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diyana 11-16-2014 02:17 PM

Happy Sunday!

Sorry I've been AWOL. I've had a very busy past couple days getting things ready for my surgery. But I've just got a little more freelance website work to get done, a yoga class this afternoon, and a couple more things to purchase. I'm getting SO excited!

One of the things I did yesterday was get some boxes of clothes out of my storage. I think they are a size or two too small (or too small when I moved, but hopefully they'll either fit now or very soon). I haven't gone through them yet because D needs to bring the boxes upstairs...too heavy for me.

I hope to catch up on personals this evening.

Back later!

Much love to all,

Shad 11-16-2014 04:51 PM

Morning all,

Better get this done before I get waylaid over some other thing.

Happy - glad you found the photo. I will download it to mine as I can not find my prints. No doubt when the kids are clearing out my stuff after I move upwards (or maybe downwards) they will find it and wonder who it is. The lady in the picture is not A Happy, but she did work in the office for a while with Mel. I'm sorry to say that she too has passed away due to the big C. I can't remember whether it was just before or just after Mel.

Gotta go. Back shortly. There is something that must be done.

ceejay52 11-16-2014 07:17 PM

So glad you found the picture of Mel. We can keep her memory but sometimes it helps just to visualize her once again. And yes the snow is on it's way. We shall see what we get in the morning. It's been cold here all week but not sure we will get much accumulation except on the grass and cars. Our temps tonight isn't supposed to go below 31 degree's. By they way, I've decided to keep the shelves for the time being.

Too funny about the "big wigs" are putting out to much hot air. Isn't that what they are know for. :lol: I thought about you the other night when I was watching a show called House Hunter's on HGTV. They were in Brisbane.

I use chair exercises a lot. And there are some good video's on YouTube.

I've been busy this week end purging and cleaning. I'm almost through for this week. Also been doing some cooking this week end. Made stew with cornbread for lunches pork chops for dinner. Stew and pork chops were made in the crock pot. Still need to clean up the kitchen. Some things I simply don't know what to do with as I need them but have no room for storage. My closets are full and so is my outside storage closet. Going to work 30 more minutes in my spare bedroom and then clean up the kitchen.

Terra1984 11-16-2014 08:27 PM

Ceejay ~ No, I'm not gonna go to the doctor over my blister, I'm just gonna keep an eye on it, Thats cool that you do chair exercises from youtube also.

Susie ~ Yeah I found a good chair exercise video on youtube, I havent tried it though cause we were really busy today but I'll try it tomorrow.

Happy ~ Yeah I think its good to switch up my exercises instead of just stopping all together while my blister heals.


Today I woke up at 6:00 a.m. when I should of got up at 3 a.m. cause by 3 a.m. I had already had 8 hours of sleep but oh well I guess. This morning my younger brother,his wife,Their baby,my mom and I all went to church. It was a nice service, We're gonna go back next Sunday. Anyway after church we went to a breakfast buffet and then we went to Dillions to pick some things up and then we came home and cleaned the house. We had dinner around 4 pm today. We did FFS, "Fend For Yourself" night tonight since we already dine out this morning. I had 2 and half beef soft taco's. Anyway my foot is feeling better so tomorrow I'm gonna try to do at least 1 mile with my dvd and see how it goes. Talk to you all tomorrow. Good night.

annie175 11-17-2014 08:14 AM

Happy Monday Ladies...

HAPPY, thank you so much for posting the pic of our Mellie. I sure miss her humor. All weekend long I watched the Hallmark channel and C movies. Was drawn to them and even watched some of them twice. Now I know why, our Mellie was watching with me. C even watched the Saturday evening "new" C movie with me. Hugs sister, we need to meet up before our time is up..lol

CEEG...you could look at packing the books, etc off the shelves now in boxes as a head start and less you will have to pack later. Give the shelves to the neighbor and put the boxes in their place. Just a thought. Have I missed your retirement date or have you set one yet?

