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ceejay52 01-31-2019 11:25 AM

Sending you good vibes on the face to face.

My heater will be fixed tomorrow. Yipee.

Laura705 01-31-2019 04:10 PM

Annie - Sending more good vibes and prayers that your face to face tomorrow goes well. :goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibes

Ceejay - Glad your heater will be fixed soon!

Susie - Has it been cold in your area too? Hope you've been working at home staying warm and safe. Will you be going to your TOPS meeting tonight?

Nothing much to report. Working from home again today. Getting a bit of cabin fever... Looking forward to warmer temps tomorrow and even warmer temps this weekend!! :cp: I had to look this up - only 48 days until spring!! :flow1:

I scheduled a couple of Mondays in February for vacation as I still have carry over days to use up before the end of March.

That's about it for me. Toodles!

Shad 01-31-2019 10:20 PM

On my phone and getting ready for my first French class. Will be back to tell you all about my inadequacies later.

ceejay52 02-01-2019 01:37 PM

You can teach us French now.

Came home yesterday to just a little bit of snow on the driveway.
The repairman just arrived and is busy getting things done.
I'm still congested and am thinking about going to the doctor.
Laura, I'm looking forward to the warmer temperatures also.

happy2bme 02-02-2019 10:32 AM

Dear ladies,

I am SO SORRY I have not been keeping up with things. I seem to get so easily distracted lately. More like constantly interrupted. Can't post long right now - I am gulping coffee and then we need to run into town. DH is doing some tech things for the Shelter, I need to swap out a book at the library (regular print for large print) and pick up a mailing list that I need to update. I seem to be picking up more volunteer tasks than letting go of things. We did survive the polar vortex - I have never experienced such cold as this. I am starting to dig into the dreaded insurance research for the upcoming Medicare switchover. I have my Medicare card now. Can't believe I'm an old bat. :lol:

I am so thrilled to hear that you have something to hang on to Annie. Fingers, toes and even the 3FC boob cross happening for you girl. ;) :crossed: :crossed: :angel: Still sending the good vibes your way. It's encouraging if they sent you benefits info.

I have to get dressed now or the Uber taxi will leave without me. Will come back and post later today. Stay warm chicks and I hope you get a good soaking rain your way Shad.

ceejay52 02-02-2019 12:27 PM

Will be going to a baby shower for my nephew's wife this afternoon.
Still not feeling 100% and decided that I'm going to the doctor Monday. Luckily they had an opening at 11. I can tell I'm some better but still congested and coughing
The repairman came yesterday and fixed my heater. I can tell a difference.
I'm disappointed in myself in that I've misplaced some important pieces of mail. But I'm about to get to the bottom the ordeal. I will not be making any more payments.
Need to make an appointment to get my taxes done and get the oil changed.

MyChoice2bfit 02-02-2019 11:21 PM

Hi Ladies,

What a week! I worked 9 hour days (could have worked 10 or 11 if I had gotten back online when I got home but I decided 9 was enough), I was thankful for my meds that I use to help me with the flare; also for Thermacare, they helped me get through the days. I am feeling much better now but still watching my food and such. Back to basics...really backing off acidic food and using the Prelief tablets when I'm not sure what is in something I am eating that could be acidic.

I didn't work out once; I plan to gently walk tomorrow for 30 min and do every day this coming week. We didn't have TOPS on Thursday as school was closed (again) due to the cold temps.....it sure was cold! Wednesday was the worst with the -30 F wind-chill and the snow we got Tuesday night. I am grateful for the warm up today.

I cleaned house today; still need to get the living room finished tomorrow. I also hade my hair done (monthly routine of cut and color, and waxing). I also got a pedicure...I feel human again.

Annie: I wish I hadn't missed the news about your interview, but I am praying fervently that they will offer you the position. I'm asking the Lord to keep putting you in their minds.

Laura: I was wondering about you with the weather last week as our local news kept talking about Chicago and how cold it was and showing the ice chunks in the river.

Ceejay: Is it this Monday you are going to to the doctor? I hope you are feeling better. How was the baby shower?

Happy: I hope navigating the Medicare isn't too much of a hassle. Only a few more years and I'll be in that place, helping my husband with it. It's nice to know that I will have a good source like you to guide me.

Shad: I see you are getting rain; I imagine it is welcome relief with the temps you have been having?

