Steel Magnolias -- #4

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  • Good Morning! It's another cloudy windy day in my neighborhood. We've been to church, out for breakfast, changed clothes, and snuggled in for the rest of the day. Both of us commented on a nap sounding good. Losing an hour of sleep is hard on my old body. The program last night was Mike Farris, a band, and two back-up singers. He held a microphone with a cord attached, then hopped and ran from one end of the stage to the other moving the mic stand as he went by. He wore a cowboy hat so we never did see his face. Weird imo! I'm not sure what to classify his music as, but think it was billed as jazz and blues. Whatever, it was loud, and not our type. Afterwards Bob said he thought about leaving at intermission and I wish we would have!

    I need to reset the living room clocks and lamp timers while I'm thinking about it. Hope you are enjoying a warm and sunny Sunday!
  • Good morning to you all. It is cool and rainy this morning. I don't know if we are supposed to get rain all day or what, but I know Tuesday-Thursday it is supposed to be sunny as we are going to put the computer desk out for Salvation Army to pick up on Wednesday.

    We did commissary shopping yesterday and it was lovely and quiet. I think people either forgot to set their clocks ahead or decided to sleep in an extra hour as it was deserted almost. That's the way I like to shop. This poor young woman was sitting on the bench just inside the door when I returned the electric cart to it's parking place. She was on crutches and had a broken leg. I ask her if she wanted the cart and she said she did. I also told her that there were about 5 more available. I said they only parked two right by the entrance, but down in front of the cash registers there was one sitting plugged in and down at the opposite end of the cash registers were 4 or 5 more. I can't believe no one saw her sitting there and ask her if she needed a cart. I don't how long she had been sitting there waiting.

    I have 4 of the knitted squares done. I am trying to get one done everyday. My hands can't stand more than that recently. This weather is really making them ache.

    I have a new dress coming today that I have to sign for. I guess because it has been shipped from India. This company gives work to the poor women in India. They do hand embroidery on the dresses. I also want to do the touch ups on the desk and see how that goes and unload it all. I need to do dusting today too.

    Jean: I bet you thought I needed buttons that looked like owls not buttons to sew onto owls. I think I would have left at intermission too. I hate super loud concerts anyway. I so wanted to shut off the alarm yesterday morning and go back to sleep, but I got up anyway and got around so we could get the shopping done. We drive past several churches on our way to the commissary and I noticed parking lots were pretty empty when usually they are full. There is this one little church in the town where the Navy base is. It is a different name now, but it was the church Jack and I went to decades ago when we were stationed there and I was pregnant with Jay. It had the old style tip down wooden theater seats. Uncomfortable for a pregnant lady for sure. Anyhow, that poor little church is still open, but you never see more than 4-5 cars there for services. I don't know how they afford to keep their doors open. When we went past yesterday there were no cars there at all so I am wondering if they canceled Sunday School and did just a worship service. When we drove back by around 10:45 there sat the 5 cars.

    Everyone have a great day today!
  • Good Afternoon! We got up to a drift of snow in front of the garage doors and a clean driveway until the end where the city plow went by. Weird looking. The weatherman said we have 6" of new snow. There wasn't much church money to count this morning. The automatic deposits from the bank were not correct so we couldn't include that today. Hope it is an easy fix and we can do it next week. The gift shop did a nice business last week and I have that ready to deposit. A load of towels is in the washer and will vacuum fur bunnies after the trip to the bank. Other than that nothing else on my agenda for today.

    "Gma," I did think the hat was in the shape of an owl. It is so cute! I get a kick out of the animal hats the kids are wearing now. I miss buying the cutesy things for the grandkids. Our attendance sheet said we had 53 in first service and 62 at second service. I didn't think to check Saturday night but with the snow I'll bet the attendance was lower there also. It was nice of you to explain, to the lady, where the carts could be located. There is a gal who has her own motorized chair/scooter and she lives close to one of the grocery stores. She is very rude and will run into your cart if you don't move out of her way. She has one of those orange flags and zips catty whompas across the parking lot like she owns it. I haven't seen her this winter so maybe she has moved.

    I need to head to the banks. Hope you are enjoying a marvelous Monday!
  • Good morning to you all. Cold here this morning and looks like in the next couple weeks we are going to get a heck of a lot of rain. I am just glad it isn't snow!

