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happy2bme 07-03-2018 10:44 AM

2018 - Leg 3 of the Worldly Chick Tour
Gads ladies, hard to believe half of the year has flown by us already. Most of us are blazing in the summer heat while poor Shad is sniffling and sneezing through an Aussie cold. Still a lot of time to make plans, enjoy the weather and meet some goals by the end of the year.

Setting up the new thread. Will go back and do some housekeeping and then come back for personals.

Click if you want to link back to the 2nd quarter thread

happy2bme 07-03-2018 11:07 AM

So I noticed that we can no longer change font styles or sizes. They must have taken that away since Laura kept posting a mish mash :rofl: We could use some new smilies though.

Alrighty then. Sorry to not be posting for a few days. Got carried away with a few things. The director is leaving the Senior Center so there are loose strings to wrap up and hand off. I got a call from my sister on Sunday - she thinks it's time we got together and discussed my Mom. Don't think she can live by herself any more. Her eyesight is failing with the macular degeneration, her hearing is failing, she is wobbly on her feet and the city is instituting a residential permit parking ordinance which means Sis has to pay to park any length of time (even 10 minutes) to pick up my Mom or park and drop off groceries and such. My Mom's neighborhood like any inner city neighborhood is made up of single family homes with approximately 1-1/2 car lengths of street parking for each home. The culture has changed to the effect that now the homes are filled with multiple residents - the Asians often have 3 generations of people living in the homes and the Latinos run what almost amounts to a boarding house - across the street from my Mom there are 11 people living in a house that has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. And all of these people have cars. Compounding the fact is that there are also people who come on the weekend, park their cars on my Mom's street and then take off in someone else's car leaving their car sitting there all weekend long. Parking is a nightmare. My Mom has a rickety old garage and the overhead garage door is manually opened (takes the strength of Hercules), it easily slips off it's track and the door is old and too small to fit my Sister's Equinox SUV in there. There is no electricity in the garage because the alley rats chewed through the wiring many years ago. And most people in her neighborhood use their garages to store stuff anyway making the parking problem even worse. Effective the first of this month, you now need a sticker to park on the streets. I'm not sure how many are issued to the homeowner but any extra temporary permits have to be purchased and are only good for 24 hours. And you can only register a car IF you reside at that address so Sis can't register her car for parking at my Mom's even though she takes care of her. Makes a tough job even more frustrating for my sister. The meter maids are checking permits all the time and it's a $75 ticket fine (each day) if you are caught illegally parking.

So I will be taking off 2 weeks to go to Chicago and go with my sister to see what services and options are available to us for Mom. She does NOT want to live with either of us and we aren't keen on the idea either so if she can manage independent living it would be better for all - just so she is within eyeshot of either of us. And I am also looking for options up this way including building a small cabin on our property as well as housing options up here. She would be better off living here with us as we have a large senior population, she'd be more active and social. Even at 91, Sis and I believe she will live to over 100 and outlive both of us :rofl: As well as finding her new living quarters and ripping her out of her home kicking and screaming, this also means we have to prep her home and get ready to sell it as we will need the house money for her ongoing care and living expenses. It may be a busy and disruptive summer and fall for me. And here I thought we'd finally get to use the boat and ATV :(

I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday. Should have lost 15 pounds by now and that didn't happen. I have to starve myself to lose anything of significance. Breakfast is coffee. I have one main meal broken down in two, am tracking my food. Haven't been that good on the exercise - admittedly the days are getting away from me - there always seems to be SOMETHING that is disrupting. Including getting projects done around the house. I am home but still get interrupted either via phone calls or emails. Just need to buckle down and get it done.

I'm going to post now as we have to get ready to go run some errands shortly. I will come back for personals.

Shad 07-03-2018 04:45 PM

Morning all,
Some changes made here I see. Getting more like word without the added extras.
Got home from NZ and developed a rotten cold. It doesn't appear to want to go away either which makes getting things done a bit of a chore. My ribs hurt with coughing and sneezing, my ears hurt and my nose is blocked solid most of the time. I'm off to see a doc today and if I don't feel any better by tonight, my trip to Adelaide for the weekend (Miss S's birthday) is off. I'm not flying when feeling like this. I could drive, but it would take 2-3 days and I should have left for there today. I don't feel like driving 2600km anyway.