It is time to head to bed. We are going to church in the morning. We haven't been for 3 weeks...2 because of weather and last week me not feeling well.

Shad 02-03-2019 06:49 PM

Damn, just lost what I had done, but now I find that Susie has been typing over my head as it was. Internet connection sure is flaky just now - although the complete loss of post was my fault. Should look at which key I am putting my finger on. Now what was I saying...….. oh yeah

It's actually raining! :rain: :rain: :rain: Doing a rain :dance: here. Not a pretty sight - me doing a rain :dance: It's nice to have these lovely showers but I sure hope it doesn't get as bad as they are getting it in Townsville who, up till yesterday had got 39 inches of rain dumped on them from a static monsoon trough. There is still two or three more days of rain to come up there too. Some of it is spreading to the drought stricken areas of the north of our State but it won't fix the drought which stretches from the Gulf of Carpentaria to Broken Hill (about 2000Km) more or less and out to the east coast . So we have record producing floods in the north, fires in the south, and in Tasmania, drought in between and water shortages most places. There's no climate change, bah humbug. Of course we aren't the only ones getting this - you've had your polar vortex, The Reno river in Italy has broken it's banks and is flooding the surrounding towns and farms. Life just goes on getting worse and worse.

Annie - Have all fingers crossed for you. Was thinking of you on Friday and hoping that the face to face would bring you some joy. Loved the photo of the grandkids and C playing on the floor. It was nice of you to go to your brothers place to help with the clean out. It seems that Asians always have a lot of stuff - although I know an Italian or two who have everything available as well. Would hate to clean out those houses.
Happy Friendversary to you and me as well. Not sure you would want to be in a rowboat with me tho'

Happy - Hope you have recovered from the cold now. Can't imagine anything that cold, although I did live in NZ long enough to know what snowed in actually meant. Yes it does snow there, mostly in the South and nothing like what you get. Hope the insurance works out for the teeth. Seems that the minute you let a tooth go, the whole lot goes out in sympathy as well. And what a cost. Hope you can get away from some of this volunteering soon.

Ceejay - Glad the heating got fixed and I hope you are over the flu now. Hope you enjoyed the baby shower. That was definitely a scammer on the phone. Take no notice of them. It wouldn't be just the email that got the trojans and virus'. It's their way of scaring you. Tell them you are an IT person and you know how things work, or just hang up on them. I do not answer a phone which displays either a 'private' number or a number I do not know. If they want to say something to me, then they can leave a message. Such a pity that the DNC register can't block overseas calls which come through an Australian number.

Laura - Have you planned anything for your vacation days? Must be hard trying to work when you are restricted to the house. When I was working from home I used to take the computer outside and work in the garden where I could get up and go do a bit of weeding or watering every so often.

Susie - We are getting a little rain, nothing like up north thank goodness - see above. Just on the news that 1000 more people have been evacuated from their homes in Townsville and there is another 200ml (8 inches) been dropped this morning. They are in big trouble up north. Our rain is a gentle shower. Good for gardens and paddocks since it will soak in better than heavy rain which would just run off.
Hope you are feeling better now and gentle walks are as good as going all out on the treadmill when you are not feeling the best. At least you are exercising.

So, I went to French class on Friday. It's fairly full on and you are expected to know a fair amount of the language. The first two minutes was the teacher introducing the class and then it was mostly French verbs etc. and we had to introduce ourselves and say a couple of sentences about our selves. Bon jour, je m'appelle est Joy. Ma maison est a la Crestmead (okay so I couldn't remember how to say I live in Crestmead) J'ai un chat noir. Il s'appelle Romeo. Of course then I got asked if I had another cat called Juliet.

I'm also removing the last of the old fence and have ordered some new materials for the new fence. I have to talk to the neighbours again about the repairs we need to make to our mutual fence but it will have to wait until I see them - they might be next door, but I don't see a lot of them so there is a lot of peering over the fence to see if they are home. I could be a stalker!!!! :rofl:
Anyway, well past time I got off here and got some work done - there's no shortage of that. Cya

ceejay52 02-03-2019 09:12 PM

Not much going on here. It's a lot warmer today. Doctor in the morning. Had a lot of fun at the baby shower. She got lots of gifts.

