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FitandFine 05-26-2003 03:57 AM

The 5% Club - CLICK
Hi everyone, it is a late Sunday post. I can't keep my mind on work, and I have a crazy day tomorrow. Lots going on in life - met today with parents who are going to try to get the middle school principal not to be such as *&#[email protected]* jerk, which might require going up even past the superindendant and board. Conflict is not my thing, so I hate wading in but then again there are times you need to take a stand. This week should be the last of the super heavy materno leave coverage - though the baby is sort of colicky and I assured Carrie that I will be standing by to help her workload for as long as it takes...

Exercise is great, though it did not happen today. Food is fairly well clicked in! That Wendie plan is good as a rough guideline. It seems easier to have a light day knowing that it will fluctuate. I don't agree that it has to be scientifically exactly the calorie amount they say: I use it as a guideline. This morning it looked like 2 lbs down of the 5 I want (contacts weren't in). I feel thinner and less pudgy in the rear.

Thinking a lot about the volume of food lately, more than the traditional calories etc. One thing about myself, maybe you share it, is that I do pretty well just living my life, not grazing all the time or snarfing food - but that when I start eating I'll more or less be eating on a roll, and often by the time I'm done I've eaten more than I intended or wanted to - or needed! I read somewhere that it takes 20 minutes to feel the fullness. Well I eat pretty quickly, and can consume an awful lot before 20 minutes ticks by. So my goal right now is to not go for seconds or lots of extras until I let that pass, always with permission to go back in for more if I'm really hungry. So far satiety seems to be setting in, and giving myself to eat more in 20 minutes if I need to seems to be working.

You know, then my weight is where I like it one of the things I like best about it is that I feel my FACE looks a lot better and a lot younger - someone remind me never to gain again!

I'll make this post brief. Just trying to get a new thread going and to end the day. Tomorrow is a holiday but I have a lot going on.

Goals for tomorrow:

Med cal day
Water water water
Exercise at club or neighborhood walk.

Next weekend I'm involved in a big event with the basket biz. I'm still involved with that (I think I mentioned before.) It will be really fun, but also quite demanding considering all the other time constraints happening. I feel like life will sort of settle down a wee from tomorrow. I need to take it easy on myself until then - if I don't make it to every single workout to just get through this and then life will be more normal (for a while anyway!).

Take care my friends.


absmom 05-26-2003 02:16 PM

Thanks for starting the new thread Juno! Good luck with the principal. That's the one person that need not be a #$% jerk... Perhaps he's in the wrong profession??

I share your problem of eating beyond intention or need. I'm going to concentrate on that this week. Portion control, but without being obsessive (scales /measuring cups are no way to live for me).

I think my face is the first place I lose weight, or at least it is the first body part that people actually comment on when I lose. I guess its all the good eating and water that kills the bloat. I haven't been on the scale (and its killing me). I feel pretty good, so I am anxious to know if the scale reflects that... June 1 seems so far away !

Well, the weekend plans got messed up. My mom has some kind of bug and didn't want to pass it on to the kids SO no sitter and no workout with the sisters. We're going to swim this Friday together and see where we stand with that. Of course my type A sis called to let me know that she ran 4+ miles yesterday, and she's worried that she won't be able to keep up with us.. (?!) I'm the one who's scared. In the pouring (buckets!) rain today I ran outside for the first time. I measured out 2.5 miles and gave it a shot. My legs felt SOOO heavy, gross. I ended up walking probably 1/3 of it, BUT I finished. I've decided that I need to get outside a whole lot more before this race, and cover a whole lot more mileage wise...

Three things for TOMORROW:
1. Light run - minimum of 2 miles and weights or body pump
2. Light food day

Happy Monday to you all!!!


