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MyChoice2bfit 01-14-2019 08:52 PM

Hi Everyone, The first day in the new space went well and I actually like where I am sitting. It all very light and bright and we have some fun aminities; like a barista, and a very nice break room space. We have "Wink" walls in the meetings rooms and you can write on them like you would a white board.

I have worked at the MBC site before and it is an amazing building and very huge.....and now even bigger with the addition of our building. To give you an idea of how large, from our building to the cafeteria and the gym which is in the middle of all the buidlings is a 1/2 mile walk one one.

I think it was Happy who asked if my one bin was just for my stuff, yes everyone only got one bin to bring their personal work things; even Management. I also had to bring the personal files which took up 3 bins and I have a whole cabinet for them.

Happy: I hope you are getting over the sickness and that DH is as well. I loved hearing about the deer; it is amazing they can get along just on 3 legs but I would also say that you feeding them is helpful to their survival.

Laura: I love new socks! I bought some Cuddle Dud socks when I was shopping at Christmas time. I love them..they are so warm and so soft and cushy...they feel good in my boots.

Ceejay: That is good that the doctor gave you an excuse for jury duty; I understand why you wouldn't want to do it in the winter time, but are willing to do it in the spring/summer/fall if needed.

Shad: Did you get the house sorted? I feel it is a never ending chore. I can go about a month and then things pile up again and I'm once again waging the war on the piles...this happens in my home office most of the time.

Last week at TOPS I had a 2 lb loss. All that walking around and packing things up was good for me! I am working for a loss this week.

I hope to check in more this week now that I am settled in at work and can now just work and not deal with cleaning out offices and file cabintets and packing.

Hi to Dee...I hope you are feeling better and getting well...we would love to hear how you are doing.

Hi to Annie: You are missed very much. Continued prayers for the right job to come along soon!

Shad 01-16-2019 04:47 AM


Shad 01-16-2019 04:48 AM

Well that works. Facebook is not letting me reply to any posts.

Laura705 01-16-2019 05:52 PM

Afternoon all.

I woke up with a sore throat and my eyes were a bit watery this morning. No wonder I was feeling tired last night. Been taking the dissolving zinc tabs every 3 hours to try and ward off whatever this is that's trying to invade. Also bought some cough drops at lunch time so I'm prepared.

I went to stretch class on Monday. It was fine. The instructor is bringing a foam roller next time to demonstrate moves for IT band and sciatic nerve. I asked her a question about the muscle being stretched during class and also asked about another stretch after class and she now has the message that she needs to say what muscles are being stretched (or are intended to be stretched) during a specific movement. No class next week as it's a school holiday for Martin Luther King Jr.

Because I was feeling tired after work last night, I did a Margaret Richard workout at home instead of going to the fc. The workout was good - I've got sore parts today. This dvd (called "Muscle and Grace") also has a bunch of 5 minute stretch segments. I did one segment after my workout last night and will try to keep those in mind when I do more workouts at home. I also have my "Stretch Deck". I should put that in the living room and do stretches while I watch tv.

Tonight I'll try to get to bed early and let my body fight this bug. Tomorrow is my Friday, so yay for that. I'm taking a vacation day on the actual Friday and have a doctor appointment, so it would be better to not be sick with a cold or lung/sinus crud when I go.
Shad - What does FB have to do with replying to 3fc posts? I'm clueless, except for never choosing to log in to a site via FB. I'm paranoid, I guess.

Susie - I'm glad your move went well and that you like the new space. Wow, that's a big building!! You'll get extra steps for sure! We also have some conference rooms with entire walls that are whiteboards. Congrats on the WL!!!!

Ceejay - Glad the shingles shot is affordable. I get itchy with 100% wool. The socks I bought are a wool blend with maybe 40-50% wool, so they don't itch me!

Hello to the rest of you - miss you!!

happy2bme 01-16-2019 05:57 PM

Hi ladies,

Well bronchitis is mostly cleared up. I lost a front tooth - crown broke - will be taking care of that on Friday. Things are nuts at the Senior Center. I did an extra bingo for the SC at a bar on Monday - that went well. Everyone had fun. Gonna get my hair done today. That catches me up :lol:

Annie texted me with a joke this morning. She said she will get on soon and post. I said we missed her lots. Send prayers and good thoughts. This is such a rough time for so many people.

Shad - I'm sorry you are stuck in FB limbo. Please send some of your heat - our high temps will be negative 3 (F) on Saturday. We are in typical January weather. I had the heat on 83 degrees in the car yesterday and darn near melted DH. :rofl:

Susie - glad you got moved ok. Sounds like you'll get an extra amount of exercise in the new place walking to and fro. That could be a good think except if you are carrying an armful of files. My last job was an old warehouse - once around the perimeter of the building was a half mile so we'd take to walking a lot for exercise. I love how they are designing new meeting spaces such as yours. Yay for your TOPS loss last week. Keep up the good work!

Ceejay - more insurance companies are starting to pay for the shingles vaccine as it become more of an issue for us. Glad you can get some reimbursement. I am on the fence about the vaccine even though I had a mild case. DH has a much worse case that left some nasty scars on his face.

