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happy2bme 11-19-2014 06:28 PM

Thank you for the update Laura! That's a relief to know everything went well.

miniDoodles 11-19-2014 11:57 PM

cJay, have u ever went to a financial website to check their retirement calculators, or a financial site like Money Talks for advice? I know when I turn 60 yr. I'll definitely do that to see where I stand. In the meantime I'm spending $3 wkly on the lottery to retire early :D & then I'll buy us all tickets to go visit Shad :beach: if I'm a big winner...

Susie, U r such a smart cookie w your work driving strategy in the winter. My winter comfort foods r not too unhealthy, except for the 'carb values' in pasta & potatoes, I have big portions [lasagna, soups, stews, roasts] on cold days/nights. Winter fast-food= Taco Bell's soft shell taco supreme I get '2' to fill me up, or @ Wendy's a large bowl of chili & Subway I get a 6" flatbread sandwich instead of the bread-bun & substitute shredded mozzie cheese (less fat/sodium) for the sliced cheese & I skip the sauce because the veggies & chicken or ham taste so yum w/o sauce. We'd go meet u & Annie @ KI if it wasn't in May, we have plans all month [2 grad. open houses, 1 wedding & my Mother's Day brunch w my 2 sons & DIL/children].

Happy, I know u r looking adorable w your new 'hat' hairdo. I'm picturing u as a cute & classy chick. I love veggie pizza's too, have u had a bLt pizza :jeno: Your words to me about my health/commitments & also DIL touched my heart :hug: The garlic info. U gave me was great, I'm copying it & pasting in my OneNote folder & I'm going to try growing it next fall. Next summer if we get to travel in northern WI I'll b in touch to meet-up w U. You r a precious person & I hope that my dh & I can meet U & your Sweetie-pie DH next year or so. Have u been to Mall of America, MN since U moved to WI?

Hey, calling all u Chicago chicks I meant to ask u did any of u go to Oprah's show when she had her TV show there? I tried for 2 yrs. to get 4 audience tickets & I never got them. Shad did u go to Oprah's show when she had her TV show in Australia?

Thank You :val3: to each of you for Your 'Thoughtful words' to me concerning my DIL/my health & Also to those of U that had my g-babes in your thoughts, wishing my g-babes safety/happiness w their mommy. ALL grandbabes 'deserve 2 Loving parents & a safe home, w/o an verbal abusive/emotional abusive/physical abusive parent & that Is my Christmas prayer & wish for All children throughout this world, to live in 'happiness, Love & b safe in their own homes.

It's been another long, stressful day so I'm going to bed now. Oh, tomorrow is Thursday so go check-out Good Morning America's Deals & Steals Thursday buys; maybe it can save u some $.

G'night all. :yawn:

miniDoodles 11-20-2014 05:58 AM

Good Morning, I'm up saying goodbye to dh & I have a thought about Michelle. Does anybody have the address of where she's going to stay & a PayPal account, so we could give U ex. $10 ?? to get her flowers or a gift from us here... To show her we Really care :hug: or get a gift for her little Santa ?

Have a warm & cozy day chicks :cool: time for me to crash until 7:30am & start my day again.....

annie175 11-20-2014 07:43 AM

Good Morning Ladies...

I received several texts from CHELLE last evening. She said she was about to get up and do her first walk. It all sound the norm after bariatric surgery. Instead of flowers I am sure she would enjoy a gift card to anywhere. Once you get in your groove and find the things that agree with you, it is all a new grocery shopping experience. I do have Chelle's current address for mailing.

DEE...my flu shot I got over a week ago has left the nastiest bruise on my arm about the size of a 50 cent piece. Hope you do better with yours. Yes Dee, Ainsley is my step-granddaughter, altho you wouldn't know she is not actually one of mine. She is 9. I only get to see her a few times a month when it is the kids weekend or nights to have her.

My evening was uneventful. The closing on the re-fi on my house is Friday afternoon at 4 pm. I am looking forward to paying 206.00 LESS a month on the mortgage. YEAH!!

Better get busy and get some decaf in me to get my day started.

Make it a great day/evening/night.

