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MyChoice2bfit 11-09-2014 10:34 PM

It was a wonderful weekend of wearing sweats and a t-shirt. I didn't leave the house once I came in on Friday night. I didn't go to church today--I usually never miss but I really just wanted to be in my house all weekend away from everyone and I'm glad that I took the time and did that.

We did get DH's closets cleaned out. I still have the hall closet to clean but it is small so it's not to bad. It will wait.

I saw that my post on Saturday posted twice ???:?: I have not idea why..

Dee: Shad answered your question about Mel so you know that it is a different one from the one on our previous thread. I do "see" Mel, Victoria and Carrie on FB. They are all doing well.

I will do some research and see what 5k's will be next fall and we can get it on the calendar and plan and train for it. The 5k's are timed as your time starts as soon as you step over the starting line. When I did my fist one I really hadn't trained and I was happy to finish in an hour. My best time for finishing (walking) was 47.67 minutes. It's all about beating your own personal goal to finish in a certain amount of time.

Shad: I didn't know your name was Joy. How pretty!

Terra: I like snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then I really am done with it..but in Ohio we can get snow all the way through March.

Michelle: I am sorry to hear that your friend got some not so good news. Your surgery is fast approaching...I know it will be successful for you and you will do great.

Ceejay: You are doing some great workouts...keep it up. Also the piano app sounds interesting. How long have you played the piano?

Happy: I am one who doesn't like to put my food in when it isn't "perfect". But I have found that it's ok..just do it...the nice thing is that you become more aware and start making better choices. Think of it as a tool and not a billboard. :D At least that is what I am doing.

Hi Laura and Annie.

Time for this chick to head to bed. See you all tomorrow.

diyana 11-10-2014 10:59 AM

Just a quick check in to say hi.

I keep trying to make lists of stuff to do to get ready for surgery...but every time I try and start....my mind goes blank. The night before my pre-op appointment, I woke up at 3 or 3:30 am thinking of all these questions...so I made a list on my phone. Maybe I need to do that...just keep a list that I can access on my phone.

I didn't get to the gym yesterday, but I did have a nice lunch with B. After lunch, Santa and I went to the dog park where he got to play, while I was on weeding detail. It's ok. It was good exercise. Trying to dig the weeds out with a hoe and then bending to pick them up...definitely an upper and lower body + cardio workout! Today after work, it's yoga, and then home to do some cleaning, some Wii and some website work.

Well, better get on with the day!

Much love to all,

Terra1984 11-10-2014 11:17 AM

Susie ~ Yeah I love it when it snows on the 24th and 25th of Dec. but it usually doesnt snow past Feb.


Woke up at 6:30 after not going to bed until 12:30 a.m., I let Clyde out this morning and I bought him back in cause its a little chilly. Anyway I'm currently eating breakfast and watching Cold Case episodes while posting on here and on two other forums. Today my plans are to fold and put my clothes away, Yesterday was just too busy to do it and I plan to walk outside for 30 mins to an hour after dinner.

happy2bme 11-10-2014 01:17 PM

Morning everyone,
Well it's here at last. A fine but steady, heavy snow. We are supposed to get anywhere from 8 to 16 inches of snow (they keep changing it but whatever we will be getting a lot of it). DH just went out to shovel / broom off the deck. The good thing is that being as dry as it is up here, the snow is more powderlike and most of the winter it's light and fluffy. It gets wet and heavy come springtime. One of my friend's tipped me off to the storm - I was oblivious - so I hurried up yesterday and went to the grocery store. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be with people. They had some really good sales - Green Giant frozen vegetables normally $2.09 for 68 cents. So I stocked up on a lot of stuff. I filled the car with groceries. I can now open my own soup kitchen :o At least I won't have to go shopping for anything other than staples like milk for the next 2 weeks. :lol: The freezer and refrigerator is stuffed! I have made a list of everything I bought so I can use it up properly. This time of year the air gets super dry. Anything with a high water content left on the counter dries up like a raisin - tomatoes, fruit, etc. So you have to stay on top of things before they wilt and go bad. I am once again committed to my healthy eating - I have several soups planned for this week. My biggest issue is that I wait too long / don't plan ahead and then I'm starving and grab the fastest thing I can eat - usually not the best choice either. But that will be my focus this week.