CHELLE...maybe when you get to feeling better after surgery and are still off work you could copy all the pix we sent to MELLE on a flash drive or something and send it. I have been dying to see all the pictures. Just a few more days till the big day! God keep you safe in his arms sister.

SHADDIE...I will gladly take your heat and hot temperatures off your hands this today. Woke up to 22 degrees and 2 1/2 inches of snow. Bleh. Thank the good Lord it was mostly melted or scraped off the walks and roads so the drive to work was a piece of cake. I have two very small yellow tomatos left from the garden, I eat them in my cottage cheese for breaky at work. One more day of that and out of tomatos. Boooo

SUSIE...yeah on the new boots, I think maybe I need to find a pair that will go over this ankle brace now that I do more walking downtown around work. Thank you for the shout out about our sweet MELLIE. I wish you could of known her, she was a very sweet, fiesty, kind hearted, humorous, giving, wonderful soul, not to mention her go getter and get things done personality. BTW...congrats on the WL. 12 lbs is a huge loss. My goal is to be down 30 by May/KI. I just started last week on Wednesday, so far down 4. Of course the same 4 I have lost 20-hundred times. lol I can get a good price on KI tickets here at work, I believe. I will check into it more as time gets closer.

TERRA...did you find any good chair exercises on you tube? Let me know, if they are not too wild maybe I could do some here at work at my desk. I am not much of an exerciser.

LAURA....hey kiddo, you getting this nasty white stuff too? Sometimes I want to fast forward to spring, but heck we didn't have much of the seasons this past year, so I don't know. How are you feeling? What is going on with your lungs, asthma? Bleh on that. Hope your ceiling and half bath are not too expensive. It is always something with a house. Makes me lean more toward a condo later on down the road.

DEE...hope you are doing well and life is treating you great. Check in sister.


Babysitting with my little men was a delight. Of course when Nanna is there, rules certainly fly out the door. Jacob wanted crackers for dinner, so crackers it was. Chawkquit (chocolate) for dessert. Mini-snickers bar. Royce was a peach. Baby cereal with bananas mixed in then his final bottle. Jacob fell asleep on the couch at nine and Royce followed thereafter. The kids were home by 11:15, which was a shock because they usually stop off for a beer and it is midnight to 2am before I get home.

Saturday was errands, more errands and then some errands, cleaning, laundry, and fixing dinner. Sweet basil/orgegano brushetta chicken over angel hair wheat pasta, baked acorn squash and brewed iced tea with sliced lime. YUM.

Sunday was church, home for leftovers for lunch. I watched Hallmark channel while C took a nap then we went out to do his pull ups on break and cake. Good thing cause these silly people out there had all the bread wiped clean at Meijer, Target and Kroger, so once C put up his product it was the only thing on the shelves. Let the weatherman say snow is coming, people freak out, and Cs sales skyrocket. All good I suppose. Came home to more hallmark channel, watched the first half of the Colts getting their arses kicked and went to bed.

That is about it for me, best get busy.

Make it a marvelous day/evening/night. Loves and Hugs.

happy2bme 11-17-2014 10:05 AM

Good morning all,

4 degrees outside, feels like minus 7 so they say. Nights are chilly lately. Yesterday was a meteor shower - Leonids I think, but we were getting a light dusting of snow so there wasn't much to see out there. With that kind of cold, who wants to stand outside for any length of time anyway?

It was very nice getting a surprise call from you yesterday Shad. Thanks sso much for that - always good to hear a friendly voice. After that we sat down to dinner - bbq ribs. I tried a dry rub of spices as I had so often seen on the Food Channel. Didn't much care for it, should have stuck with just salt and pepper as I usually do. DH said they were good but voted a bit of a tone down on the spices also. Talked to another friend last night for a while, watched a bit of tv and it was off to bed. Today I have a dentist appointment shortly to get my permanent crown - the temporary lasted until Saturday night so just in time for that.

