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Laura705 11-03-2014 11:56 AM

Morning all.

Terra – Your sleep pattern certainly fluctuates!

Ceejay – Glad you enjoyed your time with your friend and at the uncles. Hope you can stay out of the middle of the “turmoil” your aunt phone about! Good you used the fitness center at the hotel. Have to keep moving no matter what. Yeh, both Saturday & Sunday were nice days and I enjoyed getting doggy out for his walk on both days.

Annie – Sounds like you had a nice chilly Halloween being out with the grands. I noticed how the kids we had at our door remembered to say thanks or that their parents reminded them, LOL. Nice that you’ve got a head start on your Christmas shopping!!

Happy – Thanks for starting the thread for us. I hope you and dh are feeling better now. Even once you’ve retired, it appears everyone’s busier than ever. And the most important job is taking care of yourself so you can continue to healthy and independent. It’s great both you and your hubby are keeping so busy. I think taking classes voluntarily when you get to choose the subject is a fun thing. When I look at various continuing education course catalogs, I’m usually focused on physical fitness classes that might interest me, but I also see other classes that sound like fun, especially the cooking ones. Re better eating – planning is always my big fail. So important, or you will be making poor decisions.

Shad – I didn’t get around to watching the rugby match that we DVR’d on Saturday. I will probably watch a bit of it tonight. I’ll make sure to watch for the Haka. The new job sounds good (I wouldn’t mind just working 3-4 days/week, lol), except it’s not local.

Michelle – I hope you had a good weekend with your friend from out of town. Who decides an entire website needs to be revamped in three days???!!!

Hellos to Dee and Susie!

BF and I did our early voting yesterday and then went out for lunch. The rest of the day was uneventful, for us at least. We watched Nik Wallenda walk across the Chicago River on a tightrope from the top of one of the Marina Towers to a building on the other side. And then walk a tightrope from one Marina Tower to the other while blindfolded! :yikes: Talk about sweaty palms!!

Just learned this morning that someone our dept works closely with is no longer with the company. I can't say I'm surprised the way he and his new boss were not seeing eye-to-eye. Sad to hear.

That’s about it for me. Let me get this posted now before more interruptions!

happy2bme 11-03-2014 01:08 PM

Morning everyone,

Yesterday I was just browsing around the internet. Decided to check out the 5 ladies I worked with at my first full time job in 1972. I was able to find all of them via FB and postings on the internet. All but one of us got married during the years we were working together. One of the ladies was a bit older and had been married when she joined the company. It's nice to see that every single one of us is still married to the guys we picked. Rather unusual in these times. For the people I was able to locate on FB, it's funny to see them so much older. Of course I have not seen them since 1979 so you think we all aged a bit in 35 years??? Some of them are in their 70's now which I cannot fathom and one girl lives less than a mile away from my sister! I would try to reconnect with some of them but it's been a lifetime and they probably don't remember me. Just thought it was nice tho that we are all still married.

I worked in the basement yesterday trying to reorganize my pantry and make the most use of the shelving DH put in there. It really takes a lot of time. I worked for 5 hours and am only about 1/2 done. While I'm doing that I am thinking about how I want to lay out my hobby room. I will need some furniture - a small chair for the low built in desk - a vanity stool will do, a high stool for the work cabinets, a nice desk lamp with bright light and a good area rug for the floor. We are leaving the basement cement floor uncovered for one year just to make sure that we don't have any other seepage problems but the cement is really cold on the feet. I HAD an area rug that I liked a lot which would have been perfect. My Mom admired it in our former house and when we moved I didn't have any real place to put it so I gave it to her. She was all thrilled. That was 3 years ago and it's still laying rolled up in the exact corner of the room where I delivered it. :mad: Not worth the trip to get all the way over to Chicago to go pick it up. Might not even be good anymore too. Anyway I guess I will browse the 2 furniture stores here to see if they have anything that will work for me.

Oh and there is a bbq chain of restaurants - Famous Dave's - that started up here 20 years ago. At 4:30 this morning the restaurant burned to the ground. It was a hot and intense fire - literally burned it to a shell. They are still investigating it. It's a shame because it's iconic as this was the flagship restaurant that started it all. Famous Dave - the owner lives in Minneapolis I think.

