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Well, sounds like everyone is doing well anyway. Anyone want to try the SBD (south beach diet) with me? I won't do anything till monday cause we go to a church on Sunday and they are taking us out to eat. SOOOOOOOOO I will wait til Monday, then I can also store up on somestuff.

Newie-sounds like you are doing good. Yes, the SBD is similiar to Atkins, but a little less strict I guess (so I've been told) It is starting to make sense to me. I did get a multivitamin today and flax seed oil and folic acid. I no longer take the Xenical, though still have some left. We are trying for #3 and so i don't want to take any medicine.
Cyan, I have heard of cleansing the system and have thought about it. Let us know how it goes. Some say you should do that like once or twice a month. Really does make sense and is probably more necessary in today's time.
Miki--I need to get my rump moving. I read today in the SBD book that the minium of 20min a day is necessary. If you sweat, you've reached your goal. So, gotta get moving.
Reina, how are you feeling? The weight I have gained has gone DIRECTLY to my midsection, the last place I want it.

Well, all, I need to do some schooling with Joshua, though it is about 1pm. Did errands this morning. go tomorrow at 6:30am to line up for the road test, tomorrow is going to be a busy day!!!

Talk to you all later.
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Hey all,
Hope you are all having a great day!

Well, ok, I THOUGHT about working out, and then it went away! so no workout for me yesterday!.
I was way to aggrevated that my dinner just wouldn't come out right. My chicken quarters took forever to cook, and I don't know why, my oven works fine, but they just looked so darn pick, so I didn't eat dinner..

But I did watch 8 Simple Rules, and Newie, yes it was very very sad, it is so hard to see something that was so fresh, just recently taped and then poof, he is gone! that so scares me. You just never know! That is the scary part. But he had a great life, and that makes me look at all this so much differently... Live life for Today, not for yesterday, last week, or last year!
Wow, that was deep!!!!

I have lots to do today, so I better take off, I will talk to you all later.
Have a great one.
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Angry Hello Ladies

Well I am day two into my cleansing....

Newie...yes I spend a lot of time on the toilet But its all good!

The odd thing is...I was sick yesterday...truly feeling miserable...I slept for 10 hours...Today, I am so much better..I an not even taking any meds for my sinus cold...which is healing rather quickly.

It could be because I am cleaning out my organs! While I am doing this, I wont eat fried or processed foods of any kind. I will drastically reduce my intake of meats and dairy. I am also drinking lots and lots of water.

I feel great thus far! no weird symptoms or headaches..but being that I have a cold..its all a bit confounded. After the month is up, I will replenish my colon with good flora....its another set of enzyme pills to take...and then...I should be good for another year of poluting my body

Anyone interested in doing a cleansing: very simple....100 pills of sage (taken 3 times per day at each meal..two pills) 100 pills of grape seed...ditto above...100 pills of milk thistle dito above.

I would seek the advice of my doctor if I were on meds of any kind..and if you are pregnant..these herbs are not for you!!

I was told ..sometimes you body has a harder time losing weight if there is too much "guck" So I decided to give this a try and see what happens.

I will also add a glass of water in the morning with squeezed lemon in it.

Have a great day

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Hi ladies,

Well the past few days have been crazy! Last week we had heavy rains and our back yard flooded, then just a few days ago it rained more so...yesterday morning it was heavy winds and more rain, big trees knocked down and today we had landscapers regrading our yard bringing in tons of dirt ($4,000 worth) and I was so upset I started to EAT! I bought lots of junk food and have spent the evening munching away.

Now I have a wedding to go to on saturday night and need to fit into a long black shirt and sleeveless sequin top I bought hoping that I would be thinner. And to make matters worse I just got an invite to my 25th high school reunion for Thanksgiving weekend.

Ok I will stop complaining and start to take control I am interested in The south beach diet and in Cyan cleansing.

Well need to get the kids to bed....
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Hi everybody!

It's 11 pm already so I dont really have time to post. Just had to drop in to say hello. Somehow I ended up with that stupid Blaster worm again!! Spent 2 hrs getting it removed. Seems that everything with the computer is fine again now tho, thank goodness.

Sorry I cant post individually. Hope you all had a good day. Just think, already it's almost the weekend again..Hooray!! Plus, I'm off tomorrow!! Will definitely get a good walk in the morning..supposed to be cooler and wont have to be in a hurry to finish.

