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ceejay52 03-03-2019 03:58 PM

We had a light snow, about 2 inches,.over night and of course the weather people predict things were suppose to me a whole lot more. Glad we didn't get the 4-6 inches. It is very cold outside right now and down to 5 degree's tonight. We are having periods of sunshine and then light snow flurries. But the street looks half way decent. I was binge eating the past two days because of the amount of snow being predicted.
They cancelled church this morning because of the snow. Think there was more of it the further north you went. I hope that it's clear Wednesday as this is ash Wednesday.
I bought more pork chops as I didn't get my fill of them the last time I made them. I have carrots and potatoes in the crock pot along with the pork chops. I'm trying something just a bit different this time. I browned the chops and them wrapped them in foil. Hopefully they will not get to soggy this way. I do like them tender so we will see how this method works.
I need to get back in to exercising. I have a stationary bike at home I can use but I'd rather go to the gym.
Great job on losing those 3 pounds off thi past week. Why is it so easy to put on pounds rather than to take them off. :sigh: I understand the disappointment in not getting the job.
I don't even want to think of going back to work at a real paying job. I don't mind at all sitting around on my duff and getting more and more lazy. (lol) I'm going to see about babysitting my nephew's baby girl for a couple of days a week but they may want to have some one full time.

Hello to Annie and Happy.

happy2bme 03-04-2019 11:19 AM

Greetings and salutations good friends,

It's terribly cold out there but brilliant sunshine. Will be cold for a few days and then zing, spring arrives next Saturday we move to around and just above the freezing point which will feel downright balmy I tell you and looks to stay there for a good while. We have an abundance of snow, no one is looking forward to the melting that will soon begin. It always makes me VERY nervous when the sump pump starts in the spring as the water melts into the ground and it kicks on every minute for sometimes a month straight. There are too many things in the furnace room that can be destroyed if the pumps die and the water comes in. This is going to be similar to the spring of 2014 where we got a record 8 feet of snow for the year.

We went grocery shopping yesterday and I spent about 90 minutes in the basement pantry / storage room there sorting and packed 2 large grocery bags full of expired cans and boxes and things from the back of the second refrigerator. I am trying hard to spend at least an hour a day on several large projects and goals. At least I feel I am making some progress even though it doesn't always look like it. Was really feeling overwhelmed this weekend. There always seems to be something nagging on me - do the minutes from the meeting. make something for the potluck meeting tonight, get my new computer set up, clean the basement, still struggling to get the water balanced in the hot tub, enter the daily sales. yah yah yah. And DH is ALWAYS over my shoulder either interrupting me from my work to talk about his stuff or he's asking me the infuriating "when are you gonna..." I finally told him to leave me alone before I blew up.

I reluctantly attended a Thrift Shop meeting last week and the weather was not the best so the scribe did not attend. The person running the meeting fell and broke her dominant arm so she asked me to take minutes. I didn't want to but everyone else just looked at their lap and I did the same but mine was the only lap that reflected back "SUCKER" so I took notes. I used to be the scribe for our meetings in the past but I handed that off when the new regime took over. So I took about 2 hours of my time this weekend to type up the notes and another couple of hours to write up "how to" documentation on 2 procedures that I have trained everyone on at least 6 times but no one remembers. So I send it off to P and tell her as the meeting chair she can distribute them. Which she does later that evening. I am looking over them and I notice that she has totally and completely re-edited and rewrote all of my notes. Not fixing grammar or typos - of which there are none because I am careful about that - but rewriting sentence structure and writing them in her own style. Ok so I did a lot of writing in my career and one of the things that was under acceptable behavior was to not criticize someone else's writing style. You might do it a different way but don't insult the other person and unless something is terribly wrong, you don't rewrite someone else's work. I do this with DH all the time, my writing is more polished only because I do it alot and when he writes up something and asks me to review it, I am careful to respect his words and style even though I might reword things differently if I was writing it. So when I saw P redo everything I did - and with a broken arm mind you - I became rather upset. That was just tacky. She does have an arrogant air about her - claims our past meetings were unsuccessful NOT because of personality conflicts and low attendance due to general apathy but it was because we did not know how to properly run a meeting. And fear not, SHE was really good at running meetings. And yes, she said this in front of me and the current manager and the president and we all rolled our eyes. So I fired off an email last night chastising her about how what she did was personally insulting and a big no no in the business world. And don't ask me to scribe minutes ever again. Lately I am feeling I am wearing a sign that says "Kick Me". And I told DH last night that these constant kicks in the butt are really a brick to the head that I need to walk away or severely limit the volunteering. So I wrote and sent an email to the senior center that I want to limit my volunteering to 10 hours or less a week which is just about bingo. No more Facebook and website work. Or office work. Or extra typing or data entry. And I am going to do the same with the Thrift Shop - in that case giving up what little I am doing now. I will help out at fundraisers - a few but not all like I did. I am becoming angry and resentful and quite honestly, they don't really appreciate you anyway. One of my regrets in my career is that I went hard and fast and gave the job all my everything. And I have done the same with volunteering. I ignored things around the house, didn't have time to put in a garden or use the expensive pontoon boat we will now sell at a deep loss and I have probably gained weight from spending far too much time sitting at my computer constantly. DH picked out some places he wants to do to - 2 day road trips and I want to go. And I have to get my house in order to bring in a cat sitter and this clutter I have is killing me as is this extra weight. Time for me. And I am couching this in the key that next month I will turn 65. It's a milestone, time to do some changes and find a different path for my life. Which I hope includes watercolor painting and some writing. I think I'm 65, I'm going to finally "retire". :lol: I told DH yesterday, some times the kick in the butt is exactly the brick in the head that you need. I will still keep up bingo because my partner won't let me out of that - we are both getting whacky and we need each other as check and balances. And I can get my social fix from bingo.

