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ceejay52 11-21-2014 10:32 AM

It's tough trying to make this decision to retire and the more I think about it it's just not the right time for me to retire. I would like to have an easier less stressful job. But I can't even complain about that right now. Now Sunday may be a horse of a different color. Storms are coming through.

Your cat enjoys the companionship of her master. It looks as though she is trying to be helpful.

Sending you good vibes which reminds me that I need to make a gyn appointment for myself.

Getting ready to run some errands and get a bag packed to go visit with my bff in Jonesboro. Her land lord said that I could have a tour of the complex today so I'm excited about that.
Our department is having it's annual Thanksgiving meal at lunch and I'm not wanting to over eat. This week end I've decided to have some me time. So yesterday I didn't clean any thing. Didn't really need it. I did get outside to rake the leaves to the curb but didn't get al of them.
Tried steel cut oatmeal this morning but wasn't to impressed. Too grainy.
Waiting on the dryer to finish packing then I'll run my errands before lunch. Taking the books to the Library and as long as I have lived here I've not used this Library as much as I should and to pay my electric bill, and mail some bills. It's all in the same area so it will not take long.

happy2bme 11-21-2014 10:54 AM

sTUPID cat.

I have tossed her out, not sure for how long. Also cat hairs are flying in the air irritating my eyes. I just realized what was going on.

Anyway, back to the expenses. As you say, it's the unexpected home expenses that also whack you on the back occasionally. You expect to have some expenses but it seems as if the ones that hit are pricey ones. Is it really better in the long run to rent? I guess not being handy myself, if I was alone I'd rent or get a place that was as maintenance free as possible. I think as much as you can give thought to things, the better off you are. Those who go in blindly are often the ones most surprised, then again, you can get by on less than you think unless you are a lavish person with champagne tastes :lol:

Shad - I think my Nina is closer in personality to your Miss Sunday. A diva who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to push or yell for it. :lol: Our pizza here is made in a round shape just about all the time, hence the cutting into wedges and the :?: on young kids who cannot fathom cutting a round object into square pieces :dizzy: I smiled at your comment about men leaving bits all around when they do projects. DH tends to do the same - can't say he never picks up after himself but most of the time leaves it for the next time. Says at the end of a job he's tuckered out and too tired to clean up. I say then stop before you get that tired :shrug: I think it's just ingrained in womenfolk to pick up - after their men, after their kids, after the slobs in the office. :D

Annie - I am sorry to hear about the pap smear but I will go back to what my best friend (Nurse Chris) told me many years back. DO NOT worry until they give you something to worry about. As Shad has said, often times a test comes back with less than perfect results and it's right's itself. I have had mammograms with calcification which is a precursor to breast cancer from what I read. Bad one year and then clean the next 6 tests. Go figure. Still... sending good thoughts - no one likes to deal with that stuff. :hug:

Ceejay - it's smart that you are thinking of things ahead of time. Why are you looking at retirement? Is it because of getting tired of the shenanigans in the office? Sometimes if you have to stretch things a little while longer, you might find something outside of work that is enjoyable, just to have something to look forward to. No sense in jumping the gun before you are ready to. I hope that young people today give some thought to what's going to happen 40 years later. It's much easier to accumulate a pile of money by adding little bits over a very long period, rather than trying to play catch up once you hit 40 or older. Hope you have a nice lunch. We used to do a pot luck / covered dish at work at Thanksgiving time. It was always enjoyable.

Dee - thanks for the heads up on the Lands End sale. They do have some cute stuff. I love when you can stack discounts on sales and such.

Annie - we were always making fun of FIL's wooden leg. One year I asked DH what we should get him for Christmas - MIL was easy to please. DH said a box of termites. :yikes: :rofl: DH and FIL did not have a good relationship. When FIL would get drunk, the kids would push him to bed and hide his leg so he would pass out and leave them all alone. The life some people lead :dizzy: Is the cold making your foot ache more? I am noticing some stiffness. It was minus 8 degrees when we got up this morning.

