Fat To Thin, I Will Win!

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  • Breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries
    Lunch: chicken sandwich
    Supper: sliced banana, orzo casserole

    Exercise: 2 hrs. barn work

    Positive: really watched my portions today. I feel more energized since I have ditched the refined sugars.
    Negatives: it got really cold today and I couldn't be outside as much as usual.

    Corrina - good work resisting the brownies Oh, and I love the book!

    Follena - do you live in the US?
  • Breakfast: Nutrition Drink
    Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwich
    Supper: Salad
    Snack: Nutrition drink

    Exercise: 27 minutes elliptical, Stretching exercises

    Positive: I have told others around me at work that I am on a diet. This way I won't be offered any unwanted treats, and I know I will need to be more careful of what I eat because others will be watching.

    Negative: When I went to get food for lunch, I got a Sandwich and a salad. As I walked back, I realized that one would have been more than enough for food. So I saved the salad for my supper instead.

    Follena! You are more than welcome to join this thread. Sorry I missed seeing your post. I should have scrolled down further on my screen. I actually missed one from Renee too. Now I will be more careful. I am a vegetarian, but this thread is not restricted. So please share whatever your meals are with us. Good job at doing that yoga. Keep at it! It all helps no matter how good you are. The more you do, the better you get, the better you look.

    Renee-glad you like the book! You are doing great avoiding those refined sugars too!! Getting older stinks in some ways, but there are some positives too. Hope you don't get a lot of snow this year, but just think of the work out you get when you have to shovel it. Oh, I know you are a shoveling expert with those horses.

    Hope you ladies have a great day!
  • Corinna: thanks for the welcome and I'm so glad the thread's not restricted. I feel unless we're accountable about the actual food we're putting into our mouth every day ... we can post until the cows come home but we won't necessarily see much weight loss. Hey, if telling people at work you're on a diet helps stay accountable, DO it!
    Renee: I'm in Canada. If there was one combination I'd want if there was nothing left to eat ... it would be oatmeal with blueberries. Heavenly. Way to go on watching portions.

    Breakfast: 1 oz sunflower seeds, 2 oz cream in coffee
    Lunch: Cobb salad with chicken
    Supper: chicken wings

    Exercise: 30 minutes yoga at home

    Positive: I'm feeling grateful for my job, my home, my loving family and friends. There was a mentally ill guy singing on the street across from my office. He was a really good singer! I waved hello to him.
    Negative: A very dear friend at work is retiring and Thursday is her last day. I will miss her terribly and there will hardly be any oldsters like me left.
  • Breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries
    Lunch: chicken soup
    Snack: banana
    Dinner: mandarin oranges, broccoli, small amount of mac & cheese

    Exercise : 2 hours barn work

    Positive: My husband bought some doughnuts and I wasn't even tempted!
    Negative: I have a hard time finding anything negative. I am so blessed to have a great life!
  • Breakfast: waffles, 2 veggie links
    Lunch: veggie soup, slice of toast
    Supper: veggie pizza
    Snack: celery & hummus, mixed nuts

    Exercise: 4 mile walk, yard work

    Positive: I picked up a reel mower that someone wanted to junk, and my husband adjusted it so it would work better. Although it is still pretty cheaply made, I was able to trim up some of the higher patches in part of the yard giving my arms a workout.

    Negative: I could have done without the mixed nuts yesterday. Better food moderation is required.

    Wow Renee! You did great avoiding those doughnuts. That is some will power. Good job!!
    Follena, you are staying on track doing Yoga. Your dedication will soon turn into a good habit!
    I'm still a work in progress, but I know I am headed in the right direction. One day at a time.
    Have a great day ladies! Keep smiling!!
  • Renee: 2 hours barn work is a heckuva workout!
    Corinna: I so didnít want to do yoga tonight but I forced myself and was happy it was a short session. Do you make your veggie pizza homemade? Iíve been wanting to try a cauliflower crust.

    Breakfast: 1 oz sunflower seeds, 2 oz cream in coffee
    Lunch: Veggie bake & 3 oz roast beef
    Supper: 1 cup solar raw kale chips

    Exercise: 20 minutes yoga at home

    Positive: yoga session was 20 minutes instead of 30 tonight
    Negative: I couldnít do as many reps as the instructor but I got one or two good ones. Theyíre the hard ones where you hold your legs up, knees bent and hold arms outstretched to one side & then the other.
  • Breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries
    Lunch: chicken soup, 1/2 blt sandwich
    Dinner: sliced banana, steak, mushrooms, rice, corn

    Exercise: 2 hours barn work

    Positive: went out for lunch and didn't overeat
    Negative: nothing. I had a nice day out with my husband

    Follena - I have 6 miniature horses and I love being in the barn.

    Have an awesome Thursday everyone!
  • Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices of toast
    Lunch: Broccoli Soup
    Supper: Nutrition Drink
    Snack: Nutrition Drink
    Exercise: 2.5 hour walk, some stretching

    Positive: My coworkers were very good about keeping all the food in the refrigerator/coffee table area. They are being very supportive in my diet effort.