Next week starts my dental work. First appointment is 3-1/2 hours in the chair. Ugh. So NOT looking forward to this but my teeth are frighteningly loose and I told DH once this is all done all of my teeth will be either crowned or implants or bridges and I will never have to go to the dentist again. Since my teeth will be straight and butted against each other like they should have been, I won't have the gaps that make for shifting and pressure points and routine cracked crowns. Plus my teeth will be whiter and all the same shade. I will have a nice smile for the first time in my life instead of my usual grin that DH thinks is dumb. But then again, he's not a smiler either - most all of his driver's licenses look like prison photos :lol3:

Ceejay -one of the things you can do with the pork chops is to cook them in the crockpot / pressure cooker and then just before you are ready to eat - when they are cooked to the right temperature - you can heat a cast iron pan hot and give them a quick 2 minute sear on each side to crisp them up. Just make sure to let them sit on a plate about 5 minutes afterwards "to rest" and let the juices go back into the meat - if you cut them too soon the juices leak out and you get dry meat. The greatest mystery in life is "why is it so easy to gain weight and so hard to get it off? :rofl: when you find out, please let me know ;)

Susie - I am very sorry that you didn't get the other job. :( So often today there are so many other factors that influence the hiring decision - least of which is most qualified candidate. :( I hope your new director takes this to heart and is willing to work with you to make your job more satisfactory and challenging. See prior comment about not being appreciated. I swear the incompetent whiners get all the attention and us good ones are just expected to suck it up. I did not realize that tea was acidic. I do love my jasmine tea - was drinking more of it lately to warm me up and figured it was better than drinking soda. I guess we just all have to drink water and that's it. :lol: Congrats on the refocus and the loss at TOPS. Do you have a stand up desk at work? I don't really know how people can do certain types of tasks on those. But it helps if your job involves lots of walking and an occasional stairwell or two. Keep up the good work!

Shad - so nice to hear that you finally got some rain!!! Hello autumn! I know what you mean about replacing old windows with today's new designs. Can make it complicated. Our house in Memphis they had an antique front door which was badly warped and let in too many drafts. They custom built the house around this door and we had to spend lots of extra money getting things retrofitted to put a normal door back in again. I hope your painting goes well and is not decorated with black cat hair :lol: Pity on the friend walking off the job. Do you miss working? It sounded as if at the end they were really making it difficult for you to just do the job. I am surprised you have mice with Romeo around. Tell him to get to work. Funny how your mouse moved next door!!

Laura - hope you are over the chest thing and feeling better today.

Annie - still pulling for you. Wish you would post here. You are in my prayers every day. I don't know why something isn't happening for you. :( Makes me very sad. :hug:

Hello to the rest of the lurkers. :wave:

I have to put a bunch of ham pieces in the oven to slow roast them for tonight. We are having the annual volunteer recognition thing for the Shelter and Thrift Shop. I do wish I did not have to go - it's too cold outside and I don't really feel a part of this group any more. IT also conflicts with bingo tonight so DH is going to run that for me as D and I both have to be at the Humane Society thing tonight. He is sick with a fever I hope he doesn't infect us all.