Don't have anything going for today other than shoveling, cleaning house and doing some cooking and laundry. A good day for it.

Terra - I did enjoy the 6 weeks of winter when I lived in Tennessee and we'd usually get just enough of a dusting of snow at Christmas to make it seem homey. But I did not enjoy the long hot summers. You are doing really well on your weightloss - congratulations and keep up the good work!

Michelle - I can appreciate just how many thoughts are running through your head. Keep a pad of paper at your bedside - do you find just as you are drifting off your head is ablaze with ideas? Just keep jotting things down as they come to you. There IS a lot of stuff to remember. It seems to me that consciously or not, they are training you to get some exercise every single day which is good. I'm glad you are staying at the step mom's post surgery. Good to have someone with you as much as possible at first. Is your step bro liking Belize? I guess so since he went back - meant to ask a few times.

Susie - really glad to hear you had a t-shirt weekend. You needed it! And it refreshes the soul. Ready to tackle a new week?

Ceejay - yum meatloaf. Will you make me some? I don't make good meatloaf. Yay for sticking with riding the bike. I don't play piano but I have seen some of the computer simulations and I thought they would be awkward compared to a real piano keyboard layout. But fun to tinker with.

Shad - my mistake. I thought I understood that you were getting a second bed like the one you just got. Your garden's bounty looks delicious. I can imagine the wonderful taste of a sun warmed garden tomato. I'm glad you are home long enough to actually eat something out of the garden.

Dee - thank you for the info on kayaking. That would be fun with all the lakes up this way. We looked at stand up paddle boards, but just out of curiosity. I am short and some of these things tend to work better with someone who is 5 foot 9 or average height. I figured I'd spend more time falling in the water than paddling! We would like to rent a sit down paddle boat some day. So nice of your DH to offer to help us with our problems - hey, that's one way to travel! :lol: You both seem like the kind of wonderful friends and neighbors one doesn't see too much anymore. How nice that you extend such kindness to others. As for Mel, Shad and I met on a thread here long, long ago. We got to be friends and Shad dragged Mel over after she met her posting on another thread. We became longtime friends and "sisters from another mother" as we have very similar personalities. Shad got to meet her in person and I regret that I didn't make more of an effort to call her on the telephone. Our first phone chat lasted 5 hours. Yes, 5 hours on the phone! It was like we were old friends from childhood. SHe was a wonderful spunky woman who had lots of challenges in her life and we all loved her and were deeply saddened by her premature passing. I have had the opportunity to meet lots of wonderful and "interesting - I say tongue in cheek" people at 3FC. Some have stayed for a lifetime and some have come through, made us shrug and do this :dizzy: (Shad calls them nutters :rofl: ) and then they are gone as quick as they come in. But all have enriched our lives in some way.

Laura - enjoy not having snow at the moment. I am terribly jealous of your 50 degree temperatures but I hear you will get a good dose of the frigid cold later in the week as will we.

Annie - hope things are going well for you. How is the foot feeling?

I really should go out and help DH - it appears to be snowing harder. Or maybe I will just stay in, start some laundry and make him a nice hearty lunch. Later ladies...

Laura705 11-10-2014 04:03 PM

Morning all. Back to Monday and a new workweek. We’re actually in a lull at the moment, cleaning up after a busy time for our department.

Looks like you had a productive weekend. I like to think our closets aren’t too bad – partially because they are small and there’s only so much that can fit in them, LOL. Re calling in a “professional” – my bf is very handy with a lot of things around the house, but we'll be calling in a pro to do our wall/ceiling patching. Neither of us are skilled at that. Fifty is just a number - any age, (i.e., NOW) is the best time to do what you can to improve your health and fitness!

Ceejay – Bf and I haven’t made meatloaf in a while. He knows I’m not that crazy about it. And it kind of grosses me out that he puts ketchup on his. I don’t know why that bugs me, and I know many people do that. After all, meatloaf is sort of like a hamburger... I think my mom used to make a gravy of sorts from condensed cream of mushroom soup to go with her meatloaf. Maybe that’s why I’m not a meatloaf fan, haha. I never liked the tiny bits of mushroom in that soup. Nothing like mushrooms, if you ask me. What do you eat with your meatloaf? Good job on the bike!! (And the stairs and the pushups!) I agree with Shad’s advice – think carefully about living with someone upon your retirement. You’ve been on your own a long time and likely enjoy your privacy and freedom more than you even realize.