There are 22 turkeys in the yard looking for seed and corn. DH wants to get a picture of them roosting in the trees but every time they see him they come running like chickens because they know they will get fed. The other night DH said "watch this". There were 2 female deer in the yard. He opened the door and lobbed a few apples across the deck and into the driveway. The deer sauntered over and immediately ate them. One of the females looks rather thick around the middle - we think she is pregnant. It just KILLS me that hunting season is going on while the females are pregnant. They are supposed to do buck hunting but they make exceptions of does for young and disabled hunters.

Laura - thank you for the movie review. I'm not sure how our little 5 screen theater stays in business over the winter. Perhaps that's why we don't get all the latest movies - many, but some of them we have to go to the bigger town to see. Bummer that you brought the fixings for a sandwich and forgot the tuna! The last building I worked in had a small Osco on the first floor. It was handy for picking up snacks (and forgotten tuna packets) since it was only an elevator ride away and you didn't have to leave the building. Sometimes it was so cold out, had to decide what was worse - hunger or braving the cold winds off the lake :lol:

Michelle - hope you are feeling a little better this morning and got some rest overnight.

Susie - how did the big presentation go?

How are you doing today Terra?

Kitty is sleeping on my arm, pressing it into the edge of the desk which isn't very comfortable at all. She has her eyes closed, would probably prefer that I sit stock still so she can sleep and enjoy the blast of heat from my heater but oh well Kitty - life is hard :lol: DH just left so I should get dressed and make the most of getting some things done here. I also want to make a few soups - forgot I defrosted some beef soup bones the day before yesterday. I might still be able to get something into the crock pot.

Tah tah for now ladies :wave:

Laura705 11-21-2014 11:31 AM

Morning all. TGIF! :carrot:

I texted Michelle this morning and she asked me to pass along that she’s glad to be out of the hospital and with family and Santa, and thanks for all our love and caring. (She's still too sore to sit up with the laptop.)

Did you end up buying any dresses? I’m not much of a shopper, so I usually end up shopping when I need something vs. just want.

Now that my father and brother are no longer alive, my mom doesn’t have the support network she needs where she lives, so she’ll be moving back here where my sister and I live. It’s important to have a network, family and/or friends, so it’s good you’re considering that. I hope you enjoy your department’s Thanksgiving luncheon today. Safe travels to Jonesboro! If you’re staying in that hotel again, make sure to use the fitness center again! :bike2:

Sorry the pap smear came back bad. :( Hasn’t that been the case with you in the past? I pray the specialist gives you the all clear on Monday.

So are you considering yourself semi-retired now? LOL re the cat wanting to cuddle in the 90 - 100+ degree heat you’ve been having. Re the pizza – our pizzas are still mostly round, but here in Chicago, they cut them into squares instead of wedges. Can’t say I see many square-shaped pizzas around here, though it seems like flatbread has become very popular in general and more specifically, to use as a pizza crust or sandwich-type wraps. I don’t normally complain about all the stuff that gets strewn about during a home repair/improvement project, but the mess afterwards can definitely tick me off. Yes, when some surface is drilled or sawed into, there will be sawdust or plaster dust and it won’t magically disappear. Grrr.

Oh, that photo says it all, LOL. Looks like you need to set up a spare desktop or laptop next to your computer. It would be a fun experiment to see if kitty would still want to lounge on the one you’re working at once she had her own, hahaha.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies! Have a wonderful weekend!
Steps yesterday were 8,084. I did two stair sessions yesterday as well. Today I did my pushups and will shoot for two stair sessions.

Bf went to see the movie “Whiplash” with a friend last night (they both liked it), while I stayed home and watched some TV and a couple more episodes of Mad Men. I’m almost done with season 2. I’ll have to see if the library has season 3.

I can tell our cable company pushed through some sort of update because some of the screens look different, but I’m not sure if the Netflix app is functional yet. I’ll have to have bf check on that. It would be nice if it worked and then I could watch the episodes from the tv in the bedroom. We don’t have a dvd player in there. Of course, players are not all that expensive, but at some point it seems like overkill – all these [email protected]#$% electronics and gadgets we have in our lives now.

Tonight I need to get the chicken I bought the other night marinated and stored in the freezer. I also want to make some soup this weekend.

Saturday morning I’ll definitely get back to my Jazzercise class. There’s also a special Thanksgiving morning class that I’ll try to get to.

