Hawt Biker Chicks! (and dudes) 2015!

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  • Happy New Year!! I got a cold I always work out on Jan. 1st just for the theory but I don't think I should today. And I'm working..and going in an hour early! ugh. Hot shower and pain reliever should help.

    Now that it's January, at least to me it seems biking weather is a little closer on the horizon "only" 3 1/2 more months for us
  • Wishing us HEALTH and Hotness oh and some wealth, that's never bad, and a TON of happiness for 2015

  • Holly I also came down with a cold Tuesday night and needless to say I made it through last night with alittle liquid help, but today feeling even worse, so I think instead of shopping I am going to lay on the couch!

    Hoping this will be a much healthier New Year for Mind and Body.....

    Thanks for getting the new thread started
  • New year, new thread, new avatar and new ticker.
  • I am catching up.... this is super long!
    Happy New Year!!!!!! I wish you all (and us) the happiest/healthiest/best year ever!!!

    Ok, sorry for being MIA once again..... I am a schmuck. to not at least check in on the holidays. But, I did do some reading of the past forum to catch up.
    I guess I really have no good excuse other than that depression bug and just laziness got me.

    I invited my DS2 to Christmas I had even bought them gifts (with the possibility they may not come).... they declined 2 days before and posted pictures on FB instead of their parties and things..... so for that reason and another relative that continually does the "suicide dance", I have shut down my FB. It is a struggle dealing with him.... but I am starting out the new year better....and with the attitude he knows I am his mother.... he knows where I live..... and anything else is just his loss. Enough about that.

    So, as you can see my weight is 10 below where I had originally planned. I am trying to maintain now. When I got the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD EVER, it just started coming off.... and the stress level is way down except for the above mentioned junk. I work for the company I worked at before.... but AT HOME!!!! I wish I had known this world existed years ago. lol.

    So, to join in the SOA talk. I watched it faithfully for awhile.... but then none.... but the ending was just off the charts. It is just mind blowing.
    Do any of you all watch The Walking Dead? I am not into the zombie thing.... but I really like this show.

    Holly, you are rocking the exercise..... so, I know you say you struggle with sweets and such. You are such a talented cook... why don't you spruce your recipes up with like protein shake powder to make them more "south beachy"? There is a lady who had weight loss surgery and I found her blog.... it is "theworldaccordingtoeggface". She does low carb revisions of favorites.... so I got some of my inspiration from her.... but as talented as you are.... you could take it and run with it. I just got high protein brownies out of the oven to drink with my coffee (I guess that is the official sign of getting old- loving coffee with sweets). Lol. Just an idea.

    Reda, OMG, I cannot believe Karly is 2.5..... that is just mind blowing.

    Aaron, glad to see you back.

    Sunster, I have been wrapped up in those spokes too many times to mention, but you are so determined.... you will take them spokes and shove them on that wagon's rear axle (if at all possible-- lol).

    Colleen & Dawn-- HELLO!!!!!

    Ok, so now for my Christmas present from DS1.... you all may or may not know.... but I am also a crazy dog lady.... maybe issues with DS2.... but I have 4 inside dogs. 2 weenie dogs... the male borrowed a nickel from Moses he is so old (he will be 17 in March). A female weenie dog that is 14, a lab that was a shelter rescue which we think is 10ish-- and 125 pounds, and a crazy Boston Terrier (7ish). So, it all started bc DS1 gf (the best one ever) wanted a puppy for Christmas. So I found the perfect Boxer puppy. We drove 3.5 hours to get it..... and it was the best present ever for her. She cried when my DS gave it to her. The problem with that was he was the last one left in the litter except for.... THE RUNT..... which I declined to see when we were there. So the next week when puppy fever was in the house when she brought her baby over.... the 3 of them (DH, DS1, GF) decided b/c mine would probably not make it another year..... that I should get the runt..... well I did.... and he is the cutest thing EVER. I plan to use him as a running buddy...... His name is "Bo-Booger" b/c it looks like he has a booger coming out of his nose.... I know it is really lady like, but that is what popped into my head. Lol.
    So potty training in the winter..... not such a bright idea. Lol. Also having 2 boxers in the house when DSGF comes over (which is frequent b/c DS1 works all the time at the medevac place)....... The boxerbrothers are a handful, but they are giving me my workout for sure. Lol.

