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  • Afternoon all. Happy New Year!

    I'm having a quiet day, reading and watching TV. Quick trip out in the morning to pick up some bread & milk. My time off has been very uneventful, and I'm not feeling all that bad about doing not much at all. I'm sure when I get back to work, I'll start thinking of all the things I should have been doing during my time off, but too bad. I'm enjoying the relaxation, though I'm glad to have gotten 3 shopping bags of donations to the senior center's thrift shop yesterday. Have caught up on a bunch of laundry - bed, bath and kitchen linens had all piled up. Ordered a new set of sheets online, but the color we wanted is on backorder until sometime in February. They are "celery green" so I suppose when we finally get them in February we'll enjoy using them because the color will make us think of spring!!

    Susie - I hope you enjoyed the parade and will enjoy the Rose Bowl game later today. Are you getting back into your exercise routine? I've not been exercising more than once a week as of late. So yes, I'm excited to start the deep stretching class. It begins Monday the 7th.

    Ceejay - Good to focus on exercise - if you don't use it, you lose it! So overwhelming to try and tackle everything you think needs to happen. The list can be so long!!! So just get into the exercise routine, and see what you're ready for next after the exercise becomes part of your daily routine.

    Happy - What a bummer that your go-to restaurant is going to be closed for the next several months. Good thing you like to cook... I agree with you re the lobster. We've never cooked lobster at home. Closest was crab legs, and if I wanted lobster I'd just get the tail. But much more likely to go to a seafood restaurant and let the experts deal with it. Re New Year's celebrations in the Midwest...Chicago tried something a couple years ago but it didn't seem to work out - some apparatus attached to a building that would drop to ring in the new year. Didn't hear anything about it this year - I don't think it went over well that first time and it wasn't without glitches... BUT: Whiting, Indiana had a pierogi drop!! Our local ABC station covered it as part of its NYE celebration coverage. A large lit up pierogi, haha. It also had a fest going, and it made me want some pierogi!!

    Shad - Yes, we have entertained larger groups at home during the warm weather when we can be out in the yard and have nice casual cookouts - grilled food and a buffet of all the other stuff, coolers with ice and beverages. So much more relaxing from the hosting point of view. Good for you keeping the brain busy with French lessons, as well as cooking and tai chi classes. Bf and I almost totally stopped cooking this past year and I think we're both thoroughly sick of carryout and eating out. So I've started recording a couple of the cooking shows I like and hopefully that will get me motivated to do some weekend cooking. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm happy to report I am down 13 pounds from this time last year, and 20 pounds down from a high point in April. I hope to continue the trend down this year.

    Carol - Happy New Year to you! Yes, it's been absolutely wonderful having this group of friends in my life for another year!!

    Annie - Don't be a stranger!! I hope you enjoyed the holidays with your family.

    Hi Dee!!

    Well, I'm going to get this posted before I manage to lose it. Then I'll go down to the basement, sort some laundry and get a load going. TTFN!
  • I woke up Sunday with severe knee pain. Yesterday I had foot pain and leg pain to go with the knee pain. I'm thinking it may be caused from not wearing the right shoe. My good shoes got wet by wearing them in the ocean. I could never get them dried. I'm going to Fleet Feet tomorrow to get a new pair of shoes and I love there insoles there to see if this helps. I'm taking an OTC pain relief med. It's helping but not fast enough for me. The weather is not helping. Feeling a bit depressed for some reason. probably the weather also.
    I road my air bike at home yesterday thinking that pf would be closed and will ride again today if my knee allows it.
    Good for you in taking French lessons. Did you finish the tiling?

    Don't blame you for being "lazy' for a few days. Everyone deserves that.

    I watched part of the Rose parade but probably will not watch the ball game. I'm not into sports. One of my friends attended the parade. They had some beautiful floats.

    Need to go back and read what you said.
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