Kitty is on my desk watching the screen looking for her mouse game. Not today Kitty and stay off of my keyboard! She is trying to sneak around the screen and pounce on my keyboard :mad:

Annie - glad you liked the Mel picture. She must have known you were going to turn on the Hallmark Channel to watch movies and that's the only way she allowed herself to be found because believe me, she was hiding from both me and Shad! :lol: What kind of ankle brace do you have? Stiff or like a stretchy Ace bandage? If the stiff kind, could be a challenge finding a boot that will fit. I'm thinking anything (with some padding of course) that you could lace up to the ankle would provide a lot of support. I had to laugh at your comment about the bread shelves wiped clean - especially living in an area where they expect snow - when we were predicted the 20 incher last week I was surprised more people weren't panic buying. But to wipe things out for 2 inches? Maybe people are more afraid of the goofies trying to remember how to drive in the first snow :lol: You really made those tomatoes stretch out - congrats on getting so much out of your yield. That has to be a record. I recorded 2 C movies and will watch them to get me in the mood to decorate. I'd like to do more than I did last year - look out DH :lol: :tree::tree::ginger::tree::tree:

Terra - glad your foot is feeling better.

Ceejay - every time you talk about cornbread it makes my mouth water. I hope you don't get any snow - that would really screw things up.

Shad - thank you for the update on the lady in Mel's picture. I don't remember if she sent me a print which I scanned to my computer or if she sent me an electronic copy so I don't have any info on it other than my dim memory.

Michelle - making a list, checking it twice? Time's ticking fast I'm sure. All good thoughts with you.

Hellos to everyone else. DH is announcing the time - YES I KNOW what time it is. Sometimes gets annoying that every time I have to go somewhere he is always reminding me to get ready. I am not a little kid, I know how to manage my time and I am always ready on time. BAH. :mad: Anyway I am ready to wrap this up and jump in the shower. Have a good one kids.

Terra1984 11-17-2014 10:31 AM

Annie ~ Yeah I found one that was called Total Body work out while sitting in a chair

Happy ~ Yeah I'm glad my foot is feeling better too.


Woke up at 5:00 a.m. this morning, Wanted to wake up at 8 but I had to go to the bathroom and when I got done Clyde was moving around in his cage so I took him outside and then I decided I would go ahead and stay up for the day. Its now almost 9 a.m. I ate breakfast when I got up at 5 a.m. I'm currently having some dessert which are some fried tortilla's with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on them. For dinner tonight since it is cold I think I'm gonna have a few small cans of Chicken Noodle Soup. Anyway my only plans for today is to fold and put away my clothes, Clean the bathroom and try to do at least 1 mile with my dvd.

Laura705 11-17-2014 11:28 AM

Morning all. I didn't get here over the weekend and I still have to catch up with all of your posts. I’ll try to get back here later today since this morning/early afternoon are busy. Happy, thanks for posting the photo of Mel. So glad you found it! TTFN.

diyana 11-17-2014 12:27 PM

Went to sleep with a headache, and it was worse when I woke up. Due to surgery being less than 48 hours away, I can't take any aspirin or advil. I took a couple tylenol, and a muscle relaxer last night and I was able to sleep...but I think I tweaked my neck in my sleep as it's very sore today and my headache seems to be coming from the tension in my neck.

Had a great yoga workout yesterday, then I took Santa to the dog park. Today after work, I'm going to the gym to work out with my trainer. She'll do pre-op photos, weight and measurements too.

Happy - Thanks for posting the photo of Mel. I have uploaded it to the Dropbox folder.

Annie - Speaking of the Dropbox folder. Yes, I'll be happy to load the photos to a USB flash drive and send that over to you. I'm going to have some extra time on my hands for the next month.

I still have to catch up with what y'all did over the weekend. For now, work awaits.