SAB 5% 05-27-2003 10:01 AM

I barely had a chance to sit down and use the computer and really shouldn't be sitting down now but I am making this a priority so I feel complete today :)

We had a nice weekend but it was busy too. We had 3 van fulls of rock to put up the side of the driveway and around the front of the house. We dug the hole, did the plastic, planted 3 new bushes, and spread rock. What fun! But it looks lovely. Now we have the other side which we will probably get to next weekend. I got a lot of exercise hauling those bags of rock around. I thought I would be really sore but just a tad bit yesterday. We went to the movies, had a lot of outside time and did the BBQ thing. Now I am working!

You can see the puffiness in DH's face is gone and I used to have a double chin that drove me nuts and I am pretty sure it hasn't show up in any pictures lately. I am really going to try and rid myself of the extra weight around my middle before I go on vacation in 3 weeks. I can be tough and eat good.

Goals for today -
1) Yoga for 40 minutes
2) Dog walk even though we have two soccer things
3) Water Water Water and no white carbs for bkfst/lunch

I can not run outside Absmom - I am fine on the treadmill but my feet are really sloppy on pavement. I was thinking about running outside because I am running more gracerfully but still need some work!

Juno - I don't like A's teacher and am waiting until the end of the year to say something. She asked about daycare at beg. of year and I said probably not ....she asked again in spring and I told her that it didn't look probable....she has been semi-rude ever since!!!

I need to get craft ready and get myself in daycare mode. Have a great day!


absmom 05-27-2003 07:59 PM

Happy Tuesday!

The sun came out after 5 straight days of rain so I had to forgo the run to mow the lawn. We're on for another 3 days of rain so it had to get done..... I body pumped at the gym today and honestly I am still sore from last week. I tried to tell myself that the soreness was good and pushed to finish strong! I will pay tomorrow I'm sure!

Food was awesome today - I kept to a really low day for me (1150 cals). I am terribly hungry though, so it will take all of my willpower to keep out of the kitchen tonight. I really want something dramatic on the June 1 weigh in to go along with all the training I've done. That's what will keep me going right now....

DH is out edging, the kids are in bed and I am ready to sit back with some tea... Things are really "clicking" these days for me and the family. Its been so hectic since the baby was born and I honestly had a LONG winter - feeling fat, unattractive and trapped! The sunshine today, and just feeling like I am moving in the right direction has done tons for my mood and well being!

On that note --- tomorrow's goals:
1. Water Green Tea and more water;
2. BIKE and/or Run outside (hopefully I'll feel better than yesterday).
3. Medium cal day with no white carbs (1500 or less)

Hope your weeks are going well!

PS - Juno - I think you;ll be able to track me during the big race. We'll have the computer chips around our ankles for the race, just not sure yet if it will be "live" or if it will just be posted after the fact. In any case, you'll be able to find out if I finished...

SAB 5% 05-28-2003 03:40 PM

Quick check-in for me - the wind is blowing outside and I feel like I am in the midst of a hurricane (with sunshine though). I have had so much dust and crap in my eyes. Why I haven't been smart enough to ponytail my hair is beyond me!!

1) Water Water Water
2) 3rd day of very low white carbs
3) Only one more day left of my exercise routine !

I know it's Wed. but it feels like the week is closing already.

Absmom - 1150 calories would KILL me. I swear I have never eaten that little. I would lash out at the world. Plus I suck at counting calories! I am sitting here feeling frumpy and fat when I should be happy as all the new shorts I bought last year are falling down.... I feel that I should see a great difference in the size 18 me and the size 8 me.....but I only see tiny things that have changed. All of a sudden I hate my middle section!

Juno - Isn't it sometimes so annoying to be the nice guy :) You can't turn down helping a new mom with colicky baby and I have two new mom's who were supposed to keep their older kids home more......both have changed their minds on that. I don't care I had just envisioned a lighter work load at the end of May!

Off to the real world!


absmom 05-29-2003 09:18 AM

Hey all !

Unexpected sun this morning, but the chance of more rain for the afternoon... My poor daughter needs to get outside!! I need her to get outside!!