Shad – What a nice harvest of veggies from your garden! You really have a green thumb. Without the rain, you must really be diligent with the watering, or does your irrigation system do that for you? Sorry to hear about the leak(s) in the bathroom. I hope you find the source. Does it feel like at some point you’ve replaced everything in in the house at least once??!!

Terra – I don’t mind snow that much, it’s the bitter cold and wind that I don’t like. I like snow while it’s falling and if the temps allow it to melt within a day or two... So now you’ll have to adjust to a new Sunday and a new Tuesday. Ugh on the water spill! I have a couple covered cups I use for my water, especially when I put the cup on my nightstand at bedtime! Re reheating the burritos – the only reason I prefer not to is when it has lettuce in it. i don't like what the heat does to the lettuce.

Michelle – Great news re hitting your surgery weight and then some!! So much to consider with this surgery. Good plan to spend your post-surgery days with your stepmom to avoid stairs and to minimize dog-walking. Santa will surely miss the dog park though! I bet your cell phone has some sort of voice-to-text capability that will let you easily capture all those thoughts that are racing through your head as you close in on your surgery date. OMG, it’s next Wed. right???!!! :yikes: I hope your friend B’s surgery goes well and he doesn’t lose his leg/hip. At least he’s able to cope by joking about it. Re the asthma – until this fall, I really didn’t have symptoms occur much at all. This fall though I’ve had more symptoms, mostly mild, but have been using an inhaler several times a week. I usually see my allergist about my allergies and asthma in December. I hope the symptoms subside by then. I’m thinking it’s been the leaf mold and perhaps smoke from leaf-burning and wood fires in the neighborhood that my lungs do not like. LOL re your terms for moving back to the Midwest. :brr:

Dee – Your doctor sounds like mine – a tiny little thing. She can be a bit preachy, but (IMO) she’s just doing her job. I don’t know if it would be any easier to accept if she herself was struggling with weight issues and “knew my pain”… Re the kayak – I assume you’ve canoed before too. Seems like a kayak would be more “tippy”? I haven’t done much boating of any kind, but I have taken a couple short paddles in a canoe with my boyfriend and enjoyed that. I think I’d prefer canoeing just from the standpoint of being in the same boat as another person. But I’d like to give kayaking a try sometime. Wow, your friend has a lot of horses to care for and exercise! Sounds like you had a fun afternoon helping her. Way to go on the size 10 jeans!! :carrot: Your plans to enjoy the holiday food and drink are wise – enjoy it all, but in moderation.

Happy – I hope the trials remain cancelled and you don’t have to do jury duty. Especially with all the snow you’re getting up there!!! I hope the parka you ordered works for you. I’ve been wearing long winter coats for my commutes for a long time – I need to keep my backside and legs warm! I have a nice Columbia parka that’s very warm, but it’s just not long enough. I wear it only a handful of times each year, like in the car with our heated seats. :D Re food – lack of planning is my downfall as well. What dessert did you bring to game night last Friday? Glad to hear nothing came up in DH’s stress test. :yes: Sorry all the repairs are adding up to too much this year. I know the feeling…the sewer line repair was the whopper. Then we bought a bunch of “fancy” edging for our lawn/garden bed borders, but never got around to installing it in the fall. I hate to fork over the $$ now and not make use of the purchase for months. :mad: Now we’re having our annul furnace checkup where they also change out the whole-house humidifier and air cleaner filters. But now, bf wants to switch over to a more sophisticated humidifier setup. I must be the only one who recalls forking over thousands for the sewer line repair just a few months ago. Sigh. Re your washer – I always take the really heavy/bulky stuff to a laundromat. Those cotton blankets can be bulky, and really heavy once they’re wet. It’s a shame you didn’t get out on the ATV trails this year – I assume weekdays are better than weekends? Re drivers/traffic - my mother is not a good driver, so she times her errands between rush hours on weekdays, but not on Fridays. She won’t drive on Fridays or the weekends, LOL. Re our fire stairwells at work, yes they are always locked unless an emergency occurs. I can exit only at the ground floor or the 4 floors in which we are a tenant (via keycard), oh, and the one floor that houses the building’s conference center. I like the reference to a shirtless man even if I don’t get it. :D

Hi Annie!! Hope all’s well with you.

