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  • I think you should both stay and get over it.
    We've had spats before, generally when someone is not well and it sounds like to me anyway that neither of you are feeling very well.
    If you want out, then that's that. I'd rather you didn't, but don't start a fight over who is going and who is staying.

    There is no bad guy here, I am not blaming anyone for an outburst of any description. But it is up you (either or both) you are free agents
  • I'm up late watching all the March madness games with DH.

    I took a nap when I came home from work and ate dinner and then woke up about 11 a.m. I'm starting to get sleepy and will head to bed in a minute.

    I really hope that both Annie and Happy stay on the thread. You all have been together for such a long time and a deep rooted in the spirit of this group (which I LOVE this group and how supportive it is). to both Happy and Annie.

    I'll post more later--I took the day off so I have a long 3 day weekend. I am looking forward to having some time for me and that we are staying home..DH will be in front of the TV the entire weekend and I will be home just pittling. Doing things I want to do, here and there.
  • I'm with Shad concerning Happy and Annie----No more political/insurance talk. I should not have said anything to start the ball rolling.

    Did my Yoga last night and feel a lot better this morning.
  • Good morning ladies,

    Happy Friday! I'm hoping I can get enough done today so that I don't have to work over the weekend. After work yesterday, I went to the gym and did 1/2 hour on the bike. Then I went to a Self-Hypnosis workshop last night which was really good. After many previous sessions with various hypnotherapists, I FINALLY have the instructions to do self-hypnosis.

    To answer Laura's question, yes, I enjoyed my yoga class. I couldn't do all the moves, but was able to modify those that I couldn't do.

    I'm doing the plank challenge with some Milwaukee area friends and since they are starting on Sunday, so am I.

    I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing after work today, but tomorrow morning I'm getting together with friends for breakfast and to talk about our goals. Then tomorrow afternoon, I'm pretty sure I'll be cooking and delivering a meal for my ex-SIL and her family. I say pretty sure because she went in on Wednesday to have two additional lymph nodes removed as the pathology report came back and found cancer in them.

    Sunday, I have another yoga class, and I'm looking forward to it.


    I hope that both Happy and Annie choose to stay with us. You both are amazing, strong, compassionate, caring women.

    I agree with others, maybe we should leave politics and insurance out of the conversations. We all have opinions on political policy, sometimes based on how we or those we love are impacted by those policies. It doesn't make ANYONE the bad guy.

    Let's just agree to disagree....or better yet...agree to not discuss it. There are so many other things in life we can focus on and talk about, like working toward improved health and improved quality of life for ourselves and those we love, all the blessings in our lives (kids, grandkids, fur babies, friends, family).

    Annie (in case you're still checking in here to read) - I'm keeping you (and Sissy) in my prayers. I know it's been so difficult on you to be going through all the life changes and challenges and still stay strong enough to care for Sissy and the boys. I hope that Sissy can find the strength within herself to get through this. Can/has she spoken to her doctor? I've never had kids, so I don't know what she's going through, but is it possible it's post-partum and is there anything that can be done to help her (either with the assistance of her OB doc or a counselor)?

    Happy - I hope your pain has decreased. Has the shelter determined what they're going to do in terms of a new Thrift Shop? Are you able to volunteer at the Shelter itself? Did you decide to do the online yoga videos rather than the classes in town?

    Ceejay - Glad you enjoyed doing Yoga last night. When I did the yoga class on Wednesday evening, it really reduced my back pain.

    Susie - Have a wonderful long weekend!

    Shad - Any fun plans for the weekend in Kiwiland?

    Laura - I'm glad you FINALLY got your coat back. Not a great way for the man to do business. Good on ya' for signing up for a year of Jazzercise. Will you be doing one class per week or more than that? And do you still have your gym membership with BF for your strength training? (of course, with all the challenges you do, and f Jazzercise does interval training, then maybe you don't need the gym membership). Congrats on the new TV.

    Terra - Did you say you had a pedometer? It's probably a great way to keep track of all your walking. You could even set goals for 5,000 steps per day, or even 10,000.

    Well, I've got lots to get done today, so I'd better get to it.

    Much love and many hugs to all,
  • Morning all. TGIF!!

    I never mentioned that the vit d test my gyne ran for me came back low. I picked up the rx for the whopper once-a-week pills earlier this week but haven't taken one yet. Nor have I purchased the large does OTC vit D either. I suppose I'll read up a bit on it this weekend. What I find odd is that the rx only contained 4 pills, so 1 month's worth. I was told on the phone by the nurse that the regimen is for 3 months. Whatever.

    Last night I pinned the jeans I need to hem. I'm ready to stitch now. Have to put a bigger needle in my sewing machine and hope it all works out. I have a feeling I will have trouble with the thick part of the hem at the side seams...

    Bf had his post-surgery followup appointment this morning and all is fine. He can exercise now, but it was suggested he stay away from ab work.

    Tomorrow is a Jazzercise class, then a vet appointment if bf can get one on short notice. Coal hasn't had his adequan injection for a while, and also needs his nails trimmed and glands done. Bf was waiting until the doctor cleared him for exercise/lifting.

    Have to tackle the taxes this weekend, and I might get together with my friend D for lunch/shopping. Oh, I finished the pushup challenge last night and will begin it again soon. I'm also going to begin the plank challenge Michelle brought up on FB. Will probably start on the same day to keep it simple, though I did notice the rest days are different...

    That's about it for me.


    Ceejay - Good for you with the yoga.

    Susie - Enjoy your long weekend! I love puttering around the house.

    Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. Hope to see you all back here NOT talking about politics, LOL.
  • Michelle - Missed your post! You were typing above my head.