Life goes on... See yahs.

ceejay52 03-04-2019 03:39 PM

I should not be complaining but I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather. This morning it was 3 degree's. I need to be doing some deep cleaning but I don't want to. Yikes on the first dental appointment. I hope they give you some of the "good stuff". When I turned 65 I thought my outlook on life would be different but it hasn't been. Just more aches and pains :lol:
Sis called a few minutes ago. My nephew's wife may have their baby later on this afternoon. Her contractions are getting closer together. Getting excited.
Sis took off work today because of a dental appointment. She had to have a crown. She said the numbing agent went away before they finished.
Looked out the window and the snow is melting quickly from the sun. It has only warmed up to 16 degree's. Niece sent me pictures via text and they were in swimsuits on the river. How I envy them living in Florida!

Laura705 03-04-2019 04:55 PM

Afternoon all. Sunny here but very cold, 12 degrees F, minus 6 wind chill. My weekend was uneventful.

Ceejay Ė Iím glad you didnít get a lot of snow. How did the pork chops turn out? I can definitely see not wanting to go back to work after being fully retired! Stay inside and stay warm! Best wishes to your nephew's wife for a smooth delivery!

Susie Ė Congrats on the TOPS loss! Iím sorry you didnít get the position in the other business unit with the director youíd worked with before. I hope your current manager makes an effort to work with you to your satisfaction.

Shad Ė I hope youíve gotten enough rain for a bit, and slightly cooler temps too, though high 80ís is still rather hot!! The mice in the compost pile would have really freaked me out! Iíve never done a compost pile in our yard because I didnít want to draw critters like that, and when our pooch was still with us, I worried about him getting into it, so I never did it. I like Earl/Lady Grey tea. Never heard of Russian CaravanÖ I think I tried lapson souchong, if I recall correctly. Really didnít care for it at all, had kind of a smoked flavor to it?? I like a plain strong black tea like English or Irish breakfast and I like the (Indian) spiced chai.

Happy Ė Yes, what a zoo with that bingo stuff! Sad thatís happening, and there sure arenít people busting down the doors to volunteer. Somethingís gotta give. Oh, just saw your latest post - good for you limiting your volunteer time with both the thrift shop and the senior center!!! Enjoy your retirement!!! ;) Howís the new laptop? Is tomorrow your anniversary? Happy Anniversary!!! Sorry your plans for a dinner party didnít come together. Even though it wonít be pleasant, I bet youíll be glad to get the work on your teeth done.

Annie Ė Miss you here! Keeping you in my thoughts and I hope the right opportunity comes to you soon!

I donít really have much to report. I felt pretty lousy the rest of the week at work and Saturday too. Bf and I went out for lunch and a couple errands. We were in the sedan because it needed to be gassed up. We also took it to get the tires filled and weíre told we have two tires with rim leaks. And the rim leaks occur because the of corrosion of the wheel rims. Which cost $$$ to have resurfaced. And leaks on tires around the rim area apparently cannot be repaired. Sigh. Weíre not putting the $$$ into new tires and resurfacing the rims. So the more I think about it, the more I decide itís a good idea to replace this car sooner rather than later. Besides the tires and rims, it probably needs some work on the power steering. And this morning, it wouldnít start because the battery is weak. Even though the temps dropped overnight, I thought it would start because we did drive it a good bit on Saturday, so the battery should have been charged up enough. But nope. Cars are a PITA.

As for a replacement, I originally thought Iíd want the same make/model, but now Iím having 2nd thoughts about that too. Like maybe get another sedan, but one that sits up just a wee bit higher. Not sure what. I honestly donít want or need anything luxurious, but bfís only real suggestion is a luxury brand, one that Iím not interested in at all. So some research is called for on my part. Or we can just keep the SUV because it has a long while yet on the extended warranty. That said, Iím just not a fan of driving that vehicle, and it has a lot of issues because of all the fancy features on it Ė more that can go wrong with it. Weíve put that extended warranty to use quite a bitÖ Bf is doing his own vehicle search for a work vehicle that has more cargo room, but he has pinpointed exactly what he wants (one specific make/model with the exact options package) and of course canít find it at the price range heís set for himself so heís frustrated. It never ends.

