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happy2bme 10-01-2013 01:58 AM

Worldly Chicks in October - Keepin The Sisterhood Tight
I know you suggested a thread title for October and while I generally am happy to accommodate, I just wanted to dedicate this month to Mel - good wishes, good thoughts and a few miracles if by any chance possible. :crossed: :angel:

Shad - when you correspond with Jen please pass along our love and strength to her also. I echo what others have said - she has her own trials as well as keeping it strong for Momma. I wouldn't be telling the people in the building either as the poor girl is not strong enough to fight off the tenants.

Let me go finish setting things up...

happy2bme 10-01-2013 02:21 AM

Ohhh man, closed the wrong window - the one I had been updating my post in. Don't really have time to re-do it as it's getting late, I will just have to pick up in the morning. Good night ladies. Rest well.

Shad 10-01-2013 03:26 AM

Okay all,
I am about to reply to Jen and let her know I got the email and have told all the people and to pass on your wishes to her Mum. I will alert her that Mel will have mail in the next few days or so - if your posties are not on strike that is or shut down or whatever your rather ridiculous politicians are doing.

I'm back in the training room and we've had a good day today. Only 5 in the class so it was an easy enough time to ensure everyone had a good grasp of what we were doing.

The power bill raises its ugly head again. Back to the drawing board. They have added extra charges to about half the credit amount I am due. Someone will get it in the neck when I get to sort out this latest bill.
Geez they are useless.

Damn I forgot to go back to the other thread to make notes back shortly.

Shad 10-01-2013 03:42 AM

Annie - happy birthday to C. May there be many many more and may he stay your sweetheart for ever. I love it when you two are billing and cooing all over my facebook or in here. It's so nice to have something good happening.

Michelle - congratulations on the weight loss. Doing well. I'm doing the abs challenge from Laura but so far no loss here. Just rock hard abs under a thick layer of splodgy fat.
Jen will let us know as soon as she knows when Mel will move. Soon as I know you will know or if she approves I may get her to add you all to her address list so you can see them straight off. I don't think she is thinking too straight right now. But I will pass on any messages you wish to give either here or through my email or through PM's.

Happy - thanks for starting up the new thread. Good choice for title. Good pictures on facebook today from both you and the dh

Ceejay - the abs challenge is murder the first couple of days. Then it gets easier until you get to about day 14 or 15. I find I can no longer complete it in one go. I need to split it into groups of 20 or sometimes even 10 and get it done over the course of a day.

I'm presuming Laura is still away. Hope she is having a great time with her Mom.

Ruth - thanks for coming on over and checking up on us. I'm so far away I can't offer much support or help, but I will do what I can.

Mary - are you still keeping up with us. I know you said you had heard the news or rather seen the news so I gather you check in once in a while.

Carla - the above applies to you as well. However we do email from time to time.

Time I was off here and completed todays ab challenge. Poor me.

ceejay52 10-01-2013 08:31 AM

I like the title of the thread Happy and thanks for starting it. We all need to stay strong for Mel and Jen.

Ah 5 in a class room will be a breeze for you.

I forgot to measure last night but will tonight. I'm counting carbs as my plan of eating.
Decided to do 40 reps of crunches last night, which will consist of my ab's challenge this month.

annie175 10-01-2013 10:47 AM

Happy...thank you for the excellent title for the thread.

Shaddie...sounds like this job is a bit easier than the last. Thanks for the update on MELLIE/JEN.

CEEG...good job on exercising.

Hello to all you all. Thanks for the HB to my Curtis. It was a lovely evening.

Not much into posting these days...very upset about out Mellie.

happy2bme 10-01-2013 11:53 AM

Good morning all,

Today and tomorrow - still lovely days, sunny and warm during the day, cool for sleeping at night. Unfortunately as life goes, cold and rain are moving in late Thursday to ruin the apple and cranberry festivals that are being held this upcoming weekend. DH and I were going to go to the cranberry festival, we'll see how crummy the weather actually will be. Sunday we went for a long (over 4 hour) ATV ride in the forest. Trees are turning - some places (around the lakes) more than others. It was a gorgeous day, we had a good time. I'd like to take a ride up north to check out some of the apple orchards before the weather turns but I have to work this afternoon so not sure if we will make it.

