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ceejay52 02-07-2019 11:50 AM

They issued tornado warnings for my area last night. Sirens were going off for about 30 minutes. I heard the rain/hail hitting the office window but I don't think I've gotten any damage. I took refuge in my hall bathroom and closed the door.
Will be getting out this afternoon to go have the oil changed in the RAV4. I dread getting out in this cold.
Went to the grocery store yesterday and bought some Atkins dinners and some other things. I'm going to try to eat healthier and exercise but I'm not sure if I will lose any more weight. My main problem is portion control. Need to find something to do to curb my boredom eating too.

My area didn't get the ice either which I'm grateful. But it's cold.

happy2bme 02-08-2019 11:32 AM

Good morning ladies,

Sat down yesterday first thing to write a post as I have many times over the last week and a half. Wrote a few sentences and the phone started ringing. I was on my cellphone with one call and another call came through on my landline. Can you help with a problem on Facebook? We don't understand why the software isn't working properly (garbage in, garbage out). At one point I got so frustrated. By 4pm I was 2 days behind where I was first thing in the morning. About had enough with the volunteering thing. This is turning into more than a full time job and the more I try to cut back, the more demands are made of us. I just have to ignore the nagging guilt I feel about helping people out and let them just flounder or pay someone else to do it. People do not respect our time (DH and me). We are often made to wait around - it's just not a good time or they ignore what we tell them to do or they are just PITA to deal with personality issues. Grrr. DH just came storming in, he has been helping the shelter all week trying to install the Cloud version of Microsoft. It's kludgy, the internet at the shelter is soooo slow it takes 6 hours to do an install and he left one laptop doing the install with a big note "Do Not Touch". He told them not to do anything with the laptop while the install was running overnight. Went there today, someone shut the cover of the laptop that put it in sleep mode and cancelled the install AND whomever was messing with the computer had gone on it and opened up a couple of applications which also disrupted the process. He was working on 3 computers one by one. Got one done, they messed up the second install and one has yet to be done. He walked out and said he's done. I don't blame him. They can go pay someone thousands of dollars to finish this. Like the guys down the road who messed up the machines the last time. I was hesitant when he offered to help them because they don't listen, do things on their own and have no clue what to do with technology stuff. They went and bought low end crappy machines that are the equivalent of having a V3 engine (comparison to a car that has a v6 or v8 powerful engine). Which makes the computers even harder to work with. People don't respect the time we put into stuff and the fact that we are working for free. It's their loss. I am also getting tired myself of a growing demand on my time. I didn't get to anything around the house yesterday except for making dinner.

We got about 10 inches of snow so they wisely decided to cancel bingo which was great because the roads were treacherous. I did get to make DH his belated birthday dinner - lobster tails, pasta salad and his favorite cheesy rice. Not my favorite but it was his birthday and he enjoyed it. :lol: In 2 weeks we are having a world class ski race here - the American Birkebeiner - and I'm sure the people who run it have been praying fervently that we get some snow (we were in a deficit). Now we have plenty and it came soon enough so that they can get all the trails groomed nicely in time for the race on the 21st. We are about to hit the deep freeze again and stay there so everything will stay nice and chilled and people can get out and practice if they want. The snow will also bring welcome revenue to the town from those outdoor snowmobiler and skier folks.

Ceejay - I always got worried about the tornado warnings when we lived down south. Seemed to happen more frequently than Illinois which I thought was the tornado belt. I suppose if portion control is your issue then eating the Atkins pre packed meals make it easier all the way around. I bought some 3 partition glass containers from Amazon for the same reason - to portion things out and do a balanced meal. Glad you are feeling a bit better, I think with this crazy weather respiratory things are going to hang around a lot longer.

Annie - still sending good thoughts your way that something happens SOON. I know the depression, it always seems like things hit the darkest point before they finally turn around. Keep your faith. Sometimes it's a matter of timing with the right thing opening up, we just don't know that. :hug: Try to enjoy what extra time you have at home because before you know it, things will get crazy busy again. I hope your brother has a safe trip too. Have Sissy give you a mani pedi - and a nice hair wash and head massage. You deserve it.