Love and hugs

annie175 11-20-2014 07:47 AM

Just got a text from CHELLE. She is up for a potty break and a walk. She hopes they keep her one more night but she doubts it. Must be about 5 am there.

happy2bme 11-20-2014 08:56 AM

Good morning chickie babies,

I have to head off to the thrift shop shortly to take some pictures for the Facebook page. DH is coming with me. Right at the moment I have a cool cat (cold cat actually) who is trying to lay all over my laptop and suck up the heat. I got her to lay next to the heater but she insists on putting her paws on the keyboard pressing keys which makes for all sorts of fun. If I put her down, she just jumps back up behind me, on me - Siamese are VERY determined cats. I swear she is me in feline form. :dizzy:

I am glad to hear that Michelle made it through surgery ok. I can't believe they are going to toss her out 24 hours later. That's a lot of messing with the innards. I would be more comfortable with a 2 day stay (at least) by myself. I hope her step mom is not too far of a drive from her doctors and such while she recuperates.

saaaaw/ 1uM <

happy2bme 11-20-2014 09:15 AM

stupid cat..

let's try this again.

Annie - thank you as well for the updates on Michelle. :hug: I'm sure one's whole world turns upside down after this surgery. We had chicken pot pies for supper last night and I was thinking - oh boy - never to have these again :( Not that I eat them much anyway - the pastry makes for calorie bombs so twice a year is the limit when DH asks for them. Ow on the flu shot bruise! I know they tend to make the arm sore but she must have hit something she shouldn't to make such a mark. Put some ice on it or at least a cold water bottle. And don't let anyone hug you for a day :D

Dee - thank you for your kind words. I am neither classy nor cute - that was back in the 70s :rofl: I would like to wear my hair longer but as you age, lose hormones and such - the hair gets thinner and the longer it is, the more stress that gets put on it. I decided long hair doesn't look good if it looks like you only have 25 hairs on your head. I usually wear a shoulder length bob, when she cuts it to the bottom of my ears like now, it's a bit short for me as I have a Sponge Bob squarish face. :dizzy: Thanks for the tip on GMA's Steals and Deals - will have to check it out. Oh my - listening to you ladies talk, sure seems like it's trials and tribulations with the kids nowadays. Even the adult ones. Even my own Mom said I should be glad I didn't have kids and that's saying a lot. I hope things work out for your son. And to your question, no I never even attempted to get tickets to Oprah's shows. Although when she had some of her giveaways, I would not have minded being in the audience. I liked her at first, but not much towards the end when I think fame maybe got to her.

Susie - good luck with your big day today. Sounds like you will be a Tasmanian Devil whirling around trying to handle everything. You will probably sleep well tonight! :lol:

Laura - up here they mostly slice the pizza in wedges but at Pizza Hut you can request your pizza cut in squares. And IF the kid making pizza knows what that means, they MIGHT do it. :dizzy: I think squares (my preference) is totally a Chicago thing. Wow that's rather impressive about DH tuning the piano. That's someone who's serious about music. I also think if you understand how something works, you're better at using it. Although I might be freaked if I came home and found the piano in pieces on the floor :yikes:
You are doing so well with the steps - you inspired me to get another battery for my pedometer!

Annie - I'm glad your bro is holding his own for the time being. :crossed: and be thankful for each day you have together. I was afraid that it was your driving foot giving you fits. Would fusing it have any effect on driving? I guess you'd get used to it. My FIL had a wooden leg but I think he tossed it over to the passenger side and drove with his left foot. :eek:

Hellos to Shad, Terra and Ceejay. Kitty refuses to get off my keyboard. She is laying on the left side - keeps turning caps lock on or hitting ALT keys. She is waiting for me to pull up the YouTube video of fish in the aquarium so she can lay here, be warm and watch fish. I should be so lucky. And I have to go get ready.

Have a good one chicks - will check back later.

annie175 11-20-2014 10:47 AM

Dang HAPPY I about spewed my iced tea on my monitor about your FIL toss his wooden leg into the passenger seat. Yes my driving foot. I don't think fusing would bother my driving, I am a hellion on wheels as is. lol. Your cats are crazy funny. I love they mess with you all the time. I guess maybe we should start calling you CAT WOMAN.

