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Good Afternoon! We had some rain early this morning. I took my umbrella into the church and the sun was shining when I came out two hours later. Now we are back to clouds and gloom. My church computer locked (?) this morning but the secretary was able to salvage what I had done and get me going again. She is going to be gone for two weeks so I'm hoping the computer behaves itself. Gift shop total was better for this week which is good. We are donating $5000 to the Auxiliary to pass on to the hospital "wish list." I need to make the deposit and drop off checks at the hospital, then do some more laundry. I have card club tonight. Also just learned my bell ringer friend who has colon cancer needed more surgery and not doing very well. I am bummed since her attitude was so positive.

"Gma," I hope your stiff neck is better this afternoon. Our whole band looks like they just rolled out of bed; all wear baggy, wrinkled blue jeans, t-shirts, plaid flannel shirts, or sweatshirts. From the looks of their hair, I doubt some even comb it before coming to church. In our opinion they sound like they belong in a bar, and that's not because we hang out in bars! I know I am old fashioned, but it's a good thing we have a choice in services to attend.

Susan, how nice of you and Glory to take lunch and visit your friend. I'm sure she is looking forward to your visit. The church Beth joined is building a huge new auditorium. There is a stage, for the band, but whoever is preaching sits on a stool with his book and paperwork sitting on a table beside him. There's no choir nor a cross or anything to make one think they are in a church. They do pass the plate first thing in the service, but the leader says that if you are a visitor then you are considered a guest of the congregation and not obligated to contribute. I find that sort of strange. Anyhow, I never feel like I've been to church afterwards. Most everyone we've seen there is much "younger" than we are.

I need to head to the bank and back to the hospital. Enjoy the rest of a marvelous Monday!
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