Thanks for starting the new thread Happy, I was going to do it yesterday but didn't get around to it. Not on my list of things to do, doesn't generally get done.
Happy - sad to hear that your Mum is slowly going down hill. It will be a hassle getting her out of the house and getting it on the market for sale. Doesn't sound like you will get a huge price for it either which puts the onus on the family to keep her fed and housed.

Ceejay - great that you had such a good time with old school friends. And you won't be driving the niece so much anymore.

Susie - Happy anniversary.

Hi to Annie, Laura, Dee. Sorry, feeling too lousy to go back and sort out the last posts. :wave: I will try to do better later. Meantime, I should make an attempt to walk the dog and get on with the day. See you all later.

MyChoice2bfit 07-04-2018 08:49 AM

Happy 4th of July everyone! This is one of my favorite holidays as I love fireworks and tonight we are going to a big fireworks event in Blue Ash Ohio. Two free concerts before the fireworks, John Wait and Pat Benatar!!! There will be about 100,000 people at this free event and the fireworks are amazing. We haven't been in a few years and I am excited to go. We are taking two of the nieces who want to go.

Update on Genny, she will have her surgery on July 16---my first day in Virginia Beach. She said she will be ok as it is only outpatient surgery, she is having a lumpectomy. I offered to change my vacation but she didn't want me too. After that she has healing time and then radiation. Thank you for continue prayers of her.

The new work computer wasn't too painful of a transition and all my stuff transferred smoothly. I did what they said to ready my computer...it paid off.

I had a 1.6 lb loss at TOPS last week. I think this week I am going to stay the same. I missed a couple of days working out this week. It seems to make a big difference for me.

Happy: Thanks for setting up the new thread. You sure have a lot going on with your mom, a lot of moving parts with all that is going on. Don't overload yourself with all the volunteer things you do, you now need to focus on the mom situation and get that all in place. It will take a lot of mental energy for sure.

Laura: You are doing great with the rowing! Keep it up! and I see you are on MFP pretty regular as well.

Annie: How is the staycation going? I enjoy those types of vacations--it is nice to be able to stay home and just do what you want when you want.

Shad: I hope your cold is short lived, they can be pretty miserable. Lot's of honey and tea always helps me and sleep.

Ceejay: The High School reunion looked like a nice time. Itsn't it funny how time seems to fly by so quickly? Now that the niece is finished with the classes are you done driving her back and forth and being transit in where you are staying?

Dee: What a fun job you have! It is right up your alley!

Time for me to go get my workout in; weigh-in is tomorrow and I know that dinner tonight wont be healthy as we will be getting concession food at the event tonight. I'll make the best choices I can.

happy2bme 07-05-2018 12:57 AM

hi all,

going to post now because I have a super busy day tomorrow. Doctor's appt at 10 - she's going to be disappointed. I was supposed to have lost 15 pounds by now. Didn't happen. I pretty much have to starve myself in order to lose weight and I'm not going to do that. For example yesterday I had coffee with measured out creamer for breakfast. Late lunch was two cold shrimp cakes left over from the other day with about a tablespoon of the lemon aoili that went with it. That was lunch. For dinner I had a bowl of air popped popcorn with some butter on it. And a handful of Ranier cherries. And today I was down a pound and a half - the biggest loss all week. And that's not enough food for me. The only reason I ate minimally was because I was dealing with a big upset stomach. I'm tired of dieting, thinking about food, being fat and the whole mess of it all. After the doctor's I have to hit the farmers market at the hospital to pick up some strawberries and arugula for DH. Then off to my TOPS meeting. Then home for a bit, get DH something planned for supper (he will make it himself if I tell him what to do) and then I'm off to bingo for the night. At least the jackpot went last week so we'll have a smaller crowd and things won't be so hectic. I hope. :crossed: a nice guy last week also offered to help us out so I hope that goes well as they will be really shorthanded when I am away.