Laura - did everything freeze up by you? My sister said the temps were dropping like a rock with horrible winds kicking in. Can't imagine walking around your building with cold and winds like that. We had the same problem a few weeks back - a warm front from the south came up, we were on the rain line and like you said, everything was frozen so the rain we got froze 2 days later into slick sheet ice. Awful. And it hasn't warmed up since. :eek: Ugh winter!

Shad - how fun that you are learning French! Do you have someone to practice with? That is good for the brain power. Maybe as we forget things (and English) you can pick up in French :rofl: I was shocked when I looked at the weather page last week and saw all the flooding in Townsville. I know that is south of you - are you getting any of the precious rain? Nothing worse than a drought because that also brings fire risk as well as the water problems. Do you think the neighbors will be amenable to sharing the cost of repairing the fence? Hope so.

Susie - good for you for not extending your workday beyond 9 hours - that's enough. And good for trying to manage your situation with the acid. Sometimes I wonder if it's not enough acid instead of too much. When I do eat something that bothers me, my whole system goes wonky for a several days until it settles down - at that point everything - including water - bothers me. Frustrating. I hope you get some relief. Glad you are managing things. I take it DH has recovered well from surgery and things are back to "normal" as much as normal can be. ;)

Well girls, I am going to post this before I get interrupted again. DH has calmed down so I don't have talk him off the ledge - at least for the time being. Have a good weekend. Stay warm!

Laura705 02-08-2019 01:20 PM

Morning all. Happy Friday. The temps dropped yesterday and it's been very very windy yesterday and today. Last night bf and I were hearing something banging against something outside. I looked out a window onto the side of the house where we have stuff stored - bags of much, the wheelbarrow, tomato cages...but I didn't see anything shifting around. Actually, most of the stuff is sort of frozen to the ground after all the rain we had the past couple days. I still heard it this morning, so after I was dressed for work, bf and I got outside for a better look. Still nothing, but we shifted stuff around stuff - hammock stand, etc. - that might be making the noise when the wind hit it...but I heard the sound again once we were back in the house. So maybe it's something on the neighbor's property. At least there weren't any large branches on the rooftop.

Anyway, the wind was so fierce today, and of course I walk through a wind tunnel from the train to the office - all the tall buildings create that - and it was a relief to get inside the building. I'm staying inside for lunch today.

We had an all-employee meeting yesterday, as well as the kick-off for our major business segment. Nothing much else going on. I'm happy it's Friday. And I have a vacation day on Monday, so that's nice.

Ceejay - The tornado warnings must have been scary. We're getting flood warnings now because all the snow melted, and then we got a lot of rain.

Happy - Sounds like you and dh are at a breaking point with all the volunteer stuff. Terrible that they don't value your time. Just one more straw to break the camel's back...== Yeh, things get icy. I'm glad our village is good about salting the streets.

Hellos to the rest of you! Hope you're all having a good day, whatever the time. :)

ceejay52 02-08-2019 07:41 PM

I was going to take out the trash this morning but the garage door was frozen. I just said poo on it and will take it out next Friday. The temperature high was supposed to be 29. The thermostat is doing wonky again but it is now on 70. I'm getting out tomorrow if the garage door will let me and get a new air filter. The guy told me that if the filter was dirty it could make the thermostat do things like this.
Weighed this morning for the first time in a couple of months. I guess with being sick I've lost a little bit of weight. I'm going to try to get back on the band wagon by doing a daily challenge for myself. I am ready to get back to the gym.

I can feel your disgust on the volunteering aspect. I think that is why I haven't started any of this. I have some plastic containers but I would like the glass ones better for measuring and storage. I will check those out on Amazon.

I can only imagine walking in that wind and cold. I'm thankful that I do not have to do that any more.