    I put the stain on the computer desk yesterday. It toned down the bare places a bit, but I am not going to put more on it. Either they take it or not. It is sturdy and well made and would be a great desk for someone so I hope they just take it tomorrow.

    I have got 5 squares done for the blanket so have 44 to go! If I do one a day I will get them done with time to get it sewn together. I just hope I have enough time to then get the pillow sham done as I already bought the pillow that goes inside it.

    I have a wax melt thingy coming today then tomorrow I have another lamp and my Jersey Boys movie tape. I have had a heck of a time finding it for some reason and WM had it online so I ordered it. On Friday the new computer chair will be delivered.

    I got my dress yesterday and it is very pretty. The lavender color is just lovely and I know now why it cost $30 more than the other dresses they have. The whole dress is embroidered. It has one of those handkerchief hems and supposed to hit you mid calf, but my legs are so short it is floor length, which is great. It has what they call flutter sleeves too.

    Jean: The hat was really easy to make. It used cabling for the owls and I can easily do cabling work now. I never got to buy cute stuff for the boys. If I did it was a waste of money as the boys never wore it. I have a toddler outfit I bought for Thomas for Easter that is brand new and he never got. Ahh well. I told Jack the other day I am only going to make baby blankets for new babies from now on. They don't let them wear the hats or shoes I make so I am not going to all the trouble of doing it. My brother-in-law was like that with his scooter. He would go through the mall and actually run over people who didn't get out of his way. I do everything I can to avoid that and I apologize and say excuse me a bazillion times so people don't think I am rude. Sometimes the walkers in the mall can be pretty rude and walk right in front of you. I have narrowly missed them a couple times and they don't watch their kids either and I almost ran a little boy down when he ran in front of me. I entered a contest for a free cruise on Princess. It is pretty stripped down though. It is an ocean view cabin for 2 and that's it. No airfare, or spending money or anything.

    Everyone have a nice day and stay warm and dry.
  • Good Afternoon! The sun was out for about an hour before the clouds took over again. It was 6 degrees when I came downstairs this morning; it's 40 now. Crazy weather; more snow coming tonight. I'm waiting for Bob to come home. We are heading to Sioux City; he wants a new bed pillow and needs a new bathroom rug. We are taking Beth and family out for supper to celebrate her promotion to customer service manager at work. She's been working towards that for a long time. I don't know why but every time anyone moves up the ladder they get the crappy hours. She starts a noon to 9 pm shift. I worry about the kids even though they are old enough, her work place is quite a ways from home. Once the weather warms up Will will be working 10 hour days so not always close by either.

    "Gma," how big are the squares for the blanket? You will get it done with time to spare. You are going to be on a first name basis with your delivery men! It's so fun to get new things! The dress sounds lovely; you will have to have Jack take your picture in it, and share. I am getting cruise emails from more than one company. I periodically get a brochure in the mail from a cruise line I've never heard of, can't even remember the name off hand.

    I need to change clothes so I'm ready to roll. Enjoy the rest of your day!
  • Good morning to you all. Supposed to be sunny today. I am hoping the Salvation Army guys get here first thing and get the desk off the deck. It was so heavy that we got it out the door onto the deck and I told Jack to just leave it that they could mess with carrying it.

    Jack is taking day off to take th computer into the shop. It was fine until we unplugged it to take it off the desk and now the hard drive won't boot up. I sure hope it's nothing serious. I don't need this expense right now.

    I just became a great aunt again. My older sister just became a great grandma yesterday morning. Poor thing was in labor from early Monday morning and they finally did a c section. I don't know why they waited so long.

    Jean: They definitely all know where my house is. I have a new computer chair being delivered today. The problem is finding what you want in the stores. All the new computer stuff I had shipped because we couldn't find what we wanted in the store. I think it's why retail is doing so poorly because online shopping is so much easier. For me, buying clothing and shoes is just too difficult anymore. I have a lot of trouble getting my right shoe on because I can't bend my leg back very far and I hate the stuff they have in the large sized stores. It's all aimed at young people or totally frumpy and dumpy. I can understand your anxiety with the kids. I worry about Thomas and he is almost 17! lol The squares are 50 stitches by 60 rows and about 7" X 11."