Laura - I recorded and started to watch the Wallenda tightrope walk but opted to try and finish a library book instead. It looked really scary! And cold! Regarding your comment about being retired and staying busy. I think that is key to making the adjustment without going crazy. I know, we all dream of the day we don't have to get up and trudge to work but you really do have to keep yourself occupied with something or you go nuts and take your partner with you! :lol: An odd thing I have noticed and DH backs me on this is that the vast majority of couples we know do NOT do things together. He does his thing which generally involves fishing, hunting, hanging with the boys or puttering in the backyard and she does her thing - volunteering, charity work or for a few people I know going back to the big city where they came from and visiting family and getting their shopping jones satisfied. DH and I are one of the few couples who actually do things as a couple as it has been pointed out to us on several occasions. We've actually been mocked as being "joined at the hip". 'scuse us for liking each other :shrug: Oh well I digress. Anyhow, a few years before you retire decide on some hobbies you'd be interested in. And keep in mind what you like and what you are looking for when you decide on that last retirement homestead. :^: I have to admit I looked long and hard at your comment of the term TorT and tried to figure out what it was - legal tort? Torrie Spelling?? yes I did think that - THEN duhhhhhhhh :doh: I realized you meant Trick or Treat :rofl:

Michelle - glad you had a good time with your visiting friend. Good luck with the intranet revamp. Your company thrives on last minute deadlines it seems :lol: At least you can get things wrapped up before your medical leave.

Ceejay - no third freezer for me - got too much in the 2 I do have :lol: I'm glad you got to enjoy the fitness room. And the nice thing is that they are rarely used so you can enjoy them in peace and quiet! Maybe the hotel can send your pedometer back. :^:

Terra - how nice for your Mom :D Good luck on the new job for her. I hope she does well.

Looks like it's lunch time. Think I'll go rummage in the freezer and find a Lean Cuisine dinner to go with the fresh fruit I need to eat up. Have a good day and hello to the rest of the ladies in the group.

ceejay52 11-03-2014 05:37 PM

My friend stayed an extra night at the hotel, and she said that she didn't see the pedometer. She said after I left she got some much needed sleep. On the other hand I do tend to get OCD on counting things so I'm just planning a 10 minute bike ride each day that I feel like it. On my bike that equals to 2 miles and I'm more than happy with that. I will go to the gym this week end to walk on the treadmill. I'm trying to mix things up a bit.

I liked the quietness in the fitness room at the hotel. The machines looked new. Kind of funny that you are putting up shelves and I'm going to take down some shelves this week end. Going to pack up some books and either take them to the library or over to GoodWill. This will give me some more space in the spare bedroom/office area. And one less thing I have to do when I retire. I don't need them. I'm going to save one book for my bil. I'd see if those people you found on FB remembered you and friend them. How sad that FD's burned to a crisp. I've eaten at the one in Branson and it was delicious.

How nice that you got to spend some time with your friend. Friends are special people.

Tell your mom congratulations on her job promotion. That's great. With the daylight savings time I've woke up earlier than I wanted to.

I left the ordeal with my other aunt and cousin in the hands of negative Nancy. She did well working with them Saturday. They aren't capable of making out a menu. She called me last night after I got home to tell me that my cousin's sister hired someone to go clean their house. The person cleaning the house was getting upset with them because they wouldn't tell her anything about what they wanted to eat. I can understand that. My cousin told me that she would be in Paragould late Friday night.

MyChoice2bfit 11-03-2014 07:46 PM

It sure feels like November in Ohio..very chilly and we even had snow flurries on Saturday.

We had friends in this weekend from Missouri and I went to a TOPS rally on Saturday. Also had church directory pictures taken Saturday evening before we went out to dinner with our friends. The pictures turned out pretty good. I bought 4. One for DH's dad, one for my brother, one for our home and one for my desk at work.

Happy: It can be very hard to climb back on the wagon with eating right and counting calories. I have wavered in the past two week and need to get back to it.