Much love,

Laura705 11-17-2014 05:39 PM

Thanks again for posting that photo of Mel. I do miss her dearly and have been thinking of her a lot lately. You know, Iíd never seen a photo of her before. Will you be saving that one onto the dropbox site with all our other photos?

Glad you enjoyed the new Italian restaurant. Calamari, yum. We have a place that does it right and thatís the only place we order it from. Interesting you mentioned a planner. I did a lunchtime webinar last week and also learned about a book that outlines a planner/register system for your actions set up by the categories of family, friend, work, hobby. More geared towards goal achievement, but it was strongly recommended by the webinar presenters (who assured us they had no financial interest in it! LOL), so itís worth picking up from the library. Re the snow Ė it was really just a dusting, but itís been cold enough that itís still on the lawns. Not on the pavement though. Hope the crown is a good fit and youíre all done with the dentist for a while.

Michelle Ė Final countdown to your surgery! So many preparations, and youíve been so diligent in seeking out all the information and doing all the planning. Iím sure things will go smoothly for you because of all this!! How exciting to be getting back into your smaller clothing!!! I hope your neck feels better soon.

Were you able to get in touch with Jen? I hope sheís doing well. With mama looking down on her and keeping watch, Iím sure sheís managing. So have all the visitors gone now? Hope youíre enjoying some peace and quiet and are now going about your usual biz without restriction.

You had a productive weekend with all that household cleaning and purging! I really need to do more of that. Things just accumulate over the years and you find you donít even need or use so much of it. And bravo on the cooking. Good for you. Lately bf and I have been in a big dinner rut.

Your sub sandwich sounded tasty. Sorry the blister is bugging you and I hope it heals quickly. What do you think caused it? Itíll be fun to try the chair workout you found Ė a change in routine can be energizing. Sounds like Sunday was a nice family day for all of you.

You must have been channeling Mellie when you were watching all those Hallmark Channel movies this weekend! Thatís one of my ďgo toĒ tv channels, but Iíve already seen so many of those movies that Iím not in the mood to watch them right now. Maybe when weíre well into DecemberÖ My lung issues are asthma. I never had much at all in the way of symptoms since I was diagnosed a few years back, and Iíve rarely needed to use the inhaler so I never bothered educating myself about this condition. My thought is all the leaf mold thatís present right now, as well as people in the neighborhood either burning their leaves or the smoke from woodburning fires coming out of their chimneys. Exercise occasionally causes some symptoms, but very mild. Dunno. Iíll see what the doc says when I see him on 12/1. Glad your babysitting stint was a treat for you, the kids, and the wee kiddies. Too funny about the bread shelves being picked clean when thereís snow on the way. As if snow is a rarity where you live and the least bit could paralyze the whole area, LOL. I still have some cherry tomatoes sitting on my counter Ė they finally ripened and need to be eaten before they go bad.

Big congrats on the 12-lb weight loss during the contest at work. Great result! And what a great outcome for the teammate you talked into participating! Thanks for acknowledging Mellie on the anniversary of her passing. I wish you could have gotten to know her Ė she was one of a kind! Sounds like you had a fun time with your nephews at the party, on the trampoline and at Olive Garden! Make sure you carve out some time for your workouts this week!!!

Hi Dee!
My weekend was pretty good. I skipped jazzercise and I was a sloth and did not do a workout at home on Saturday morning. Instead I did some reading and watched a couple episodes of Mad Men on the dvd I checked out from the library. I have no idea what season theyíre on now, but Iím only on Season 2! No hurry, I will likely miss it when the show finally ends.

My dentist appointment was really good - the hygienist was extremely happy with the old teeth and gums, practically gushing. However, I do have a worn spot on a molar that is exposing the nerve and I occasionally bite down on something Iím eating and get some sensitivity. Whatís sort of ticking me off is that this is the same tooth and the same surface I had filled earlier this year and Iím surprised this spot wasnít detected and filled at that time. I just donít get it. My dentist told me to try sensodyne toothpaste on it for a couple weeks to attempt to fill the porous spots and eliminate the sensitivity, but now that Iíve thought about it, I think I just want it filled and done with.

