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Choose your hard
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Good morning ladies, I thought I posted yesterday but my computer got hung when a maleware program accidently got started twice.

Oh Annie I am so sorry about your job. It seems nowadays that the only guaranteed job is the one like I have where they don't pay you at all It truly is a stressful time, I honestly don't know how people are making ends meet. I'm not sure which is the better position to be in - the one who loses their job or the one who stays on but is given the work of 3 additional people without any additional compensation. I was thinking of you all day long yesterday - sent many prayers your way. Please believe (I know this is difficult to handle) but things do happen for a reason. Fingers crossed, prayers sent that something will come up for you Also prayers for your sister in law's cancer battle. Is this Pia or another sister in law? Keep it together - don't lose the faith - I know it's a tough ride on the struggle bus and easy to fall into a funk of why can't it ever be easy...

Susie - I'm glad to hear that your husband is recuperating nicely. That has to be a big relief. That's good he is able to be home and make it through the day. I used to leave DH in the recliner with a cooler stocked with food and drink, one thermos of hot coffee and some books and the tv remote control to entertain himself when he was recovering from back operations and a bad motorcycle accident once I had to return to work. I told him not to drink too much because the hardest part was getting to the bathroom and while it was 6 feet from his chair, he did have to make it there on his own. Thank goodness he has the bladder of a Bedouin camel! I'm sure all this running around has been disruptive to your schedule too. Hopefully you can get back to a regular routine very soon and DH will be up and around in no time! .

Ceejay - I hope you feel better between the back pain and the allergies. Steroids tend to work rather quickly so glad you are seeing a reduction in inflammation. I am curious about WW new program but a bit sceptical also - we'll see how it plays out. The thing I am most interested in is that they are abandoning their long time pro-artificial sugar push. Since I can't use those products and they have always been a mainstay of their eating plan, I will be very interested to see how they adjust. I do like the concept like Laura's insurance plan where they motivate people into healthy habits.

Laura - did you tell the boss about your time off? Probably a wise thing to do considering his temperament. I would not offer vacation time - see what he says. Tell him you'd be glad to make up the time off and see where it goes. I hope you can get a positive plan for your foot going forward. I found with my tendonitis it turned out just like they said - it took a year to ease up. Pretty much wasted money on therapy and braces - it just took a year of rest and took it's sweet time getting better. Such is life now

Shad - you can move into the cave next to me any time We are of the same mindset which means we are a force to be reckoned with at times.

DH got to Colorado safely. Was a long trip. Denver's airport is huge he said - of course he landed at gate 2 and had to go to gate 81 for his connection. All this carrying a heavy carry on bag with his camera equipment and the laptop. He called me in a panic yesterday - left his car rental paperwork on his desk. I told him to make a list of things... He will be having better weather than us - clear, sunny and warm. We are gray and chilly - might even see a random snowflake over the weekend although nothing is supposed to stick thank Goodness. Too early for that. I was supposed to get my hair done today but got a call yesterday I missed - my hairdresser's toddler broke his little leg and she will be out. I might try a new stylist today which I don't mind because I'm not crazy about my current haircut which I've been complaining about (mildly) for 3 appointments. Not that I want a helmet head but today's casual messy style is not exactly my thing and that's what she keeps giving me - an "un-cut". I am taking the Senior Center bus to bingo tonight so that I don't have to drive in the dark and one of the kitchen ladies will give me a ride home. The day is otherwise filled with chores packed into a jammed day. Tomorrow I have to take my glasses back to the doctor - for sure they don't work right and I have to go to the post office and then I sort of intend to hunker down at home all weekend long and just get busy with stuff here. I think my memory foam mattress is giving my neck and back the problems I was having. I slept in the recliner last night. Loaded pistol and mega watt flashlight on one side, telephone on the other. I am ready if someone decides to come in my house uninvited. That's the only thing I hate about being by myself - creepy night noises.

That's about it for me. I want to get a few light things done here and be showered up before I call the salon to see what alternative appointment options they have for me.

Hope you all have a good weekend.
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Annie - Indiana
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Not feeling it.....