I got sidetracked... I felt better yesterday and alright today, but still not 100%.

I did some laundry this weekend and some errands/shopping, but never did get going on the taxes. Bleh. Tonight is stretch class and I'll probably go just to do something other than work, TV or reading.

Enough rambling, I need to finally get this posted before I forget about it - I started it this morning and then got mired in some ick projects today. Bleh. TTFN.

ceejay52 03-05-2019 12:20 PM

Glad you are feeling better. I hope you find the right vehicle that you both like. I would love to have a new car but this one is paid for and I do not want a payment. I do love the heated seats on my sis's new vehicle.
It is not as cold today at 22 degree's but the wind is still tough. We still have snow on the ground. And the sun has been shining the past couple of days.
My pork chops were very good. They were tender but not falling off the bone the of course fill with water.
I've gotten lazy. but it's been to bad to go to the gym plus the arthritis in my lower back has really been bothering me on the cold,cold days.
Need to get busy. Today is laundry and cleaning day.

happy2bme 03-07-2019 12:45 PM

Good morning,

Not much going on in my end of the world. Just wanted to check in and say hello. Hello to the rest of you lot.

Shad 03-09-2019 06:22 PM

Good morning Chickies,
Don't know why I am so happy in my greeting. We are back to abnormal temperatures again and it is going to get hotter during the next week. No rain forecast until at least Friday or Saturday. And the sweat is dripping down me as I stand here at 8.45 on a Sunday morning. Seems like an age rather than only a week ago I was crowing about getting showers. I had a tradie come to read the water meter last week while I was out in the garden. I said that it had been read only a week or two ago. I know, he said, just checking. Seems that a few of us gardeners are getting the same message. We've used a lot of water and they want us to check for a leak in the pipes. Well no, I know why there is so much water being used. I have a garden. I grow things. Things that need water and I am also losing a lot of plants due to them not getting enough water. I refuse to have my garden die on me, not when I have spent so much money on it.
Anyway. Today I have already shifted furniture and cleaned down behind things, where does all the dust come from. I think I may sell some of the furniture that belongs in the spare room. I don't sew anymore - although I wish I did, but haven't the need for clothes or crafty things. And I don't need to leave a lot of stuff for the kids to have to deal with when I am gone - whenever that may be. I am not planning on soon.
I'll carry on with painting the trim and a couple of walls later in the day when the sun has gone from the room. Meantime I will hang the door. Such excitement, getting a door back on that room. I found a place that renovates aluminium windows and doors so sent for a quote for 4 windows and screens 1500mm x 1800mm and one smaller window 1500mm by 800mm. $$$$$$3654.00 OUCH. So I will just get a couple at a time done when I am ready. Beats trying to find new ones or some good seconds or second hand one which would cost about double. You'd think they were made of gold.

Happy - sounds so strange to hear you say nothing much is going on in your stretch of the woods. DH has some great turkey photos on FB this morning.
I hear you on the stuff in the pantry and refrigerator, I had all that and more too a while ago. The stuff I threw out was incredible (Chocolate years out of date??????) I felt guilty when others have so little. Cans and jars can be used up for years provided they do not have bulging lids or cans. The best before date is just a recommendation. Was watching an article on it a couple of days back. Use by - definitely throw within days of the use by date but best before is the supermarkets idea of making you feel that you can't eat the stuff. And the 'remove from shelf by xx/xx/xxxx ' sticker is so the supermarket can replace the goods with new stuff at a higher price. There is so much waste in this country that is perfectly edible and we are only now coming to grips with it - mainly because our refuse sites are filling up and there is nowhere else to go with the stuff (councils problem with waste) and supermarkets just dump it if it doesn't sell and we all buy too much stuff and have to throw it away because we can't ( or believe we can't) eat it all. Okay off the :soap:
Hope the dentist is going well. Or haven't you got there yet?

Ceejay - glad to hear the pork chops came out well. Always a bonus when things just taste good. I'm having them for dinner next week. What sort of baby did we have? I hope the cold starts giving way to Spring shortly for you, just as I am wailing for winter to come here.

Laura - I've never had a compost bin that drew critters before. I think with the dry weather, the bin didn't get enough water and so dried out and made a very comfortable nest for them. Anyway I have thrown a few ratsak bags around and not seen one since. I have however been explaining to the cat about his job. He is not amused. Russian Caravan is a light strength tea like Lady Grey but with a slightly smoky flavour. Not strong at all. I had chai tea made by and Indian lady when I was working in Townsville. Far to spiced and sweet for me. Mind you the tea bags may not be as rich as hers was.