My hair appointment was fine, same old color and cut. Bf and I watched movies on Saturday and Sunday nights, and I didnít really do anything special other than the usual household stuff.

Itís taken me forever to get this done. Time to post.

ceejay52 11-17-2014 07:26 PM

I've had a busy day. Boss called me first thing this morning to tell me that we could start to fill the water tower that had been off line due to painting and inspection. Over the week end a filter drained on it's on accord due to a valve tilting over. This morning they repaired that and put it back on line. I had to purge the air out of the filter and put it back into service. While talking to the boss on the phone another person was calling me over the radio to tell me that the chemical truck was here. I don't do much except write down the chlorine cylinder numbers and log those.
I think we had more of ice pellets than snow. It was crunchy this morning and ice was on the windshield. :brr: It was cold this morning but colder in the morning with a predicted low of 18. This is January weather instead of November.
I checked with the online Social Security department about retirement. Guess I will have to stay put till I'm 66, which is not that far away. And I could always take a "cut in pay". I'm going to have to have a mental talk with myself and say you can do it.
I have some cabinets over the washer and dryer that need to be purged. Will do that next week end. Some things I'd forgotten about but don't need.
I did ride the bike fo 2 miles last night.

Nothing permanent yet on retirement. I've accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. I thought about boxing up everything but then where would I put the boxes. I need to go through the clothes in the spare bedroom closet and weed out some of those. I'm pleased with the outcome. Puts me in a good mood when I accomplish something. You talking about your little men makes me want to be with my sister's grand babies.

Think I'll look at the organizer /planner web sight. I tend to do things the opposite. Write things down as I go to see what I've accomplished. I'd like to get my house in order enough to clean each room in 20 minutes or less. One room per day.

More later. It's time to get things ready to go home.

miniDoodles 11-18-2014 02:17 AM

Hey Girls :snow4: on Saturday I got my first winter snow 2" & today another inch & the grass is almost covered up, our day temps r the 30's now. accuweather says we're -15*-20* below normal for the whole U.S. Today I gotta find my boots. Being MIA for over a week, I am soo far behind reading all your daily posts. PLease forgive me for not doing personals that far back; I'm reading posts on this page & it's like watching TV & guessing the plot from prior weeks episodes/or skimming through a book doing a school bk report & hope u all r give me a passing grade :D I'll do personals from what's on this page (like solving a puzzle).

TY :hug: u to everyone that gave a 'shout-out' to me while MIA, it is very meaningful to me, especially right now. My life has been a drama & I've only gotten about 5 hrs. sleep nightly for a month & my immune system shows it. I took-on more than my body & emotions can handle & my long hair is coming out from stress, I need to get a mid-length bob cut & dh is having a fit, so I'll get 3" cut & ignore his insults about shorter hair. My recent kayak & horseback riding r the only 2 times I've had for a month w/o deadlines to reach & I won't b able to have 'me' time again like that till Christmas is over & then it will b snowshoeing, etc. Currently my life is going like last year when I had my bleeding ulcer, was in the ER & 2 days hospitalized. It's hard to tell ppl 'no' I'm too busy, when everyone is busy & they need help too & dh calls me a Slacker if I say 'no' to ppl. Dh invited ppl for Thanksgiving w/o discussing it w me & he volunteered me to cater food for 2 department lunches @ work for pre-Thanksgiving & Christmas & make 2 raffle gifts, I am Not happy w him doing that to me. Dh turns 50 yrs. next month & I planned a small b-day party & he told me to cancel it & call everybody; because when I turn 60 yrs. in March, I don’t want a party. In the 19 yrs. we’ve been together all I want is dh to learn to salsa dance for my b-day & go salsa dancing a few times a year [I know he'd have fun & maybe we could go monthly ;). I dated a guy the year dh & I got married that taught me salsa dancing & I love it. He said maybe for our 20th anniversary he'd learn…