Laura705 02-09-2019 03:22 PM

Aaargh. My sister phoned me, upset about my mom not answering her phone. She either can't hear it or doesn't end a phone call properly so our calls go straight to voicemail - which she doesnt check. My sister is a huge worrywart and this time drove all the way over to her place to make sure she was okay. I hate that she gets so worried. My mom acts likes it's no big deal. Frustrating. My sister is hesistant to phone someone at the community when this happens because they might decide she needs to move to assisted living. Mom's forgetful, non-techy and hard of hearing, but otherwise i think she's okay living by herself...sigh. i dug up a couple of our old school corded land line phones thinking they might be easier for her to deal with. No need to hit a button to end a call, and maybe the ringer is louder? I'm taking her shopping tomorrow, so I'll bring over the phones. I'll also try to find out if she knows how to dial in for voicemail because i don't think any of us have old school answering machines anymore to give to her. It would be nice to not have voicemail activated and still used her old phone with built-in answering machine, but i think bf dumped it??....And now I'm thinking she needs to keep at least one cordless electric type of phone because her phone is also used to buzz people into the building...i wish I'd been around to learn about this stuff because my sister is also non-techy so it's the blind leading the blind with them. Not that I'm great with tech stuff...Sigh.

Another thing bugging me today is that our sedan's electrical system is weirding out - door locks not working right and this morning the alarm went off for no reason. I want to believe this is just because the battery is weak from the cold...fingers crossed. Maybe i need to get out and drive it a bit today to get the battery charged more fully - bf had to jump start it after the polar vortex last week, but it's been cold again the past couple days and it might have drained some more from lack of use - not going anywhere lately but the few blocks to/from the train station parking lot.

Sorry for all the venting. Gonna get back to the laundry and housecleaning. Everyone have a good weekend.

ceejay52 02-09-2019 10:12 PM

A little bit board at the moment. I'm so ready for this cold to be done.
I had sis to stop by the house today to see if there was anything majorly wrong with the garage door. It would not open but it was as I expected frozen to the ground. She used a hair dryer to thaw things so I got to go to the grocery store and get some more supplies. I was having a caffene fit. I bought plenty of cokes.
My day 1 back on plan hasn't gone well but I can start again tomorrow. I'm a bit depressed also.
Changed the filter to the heater today and it was nasty. I told sis I would start changing this once per month. The person who came and serviced the heater said that if they were dirty they could cause the thermostat to do weird things.
The weather has been predicted for freezing rain over night so I told sis and bil that I would not be leaving the house tomorrow. I'm tired of staying inside but for me it's not safe for me to be out driving 30 minutes down the road. I'm not sure if my friends from Springfield will be going tomorrow. Guess I could hitch a ride with them

I can understand about your mom. My sis gets the same way when I don't answer the phone.

hello's to every one else.

happy2bme 02-11-2019 04:36 PM

Hi ladies,

So done with snow already. I think everyone has been praying extra hard for snow for the ski race on the 21st. DH said we have about 15 inches and we are due for another 5 inches tonight through tomorrow. ENOUGH ALREADY - no place to put it. DH is going to have to cart it off so he can make more room to toss more off the deck! We are both also buried with this volunteer stuff. We are full time I.T. people now and I don't know how to get away from it. DH had a big blow up at the shelter Friday, I had to talk him off the ledge. There is just so much that has to be done - people who need to share stuff like the shelter and Senior Center really need a regular on staff I.T. person and we (DH and I ) are suffering for the lack of one up till now. I am trying desperately to allocate my time to other things. Yesterday I was working on my hot tub. I did not use it or sanitize it for 2-1/2 weeks when we had sub zero weather because it's so cold in there that the cover actually froze to itself the last time I used it when it was so cold. As as result even though no one used the tub, the water still got out of whack. It was cloudy and the potential for bacteria growth because the water is kept at 102 degrees (F) and is covered so you have to stay on top of it. I worked for 3 days to get the water clean again and FINALLY it happened today with cleaning, chemicals, watching it, running the tub. I also spent most of yesterday cleaning out my laundry room. I had a lot of stuff on the floor that I cleared away and I started cleaning out the storage closet. I am going through closets and cabinets and taking a hard look at what I have in there. Rather than cramming all sorts of stuff - sometimes so much I don't know what's in there - I have decided that I will ONLY keep things that I use daily or weekly at the longest. If I don't use it more frequently than that, I will either toss it or store it in the basement. It is causing me to think about pitching a lot of stuff which is WONDERFUL. It is also VERY time consuming. After I got the storage closet rearranged, DH was helping me with the hot tub. I had the chemicals stored in a tub in the 3 season room and of course the liquid chemicals froze. So I had to make a space in the closet to store 6 bottles of chemicals. :rolleyes: I just feel soooo behind in things. DH is asking me when I am going to use the pricey art supplies I just bought. Well before I can use it I have to set up a studio upstairs which means DH and I will swap physical spaces. I need to clean out all the stuff I have in the hobby room in the basement so he can take that over and then I can have his current room on the second floor. That's about a week of moving and cleaning and organizing. Time I don't have. And I have about 6 intense I.T. projects that I am supposed to be working on for the Shelter and the Senior Center. The only thing I am successful at is I am throwing off any new requests for help at the Thrift Shop. I still however do the books for the Thrift Shop and order supplies and I have to add enter January's sales data in. :faint: Lord Help Me...