Steph, this lower cal stuff is definately for the birds... If I wasn't so freaked about losing some weight before I have to dawn the tight workout gear for the triathalon, I might not be so restrictive. However, I can't bear the thought of being 200 lbs on race day... Besides, I am going to be training alot harder in the coming weeks and cant bear the thought of hurting myself (knees most especially). I have three more days before the big June 1 weigh in... Next week will be a med cal day...

Sounds like you need to go shopping! Shorts falling down? I guess we all have the "bleck" days, but you've got to know in your head that you are exercising and doing positive things with your diet... 100 crunches for the mid-section!!!

Juno - I hope things are going well for you, and that the load is lightening up a bit... Positive vibes your way!!!

I am feeling a little anxious today, may be the coffee or something else??? Today is a dreaded big run day at the gym. My goal is 4 miles or 60 minutes whichever comes first... Yesterday I did my first "brick" workout -- ran 2.5 miles and rode the bike for 11 miles. Kicked my butt! Thought I'd pass out before I left the building... I'm not sore today, so I guess that's saying something...

Goals for today...

1. Cals under 1500
2. RUN RUN RUN RUN and RUN some more...
3. Water Green Tea Water and more water!

Happy Thursday!

FitandFine 05-30-2003 12:40 AM

I feel like I am sending out an SOS. This week really TONS of work, no workout for the last 3 days, food is literally foraging in the kitchen for things one doesn't have to cook. Then there is the event over the weekend. I'll sleep next week.

I'm going to go off topic so I can say I entertained you. After all we are all moms. Last Saturday I had a mortifying experience :o
I'm too busy to post properly so will cut and paste from the email I sent to a couple of friends, and then will simply stand back for your pity:

We had play tickets. The play is Up a world premiere at Perseverance about the guy in California who attached balloons to his lawn chair and went 3 miles in the sky (real guy who did this in the 1980s character based loosely on the story). Perseverance Theater is a very well regarded regional theater, a real plus to living here in Juneau.We thought it would be fun to take the girls to a real, adult play. At first DD#2 wasnt into it so DD#1 invited her friend DD#1s friend at the last moment DD#2 decided yes, she wanted to come along. So off we went for the big night. First we went for a rare treat: Dinner at the the cool, trendy downtown restaurant.

At the theater, I took a few moments to remind the girls, especially DD#2, that this was theater, not like a movie please use the restroom because you can only go during intermission, even the tiniest bit of sound is Not Okay. We could hear the actors doing voice exercises (it is not a musical but they were doing the mi-mi-mi stuff on the stage before seating), so we also talked a lot about voice and intensity and character, etc. At one point, DD#2 seemed a tad rowdy while we were in the lobby so I had her come sit by me and DH Just sit here, you need to be still. DD#2 then says, My stomach hurts. Im thinking, Sure! The minute I reel you in and tell you to be mellow, all of a sudden your stomach hurts! Right!

We enter the theater, set is fun. We are sitting in the third row on the left side, and we have 5 seats across great seats for how the stage is set up. The play begins.

In the second scene, DD#2 gasps a little bit, leans forward and vomits what seems to be about 5 gallons of hot reeky spew onto the floor in front of us.

Then she did it a second time.

DH quickly gets her up and out of there (so much for you cant leave until intermission). Later I learned that she ralphed one more time on the way out.

Im left sitting with DD#1 and DD#1s friend. The actors are unaware and the scene is continuing. I whisper apologies to the people in front of us, but am in shock. I look behind me and everyone has their coats over their noses. I realize I need to be in the lobby. So I, too, violate the interimission law!

Well, up in the lobby DH has DD#2 outside. DD#2 feels fine, must have been something she ate. House manager is gracious: Would we like to come back tomorrow? Its clear DD#2 wont (rightly) be allowed back in. I explain that I have two 12 year olds in there, how to get them out? We determine DH will take DD#2 home, Ill go back in at the scene change, and stay for the play with DD#1 and DD#1s friend. DH will come back and pick us up.