My weekend was nice. Saturday I did my usual morning Jazzercise class, followed by some housework. Then it was lunch and then shopping for the items for our half bath refresh. I’m happy to say we found everything during this trip. Having already been to Home Depot and Lowes, we thought the local chain might have a better selection, but nope. The kitchen and bath showroom visit started off shaky when we took a shine to a nice medicine cabinet that we learned had a price of $800. Oy. We picked out another cabinet, and other items as well as a light fixture. Some of it was a bit pricey and I wasn’t totally satisfied with the light fixture, but we left with an itemized quote to price shop against. One stop later at a lighting store, we found a light fixture I really liked and it was also a lot less expensive, so I was happy about that. Back home and searching Home Depot’s online site, I found a less expensive medicine cabinet identical to the style we agreed on , but bf read some reviews that indicated the hinges might be flimsy plastic and fail. He doesn’t want to deal with that, so we’re going with the more expensive model from the bath showroom. I’m grudgingly in agreement, though this is for a half bath and the cabinet doesn’t get used nearly as heavily as in our full bath. :shrug:

The rest of the weekend was relaxing, though my lower calves were sore from my stair climbing last Friday. In fact they're still a wee bit sore today! I’ll have to remember to stretch them afterwards from now on.

On Sunday we shopped at an office supply store for the magazine files we want for storing bf’s sheet music, but decided to look online. We found some on Amazon and ordered them, along with little stands on which to prop our cellphones (I sometimes read e-books on my phone while eating lunch at my desk), and a quilt set. I was getting so tired of our current comforter set and had been looking on and off for a new one. I hope we like it when we see it “in real life”. Here’s the link with a photo: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003G2ZWFC/...Q6GLOLQM&psc=1 If any of you watch the sitcom “The Middle”, you might think it looks very much like the parent’s bedspread. :D

I love that show and at some point I decided I might like something like that. But not their headboard!! :no:

I keep getting interrupted, but I think I’ve finally finished this novel, so I better post. TTFN!

ceejay52 11-10-2014 05:53 PM

Nothing going on today. I'm tired. I've heard from my cousin who came and got her mom and sister. Her 90 year old mom is doing good on the trip. But her cousin isn't. She didn't won't to go, but she had no choice. I'm supposed to hear from them when they get to her house in Texas.
More later.

Shad 11-10-2014 06:25 PM

Morning all,

Shad 11-10-2014 07:00 PM

Morning all,

This computer is playing up today, so I will post frequently so I don't lose my posts. I also copy them once in a while, but sometimes I forget.

Ceejay - glad to hear that the relations are on the way back to Texas albeit somewhat unwillingly. At least you can get to eat the soup you make now instead of giving it away.

Laura - yes the garden is doing very well and I am enjoying it. A bit more rain might be nice, and I am not looking forward to the next water bill. But the flavour of the vegetables is so great.
I used to walk the stairs when I was living in Perth and I remember the pain in the legs after 10 up and down trips of the 4 floors. I only used to do it when it rained.
The bathroom leak has been around a while. It will get done next. Today I found some rot in the pergola roof as well. Not happy!!!!

Happy - so you have filled the fridge and the pantry and the cupboards and will be okay to live for the next 4 weeks or so. What will eventually grab you and it's not the food, will be cabin fever so better get used to driving to the conditions.
Some of those facebook recipes looked pretty good this morning. Might have to use up some of those veges on a couple of them.

Michelle - I suffer from CRAFT as you well know so I always carry a notebook around for when illumination strikes. I have these little spiral backed pocket sized books which fit into a pocket easily. Pity I don't always have a pen with me as well.
Keep up the good exercise work.

Susie - glad to hear that you had a good weekend wearing the old t-shirts. Always good to get some cupboards and robes turned out so you know what you have in the house. I guess you are flat out back at work today. It's nice to be busy, not nice to be overwhelmed.

Well it seems that the 'hurry up and wait' mantra of all new contracts is well under way. However I had to provide information as to my management company, insurance details and availability yesterday so things are on the move. They originally wanted me for 3 days a week, now it seems to be 4. However I have said and will be sticking to the fact that if they want me to do 5 days, 2 will be done from here. I am not getting into the flight merry-go-round of a flight out either late Friday or early Saturday and a flight back on Sunday.