HAPPY...it is my other SIL, Fe. My bro Chuck's wife. They live in IL almost St. Louis. Pia is fine, actually she is on vacay in South of France visiting her momma. Her momma got her foot run over by a city bus when she fell at the curb last year. Almost had to have her foot amputated. After 3 months in the hospital and many many surgeries, then PT for months on end she is finally getting around with a cain. Not bad for an 85 year old very active woman. She drove for Uber until about 2 years ago. She loves to dance and meet her many friends for dinner parties out. Lovely lady. I just love her. How is hubby's trip going? How are you doing by yourself? Funny, I am not happy in the dark but not afraid to be by myself at home either. Just turn on all the lights and we are good or have about 50 nightlights going.

I actually had a God moment yesterday. A calming peace came over me about this whole job situation. I know he has a better plan for me and I must be patient. I felt excited and happy about a new adventure. Remind me of this a couple of months down the road. I have my resume and a cover letter updated and ready to go. I am taking PTO tomorrow to apply on line at a couple of places. Maybe more if I find some. I just feel really confident I won't be unemployed for long and God's got this. Continued good thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

CEEG...glad the steroid shot is helping. It is amazing what all one of those shots can do for aches.

Chat later I have a call with my boss in a few, must get ready. Hugs
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I finally had enough stamina to use the riding mower this afternoon to mow the yard but I still have to weed eat tomorrow.
Yesterday I thought the steroid shot was going to work but this one is not working as fast as I would like for it too. I'm still stopped up and coughing, just not as deep.
It was really nice this morning. I turned off the a.c. last night before I went to bed and woke up to a cool house of 66 degrees. Added an extra quilt to the bed and it was in use this morning. It was 47 when I got up. I love this time of the year.
The problem with my ISP was solved today. I'm a happy person. When they called about giving them a survey I did but it was not very good The tech did his part so he got a good rating. but I will not recommend this company.
Last week when my nephew came over he told me he smelled gas. I'm so stuffed I can't smell. I bought a carbon monoxide detector today and it hasn't gone off yet.
I've been trying to use the WW website to log my food intake but they've changed it and I don't like the format. I'm going to keep using MFP which I like better.
Got tickled at my sis last night. She's ready for her life to get back to normal also. She's wanting me to come and winter with her. Who knows I may just do that.

How did the phone call with the boss go? Sending you good vibes. I've notice that when I was going to the recplex in Branson their were several little ladies that were older than me working out.

Think you made a wise choice by taking the senior bus to bingo and then getting a ride back.
I can understand about staying by yourself where you live. I've finally gotten used to the house and being back home but I do have a couple of night lights. I've had to get used to Miley being up and about at night while I'm asleep. She gets a bit rowdy. Not sure where she is sleeping. Sometimes it's on the piano bench, sometimes on the bed with me or other times in the guest bedroom. Sometimes I can't find her but I she always comes when I call her.

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I am so glad tomorow is Friday. Between work, and having to do everything at home, I am pretty tired.

Happy said it when she mentioned I am out of my routine. And I dont like it but I keep telling myself this is just a season.

I have been showing small losses at TOPS so that is good. I WILL start back with my exercise on Saturday morning.

Anne: that peace you felt come over you is real...hold in to it.

How did the call with your boss go? I am praying for your sister in law and of course you!

Laura: I am posting from my phone and I cant remember if today was the day you were taking off for your appointment. If it was today how did it go?

Happy: I am anxious to hear what you got done today and what you decided to do with your hair.

Ceejay: I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I am ready for fall clothes too. It is such a pretty season.

Hi Shad and Dee.

I am heading to bed, see you all tomorrow.
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Choose your hard
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Good morning ladies,

Susie - I can imagine you are dead tired burning the candle on both ends. And it's a very disruptive life right now for someone who totally has it together. I know you tend to say to yourself - IF I can just get through this day/week/month it will just get better. Hope springs eternal and yep, just as you get everything in order it will be time to get ready for the holidays! The fact that you are still making progress in your weight loss even with all the disruption is admirable.