    Well gals, better go. Have a great day today.
  • Good Afternoon! Another cold day (3 degrees early this morning) with no sunshine at all. I spent the morning dusting and vacuumed again. I'm thinking we really need to have our furnace vents cleaned when it gets warmer. This afternoon I went to the gift shop to pay invoices. The gal working in the coffee shop always offers coffee, cookies, etc., which I rarely ever take. Today she was making a strawberry smoothie for an employee. It sounded so good so I had her make one for me. Yum! I didn't think I was tired when I got home, but fell asleep in front of the tv so the rest of the afternoon wasn't productive at all.

    "Gma," here's hoping your computer was an easy fix. I hate it when they don't work, and I' so technology challenged. I see where Gordman's and a Christian supply store are both closing in Sioux City. I think Kohls is in trouble too. The mall parking lot was pretty empty yesterday when we were there. We were in Penneys and I bought two bed pillows, a bathroom rug, and a hand towel for a total of $32 and some odd cents. I "saved" $91 after using mail coupons, JCP credit card, and two $10 coupons from a previous shopping trip which had to be before the cruise. Crazy! I just got a catalog in the mail with some cute outfits, brands I've never heard of so have no clue about sizes. Free shipping for a $50 order which could be just one item. I like free shipping!

    Bob just got home and is hinting about food. Guess I need to get a move on -- thinking eggs, toast, and bacon sounds quick and easy! Enjoy your evening!
  • Good Morning! It is a few degrees warmer and the sun is shining this morning. Yay! I've been to get my nails done and have laundry in both the washer and dryer. I will get the summer clothes caught up eventually. I have Crafty Club this afternoon and also need to make a food list for card club Monday night. I tend to make the same things every year and need to look through recipes to find something different.

    The dryer is about done so need to change loads. Hope you enjoy a terrific Thursday!
  • Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and it's warmer, but terribly windy. I've done some more laundry, made a food list for card club Monday night, and braved the grocery store right after lunch. I try not to go on Fridays but put it off, so it was a toss up for today or tomorrow. I should know better! Will make as much food as possible tomorrow and hit the high spots for dust, then bathrooms on Sunday, and touch ups Monday.

    Hope you all are having a good day, and enjoy the rest of it!
  • Afternoon gals. I was really sick yesterday but felt great today again. We are warming back up to spring temperatures.

    Nothing wrong with hard drive. I told Jack to check cables but of course he knew computers so he took it in. It was a bad monitor cable. I don't know why men think they know everything. It cost os $35 to be told there was nothing wrong with it. 😡 We decided to put the downstairs monitor upstairs with Jack's laptop then we bought a bigger screened monitor. The websites have gotten wider and we would have to resize the font to see the whole screen. The new desk will be set up tomorrow as well as the new chair so we will have new, new, new! Lol

    Jean: Is your weather improving? I don't remember, does Ian play baseball? Thomas just ran a marathon a week or so ago. I need to text him and make plans for lunch. I am slipping.

    Everyone have a great weekend!
  • Good Afternoon! I just finished the first round of dishes from making egg salad, a banana bread and party mix. I needed refrigerator space for card club food and had a couple "rotten" bananas. Bob grilled steaks for lunch so hopefully supper will be super simple. He just left for the farm to load the junk tractor parts on the trailer to deliver next week. It is sunny here, off and on, today. The wind is blowing so I don't know how warm it feels outside.

    "Gma," I had to chuckle at "nothing wrong" with your computer except needing a new cable. I was surprised they didn't charge more to check it out. Enjoy your new desk, chair, and monitor! We are supposed to be in the 50s and 60s for the next few days. It doesn't always seem very warm if the wind is blowing, which it usually is. All of our snow is gone for right now at least. Ian does play baseball. They are looking for a vehicle of some sort for him. He can drive back and forth to school with a special permit. Makes me nervous! Maddy is signed up for the middle school soccer team and went to a camp this morning. Beth said the new soccer fields are ready, but I'm not sure if the school team uses them or just the city teams. I know there are different sized fields or at least there were when we played there before. Kolby hasn't decided if he wants to play this year or not. There are a couple STEM camps he wants to attend so I hope he can do that. With Beth's screwy work schedule, and depending where the camps are, that might pose a problem. We just found out Bob's aunt has agreed to a 100th birthday party in May. Of course, it is the same weekend as a high school graduation on Amanda's side of the family. It is also the same day as Zowie's birthday.

    I need to keep moving and decide which food to create next. Hope you are having a super Saturday and doing something fun!
  • Good evening, ladies! We've had weather in the 80s and then to the 20s and now back to the 40s. Spring in VA!