Susie - There are a great many different teas and coffees out there now. I don't like the fruit flavoured ones, I like my tea straight, but with IBS, you will have no wish to upset anything in the gut. Chemo caused all sorts of problems in my gut and I have only just come out of the worst of them - still the odd one or two symptoms lasting but I can at least identify and control most of them.

And that is about it. My French is going so so. I don't think I will carry on with this class at the end of the semester. It is too advanced for me, and although they are all very nice and helpful, I tend to feel a bit lost because they all speak it so well and can understand one another easily while I am struggling to understand one word in three. So I will have to see if there is another class around that is more basic and keep up with my Duo Lingo on line lessons.

Have a good weekend all.

MyChoice2bfit 03-10-2019 08:00 AM

Happy Sunday! Did those of you in the USA remember to spring forward today?

I am looking forward to more sunlight hours during the day. After bitter cold last week we will have temps in the 50 to 60F range this week. I am looking forward to it.

I did great working out all week and getting additional steps in during the work day by meeting friends for am and pm breaks and walking....but on Wed, we went out to eat after the girls spring concert and I made poor food choices and was up 2 lbs at TOPS.

I need to get back to my thinking of "dont give up what I want most for what I want in the moment".

And this morning I am on the bike...getting it done for the day and my food planned for the day and my resolve in place.

I have all my cute smaller clothes waiting for me in April/May and I will wear them and feel good in them

Have a great day everyone.

ceejay52 03-10-2019 07:29 PM

Are you okay? Never knew you not to have anything to say.

No baby yet, The last was a false alarm but I saw her today and goodness she looked exhausted. She told that at her drs appointment Friday that the baby would be born this week. She's ready to emerge and if the baby decides she is to comfortable the they will start to induce. By the way, We know that it is a girl.Her name is Olive Jo.
Yep I remembered to set the clock forward.

Isn't it easy to gain a couple of pounds but so hard. to take it off? I really admire you with the determination. Let's work together on this. I will get on the bike as soon as I'm through on the computer.

Have you chosen a new vehicle?

Went to church this morning and a gift was given to my sis for her grand baby. I took it too them on the way home. The niece look so exhausted. She is ready to deliver.
I have an appointment with a consultant with the Metabolic Research center in Springfield on Wednesday
My mammogram is for Tuesday.
On Thursday my bff from Arkansas is coming for a visit. I'm excited in a way to see her, but I know that she can be a pain. I'm hoping that she doesn't take to her sick bed while she is here. I've already hinted that I cannot have roommates. Im going to make the best of it. She sounds energetic at the moment.

happy2bme 03-12-2019 07:38 AM

Good morning all,

You gave me a good laugh this morning - if me being quiet is a cause for alarm :rofl: :lol3: Reminds me of when I was smoking and someone told me they knew I was coming by because they recognized my cough :eek: What a way to be a legend :rofl: I figured I would just pop in and say hello - too many days pass and i realize I have not gotten in here.

Today's the day I start the first of the appointments with the dentist. Am I nervous? Yes. Was I thrilled about getting up at 5:30 this morning? No. I can't wait to be done with this. My stomach is wonky but I know I need to do this and I tell myself what I always do in these kind of situations - in 12 or 24 hours this will be behind me and you can do it. I don't know how I am going to keep my mouth open for 3 and a half hours. A feat even for me.

The temps are warming to above freezing which is bringing in heavy rains. With almost 2 feet of snow already on the frozen ground they are already talking about flooding. I hope this will not cause us problems. I thought my hot tub was on the fritz - the temp kept dropping to 87 degrees from 102 and then it would go back up again but then after 3 days of this, I figured out in the shower that perhaps I inadvertently set a timer which I did. Don't need any other costly repairs.

I am trying to ease off the volunteering slowly.

Ceejay - ah I remember your needy friend. I hope you don't get roped into something you'll regret. Just set the ground rules for her visit. I hope your niece has the baby soon. I'm sure it can get exhausting towards the end.

Susie - it's all about the mind set, you WILL get back on track. Wish a little bit of food didn't have such quick effects but a good reminder that once off track it can be a downward slide. You can do this!!