Saturday evening is a 50th birthday party for one of my HS friends. It’s at a restaurant near the house, so that’ll be convenient for bf and I. What’s funny is that I’m not sure it’ll be the surprise that was planned. S. and her husband recently bought a house and the loan approval was delayed, and therefore the closing was too. I think the closing is finally happening TODAY, and tomorrow they’re doing some painting and having the carpet cleaned (before the movers come on Monday). The issue is that the carpet cleaners might still be working when it’s time to get cleaned up and somehow get the birthday girl to her party. Should be interesting because S. is Type A and will want to get done what needs to be done and is a stubborn one. Her poor hubby – planned all this around a different schedule, not knowing the house delays would muck it all up. Anyway…I have to shop for a gift tonight or tomorrow.

Re our own home projects…we have the quote from one person, a bit high. Now bf wants to get two other guys he knows to give quotes. Now we’re going to run into the same issue as last year –everyone and their mother wants their work done before the holidays. The positive here is that the two guys have done work for us in the past and did a good job.

Okay, gonna get this posted before more interruptions happen. TTFN!

annie175 11-21-2014 11:43 AM


Got a text from CHELLE. Home with Santa, step momma is taking good care of both of them. She is walking and sipping a lot of water, which is never enough. I got dehydrated and ended back in the hospital for a couple of days. Pain meds are making her a bit constipated. Going to take a gentle laxative per the doc Bleh

LAURA...we are not doing anything for Thanksgiving so I should come to your exercise class with you that morning.. lol My paps have been pretty much good, Sissy was the one having the issues with that.

Gotta get some work done will come back later to finish.

annie175 11-21-2014 02:47 PM

LAURA...seems like you have been to a lot of "50" birthday parties this year. Guess I will have to go see Whiplash.

HAPPY...your cat is a hoot. Sassy can be bothersome at times but nothing like your cat. I am not going to worry about retirement cause I probably won't ever get to. One thing after another. Yee OMG...let's play hide the wooden leg. ba hahahahaha. lmao Was it like a peg leg like a pirate? Yeah the pap...lesion with cancer cells, will probably get a frozen patooty or something out of it. bleh

SHADDIE...Hi ho hi ho back to work you go! If only we knew our life end date we could work accordingly, like you have enough to live on for 10 years but when so we begin that 10 years.

CEEG...Have fun in Jonesboro!

Not much planned for the weekend. GOOD. Did some on-line C shopping, all for the grandbabes. Don't think I will buy for the adults, just give giftcards. Much easier and they can get what they wanna get for themselves. Cleaning, laundry, church, may have to give Sassy a bath it has been a couple of weeks, oh and it is wash bedding weekend. May see a movie, heck I don't know what tomorrow brings, but do any of us?

Have a great Friday evening/Sat morning and weekend.

Love and hugs.

Shad 11-21-2014 05:16 PM

Morning all,

Got to do some noisy outside work today, so I am waiting for a short while until I think that my neighbours might be up. It's very quiet out there just now. We can't make noise until after 7.00am and it is just 7.30 now so I am entitled, but I try to be nice to my working neighbours.

I finally got the paperwork for this job, which means I relocate to Melbourne next Tuesday morning. First flight out 5.00am which means a 3.30 departure from here. Everything must therefore be done, sorted and packed by Monday night. Fly back Friday, then out again Monday and back Thursday. Such is the stupidity of the airlines, if I book early I can get cheaper fares. Next weeks fare is nearly twice the price of the week after. So from now on, I will keep it booked at least 2 or 3 weeks out.

My printer decided to try death as an option and would not print my pages out. I got that part of it sorted and it decided it had run out of black ink. There are two cartridges of black ink in the cartridge tank so I got very annoyed when it wouldn't change to the other. Then I suddenly hit on the fact that it would print photos but not documents. Aha, light bulb, moment. Everything got printed as a photo and not a document - and it worked until the %^&&%^ ran out of blue. So I had to hop down to the store for some new cartridges. Young guy (trainee) at HNs told me that the big black cartridge was for documents and the little one for pictures (which I had worked out but didn't tell him that) and then he went on to show me a generic package of cartridges which would fit my printer but were nearly $60 cheaper. God bless little children, until he pointed out that if I had any problems inserting the cartridges, then there was a 1800 number on the packet for me to ring if I got into a hassle with it. Still he was careful to explain things in plain English, was polite and helpful. Least I can do is to let the management know that he is an asset to the company when dealing with the aged and infirm.

