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Corinna T 01-01-2019 02:35 AM

Fat To Thin, I Will Win!
It's a New Year! :carrot: Yippee!! The year for the New You. The year for the new me. :carrot:

Let's get started. We can do this together and we will achieve success. :grouphug:

You can only get there if you participate. What are you waiting for...the time to start is now.
Focus on that end state that you want to achieve. :goodscale

Are you ready, set, now GO! :cheer2:

Areas we will discuss:
  • Meals
  • Exercise
  • Positive Thoughts/Actions (focus on)
  • Negative Thoughts/Actions (getting rid of)
  • Commitment
  • Sharing/supporting others
  • Once a week weigh-in (@Saturday)

Renee3 01-01-2019 06:03 AM

:newyear: Here I am and ready to go! :newyear:

Corinna T 01-02-2019 02:21 AM

The year has started, and we are off and moving! :running:

Breakfast: Wheat toast and 4 veggie strips
Brunch: Nutrition Drink
Dinner: Vegetable Soup
Supper: Nutrition Drink

Exercise: Walked for 1.5 hrs

Positive: I stayed focused on my plan and did not stray off of it for Day1. I didn't really feel too hungry even though my belly was making some noise.

Negative: I didn't exercise during short breaks at work like I was hoping to do. I was too busy , so it didn't work out yesterday. Perhaps I can figure out some small changes to make so I can more easily squeeze some time in.

I am on my path to success! :bunny2: How are you coming along?

Renee3 01-02-2019 05:08 PM

You're doing great! I'm going to start at my weigh in on Saturday. I know I have gained a lot of weight. I need to purge the house of temptations. Tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping and stocking up on healthy snacks.

Corinna T 01-03-2019 02:53 AM

Breakfast: Nutrition Drink
Lunch: Vegetable Soup
Supper: Nutrition Drink
Snack: Protein Bar

Exercise: 10 pushups X 5 times, leg lifts :exercise:

Positive: I can feel myself deflating already, just a little. This belly is not pushing out so hard now. I'm thankful that I have more than enough food to eat, and can be wise enough and strong enough to not over indulge.

Negative: Still didn't exercise as much as I liked at work, but I did make an effort last night and got a few brief periods in. As long as I keep trying, it will all add up.

Day 2 down and I am still headed in the right direction. Yeah!!! Look forward to tomorrow's results. :carrot:

I don't mind that you are waiting for Saturday to weigh-in. You are already making a conscious effort to be prepared with your meals and snacks. That's fantastic. You are ensuring that you will only have the best results from the start. Good job!

Corinna T 01-04-2019 01:41 AM


Breakfast: One scrambled egg
Lunch: Slice of Toast with Hummus and spinach.
Supper: Veggie Pizza

Exercise: No real exercise today. It's my down day as I transition from nights back to days.

Positive: Another day staying on track for the most part. I can do this. One day at a time. Like a inchworm, I will reach my goal in time. I just need to be patient.

Negative: Didn't feel to good today. Very tired. I think I am catching a cold from a coworker. My eyes are extremely dry. I should have done a little bit of exercise in some form, but just didn't feel up to it. Just letting my body heal.

I am hoping for some positive results for tomorrow. I can't wait. I have today to work on this some more. :flow1:

Wishing you a day full of sunshine and happy spirits my friend. Hope your New Year is looking bright too. :hug:

Corinna T 01-05-2019 02:04 AM

Breakfast: Nutrition Drink
Lunch: Vegetable Soup
Supper: Veggie Pizza
Snack: Celery, Rice crackers, & Hummus
Exercise: 2.5 hr walk

Positive: We went to the grocery store and I walked right on past the Christmas candy on sale. However, my husband didn't. He bought a bag of Andes Peppermint Chocolates. Even after we got home, I didn't have any. I put them far out of eyesight. I don't want to start down that slippery slope and wash away all my hard work.

Negative: Didn't do any stretching exercises for this day, even though I walked. I need to start doing exercises daily to make it habit forming.

I need to make a list of the type of exercises to do daily. I will do that right now to get started:
1. Jumping Jacks
2. Arm stretches
3. Pushups
4. Sit ups
5. Leg lifts

I plan on starting slowly with about 10 each and then increasing with time. I will add more exercises in time to add some variety.