Yesterday was busy. I went through my bin of tomatoes and of course 2/3 of them are ripening just like I DON'T want. I heard if you kept them in the dark they'd stay green longer and then I could let small batches turn as I needed them. Of course you know if I just put green tomatoes all over my window sills hoping they'd turn, they wouldn't. So now I have far more tomatoes than I will ever use sitting in my kitchen. I did make a green tomato bread - a bit on the sweeter tea bread side - think banana bread without the banana flavor. It smelled good baking and you'd never know it has tomatoes in it. Just a subtle sweet flavor and hints of cinnamon and vanilla. Nice but I wouldn't make it again. I also made a batch of dog treats - one of 3 batches to make as they are going to sell them at the cranberry festival this weekend. Stripped the linens, did 4 loads of laundry, cleaned the cat potty room, wrote out some cards and did dishes about 19 times (or so it seemed). Talked to both my Mom and sister yesterday to round out the night. Long day, I crashed into bed. My back is seizing up again, this is getting frustrating. Thinking about seeing a chiropractor although the last one messed me up big time. And that's about it for me.

Sent Mel a card to her apartment - hoping that Jen will deliver the mail to her where ever she may be hanging her hat and calling it home for the time being. I will try to get a letter to her by Thursday.

Annie - I can understand being bummed by Mel's situation but remember that she would give you the old rolling pin :rollpin: if you fretted too much about her. Be strong and send those good thoughts her way. Happy BD to your man - hope you had a nice celebration. Don't understand your cougar comment - aren't you and C close to the same age? Forgive me if I am way off here - have to think hard to remember how old DH is :lol:

I have to be careful going to the last thread to catch up on personals - that's how I lost my post last night.

Ceejay - be careful with that fluid in the ears. Seems like once it sets in it's so hard to clear up. I imagine with the cotton pickin' coming it will also add to the runny eyes and tight chest. I think it's a good idea to get the car paid off before you retire - have as few of bills as possible. Have enough saved so that you can be comfortable but "get out of Dodge" while you are still healthy and spry enough to enjoy retirement! ;)

Ruth - good to see you again :D

Michelle - congrats on the weight loss - keep up the good work. Thanks for the compliments on the pictures - I love the autumn season best of all and don't think I'd like living in a place like CA or AZ where you don't get much of a seasonal transition. I know Christmas didn't seem like Christmas with no snow. Come on, you know you'll miss those snow boots, heavy coat and most of all - hat hair :rofl:

Shad - is Jen's last name the same as Mel's? I'm thinking maybe she could use a comfort card too - I'd just send it to Mel's place. I do feel so sorry for the poor girl - wish we were closer to help out a bit - I hope some of the building people - the few who looked out for Mel will help her too - the travelling must be hard on her. Thank you for serving as the communications lead - sometimes too many people can be overwhelming. I'm glad you have a small manageable class this time around - and that you get all your logins working as they should. How frustrating that you have problems with the power company AGAIN. That has to be difficult trying to get through the queues when you have to work for a living.

As to your comment - even though the government is shut down, we will still get the mail as that is handled from a separate self funded group. The post office is actually not part of the government per se. So keep sending those cards and letter. Just don't plan on visiting a national park, museum or federal place of interest for a bit.

Ok, 'bout time for me to grab something quick to eat and get my stuff ready for the shop. The new shades just arrived - guess DH has his task cut out for him this afternoon.

Have a good day ladies. Love to Mel and Jen :grouphug:

ceejay52 10-01-2013 04:56 PM

Nothing new today. Finished and balanced the monthly report. I've been balancing weekly so it didn't take as long today.
I'm on a 6 day stretch at work, and I've decided that I'm not going to overdo anything at home or work this week. I'm tempted to try a salad tonight but I ate a raw apple today and I'm not sure how that's going to affect things.
I really think that I should try to eat a light dinner instead of counting carbs.