And there is bingo tonight. And we have a busy week - cat has to go to the vet, car to Ford for yet ANOTHER recall fix, I have book club, doctors appointments, etc. No room to schedule anything else in. The only thing I am looking forward to is dinner Thursday night with DH at our friend the chef's new restaurant. Oh and I was featured in an article in the newspaper this week in the Meet Your Neighbor section. Now everyone knows my secrets! ;) Oh and the last thing is that I really needed a new laptop so that's coming tomorrow (IF the Fed Ex guy decides to deliver in a snowstorm) so I have to clean up my laptop, prepare to copy everything over to the new PC, set it up AND learn the dreaded Windows 10 that I have been avoiding. It's going to be a cussful week :rofl:

Ceejay - I guess if you have water pooling by the garage door you either have to leave some salt along the door line (which isn't good for the cement) or blow dry your door open 30 minutes before you need the car! Neither a good option! Are you using your light for the SAD? Did you get one of those lights that helps with seasonal depression? It's good to stay on top of the filters for the heater. That really hurts the efficiency of the heater / furnace. I think everyone else is getting cabin fever except me. I am glad to be able to stay home a few days. LOL

Poor Laura - your Mom is going the same route as mine! I agree to put in a plug in regular phone someone in an open jack in her apartment. This way not only can she hear it ring but if the power ever goes out, she still has a phone. My Mom has a large display phone she keeps in the spare bedroom for the same reason. That should help with her not ending a call properly. Your sister is ABSOLUTELY correct about too many calls to the center and they will flag your Mom for assisted living. That happened to my BIL's aunt. She kept calling because she was in pain (she also refused to take her pain meds because she didn't like how they made her feel :rolleyes: ) but when it started to show a regular pattern of calls they had to move her to another facility or the one she was at was going to convert her to assisted living status. So best to deal with it if you can on your own. I feel for you. You do want to make sure she is ok but Mom's got to work with you too! Good luck with that.

Gads my cell phone is dinging which means I'm getting email and I have to flip the laundry so I'm going to post this.

Hellos to everyone. :wave:

MyChoice2bfit 02-11-2019 11:34 PM

Hello Ladies,

It seems I get one post in a week. I'm not working overtime to often but during the day I am so glued to the computer for all my work, that once I am done with work; I don't want to get back on the computer (or my phone) to post or look at anything. But then I miss all you ladies. I will find a balance soon, some way.

My TOPS weigh-in was awful. We hadn't had a weigh-in for 3 weeks due to the weather;;;and I have a 3 lb gain. I can't seem to get myself back into a workout routine. I will do a couple of days and then come home tired and I just don't get up and do it. BUT I will not give up.

Ceejay: I hope changing the filter will take care of your furnace issues. Have you made your daily goal list for the week?

Happy: You do have a lot of commitments from volunteering and then your own things to do at home. When I have to much to do and to many commitments I get anxious and very annoyed and it is hard for me to focus on anything.

Annie: How you doing girl? I am still praying for that job offer. Also praying for your brother as he travels.

Shad: It sounds like you are getting some nice rain, it is raining here a lot and it is so cold and feels colder with the rain. Our ground is saturated from the snow and ice and rain so we keep getting flooding.

Have you spoke French before or is this first time you have learned it.

Time for bed.....I plan to read and post every day this week.

ceejay52 02-12-2019 08:02 PM

Late afternoon
I've had a half way decent day. Made two important phone calls, one for my mammogram appointment and the other was to talk to my retirement people. I also made it back to the gym and it felt good even though I wore myself out first day back. I will keep going and get my momentum back.
I've made cheesy chicken and rice for dinner tonight. Hope it's good. It's my first time to make it. And yes it is a bit caloric but I've got things in portion sizes.