A big bumble bee has just entered the house. Will someone please explain why a creature can fly in through a wide open ranchslider door and take a tour around the living room and kitchen but can't find his way out again and beats himself up against a closed window??? Also I notice that a fairly large spider has made a home on the slider opening in my bedroom. I have told her that the rental was increasing and perhaps she might like to find something elsewhere, but for now she is not listening. Wildlife can be dumb at times. Eventually she will have her house destroyed with a broom handle. I guess I should be thankful that she is not inside.

Michelle - glad to hear that it is all over and you are okay. Take the laxative because I can attest to the fact that constipation is about as much fun as standing in front of a firing squad who are debating whether to shoot you or not.

Annie - Haven't even given the C gifts a thought as yet. Since I only have the one granddaughter and I know what to give her, it isn't a problem really. The two boys will get money and for the DS1 I will give him enough to buy the DIL something - for which there won't be enough money but too bad. Giftcards are the ultimate insult for her so can't do that.

Laura - yeah most of our pizza are round as well but for the party animals you can get this enormous square pizza. These are from the chain pizza joints and quite frankly I can't get excited about many of the pizza from those places. There is a pizza place at the local shopping centre which are okay, but the nicest pizzas I have had in a long while were from a place in Melbourne when I was down there last. Since Melbourne is very cosmopolitan it's really not a surprise to get a decent pizza down there.
Always interesting to get quotes from tradies. There is a huge discrepancy in the three I got for the gutters recently. I always work on the theory that if he quotes high, he doesn't really want the job, and if he quotes low, then he is desperate. So I go for one in the middle range and check out his work and his ethics. Too many people out there looking for a fast buck these days.

Happy - My way of looking at it is that if you do small maintenance jobs as they pop up, and check things like guttering for leaves and leaks frequently and know or find out where the weak spots in the house are, then you won't end up with too much in the way of maintenance bills. My gutters are 30 years old and haven't been maintained. My bathroom which comes next was renovated by people who were not experts in the field and who didn't check out the weak spots before closing up. It might look good on the outside but behind the walls, there is a totally different story.
:lol3: on the cat and the computer. Fortunately Sunday has never had a fascination for them - she hates them because it takes time away from me feeding her or brushing her.
20K per annum for health care :faint: Maybe I will not complain about my $1400pa bill with increases every year.

Ceejay - you are completely right when you say it is not an easy decision to retire. It is probably the most difficult one ever and mainly because you don't know how long the money has to last. If you can, ease into it by working part time or temporary work and that also helps you decide what avenues you would like to explore such as volunteering, travelling, education etc.
We all need some downtime from time to time. Not something to feel guilty over.

Hello's to Susie, Dee and Terra. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

It's now after 8.00 and dammit the cloud cover has disappeared and I might have to leave the hedge till this afternoon. The heat is rising again and Miss Puss has decided to sleep under the hedge anyway. I'll go put some things together for packing my bags and sort the rest of this paperwork. Then I might just work on the spare room some more. That will no doubt be cooler than out there and I can dream up some colour scheme and some plans of Action to be taken in there. Another project which needs to be sorted.

Terra1984 11-22-2014 09:26 AM

Shad, CJ,Michelle,Susie,Happy,Annie,Laura & Dee ~ THANK YOU EVERYONE, .....Clyde is still with me for now but chances are he will be in heaven before the year is over