I hear the house manager and another staff/volunteer discuss the strategy how to clean it up? It sounds like they are going to try to do something unobtrusive, getting in by the side entrance somehow. I wait by the door, listening, waiting to slip in during scene change.

Just as I open the door, the house lights go up. All is bright. Im sure I only imagined a large spotlight on myself. The house manager makes an announcement that someone was sick, must clean up, sorry for inconvenience. The PLAY WAS STOPPED WHILE THE STAFF CLEANED UP MY DAUGHTERS SPEW.

The entire audience watched me take my seat. I wanted to melt into the floor. I could hear the audience, sounded like buzz buzz buzz PUKE buzz buzz buzz OH My God buzz buzz buzz SICK buzz buzz buzz. I wanted to leave but wait, DH was LONG GONE with the car. It took the staff THREE PASSES with towels to get it all cleaned up. (Me on pass #1: Could I borrow a corner of that towel to clean off my shoe? Thanks, Im SO sorry.) At LEAST ten minutes of bright house lights and all eyes on the cleanup production. It felt like 10 hours.

People were gracious and did ask if DD#2 was okay. A woman I know offered a ride home for me and the 12 year olds, which I accepted. The actors carried on and the play was good. And this is the last time you will ever hear from me because my next move in life is to enter the Witness Protection Program.

The phone rang the next day, it was Perseverance Theater. She said she was calling "About A---." My heart stopped, how did they even know her name? False alarm, they wanted to see if she was going to be in their summer theater arts program (she has done it in the past so they wanted to know if she would be signing up). I did not share with the woman on the phone that DD#2 was an, er, CONTRIBUTOR to the current mainstage play.

This would be the post Tarantino flashback, shown out of sequence for ironic effect: The family is smiling, happy, ready to see the play. They have had a wonderful meal, all are looking forward to the rest of the evening. The parents feel a tad progressive taking their kids to an intellectual adult venue. The mom takes out her cell phone and turns it off, ever mindful of being a good audience member. She leans to the dad and comments, "Would I just DIE if my CELL PHONE ever rang during a play? I think I would perish of embarrassment." They smile and shake their heads, there are people out there who would be that clueless. They smile looking forward to the five of them seeing the play...

Roll credits.

I look forward to rejoining the world of health and fitness soon--
Juno:^: :^:

absmom 05-30-2003 10:12 AM

Well Juno - That's definately one for the memory books! Honestly what can you do but laugh? Motherhood/Parenthood is a humbling experience....I've had a few duck and cover moments myself, but none that DRAMATIC! lol

Hope that things will calm down for you soon. You've got to be burnt!

The sisters - Type A, B, and me are going to swim tonight at my pool. Luckily this is my strongest event and I've been able to practice at it a little more than they have ... I had a really strong week, very motivated and surprisingly not too sore.

I signed up for Spin tomorrow so I have to go! I don't know why, but I think after tonights swim and time out with the girls I won't have the drive to get to the gym in the am or do anything productive... I have to get it in now since DH is off to SanAntonio next week on business.

Food-wise things are good. I kept to 1400 cals yesterday and plan to keep it under 1500 today. Sunday morning is my big June 1 weigh in and I am hoping for some good numbers --- SO sad that I am fixated on numbers... Why can't I just appreciate the work I am doing? Oh Blah!

Steph, Hope you're doing well. How are your summers?? More or less crowded? More or less structured? I am sure you're counting down the days til vacation... You certainly deserve a break.

When DH comes back from business we're off to Pittsburgh to visit his parents/family. None of them have met DD#2 yet --- I'm pretty sure they think the world ends at the PA border. They've never come to visit. I kind of feel bad for DH sometimes, especially since my family can be a little overwhelming at times, but here is definately better then there.... And that's MY summer vacation...

AND now DD#2 is up from her nap. It's my "off" day from the gym so grocery shopping and errands await... Goals for today:
1. Keep cals under 1500 and get a good balance of food
3. Non structured exercise - walk with the kids, clear my head...