I started looking into some things up this way for Mom. Asked questions of a few people here which is good because we have such a large senior population. I think she'd be better off up here but I doubt she will leave my sister as she is her care taker and her brain - ie Sis needs to remember everything because Mum doesn't want to and she knows I while I will take care of her I won't baby her. It will be more costly for her to remain in independent living up here which is what we are striving for - not assisted living. We are in trouble if she ever breaks a hip and needs one of those facilities - don't have the money for it. Thing is that my sister lives in a pricey suburb - I did too but both of us lived on the "poorer" section of town :lol: But the facilities are more expensive very close to her - I'm not sure if it's any different for Sis to drive 45 minutes into the city like now or to drive 45 minutes to a far south suburb like the place that her husband's aunt is in. I looked up air fares and while they are advertising $187 fares to Chicago it means taking the red eye flights - we'd have to leave her at 4:15 to 4:30 am to catch the first flight of the day and the late evening ones would not get me into Chicago until after my sister had gone to bed. Also my airport up here is tiny - about 10 flights a day and they close at 10pm. If I took the last flight of the day and it got delayed out of Chicago because of weather or something, I might be stuck spending the night at O'Hare airport if it was too late to get back into Duluth. DH said he'd drive me in but frankly driving 8 hours to take me in, getting a few hours sleep and driving back 8 hours the next day is a bit much. I'd have to drive 5 hours - almost there to be able to catch a train in but that would let me off downtown and I'd have to shift across town to get to a strange train station to find my way to my sister's place. Sorry to moan, it's shaping up to be a hassle. And I am missing a couple of weeks of our very short summer. The pontoon is sitting in the yard still covered waiting for us to take it into the water this year. Maybe Friday. And the ATV is sitting unused in the garage too. We can't help but wonder if we should sell these because a couple of times a year just doesn't seem worth it to keep them. Sorry I am getting into a real funk here.

I hope you all had a nice Independence Day. It rained alot today - in some cases they cancelled the fireworks but by the sound of it tonight many of the lakeside fireworks shows as well as the one in town went off as planned once the night cleared up. Lots of thunder booming. I do feel terribly for the poor animals in the woods. It carried on from dusk for at least 90 minutes all around. From the sounds of it must have been some spectacular shows.

Susie - how were the concerts? Two great artists. I would have enjoyed that. Was it a good fireworks show too? I saw your pic on FB - looks like you were having fun. I agree with you that working out several times a week does indeed affect the scale. Congrats on a loss and hopefully you can stave off any damage from the holiday festivities.

Shad - bummer on catching a cold - hard to avoid this time of year. I do hope you can get better enough to be able to fly to Miss S's birthday party. She will be driving soon, no? :lol: Seems like it. Yes, we won't get much for Mum's house - it's old and needs repairs but it does have an upstairs apartment which is attractive and the people who are buying in the area are keen on having places that will room 5 times as many residents as the house was intended for so it should sell quickly. She will be 92 in October. We can cover 3 more years easily enough provided she does not need skilled nursing care. As my friend once told me, no need to worry until they give you definite news to worry about. Are you finding your days fill quickly now that you are retired?

Hope you had a nice relaxing vacation Anne.

Laura - saw there were some storms out your way. Did it interfere with holiday plans?

Ceejay - are you back home for a while?

Hello Dee :wave:

If I get to bed in the next 10 minutes I can maybe get 6 hours of sleep before the alarm goes off so going to post this. Have a good Thursday everyone.

Laura705 07-05-2018 12:55 PM

Morning all.

Happy - Thanks for setting us up on a new thread. Where in the world is the year going!? == I'm sorry to hear that your mom's housing situation is getting more difficult for her - and for your sister as well. And that permit parking they have in the high density areas is a real PITA. We never had it where we lived on the NW side of town - thank goodness - but sometimes we encountered parking issues in other parts of the city. It'll be a difficult and busy time for you and your sister to search out and sort out the options for your mother, but it's unavoidable. == I suppose it's a good thing she's not expecting to live with either you or your sis. Ugh, just thinking about what my mom and my sister and I went through to get her house empty and her stuff packed...I don't envy you with that challenge. Good luck!! I do have to say I feel good that my mom is in a place that's specifically geared towards people her age, and if she ever needs assisted living, that's available in the same community too. I'm sure the thought of that will be the thing that keeps you going when things get tough.

Shad - I'm sorry you have a cold. I hope it hasn't turned into something more serious like bronchitis, etc. Hope the doc and some REST helps. Feel better soon! What a shame to have to miss a visit with Miss S for her bday. :(

Susie - How was the 4th in Blue Ash? Sounds like a lot of fun with the concerts and fireworks. :) == 'll certainly keep Genny in my thoughts. == Yay for the loss at TOPS last week!! Hope today's weigh-in goes well - just stay in that groove! == Yeh, I'm logging my eating in MFP, though I did fall off tracking last weekend...but eating wasn't bad. The regular cardio is helping me out.

Hellos to Ceejay, Annie & Dee. :wave:

We didn't get an email to leave the office earlier, so I ended up on the 3:10 train on Tuesday. I got home, changed clothes and left again to take my mom grocery shopping. Only one store, so it was a quick trip. Back home, changed clothes again and went to the fc for a workout. Did about 30 min on the recumbent.bike and my mat work.

