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  • Afternoon all. Happy Friday.

    Ceejay – How are you feeling? Hope the aches have eased and you’re feeling more like yourself again.

    Happy – I’m sure you’re busy as ever. How did the trick or treating/senior lunch go – did you get hung up with all that??

    Annie – Sorry to hear your SIL Cindy is suffering so much. Sounds like a miserable time for her. And an entirely different version of miserable for your bereaved brother. Poor guy. I hope he can find comfort through you and other family members and friends and this most painful period will pass soon. I hope the bake sale goes well tomorrow.

    Hellos to Susie, Shad and Dee.

    Nothing much to report on my end. This morning I had a “get to know you” chat with our new boss’s boss’s boss. I was nervous, but it went fine. I have to say, a person can’t really get to that level (reports to CEO) without being able to carry a conversation for 30 minutes. But to me – beforehand - it felt like I might be in an interview – not sure if there might be some tough questions. But no. It was nice. And it will be helpful when I run into him in the future to feel like I know him a bit better.

    So October wasn’t a great month for workouts - I think I got two per week the entire month. This week was even worse. I didn’t exercise Sunday or yesterday, just on Tuesday. And didn’t do anything at home except maybe some squats while brushing my teeth and some counter pushups while waiting for the microwave to go off. Why is it so hard to remember to get off the sofa and do some arm/shoulder exercises with weights while I watch a little TV??

    Speaking of TV – Hallmark has already started all the holiday movies. I’m not sure I’m up for that right now!

    Tomorrow I have a hair appointment. I also plan to go to the village hall and vote early. My hair appointment is at 9, so I’m not going to try and work out at the fc before that. But I can do something in the basement… I need to TRY!!

    On Sunday I’m having breakfast with my friend B. That’s about it for weekend plans. I need to get myself out in the yard and do some cleanup of all the dead foliage. Not excited at all about this. But at a minimum, I will deal with my two window boxes and my two hanging pots. BF still has to do a final mowing…

    Okay, before I really get to rambling I’ll get this posted. Have a good weekend everyone.
  • Had to come through the back door.
    I'm still feeling down and out with mainly joint pain. All this rain and cool weather isn't helping. I'm going to make a doctor's appointment to see why my muscles are getting so tight in my hip and having pain in other areas.
    Don't forget to turn back the clock tonight.
    Need to check the balance in my checking account. I get emails stating when the withdraw the amount but I like to account for other spending too.

    Something tells me that they are holding you at WF to get a better position for you. My intuition has been wrong before though. Yummy on all those goodies for the bake sale. I'm wanting some brownies.

    Think I will focus on exercise this month I realize food is important. But I'm need a break from counting every bite.
  • Morning all,
    Few minutes before I have to go get presentable for the physio.

    Annie - Your brothers grief is normal. My mother rolled into a foetal ball and rocked for a long time after my dad died. She was fine at the funeral and then broke down. I gave her a tape from a grief counsellor (yes it was tape in those days) and it seemed to help her a little. The crying jags and the phone calls became less numerous as well.
    Hope you get something in the job line soon. Rotten thing to happen so soon before Christmas. I don't know about over there but getting employment over here in the month before Christmas is near impossible.
    I hope your SIL is better now.

    Ceejay - hope you are feeling better. Must be the weather, since my muscles were aching madly all last week.

    Laura - good to know that you have a boss that can talk to his staff. So many can't these days.

    Happy - did you survive the kids and the elderly together??? I've been enjoying DH's photos on facebook.

    Susie - Glad to hear DH is on the mend. I think I read that he goes back to work this week. (It's Monday here). Hope it all goes well for him. Tell him not to work too hard and to pace himself. Opt out when necessary.

    So what's happening around here. Well I could say not much, but I have been busy in the house and yard and the weather has decided to turn ugly hot. I am not looking forward to summer. I'm off to the physio shortly, then I may come back here for a nap. Did not sleep well last night and my digestive system is not being kind at the moment. Did a blood test the other day looking at liver and kidney function and also included a cancer check. They always do when you've been down that road once. Haven't heard back about anything so am presuming all is okay. Just wish I could get rid of this bloody indigestion.

    Done painting the walls in the spare room. Just the trim to go and then the door - which I will have to learn to hang and fit the door furniture - there's a new skill for my resume. Then I will attempt to lay the wooden floor boards - another new skill. If a man can do it, then so can I, it will just take a bit longer.

    The dog is here overnight for the next week or so. DS2 is off to Stanthorpe again. Wasn't very happy when he came home last Friday. Says he will not go back again until they have some sort of plan of work nailed down. This is a government job, they can't even lay down decent policy, what hope of a decent plan of work.
    Okay, well shower, change and buzz off to the physio. Then I just remembered I have a bit of a shop to do. After that perfect snoozing weather. Humidity has reached very high levels, temperature is climbing - currently around the 100F mark outside - and so are the weeds in my garden. Nothing doing out there today now. I did do some early but only until I couldn't see because of the sweat in my eyes.
    Have a good one and send some cool.

    Attached is a photo of part of the new fence DS2 and I put up.

  • Shad
    I really like the fence.