Laura - I was giggling at the idea of body parts popping out in stretch class. Are you liking it any more than the first time - has the instructor found her rhythm? I am actually finding the Mediterranean style of eating not so bad. I am not perfect on it but am finding it much easier to make substitutions and follow the plan - more than I would with Keto. However I saw my doctor last week and she was really pushing low carb. Said my plan was a start but gave me a low carb diet. :rolleyes: Sugar is my devil. :shrug: I went to Sam's Club yesterday - they have the most awesome cherry tomatoes - I loaded up on them - also brussel sprouts, blueberries that are HUGE, cucumbers, veggies and meat. And my favorite sushi which I totally enjoyed. I don't miss potatoes, am minimal on sweets but I did get 2 containers of their fresh squeezed orange juice which I am drinking in place of Coke. And drinking more water. It's sooooo dry here. My hards are awful. Did you get much snow?

Ok, need to post this - started this morning and now it's time to get dinner on. Later chicks. :wave:

happy2bme 01-16-2019 05:59 PM

Laura - I used a foam roller when I had IT band problems. It works good but HURTS pressing that sore muscle. Good for you for understanding what muscles you are working. Teacher SHOULD be explaining that!!

ceejay52 01-16-2019 06:08 PM

Not feeling it today. I need some sunshine.

happy2bme 01-17-2019 02:21 PM

We have abundant sunshine but bitter cold right now. Guess you can't have it all.

I am enjoying the sushi I picked up from Sam's Club yesterday. Also the cherry tomatoes they have called Flavor Bombs. They are at that. Last night we had a really good supper from stuff I picked up there - all fresh and tasty.

Been on the computer all day with senior center and shelter stuff. No escaping it. Have to get ready shortly and go to bingo early to teach a new volunteer how to call bingo. Funny I have only done it twice myself and now I'm qualified to train :rofl:

She did a different color on my hair yesterday - a sort of taupe color blonde because there was too much white gray for my liking. The whole top of my head is snow white. How the heck did that happen????

Hope you are all doing well...

annie175 01-17-2019 08:43 PM

Happy New Year!

This computer is driving me nuts. I tried to post in 3fc and lost the entire post. So I am doing this in Word and going to try to copy and paste method.

Not going to try to do personals altho I am hoping LAURA, HAPPY and BF and DH are all on the mend. I think I caught it all from you. Haha more like from the boys. Went to the clinic today. Bronchitis and sinus infection. Cough cough cough.

Nothing on the job front. Not even one interview. I call BS. I have applied for about 20 – 25 jobs between October and today. My brother Michael used to say it takes about 50 apps to get an interview. Bleh. My next step in a couple of weeks is to go to a temp agency for maybe temp to hire sort of thing. **** I would even take a cut in pay to just have benefits. This country is in a sad situation. I don’t think it will get much better in my life time. Sorry to sound like a Debbie Downer. My day starts out in depression and as the day goes on it gets a bit better. Some days I just randomly cry throughout the day. I give it to God but take it back too much. Give and take.

C has really been struggling with his bipolar crap and frankly I just do not want to deal with it or him. It is all I can do to keep myself in the right frame of mind. We tried to get him VA benefits but he makes too much money to get them. Have to wait till he retires I guess.

Christmas and New Year’s was very nice.

I have an appt next week to see our accountant about our taxes. I am dreading that one. This will be the last year we will have to pay, hopefully. Just another fine reason I need to get a job.

On a brighter note I won 100 bucks on a 2 $ scratch off. Not enough to retire. Bleh.

My diet is about the same. Staying strict KETO since January 1. Still need to lose 12 lbs. My size 8s are so tight I couldn’t go to an interview if I wanted too. My have to call a tent and awning joint. Haha. My body must be used to Keto and won’t let me lose. I don’t know. I will just keep plugging away. Doesn’t help that I don’t get out and move much either.

Sorry no personals. Love you ladies lots and lots.

Shad 01-18-2019 12:44 AM

Well today Murphy's law applies. If it could go wrong it did. I now have to do everything from my phone because I have lost internet and landline phone service. Thank you WiFi at least that works. It's hot again. Roll on Autumn. No rain since before Christmas and none in sight which means the price of food will rise due to increased costs of water etc.
Annie - good to see you back posting. So sorry to hear of the word plaguing you and your family.
Happy - good that you are getting better and DH too.
Hate typing on this thing. Hello to Ceejay, Susie, Laura and anyone else lurking.

ceejay52 01-18-2019 12:49 AM

Feeling a bit better. Made it to the gym and to WM. Also made spaghetti for my dinner tonight. It was good.
Dreading the next round of cold wintry weather.
Sis got sick at work today and left early with out her phone. She contacted me via email and it was luck that I looked at my email today. She had been trying to contact her dh so she wanted me to call him. I did and he's responded to her. He said he'd been trying to contact her for the past hour. To top this off this is her birthday. She said last week that a virus has been going around.
I've been sleeping in till 10 a.m. this week. Why I don't know unless it's the dark, gray,skies that we have been having.
I've asked my nephew to teach me how to light a fire in my fireplace. I think I can do it but need to have some one to hold my hand the first time around. I purchased some of those Duraflame logs and some wood sticks like you use when one goes camping. I've decided that a fire might be the thing to help break this mood.
I'm sure you do perfectly fine in calling Bingo. I'm glad that you like sushi. I'm not a fish person unless it's fried catfish.