I hope your tummy bug is all cleared up as well as those shingles. I think your friends would love to reconnect with you. I know I like to hear from people that I haven't heard with in a long time.

Terra: Congratulations to your mom on her new position!

Laura: That is pretty cool you got to see Nik Wallenda walk across the Chicago River on a tightrope from the top of one of the Marina Towers to a building on the other side. And then walk a tightrope from one Marina Tower to the other while blindfolded. I can't even imagine!

Ceejay: Good idea to mix things up a bit with the exercise so you don't get board.

Dee: I hope you find us. We start a new thread every month. You asked about my chef. I didn't get another one when the one we had went to work in Mexico as a missionary. I really, really miss her! and her cooking skills.

Michelle: Good luck with the revamp your internal (intranet) site by Wednesday morning

Hi Annie and Shad!

DH is home now from his meeting and we are going to Subway for dinner tonight. I will see you all tomorrow.

Shad 11-04-2014 05:28 AM

Not lost, just busy. Back tomorrow.

Terra1984 11-04-2014 07:56 AM

Laura ~ Yeah it does

Happy,CJ & Susie ~ Thanks for commenting on my mom getting her promotion, She has worked hard to become a GM.


Scott and I woke up around 5:00 this morning. Its now 6:30. Scott and I both have an appt. today but luckily its at the same place. We will get home around 10:30 or 11 this morning and then at 2:20 today we will go shopping and then at 4 pm we will go out to dinner. I dont know if we're gonna have Chipotle or The Chinese buffet but we will have both this month, I just dont know which one we will have today. Anyway I'm gonna go for my after dinner walk tonight and thats all of my plans for today. As always I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

MyChoice2bfit 11-04-2014 09:16 AM

I'm posting early today. I'm working from home; feeling a bit under the weather and actually plan to take a 1/2 sick day. When the weather has big swings in temperatures it kicks up my fibromalagia. I have been dealing with it since Saturday but today was really bad and I didn't sleep well. My body is telling me to listen to it and so today I am.

I needed to get a few things done this morning and woke up at 5:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. So I am working and will go to sleep when I get sleepy..which is coming quickly.

Terra: Enjoy your dinner with Scott tonight no matter where you end up going. A walk after dinner will help you to digest your food. You are doing really well with your walks.

Shad: I know that "busy" word...we will be here when you get back. :D

Have a great day everyone. I hope to log on later and read more posts.

happy2bme 11-04-2014 09:42 AM

Morning everyone,

Don't forget to vote today. I am trying to use up stuff in my freezer and I had a bag of frozen shrimp so I decided to make a shrimp stir fry for dinner. Very simple dish - shrimp with sugar snap peas, multi colored bell peppers and onions on rice. However, I did not anticipate the labor intensive prep work that had to be done. We like some kind of sauce on the rice so I made one using the shrimp shells (which are packed with flavor). It was one of those dinners that when all is said and done took about 3 hours from start to finish. :faint: It was good and on the healthier side - except for the cholesterol in the shrimp. But it meant that I didn't get in the basement to continue sorting the rooms out. I had to call Sears to come and fix my washing machine. I think when the young service guy came out last year he didn't tighten up the drum enough and the thing is rocking and rolling now. :yikes: They will be here tomorrow. I told DH and he said I hope you will be here because I have a class and a doctor's appointment. I said for retired people we sure are busy :lol: Not much else going on, my sister called yesterday - she is getting a bit worried about Mum getting forgetful. I said I think it's because her days are too loose and open ended - there is something to be said for having routines and schedules, believe me. I can sort of relate now that I'm retired. Some days I don't know what day of the week it is and I certainly NEVER know the date anymore :lol: I think Mum's ok for the minute. But we will continue to watch her and compare notes. :write:

I am very tired today - got to bed too late and the cat has discovered the joys of the electric blanket so she was pushing me off the bed (literally) as she stretched to get more of her body on the warmth of the blanket underneath. Then about 5am she does her routine where she decides it's time to wake you up. She comes up and licks your forehead or hair, pushes your head over so she can plop herself on your pillow. DH said she was bothering him so he pushed her and she came over to my side of the bed :thanks: for that - NOT :no: It was enough to keep me from sleeping but not quite enough to wake me to shoo her away. So now I am bleary eyed which is made worse by the fact that it's cold and gray out there. I will head off to my shift at the thrift shop soon, hope I don't bang my head on the counter and dose off. :lol:

Susie - sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Glad you are listening to your body instead of obeying the many demands on the work front. I'm sure you will manage to get done what needs doing. Rest up and feel better!