    Glad you enjoyed the yoga class and it helped reduce your back pain - awesome! I think I'll start the plank challenge Sunday too.

    Re Jazzercise, I plan to only do Saturday morning classes. The weeknight Jazzercise classes I attended are held in a church auditorium with wonderful wood floors and a nice stage, but it's not an air conditioned space and it can get really hot in there during the summer. Both the Saturday and weeknight locations are about 8 miles away, and while it doesn't sound too bad in distance, it's further than I want to go 3 times/week. Yes, I still have the gym membership with bf, and that's only 2 miles away from home, so I'd like to keep trying to give that a go.

    Have a good weekend!
  • Laura - Good luck with the jeans hemming. Those thick side seams can be really tough whether hand-sewing or machine. Glad to hear your bf's follow up went well. I hope you can get the vet appointment for Coal. Good on ya' for finishing the pushup challenge (and starting up again). Maybe I'll add that one too...starting both on Sunday. Can you please repost the URL for the pushup challenge? Between the challenges, gym with bf and Jazzercise, you're truly the exercise !!
  • Michelle ~ Yes I did buy a pedometer and its been great for tracking my walking.

    I walked today and I'll walk again after dinner before it gets dark out.
  • Easy pushup challenge:

    By the way, here's the plank challenge:
  • Laura
    I take the once per week vitamin d. Did your health care provider state to take the higher dose of vitamin d through the week? Just curious.
    I've been thinking about buying a surger for doing my own hems etc. Most all of my pants are too long in the stride and legs even if the pants are petite. I have an aunt that does things for me now, but I really need to do them myself.
    I didn't do as well as you did on the challenges, but I will start them again.
    I can begin to tell the difference in my arms.

    I wear a pedometer. I do a lot of walking at work but not all at one time.

    Glad to hear that Santa's paw is doing better. What are your plans for the week end?

    I'm tempted to stay at home this week end and not go to Paragould and rest. I was light headed this afternoon so I took my blood pressure. It was 151/89 and pulse was 93. It's a good sign for an anxiety attack. I've just talked myself into staying home. I'll call tonight and tell them.
    I did the Peggy Cappy yoga DVD for arthritis which is the same as for the yoga for the rest of us. She only used two people in this one. The other one she uses senior citizens.
    B came today to get some more of her stuff. Her sister and bil came with her.
    More later
  • Terra - Great job on all the walking. Keep us posted on how well you do tonight and over the weekend. Also, don't forget to write down what you eat.

    Laura - Thanks for the links.

    Ceejay - Probably a good idea to stay home and relax this weekend. And don't answer the door for anyone. Do some more yoga to help you breathe deeply and relax. Sending you hugs. I hope the light-headedness goes away.

    Much love,
  • Hi. It was a beautiful day in Ohio and so nice to be off work. We slept in a bit and I have been doing laundry most of the day.

    The lady who workds with the painter came to measure the rooms and give me a quote. She said I would have it by Monday. She told me that they usually work with the local Sherwin Williams store to get the paint (that is where I usually buy paint from) and to do pick my color (s) and let them know what it is once I get the quote and decide if I want them to do the job.

    I am a very neutral color person as I like to change my color schemes with accessories so my wall colors are some variation of beige or tan. I went to the SW store after she left and picked 3 to take home and look at in the light at home and any of them work. I will make a decision this weekend.

    I also went to Walmart for a bit and bought some new makeup and also took a look at digital cameras as mine died. I didn't buy one yet but I'm looking to. Just getting an idea of what I think I want (something simple--I am tired of taking pictures all the time with my phone).

    DH has used the C-Pap machine two nights and he told me today that he can tell a difference; he said he feels more alert and not as groggy.

    Shad: you asked when DH's ablation surgery would be. Most likely in June. Now that we have the prostrate stone issuse identified and the sleep agpena going in the right direction, we will address the ablation surgery. I need to call the surgeon and let them know we would like to do it. I know that DH will need to be on blood thinners 6 weeks before the surgery and also this surgeon is usually booked two months out so we think we are looking at June.

    Laura: Good luck with hemming the jeans. I have to have most of my pants hemmed. I don't do that myself (jealous that you know how!) but I found a reasonable seamstress not to far from my work so I take my things there.

    I take a over the counter Vit D daily. At one time I had to take the prescription Vit D. One thing that I learned was that in order for our bodies to absorb it, we need to take it with food.

    Good luck with the taxes this weekend.

    Michelle: I would love to hear about the talk you have with your friends about your goals.

    Ceejay: Good idea to just chill out this weekend.

    Happy and Annie: I miss you both. It seems so strange to be here without you.

  • I have decided to go to Paragould and eat lunch with the two uncles. One uncle will not be there due to a knee replacement on Monday. I'm not going to spend the night. My sinuses are giving me fits this morning. My blood pressure and pulse is down also.
    One of my step nieces is getting married this week end. Not sure if it was yesterday or today. I'm happy for her. She deserves it.
    Wish I could be there.
    I'm with you on missing Annie and Happy. I realize that Annie has a load on her plate at this time. I sent Happy a message in FB to come back. Hopefully she will.
  • I will come back. Choosing my words carefully and thinking a lot about what I want to say... just not quite ready at the moment.
  • Ceejay ~ Thats cool that you wear a pedometer but thats good that you dont do alot of walking all at once though.

    Michelle ~ Thanks, I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on my walking this weekend. I am writing down all the food I eat each day.

    I just walked for the first time today, I usually do it early in the day but I was watching a movie with my boyfriend so I didnt get a chance to walk until after it got over but at least I still go my walk in and I'll be sure to walk again after dinner.