I'm not very talkative today.

diyana 10-01-2013 05:36 PM

Hi everyone -

I could've sworn I posted. But apparently it didn't get posted. I'm busy as ever at work, but that's a good thing. Planning to get to the gym after work for biking and treddie.


Happy - Thanks for starting the new thread. I really love the thread title. The autumn photos on Facebook are lovely! I hope it doesn't rain all weekend and totally wash out the festivals. So sorry to hear about your back! I hope you're able to get relief soon. I had to laugh at your comment about missing the snow boots and heavy coat...yeah, right. And I WON'T miss shoveling or digging out my car.

Ceejay - Glad your report balanced. 6 days in a row? And you work long days don't you? If you're not used to eating A LOT of fruits and veggies, it's best to work them in slowly. I hope you have a yummy light dinner. 40 crunches is really good! Well done!

Shad - That's awful about the power company. I hope you don't need to bash too many heads to make them see reason. As Happy said, the Postal Service is still running, despite the partial government shutdown. I wish I had rock hard abs even if they were under splodgy fat. I guess that's the first step, then to just try and shed the splodgy. Thanks for the warning about the abs challenge being tough the first couple days. I can't do full situps, so I'll just add those to my crunches...and of course do the planks. Those long planks at the end will be the killer for me. Thanks for the updates about Mel. Please tell Jen that our thoughts, prayers and love are with her and her mom.

Annie - I understand about being so upset about Mellie. I'm going through all the emotions (anger, denial, sadness). Happy is right, though, she would give us all the :rollpin: if we let ourselves get and stay too upset.

Sending bunches of love and many hugs to all, including our dear Mellie and Jen! :grouphug: :love: :hug: :grouphug:

Shad 10-02-2013 01:39 AM

No word back from Jen, but she is probably busy with visits to Mom and trying to fend off the seniors who have lost their teeth or something. They unfortunately wont care if Mel ain't around as long as Jen is.

Training went okay today. Sometimes I wish I could pick my class. I was practically dealing with two classes - those that had no idea and were therefore dangerous and demented and those who had some idea and were dangerous, demented, and querelous. Spelling doesn't like right there but it hasn't come up with a red line under it. I'm getting rave reviews in the evaluation sheets but that is only because not only are they dangerous, demented, and querelous but they are also confused. Nothing like confusion in the ranks to make me seem sane.

Ceejay - yeah five in a class is great. I see you are dealing with the abs challenge as a one exercise challenge. That is not so bad an idea. Keep it up and do the abs crunches as in the challenge. You may feel at a later point that you might like to add another exercise like the leg lifts or the plank.

Happy - I've mentioned to Jen that there will be mail. Carla sent something to Mel apparently before the diagnosis was in so I put in Jen in the picture about that. I will try to get her a group entry for her email so she puts us all in the picture at the same time. However I don't know how computer savvy she is. If we speak, I might talk her through it. Long distance training you might say.
Sorry to hear the festivals are ruined by rain. Here we should be into the Spring festivals such as the Toowoomba Flower Festival, but lack of rain has slowed down a lot of the gardens - we've had the warmest Spring on record and temps in the western part of the State have been reaching 41C -110F more or less - regularly. Going to be a long hot summer.
Jens surname is Laine.

Ceejay - shifts like yours can be hard work. I've done them as well over 7, 14 and 21 days. End of the shift, this zombie shuffles back to base. Men seem to manage okay, but then they don't have to go home and do housework or cook meals etc. A beer and a burger seems to be their life.