Good to see your post tonight. Sorry that you are sick too. There is a saying that goes good things come to those who wait. Don't give up hope.

happy2bme 01-19-2019 12:33 PM

Hi ladies,

Brrrr - it's very cold and dry here. We are freezing and my hands are in such bad shape from dishwashing. I am slathering the hand lotion on and boiling a pot of water on the stove. Had an incident Thursday at bingo. Let's just say it was a perfect storm of personality conflicts, conflicts about running bingo, following rules and unhappy patrons. I got caught in the middle, decided I didn't need this B.S. and I said it would be better if I left so I called DH to come pick me up and I walked out. I'm not even sure we should run bingo any more. There are some problems at the Center and it's becoming more difficult to just go and do what needs to be done. Why do people have to mess things up???

We are staying in this weekend because it's just too cold to go out. Good to stay in and do some cleaning. And that's my life, you are caught up. :lol:

Annie - good to hear from you again. I don't think outside of a very serious illness there is anything more depressing than looking for a job. Especially in today's world where benefits are a thing of the past and getting a liveable wage job is going the same route. AND you live in a big city where it would be reasonable that there is work. It just doesn't make sense. All I can offer is to keep plugging away at things. When you can't even get the dignity of a response, that just makes it worse. I thank God every night that we were fortunate enough to be able to make a go of things ourselves because I too the last 3 years we were working it was a struggle for DH to find work after he got cut and then when they eliminated my job I was in the same boat. I managed help desks for 14 years and could not even get an interview at the very company I was working for for 8 years. That's pretty sad. The idea of the temp agency isn't bad - at least you might be able to get your foot in the door for something else. I think you are right about the Keto and your body - I think everyone is different which is why there are 10 million diet plans but when you break it down, everyone has something specific which will allow their body to respond - you just have to find what works for you. I'm sure though if you are trying to conserve grocery spending, Keto probably costs more... Don't loose the faith sister, still pulling for you :hug:

Ceejay - so I take it that you have wood fireplace. It's smart of you to get some instructions, particularly about keeping the flue open, not using wet wood and most importantly, how to build a proper fire. We had a wood fireplace in Memphis - didn't use it much, a pain to clean and it was more for looks than real heat. But we also used the Duraflame logs - easy to light and stay lit. I always loved looking at the flames in a fireplace - like a fish tank, I find it mesmerizing and soothing. I think there are viruses all through the country, no matter where you live. Best to eat healthy, get enough rest and wash your hands alot. When you do catch something it seems to linger on for a while - DH and I both have residual coughs.

Shad - is this just a temporary thing with the Internet and phone? I agree, don't do much with my phone and I also have problems focusing my eyes if I spend more than 10 minutes looking at my phone screen. Gads, a month without any rain. That has to be worrisome. We are also about 10 inches below what we should get for snow and precipitation. I think this world is in for some hard times and not enough people realize that. Will food prices go up because crops not watered will not come to market so therefore supplies are limited? I will never forget you using your gray water from the laundry to water your garden. We don't realize how fortunate we are.

Well DH is buzzing about me doing things and getting underfoot which means I need to move to another part of the house before I get annoyed with him. Will post this - hellos to the rest of you lot. Hoping you are enjoying your weekend.

ceejay52 01-19-2019 01:14 PM

We have a little snow, maybe an inch. The howling wind is fierce. The temperature in the morning is supposed to be 13 degrees, we will see. I'm staying inside this week end also.
Yes I do have a wood burning fireplace. I've never used it for heat but I would like to have a cozy fire going once in awhile. I think cleaning the fireplace after use is one of the reasons I haven't used it. Oh my with the drama at Bingo! Glad you left. How do you like the Mediterranean diet?
Glad to see your post. Hang in there on finding another job.

annie175 01-20-2019 02:29 PM

Hi ladies

Burrrrr. 9 degrees today. We didnít get the 8 inches predicted. Just ice and about 2 inches of snow blown into drifts. Can still see the GREEN GRASS in most spots of the yard with little one foot drifts. Kind of pretty.

Keto meatloaf. Green beans. Salad. Angeled eggs and baked potatoes for the crew. Delish.

Boys will be home from their dads in a bit. Missed the little boogers. At least for the first hour they are home. Watching football the rest of the day. Letís go Chiefs and rams.

Bout it here. Hugs to all.

ceejay52 01-20-2019 03:36 PM

Meatloaf sound good. May make one this week.
We may have gotten an inch of the white stuff. When I woke this morning it was 11 degree's.
Nephew brought more wood than I will use this winter. Plus he showed me how to light a fire.It was hard for the heater to keep up last night. Put an extra quilt on the bed and wore socks to bed. If my feet are cold I can't get warm.
I don't trust myself out on the ice so I didn't get out to go to church this morning. I let the pastor know why I would not be there.
We have sunshine today.

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