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annie175 04-15-2013 11:55 AM

LAURA..yes Miss Sass is going to Sissy's house for her vacation. She and lil man are such pals. He will probably miss her when I pick her up.

happy2bme 04-15-2013 12:25 PM

Good morning all,

Monday rolls around again. Yesterday we got about 2 maybe 3 inches of wet heavy snow and then it topped it off with a crunch of freezing rain. I did not go out and shovel. I did not go out at all. DH went and threw a few buckets of corn out for the critters who came in abundance in advance of the freezing rain. I felt sorry for them. It's really windy today. The sun is trying to peek out but it's mostly overcast. Snow / rain are predicted all week. So blah - I am more than tired of this stuff... I purchased some wine a while back and it was sitting on the counter for weeks on end. Decided I was going to have a bottle yesterday and I put it outside on the flower cart to chill. I must say it chilled quite nicely. But we wound up having an easy supper of eggs and toast last night and wine after that just didn't sound good at all. So I reluctantly put it into the refrigerator to stay cold but I'm sure it would have been at it's best when I pulled it inside the house yesterday.

Not much else going on, trying to hit a few hot spots to clean up. Yesterday I must have spent well over an hour deleting thousands of emails from my accounts. Mostly sale notifications and such that I mostly ignore when I log on so they accumulate quickly! I have tried unsubscribing to several of them like the Memphis Zoo and things in TN but I think their unsubscribes don't really work. I should just list them and put in filters to automatically delete them or transfer them to the trash pile. I should start to think about my garden too but it's rather difficult when the yard is still filled with snow. I have big windows which would be fine for growing seedlings but without the sun, there's a lot of chill coming from the windows so I leave the shades closed.

My classes end next week - they run for 6 weeks. Even though they are a lot of work I have gained some very useful information if I chose to pursue things later on. Not so sure I'll take a course next session, thinking with DH on the mend we should think about taking a ride down to visit Mom. I am sad that my sister decided they are skipping this year for vacation up here - they have had some big expenses and want to pay them down. They are welcome to stay here but they so enjoyed the cabin on the lake last year, if they came they'd want to do it again they very same way she said. I was thinking of going to Chicago next month but it might be better to go the end of the month and then bring Mom back for a couple of weeks once the weather got better. So mulling it over.

We will have to see if my Mom makes excuses to not come here. Last year we got into a "discussion" about washing hair. I swear she said (though she denies it) that she was going on 2 weeks since she washed her hair last. Ewww ewwww ewwwww. There comes a time when you have to fight with an old person about hygiene issues. Now my Mom is very clean about herself, always washes up and brushes her teeth and showers at least every other day, daily in the summer or if she feels dirty. The sticking point for years now has been her hair. We have had a bazillion discussions on this. She only washes it once a week. At first she said it was because her hair was falling out. I told her that her hair was thinning because she was in her 80's and no longer had hormones. I also said (which she refuses to acknowledge) that if her hair is so fragile, she should not be getting the CHEAP PERMS by the old lady salon she goes to. She complains that her hair has no body and I said that's what happens when your hair is gray and wiry. The same thing happened to me - as my hair grayed up, the texture changed and I have a very hard time getting a blow dry bend in my hair with a round brush, even after it's freshly cut. I told her these crappy perms she gets damage her hair far more than washing it does. My Mom wears the bubble cut style typical of women her age. It's not an elaborate hair do, she puts it in pin curls and fluffs it up on her own. I cannot for the life of me imagine going a week without washing my hair. After 2 days my hair feels greasy and my scalp is itchy. She says her head does not sweat so it doesn't get dirty. I said it's more than sweat - you have oils in your hair (no I don't my hair is dry) and you have skin bits that naturally flake off (no I don't have dandruff). :rolleyes: I finally said would you go a week without washing your face? She looked at me in horror and said of course not!!!! I said well... it's the same skin that's on your face just higher up on your head. I said after a while one's head starts to smell like dirty hair. That is normal. So in her childlike fashion lately she said nothing more to me and actually washed her hair every third day or so while she was here. Apparently though she was VERY OFFENDED and told my sister when she got home that I said she stunk. She then dug her heels in and refused to visit my sister for months on end citing that we both thought she stunk (my sister has also had the hair conversation with her). I never said she stunk. My sister (who has a super sensitive nose) was glad that I brought up the unmentionable subject because she said it was driving her nuts every time she passed by Mom. OMG OMG OMG. We'll have to see what she says when I invite her up. We have talked about it on a casual basis and she was non committal simply because it was too soon to make any plans. And she never says a word to me about any of this, I find it out from my sister :dizzy:

Ok, didn't mean to write a book here - sorry :o Let me start a new post with personals.

annie175 04-15-2013 12:35 PM

HAPPY, I know what you mean about the older generation and hygiene. My dad had decided he only needed to take a shower every two weeks, my SIL and Bother that live with him very quickly corrected him and told him that if he could not keep himself clean and take care of himself that living with us kids was not an option, as we could not do it. He immediatley jumped in the shower. hahaha

happy2bme 04-15-2013 12:49 PM

Annie - tad dah dah dah... it's wedding week!!!! are you getting excited???? I am for you :D Geez sounds like you were one busy chick. The house sounds like it's all in order. Are you having a tiny reception after the ceremony or just going out to dinner afterwards? Hope you are doing something special and intimate to celebrate. You won't regret it and have someone take pictures!!!! Anyway with all this running around, I hope you are sleeping through the night and not sitting up singing tv theme trivia songs :lol: Thanks for the suggestion - we tried a salt block but for some reason the deer weren't interested in it. Nor were they interested in the molasses everyone said they loved, or the alfalfa hay or oranges for that matter. They seem particularly fond of chicken feed and cherry scented woodpecker food (a nut mix). :dizzy: Emma Kate - that's a pretty name. Another chick for Lil Man's stable :rofl: you have plenty of babies around you. Don't get any ideas yourself tho :s: :lol:

Mel - good golly Miss Molly - problems with the chair paperwork AGAIN???? Seems like they do this all the time. Is it the chair vendor or the government who figures if they stall you enough you'll forget about it? Makes me so mad that you continually go through this b.s. Please don't get yourself sick over it. Not worth it at all. Hope you can hang on to the loaner as long as possible.

Laura - watch your purse was just the guy joking around but then when Squiggy started looking funny at me, it did give me the creeps. I'm sure he was an odd fellow. The theater was full of old people like DH and I, don't think there was a danger of a real purse snatching like in the city, it just was weird. The theater has performances on the weekend about twice a month over the winter and as we head into spring they increase the number of sessions from once a week to more over the summer. I don't have to volunteer for every performance, can pick and choose what I want. Thanks for the advice about sitting but none of these things allow you to sit, although I'm sure you can sit in the back rows and watch the show once it gets underway. It would mean working from about 6pm to 10:30 or so - I could handle that on my foot as long as I wasn't doing it 3 to 4 days a week. No way am I intending to repeat the bursitis again so thanks for the concern from all of you. I heard how nice the weather is by you - even if it got gray and chilly again today - who could mind that when you are back to work? Glad you got outside and enjoyed it, even if you were working in the yard. Nice find on the kettlebells. If they were inexpensive it's a good way to start. You can always upgrade later if you want to make this a regular part of your routine. It's great that you have less soreness today - think it was the different weights or are you getting used to the class? Probably a little of both, eh?

Michelle - sorry the interview didn't go that well but you know there are bound to be some people who submit you for a job you are totally not interested in just to collect the fee. I wish recruiters were more interested into finding the right candidates and establishing a relationship with someone so they could help them find the right job too. But I am a dreamer! Just keep plugging away, you have lots of opportunities and as you say, soon enough you'll connect with the right one. Is there any way of using social media to somehow connect with groups that might provide an inside track to some places? I know 20 and 30 somethings have a totally different style that I am woefully out of touch with. I totally agree with you - trading playing with the pups for a nice home cooked meal does sound like you got the best end of the deal :D Hope it was yummy.