    I went to a seminar Dr. Baddar (my hand doc) gave on arthritis of the knee and hip on Tuesday evening. Very informative. My knees have been really bad so I made and appointment to see him on Friday. My knees are shot. He asked me why I never mentioned them before. Well, I thought people with bad knees used canes and walkers and such and couldn't exercise. He said my knees are some of the worst he has seen and the fact that I exercise even though they hurt is what kept me going to well. Anyway, I'm having 2 total knee replacements. The first is Wednesday March 29 and the second will be about a month later, depending on my recovery from the first. I'll be in the hospital 1-3 days and then go to rehab for a week or two since I live alone. I'm rushing around getting things ready. I've got to find some bigger pants because they want them to be loose. I don't intend to keep them so I'll go to Walmart or Kmart and get cheap ones. I have to go to the hospital Monday morning to get lab work done and then the hospital nurse will be calling me at 2 that day to get an updated health history. Mary Immaculate is one of the top orthopeodic hospitals and that is where I will be. It used to be a regular hospital but when Bon Secors bought it they made it into just orthopoedics.

    Donna, I'll bet the Salvation Army was glad to get the desk. Disabled American Veterans comes around once a month and picks up after mailing us donation bag. I usually have a bag for them. I hat the computer desk I have so I'll be going out on the curb soon. It has a shelf over the monitor for the printer and it is too high for me to see the printer controls when I'm sitting down.

    Jean, are you ready for another cruise? I don't care if I never see snow again. For some reason, I didn't think Ian was old enough to drive. Kids grow up so fast. I think I'd go to the 100th birthday party for she may not have any more. We had a big 100th birthday party for my great-aunt who always said she'd live that long. That night she died in her sleep. I guess she met her goal so she was done.

    Have a blessed day.
  • Good morning everyone. It is a lovely day and will be in the 80's the beginning of rhe week.

    It has been crazy here the last couple days. Jack started on the chair yesterday and found the bottom holes didn't match up then the same thing with one of the arm holes. On top of that the seat back had a rip in it so we had to haul the thing back to WM and it wouldn't all come apart so it was a lug job. Took forever to return and Jack was pooped when he got home so I didn't get anything done. He started in first thing this morning on the desk and it is great. It is black iron and glass and all one level so will be much easier to clean. It is sort of L shaped and fits in the corner perfectly. My new chair will be here on Wed and hopefully it is perfect. When it comes to stuff that has to be put together, doesn't much matter ordering online or in town.

    Susan: I hope your knees come out perfect!!! My old computer had a top shelf that was very hard for me to clean. This new one is great and being glass will be easy to clean.

    Jean: Hope card club is fun. The food sounds yummy. When we moved down here the south put olives and a pinch of hot sauce in their egg salad. I got hooked on it. lol Thomas has been driving almost a year now but in this town it makes me nervous. He's had an accident but somebody backed into him. It wasn't his fault. Hope they can find something for him to drive. Thomas's car is a stick shift so that's not a bad thing.

    Got lots of work to do so gotta get going.
  • Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and the wind is blowing. Bob's group sang at the early service this morning, then we went out for breakfast. I have another load of laundry in the washer, peeled then crinkle cut carrots and radishes for card club, and washed fan and entry light shades. Still have a pile of catalogs to go through and the kitchen floor to mop. Cleaning bathrooms will round out the day I think. I made a sweet Chex mix that was supposed to have cranberries added at the end. I think my soda is old even though the date hadn't expired. When I added it to the sauce it didn't foam up like it should have. I thought maybe it would work after baking in the oven, but there wasn't enough sauce so the cereal globbed together. It tastes ok but doesn't look the best with lots of dry cereal.