Well, nite all!

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Angry Hello Ladies

I could have sworn I had posted today...anyway...if I did...dunno where it Its day 3 of my cleansing and I am feeling a little headachy but it could be that I am just tired from working at a computer all day long

I am looking forward to going home, taking a nice long bath...eating something good and sitting in front of the tube and watching survivor!!! What a perfect evening.

I was planning on waxing the silverbeega this weekend but..looks like its gonna rain! My pod needs a good washing bug has bugs on it... I might have to take it in to a detailer and have it done if the weather ceases to cooperate...although I think its fun and good exercise to do it yourself.

So whats everyone been cravy lately? I am having vivid thoughts of bigmacs! and as you may remember..I pass one everyday on the way to and from work...ah the temptations one faces on the road to better health.

Well I shall be good...this is my mantra until I am safely pass the golden arches and in my cabana for the evening

later ladies

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Angry Hey ladies

Looks like everyone is enjoying their friday...two more hours for me and then its FRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAAY after work...ahhhhh two whole days to chill and not have to deal with clients and coding and all that jazz

Looks like saturday's weather is might not rain sooo what that means...I can wash and wax the silver beega myself

I had sushi for I am not sure what dinner will be.

Well everyone..just wanted to say hello and wish everyone a great weekend and I will see you all back here on monday

bye girls

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Hi, everyone! It's the end of the day, and I'm ready to go to bed. I've been very sore today--yesterday I spent about 4 hours doing yardwork--everything from weeding a flower bed I hadn't touched in months to moving concrete scallop dividers to make another one smaller. I also cut the grass, cleaned a bit, met with some other mothers to help out with a character education program at the school, and signed my Veronica up for the school band. Today I did some painting--flowers on a painted wall border in my Kathleen's bedroom--in preparation for the carpeting, took mother-in-law to the doctor, entered 100 checks into my check balancing software (only 2500 more to go before I'm caught up--I'm three years behind), and did some cleaning. The kids were off from school, so they were hanging around the house all day--rained today--they did clean their room and fold some laundry.

I think I am starting to become accustomed to being at home--I still feel a little bit empty at times--and I'm so behind in so many things that sometimes I don't know where to start. But it is getting better, and I definitely feel less stressed as time passes, and I get farther away from the job. And the further away I get, the happier I am that I finally got out of there. Wednesday I substitute taught at the kids' school for the last 2 hours of the day--2nd grade teacher got sick and had to go home. Since I am busy for the most part just being home, I keep asking myself how I managed before. I do know that I was pretty much on the edge of insanity quite a lot of the time.

I've been walking 2 miles per day, except for today. I was just too tired and sore this morning. I'm trying to be careful on the food, but I find that I am eating things like pasta--not much--that I wasn't eating before. We'll have to see how things go.

I am really taking hubby's situation a day at a time--praying for him a lot and trying myself to live in the moment and do the best I can where I am planted today. I am trying to be as supportive as possible. We're waiting for word from the bank on our equity line--supposedly yesterday an appraiser took pictures of our house--he called Wednesday night to say he'd be here. I never saw him when I was working in the yard, so I don't know when he came. Anyway--that's one day at a time too.

Cyan--that cleansing sounds like something different to me--I know there are some people who really swear by them. What does it do for you long range? Do you feel better--healthier, I mean?

Taiwan--I hope your dl test went all right.

Miki--It sounds like you're really looking forward to the weekend. Enjoy it.

Debee--hang in there!!

Reina--I know about waiting till the exercise urge passes--I do much better when I have a routine, and it's just part of my schedule. I'm sure I would have walked today--tired or not--if my kids had gone to school and I was driving by the park. It's hard to motivate myself without that routine.

Well, ladies--time to go--I'm going to look at some frugality sites--trying to get into the money-saving mode. Have a great weekend!!
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Angry Hello girls

Ah yes...its monday morning yet again! Sometimes it feels like there are only two days in the week...fridays and mondays

Anyway, I did get to wax silverbeega on saturday...she is sparkling like a jewel now...but it promptly rained on saturday evening and only stopped this morning...but the coat of wax get my car clean!