    Think I've figured out why my body aches all the time. In my opinion its from moving heavy furniture around to get the toys out from under them. Plus all the cool damp days that we have had. This morning we've had a thunderstorm.
    Taking the MRC products is having an affect on my digestive system. I've got to remember that my body is not as young as it used to be. I will be stopping them.today.
    There are 19 more days till vacation. I'm getting excited. I'm thinking about taking the cat back to Branson next week to let her get used to her brother, the dog. I will miss her but I do not want an animal full time. Our plane leaves at 7.30 in the morning from St Louis so bil wants to spend the night in St Louis. It's a 4 hour drive so I can't blame him.
  • It's 7.30 in the morning and the temperature reading inside the house is 28C or around 86F predicted to get to 33C today. Humidity reading is 62% but I think it is higher out there than that. I reckon I have lost a gallon of sweat already. Dog and I have been for our walk.and he has found every stretch of water to be had. He came home to have the hose put on him so he is a bit happier now. Still wants to play - such a puppy.

    Annie - happy birthday to Samantha. Hope she has a great day - she takes a good photo, just like you do.

    Ceejay - aching muscles and bones are no fun, however I have found the only way to get over them is to make the muscles work hard. Glad you like the fence. Now I just have to fix the gardens to show it off. Not much will be done this summer. Too hot to work outside except at daybreak or dusk and at dusk you get eaten by mosquitoes.

    So I have planned to get through a bit of housework, a bit of shopping, and a bit of a snooze through today. Better get on with it. Not looking forward to summer one little bit. November, January, February to go. 90 odd days. Just have to take it one step at a time.
  • Hi Everyone, time has been flying by so fast. Always something to clean at home or sort or shop for

    And then work is crazy and the VP is here.

    DH went back to work today. He had a good day and he is good and tired too.

    Annie: i hope your sister in law is feeling better.

    I am praying for your job situation. And praying for your brother. I cant imagine losing a spouse.

    Laura: some months the exercise doest happen like we want it to. At least you averaged 2 times a week. Go for 3 this month!

    Happy: exercise is a good focus...just take it easy and remember the focus is to move each day and gain strength, balance and flexibility.

    Shad: i beleive that since you havent heard from the blood work everything is going well.

    Ceejay how exciting to have a tropical vacation to look forward too!

    I promise to be around more. I have miss you all!

    Hi to Dee!!
  • Afternoon all. Nothing exciting going on here.

    Ceejay – Sorry the joint pain is continuing…keep your body moving. Do you have a stretching routine? I do some stretching after my workouts at the fitness center, but not just stretching for stretching’s sake. Reminds me, I have a Margaret Richard exercise dvd that has a stretch routine on it. I bought it a couple months ago and haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. I bought 3 or 4 dvds all at once (she was clearing out all the dvds and now only streams her workouts) and I’ve only gotten through two workouts on one of the dvds. == I like having alerts set up on my bank accounts. I need to set some up on one of my credit cards. == What are MRC products?? == I agree about getting to St. Louis the night before your flight - that's too early to drive up from your town the same morning.

    Shad – I wish my direct boss knew how to talk to his staff. But nope. Everything is awkward as heck with him. Sigh. == I like your fence! I imagine the material will be long lasting? = Re the bloodwork – I imagine no news is good news. Have you figured out what’s causing the indigestion? I hope it hasn’t been going on for too long. == Wow, door hanging and hardwood floor installation. You’re probably able to hire yourself out with all the home improvement skills you’ve picked up! And of course you can do it, and better than a man I bet. == Speaking of door hanging…this morning I was closing the kitchen cabinet and then I heard the sound of metal hitting the countertop and saw a couple pieces hit the floor. One piece was plastic and another was a tiny metal spring. I’m sure there’s another bit somewhere that I haven’t seen just yet. Looks like one of the cabinet door hinges partially broke, though I didn’t know the hinge had plastic inside it... I left a post-it note with bf and the parts. He thinks we might have an extra hinge from when we switched them out many years ago. There’s always something! == Hey, is your friend mended enough for your trip to Tasmania?? Keep cool.

    Susie - I'm glad your dh had a good day back at work. He'll be back at 100% before he knows it.

    Hellos to the rest of you.

    I've been pretty bored at work lately. The only one, actually. The other three have been really busy. I hope the boss isn't thinking he could do without me. The issue is really about failure on his part and on the #2's part to properly delegate - both of them just don't seem to be able to it. It's very tempting to take a leap and perhaps start to seriously think about moving to another position in the company. Just to learn something new and feel more useful and maybe even have a boss I like!

    The number of things I need to shop for seem to be multiplying and I really need to get down to it - order some stuff online and also force myself to also go shopping at bricks and mortar stores as well. Shoes, socks, lingerie, sambucol, earbuds, work clothes, dish cloths, bedsheets, throw pillows...etc. Bleh. Tired just thinking of it.

    Okay, back to the job. Take care everyone.