We have the G20 freeloaders coming to Brisbane this week. Half the city is in lock down and the powers that be have trucked in something like 20000 police from all over Australia and New Zealand and military personnel to ensure that us low lifes don't get to close to your president, or the Russian president or any of the Arabic sheikhs. It's chaos trying to get anywhere in there. I understand your President is bringing an entourage of around a 1000 with him. WTF. Now I have no problem with your man, indeed I think he is doing a reasonable job given what he had to start with, but really??? 1000???? All we, the low life people, get to do is pay for your lot to eat, drink and make merry. I've never yet seen any policy come out of there which will improve the lot of this Earth, the animals on it, the environment and of course the human race (of whom, it is my firm opinion that we could do without at least half of them).
Since they are here and have gummed up the roads, the public transport system and the airports, trying to get to Melbourne to take up that job might be construed as hazardous to my health and certainly will be a strain on the temper. Why can't they have a permanent place to hold these meetings, preferably somewhere in the middle of a desert where the rent-a-crowd can't get to, to protest and have their meetings there permanently with their own security mobs that they get to pay instead of us.

Okay, rant over and normal scheduling can now recommence. I have found the tradie to do my gutters and will check with him this morning as to when and how. I am about to go out and take a look at my resin filling on the barge board, then I will set about cleaning the bathroom, loo and laundry. I also would like to make some further progress on getting rid of some of the weeds that have popped up between the pavers. That last lot of roundup I sprayed them with didn't work. I often find these days that the store bought made up round up doesn't work well.

Off to find my ear protectors, we have helicopters and fighter jets patrolling the skies and I am near enough to the city to cop the end of the patrol line. Bah humbug. Move on G20, and don't come back until after I have gone.

happy2bme 11-11-2014 09:07 AM

Morning all,

Quick post for me. There is lots of snow to shovel - we got over 20 inches. I am going to do the deck here while DH plows and then I will try to get over to the thrift shop in town. IF the roads are clean which I suppose they will be since they are much better up here than they were in the city.

I got some good news yesterday. My blood test results came back and I am finally in a normal range for my long term blood sugar A1C which means I am no longer pre-diabetic. :carrot: This was a goal of mine for a long time. My liver tests are good and I mentioned I have indigestion / reflux and she tested me for h.pylori and that was negative too. I was afraid to get the cholesterol done as I need to work more on the diet with that. But good news for the time being. :D

Sorry to be so brief, will catch up later today. Be good.

Terra1984 11-11-2014 10:14 AM

Happy ~ Yeah I dont like long hot summers either.

Laura ~ I dont like the cold and wind in winter, I also dont like the ice that comes along with winter and snow. Thanks for commenting on my weigh loss but since my TOM is finally over I weighed myself and I'm at 288 now so I gained 8 pounds since I was 281 :(.....Oh well though I'll get back down to 281, I would love to get into the 270's sometime soon too, I'm definitely not throwing in the towel over a 8 pound gain.


I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and I wanted to turn over and go back to sleep but my med's doctor said I only needed 8 hours a night and I had 8 hours by 6 a.m. so I went ahead and got up for the day at 6. Its now around 8:30 and I've ate breakfast already and I let Clyde outside and I got his food ready for him to eat later on today. Right now I'm just watching t.v while posting on here and on 2 other forums. Today my plans are to do my 2 miles with my dvd twice today once before lunch at 11:30 a.m. and again at 7 or 8 p.m. tonight after my mom goes to sleep. Yes Yes Yes I STILL need to fold and put away my clothes so those are my plans for today.

Laura705 11-11-2014 11:32 AM

Morning all.

I’m dealing with my gain of the past few months, trying to nip it in the bud, first of all, and then reverse it. We can do it!! Okay, get those clothes folded and put away!!! :D I always fold in front of the tv just to have something to entertain me while I do it. :)

Wow, that’s a lot of snow! Hope you can make it over to the thrift shop today. Very good news on your blood test results!! Way to go! :yay:

I hope the rest of the trip to TX goes well for your cousins and their mom. Is this a permanent move?