So it day 6 of my cleasing...things are coming along swimmingly...the only minor side effects I had were headaches over the weekend. I feel great...I was able to fight off my sinus cold. I seem to have more energy and I am more focused. I am not as foggy brained in the morning.

I must confess... I have been very bad with the exercising...I havent done any intentional exercising in over a week...but tonight...this is gonna change...I will cycle for sure.

Hey Newie...I always wanted to try a body detox ...they call it this cause I heard it helps revitalize your liver, spleen, kidneys, stomach, blood and intestines. So I figured...maybe thats a good thing...hopefully stay disease free for my life....I like the idea of preventative medecine a lot after doing research into this and finding out about side effects and such...I figured it would be a good thing for me to do.

I am drinking carrot juice, organic apple juice, orange juice and lemon water. I have noticed that I am not craving junk food as much and that I am not as far its been a positive exerpience for me.

Well I hope all you lovely ladies had a wonderful weekend..and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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I know I posted here before the weekend, so I don't know what happened????????

But I wish this was a good message today... I am flying out tonight to Vegas. I wish it was for a nice little vacation, but my aunt passed away in her sleep Sunday morning, so I am off to a funeral....

I am really bummed, because she was the only connection I had to my father.... That really blows!!!

I will try to touch base with you all when I get back Thursday or Friday...

Have a great week ladies, and stay on track.....

FYI, I haven't heard anything from Lady, so I am kinda worried...

Take care..
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Angry hey ladies

Well I got back on the wagon last night and cycled for 30 minutes...a distance of 9.1km

Tonight I plan on doing the same thing but add some ball exercises!

Hope all is well...I am busy here at work so I gotta get back to it...hugs to all

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Default where is everyone

hey where is everyone....come back and post!

anyway...I am on day 8 of my cleansing...all is side effects anymore...feeling good actually. I also exercised for 20 minutes on the bike and cycled 6km.

Food is ok...I am drinking carrot juice, organge juice, apple juice and lemon water on a regular basis. I have a ceasar's salad for lunch and multigrain snacks with me.

Well I am looking forward to hearing from everyone soon


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Post great article

This newsletter is sponsored by Tom Venuto's new book, Burn the Fat, Feed the
Muscle. Since it's release, the feedback on this program has been incredible.
Please click on the link below and check it out now before the price goes up!
You can learn more about this great fat loss program at

Did You Inherit "Fat Genes?"

"Battle Your Biology? Fat Chance," proclaims a recent headline in the health
section of a popular newspaper. Quoting new research and citing psychologists,
dietitians and physicians, the article says that more and more evidence proves
that your weight is genetically determined, and if you're fat, "it's not your
fault." "We've known for a while that genes - more than environment and behavior
- explain obesity" argues Dr. James Rosen, an eating disorder specialist and
professor at the University of Vermont. While genetics are definitely a factor,
believing you are destined to be overweight for life because you've inherited
"fat genes" is the most disempowering and self-defeating attitude you could ever
adopt. The only way youíll lose weight permanently is to accept total
responsibility for yourself and acknowledge the fact that you have the power to
change, regardless what mother nature has given you to work with.

There's no denying that heredity plays a major role in how difficult it will be
for you to lose fat. You inherited a body type, a predetermined number of fat
cells, a metabolic rate and body chemistry just as you inherited your eye color
and hair color. In the 1930's, Harvard psychologist Dr. William H. Sheldon
developed a classification system for these different body types called
"somatotyping." While there are no absolutes, Sheldon identified three basic
somatotypes: ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. Ectomorphs are the lean,
lanky types. They are usually very thin and bony, with fast metabolisms and
extremely low body fat. An ectomorph can eat like a horse without gaining an
ounce. Mesomorphs are the "genetically gifted." They are lean, muscular and
naturally athletic. Mesomorphs lose fat and gain muscle with ease. Endomorphs
are the "fat retainers." Characterized by round features, excess body fat and
large joints ("big bones"), endomorphs usually have great difficu!
lty in losing body fat. They have slow metabolisms, they are often carbohydrate
sensitive, they gain fat quickly if they eat poorly or don't exercise, and they
lose fat slowly - even on a healthy diet.