Things will hopefully settled down while the weather is back and you can get caught up. Did you get your new laptop/computer.

Can't blame you for not wanting to get back on the computer once you've closed down the office computer. I felt that way too when I was working.

Laura705 02-14-2019 02:52 PM

Afternoon all. Happy Valentine's Day . :val1:

Ceejay - Good to get on a schedule for changing out the furnace filters. And I imagine having Miley around for a bit probably added to the filter issue (by the way how are your niece and Miley doing in FL??) We have some kind of permanent filter that the HVAC guys come in to change out twice a year, along with another filter for the whole-house humidifier. I agree with Happy, if you can't get out and get a good dose of sunshine, one of those special SAD lights is a good idea. I hate being in the office all day and like to get out at lunchtime. Yum, just the name - cheesy chicken - sounds tasty to me.

Happy - Sounds like you've been keeping really busy. What a lot of work to keep that hot tub safe to run. This volunteer work...such a heavy load for you two. I think having volunteers is so necessary, but even in my tiny experience through the volunteer projects at work, I see where they sometimes don't manage the volunteer resources as effectively as they could. We have an employee in our office whose FT job is community affairs, including our fundraising and volunteer efforts. I'll bet that some of the organizations you volunteer for don't have that type of role, or it's only a small part of their job and should be bigger!! I'm also finding that with 19 years in our home (today's our move-in anniversary!), we've built up a lot of junk in our basement and we need to get serious about purging it and organizing the rest. Many years ago I bought bf a gift card for a hot shave at a place in the mall. He never used it, and a month or so ago we passed a local place that also does hot shaves and that got him thinking about his gift card and where it might be. BF is very bad about having homes for stuff. It just gets stacked, and when the stack is too big, he shoves it in a bag and the bag goes somewhere. So when I was looking for the phones for my mother, I came across a bag of his with a bunch of old receipts, business cards and - lo and behold - a few gift cards. One was for the shave place, another for Best Buy and another for Lands' End. The LE card only had a few bucks left on it, but the other two were unused. Sigh. Who knows what else might be in his bags of stuff? Anyway...I think maybe the process of purging all the "stuff" could make you have more time for what you want to do, or at least the list of what's waiting to be done at home - while you volunteer - doesn't seem so long. Oh, I googled that article about you and it was very interesting! Now I know all your secrets! We already knew more anyway, LOL. I hope your new laptop transition is going well!!

Susie - I know what you mean about not getting on the computer after you've been looking at it all day. That's why I usually try to post from work... I know you'll get busy addressing that TOPS gain. Make the workouts a top priority! And now I need to take my own advice!!!

Hellos to the rest of you!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. :val1:

Nothing much to report. Scale is staying the same. Not getting much exercise beyond hacking away at the icy windshield and car windows. Need to get back on track. After a while of getting to the fc 2-3 times per week, I've really fallen off the past 2-3 months. It's that lack of self-discipline coming back to the fore. Wondering if I should stop paying for the fc (I pay for a couple months at a time) and try to work out in the basement with all my videos and other equipment. Thinking it over.

We got word on our annual raise the other day - better than the last couple years, so yay for that. Also got the % payout on our annual bonus, also good. It gets paid next Friday.

Tomorrow we have our early closing for the business day before a company holiday - which is Presidents Day on Monday. And the boss has been out since Wednesday, so this week has been pretty good for a work week. ;)

Okay, off to grab some lunch and get outside while it's still in the 40's!! TTFN

ceejay52 02-15-2019 12:33 PM

Miley and niece are doing great in Florida. Miley and Walter, the other cat, have made friends. I sure do miss her though. Yeah on getting the raise. Love those 3-4 day week ends.

Not much is going on. We are under a winter weather advisory today. I got out just in time to get a few groceries. By the time I was through there was ice already on the windshield. Luckily the wipers took care of it. It seems to be getting lighter but the radar shows blue/pink which represent snow and ice.
I am going to do a challenge in the chicks up for a challenge. Thought this would help keep me more on track. .