You all are welcome for the CHELLE updates.

Laura705 11-20-2014 12:22 PM

Morning all.

I think pizza cut in squares is called the “party” cut, I just didn’t really know if it was just a Chicago thing or a “non-East Coast” thing. Re the piano, bf has played piano and keyboards almost all his life and at one point worked in a piano store. It was there that he learned about tuning and regulating pianos. Pianos are more complex than you’d think and require more than just an annual tuning to make them sound their best. The parts all over the house was a slight exaggeration, lol... it was really just several of the big exterior parts (wooden) that he’d removed to gain access for the work and had placed in the spare bedroom. And once he was removing the keys, those went in a plastic bin. It was all very organized, actually. I can just picture your kitty (which one??) messing with your keyboard while you’re trying do stuff on the computer. Too funny. :lol:

The bone scraping sounds just awful – still not sure what’s being scraped – bits of bone and cartilage - doesn't matter, ick! I hate to think that fusing the bones is the only thing that can be done for you. I hope there’s some new medical advancements that are developed to help you before it’s time for you to do that. Re KI, I’ll see if BF is interested in making the trip, but if not, I’ll go solo. I’m no geography brain, so I didn’t realize ‘til I looked at a map that you’re not all that far from KI! Re pizza – I’m a traditionalist, so I like pepperoni or sausage and some veggies. I don’t like multiple meats on a pizza (or sandwiches or anything really), so those “meat lovers” pizzas sound nasty to me. I agree, chicken and fish don’t sound like good pizza toppings AT ALL. Re Michelle – good idea re a gift card. Who couldn’t use one?!?! Congrats on the mortgage refi!!!

I hope you enjoy the speaker at your big meeting today.

Hope the flu shot went fine and you don’t have a big bruise like Annie did. I don’t know that I have more energy than anyone else. I take a train to work and I’m fortunate enough to live close enough to the train station to walk or cycle there. I do get picked up or dropped off sometimes, especially in the winter. Driving myself there and parking would actually be slower than walking by the time I'd park and walk to the pay box, and then walk to the train platform! Same thing once I get off the train downtown – close enough to walk, and even if I didn’t want to, it would be slower to wait for a bus to take me to the office. So walking it is, and I’m glad I have the built-in/forced physical activity as part of my day. LOL re a “big people movie” – I go to the movies with a group of women, and I could go as often as weekly if I want. I used to do that, but now it’s maybe once or twice a month. Every once in a great while we go see kiddie movies, but mostly the big people stuff. So I still haven’t seen Frozen and don’t know what all the fuss is about!! :D Do you and your dh get dvd movies from redbox or Netflix? Our town has a great library and we borrow a lot of dvd’s from there (in addition to all the books we read). Re Oprah, I never was a fan and rarely watched her show, so I never would have tried to get tickets to see it. A few women from the movie group, including my neighbor, have gone to her shows.

I hope work was quiet for you yesterday. Are you saying if you get paid twice a month that you’re trying to live off only one of the checks? What a great goal - you could really boost your savings a LOT. A couple of the others here really have it right in advising you to determine how much money you’ll need in retirement. Everyone thinks their expenses will go down when they retire – less driving, so less gas cost, maybe you’ll buy fewer meals out, etc. But what if you want to do things you never had time for while you were working, such as travel and/or taking up hobbies? And you certainly might need to replace your car, and you might have higher medical/insurance costs. So much to factor in. At least you’ve got time to think it all through. :yes:

Hi Terra! Hi Shad! :wave:
I had 9,429 steps yesterday – didn’t walk home all the way from the train after work, but I did walk at lunch, so that helped. I did one stair session in the AM, but not the afternoon. From 5th floor down to 1st and back up again. Did my pushups this morning and a few reps using that little wheel that works your stomach when you roll it away from you and back toward you. Also did some stretches.

I really enjoyed the movie “Whiplash” last night. JK Simmons and Miles Teller were really great as music instructor and student respectively. It’s not one of these heartwarming teacher-student relationship movies, definitely not that. Rather harsh, actually. The music is just great, even if you don’t like jazz. The student character is a drummer and he’s just amazing. Bf is going to go see it with a friend tonight.