Terra - enjoy your dinner out!

Shad - what you up to busy woman???

Ceejay - that's good that you are trimming out the extra stuff you don't need. That's unfortunate that your friend didn't find your pedometer. :(

Michelle - good luck and speedy content changing today!

Time for me to hop in the shower. Will be back later to catch up with the rest of you.

Laura705 11-04-2014 02:03 PM

Morning all.

Yesterday when I went out at lunch it was chilly, but milder for my commute home. I did one BE workout last night. Steps were 9,339.

This morning I did my 15 pushups. Some days I can barely get them done and others it’s easier and I can do more. At this point I should start to try to do some full pushups on my toes.

Today is the day of our fundraiser finale in the late afternoon, but I think I’m going to skip it. I need to leave early anyway. I’ll take an early train for my eye doctor appointment. Glad I voted early on Sunday and don't have to worry about that today. I'm surprised I didn't see any people campaigning at my local train station this morning, but then again, we don't have any local elections going on this time.

I hope we get my lens prescription sorted out today because I’m all out of my previous lenses and I’m on the last pair of the sample ones. I don’t like wearing my current pair of eyeglasses. I don’t like when the earpieces of the frames touch the sides of my head, so with these glasses, I ordered the larger size frame, and it seems too large now. I probably should’ve just ordered the regular-sized frame and let the eye doc’s office fiddle with fitting them for me. Anyway, I will likely end up with another set of sample lenses, but not today because my rx needs to be ordered, then wait for them to arrive, then come back and pick them up, then test them and then, HOPEFULLY, FINALLY, I can order a box of lenses for each eye. Because I think we’ll use up all of our flex spending dollars by the end of this year, I will wait until 2015 to get new glasses. No big hurry. I prefer wearing contacts.

Bf’s new glasses are ready, so he asked me to pick them up while I’m there today. Or he will meet me at the doctor’s office and then we’ll go out for dinner at a Polish restaurant nearby.

Happy – LOL re the cats taking over the bed. I hope you get a nap in at some point today. Your stir-fry shrimp dish sounded yummy. But yes, they are laborious if you’re chopping the veggies yourself and making a sauce from scratch. Bf will occasionally mention them and I tell him he’s welcome to make one…I agree that having a routine, even if it’s just a kind of make-work sort of thing is helpful to keep on top of things. I hate when I take a vacation day and then nothing gets planned, so it just ends up being an aimless sort of day in which nothing really gets accomplished. What a shame about the Famous Dave’s burning down. You hate to hear about that. :( LOL re the area rug your mom loved…and then left rolled up in the corner. Have you asked her about why she doesn’t use it?? :D All marriages are different – maybe (PROBABLY) the couples that do everything separate are better off that way, LOL.

Susie – I’m sorry you’re feeling under the weather today. :( I hope you get the rest you need and feel better. The Wallenda thing was broadcast on the Discovery channel. I believe both walks took less than 10 minutes in total, but they sure stretched out TV coverage as much as they could - at least 2 hours! I wonder how much money they made in advertising that night, lol.

Terra – Congrats to you mom on her promotion! Enjoy your dinner out tonight.

Ceejay – Too bad your friend didn’t find your pedometer. I have a nice one that I wouldn’t like losing. Thankfully it has a clip, plus it has a tether with another clip. It’s also the type that doesn’t have to be in an upward position, so it can go in a pocket or even a purse and still register movement properly. Good for you keeping up with your exercise and changing up your routine. It’s good to do that. Oh the issue with your aunt/cousin re the menu should be easy to resolve – just do a list of meals they enjoy to give to the helper. That would be too easy, right?? ;)

Hi Annie, Hi Dee, Hi Michelle.