The tendency of endomorphs to store fat easily can be partly attributed to
metabolic problems. For example, endomorphs often metabolize carbohydrates
inefficiently. Normal people can eat lots of carbohydrates - up to 60% of their
total calories - and they still stay lean. Endomorphs produce too much insulin
when they eat carbohydrates and this leads to increased fat storage and
difficulty in losing existing fat. This condition is known as "insulin
resistance" or "Syndrome X."

Scientists claim that the tendency to gain weight easily may also be due to
chemical imbalances in the brain that cause people to overeat. Researchers at
Johns Hopkins recently announced the discovery a compound called C75, that
blocks an appetite-regulating hormone in the hypothalamus. In mice injected with
the substance, 30 percent more weight was lost because the drug caused the mice
to eat less. More research is planned to develop a similar appetite-suppressing
drug for humans. Unlike Xenical, which blocks fat absorption in the intestine,
this new drug would affect the brain's chemistry so that people feel full

Many physicians and health professionals consider these metabolic disorders and
chemical imbalances as genetically transmitted "diseases" that require medical
treatment. "Obesity is a disease and should be treated like one" says Jackie
Newgent, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association . This idea should
be viewed with a great deal of suspicion however, because weight loss is
potentially the biggest market in the world for drug sales. According to Justin
Gillis, a staff writer for the Washington Post, more than 45 companies worldwide
are trying to develop new obesity drugs, and the stakes couldn't be higher.
Gillis writes, "In world where a blockbuster drug is worth $1 billion a year in
sales, analysts give $5 billion as the low estimate for sales of an important
obesity drug. If a company developed a truly safe, effective weight loss drug,
and sold it for $3 a day to one quarter of the 97 million American adults
estimated to be overweight, sales would exceed $26 bi!
llion a year in this country alone."

Basically, what the medical community is trying to tell you is that if you are
overweight, it's not your fault; you were born fat, so don't feel guilty - and
don't worry, we have a drug that can "cure" you. Sounds like there's an ulterior
motive at work here, wouldn't you agree? Before you run to get a prescription
for the next "miracle" drug, you'd better wonder whose interests are being
served; yours or the pharmaceutical giants. Besides, drugs can never be the
solution if they treat the symptoms and not the cause. Drugs should be
considered a last resort for the morbidly obese who have already tried
everything else without success and who will face serious health consequences if
they don't lose weight. The editors of said it best: "Weight loss
drugs do not take the place of diet, exercise, patience, and perseverance."

"Dieting can be an uphill battle against your genes." says Post writer Joyce
Cohen. Unfortunately, if you're an endomorph, Cohen is right. Losing weight is
definitely easier for some people than for others and that doesn't seem fair.
But that's the way life is. Life isn't fair. Let's be honest; not everyone is
going to become an Olympic Gold medallist, a Mr. America or a fitness model. But
don't despair - you are not doomed to live a life of fatness if you don't have
"athletic genes."

Obesity is the result of many influences. Genetics is only one of them. Like it
or not, the primary cause of obesity is your own behavior. Most of the factors
that affect body composition are entirely under your control. These factors
include how much you eat, what you eat, when you eat, what type of exercise you
do, how frequently you exercise, how long you exercise and how hard you

If you have the genetic predisposition towards obesity, you can lose fat like
everyone else, you're just going to have to work harder and longer at it than
other people. "There is a genetic component to weight," Says Dr. Thomas Wadden,
a psychologist from Syracuse University, "but no one is destined to be obese. If
weight has been a major problem in your family, you may not be able to become as
thin as you'd like, but you can lose weight."

If you find losing weight to be a slow and difficult process, the empowering
thing to do is to look at it as asset, because overcoming this obstacle will
force you to develop discipline, determination and persistence. These traits
will carry over to other areas of your life and make you a stronger person all
around. Arnold Schwarzennegger said, "Strength does not come from winning. Your
struggles develop your strength. When you overcome hardships, that is strength."

The first thing you must do if you want to lose weight or succeed in any area of
your life, is to accept complete responsibility for your situation. In a short
but powerful little book called "As Man Thinketh," the author James Allen wrote,
"circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him." What he meant was that we
are not products of our environment or our heredity (our "circumstances"),
instead, we products of our own thinking and belief systems. We create our own
circumstances through positive thinking and positive action and we create
negative circumstances through negative thinking and lack of action or wrong
actions. In other words, we are responsible for where we are, what we have and
how our bodies look.