Holy cow Ceejay- where did you find reruns of the Danny Thomas show? Gosh that had to be before Father Knows Best and the Donna Reed Show. Talk about taking a long walk down memory lane :lol:

Shad - hope the knee is doing a bit better today.

I'd better go now. Today is garbage day and it's going to be a pistol dragging the garbage can to the street through the slog of slushy snowy ice out there. I'd better clean off the garage apron, sun is trying to come out - I think it's hovering just above freezing. Maybe if I shovel a bit, things will dry off.

Take 'er easy chicks. :wave:

happy2bme 04-15-2013 12:51 PM

Annie - that's funny about your Dad. I'm so relieved that someone gets this. I sometimes feel like the horrid daughter although I try to always put things in a gentle manner like I would want to hear them. However, it's not always easy with a 86 year old going on 2 if you know what I mean ;)

annie175 04-15-2013 02:27 PM

HAPPY...believe me, I feel your pain where are parents are concerned. I gross myself out if I go longer than 24 hours without a shower. Yes I am getting a bit excited, I try to keep calm. The girls here at work bought a carrot cake from Costco, OMG YUM! and a gift card from Bed Bath and Beyond. YAY!!. I am really excited about going to Destin, FL and going deep sea fishing. Yep two days til HO-ville can you believe it? Time flies when you are having fun in life. Those who want to come to dinner with us, we are buying, but not telling everyone that. If they come eat, they will get a surprise!! Of course, Sissy, Chris, lil man, Tater and Kristin (DIL), and dad will be there, my brother may come and that is about it. That is enough for me. Several people asked if we were going to have a reception or party when we get back, but I really don't think so. There has been so much comotion going on since Christmas, I would just like to settle down a bit and get my garden out, we have work to do on that. We have rented Cs house to his boss and wife. I met them over the weekend, they seem nice enough and C said his boss is OCD clean at work. My brother and SIL did not work out as he lost his job AGAIN. and they also stiffed him of two weeks pay. I am praying so desparately for him and SIL. They had hired him to start up an office in Indianapolis, then decided not to do it. He thinks the other office received two really big orders and then didn't need the Indy office. Who really knows. He is really getting depressed. Ok I have jabbered on enough...later chick!

MELODY525 04-15-2013 03:33 PM


Thank God the chair is back. All repairs were made and new batteries. No one has paid for any of this yet and they will be lucky to get it. But they'll make money on the new chair if it goes thru. Now I am waiting for them to call and see iof they can fix the "loaner chair". If they can, I am trading them another chair I have that I hate. Been sitting in the corner with a flat tire for years now. It's the one I got hurt on in the bus to the Mall about 8 yrs ago.
I am emotionally worn out and so tired from all thes phone calls that had to be made again. God save me from snotty nurses and secretaries.
I am even angrier at myself and my body.
Seems that the least amount of stress is causing all kinds of physical reactions.
WTF!!! I hate getting old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U was making the necessary calls and running in & out of the loo!!!
Can I get another WTF?? Or how about an AMEN SISTER!!!
Anyway It's time to try and get something inside me that will stay there. :rofl:


Ceejay...you had a busy weekend.
Mowing the lawn used to be mine & my brothers job with the old hand mower.
I used to love that smell cause it meant good weather was coming.
Hope work was ok. I felt the same way this morning and I don't work!! LOL

Laura....Glad the class was on and you were still in one piece when it was over!!
Brownies again??? I need to get me some of them!!
come do my laundry and I'll make YOU some brownies!!! LOLOL
Now about the ketttlebells....not to use when arguing with the BF under any circumstances :lol3: :lol3:

Happy....now when you tend the wine, that job does not include a straw!!!!!
That sounds like a good deal to me and would also make new friends.
At the very least it's a bargain and getting out too.
Had a laugh about your purse...I thought musicians only stole hearts!!! ROFLMAO
I loved Laverne and Shirley!! Those guys were too funny in it too!
I am going to send lots of sun & wond to get rid of your frassing snow!!
I about peed my pants over tmom & the "stunk" converstaion.
OMG!!! too frassing funny!!! They stink here!! roflmao
I want to hire a beautician and a shower attendant for the whole crew here.
I go to the office and tell them:
"when I begin to smell like that, please tell me!!!
I can't wait to see if she comes now!! LOLOLOLOL

Michelle....so sorry to hear about the phone call not going well.
Keeping fingers crossed for better ones to come your way.:hug:
Sending a good thought out there for a better offer that fits your skills.

Annie....your weekend must have been something else!
I hear ya on the lack of stamina. It's hitting me too.
Hope sometime soon....honeymoon.....you get some rest!!
Bwaaaa haaa haaa haaa:witch:

annie175 04-15-2013 05:03 PM

Oh MELLIE...you are a hoot...you KNOW with honeymoon activities...should be blushing but not and the LOO issues I have, I will be ever so busy with stuff..including deep sea fishing...Hope my loo issues do not become a problem on the boat...OMG. lol....goodluck with all the wheelchair issues, I know you must be sick of that crap cause I am and ready to go to bat for you...hugs and rest sweet sister. GOD BLess the wheelchair GODS!!

annie175 04-15-2013 05:07 PM

Sweetest Pix Ever of LIL MAN AND SASSY SUE (EW)
1 Attachment(s)
They are such pals...

Shad 04-15-2013 05:22 PM

Started the new old job yesterday and got to go to so many meetings I was dog tired end of the day. Went to sleep on the couch and then couldn't sleep much of the night and of course when the alarm went off, I went to sleep. Booked flights home for my 3 weeks off and I fly on my birthday. Lets hope none of the guns going off for my birthday hit the plane and we have to land in a hurry.
I always laugh at the ticket wording - fly from Darwin to Brisbane non-stop. I should sincerely hope so.
Also the safety message when you leave - designed no doubt to inspire confidence - "your life jacket is under your seat. Put it over your head etc etc." Huh - put the seat over you head? And pray tell me what will the life jacket do for me in the unlikely event of an emergency? We don't have any significant bodies of water between here and there anyway. A whistle and a light for attracting attention. Lady, where we might land is not renowned for having any people in it. It's bleak, barren, desolate, waterless desert for most of the way. And what has water has crocodiles - now there is some attention I do not want to attract.

Anyway, time to pack up here and get into the Wiggles car and drive to work again. Such is life. Really I should be rich instead of beautiful. Okay - going, clean or not.

MELODY525 04-16-2013 07:13 AM





annie175 04-16-2013 07:49 AM

MELLIE...I, Too, am saddened by the Boston Marathon bombing. I hope they get the creep and hang him by his nuts then set a bomb off under him/her. I think C has some fun planned for the honeymoon..wink wink...he keeps saying, "Girl you are going to get it". Should I be afraid? lol. It was so cute this morning, he kissed be bye and said just one more day! Bless his loving heart. Glad you finally have a decent wheelchair, now try not to wreck it. lol.

SHADDIE....Yeah, really prepare for what, crash landing, who really survives that?

Have a terrific Tuesday all...may not post tomorrow..big wedding day, one day to Ho-ville. My day tomorrow...Hair at 11:30, wedding 2:30, chow ~ 3:30, then we all go to Cs house and install the water heater and do a bit of work on the house...then home again, home again jiggity jig!


ceejay52 04-16-2013 08:20 AM

I know you have to be excited with the wedding and honeymoon. Btw, the picture of lil man and Sassy is adorable.

Doing the happy dance with the chair situation being resolved so quickly.

Had weird dreams last night. Still feel sleepy.
Every one have a good day. Be back later.

diyana 04-16-2013 08:39 AM

Good morning ladies -

My phone interview yesterday with a major company in Silicon Valley went well. And after that was done, I applied for a few more positions in San Diego.