On a happier note I got my clothes folded and put away but I have yet to clean the bathroom but I will today. I also need to do my 2 miles since my blister has FINALLY went away. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

ceejay52 11-22-2014 07:36 PM

I'm really dreading tomorrow at work. I'm hoping that the storms that are predicted come through tonight but I doubt it. And if it's just rain I wouldn't mind that either. The wind/lightening spooks me even more so when the roof blew off the last time. And I will be there by myself tomorrow. I'm depressed but I'll get over it.
I'm taking a couple of day's off in December so maybe this will help. Also Thanksgiving week end is my 4 day week end. Will be spending that time in Jonesboro and Paragould. There's to much traveling on my part and I'm really wanting to spend more time at home. After Thanksgiving week end I'm making myself a promise--once per month travel time and that depends on the weather.
Donated the books to the Library which they appreciated. While there I signed up for a Library card and checked out a book. And Laura it is a Martha Grimes book, The Winds of Change. Haven't started it yet but will.
When I got to Jonesboro yesterday my bff had been busy unpacking and she needed a break. I like the location of the apartment complex. And the layout of the apartment itself. We took out the trash to the dumpsters, and she was going to throw away her rx's bottles without taking off the labels. I took the labels off of those while we watched t.v. Last night she unpacked her cookie jar collection and I put some on the open shelf above the cabinet. I was having to climb on the lower cabinet on my knee's to reach the top. Today I bought a two step ladder so I want have to use my knee's next week end.
Not feeling very talkative tonight but will catch up later.

miniDoodles 11-23-2014 07:46 AM


I'm up w Sundae, she's having her puppy litter right now. 5 little ones, whites & apricot colors. I was hoping for a chocolate to keep for myself, we had a boy toy poodle that was chocolate when we bred AKC poodles that was such a sweet, smart, adorable boy. We have 2 families on a wait-list for girls that are going to b soo happy, they email me almost daily :smug: I gotta go give them a fresh, warm blanket now, it looks like her new litter is completed.

:hug: Have a warm & happy Sunday, I'll b back to do personals tonight.

ps: it rained Saturday 40° & our snow is gone; temps r stupid, soo cray-cray this winter. We're hoping we don't get any icy roads this winter again where we are, just fluffy snow for Christmas & playing & snow-shoeing in our forest :tree::wreath::tree: A stupid lumber co. knocks on my door every summer trying to buy/cut down our 30 acres of trees, duh No, nobody is destroying our forest this is why we moved here, for nature :bunny2::tree::turkey::broc:

ceejay52 11-23-2014 09:11 AM

Is the avatar picture your dog? I have a stuffed dog just like that. Poodles are very smart dogs. Don't blame you for not want your forest cut.

Your cat is so funny. Saw the footage on FB.

Shad 11-23-2014 03:19 PM

Morning all,

Can't stop long as I have a mountain of things to do today before Melbourne tomorrow. Just thought I would stop in before things got too busy and while my coffee was brewing.

It's going to be another hot one today. It's only just after 6.00am and already I am sweating - will be nice to get out of it for a while.

Ceejay - how nice of you to help your friend unpack. It's always a blessing to have someone to chat to while you put things away. Hope everything goes okay on your solo shift with storms and all. You could try blowing a few my way since we are not getting any water by natural means and not a lot in the future by the looks of it.

Dee - congrats on the successfully delivered puppies. Clever mummy. Give her a pat from me.

To everyone else, have a great weekend/ day and be good or be careful out there.

MyChoice2bfit 11-23-2014 03:48 PM

Hi. It's been a busy weekend. House cleaning. Purchasing a new Christmas tree, and two new wreaths. I think I'm going to do some decorating this week in the evenings.

Our new tree is a 7 ft "pencil" tree that is pre-lit with clear lights. We had a slim tree (we don't have a lot of space to put a big full tree) for the past 5 years and the lights were starting to burn out so we saw this one at Big Lots and will try it. It will fit so nicely in the corner by our fireplace.

Dee: I hope the puppies arrive all healthy and that Sundae got along with no issues. Our snow melted too--I'm glad to see it gone...it was just too early for me. And to be back up in the 50's feels so much better!

Shad: Are you excited to start a new project? How often will you be flying back and forth? You asked about my projects and presentations. I do organize a lot of bigger meetings and the content for them. I have thought about finding a job as a meeting planner but my DH doesn't want me traveling all the time so for now I will just keep doing my Admin work (which I love) as it gives me plenty of meetings to organize and plan and I don't have to travel but I do get to eat some good meals and hear great speakers.