I sat & wrote for over 5 minutes about our DIL neglecting the 4 kids & myself driving [3 hr. round-trip] to pick them up for the last 4 weekends; while our son tries to salvage his marriage & keep his wife from abusing our 4 grandbabes on weekends when the kids r home from school. Kids r not going to play silently & b tidy when they play, kids r kids & DIL needs a parenting class/marriage counseling/anger management/housekeeping how-to class. I wish DIL would get counseling but she won’t & our son can’t force her to do it. My ex-dh lives next door & he & his wife refuse to get involved & take the kids home, so I’ve helped our son & taken the grandbabes often [ages 3 yr., 8 yr., 10 yr., 12 yr.] the oldest & youngest kids r hers that she tried to kill @ abortion clinics when she cheated on our son, but the babies were too far into the pregnancy when she got to the clinic [our son forgave her adultery & our family loves All 4 grandkids as if All r his own]. DIL is 30 yrs. & won’t get a job, finish high school or get her GED, or get a driver’s license [I thought if she’d go out & socialize w a job] that maybe she’d come home & enjoy/appreciate her children & husband. She won’t cook or clean the house, she behaves like a rebellious 12 yr. old & our son has been cleaning the house & cooking ever since their wedding. What I wrote earlier about DIL terrible actions as a mommy & wife would make u upset & it hurts me just thinking about what DIL does, so I won’t repeat writing it, it really hurts…

Michelle, I hope I get to tell u before your surgery that U r in my prayers & I Know U will have a fabulous recovery. I know everybody will b spoiling U for the next several weeks & I hope Santa is gentle w U & doesn't jump on your lap. That's going to b fun for U trying on clothes U had packed away... Memories of shopping for them during happy times when U were littler & getting to wear them again :smug: If I'm @ home & have neck/sinus/my allergies/migraine pains, I fill a clean sock w long grain rice & knot the opening & microwave it. If I'm gone I use a Capsein sp? sticky patch, they're a natural heat & I keep a few in my car/truck when I can't take a pill. I hope your pain left quickly.

Terra, I hope your blister is on the mend now. I've wondered why u wake up so early. I wake-up w dh & when he leaves for work @ 5:30 & I go back to sleep till 7:30am & on the weekends we wake up @ 8am to watch Good Morning America. It's very nice of u to help your mom daily & do some cleaning daily for your family. You're so thoughtful to her, your bf will appreciate seeing all your kindness.

Happy, whoa what town do u live near because that's too much snow for me this early in November for me. I'm happy I don't have to drive in the snow-belt :shocksn: & your low temps. What/where is that new Italian restaurant u ate @. If its not too far from Milwaukee maybe we'll check it out when we drive to visit our son next year. If u hear a page for 'Happy' & you're there, it will b me paging u :cheers: come see me. TY for the 'planner info' b sure to let us know how u like it. Really bad timing for a busted windshield, but I'd really enjoy 'heated car seats' in this coldddd weather.

Susie, that's great that u have committed yourself to getting 30 min. on the treadmill or a walking dvd daily. How wonderful that u & dh had a family weekend for your nephews 5th birthday. Lovely memories like your weekend keep us going when sadness/sickness occurs in our life. -12# off your body in a contest :dust: got any tips to share? I eat too much comfort food in the winter.

cJ, when do u plan to move? I hope its not snowing when u do it & get that wet stuff all over your furniture or slip-on the nasty ice. R u moving into a smaller house or a apartment? Going from a house w yard is a huge transition, switching into a apartment. I'm going to do the purge thing this winter like u r & I know its going to b very time consuming like u found out. But hey the more we move our stuff, the more cals we're burning-off. I've got many collectibles & glass gifts on my shelves that will b hard to get rid of, maybe I'll try to eBay some. I feel for ya doing this.

