack of) for the Shelter software program - I will be late to that meeting. Then I have bingo tomorrow night. I think I am recovered enough to go although DH said I should stay home. Then I opened my email and saw the reminder that I had a hair appointment at 2 tomorrow also. That was wayyy too much in one day. Especially since DH will have be Mr. Uber and drive me around all over because it's too slippery to drive the Avalon. So I rescheduled the hair appointment for next week. Which is good because the hair dresser has a young toddler and I'm sure she doesn't want to be around sick people anyway. I told DH that I decided I am going to skip bingo one night on the 24th to take a beginning watercolors painting class and he said "good for you - you always say you want to pick up art again and always put it off in favor of doing other things (volunteering) so do something for yourself for once". And maybe I can make use of all those art supplies I have sitting there gathering dust :lol:

Laura - I sort of know where you are coming from with the car because I fail to plan ahead when it's cold to allow enough time for the car to defrost / warm up properly. I myself am usually running a few minutes late or or with no wiggle room. I'm glad you didn't get into too bad of a crash. I also understand about the car - the Avalon has turned into my car and it's 13 years old. I am thinking about replacing it - runs well - would be a good commuter car but I'd like something where I can sit a bit higher again and although with new snow tires it holds it's own for winter driving, I think I'd like to go back to the SUV again. I just don't like the small ones and the next size up is bigger than I'd like. So like you, I am on the fence about another car. DH said he doesn't mind driving me (until we get into an argument about something else ;) and if the economy is going to downturn and with my upcoming teeth expense I am hesitant to make a move. What is the model of SUV that you don't like right now? I am NOT IMPRESSED with the lack of quality in DH's Ford truck. Would not at all be interested in another Ford. As for the fitness instructor. I find that I am become more cranky and judgemental in my old age. And DH is 1,000 worse than me. It doesn't take much to get him upset and I find myself talking him down off the ledge more and more. So in the new year I am attempting to be more like my more calm friends who are not as "passionate" about things as I am :rofl: So that being said, I might approach the fitness instructor off to the side after class and offer some constructive feedback if you feel she is approachable. We have a fitness instructor at the Senior Center and J is amazing - she is young and athletic and I am so impressed how she adapts her classes to an older crowd with different needs. So it might be the case with this person - trying to merge / fusion - 2 styles into something new. It's hard to come up with new concepts and she might appreciate some comments. And if not, well then you tried it and move on. I am finding I get cranked up about stuff and hold my temper and then when I talk to someone, it's a really good outcome rather than the fight I was expecting. And then I feel sheepish. Cuz that's just how I am. :rofl:

Ceejay - I can certainly understand the issue of having to change lightbulbs when you live alone and it's hard to get to some fixtures. I would try the LED ones too. I didn't like the first ones that came out - the squiggly gas ones but I think they have improved on them greatly. I just tried some new ones in the pendant lights we have over the kitchen island and I like them alot. They are instant bright, use less energy and are supposed to last much longer. How sweet that Miley has a buddy in Walter. Having a friend to romp with may burn off some of that excessive energy she has too. I hope your foot feels better. I started back on the NuStep again and had to remind myself that 20 minutes is a good start at first because my bad knee was complaining when I tried to push it further. Don't want to knock yourself out and ruin any progress you made. That's unfortunate you could not find a local TOPS group. We used to have a WW meeting the same night as Bingo at the Senior Center but they lost their leader so now we don't have any local choices either. I'm not sure we will continue our unofficial TOPS group when C recovers from surgery and returns back. It never really took momentum like it needed to which was our fault I'm sure.

Shad - hope you had a good time with the family in Adelaide. How is Lil Miss doing?

Susie - what an interesting goal to set - I am going to ride all the roller coasters - even the ones that TERRIFY ME :rofl: Being scared of them myself, that's why I laugh. But using that as your goal to sit comfortably in any ride is great motivation. Ok so you only get to take one crate to the new building - I assume that's your personal stuff and NOT the lives and times of all the people you support - LOL I hope the new building is light and bright and has great amenities. We had to move from a new building to an older one in the complex in Memphis which upset me because the new building was more earthquake proof (and we were up on the top 10th floor) and the elevators which I always hated - got stuck on a routine basis. It got me so unnerved I was happy to take a job across town in another complex even though it was in the ghetto very bad part of town - single story though.