At long last I'll get this posted. TTFN.

ceejay52 11-04-2014 04:30 PM

I've been thinking about that very thing on menu planning for my aunt and cousin. I know they like meatloaf and soup so I'm making that and taking it to them this week end. I'll call my other aunt and ask her if things have settled down. I may call the woman that is cleaning house for them and find out some more information.

I agree with Happy in that you are doing the right thing on listening to your body.

More later. This is my Friday as I'm taking tomorrow off from work. This will make my week end four days. Yeah. I want to work in the yard. The leaves need to be raked or I may wait and see how much rain we get and mulch them with the mower on Saturday.

miniDoodles 11-04-2014 04:32 PM

Hi Girls, what crazy weather the U.S. has had since the weekend... I live on the west side of MI, about 2 hrs. below Traverse City & we had a chilly weekend & 58 Monday w sunshine & a warm rain 55* today & a sunny 54* Wed. then temps drop to 40's Friday. It was crazy seeing many states w snow already. A friend said they put their x-country skis in the truck during bad days. I told her I rely on my 4x4 truck, but when I drive my Honda CRV 4x4 I always have a pr of strap-on ice grabbers for my boots & take my snow-shoes that I store in a small duffle bag. Dh does the same. Yesterday was so beautiful that @ noon I loaded my kayak & drove to a local lake. I paddled the shoreline & watched the birds & small animals building their winter homes, so peaceful. I came back home & back to work sewing (4 hrs.) career wear for business women; lots of corduroy fabric orders this winter. This morning I voted & was #205. Sunday afternoon I hung draperies I made @ a clients & then delivered copper lamp shades I made. Wednesdays I always do client's fittings or do interior design home apts. in their homes. 2 months before the holidays is my busiest work, so I only post about 2 days wkly. Now I take a few hrs. here & there wkly. for myself or I'll have a melt-down. Nomatter how much we Enjoy our job/careers it is taxing on us. Last Nov. I got a bleeding ulcer & was in the ER & hospitalized for 2 days & put on a bland diet: no salt/no fat/nothing fried for 2 wks. I learned a lesson the hard way; that our body & mind needs @ least 1 day of rest/peace weekly & a few hrs. daily to relax prior to bedtime (me time).

Happy, I relate to u in soo many ways, except I'm allergic to cat fur :^: & can only have a outdoor kitty. My dh is mechanical & repairs/drafts/builds everything except electronics & has saved us thousands of $ on home, appliance, auto bills. Too bad he isn't a ppl doc :cool: & a chef, then he'd b the whole package. Re: the copper lamp shades/chandelier: I can't post anything online that I make for my clients, because they r custom pieces that they do not want copied online. I have a portfolio of all my custom designs that I am allowed to show new clients, for examples to reference to & then I'll free-hand a custom design. With clothing I'm free to post that online. Your stir-fry :p

Laura, when I read your exercises I feel very lazy :o U r so close @ your goal wt. :) Friday after our son's b-day dinner I'll start wearing my vivofit. I'm making his fav food & I'd look silly not eating w everyone, they all think I look the same & don't know I went from a size 10, & I'm wearing a size 12 Now & it's not easy to lose wt during the holidays. When we went to Milwaukee to see our other son, we drove through Chicago, r those the commuter trains over head that u r talking about? Maybe we could b walking pals after I start using my vivofit ;)

Michelle, time is getting very close to your surgery. I am getting so excited for u. You're in my prayers for your surgery & to b a healthier, happier You :cloud9:

Shad, I love that u have a 3-4 day work week. It gives U soo much time to b @ your beautiful home. Seeing your pics is like a dream vaca that I'll never b able to afford to live. I envy u being there :df:

Susie, I'm sorry that u r feeling bad, but I'm Happy that u r working from home today :getwell: R u still doing the 5k walks, maybe I could drive down next summer & join u & your friend... I'd really like to try, I have 1 boo-boo knee. But because we've road the rails-to-trails for 40 miles in a afternoon, I should b able to do a 5k walk? Is there a time limit for them :smug:

:wave: Annie, Terra, Ceejay

Dh is home & needs my attention, what now :?:

ceejay52 11-04-2014 05:22 PM

I think I caught your getting up early routine since the time change. Don't mind it though. I rode the bike for almost 10 minutes.