I think we were supposed to host a G8 summit here a couple years ago and there was a big to-do about all the security measures, etc. My employer warned us that we might close the office for the days of the summit and we’d all work from home. I don’t recall that happening. I think some incident happened that made security even more critical and they moved it elsewhere. I agree that a ton of money goes into all the planning, coordination, and other work the host has to provide for these big events - I can’t even imagine how much it is in terms of hours and dollars, right down to the decision-makers at my employer and all the others in the vicinity of the summit site who had to figure out what they were going to do. Think of all the alternate uses of that money and time, and the lost productivity. Sigh. Re the stairs – while I do get sore muscles, what bugs me more is the huffing and puffing. I hope I increase my aerobic stamina by doing this. I hope the contract for the new job can be worked out to your satisfaction. The weekend time at home when traveling on Friday and Sunday passes in the blink of an eye and not much can be accomplished except what - laundry and repacking?? Ugh.

I did 10 flights of stairs yesterday afternoon – up 5 floors, down 10 and back up 5. It was a bit easier than Friday when I went down 5 and up 5 twice. I hope the huffing and puffing eases up. I’ll see if I can do two sessions today, but not 10 floors each session.

Did some grocery shopping last night and that was about it.

I managed to hit 10,646 steps yesterday! Between my commute, a short walk at lunch, the stair climbing and the grocery shopping I finally managed over 10,000 steps.

Having lunch with a buddy today. We have to catch up on the office gossip, you know, LOL. :lol:

I want to go see the movie selected tonight ("St. Vincent", with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy), but if my contact lenses are ready to pick up from the eye doctor, I’ll do that instead. Wearing these glasses everyday is driving me nuts. Reading the newspaper on Sunday had me shoving the glasses way down my nose to get the best clarity. Thankfully it’s really just close reading that’s an issue – no problems with distance and the computer screen. I'll be getting new glasses early next year.

Off to post this and phone the eye doc. TTFN.

diyana 11-11-2014 11:39 AM

Hi ladies,

I had a great yoga class last night. And when I got home, I had a lovely hour-long phone conversation with my eldest niece. This is my niece who has an infant at home, is back to work after maternity leave, is close to achieving another graduate degree. And she's juggling it all with grace and a sense of humor. I called her because a few years ago, she had the same surgery that I'm having in a week. When she was in her early 20s she was very, very heavy. Her weight loss surgery started close to a decade ago when she had the adjustable "lap band" put around her stomach to create a smaller pouch. The problem with the lap band, and the reason my surgeon and so many others refuse to do that surgery, is that correctly adjusting it is very tricky. If you don't "tighten" it enough, it's almost like having no restriction at all, and if you tighten it too much or if it slips, then patients can't keep down any food or even liquids. This is what happened to my niece. She ended up in the ER because she couldn't even keep down water. After a couple surgeries to "fix" the band, she eventually had it removed. After careful consideration and much consultation with doctors, she decided to have the Gastric Bypass surgery a few years ago. She's at a healthy weight now and had a very healthy pregnancy.

We chatted last night about the days leading up to the surgery, the hospital stay, and how to prepare for being newly post-op. It's funny because when she was in her teens and 20s, she would sometimes ask me for advice when she didn't want to talk to her mom...and now I'm asking her for advice.

Terra - Yep, if I were to ever consider moving back to the midwest, I would have to be guaranteed that it only snow on Christmas Eve! :rofl: Seriously though, with nearly all my family out here in CA, I wouldn't ever move back to the midwest. I've had plenty of snow in my life. I lived in New England until I was 10, then moved to CA. When I was in my early 20s, I lived up in the California Sierra Mountains (the Lake Tahoe area) for 4 winters. In the Sierras, snow storms don't bring inches of snow, they bring FEET. A typical winter is where it snows 6' overnight at least once a week, and then it's sunny but in the teens and 20s for the rest of the week. And then I lived in Wisconsin for 12 years, and if my marriage didn't blow up two years ago, I'd probably still be there hating so much cold and snow and missing my family. Snow is beautiful, and nowadays if I ever get the urge to see it, I can just drive 3-4 hours up to the Sierra Mountains. Keep on walking, Terra, and you'll lose those extra pounds. So proud of you for all your walking! Like Laura, I always fold clothes while watching TV.

Shad - Awesome that you are getting such a bounty from your garden. Home grown corn is delicious...and nothing beats a home grown tomato. People always laugh when I tell them I have CRS...and then they laugh even harder when I tell them about the more advanced stage being CRAFT! :rofl: Dang, I had no idea that our president had such a big entourage! Good idea about the pocket notebook. One thing I definitely have to do is make a list of who to call and/or text after surgery so that my bf can do it if I can't.