MyChoice2bfit 02-16-2019 03:00 AM

Hi Ladies,

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day. DH had his annual physical that morning and I worked from home so we went to the doughnut shop afterword and enjoyed a couple of doughnuts & chocolate milk for me. We exchanged cards and then he went on to work and I went back home and worked. Pretty low key this year. We are trying to save some major money for the next two years for a 3 week trip to Denmark. I want to go see my friend Charlotte and her family and of course the country...before we are to old to do so. We want to stay 3 weeks for the trip. Flights are very expensive.

Laura: How nice you are getting a good raise and bonus! Any plans for it? I had to laugh when reading about your BF and putting receipts and gift cards in bags and then not being able to find them. My DH is like that too and it drives me crazy.

Happy: I saw Laura mentioned she googled an article about you. I must have missed this information. Tell me more.

Ceejay: Good for you for joining a challenge and making your important healthy appointments.

Hello to Annie , Shad and Dee.

I'm finally heading to bed.

ceejay52 02-16-2019 02:17 PM

My nephew stopped by on Valentines day to see how things were going and to tell me that he and his wife are pregnant. I was so excited that I jumped around the room. This will make baby #2 this year. His brother and wife are expecting a girl in March.
It is icy this morning at 27 degrees with sunshine but I'm staying inside. My street doesn't look to bad but not sure about the other roads but cars are moving around. I may get out later
I took some over the counter sinus medication and slept till almost noon but my sinus seem better. I had fluid in my ears yesterday.

Good for you in planning a trip to see your friend in Denmark. That will be beautiful country. Are you still getting in your exercise.

ceejay52 02-17-2019 09:46 AM

It is icy this morning so no church for me. Everyone have a good day.

happy2bme 02-17-2019 03:05 PM

Good morning ladies,

Sun is shining. Town is starting to prepare and block off roads for Birkie ski week this week. To me, it's a big disruption and while I generally try and avoid town on Monday I have to go to the Thrift Shop and Shelter to install new credit card machines, I have to go into the Senior Center to do some interviews because we are putting the next issue of the newspaper together this week. I have bingo on Monday and Thursday which will be a hassle as the main street in town is blocked off with snow for the ski races Thursday - Saturday. Ugh. We went to the shelter yesterday and fortunately the software installations went well without incident. Microsoft is moving away from load it on your pc to cloud based computing and they have not worked all the kinks out. DH is a pioneer in his field. We have such a nice dinner on Valentine's Day. We have been to this place before as the chef we did cooking classes with is the head chef there. I expected a special nice dinner but was shocked when we walked into what was empty retail space and it had been transformed - by some prom decorating Moms in town no doubt - into this beautiful, intimately romantic event space. They are trying to book more events so this was their first go at it. There were a few glitches in the kitchen - the red pepper soup I had was spicy red pepper instead of the red bell pepper I expected so I had to send that back and DH's chicken roulade was rather dry. But over all I thought it was really, really nice. It actually felt lovey for Valentine's Day. Of course we were in the Northwoods so you'd see girls dressed to the nines and the guys they were with were made to put on a clean, plaid shirt! :rofl: Jeans all around guys. One lady was there nicely dressed and you could see she made her husband put on a dress shirt (red of course) AND a tie. Ok, so DH was also in a no collar but dressier maroon pullover and jeans. One young girl was trying to emulate Stevie Nicks and had a bustier and sort of wickan flowing over coat. She did not look at all like Stevie Nicks who is the only person who can pull off that look. So the girl looked silly and I noticed each time she left the table, she tried to pull her coat closed over her obviously showing wayyyy too much skin for public outfit. And she was a big girl too. There is lots of ice and snow out there - I hung on to DH's arm as we walked from the car to the restaurant and a girl walked in after us with red satin "hooker shoes" - 6 inch stilletos with overly large crystal heart buckle closures. They looked painful to walk in and for the life of me I can't see how she got to the restaurant door without slipping or staining those shoes. She did not fit the Northwoods motiff either :lol: They had a lot going on in town at various places for Valentine's this year - I think mostly because the businesses are hurting - it's been a really slow winter so they are welcoming the snow and the return of drinking snowmobilers. Not sure they are making much off the influx in town of the skiers. I hear many of them are used to hostels and are super cheap. I've heard stories of them ordering hot water and making "tomato soup" from the ketchup on the table. Or taking the condiments and plastic cutlery. Some businesses actually close for this week because they make no money. But it was a fun night out. Yesterday we picked up a deli pizza from Walmart - I gave DH all my meat and chopped up green peppers for him, mushrooms and red bell peppers for my side, added a bit more cheese to hold it down and baked it up. We ate it while we watched Bohemian Rhapsody - the story of the band Queen. It was a good movie - DH is not a fan of gays so I was surprised when he said he was interested in watching the movie. He enjoyed it too. We are going to an afternoon showing of The Upside. I had wanted to see Green Book but the weather was so lousy last week we didn't get to see it in time.