Shad - those are some big windows to replace. I hope it won't be too dear. I would also be trying to find the water to keep the garden alive. Not like you have green pastures of grass but I suppose if water conservation must be done, they will have to monitor it. That is NOT a problem I'd want to have to deal with. Will try and send some rain your way.

Laura - hope you are feeling better.

Hugs to you Annie - no word yet? My prayers are getting more fervent...

Sorry to be quick but I have to get ready to head out shortly. Let's all have a good day.

Laura705 03-12-2019 04:25 PM

Afternoon all. We have sunny and 48 today, nice. I wasn't happy to get up in the dark again after DST kicked in, but I saw a beautiful sunrise yesterday, so that made up for it, LOL.

Ceejay - I bet your niece will be happy once she has the baby. Good luck to you with your bff's visit. Stand firm! I haven't chosen a vehicle type yet, but a Buick Lacrosse has been suggested. I haven't thrown out the idea of getting another Acura TLX. I'll have to do a test drive on the Lacrosse.

Shad - Ouch on the cost to replace those windows. Wait, that was to renovate the existing ones?! Yikes. Yes, I agree, maybe do a couple at a time. Sorry your French classes aren't going as well as you'd wish. My friend B is going to Italy later this year and is going to take a "conversational Italian" class, which I guess would teach you enough to get by as a traveler. I don't like fruit flavored black teas, but I do like citrus herbal teas every once in a while when I just want something warm to drink. My chai tea bags are just black tea with the spices, and not overly spicy. And the bonus is adding sweetener to your taste. I've never bought the sweetened chai syrups because they are usually too sweet, and I very rarely buy a chai from a coffee shop because that's what they usually use.

Susie - I loved still having daylight even by the time I got off the train last night. That makes the dark mornings bearable, LOL. I too had a 2-lb gain when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning. I ate poorly last week. This week will be different! Hopefully the longer days will motivate us to be more active too!

Happy - I hope the dental appointment went well today. Doesn't the dentist use a thingy that holds your mouth open? I can see that being a requirement when you have a long appointment time.

Hi Annie - Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts on your job search!! :hug: :goodvibes:

Not much to report. I had to cancel my debit card yesterday after someone tried to use it to buy gas and martial arts lessons. Those transactions went through just after I used it to pay for lunch at a sandwich place at which I'll never eat again because of that. My bank communicated it to me within a couple hours via phone, email and text and I contacted them on my way home to get the card cancelled and get a replacement arranged. This isn't the only thing that's putting me off this sandwich chain. Another time less than a year ago, the same place entered the wrong dollar amount when running my debit card to pay for lunch. Not fraud, just an error because they're in a big fat hurry and not being careful. They give you the cash register receipt, but not the credit card receipt (systems aren't linked) so I didn't catch the error until I reconciled my bank account. And a few years ago, I complained to the place in person and via email about the high volume level of the music in this place - so loud you hear it even if you've got earbuds in your ears playing your own music or podcast. The response was indifferent. So even though it's convenient to my office, I'm writing them off permanently.

I went to my stretch class last night. It was good. We have two more classes left in the session. I don't think I'll repeat it if it's offered again at the same day/time - I don't like waiting until 7:30 pm for class. Especially on a Monday.

My membership to the fitness center ends today I think (I've been paying for two months at a time). I don't know if I'll continue with it. It seems my motivation has worn off and I'm once again not thrilled to go there just to do cardio, and I sure don't need to pay to do the mat exercises I do there that I can do at home.

Right now my foot feels fine because I'm doing no walking of any significant distance or speed, and I'm not doing any other exercise that impacts my foot. It's tempting to sign up for a more vigorous exercise class that I'd like, but I imagine the foot pain from the fracture will just return when I put weight on it. So I'm at a loss and I guess I should at least do exercise at home.

The NordicTrack stationary bike that I bought last year and subsequently got the refund for and was told to scrap (vs. them arranging pickup/return) is still sitting in the basement. I can use it on the lowest resistance, but I don't like the seat. I'd rather just get another brand. It'll be a PITA to get rid of that NT, and bf did try to sell it on craigslist without success. Grrr. It's just wasting space at the moment.

Bf has replaced the solenoid on our whole house humidifier and has it running. It is once again draining a lot more water than it did before we started having problems with it. Bf claims this is normal and I think that's ludicrous. So we have heated water going into the humidifier and just draining out a drain tube. All I have to get from this is a higher water bill and probably a higher gas bill too. I'm annoyed. Bf tells me I shouldn't complain because he's done the research. So I guess I'll do my own research and then make my suggestions.