We had a lazy day on the 4th. I dvr'd the Nathan's hot dog eating contest to watch later and then watched a little bit of Wimbeldon. Watching that tennis tourney is one of my holiday traditions, lol. We went out to eat at a new breakfast/lunch place in our village's downtown. It's got cute décor, and bf and I both had tasty sandwiches.

Later on we watched the hde contest - such a spectacle. Before this, I'd only seen short news clips, but the most entertaining part were the intros of the contestants by the "ring master". That might be another holiday tradition going forward...or maybe when it's just crazy hot and humid like it was yesterday.

In the evening, we met two friends at a bar that is situated within viewing site of a fireworks display. We had a table on their patio and watched the fireworks while we hung out.

Very quiet in the office today, just the way I like it.

Gonna hit the fc after work. Right now it's time to post this and get myself some lunch. TTFN!!

Laura705 07-05-2018 02:50 PM

Hi Happy. I don't know how I missed your post from last night... == Ugh, travel planning. Not my forte. Good luck finding flights that work with your timing at a reasonable price. == I guess I need to be grateful that my mom is still very independent. Not that she really tries much to keep a good calendar for herself - but I suppose the day of the week is not so important to some retirees, except for any plans or appointments one might make. == If I were your sister, I think a facility in the suburbs would be preferable based on the parking issues in the city.

At fireworks time last night we had some lightning, but no thunder or rain, so the show went off just fine.

Forgot to mention in my previous post that yesterday I discovered I had $20 of Kohl's cash that expired yesterday, so after lunch we went to Kohl's. I bought a pair of plain silver hoop earrings and a more presentable baseball cap to wear under my bike helmet and walking between the train station/office. I hate when the sun's at an angle such that even sunglasses don't help! As for the earrings - I'd lost one of my silver hoops from my previous pair quite a while ago and kept forgetting to buy another pair. I bought the exact same size/style that I had before, so the orphan earring can be a replacement if (okay, make that *when*) I lose one of the new ones, LOL. Not that I spent a lot - the earrings were 60% off of $40, so $16. The hat was tagged as $22.00 and it's a rarity that something isn't on sale at Kohl's AND even rarer that I'd buy something from Kohl's that wasn't on sale....BUT...they scanned at $2.20, which I definitely think is some sort of data entry error. I asked the clerk about that but she didn't see an issue. I'd have felt obligated to point out her mistake if she'd manually entered the dollar amount incorrectly...but no, I just consider it an error in my favor and leave it at that - I did ask, so that's that. Anyway, the funny part is I still had a dollar something left of the $20 to use, so bf just picked up one of those Godiva chocolate bars that they sell by the check-outs. My Kohl's cash ended up going further than I thought it would.

miniDoodles 07-06-2018 07:59 AM

Good morning :coffee: I just got to work & have a few minutes until I open up. Then I'll drink a smoothie that I put yummy peaches into.

I read your posts & see that everyone had a nice July 4th!i

Shad, I hope you're feeling better now. Did you Skype with Missy for her birthday :hb:

Susie, It was wonderful that you got to be with the nieces for fireworks, because teenagers often become so busy being teenagers that they don't have time for being with adult relatives.

Ceeg, Now that the niece will be taking care of herself, do you have any hobbies or community groups that you'd like to try?

Annie, How's your vacation going :beach: I know the boys are enjoying their extra time being with grandma every day!

Laura, Fun shopping with the gift card! The last item I got there is a pair of sunglasses that fit over my eyeglasses, I don't like the transition eyeglasses that change from outside to indoors. Cute that Bf got candy :D

Happy, Yup I agree that the fireworks noise must've frightened the wildlife near town, our woods is far enough away from our local village that we don't have that situation. I hope that you & Dh can enjoy a ATV ride or cruising on your pontoon soon! Your Dh should take a buddy when you're volunteering & he could share a video or pics of his adventures with you after work :df: he deserves to have fun while you're having fun working as a volunteer right ;)

