16:8 Intermittent Fasting (IF)

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  • Hi everyone! I'm new here but not new to IF.

    I typically eat from noon-6pm everyday and fast the rest of the day, with occasional 24 hr fasts every few weeks.

    I used to really struggle with boredom eating, emotional eating, and bingeing but fasting has done wonders in curbing those issues for me. I'm still about 40 lbs overweight, so my body definitely has enough built in fuel for a while and I certainly won't "starve" by going a day without food!

    Wishing all the best success to everyone!
  • I am doing a combination of IF 16:8, with Bright LIne Eating. See my signature and am doing great. Actually as of today I am down 2 more lbs.
  • Hi Chiika . Welcome to 3FatChicks .I love IF but don't do a set schedule .There are several others here who fast in different forms .I would love to see this discussion tame off!

    Tell us more about your WOE .
  • I have tried 16:8 a few days or so but never committed in the past. I started again yesterday and have ordered The Obesity Code. It should be here Wednesday. I would like to spend most of the week eating whole type foods without sugar and alot of wheat. I hope this eating style will allow the occasional family meal or holiday pitch in within my eating window and my weightloss wont he totally thrown off. Sweets and carbs are triggers for me. With an eating window ending at 6 p.m. hopefully I wont let myself have a big night time snack.
  • Hi,
    this is my first time doing this and it was a success.
  • glad to see all these happened!


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