Okay, I need to quit grousing and get back to work. Have a lovely rest of the day everyone!

Shad 03-14-2019 05:02 PM

Oh blessed rain. Finally we had a decent downpour last night, along with a great thunder and lightning show. It always amazes me how the plants suddenly go from :cry: to :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: overnight after these storms. Tap water just does not do the same thing for them. This weather is supposed to continue for around a week. Oh happy days. :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: (line dancing by all my gardening friends)

Other than that, there isn't much to report. I finally gave up on the French class and my last act of kindness to them was to source some text books that the newcomers can't get. The text book used in class is supposedly out of print and it is much used by the U3A classes here in Australia. I finally found a book store online that has a stock of them so have communicated this to the class. Today I will go down there and take the paperwork back to the class and that will be that. A new course list should be on line by the 24th March so I will check for something else then.

Laura - Sunrises are just the best. Most days lately we haven't had much colour, no cloud, no colour, but todays was pretty good. Hopefully it will mean rain again today.
The window man came back with a quote per window and I will get two done in 2 weeks time and the other three will wait until renovation reaches that room. Once the painting, flooring, windows, wardrobe extensions and security doors are done, there isn't much else to do in the house - hallelujah. Outside is a different story.
Pain on the debit card. Glad you noticed it early This technological age is not always user friendly. We are going high tech too fast in my opinion and not enough is being done to protect our personal information and financial status.
Good luck on the research for the humidifier - however if you want humidity, come on over, you will be glad to get home to the drier air. I'm so tired of sweating.

Happy - thanks for sending the raid down. Much appreciated. I hear your despair over the volunteering stuff. I know when I was working and training people that it became so frustrating when they refused to change, sticking to the old ways or finding a way around the new ones. None of which was of any benefit to the new system. Then when all goes to **** in a hand cart, they throw up their hands and say they weren't trained properly.
How's it going at the dentist? Hope not too painful. But just think of the end result.

Ceejay - Hope the baby comes soon for the nieces sake. It's not nice being 91/2 months pregnant and feeling like a whale.
Have a great time with the bff and don't let her upset you or push your around. It's your place and the rules are yours.
How did the mammogram go?

Susie - like the mantra - just keep repeating that everytime you look at the fridge or pantry. Good on you for getting back into the exercise. Summer is coming and you don't want to be carrying all that weight around.

Well that's about it. DS2 was supposed to be coming early with the dog today, but he is now an hour later than he originally said. Probably doing some shopping on the way. Hardware stores and trade stores open early these days to cater for the working mob. Anyway it allowed me to get this done. I will now go off and make the bed, demolish the wardrobe in the spare bedroom and do some yard work before it rains again. See how positive I am that it WILL rain again. Oh oh, guess who has just arrived. See you.

ceejay52 03-14-2019 05:56 PM

BFF made it here today. She's taking a long nap this afternoon and that was to be expected.
I had my mammogram yesterday so that's over with for another year unless I'm a recall and I hope that is not the case. No results yet.
Also located the MRC office and went there yesterday. I'm not sure I want to do all the "pills" that are involved and I will not take them until the doctor see's what they are. I want him to say no. I don't like them being so pushy and I will not buy any more of there products.
Niece has been having some pains periodically but none that will say it's time. I'm ready to cuddle that little one. She told me Sunday that they will probably induce labor Friday if she still has not had the baby by then.
It is so windy today. Gust up to 40 mph.

I know you were happy to have all the rain. I do know for a fact that the plants do like the natural rain better than tap water. I think niece's due date is the 22 or 29th. We are just anxious for her to have it.

I don't like the bike seat on my bike either. I like the bike itself though. Later on when the weather is a bit warmer I'm going to go down to the park at least a couple of days per week.
Glad the foot is better.

Laura705 03-15-2019 01:06 PM

Morning all. Happy Friday. I'd be happier if the boss hadn't removed the half day vacation from his calendar. Oh well. I'll get over it. But I might have taken my own vacation day if I knew that...