  • Laura
    Sound like you may be updating and doing some minor home improvements like decorating. I am feeling a better today until the mail arrived. I have jury duty starting 11/29/18 but I did get it postponed till 1/14/19 because of our scheduled vacation. No I haven't been stretching after my work outs. Hadn't thought about it. I may do a beginners yoga dvd after while. MRC is supplements that you take to help curb your appetite. They added different things to this formula and my body is reacting to the new stuff.
    I'm also glad that DH had a good day at work. He will feel better in no time.
    I was dizzy headed today so I took a nap this afternoon and feel better. Think it is because of the time change but I do have a loud ringing in my ear which is nothing unusual for me. It's just louder than usual. I may go to the minute clinic tomorrow to be checked out.
    Also in the mail was a colorectal screening test. ugh Guess it's better than a colonoscopy but that will probably come later.
    Also trying to decide whether to go back to just plain Medicare insurance or stick with the one I have.
    I have wanted to try a different website other that MFP so I decided on Spark People. I did try Atkins website but didn't like taking the time to figure out net carbs and since I'm not diabetic I told myself to try something. SP is different and I'm having trouble following their format.
    Also in the mail I got a colarectal screening. I'm at another making
  • Good morning all,

    Ads are really slowing response time on this site. Its been a busy week so far. I have to work the senior center lunch desk today. I don't think the lady I am covering for is having an easy time of recovery from her surgery so I will be stuck with this a while. I am already tired of it over the last 5 weeks I have worked. Went for my dental consult this week. Implants would cost me $25 - $35,000 and are the most expensive but best option to hold up. I am still trying to wrap my head around that. Surely don't want all my upper teeth yanked for dentures.

    I will try and come back later to post. Sorry I haven't been around much...
  • Cindy is home now. She came home Saturday evening. Doing well.

    I went to doc yesterday. Acute bacterial sinusitis and throat infection. Aumentin 875 mg. Yippee off work yesterday. Back today, feeling better.

    No word on anything as yet.
  • Morning all. Happy Hump Day.

    Ceejay - Gosh, you might not want to check your mail anymore. Jury duty AND a colorectal screening. Ugh to both. I've used the sparkpeople food tracking a while back. I do like MFP's better.

    Happy - Oh my, $25-35k for implants!! But I'm sure it would be well worth the $$$ as compared to having dentures. Don't work too hard!!

    Annie - Glad Cindy is back at home and feeling well. ~~ And I'm glad you're feeling better - yuck on the sinusitis. == Sorry you're still stuck in limbo, not knowing when the ax will fall.

    Hellos to the rest of you.
    I'm submitting requests for all my vacation time. I'm sure the boss will not be thrilled, but it's my time and I'm going to use it up! And still carry over 5 days, LOLOL.

    I also made a couple medical appointments.

    I worked out yesterday. Good that I had my eye candy there to help me get through it, haha. Sadly, there's only one guy that serves this purpose. At least I know he works out on Tuesday. I can't recall if he's there on Thursday too. I'll confirm that tomorrow night.

    Well, I haven't checked in on the election results so all I know at the moment is that we now have a new governor in my state. I hope he won't make things worse... I'm glad I did early voting - and I'm apparently not the only one - the number of early voters seems to be growing a LOT.

    Okay, hi ho hi ho...you know the rest.
  • Hi everyone I've been MIA over a month due to family situations & I didn't want to write gloomy posts & also my cell phone screen shattered when I dropped it after being pushed while shopping, 3 weeks to have extra $ for another Galaxy. I know y'all have IPhones with insurance, I need to add insurance to my new cell.
    I'll catch-up with y'all by reading this current page when Dh leaves for work in the morning at 4am. I have birthday baking gifts to finsh for son #2 the rest of today & tomorrow for Friday; special fruit filled cookies, kolache, cream horns & buckeye candy that he'll munch through Thanksgiving at work & at home & then bake my secret pumpkin pie. His wife has had a successful cupcake business for 6 yrs, but he Requests mom's baking yrly for his gift, it would be much less expensive to do a dinner or a buy his gift, Dh says I should feel flattered about my baking.

    Hugs to everyone, you've been missed while I've been offline without you. I almost phoned y'all on Dh's cell to talk.
  • My boss is on the way from Chicago to visit me. Today is the day! Oh Boy...prayers please.
  • Annie
    Sending you extra good vibes and prayers.

    How much vacation time do you have left? Good for you in taking it. I'm going back to MFP. Like you I like it better and I'm used to it. I'm having to spend much more time on SP.

    Whoa, I though my dental bill was outrageous. I could probably afford one at a time.

    I always like baked things for gifts. I don't need it but think I will request an Italian Cream cake for Christmas.

    Have you finished painting he trim and doors? What's next on the schedule. Working outside?
    I went to the doctor yesterday to find out what was going on with my dizzy head. I have fluid behind my ear drum. He gave me predisone to take and one dose of that is doing wonders. He couldn't draw labs until today so I went back for that this afternoon. My veins are are hard to find and they roll around all over the place. She finally drew enough out of my hand.
    After this I went to the gym and did an good work out. Walked 45 minutes on the treadmill and did some weight machines. I'm getting sore. I noticed that after I rode the recumbent bike that my lower back would be hurting. So I just walked today. Trying to get ready for vacation.
    I also went to the grocery store. and bought food for the rest of the week.
  • bumping us up