Michelle - with the sit ups, I start with my feet against the wall and my knees bent and I lean back to where it starts to hurt and then forward again. Perhaps we could call mine lie downs??? After a while you find that you can go back further and further - however for me they still remain the worst of the exercises. After day 14 the crunches overtake the sit ups then it is easy. Also once I got past about day 7 or 8 I decided to do the exercise in batches of 10. 10 situps, 10 crunches, 10 leg raise. Repeat. Sometime I do half before work and half after. So you can taylor it to suit. Yesterdays 60 second plank defeated me, but I did it again this morning and it worked. Today was a much needed rest day.

Annie - left you to last because................ Take a moment to reflect on your being upset about Mel. Yes you can be upset, but it doesn't do her or you any good. Send her a funny card, remind her of jokes that you have shared. Enjoy her for what she is, will be and has been. It's hard. Keep it together. Say your prayers for her. Love your man. It's times like this that we should hug those we care about. Can't mourn her yet. There's life in the old girl yet.

So I wrote to Jen, passing on all the wishes, prayers, hopes, and friendship that I saw on both facebook and on 3fc. I said we would like to help them out and how could we best go about it. I wait her reply. We need to target where it will fit best. So just hang in there.

One thing I thought might be nice to do- I have one of those digital photo frames. You load a memory stick (usb) with photos of flowers or the family and it plays the photos for you. Just scrolls through the usb. I wonder if we could put one together for Mel. Annie could put in photos of her wedding and the taters wedding, ceejay pictures of herself and her workplace and car and nephews, nieces whatever. I thought that if we all send a stick complete with photos to Happy or Michelle or anyone who wants to load the photos onto one memory stick usb thingy, we can arrange for the frame to be sent to her and she can see us all in all our glory. What does anyone else think of this idea - as a starter anyway. I'm happy to spring for the frame and we can probably find one on Amazon or somewhere with American electrics. If I sent mine I would have to send a special plug as well - I well remember the fun Happy, her DH and I had in Chicago trying to find an adapter for my phone charger. D'oh.

Right well I am off. I've blethered enough. I still have work to do before I go home. And tomorrow I am going to have to beg a lady to do some printing for me. I might have to get down on my knees.

Cejjay should feel special I've given her two personals.

happy2bme 10-02-2013 02:18 AM

Shad I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the frame. Remember how when Mel was sick before she would amuse herself with travel videos and such? And she always seemed to enjoy it when some of us would send her pictures. I was planning on sending her a letter with some pictures of the wildlife around here - including me and DH before we've combed our hair (northwoods wildlife ;) ) just to make her smile. And you are sooooo right. I do remember being in one of the biggest shopping malls in the country and not being able to find a bloody adaptor. Maybe it would be better if I shopped for the frame ;) But I think that would be such a nice idea. If only we could get a pic or two of Igor - I know you said you have some lookers out your way Shad - who cares if they don't have brains or teeth????

I am doing my homework on apple knowledge - the fruit not the PC. Seeing that some of the best apples had their origins in NZ and Australia. Funny I don't think of those places for apple orchards. My next adventure - make some fresh apple sauce. It just seems right.

And now I need to get to sleep. Good night all. Thanks for keeping the thinking cap on Shad - you have made me laugh tonight with the dangerous, demented students as well as the toothless seniors hounding Jen in Mel's absence - sometimes you just have to smile even though you might be sad. Mel - you are making me appreciate things again - even if you don't know it. :hug:

Shad 10-02-2013 06:01 AM

Don't think of us as apple country. Tasmania is known as the Apple Isle although these days they are better known for grapes. New Zealand has some of the tastiest apples. Last time I was there, there were a couple of new varieties that were superb. Yummy.

Glad you like the idea. I'll go out and pick up a usb stick and start putting some pictures on. Might have to caption the Igor photos.

happy2bme 10-02-2013 09:14 AM

Morning girls,

What a night. Lately I am dead tired but as soon as my head hits the pillow, I toss and turn for at least an hour. Melatonin didn't do anything for me and I hate to take the Benadryl if I don't really need it. I think I fell asleep close to 3am and then woke up at 5 for a potty run. Could not fall back to sleep. At 6 I went into the guest bedroom where I was followed by cats but lay awake until 7 when I decided this was getting no where. So I won't be firing on all pistons today. Pity because it's going to be another gorgeous day and the rain, winds and cold yucky weather move back in tonight.