Shad - I'm glad you're getting the rain you need. I wonder if the rainfall is just more thorough than watering? I was gonna say it's more gradual, but you said you had a downpour... Too bad about the French class. Maybe the online classes will be good. And watch some French language movies. And maybe some French language podcasts? The app I use lets you speed up or slow down the playback. I just had a memory of my HS days taking Spanish. Our school had a "language lab" with sectioned off desks and audio for each student and I guess it was to allow the teacher to listen in on you to hear how you were doing with pronunciation? I can only remember using it once or twice - and I took 2 years of Espanol. I wonder if it was just something the school already had and thought they would utilize it more, but nope. Kind of a waste of space I think. == Yeh, the tech age is certainly not all wine and roses. I read an article to that effect, written on the 30th anniversary of the internet. Wow, how time flies!! Loved the fb pic of the orchid and the one of R. the dog in his pool. :)

Ceejay - Hope the visit w/ bff is going well. Yeh, we had the wind yesterday and up on the 51st floor it was banging against the windows, and the building was creaking. Not exactly pleasant. But we had a wee bit of sun for a brief time, and the temps were mild when I was out at lunchtime yesterday. Just a taste of spring...:flow1: Yes, it'll be so nice to get outdoors and actually enjoy being out.

Happy - Saw your fb post - glad you're getting yourself out of that volunteer stuff. It's time. Definitely take up those hobbies, I think you'd regret not doing that. You probably would have regretted not volunteering too, but now you've done it... and maybe you regret that you did it longer than you did when you weren't enjoying it anymore or at the least, feeling like it was doing those organizations good (because they didn't value your time/efforts). How did the dentist appointment go?? Oh, meant to ask you because I know you have a freezer unit in your lower level - do these freezer units typically have automatic defrost? Or is that usually in higher priced models? We have an old fridge/freezer in our basement - maybe 80's era, so totally energy inefficient. I opened the freezer the other night and the bottom "shelf" - the bottom surface had heaved up in one corner. The freezer was still freezing/working, but bf had to push it back in place so the door would close and seal. He thinks a seal around the bottom surface (with the freezing elements underneath) (not the door gasket) gave way. So now we're thinking we better replace it with something else. We hardly ever use the fridge section, just the freezer. So anyway, if you can share any tips for getting a new freezer, that would be great.

Hellos to Annie & Susie!! :wave:
I went to a zoning commission meeting at our village hall last night about a new housing development that will affect the commuter parking lot I use. It was interesting, but I wish I'd known they were televising it live on our village's cable channel. I thought they just filmed it and then showed it after the fact. But no, someone on the board mentioned it in passing. Anyway, this is a big deal, so the room was packed and too warm for me. I was lucky to get a surface I could lean/sit on because all the chairs were taken. But it was interesting - the process, the resident input, etc. But...it was still going on and on after 9:30 when I left. When I got home, I turned on the tv to see if it was on, and yes it was. So I watched a bit more, then it was getting late and bf was still watching when I went to bed. I'm ultimately okay with the plan, but I think it's great that resident's stated their concerns and questions. And I hope the village and developer slow down and address the concerns - some of that was done, but there's obviously still concerns. And I love that these people challenge the traffic studies and school district impact projections and financial impact. Thank goodness for these people!

No special plans for the weekend. Shopping with mom tomorrow. I started my taxes last weekend and am not happy with the result. I'll look at it again this weekend to be sure it's correct and can't be a better outcome for me.

That's about it for me. Have a great weekend everyone. :)

MyChoice2bfit 03-17-2019 08:59 PM

Hi Ladies,
Last week was busy. Work is work but I have not been working late at all. I am asked, where is this, and I have stated that unless a priority is given any routine scheduling, printing, data entry etc will be finished by the end of the next business day after I receive it

One thing I am learning is teach people the way you want them to treat you.

Home life was busy last week, the all girls had concerts one night,Layna had the musical this weekend. We had a birthday dinner to attend for a friend and Thursday night is TOPS night.

I did work out every day...I am getting up at 5 am to be on the treadmill by 5:15 so I can get a 30 min workout in with a 5 min cool down and 5 min of stretching. Then into the shower, pack lunch and get ready for work and commute...which is so much easier now. It is about 40 min each day one way but I dont have the traffic I did when we were at the other location :)

I stayed the same at TOPS. This week I am going to cut out my afterwork snack...even though I try to keep it healthy, I find myself having to have it and it is for energy when I get home...I relax with the snack. I am going to have a big glass if water instead and set a timer and let myself have 30 to 45 min of quiet..maybe a quick nap, or I am going to read during that time.

I will try to come back for personals later

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