Today's weigh-in shows a loss! Yippee! I am heading in the right direction. I know I was all bloated up during the holiday period. Now I am getting back to normal and on track. Got to keep this body moving and my eating under control. I can do this.

:carrot: We can do this together. It's time to get started. Don't get left behind.
We are heading only in the direction of success. Come on! :carrot:

Renee3 01-05-2019 08:32 AM

You did awesome! :cp:

I did my weigh in and I have a lot of work to do......

Raining here again. Putting the decorations back up in the attic and getting back to normal.

Hope you are feeling better and keep up the good work!

Corinna T 01-06-2019 01:38 AM

Breakfast: Granola
Lunch: Vegetable Soup
Supper: Veggie Pizza
Snack: Celery & Hummus

Exercise: 2.5 hr walk, Stretching exercises :strong:

Positive: I was tempted to eat more food yesterday, but glad I had the will power to back off.

Negative: I still need to get more stretching exercises in. Maybe before meals.

Thanks Renee! Feeling much better. It was only the one day. :)

This is your first week heading towards success. You can do this. You are not alone. We can tackle this together. One day at a time. If we focus on making each day a good day, then before you know it, we will have reached our long term goal. :cheer3:

Renee3 01-06-2019 09:05 AM

Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: egg sandwich
Supper: sliced peaches, oatmeal
Snack: couple of crackers

Exercise: 2 hrs. cleaning stalls

Positive: wasn't feeling too well so didn't feel like eating :)

Negative: wasn't feeling too well

Follena 01-06-2019 09:54 AM

Corinna: Hi and may I join your thread? I love the things you want to post about, specifically daily food. I use fitday.com for food but I like posting it on a thread on this site because it really helps stay accountable. Also, I love your positive/negative thoughts because there's a LOT of thought/emotion involved with committing to an eating plan.

Meals Saturday and today I have 3 boiled eggs for breakfast and 2 oz cream in my coffee. Supper is cheesy vegetable bake with 4 oz roast beef leftover.
Exercise Very cold & windy outside so I had to cancel my walk.
Positive Yesterday I felt good about meeting a new friend and also about a pair of pants feeling loose.
Negative After initial weight loss whoosh, I'm stalled at 177/178 for a whole week. I realize my body is taking a break, but feel impatient.
Commitment Monday Jan 7, I'm starting Yoga with Adriene in my home (free Youtube videos). I'm very excited about it since I used to go to classes.
Sharing/support Corinna your food looks very low in calories. Could that be why you're tired? Are you a vegan or vegetarian? Just let me know if you only want vegan/vegetarians posting okay? You won't hurt my feelings :)
Once a week weigh-in Saturday Jan 5th" 177 pounds

Renee3 01-06-2019 02:42 PM

Hi Follena :wave:

Renee3 01-06-2019 07:21 PM

Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: egg sandwich
Snack: banana
Supper: sliced pears, chicken, sweet potato

Exercise: 2 hours barn work

Positive: I'm feeling better and the sun finally came out.

Negative: I can't believe I'm signing up for Medicare tomorrow!

Corinna T 01-07-2019 12:40 AM

Breakfast: Nutrition Drink
Lunch: Vegetable Soup with 4 crackers
Supper: Veggie Pizza

Exercise: 2hr walk, Stretching exercises

Positive: My husband baked a whole pan of brownies for us. Ugh! I was strong and did not eat even one. :)

Negative: I didn't need to eat the crackers with my soup. I regretted it after eating them. I need to incorporate more fruits!

Glad you are feeling better today. I see you are eating healthy. :hun:

Follena 01-07-2019 07:18 PM

Meals: today I had 2 fried eggs and 5 slices bacon for breakfast and 2 oz cream in my coffee. Lunch was 1 cup vegetable cheese bake and 3 oz roast beef. Supper was 1 oz sunflower seeds and 1 cup kale chips.
Exercise: did 30 minutes of Yoga with Adriene (youtube) at home
Positive: my workout was hard but my body feels a bit more limber now.
Negative: I couldn't do all the moves in the yoga video since my belly is still too large. And I was shaking in some poses so I have some work to do in order to get in shape again.

Renee: thanks for the welcome. I can imagine how much exercise there is cleaning stall and doing barn work! I love oatmeal for breakfast.
Corinna: way to go on avoiding the nasty brownies.

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