SAB 5% 05-30-2003 05:40 PM

The weather has been lovely until nap time today when the clouds rolled in and we had a huge downpour. So my only excuse for not posting is that I have been outside so much that when I am back inside I am catching up on stuff that got neglected while I enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air!

My weigh in was today and this is the first month that the scale didn't budge. I had great results the past two months but this month everything was stuck - measurements and weight. That is okay because I had been stuck for a long time. Now I just need to look at what I need to do differently. I don't mind the weight I am at but still think that I can be smaller and stay that way once I go down. I think in 5 years I have only gone back up the scale once.

Absmom - you are doing great on your calorie goals and exercise goals - I am proud of you! I hope you enjoyed some non-structured exercise. I have had tons of walks with the kids and they are so nice and slow :)

Juno - I am sure the Witness Prot. Program sounds like a great idea but I am sure something will take over the local gossip and you shall be free :) We haven't had any public vomiting but we did go to this restaurant that was more grown-up than anything even DH & I had been to in a while. One of those places with 10 tables total - people that don't have kids eat there :) Anyhow it was very quiet and my kids were doing great and then one of them lets out the loudest burp you could imagine. Everyone burst out laughing - so at least we weren't shuffled out but have never been brave enough to eat there again and the food was excellent!! I hope you get some down time this weekend because you need to re-charge those batteries.

One more week of school but we are already in summer mode. Trips and walks outside, picnics, crafts when they want, no more alphabet and numbers, etc... It is a looser structure but we keep busy all day. The older kids are kind of in charge. We seem to be fine until about August when everyone is ready for school and they no longer think being together all day is fun!

We are off to dinner tonight and some errands. Tomorrow we are seeing "Finding Nemo" and I think we are going to be naughty and skip the yard work. What do I care if the yard is not quite symmetrical. If people want to think that we aren't doing the other side, let them!

Hope everyone has a great relaxing Fri. night and a wonderful refreshing wake up on Sat. morning!


absmom 05-31-2003 03:49 PM

I was hoping to get at least a minute of "ME" time today, but it doesn't look like that will happen. DH is taking DD1 to see NEMO. DD2 is napping. I say go to McDs get her a happy meal, have some quality time... He decides to "whip something up here" - read "destroy the kitchen and leave, just as DD2 wakes up..." Its all playing out as I type... The cries are coming through the monitor loud and clear.... I'll have to continue this later....urgh....

STEPH 05-31-2003 10:06 PM

Every time this past week Absmom, I have tried to leave with one kid (less work) and they both have come with me every time!!!! DH got all this alone time in the house and I had them with me and could have screamed. Even today I tried to go to library by myself - instead had two boys and an inchworm along for the ride!


absmom 06-01-2003 08:13 AM

Let's see if I get this in before someone needs me... Almost had a nights sleep if it wasn't for DH puking his guts out at 3:00 a.m.! Lovely... something he ate.... And like I can "go back to sleep".

I just wanted to let you all know that I will NOT be doing a Triathlon at 200+ lbs... because I am now 198 lbs! Hooray for me!! Doing what I am doing should get me even lower by July 27 (I know I shouldn't set a number, just know that it will be A LOT lower than it is now...) I can't tell you how glad I was to know that my efforts these past two weeks have paid off'; I was so discouraged...

Steph - I FEEL YOUR PAIN... If husband's could only understand how precious a trip to the grocery store alone is ... OR heaven forbid a few hours in the house by yourself... ugh!

SAB 5% 06-01-2003 02:09 PM

Yeah Absmom I am very proud of you!! You set your goal and made it! Now I have been sinning in the food dept. for the last two days so today was scr. egg whites and fruit for breakfast. I will behave because I am going on vacation with my family 5 pounds lighter. I will do whatever it takes which is pathetic but oh well that is how I feel.

No child has bothered me all morning. I have been sitting in the shade on the deck reading magazines and doing some computer work. DH vacuumed and dusted the whole house. I almost feel guilty because I only helped a little but I wanted a lazy day. I need new sunglasses but I am refusing to get in the car and drive to Kohls or Target to buy them. I haven't had a day of sitting on my butt since ??????.