Happy: I LOVED the picture of your Nina. You asked how the presentation went..it went well. It always comes together last minute which is what drives me crazy. I like things wrapped, nice and tidy and ready to go. I try my best to keep it on track like that but when counting on others for content, it doesn't always go smoothly like that..more often than not, I'm afraid.

Terra: I'm glad to hear that you will have Clyde for a while longer.

Annie: I'm sorry to hear about the Pap...fingers crossed that it won't be too serious. You are in my prayers.

Hi to Ceejay, Laura & Michelle!

happy2bme 11-23-2014 06:30 PM

Hi everyone,

I started to do a post this morning, got called away and when I returned I lost my post. It seems like when my computer goes to sleep mode, I always have problems with my browsers (IE and Chrome) after that. I probably need a good clean up on the computer although I do run antivirus and such. I think the sticking problem has to do with ads. It seems they up the technology on ads and your browser gets slower and slower. I am not running Windows 8.

It was really really Monster foggy out there today. We had a heat wave of 43 degrees over a fair amount of snow and that made for some very dense fog. We both decided it would be better to stay inside then venture out. I was working on some piles of papers - it certainly is quicker to toss them on the side than it is to go through advertisements, papers, magazines, newspapers and such. I got bored quickly but stuck with it. Still more to do but I did make some headway. This won't last, we are supposed to get wet snow later tonight but at least it isn't he pounding they thought it would be earlier in the week. Shoot, I just checked the weather (which changes constantly) - one inch of snow tonight, and 1 to 3 inches tomorrow. This will be the heavy wet stuff too. :(

Susie - how nice on the new decorations. We need to decide if we are going to do another real tree or buy an artificial one. Can you hang ornaments on the pencil thin tree? I was wondering too about the pre-lit ones that are so popular - how long do the lights last and is this planned obsolescence if enough burn out after 5 years??? I'm glad your presentation went well - I know what you mean about being on pins and needles hoping everything will come together. I'd rather KNOW it will ahead of time than HOPE it will :hyper: :crossed: :lol: Thanks for the comment about Nina, she is very stubborn and when she wants something, nothing gets in her way. Typical cat.

Dee - I can only imagine how cute the new puppies are! Glad to hear everything went well with the delivery. Do you have to do anything or does Momma take care of most of it? So glad you decided to keep the trees - I used to work for a paper company and they would sometimes buy lumber from private owners. I just hoped they cleaned up after they cut the trees down as I have seen an awful mess in the past. I felt bad when so many trees blew down in the storm in September for the same reason as you - moved here to be able to enjoy the forest.

Shad - so you'll get a break from the heat up in Melbourne? That will be pleasant. And off you go again at a moment's notice. I guess you must be very used to being quite flexible. Safe travels and I hope you can get situated quickly.

Ceejay - looks like the bad storms skipped over you and just lots and lots of rain. Ugh I would be nervous being alone at the plant too.

Terra - glad Clyde is still around for a while.

Annie - nope, FIL didn't have a peg leg - he had a Pinocchio foot and the leg was cut off about the knee area. There was suction where the stump fit into the leg and after he'd sit for a while, air would get in there and he'd have to hit a button that sounded like a big fart. Of course I am immature and would always laugh to myself. Didn't help when DH made jokes too. Hope you had a little relaxing with the hubster this weekend before we wind it up again tomorrow morning.

I'm glad to hear Michelle is home - hope she is resting comfortably.

Hi Laura :wave:

Time to get supper together. Goodnight all.

Terra1984 11-23-2014 08:13 PM

Susie & Happy ~ I'm enjoying the time I have left with him


We went and ran errands this morning before going to church, We went to check out church that is closes to us and We had a nice time so we will go back there again. We are gonna alternate from the church that we live close to and the church my younger brother and his wife goes too. Anyway before bed tonight I'm gonna do my 2 miles. Good Evening Everyone.

Laura705 11-24-2014 11:18 AM

Morning all. Happy Monday. It’s raining here, and we’re expecting some snow later today. It sure was nice to have milder temps over the weekend.

Glad you’ll have Clyde with you for a while longer.