    Negative: Still didn't do the amount of stretching exercises I would like to do at work. I may have to rethink this effort. Perhaps on a less frequent pattern would be more realistic.

    Renee: I love your positivity vibes. I can feel your focus and determination! You are definitely headed towards success. Nice new ticker too.

    Follena: I haven't made the cauliflower crust yet, but it is on my list of things to try. I heard it is really good. Sadly, I must admit my pizza base is store bought. It comes with a few toppings and then I just add a few more to it if I like. Quick, easy, and cheap for about $2 for a whole pizza for 2 people. If it wasn't so cheap, then I would probably make my own. Your solar raw kale chips sound good. You did good with your yoga. You might have spent been less time doing it, but you made it harder, so I think it all balanced out to be the same.

    Enjoy your day!
  • Renee: 6 miniature horses! How adorable. Aw, that must be just wonderful. I love animals so much. I used to have a dog but now I have a cat. It's all good.
    Corinna: I buy the solar raw kale chips at London Drugs of all places. They're not cheap so I only buy maybe 4 bags a year. I love that your co-workers are supporting you so well!!

    Breakfast: 2 fried eggs and 5 slices bacon, 2 oz cream in coffee
    Lunch: Beet salad and butternut squash soup with fennel
    Supper: Fatburger with bacon and cheddar lettuce wrapped

    Exercise: Just walk from my office to the mall and back at lunch.

    Positive: I'm staying on my eating plan despite no weight loss for 10 days. My face looks a wee bit slimmer. Tonight I'm going to see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a Town Hall in my city.
    Negative: I'm very tired. I've been on Champix to quit smoking and that drug really messes with my sleep. I get my 8 hours but they're not quality 8 hours. Dark circles under my eyes since November. Really feels like I'm dragging myself to work in the morning. After yoga, it's all I can do to watch a little news on the couch until I go to bed. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow to wean off Champix so that's good.
  • Breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries
    Lunch: sushi
    Dinner: sliced banana, couple of stuffed rigatoni, stringbeans

    Exercise: 2 hours barn work

    Positive: went out to lunch with my husband and only had some sushi
    Negative: wind was blowing up to 40 miles an hour so couldn't get out for a walk. On the plus side, lots of branches fell down and it will be good exercise to pick them up

    Have a great Friday!
  • Breakfast: Granola
    Lunch: 2 eggs with spinach, red pepper
    Supper: Nutrition Drink
    Snack: Celery & Hummus
    Exercise: 30 minute walk, a small bit of stretching

    Positive: I belong to a group called 3 Fat Chicks, and there are 3 of us on a thread who are dedicated to supporting each other. It is fun and makes us all accountable!

    Negative: I want this weight to come off quickly, but that isn't wise or safe. I just need to be patient. It took time for it all to get there, it will take time for it all to come off.

    Renee-I'm glad you didn't get hit by any of those falling branches! You are definitely a glass half full versus half empty type of person. Love the positivity!

    Follena-I hope your transition off Champix goes a bit smoother for you in the upcoming weeks. That must make it that much harder to diet now. Stay strong!

    Tomorrow is weigh-in. Wishing everyone the best. :
  • Renee: hope your arm muscles arenít sore. Sometimes yard work gets us in the weirdest places.
    Corinna: Thx. Doc told me today to stop the Champix so hereís hoping my sleep improves. Eggs with spinach and red pepper sounds yummy!

    Breakfast: 2 fried eggs and 5 slices bacon, 2 oz cream in coffee
    Lunch: beef, onion and broccoli
    Supper: Greek chicken wings with lime

    Exercise: Just a brisk walk from my office to a restaurant and back. I was going to do yoga tonight but Iím too tired. Tomorrow!

    Positive: Iím stopping Champix! And I had a nice lunch with my sis and bro-in-law.
    Negative: Nothing really. Itís the weekend
  • Breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries
    Lunch: chicken soup, hard boiled egg
    Dinner: sliced cucumber, beef stew

    Exercise: 2 hours barn work

    Positive: kept my portions under control all week

    Hope we all have a great weigh-in!
  • Breakfast: 2 veggie links, nutrition drink
    Dinner: Indian food-Saag Paneer
    Supper: Mock Chik Patty and Pierogies
    Snack: Nutrition Drink
    Exercise: Weeding in yard

    Positive: staying upbeat about my eating and exercising. My willpower has been keeping me away from temptations.

    Negative: not exercising when sitting on the couch watching TV. I am going to put my hand weights in the area, so I don't forget. Just went and put them in there now Now I need to use them.

    Renee-your meals look really balanced. Good job this week controlling your portions!
    Follena-Hope you get some better sleep now that you will be off Champix. Also hope that you can stay away from smoking too.

    Weigh-in: shows......: down 1.5 lbs. Yippee!!! I hope you both had a successful week too.
  • Breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries
    Lunch: chicken soup, hard boiled egg
    Dinner: steak, sweet potato
    Snack : banana

    Exercise: 2 hours barn work

    Down 3 lbs.

    Positive: I'm headed in the right direction.
    Negative: I'm not walking enough. My fingers get really cold and numb. Maybe i need to find a heated gloves.

    Have a blessed Sunday!