Laura705 02-04-2019 05:48 PM

Grrr, lost my very short post when IE stopped "responding". My weekend was alright. I was glad for the warmup in the temps, since it melted all the ice and snow on the sidewalk and driveway. Scale said I stayed the same this morning. I've been staying the same, within 1-2 pounds since October. I need to get back on track with the exercise and tracking. Broken record here. Tonight's the stretching class.

Okay, I'll get this posted before IE crashes again. TTYL.

ceejay52 02-05-2019 11:16 AM

Not much going on in my neck of the woods Still not 100% but the doctor gave me antibiotics to take yesterday so I will be on the road to healing . Today I'm going to get my taxes filed.
Still am not in the mood to get back on the diet wagon again but need to.

annie175 02-05-2019 04:03 PM

Geez. Have not heard one word on the interview. I am feeling discouraged as they stated many times they wanted the new person on board in two weeks. Batshit. I decided today was my whoa is me day and have cried for the most part of the day.

annie175 02-06-2019 08:22 AM

Good morning.

Hope all are doing well. Me. Drinking coffee and watching GMA. Sassy has a mani pedi this afternoon. Anything I can do for anyone? Over staying home.

My bro Chuck who lost his wife is going to the Philippines. Left this morning. Praying for travel grace. He will be gone 21 days. He said he needed to go for closure with Fes family. Kind of gives me a little break as he wont be calling me 4-5 times a day for support. I mean I am definitely here for him but some days I have trouble keeping my own stuff together.

Love you ladies. Sorry no personals.

ceejay52 02-06-2019 11:22 AM

Don't give up the ship yet. Something will turn around.
I am staying the same too but I haven't made that new commitment yet to get back on track. I need a very simple meal plan. I'm thinking Atkins or South Beach. South beach is expensive to buy prepackaged and I can get some prepackaged food at the grocery store with Atkins.
We had rain with thunder and lightening last night. Tonight the temperature is falling to 12 degrees. I'm so ready for Spring.
Had my taxes done yesterday. Will get a refund.
I'm feeling better. Thinking about going to the gym this afte.rnoon.

Hello's to Susie, Shad and Happy

Laura705 02-06-2019 12:41 PM

Morning all. I'll try for a quick post.

Happy - Wow, Medicare! I kept ignoring the AARP offers, but much to my dismay, my mother actually purchased a membership for me ("they have a nice newspaper and magazine..."). Sigh. Anyway, good luck with the research. Your dh is already on Medicare, correct? Did you at least get a bit familiar with it through his experience? Giving you the :frypan: because you're taking on more volunteer responsibilities instead of less!!

Ceejay - Hope the meds help get you to 100%. Sounds like you're keeping busy. Taxes!! Need to get going on mine.

Susie - Glad you're keeping the IB flare-up at bay. Wow, long days for you. Hope that's over for a bit?? I was grateful to work at home on the coldest days last week. The ice chunks are gone from the river and around the lake shore I see from the office. Glad for this little break in which we're having above normal temps. I can bear the lower temps if they're of short duration interspersed with milder temps.

Shad - I'm glad you're getting rain and not extremes where you are. Yes, this climate change is doing strange things. The atmosphere damage causes the boundary of the Arctic air to release and go down over areas that don't usually see that - like the Midwest US. And warming causes ice to melt and the sun isn't reflected off it, so the oceans warm up and cause a whole host of chain reactions...more involved than I thought, though I confess to actually not giving it much thought... So did you have French classes/lessons previous to this class you're taking now? I don't have special plans for my February vacation days (yet), but I might have something specific in March with friends that will use up another vacation day.

Annie - Don't give up hope re the job hunt. And I think employers are flakey when filling positions. Patience! :hug: I hope your brother has a safe trip and helps him through the grieving process. I totally get you needing a break from all the support he's been needing. Time for you to focus on yourself, and I hope you're seeking your own support - and know that we're here for you!!! :grouphug:

Hello to Dee if you're lurking...
Glad the ice storm didn't turn out to be anything severe. I had to scrape a bit last night before I drove home from the train station parking lot, but not this morning. It's above freezing here today and that makes me happy.

Stretch class the other day was fine. I didn't go to the fc last night because of the ice storm warning. It was raining pretty good - that concerns me because the ground is frozen and can't absorb it.... Always something. I didn't work out at home...shame on me. :o

That's about it for me, so I'm off to post. TTFN. :)

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