Hi Dee
I agree that we need to take at least one day to have peace and quiet. You sound like a very busy lady.
Your ride around the lake sounded very nice.

Found my pedometer in my purse while I was looking for something else.

Shad 11-04-2014 05:56 PM

Morning all,

Will get this done while I wait for my headache to subside. Sorry I have been away, I have been a bit busy.
I did an inventory on the house and found there is a fair amount of maintenance to be done - mostly of the expensive kind. So I have the bathroom to redo, the guttering needs replacing. There is some timber on the pergola which has rotted and must be replaced, there are two timber posts on the carport that have rotted and must be replaced, and the side beam of the carport has some wood rot in it. Also the verandah ceiling which was replaced when 2 young builders replaced the verandah poles needs painting, some of the trim is falling apart and has exposed some loose brickwork and some gaps between walls and ceiling so I am spray foaming those, replacing some of the trim and will get some paint on there as well. This is what happens when the maintenance is neglected. Mel would have understood that one. I think it was her that said it in the first place.

So now I need to source the replacement timber, and the guttering (don't know what you lot call it - the Canadians call it Eaves trough) I'm picking about 1k for the timber and probably closer to $7K than 6K for the guttering. Damn. But it must be done and soon. Then the bathroom, because I figure there is rot behind the tiling there as well or mould at least. Better go back to work. There are still a couple of projects I haven't finished - insulation and front garden, so I had better stop taking on new ones until I have finished the old.

Happy - I too think you ought to contact those old friends. They probably think of those times occasionally themselves and wonder what happened to you. You don't have to live in their pockets, just a note or two a year.

Ceejay - You are doing some nice things for the aunt and cousin. A list of their main meals will be invaluable to whoever is caring for them.

Terra - congratulations to your mum on her promotion.

Laura - contact lenses can be something else at times. I do understand. These new ones of mine - bifocal ones - are not as easy to wear as my old ones. They are harder to get out of the container and easier to damage so I have found. But I'll put up with them over wearing glasses.

Susie - sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope it has passed now.

Dee - you sound contented with your lot in life. Sounds like you have a good work/ life balance - which is where I am hoping to get to soon.

That's about it for me. I am about to have another drink, then head out to the local stores to see what I can find for water tanks, guttering, and timber. Such is life. Lucky I can do some of it myself.

Terra1984 11-05-2014 08:53 AM

Susie & Happy ~ Thanks, We did enjoy our dinner, The whole family did, We went and got Chipotle and we bring it back home and ate it, It was really good. Thanks for commenting on my walking.

Laura & Shad ~ Thanks for commenting on my mom's promotion. Dinner was good.

Dee ~ Hi back at ya, How are you doing this morning? I hope your doing good.

CJ ~ LOL, Thats funny that my getting up early rubbed off on you since the time change. Thats great that you rode your bike was almost 10 mins.


Woke up at 5:00 a.m. but didnt get up until 6 a.m. Now its 7:35 a.m. I still need to give Clyde fresh food, He has fresh water though. I have to start watching for my bus at 8:15 a.m. and then I'll get to school at 8:30 or 9 this morning and I'll stay there until 4:00 or 4:30 p.m. Today I have two meetings but they are in the same area just in different rooms.

diyana 11-05-2014 10:09 AM

Hi ladies,

Still here, just crazy busy with work and after work stuff.

I hope you are all doing well.

I want to ask a favor of Laura and Annie....on the 19th when I have my surgery, I'll probably text either Laura or Annie, to let you know I made it out of surgery ok. Laura/Annie, will you be willing to post my status on here? I may do texts again on the 20th, depending on when I get released, because it's hard to post from my phone and I won't have my laptop with me in the hospital...I'm just going to have my phone. I probably will post on Facebook too. I'm just trying to get all ducks in a row before surgery.

Love and hugs,

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