Some people get very angry with me when I tell them this: They say, "Wait a
minute, Tom. Are you trying to tell me that when bad things happen to me, itís
my own fault? That I brought unemployment, financial hardships, failed
relationships, weight gain or even health problems onto myself? Because if
that's what you're saying, that's totally unfair!"

Well, my friend, with very few exceptions, (some things really are out of your
control) that is exactly what I am saying.

If you refuse to accept the fact that you are 100% responsible, you will never
be successful. When people find themselves in undesirable situations or they
aren't getting the results they want, itís all too easy to make excuses: It's my
genetics, I have big bones, I have a slow metabolism, I don't have enough time
to exercise, etc. etc., etc. Making excuses is relinquishing control. It is
conceding that you a victim of circumstances instead of the creator of your
circumstances. Stop blaming and start taking responsibility for your life. Take
action! Start working out. Eat better. Do something - do anything - but don't
just sit there on the couch and curse your chromosomes.

So, are you a frustrated "endomorph?" Do you feel like dieting is an uphill
battle against your genes? If your answer is "yes," please donít just quit and
chalk in up to "bad genetics," and don't believe that drugs are the answer
either - they're not. Your genetics will largely dictate your athletic ability
and how easily you will lose weight. That doesn't mean you can't get lean; it
only means that you're going to have to work harder and be more persistent than
the genetically gifted people. You're also going to have to adjust your diet and
training to fit your body type. Maybe obesity really should be classified as a
genetically inherited "disease." But frankly, if you have a "disease" that
forces you to learn more about exercise and nutrition, to eat nutritious foods,
to adopt a healthier lifestyle, to develop a strong work ethic and to become a
more persistent person, that sounds like a blessing in disguise to me.

Tom Venuto
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I am here and PMSing I haven't started any diet yet, I want to read the book first and understand it before I dive into anything. So, i will write when my mood is better:-) and hopefully my 5year old will still be alive then--ah! the joys of boys
Bye for now
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Hi, everyone! I've been very busy the last few days--being at home doesn't mean I have nothing to do. I've been cleaning and organizing and in general making up for the stuff I haven't done for the 6 years I worked! I'm still having down moments, but those are more about having hubby's issues on my mind than my own new life. I'm still praying and taking it one day at a time, and I know that somehow everything will work out fine.

I've been doing my walking except if the kids don't have school. Today I walked 2 1/4 miles!! It's the first time I went over 2 miles. I haven't lost any more weight--still at 158.5--but I haven't gained either. Today I ate a brownie that I made the other day--that happened though because I woke up with a headache today, and I haven't been able to get rid of it, though I've lain down on the couch, in bed, put ice on the back of my neck, and ate about 10 ibuprofen (since 7 o'clock this morning--not all at once). Hopefully it will go away by tomorrow. I have to start washing a couple of bedroom walls because the bed we ordered the day before I quit my job has come in. It wasn't supposed to be in for another 2-4 weeks, so I need to get on the ball.

I've also been getting my garden ready for next spring--transplanting and stuff--and working on painted borders in my girls' rooms--we're getting carpet for them soon too. Yesterday I cleaned both bathrooms in our house. The girls' bathroom hadn't been cleaned in literally months!!! It took me an hour and a half to do it, and there isn't even a tub or shower in there--terrible neglect!! I do hope I can stay home for a while--I've been remembering what I wanted to do with my life when I was a little girl--it was always to be a wife and mother--the idea of career came when I was in high school. I've been praying that I will have that opportunity. I'm a much nicer and more productive person when I am not constantly running--wearing myself out.

Well, not much else to report--Cyan--I skimmed the article you posted--very interesting. I figured that there was some kind of genetic component to weight and weight loss--you should see all the big girls on my side of the family--from my father's side. My mother has 11 granddaughters--from mid-20's to 1 year old--and 6 of 10 older ones are and have been overweight since about 6-8 years old. I was the same way. Thank God my two daughters were spared. I know that Kathleen takes after her father--tall and skinny. Veronica is petite and tiny waisted--not at all like me. I do agree with the author, though, that genetics is not a license to do nothing about being overweight--we just have to work harder at it.

Well, time to go--have to check some other e-mail. Talk to everyone later.
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