Annie, I'm a push-over gramma like u r, 'gramma's house & gramma's rules' :smug: The kids Need to feel 'special & get our special love'. They all laugh @ me & give me bear hugs when I say 'your my favorite child' to each of them, right in front of the other child. I bought our 3 yr. old grandson the Teenage Ninja Turtles truck, a playhouse for his b-day @ Amazon & he simple loves it [it has 3 tunnel crawl-through door openings' & half of it has a open top]. His 8 yr. brother won't keep out of it either, nice to see them enjoy it together. Please tell me how did u make your acorn squash, I have a few & have never cooked them before.

Laura, I hope your asthma is better now, just stay on top of your lungs so it doesn't turn into something worse. The leaf mold & burning leaves kick-up my allergies & sinuses too. Ouch about your tooth, once my dentist wrote me a RX for a toothpaste that really helped me. I have a worn crown that needs replaced, but we don't have dental insurance so that'll have to wait & see if we get a IRS refund.

Shad, I'd love it if u could share some of your heat w us. I'd love to have 1 month of winter & then our other 3 seasons return. Do u ever grow garlic & if 'yes' tell me what u like the best & how do u store them, etc.

It's late & I'm going to sleep now & get up w dh for work in 3 hrs. I'll try to b back again soon this week.
I've missed u all here :hug:

annie175 11-18-2014 08:07 AM

Good Morning All....

It is a blistering 10 degrees with the windchill factor itis -6 out. Burr. Go figure. Sunday is supposed to be 55 degrees and wet. No wonder everyone is getting colds, etc.

DEE.......sorry to hear of your DIL being a brat and abusive to the kiddos. I have mixed feelings sometimes about my DIL, not for those reasons but just some things are questionable in my mind about her. Especially when my son tells me of things I do not want to hear. Grandbabes are the very best, would of had them first if I could of. Acorn squash...very, very, easy. The simplist way is to cut in half, de-seed, put in a glass pan, sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper, put a couple of pats of butter or margarine in the center, cover with plastic wrap, nuke for about 10-12 minutes. Or prepare same as above sprinkle with cinnamon cover with foil and bake 375 till tender, 20-30 minutes.

CEEG....life sure is busy at the water plant. Sometimes do you wonder what you will do with all your free time once you retire? I know I got a bit bored the 6 months I was off work. Of course I couldn't do anything that cost money for fear of not getting a job. Oh the circle of life is grand.

LAURA...fyi on the Hallmark channel...All the Saturday evening movies from now until C are new. So far the past two Saturday movies have been very good. However you all know what a sap I am. Boy meets girl, santa arrives, boy cannot have girl, santa intervenes, boy gets girl. lol. I love them anyway and besides they are my connection to MELLIE.

CHELLE...cannot wait to get the dropbox folder of pictures. I will be patiently waiting, NOT. lol. Tomorrow is the big day. Saying extra prayers for you, the surgeons and recovery. Hugs and Loves

TERRA....good for you on getting up and get moving anyway after Clyde woke you up.

HAPPY...the ankle brace is black stretchy, bought at docs office. It laces up the front like a boot then solid straps run around under my foot to each side and velcro up the sides. Then a wide stretchy strap goes around my leg to hold those. It is very sturdy and helps tremendously. It was a year in September that I have been wearing it. The cortisone shot finally kicked in and I can walk again. Amen The decision was finally made that I will have my ankle bones fused as I do not have movement in them anyway so I will not lose mobility so to speak. Yee...not happening for a couple of years. Love the video of Nina on FB. Sassy was too cute when C started to watch it, altho for some reason she was up Cs buttttt all evening and didn't want anything to do with me. Oh a call from SHADDIE...I am jealous. Hope you all got things right in the world.

Hello's to SUSIE and SHADDIE...

Last night was pretty mellow. C and I decided to watch the movie ELF for the 100th time. I made baked fish that C caught over the summer, garlic mashed taters and broccoli. We were in bed by 8:30. I have been very tired lately in the evening. Must be all the hard work I am doing on the job. I did get a load of laundry washed, dried and hung.