Annie - I am glad you can find peace in a an unsettling situation. Sometimes all you can do is trust that good things will happen. Wow - Pia's Mom sounds like a real firecracker! I don't plan on living that long - too much of a hassle to others Hope you have a quiet weekend to regroup.

Ceejay - I know the lawn's got to be mowed but you will probably aggravate your lungs if you're outside. I hope you wear a mask. DH does when the pollen gets bad here - he says it helps. What kind of gas is he smelling? A carbon dioxide detector won't go off if you have a propane or natural gas leak. It's made for carbon dioxide which is odorless in the first place. Be careful with gas leaks - we've had some horrible explosions around here and I'd become rather anal about it, especially when my stove smelled stronger and stronger of propane when you walked by it. Not that I want to worry you, just be careful especially with a stuffed up nose.

Had a great conversation with the new hairstylist yesterday. She is typical of today's young married couples with young kids. They don't have the traditional jobs we did nor do they have the security of steady income so they have become very resourceful in both saving and spending money - tiny houses, "side hustles - making homemade things like foods or soaps and selling them ". She gave me a decent haircut but we were pressed for time as I had to get home in time for the bus to pick me up for bingo. She managed to get a touch up color and cut and dry my hair so I was happy. Got home and all the deer were in the yard following me around wanting food - so I fed the crew. Went inside to grab my bingo bag and a warmer jacket and good thing I showered earlier in the day and was ready to go because the bus was 10 minutes early. He was quite startled to see 9 deer and 20 turkeys feeding in the yard. He apologized for scaring them off - no worries, they will come back. Bingo was tiring - I started yawning at 7 and could not stop. I felt badly that I had to leave some of the end of night work to my partner but one of the players who lives by me offered me a ride home so I had to leave right at the end with everyone else. I'm sure D was tired as he wound up having to call bingo because our caller could not make it - car trouble and we didn't anticipate that. Soon I think D will start complaining about this is all getting too much for him. It is. I was out last week with one of the other workers so that made D hustle harder. And I told him I won't be working the next 2 weeks because I have personal plans. I am trying to recruit others but I can't help it if they are not "smart" enough for him. I had to get up early today - go through the refrigerator for anything to get tossed, get the trash out by 7 - the deer were following me down the driveway, especially the fawns. Fed them and the turkeys. Came inside and fed the kitties. Feel like a farmer! I have a list of things to do today - errands in and about town. Our favorite Italian restaurant has my favorite eggplant parmesan on special this weekend. I am debating about going and eating alone. I do have enough to feed myself at home, we'll see. DH said it's a good trip but he's tired. They are keeping weird hours so I guess he's not sleeping well. I'm looking forward to tomorrow - I don't have to leave the house for anything, don't have to get up early and can do what I want. I probably should not say that out loud as the universe will go and change plans on me.

Time to shove off and get some of these tasks done. Have a good weekend everyone.
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Morning all. TGIF. And happy payday to me.

Ceejay Ė Iím glad the injection helped. I just think maybe staying inside a bit might not be a bad thing Ė all the allergens outdoors at this time of year might be overloading your body. == Yay for the ISP problem being resolved!! == Is your niece still in town? Itíll be an adjustment for your sister once sheís gone.

Happy Ė Yes, I did tell my boss about the time off, and he was okay with it. I think he really doesnít begrudge me the time off, but he also doesnít want to run afoul of HR with recording absences into their system. In reality, I donít think HR much cares about absences except that the vacation carryover is properly handled, and thatís driven by an accounting need to accrue unpaid vacation liabilities. == I donít think your therapy and brace were a waste, even if to just force you to pay attention to your body. == Iím glad your dh had a safe trip out to CO and I hope heís having a fantastic time taking photos. I look forward to seeing themÖ == Itís a shame help with bingo is so hard to come byÖ == Yes, sounds like youíre a farmerÖor a zookeeper, LOL.

Annie Ė Iím glad you found some calm and optimism. Yes, you wonít be unemployed for long and everything is going to work out! == Keeping you and your SIL in my thoughts.