Nothing special going on today. Yesterday for lunch I brought a deli thin bun and a tablespoon of miracle whip for a tuna sandwich, but forgot the packet of tuna! Doh! :doh: Out to lunch I went. I remembered it for today, so a tuna sandwich it is.

Okay, time to post. Have a great day everyone.

miniDoodles 11-20-2014 12:37 PM

FYI shopping Alert :flow1:

I'm having my lunch-break & trying to get some Christmas shopping done online on my budget. I went to Lands End 'clearance' on the counter & found 4 Very cute dresses I'd like to buy for under $25; however they r either a size tall, plus size, or xL sizes available @ reduced prices like originally a few were $80 :o so If u wear any of those I'd check them out soon before they r sold-out. Today I wish I could wear those bigger sizes, to buy those cute :smug: dresses. I'm wearing a size medium/large, so I'll hope that size goes on clearance w those big discounts.

:turkey: see yall soon ;) I gotta get back to work. (I'm originally from Charleston)

ceejay52 11-20-2014 02:08 PM

To cute that your cat likes the YouTube version of the aquarium.

Yes all things do need to be taken into consideration about retirement. I'm weighing my options for what is best for me. And with health issues creeping in I need to be around family. My sister in Missouri is a Nurse Practitioner. My uncles are 80+ in age so that's really not an option. My bff is not healthy so I don't think I need to depend on her as she would be depending on me. Even though Jonesboro seems to be my most logical place to live. Missouri would be a big adjustment for me. Just don't know if I can afford to live by myself. I can make all my major expenses going out on one pay check but for my personal stuff, food, entertainment, travel etc has to come out of my second check. I do get paid twice per month. So for now retirement for me at the moment is not going to happen. Just wishful thinking. When I get depressed I wish that I could get on with retirement.

Rode the bike again last night for 2 miles. Making plans to go spend the night with my bff in Jonesboro tomorrow night. Leaving after our department eats lunch together. Our department does this every Thanksgiving.

annie175 11-20-2014 02:28 PM

Well the ole pap smear did not come back all so good. You might know, one thing comes back great (blood work) and something else goes haywire. I have a lesion on my cervix testing positive for cancer cells, not that it is cancer yet, but have an appointment with a specialist on Monday at 9am. Sheese is it too much to ask for to be healthy? Bleh.

Shad 11-20-2014 03:48 PM

Morning all,

Ceejay - this past 4 months or so since I came back I have been keeping a check on my spending. It seems it costs me between $2500 to /$3000 a month to live. This includes things like insurance and phones and the dreaded health care insurance and the car costs. Some months are much higher - when power, phone, car, health and house insurance all come in at once. Not that I think it will cost you that much in the US - this is an expensive country to live in. So it is worth doing the maths and seeing what you will need to survive. That figure hasn't included any travel expenses etc. Working on 3K, that means you need 36K per year to survive - all of which means that I can probably survive quite well for about 10 years given that I will work from time to time. If the interest rates are good and I don't have to pay tax on unnecessaries (vain hopes here) then it may last a little longer. My financial man is changing my super around so that I can get a small pension from now on and my tax rate will go done on my savings in the super fund, but that only means that I will have to put more into the super to survive for a longer period. Such is the life of a self funded retiree in this country. It's not a decision to be taken lightly.

Dee - I take it you haven't won the lottery so I don't have to go around swapping tomatoes for beds with friends? DILs are often difficult to relate to. I keep my counsel over mine and try very hard not to snap when some stupid grandiose idea comes along AGAIN.

Happy - cats are our friends - well %^&&* me, you wouldn't know it especially with this one who constantly talks, wants food, wants a cuddle (in 41 degree heat it's 'let me up onto your knee'), doesn't eat what you give her until it is just about dead in the heat and the flies are hovering, and insists on sleeping in the middle of my bed and pushing me closer to the edge.

Annie - thanks for the updates on Michelle. I'm sure she will be somewhat sore for some time. It will not be easy for her to adjust. There are some painful moments coming I am sure.
I'm pleased to hear about your brother. That's good news. Not so good to hear about your own problem. However I had a couple of weird pap smears a long time ago and they proved to be nothing in the end. So hopefully yours will be the same.