I had a really good hypnosis workshop last night. It's helping me so much. I want to help the hypnotherapist attract more hypnosis clients...gotta try and figure out the best way to do that. She's such warm, kind and wonderful woman.

My roommate got home shortly after I did at around 8 pm, and we watched The Voice. This is the first season I've watched it, and I like it so far. After that, we started to watch a special report on the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Such a terrifying tragedy! Sending prayers to the runners, spectators and their loved ones.

Annie - Thanks for the tip about the shampooer. Once I get settled in CA, I will probably invest in one of those. I am so excited for you and C. I can only imagine how excited you both must be!! OMG about your dad and showering. Good on your SIL and brother for correcting him. :lol: I second what Happy said...make sure you have a lot of pictures taken on your wedding day! So very sorry to hear about your brother losing his job and two weeks pay on top of it. That's rough. :( Sending lots of prayers and good vibes his way. How cool that you're able to rent C's house out to his boss and wife and that they are OCD clean. What an adorable picture of Lil Man and Sassy!! Awwww. Okay...maybe you've explained this before...but why do you call it "Ho-ville"? I'm so confused. :dizzy: Spending your wedding afternoon installing a water heater...how romantic!! Or is the jiggity jig when it gets romantic? :rofl:

Laura - I agree with you about Annie...she says she doesn't have the stamina, but she puts us to shame. Of course, you put me to shame too with all you accomplish! So nice that you got out in the garden!! Congrats on getting a great deal on some kettlebells!!

Happy - I think most of us can relate to an 86 year old going on 2. :rofl: Believe it or not, it's not uncommon for the elderly to only wash their hair once a week. I know a lot of women of that age group (and that generation) do that. I first became aware of this when I was in middle school and a red cross volunteer at a convalescent hospital. Many of the women only washed their hair once a week when they had their "beauty shop" appointment. Ewwww. Even my ex-DMIL only washes her hair 2 or 3 times per week, but she does bathe every day. I've got to wash my hair every day.

Mel - I'm so happy you got the chair back all repaired and with new batteries!!! :woohoo: Please, please rest as much as you can the next few days. Your body needs to recuperate from all the stress. :hug: :getwell: I didn't hear about a 3 year old being killed, but I did hear about an 8 year old being killed. So sad. I'm glad you're not working the election today. You need your rest.

Shad - Meetings can be so tiring. I'm not surprised you fell asleep on the couch. I hope you get a better night's sleep soon. Three weeks off? How lovely!! I always chuckle when I'm flying across country..."In the event of a water landing..." Really? Where? The Mississippi River?

Ceejay - Bummer about the weird dreams. i hope you sleep better tonight.

Laura - I hope your Tuesday is great...getting closer to the weekend! :woohoo:

Gotta run and get some work done!

Much love and many hugs,

Laura705 04-16-2013 10:20 AM

Morning all. Quick pop in to say hi. Trains are all stopped - got to the train station to find two trains just sitting. There was a pedestrian accident in the next town over. The length of the delay was unknown, so I sent a couple e-mails and then walked back home.

Checked e-mail again, then checked the tire inflation on my bike - it's not raining, so if/when I go back to the station, I'll cycle instead of walk. So far, I keep checking my email alerts (direct from Metra) and the Metra site, but so far, no movement. I have a 10 am meeting which I'll have to attend via phone, and then I'll likely have to work from home. (If a delay is more than a couple hours, it's not worth going in.) I didn't bring home my laptop (rarely do), so all I can access is my e-mail, but I can do plenty via e-mail.

Today is the ww meeting, but i would have missed it anyway today because I was scheduled to go out to lunch with the people with whom we are meeting. I'll probably look up another meeting to attend because I can tell that after my non-OP weekend, if I don't do a weigh-in and don't get back to being OP, I'll lose my focus. Don't want that to happen.

Okay, gonna sip my tea, prep for my meeting, keep checking the alerts and go through the e-mail. I'll get back later after I've caught up on your posts. :wave:

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