Steel Magnolias #26

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  • Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood! I’ve been to the garage sale and bought some more pretty rocks, WM for a sweater pill remover which they didn’t have , and the grocery store. I am making the famous Snickers salad and baked beans for Maddy’s birthday tomorrow. She turns 15, hard to believe! I think I am home for the rest of the day! Have laundry waiting, birthday gifts to wrap, and food to make. Bob helped me box up the dishes that I was so disappointed in so they are on their way to Kansas City! Thank goodness we saved all the packing items! I got my physical lab results back; some numbers above the range and some below. Some of the things I have never heard of! I will take a copy to my doctor when I have my physical in September. It will interesting to see what the “big cheese” underwriter has to say. Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and enjoy!