    So, I think I have spilled my guts enough.... I plan to be on here more often. I do miss yall when we do not talk. Oh, and I have decided I am gonna ride like I did the year I was married..... my RoadQueen will not be set up this year.... even if DH knee is not better.... btw, he is STILL not recovered...... another story.....
  • Wowsies Tammy.....10 past goal!!! What does that feel like?

    Even tho we can ride yr round here, I let go and fell off the wagon in the fall and holidays. Now I'm ramping up in mind and body to go cross country in May. Lost 7 but the real challenge is maintenance, right? I mean just how many times do I have to lose this same damn 20lbs?

    Very nice to see y'all here!
  • Sunster, I feel u! Maintenance is sooooo hard. But I am trying really hard!!!! I am keeping it in the back of my mind that people gain the weight back all the time from this surgery.

    I am jealous u get to ride soooo much. Lol.
  • Hi gals. I hope you are all doing good. My wife and I are going to start the dash diet, it sounds like low carb to me. It will be close to 3 months before I can ride, maybe if I lose some weight I will fit back into my leather pants!! I want to lose 40+ pounds.
  • Wow Tammy that is awesome you are rocking it and that is great! New puppy sounds so fun, but just not home enough to have any pets at our house. Glad you are loving your new old job Hope DH gets to feeling better soon as well.

    Well my back is out or something, I went to work but couldn't even move plus it hurt to sit, stand or walk so went to chiropractor and he told me home to bed no sitting today- but of course I cant just lay around so I had to get on computer for a bit...... Need to get to feeling better as we leave in 2 weeks for our Cancun trip whooo hooo!!!!

    Well I suppose I better go get some ice and lay back down

    Hi Holly, Colleen, Dawn and Aaron
  • I hadn't heard of Dash Diet until Leatherman mentioned it here. Now, I hear it is the #1 diet listed by... http://health.usnews.com/best-diet.

    Hey Reda and all...are u going to Sturgis this yr? Wow, Cancun sounds wonderful!!
  • Just finished all my food for the day...and it's 3:30pm!! I'm going to have to figure this out when I try for the first successful maintenance of my life.

    Anyone going to Arizona Bike Week or Sturgis this year?
  • Hi!! wow everyone's here (except colleen and dawn)

    Tammy thanks for the long post telling us what is going on in your life, I am SO happy for you about having 'the best job in the world' AND working from home!! that must have been the final solution cause any remaining weight melted from you! SO very sorry about DS #2 but will leave it at that congrats on the puppy!!! and Yay for decision to ride more this year!

    and I WILL check out that website, thanks!

    Sunster Hi!! LOL @ the SAME 20 pounds, girl I hear you

    Reda hope your back is better by now? and YAY for Cancun soon!!!

    Hi Aaron! glad to hear from you

    Well our Harley Raffle on Sat. went well, no problems, and I got lots of congrats on mc'ing it as President, yet I'm looking at pics and I looked stuffed in my clothes, yet at the time I remember thinking I looked okay..yet simultaneously thinking I felt fat..this distorted image I have and my CONSTANT conflicting self-worth is just such a big part of my life. WHY do I care so much, why can't i just enjoy my day??
  • Hi Gals. Well I made it, the first week is done. My wife and I lost weight, I lost 8 lbs, and my wife lost 5.8 lbs. The diet limits exercise to low intensity and only 1/2 hour a day, they would like it if you took two weeks off from exercise. All I did for exercise was ride a stationary bike for a 1/2 hour 5 times this week and I did do light yoga/ stretching, for 10 to 25 minuets . I was after better flexibility from my yoga, so I wouldn't count it as exercise. In one more week we will start adding things back in to our diet. I have to go out for supper with my in laws tonight, and I am struggling with what I will have to choose from to stay on my diet. I hope I can find something that is good for my diet that I actually want to eat. Here is what I eat for food each day, breakfast, I have a 1/2 cup of egg beaters with a little green pepper in them, with some ham. snack is 1/4 cup of unsalted nuts, and a string cheese. Lunch is 3 lunch meat and cheese rollups, and some baby carrots or pea pods. Snack is 1 string cheese, and pea pods. And supper is 1 cheeseburger without a bun, and some fried mushrooms with onions, and green beans, and jello. I also can have a yogurt with my snack if I leave out the string cheese, and I can have jello with any meal. This diet is a low carb type diet. The only thing I don't like about this diet is everything it seams like everything I eat is cold. Well I can't wait to see what I lose this week.
  • Go Packers!!!! (halftime)
  • OHMIGOSH ...what a game.