Susie - I sometimes love weekends like the one you had. It's really nice to have a break and just relax or putter around the house. I am hoping to be able to walk a 5K by Spring. Thanks for your encouragement and kind words about my surgery.

Happy - I do not envy you all the snow you're getting! 20"! :yikes: I talked with a friend of mine in Milwaukee, and she said that they are still having temps in the low 50s. I hope DH doesn't overexert himself clearing out the snow. Good for you for stocking up on groceries! That is REALLY a good buy for frozen veggies. Since I won't be able to have raw veggies for at least 3-6 months (too hard to digest), I will be eating cooked veggies (after I make sure I get my protein in during each meal - that's the order of importance....protein first, then veg, and if there's any room, maybe a little bit of starchy carb). Good for you for committing to healthy eating!! :cp: When you mentioned making soups, I was reminded of how much I love Marie Callendars chili and cornbread or soup and cornbread. I was driving by a Marie Callendars restaurant last night and nearly pulled in just to get a piece of cornbread. Good thing I didn't because I just looked up the calories for cornbread on Marie Callendars website, and it's over 500 calories and over 80 grams of carbs and that's without any butter! :faint: So much for having a food funeral for cornbread. So glad to hear your blood tests came out so well!! Well done, sista! :bravo: Yay for the good liver function AND negative h.pylori!

Laura - The leaf mold and the smoke from fireplaces using to wreck havoc on my asthma. My asthma is A LOT better now that I'm back in CA. When I lived here 12 years ago, the smog was sometimes bad...but they must have more stringent rules on emissions for business and vehicles, because it's improved A LOT. Now the only times I have asthma is walking up flights of stairs. Wow, you did 10 flights of stairs! :bravo: sister!! And well done on surpassing 10K steps! St. Vincent is a movie I'd like to see too. Maybe this weekend. That's pretty smart of your mom to not drive on Fridays or weekends. Glad you found the bathroom refresh items...too bad they were pricey. I didn't know they made little stands for smartphones. I often read on my smartphone too. I like the quilt in the link you sent...but definitely NOT the headboard. I think you asked if my step-brotherlikes living in Belize. Now that he's made it through the HOT season, he really likes it. It's a slow pace, lots of ex-pats live there, and he's made several friends. And other than the drive between CA and Belize (and back) being long and a bit trecherous (through questionable areas of Mexico), he's
really happy. My step-mom called me yesterday as soon as she heard from him that he arrived safely back home in Belize.

Ceejay - I hope your relatives got to Texas ok.

Annie - I hope you're doing well and the new job is still great! I loved the photos of your little men that you posted on FB.

Much love and many hugs to all,

Terra1984 11-11-2014 08:08 PM

Laura ~ Yes we can definitely do this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely get my clothes folded and put away.

Michelle ~ Yeah I've always lived in Kansas ever since I was 6 months old so I'm used to all 4 seasons, Not only the hot or warm weather and not just the cold weather but all 4 and thats what I like the most about living in Kansas. Yeah if all of your family lived in CA, It wouldnt make sense to move back to the midwest. Most of my family lives here in Kansas. The only family member that doesnt is one of my step-sister's She lives in Mich. Anyway thanks for commenting on my walking. I guess I havent done that good of a job since I've gained 8 pounds back of my 29 but like I said I'm definitely not gonna throw in the towel.

MyChoice2bfit 11-11-2014 08:09 PM

Hi. I just typed a long post hit send and then nothing happened.

I couldn't get it back...they will teach me to not type it in word first.

I don't feel like retyping everythine, but I do what to say YIKES to Happy on the 20 inches of snow!

I will see you all tomorrow.

diyana 11-12-2014 10:15 AM

Hi ladies,

I am swamped at work. I've got 4 working days to get two big projects done. :yikes: Oh well, at least I won't have time to worry about getting all prepared for 1 week from today. I think I've mentioned...I'm not nervous about the surgery or the hospital stay at all. I have the utmost confidence in my surgeon and the medical staff. I just want to be prepared with all the necessary stuff for the first couple weeks post-op.

Love and hugs to all,

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