We are giving Sis and Chris our old fridge that we have in the garage. Their's is a piece of poo and really they need our energy efficient fridge. It is only 6 years old and in great shape. I will have to find space in my kitchen fridge for all my salsa. Shouldn't be too hard. I told them I need one day notice so I can clear it out before they pick it up.

Not much else happening just trying to stay warm, it helps that I have a space heater under my desk as it was only 62 degs the other day here inside work. Had maintenance reset it to 71. Still a little chilly tho.

Make it a great Tuesday/evening/night.

Hugs to all.

Laura705 11-18-2014 11:58 AM

Morning all. Brrrr, weíve really been hit with the cold, and this morning is a windy one to boot. Thank goodness for warm clothing. :yes:

Youíre right, this weather feels like January not November. Some days everything seems to happen at once Ė that sounds like your workday yesterday. Re retirement Ė itís tempting that SS can be obtained as early as 62 I think, but you get the most $$ if you hold off until well after your ďofficialĒ SS retirement age. Hang in there!

Iím sorry youíre so stressed out and tired out with all the commitments you have to others. :( DH shouldnít be adding to your overflowing schedule! :mad: Your body is telling you itís just too much! :( Very sad to hear about your son & grandkids situation with your DIL. She definitely needs counseling/education of some sort to help her deal with her parenting responsibilities. Your son is very fortunate to have you and your DH taking the kids these past several weekends.

Yeh, I heard we might get to 50ís by Sunday up here. :crossed: I hope retirement isnít going to be filled with worry that the money wonít last. I didnít know all the Sat. night Hallmark channel movies are new now through C. Iíll have to dvr some of those. I watched the newest Good Witch movie a couple weeks ago. I always think of Mellie when I watch those Ė she loved those movies too. And thereís a Good Witch TV series coming in 2015! Nice of you to give DD and family the 2nd fridge. We have our old one in the basement and don't keep much in there at all. It's really old and I'm sure it eats a lot of electricity but I don't want to give it up - it comes in handy with the excess freezer items. Especially when frozen pizza boxes don't fit in our side-by-side fridge!

T-1!!! Less than 24 hours from your surgery! I wish you all the best for a very successful surgery and the beginning of a new journey. :hug:

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies! :wave:

I forgot to wear my pedometer yesterday, but there werenít many steps to count. I walked to the train and to the office for my usual morning commute, but got a ride home from the train in the evening. This morning I walked again, and Iíll probably get a ride home tonight. I brought my lunch with me to work and donít plan on going outside at lunch. I'm wearing my pedometer today though.

Not much going on here Ė ho hum. Did my 15 pushups this morning. I havenít been exercising at all otherwise Maybe Iíll get back to stair climbing today - two short sessions, one now, one later.

Thatís it for me. TTFN.

Terra1984 11-18-2014 01:07 PM

Laura ~ Yeah changing up my works out with be energizing.

Dee ~ Yeah my blister is on the mends. Yeah I like cleaning the house for house for mom, I dont work and my mom does so its the least I can do.

Annie ~ Yeah I thought I might as well of get up since Clyde had already woke me up.


I woke a few mins after 5:00 a.m. this morning, I took Clyde out this morning and we came back in after he was done. I'm currently eating breakfast and drinking my first caffeinated soda of the morning. Clyde is currently sleeping in his spot on the couch. I have an appt. today so I will start watching for my bus at 7:40 a.m. Its 6:41 a.m. right now though. I STILL need fold and put away my clothes and clean the bathroom and do at least 1 mile after I get home from my appt. this morning. I've came to the sad decision to put Clyde down, I've been hoping He would just go in his sleep but he hasnt and I'm not 100% sure he's not in pain like I first thought, His day to day life is pretty bad, His bladder is just getting worse. He's had a long life though and although I will miss him dearly I think its what I need to do for him.

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