    Susan, it's good to see you! I'm sorry about your knees but it's good they can be replaced. Everyone that I know, who had a replacement, has had good luck and say the secret is to faithfully do the exercises. I know you won't have trouble with that part! Casper will miss you while you are in rehab. Ian will be 15 in November and that just doesn't seem possible. The years have flown by too fast. We will go to the 100th birthday party for sure. This aunt has lived in independent living for over 20 years. She and her family owned several Hallmark stores and after her husband died she visited each one on a regular basis, driving the miles on her own. She still worked after moving into her retirement apartment; I think she finally retired when she was 78. She delivers mail to the nursing home residents and is in charge of the bingo games. She likes to start by telling a joke, which she looks up on the internet and memorizes. In her spare time she has taught herself to play a keyboard. She has more energy than I do! We were all there for her 99th birthday because she wasn't going to have a party this year! She also had a 95th party. We have pictures from each and it's fun to see how our grandchildren have grown. She only has one grandson who is a doctor somewhere back east and could never come to the parties. Her granddaughter lives in Washington, D. C., and does come as do Bob's two cousins. Aunt Row is a marvel! She quit sending Christmas cards several years ago, but calls each of her nieces and nephews to catch up on their families.

    "Gma," that is too bad about the computer chair! I'm sure Jack was not a happy camper. Here's hoping the next one is as it should be. When you say hot sauce are you referring to Tobasco Sauce? I have used that in a couple of recipes, it is hot! Way back when we took driver's ed. in a stick shift car. Over the years my dad had a couple of floor stick shift sports cars, and then he bought a car for me that had the shift on the column. Kids today, unless they drive farm tractors, have no clue about shifting. Bob asked Ian about his driver's ed. car, and it was an automatic SUV no less.

    Dancing with the Stars starts tomorrow night. At least I recognize a few of the stars this time. Break time is over and I need to keep moving. Hope you all are enjoying a super Sunday!
  • Good morning to you all. It is going to be gorgeous today, 83!

    I am going to do the dusting this morning as soon as Jack leaves as there is just a couple things. I did the wash down dusting yesterday as we have a lot of glass and stuff that needs washing instead of dusting. I will finish the house later today. I got a lot of it done yesterday while Jack finished putting together the table. What a mess that was. Tiny dots of Styrofoam everywhere and static would keep them from being vacuumed up. Took forever to clean that up off the rug. I then ran my new floor sweeper thingy on the floors and mopped them.

    I am going out around 9 to get my nails done and run by the post office. We got a piece of mail for a Rhonda somebody with our address on it and it was from the county jail!!! I wrote return to sender on it and on the back said no one by that name had ever lived here and we have lived here 15 years and our name was Wilkinson. So, I will run that by the post office and drop it in the box.

    I bought tickets yesterday to a Memorial Day weekend Redbirds game here in town. They will be playing the Iowa Cubs that day. We get Redbird Club tickets, which are $55 each, but they have an all you can eat and drink buffet from an hour before the game until like the 8th inning. We figure if we bought tickets where we used to sit and then had stuff to eat and drink we would pay about the same amount with concession prices. They have hot dogs and nachos and popcorn and ice cream and concession stuff up in the clubhouse. It is also enclosed in glass so you don't have to sit out in the heat, but you also get designated outdoor seats, which we don't ever sit in. It is a great view and I can just ride my scooter right into the clubhouse and watch the whole game on my scooter at the window. They also have a bar if you want stuff other than the free beer or soda and where the bar is has huge sliding doors with those highchair level seats you can sit and watch the game from. It is all around a nice, nice place. The Cubs have some great prospects at triple A this year so it should be an interesting game.

    Jean: Bob's aunt sounds like one cool old lady. I love to see stories where the high numbered elderly are still involved in a lot of stuff and their life is very full. I know if I was in a living center I would want to be involved in all I could. It is too bad her grandson can't make it out to her birthday parties though. Hope your Chex mix goes ok even if it doesn't look so great. I have never heard sweet Chex made with soda. What is in it? Yes, they put in probably Tabasco sauce, but it is only a couple drops I think. I don't care about the spicy part, but I love olives in my egg salad. Another thing I love olives in is cream cheese for bagels. There used to be a place here in town where you could buy a container but it went out of business a long time ago. Tom and Kelly bought Tom a used car several years ago from Car Max to drive back and forth to work and when Tom bought the Porsche he gave Thomas his old car and it is a standard transmission. I am glad he knows how to drive one. It is useful knowledge even if he never has the situation to use it other than his little car. I have got to text him and find out if he would like to go out to lunch on Good Friday because I think he is off school and Jack is off work. It won't be long so I need to get Easter cards for both boys.

    Everyone have a great week this week. I have my yearly dr appointment on Wednesday. I hope it doesn't take all morning as I can't eat so I can do my blood work. I guess I will take a package of peanut butter crackers or whatever to eat right away when it is done so my blood sugar doesn't drop.