Laura - We get square pizza over here, wasn't aware it had a specific name. I rarely eat it anyway. It comes in a big square box and is cut accordingly. Could hardly cut wedges out of it anyway. When I want pizza, I usually make it on the small pizza bases you can get at the store.
Why is it when the DH. B/F or DS decide to do some repairs, there are bits strewn from here to there and everywhere else as well and it is not as if there is always a lot of bits, just seems like it.

Susie - Glad to hear that you are getting away from your desk and walking. Seems you are still putting in the big hours tho'. Do you have a lot of these meetings and outings that you have to organise?

Okay, better get on with it. Since the recent rains the weeds are springing forth again. I need to get them under control before they control the garden again.

I'll be back.

happy2bme 11-21-2014 09:30 AM

good morning everyone,

this is what I have to deal with now that it's gotten chilly. Nina has taken over my space.


happy2bme 11-21-2014 10:00 AM

Right now I am fighting with her as she insists on sitting with her head resting on the caps lock, CTRL and A keys. It's a push-me pull-you going on here. Ah cats.

You ladies have inspired me with all of your stepping and stretching and moving to join the local gym up the road. It's the place that I go to for yoga. A small gym - nothing fancy - a few classes, a few treadmills, an elliptical (which never works for someone who is 5 feet tall), a stair climber (as if I didn't have enough at the house), and some weight machines. Basics for a basic price. They are having an auction in a few weeks, one of the items for bid is a 3 month membership - hoping to score that at a reduced price. In the meantime I will ask for a visitors / try me pass - most gyms offer a week's free pass so you can try things out. I would only do a 3 month membership right now over the winter to see if I would stick with it. DH will do a drop off / pick up if the weather is not great but he himself will not join with me. He said he's just not a gym person. So we will see how this goes. I'm thinking I'll pick up the pass on Monday. I was going to go with DH to get the other car repaired for a recall on the air bag but I didn't sleep well at all last night and having a queasy tummy lately so I will stay back and get some things done around the house. I like cleaning when I am by myself even though he is rarely underfoot.

Shad - you actually do quite well for managing on only $36,000 a year. We asked questions ahead of time to my cousins who lived up here about things like fuel costs. Stuff like housing and taxes we could pick up from the internet real estate sites. We asked as much as we could think of trying to figure out if we could manage to live up here without too much pain because once you invest in the move, you are committed. What we learned when we moved was that car insurance is more expensive (we figure it's because of all the deer up here, the likelihood of hitting one and the expense of repairs if you do). We have less people, less drivers and we figured insurance would go down, not up. We also live in a "resort area" and I use that term VERY loosely. Everyone in the surrounding area 30 to 45 minutes from here tends to come here to get gasoline and groceries. So our gas and food prices are higher than if you drive to the same petrol stations and Walmart in the town 1 hour south of here. So our food is more expensive, our gasoline is more expensive because we are farther from the refineries. We have a state income tax now which we didn't down south. It's a modest 3 percent or so and it balances out because down south we got socked with fees for everything. They don't charge tax, they just fee you to death ;) Sales tax here is cheaper than down south and I think they have 2 tax structures for food. The horror of our life and I can't stress this enough to the younger than Medicare set is the ridiculous cost of medical insurance. We pay over $20,000 a year for insurance and deductibles. And things are not covered at 100% so even what is covered we are still also paying into. I am actually happy DH is eligible for medicare in February. It will save us a few dollars. We spend more money on critter food (turkeys, deer, birds, cats) than we had planned on but it's something we can manage easily. Since we don't have much in the way of restaurants and fast food (what we do have I don't much care for), I do save in money in calories by mostly cooking and eating at home. We go out once a week, generally for a fish fry - always baked or broiled in my case. We don't really spend anything much on entertainment, not much here to amuse us! :lol: Actually we have gone to a few live shows here in town - small theater venue, tickets $20 each. With the cats we don't travel much. I am getting tired of the long drive to Chicago but flying is getting to be a hassle so I am hoping next year to perhaps share rides with some of the friends I've met who occasionally travel back and forth. 9iii

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