Hello to the rest of you lot. I am going to sniff some Afrin, clear my nose and tackle a few chores around here.

ceejay52 01-10-2019 11:18 AM

Dr's appointment yesterday was okay. It was mainly a Medicare assessment type thing. I have to fill out a form for power of attorney etc. I'm at that age. Also got a pneumonia shot. My arm is sore today.
He also wrote an excuse for me not to have to go to jury duty next week. The main thing that was bothering me is the weather that may occur and the night driving but I told him my lower back. Told my nephew who stopped by yesterday afternoon that if I summoned again in the Spring or Summer I will go.
Went to potluck last night at church.Theme was Mexican. Such good food and of course I was miserable last night and took me awhile for the heaviness to settle down. I rode with a couple of friends who live in Springfield since I don't drive at night unless I just have to. She bought a 2015 Mercedes this week which looked brand new on the inside and outside.
I'm taking all those light bulbs back today. and getting a new housing for the closet.
How nice that you fed the deer! Just be extremely cautious on the ice and snow. I'm also happy to hear that you are going to do something for yourself. Enjoy the watercolors class.

Ouch on the fender bender. Glad that no one was hurt.

Shad 01-13-2019 04:06 PM

Sorry, MIA again. Can't stop right now. I'll be back after getting to the hardware store before the crowds do. Have to get some cheap plastic pots and a few other bits and pieces. Then it is clean up day in the house. It look like I have either been through a cyclone or burgled, but really the mess is all mine.
Have a great day or night, which ever is applicable.

Laura705 01-14-2019 04:08 PM

Afternoon all. My weekend was fine. Bf and I went to lunch on Saturday and then I dropped him off at a place where he was meeting a friend to watch the nfl playoff games. I stopped off at the market to pick up a few things and then went home. It was snowy and it was nice to stay in and have some me time at home.

On Sunday morning I boiled some eggs, made a batch of steel cut oats, and made some pizza dough. Then I went to Costco. I mentioned wanting some wool blend socks to bf and he told me Costco had them for men (but he didn't find his size when he was there recently), so I went to see what they had for women. I ended up with a 4-pack of wool blend socks, a 4-pack of "lounging" socks that I'll wear to bed, a pair of base layer pants (aka long undies) to wear as pj bottoms, and a 2-pack of sport bras. Oh and a pack of socks for bf because I was able to find his size. After Costco I went to the fc for a workout. At home, I did several loads of laundry. Uneventful weekend.

The lounging socks are alright....good thing they were inexpensive. I'm wearing the wools socks today and so far so good. If they feel good and launder nicely, I'll buy some more this weekend.

I'll probably wear one of the new sport bras to class tonight even though it's just a stretch class. Actually, I have to remember to wear a stretchy tank top because I always forget that loose tops don't stay in place when doing certain stretches and it's annoying! And now that I know there's a lot of yoga movements, I'll bring my yoga mat and wear my sticky toeless socks so I don't slip around. Last week I had it all wrong - loose top, regular athletic socks and my cushioned exercise mat!


Happy - Wow, I'm also surprised a "disabled" deer could survive, but more power to Tripod and Hopalong!! I get what you mean about the SUV size - the small ones are too small and the bigger ones too big. And I just don't like how they drive because they're more like trucks. I prefer a smaller vehicle that's quick and nimble. It's too bad your TOPS group may not resume. :( How's the Mediterranean style of eating going?

Ceejay - Hopefully you can defer the jury duty until the warmer weather and longer days. BTW - our days are getting longer now, so yay for that. Oh, and daylight savings time begins on March 10th!! Something to look forward to!! :)

Hi Shad! Did you get all your bits and pieces at the hardware store?

Hellos to the rest of you. :wave:

ceejay52 01-14-2019 05:58 PM

I've made a couple of phone calls. One to my insurance to see if they will pay for the shingles injection. They pay for most of it and I pay under 50 dollars. I'm glad about that. I will go tomorrow to pick up my refills and I will ask about getting that injection.
Didn't go to church yesterday. Wasn't in the mood to drive in this cold weather.
The only productive thing I did Saturday was go to the gym. Today when I went to the gym Did a 30 minute cadio and 4 weight machines. My hip started to bother me and I didn't want to irritate it more.

My doctor wrote an excuse for me so I do not have to go to jury duty. I'm glad that you can wear wool. Wool makes me itch and I break out in hives.

I see that you are planning on doing more renovation. How was your trip.

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