I think I am going to start making it mandatory that Steve take them out for boys dinner or something once a week. I take them on al the trips without him (to see Grandma's and stuff). He does take them to all the Dr. & Dentist stuff but I usually have daycare kids so my house is still full. I think the last silent house time I experienced was back in TX when I was at my girlfriends!!!! That was 48 hour escape and that was my only one!



FitandFine 06-02-2003 04:07 AM

Great to get some needed downtime Steph. Reading mags in the chair sounds divine. I've been craving a massage for a while now, maybe after I get my house put back together I'll check out treating myself!

Absmom YA HOO on reaching that ever-important goal! And your habits will get you healthier and healthier. I can't wait to track your progress during the race, you will be getting some strong energy from Alaska way. Let me know if you don't already have my email so I can send to you.

Good lord I am exhausted. In a good way. Today was really fun, much more fun than I would have thought. We did an event in my town. My sideline involves baskets, home sales, a company that starts with "L" - (hope that is okay to say 3FC monitors) - My team made 2 sort of scenarios - a garden/potting bench sort of set up and a camping set up complete with canoe prop, they were really great I must say. Members of the L family were here, and one brother and his wife took our group out to dinner after all was done. They had free drawings for door prizes, and I won a wonderful one.

Fitness. Well. <cough> uh. In truth - not bad in the food front, truly. I find I am getting full easier and so I really don't think I overate - probably just relaxed the quality a bit. I'm back in it tomorrow! Exercise has been a wash for about a week now, but there has been moving stuff to and from car, setting up displays, running around meeting and greeting, and lots of adrenaline. I think it has been okay. The biggest health hazard has been good old fashioned lack of sleep - I'll finish this post and then get some Zs before morning comes and I blast through my work.

Tomorrow I'm hyper scheduled - work until noonish, at DD#2's school at 1:00, her IEP meeting at 2:30, she is reading for a theater summer class at 4:00 (see earlier post he he) then at 6:00 there is one more training meeting doodad for L. THEN I will be quasi-human. I don't dare commit to the club tomorrow. I'll commit to:

Water and green tea.
Soup for lunch
A smidge of that Me time - long bath?

It will have to do!

Later pals--


absmom 06-02-2003 01:51 PM

Good Monday to you all!

Juno - Take that bath!!!! Soak it up!! You're running yourself ragged. No need to feel any guilt about the gym, food or otherwise as you are certainly burning cals with the lifestyle you've picked up lately... Sounds like the pace suits you though! Glad your weekend went well!

Steph - I think you should insist on a monthly Dads night out with the boys. With all the kids that depend on you, a little "ME" time is certainly in order. As for the eating and weight loss goals you've set... Mark the calendar, make a plan, and follow it no matter what... The weight will come off and boy won't you be proud!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how reaching my mini goal felt this past Sunday except that I feel even stronger about training and setting new goals to reach!

DH is in TX on business until Thursday SO - I am lining up a sitter or my mom and doing something one day this week... I'll have to think on it... I don't want to waste these precious "no kid" minutes- no malls (yuk), no movies I really want to see, I guess Borders for coffee and a good mag could be in order....

Eating wise... Since I don't have any real meals to prepare while hubby is away (DD1 eats next to nothing these days) , I was thinking about a mini spa week - getting some good fish and salad stuff from the "Gucci" grocery store and treating myself to some yummy, but low cal food. My plan is no white carbs and under 1400 cals.

Exercise was good today - started a little unmotivated and almost skipped, but turned out 2.67 miles, @ 2% incline in 30 mins (a new personal record!). Since running is my weakest event I am going to do a little of it every day (tomorrow sprints).

On that, goals for tomorrow:
1. Body Pump and sprints
2. Cals under 1400, no white carbs
3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water or green tea (I've been slacking off lately)

Hope you all have sunshine in your day! Here on the East Coast we've almost forgotten what it is!


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