​​​​​​Enjoy the weekend & yummy summer:hun: foods, my Luv & hugs to everybody :grouphug:

ceejay52 07-06-2018 12:13 PM

I still have to provide transportation for niece. she doesn't have her license back yet
we had a very nice 4th. The food, company and fireworks were great. my small town goes all out for fireworks.
we are going to a show in Branson tonight as part of a celebration for my niece. plus she has a free ticket that her uber driver,not me, gave her.
I do not envy you in finding a new place for your mom. but it has to be done. How did your Tops meeting go?
congrats on losing another 1.6 pounds
How are you feeling?
Annie and Dee. hello.
um on the phone . I'll do more when I have a bigger keyboard


miniDoodles 07-09-2018 12:00 AM

Hi girls, everyone on my Fitbit friend list I sent this Fitbit invitation to: Let's Do this 👍 one day challenge together while our Temps r lower & ppl are @ work in the cool A.C. & burn-up our extra🍦& cold drink calories :coffee:

Laura replied & told me her Fitbit battery died. So I replied to 3 friends that decided to join me: Rachel S., Charles & John C. Susie's Dh. saying, "I guess other ppl think it's too Hot to move 👟 We aLL gotta walk so why not do it as a game with friends ;) So ppl Where r u 😎?"

It's only a 1 day walking challenge to burn our summer calories & fat, so if you didn't see your Fitbit invite, it's not too late to click 'accept' on your Fitbit anytime Monday. Come play & join us :carrot: walking.

Hugs to everyone :grouphug:

annie175 07-09-2018 08:31 AM

Hey I am back, great vacay. Will post in a bit after I get caught up. Going to type it in Word and copy and paste. Probably not do personals but I have read all the posts.

happy2bme 07-09-2018 08:35 AM

Good morning ladies,

Weekend sure did fly by. We went on the boat finally all day Friday. It was a great day for it. DH got some nice bird pictures. I got to drive the pontoon while he snapped away. Saturday we had a nice dinner out and went to the casino for a while. I also had to go around and pick up some gift certificates for next week's shelter fundraiser. Spent some time talking to Mom to prepare her for what's coming down the pike but she is remarkable in her ability to stick her head in the sand and ignore it. Talked to Sis for a while too. Today I have to fill in at the Senior Center. I have to remember that I really don't want to fill in on Mondays and Thursdays. I haven't been in the pool but maybe twice in the last 3 weeks. I'm not sure about getting back to Chicago. Airfares are horrific - will cost me close to a thousand dollars and I don't want to shell out that kind of money at the moment. I might just ride down with a friend if she's up to it and only stay a quick week. Sis and I are going to get our ducks in a row and move fast with Mom if we have to.

Dee - hope you can achieve your Fitbit goals. Good idea to make a fun challenge. It's still too hot here to be intense outside.

Ceejay - when the niece get her license back? Glad you had a nice 4th celebration.

Laura - I have taken to wearing a ball cap also - the brim helps with the sunshine when glasses alone aren't enough. It also helps protect the color in your hair. Nice score on the Kohl's bounty!

Hi to Annie, Shad and Susie :wave: I have to jump in the shower and get ready to go. I'm late as usual... Today after work the much anticipated peach truck comes up with their delicious Georgia yummies. Been waiting on that all year! Yummy.

Have a good one ladies.

MyChoice2bfit 07-09-2018 10:23 PM

Hi Ladies. I am sorry to be MIA so much lately.

I worked tonight until 7:30 PM. Just got the kitchen cleaned up. No workout tonight. I am heading to bed. I have read the posts and hope to get back to posting tomorrow.

It is going to be a crazy week since since I will be starting my vacation on Friday so I can clean my house before we leave on Sunday for Virginia Beach. I also have a pedicure on Friday and a spray tan ,and Saturday I am doing our packing.

See you all later.

annie175 07-10-2018 09:40 AM

Let’s see. Hmmmm. I will say I was 100% Keto the entire week of vacay. Down 6 lbs total. I am on day 13 of being 100%. Amazing how the bloating is gone, the aches and pains are minimal to gone. Knees feel so much better. Ankle pain almost gone. My health and feeling good are the more important to me than food. I thought I couldn’t live without popcorn or watermelon. That is just bull ship. You CAN do anything you set your mind too. Just stop with the I cannots and do it. Dang it. By day 4 the cravings were gone as Keto kicked in and I felt full all the time. Eating this way and drinking about half the water I should made the difference. I admit I am fasting for most of the days. With the exception of BPC. Dinner to dinner. It is easy as I feel full eating this way. PLUS the bullet proof coffee in the morning extends the fullness. Try bullet proof hot tea or hot chocolate. Blend with blender.