Susie Ė Good job on the losses Ė this has been a challenging few weeks for you!!

Hellos to Shad and Dee.


I left work a bit early on Wednesday and then I went right away to pick up the images from my previous doctor. Got there with 10 minutes to spare! After that I went to the fc to work out.

On Thursday (yesterday), I went to the new ortho doc. I like him better Ė much more forthcoming and heís not shying away from surgery talk like the other one. But, before we get to that point, he recommended seeing a rheumatologist to confirm thereís nothing internally causing this fracture to not heal. So I have that appointment the week after next. Iíve stopped using the bone growth stimulator machine, since the doctor said Iíve been on it a good long time (6 mos.) and it didnít change anything.

My wellness plan blood draw lab results were good, so Iím happy about that.

Eating has been off track last couple weeks and I need to pay more attention to that. I also want to get more strength training in on the days I donít go to the fcÖif I do this at home, I run into a problem with my lack of disciplineÖbut I don't want to do this at the fc. Iím still mulling over the idea of a personal trainerÖbut I might put the money to better use paying someone to slap food out of my hand before it reaches my mouth, LOL.

Tomorrow is my momís 85th birthday. Weíre going to her favorite Chinese restaurant Ė one that she and my dad went to when they still lived in the area. Not sure what to get her for a present. Itíll be a gift card, but not sure what store.

Other than that, nothing going on this weekend. I will be clearing out a spot in the home office for the monitor/docking station/keyboard setup this weekend. And all the usual errands and housework stuff.

Okay, Iím gonna stop babbling now and get this posted. And make sure it doesn't post as one or two paragraphs smooshed together!
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Hi girls, we're on our way home from being at a high school football Homecoming game 2 hours away watching our granddaughter cheerleader & then a late supper. I'm on my cell so this is a quickie with the bumpy streets. We're almost home now. They won their homecoming game

Laura ~ Your new orthopedic doctor sounds more knowledgeable than your prior doctor. We all are hoping that he will solve your foot problem & you'll heal quickly I hope the rheumatologist has helpful information for you also. You are such a strong-brave person to continue your workouts through the pains, I hope your bf appreciates all that you've endured. For my mom in her 80's she had all the stuff she ever wanted, so I got her flowering plants & also a monthly bouquet of flowers. She enjoyed them more than our gifts she admitted to us, when I noticed she'd split up a bouquet into several vases having lovely fragrant flowers throughout her apartment in the retirement building.

Happy ~ You're such a busy lady that it's probably good to have some time for You alone in your home. Your kitty's keep you company & turning up the stereo dancing & singing is such fun. I definitely would go out to dinner by myself for the eggplant parmesan & I'd spoil myself by eating anything on the menu I wanted, without my Dh making a remark to me. Do you have any other indoor pets like tropical fish or birdies? My girls know what our normal house sounds are, & will give a protective bark day or night when they hear Unfamiliar ppl or sounds on our deck, front porch, windows. Do cats alert ppl to unknown sounds?? I saw on the news once that a cat woke up it's owner during a fire, who didn't have a smoke alarm, smart kitty!

Dh just pulled into our driveway!

Good night & I'll Talk to everybody again soon
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Think I worked to hard yesterday. I don't want to do anything today.
Nephew#2 stopped by to visit for a few minutes. Told me I didn't have to keep the boys.
Nephew#1 is getting married in a couple of weeks. I'm getting excited for him.
Got a lot done yesterday afternoon. Used the weed eater out front, washed the siding on the front porch and got a big glob of grime off the side of the house.
Went to the grocery store this morning to get a few groceries and supplies for the house. I bought some cough syrup that was in a plastic container. Wasn't for sure if it was a display or not but took it. When I got to check out isle I asked what the reason for this. She said to keep people from stealing it because of the ingredients. My what ppl will do for a high!
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Don't post here anymore. We are on to the 4th and final leg of the year. Time to take stock so that at the end of the year (coming up fast you can post your successes, happy times and get ready for another year.
To go to the new thread click here - 2018 - Leg 4
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