Ceejay - how nice that you will have some little ones in the family and close enough to enjoy visits with them! Yep, that sinus medicine sure can make you groggy and sleepy. But when you aren't feeling well, rest is good for you. AND if it's icy out, what better way to enjoy an inside day but nap. Get yourself rested and healthy before your next challenge kicks in! I'm feeling badly too - meant to get my arse in gear in January and here it's mid February and I have not made good on my commitment to myself.

Susie - what an awesome idea to go to Denmark! You are VERY WISE to plan it now. I tell you that because with my knee and the general arthritis kicking in, I also think I should have done more 10 years ago. I am willing, I have the time and with careful planning the money but the physical part is difficult. So kudos to you - you work hard, enjoy it before other things stop you. THere was once a show on cable about some friends who were both American and British. One of their friends was also Danish and on one show she had the ladies come up to her family castle. It was truly beautiful countryside as well as the cities too. As for the newspaper, I was featured in our local paper last week on their regular "Meet Your Neighbor" column - where they interview someone each week. Apparently if you Google my name, the article comes up as the first thing in the search box. I never thought about that - so much my my anonymity!! This week DH is in the On the Town Section - our friend who owns an art store does an art show each year at this time. They select a color to work into your piece and the newspaper was there and took pictures of several of the artists along with their submitted art pieces. DH was not thrilled to have his picture taken :lol: We were laughing too trying to take a selfie at the Valentines Dinner. We were trying to look into each other's eyes while he held the camera out. You want this dreamy picture and then what you get is double chins, are your nostrils really that big and age spots! :lol3: We were laughing while we did it. I need to lose weight AND get younger - that Confidence in a Jar cream is not doing it's job! :rofl: Glad you and DH had a nice evening together.

Laura - glad to hear that you got a good raise and decent bonus. Take advantage of it. I hear you on going out after work and exercising. Your winter weather is really crazy this year with rain, ice and high winds. Last year was above average warm it seemed - almost like a southern winter. Enjoy your long weekend!

I called the dentist office last week and asked when we can start treatment. Still waiting for them to call back. On Valentine's Day we talked to the owner about reserving the chef's table space for our anniversary March 5 in 2 weeks. She was supposed to call us to discuss further and no call yet. And I bought a Dell laptop as I needed to replace mine. When it came neither of us was impressed with it so I returned it and ordered an HP. I did the return online at Dell and they said watch your email for a pick up notice from the shipping service. We came home one day to a note on the door from UPS - sorry we missed you, came to pick up a package. DOES NO ONE COMMUNICATE ANYMORE???? :mad: And they wonder why I'm angry and frustrated alot. Urgh.

Oh and I did attend book club this week for the first time in about 5 months. And I was reminded about why I stopped attending book club. Twice when I went to go make a comment, they all started talking over me as if I wasn't talking at all. And then we spent about 17 minutes talking about the actual book. They keep hijacking the conversation to other things, not pertinent to the book. There was no true leader to lead the discussion and ask questions. One of the people who is a big book aficionado kept trying to rally the conversation back around to the book but they didn't have much to say about it and wanted to jabber instead. I am not a big book lover myself and I'd rather browse the computer than sit and struggle to read (I have issues with my eyes and focusing). So when the person who wanted to start this returns, I will tactfully tell her it's just not for me. I am reading bits and pieces of the art books I got on watercolor painting and am looking forward to starting that up. I am planning my space at this moment.

And with that, I will post this before something distracts me. Have a good weekend everyone. Hello to all.

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