First Friday, Sam and I ran errands and bug bombed the house. We gathered up the kiddos and pups and headed over to my Bro/SILs house. We took lunch with us for all. We play a card game “Up and down the river”. Two games of it. Sat and talked drinking fresh brewed iced tea my SIL made. Great day.

First Saturday, I don’t even remember what we did. Probably a bunch of nothing or pool side in the back yard in our 2’ deep lil pool. Our neighbor put on an incredible firework show that night over the lake. It was gorgeous. Posted it on FB for those interested. It was almost a professional job. They collect fireworks all year long. It was about 40 minutes long.
Sunday was relax day.

Monday was relax day.

Tuesday was water park day. We had Sam, the boys, babysitting 2 yr old Abby, Sam’s friend Meg and her two girls (bout the same ages as the boys), my bro/SIL, Her niece with her two kids ages 1 year and 5 years. Quite the crowd. We were one of the first ones in line so we gathered a line of 8 chairs in the shade by the kids pool/slide/climbing gym with all the water spouts and pirate cannons. We did the lazy river with all for about 1.5 hours. Sam, Meg and I went down the adult slide/winding tube twice. Bro/SIL watched all the kids while we did that.

Wednesday, 4th of July, was lounging by our little pool. That evening we drove about 30 miles south to Edinburgh, Indiana for a fireworks show. It was only 25 minutes long but enjoyable. We took blankets, chairs, bug burning coils, cooler with drinks and snacks. The boys loved it. Several people did the luminary balloons before the fireworks which was nice and very pretty. BTW….Edinburgh has a very nice, huge outlet mall with all the big contenders. Must go on a decent day as it is an outdoor type that you walk. I HAVE been there a couple of time, believe it or not. It is nice and will probably go back if invited, I certainly won’t plan a trip. DON’T LIKE SHOPPING.

Thursday, Sam and I had a chair massage. So worth it. She is sold on getting them also. She couldn’t believe how great it felt and the after effects from it. Then we met C for lunch on his route. A little pub famous for their steaks and burgers. After that we went to a place called 5 Below. Everything was 5 bucks or less. We picked up a couple of pool floats, the boys both got a cheap remote control motor boat for the pool.

Friday we ran to Menards (Hardware store). Bought several lawn items including fertilizer, dirt, pots, yard bug spray, weed killer, yard gnomes.

Saturday. Boys were at Xs for the weekend. Sam went with Meg to her GMas lake house on Sweet Water, IN. Soooo. I went nuts. 78 and no humidity. Didn’t even sweat all day. I was in the yard from noon til 6:30. Weeded rock bed down both sides of driveway. Weeded flower bed. Weeded veggie garden. Then sprayed weed and grass killer around all edges of walks, drives, fences and everything else that has edges (most people weed eat, lol) and in rock beds down driveway. Sprayed around exterior edge of house for bugs. Weed and fed the yard with spray. Planted two trees in pots. Hung another bird bath. Picked up dog poo. Washed blankets and hung them over the fence to dry. Much more but my brain fails me now.

Sunday, Church then drained the lil pool. Cleaned the liner. It is ready for water, just have not done that yet. Sam will probably get the done today. Made dinner. Completely exhausted.
Had to come back to work to rest a bit. Haha.

Made excellent keto grilled chicken alfredo sauce while off. Kudos from the crowd. They ate it with fettuccini noodles. I ate mine with just the chicken in it. Kale salad with balsamic dressing. Also while I was off I made a delish keto zucchini lasagna. Mostly just used half cooked zuke for the noodles then the rest was regular recipe. I did use a lower carb sauce. Rao’s. Expensive stuff but well worth it since I don’t usually make lasagna.

That is my staycation of fun. Well it wore me out anyway.
Will do personals another day. Make it a wonderful day/night all. Hugs and love.

ceejay52 07-10-2018 11:12 AM

Your staycation sounded fun. sometimes we need to do that.
Niece still has some legal things to take care before she can get her license back. Being on the pontoon all day sounds like fun also.

Sorry I've not been posting. I've come in a couple of times using my phone but strange things happen.
I'm going home this morning after I take niece to work to meet the cable man so he can install my home internet.
Friday night we went to a show in Branson called the 3 dog night. They did a good job.. Some times my niece has to take a real uber and the uber driver was the lead singer of the group. He commented that if he known that he would be taking her here he would have brought money for a milkshake. she told him to wait and went inside and fixed him one. he in return gave her free admission to the show. we met him in the lobby and he asked her if she brought him a milkshake.
More later when I have time. getting ready to take niece to work.

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