Shad - say hello to Carla from me - she popped me an email a long, long time ago but have not heard anything since. Sorry to hear that it's been warm already and little rain - hope you are not in for a drought season again. The world's weather is all topsy turvy no matter where you sit. Good luck with those classes - perhaps you need to snap a candid pic of the demented and deranged titled "my coworkers" ;) :lol: Finally I'm stealing the phrase splodgy fat - so appropriate.

Michelle - you're welcome about the new thread. I don't mind doing it, just mostly I don't pay attention to the date and don't notice the changing of the calendar much any more. How's your back been holding up? And how's the new job going for you? Longer commute?

Ceejay - ugh - 6 long days of work. Poor kid! Good luck counting carbs - I find that when I do I dearly miss every one I have to give up :lol: Yay on getting the monthly report done - much easier if you can do it a week at a time as you've done.

Annie - come out, come out - don't be hiding. Bad enough we're down one without Mel. Don't make us come look for you :mag:

Laura - back to reality eh? Hope you had a nice time with your Mom and got to celebrate her big birthday properly.

Geez I've had a big cup of coffee, DH is about to get up and of course now I'm sleepy. :rolleyes: Maybe if I take a shower I'll wake up - too pretty of a day to waste it. Have a good one chicks.

ceejay52 10-02-2013 09:47 AM

Love the picture idea And do find one of Igor.
It's going to be Friday before I can participate in any of this. I need to go to the Post Office and mail some things to my nephew's family also.
And you are correct, Mel still has life and we shouldn't be mourning her. She'd sure be using the rolling pin on us.

I love festivals. I know Mel would enjoy seeing pictures of the wild life.

Yes work does keep one busy. I like work to be busy but I dislike the phone with irate customers on the other end. Had to deal with one of those yesterday after 5 p.m.

I remember you telling that you were a cougar and that's okay. You got a good man.

Did my 40 crunches, day 2, last night and I measured my waist only which is 45 inches. UGH. This is the area where my doctor is concerned with the most since my mom had heart disease. I also ate an individual container of Greek Activia after I got home from work last night. Was completely satisfied.
So far the apple hasn't reared an ugly head. So tonight I'm going to try a small salad tonight.
Was in a mood to clean up the kitchen. Tonight I'll do a load of laundry. Believe it or not I was in the bed by 9.30 p.m. However, this morning I woke up with a huge headache. I've taken Bayer Migraine and it's easing.
Have a good day.

annie175 10-02-2013 10:23 AM

I am here, was a long night. Curtis cut the top of his foot taking out the trash. Something in the bag swung across the top of his foot and layed it open like a filet of fish. Was in ER at St. Frances. Took xray, whatever cut it was not in there. Gave him a tetnus shot, cleaned the wound and gave him eight stitches to boot. Guess I won't have to gripe about meeting the deductible as I am sure this will get us pretty close to the 4800. mark. Along with my 1000. already reached from meds I take. Good thing Wednesday is his day off as he is in pain, in bed, taking ibuprofen. Sassy is playing nurse.

SHAD...I love the idea of the picture frame. My mom and dad had one but barely used it as they thought it used too much electricity. haha. I know I am just an emotional child and things make my heart hurt to easily. Better know as a big baby. lol

HAPPY...I really am not hiding, just dealing with work and home at the moment. I am in pretty good spirits really as my ankle/foot arthritis is barely bothering me with the regimen the doc gave me and the new arch support sketchers with memory foam. Yeah!! Pix of your foliage would be great for MELLIE. Good idea.

CEEG...may the force be with you on your 6 day stretch. Are those days 10 hour days?

CHELLE...good job on the exercise.

LAURA...hope your visit with momma is going well.

Chat at cha later girlies...hugs to all,,feel betters to MELLIE and strength to JEN.

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