I need to go through my paper piles too – the mail basket is filling up again. Like you, I can’t help but laugh when you told us about the fart sound that happened when your FIL pressed the button on his wooden leg. Re the pre-lit trees – we’ve had ours for many years now and haven’t had any issues with the lights burning out. One time an entire part went dark, but it was just because it had become disconnected from the other strings. Maybe we've been lucky, but I LOVE the pre-lit trees.

Bf and I – well, just me really – want to get a slimmer C. tree this year and sell our old one. We have to get shopping if that's gonna happen! Did you buy fresh wreaths or “forever” ones? We saw the scouts by the side of the road selling wreaths. I’m assuming they are fresh ones – it seems too early and I wonder how they’d last so long.

I imagine you’re in Melbourne by now. If not, safe travels to you. Hope the weather is cooler there for you. Re neighbors & noise…next to us on our bedroom side of the house is the neighbor that is always out working on one of his cars or his motorcycle/dirt bike. Not usually at ridiculous hours though, thankfully. But his annoying habit is to take the garbage/recycling bins out to the curb before he goes to work on garbage day. He has an early start, so those loud plastic wheels are rolling past our windows while we’re still in bed, ugh. Wish he’d do that the night before. Something I’d keep in mind if I ever shop for another home – where is the master bedroom situated in relation to the neighbor’s property – next to their patio or driveway, or next to their bedrooms? Re the printers – the big joke here is that when the toner cartridge runs out, it’s cheaper to just buy a new printer, LOL. Same thing in Aus? Yeh, sometimes you just wonder if those contractors throw up a crazy high quote to see if (a) you’re clueless enough to bite or (b) you’ll reject it so they’re spared from a job they don’t want to take because it’s too small and/or troublesome.

Awww, puppies! I bet they are sooooo cute. Hope momma and babies are doing fine. We wouldn't mind if you post some photos....;)

I hope work was okay for you yesterday and that the weather didn’t cause any problems with the plant. Nice that you have the Thanksgiving weekend off. Will you be off work on Thursday too? Good for you donating the books to the library and for getting your library card! I hope you enjoy the Martha Grimes book. I know it’s not everyone’s thing, but I like how the relationships between the characters have developed over the course of the series (you have one of the more recent books), and I like that it’s set in England. Nice of you to help your bff with the unpacking. Those two-step ladders/step stools are so helpful. We actually have two of them. One near the kitchen (our cabinets go way up to the ceiling) and one in the garage. Did you get a tour of the apartment complex your friend’s in?

Yup, this is the year that a lot of my friends and I turned 50. Did you get any shopping done this weekend? I hope your appointment goes well today!!! :hug:

Hi Michelle! I know you’re always on the go, so this sitting around recovery stuff must be challenging for you. Take it easy and listen to your body!
I had a nice weekend. Sure went by fast. I did my Jazzercise class Saturday morning. Whooped my butt, that’s for sure.

I got home, showered and went back out to pick up a gift card for my friend’s bday. After that I stopped at an antiques mall near the house to see if anything fun popped out at me to add to her gift. Like a Life magazine dated with her birth month or week. Ha, silly me - this is the kind of place you have to dig around to find your treasures, and I didn’t have time to do that. But I do love that place – so many fascinating old things. Bf and I will have to get back there sometime soon to wander around.

After that was a stop at Hallmark for a card, then up to Costco for gas. Such lines - you’d think they were giving it away. Nope. But it's cheaper than elsewhere. Another stop after that at World Market. Again crowded, but nothing being given away as far as I could tell. I bought nothing. This tells me I need to shop at home online.

Saturday evening bf and I went to S’s bday party. It was nice, saw another friend from HS I hadn’t seen for years and now it’s twice in 4 months. Went to a nearby bar afterwards for a couple more drinks with my friend D and her sister – they had karaoke and that can be entertaining, but sometimes a bit harsh on the ears, LOL.

Yesterday was very low key and downright lazy, but I did finish a book I was reading, watched the last two episodes of Mad Men season 2, watched part of the football game, and made banana bread with some ripe bananas. Sometimes it seems like you buy a bunch of bananas and they take forever to ripen, and then the next bunch ripens in a blink of the eye! Bf and I watched a couple episodes of Breaking Bad now that we actually have a stable connection to our Netflix subscription.

Everyone have a good week!

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