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happy2bme 03-01-2013 11:34 AM

Worldlies Marking March as a Month of Movement and Mirth
Ok chicks, new page on the calendar, new thread for the month. Long title this one is but I picked Laura since we have used suggestions from Annie and Michelle thusfar so giving Laura a crack at it.

Will be back after I do the rest of the set up.

happy2bme 03-01-2013 12:19 PM

Ok now, let me try and catch up. Yesterday we purchased DH's (although he adamantly says it's OUR) newest toy. A black and yellow, very very sporty side by side ATV. Ok, this is a "muscle" ATV, probably the size of a Toyota RAV4 car. It had just been delivered to the dealer, set up and placed on the showroom floor. We stopped at the dealer because we were looking at another model and came to check with one of the trail experts if there were limitations with the side by sides. DH was IN LOVE :cloud9::D:val2::bike: the minute he saw this. And even more so when the saleman turned it on as it sounds just like a Harley Davidson motorcycle. There is alot of power in this machine. I saw that boyish smile on DH - the same one I saw on him when we came to visit up here and he had such a great time shooting and playing ATV with the cousin. We had agreed to get a side by side ATV since we both very much enjoy the trail riding. The 2 models we looked at had different features so I told him he could pick out the one he wanted. As long as the seat was comfortable for me (it was) and we can take it on most of the trails (we can) - it didn't really matter to me which one we got. He's all excited. I think he was and is worried about this heart procedure and he's been focusing on it so hopefully this will give him something to distract him from worrying. He's reading trail maps and planning the first of our road trips. That seemed to take all day and afterwards we went out to dinner at a new place we wanted to try. Good fried chicken and pizza so it will be nice to have another option for dinner.

Ceejay - I'm looking at it snowing here and hoping you got the opportunity to watch a bit of it yourself. Congrats on the weight loss for the week. Sounds like you are liking the metabolic plan you are following.

Shad - sounds like you will be spending your birthday in Darwin. Lovely. I was surprised at your comment about the groceries and pantry. I would think of you being a more fresh/whole foods person stocking the shelves. Do you have that much packaged stuff or is it things in the freezer that you need to use up? In any event, it's good to plan things out so that you don't waste much. Just that I'll be towards the end the things left over won't sound so appetizing - isn't that the way it goes? Loved the cat picture - I do feel that way about thin mints :o

Mel - hope you are feeling a bit better today. I suspect not as you usually post by now. But at this point you know what you need to do - just stick with the plan and don't make things worse.

Laura - were you able to resist that cake frosting? Sounds like you didn't know what kind of Girl Scout cookies you ordered. Did you forget or just tell them you'd take one box of their choosing? Good luck on the weigh in this morning. Double motivation to be good! Congrats on handling a sticky situation at the meeting with the difficult person. Particularly if you helped the boss out by taking the reins.

Annie - geez louise - all that fuss for moving 2 floors????? Did they give up the floor space entirely? Otherwise I don't see how they'd save money on the move considering the cost of the move and relocating phones and computers. One company that I worked for in downtown Chicago got bought out and they scrunched 4 floors of people down to 1 - talk about sardines :yikes: what didn't make sense to me was that there was an interior - as in right in the middle of the floor - custom built open staircase that connected all 4 floors. The cost alone to close that back up had to be enormous. I hope you are doing ok - getting enough rest and that your b/p numbers are good.

Michelle - hope you are feeling better too. Bummer that you have to work Saturday. Hope your visiting friend had a good time. When is the new roomie moving in?

DH went to drop off some cardboard at the recycle center so I think I'll have a quick shower. We still have errands to run that keep following us day after day. Time flies even when you are retired. We drove by the popcorn shop yesterday and they had a sign in the window that they are closed until further notice. I thought it odd that everything was removed from the windows and shelves. I know she said things will get really slow the next 2 months - it's probably better to close entirely than waste the product to make it and only sell a portion of it. And with the accident with their son, I'm thinking they may have gone back home for a while to grieve. Guess I would have been out of a job anyway. (I am enjoying being back home again - so much to do - I think I am cured of the idea of working again ;) ) Anyway, happy Friday kids. The weekend is upon us.

It's lightly snowing up here, partially sunny and some what mild for this area for now. The old saying for the beginning of March weather - in like a lion, out like a lamb - doesn't seem to fit today. It's actually kind of neutral so I guess the prediction is - a whole month of more of the same. :lol: See yahs :wave:

annie175 03-01-2013 12:38 PM

HAPPY....oh boy oh boy, a new ATV at the commune. You are making it sound more and more fun. I cannot wait to retire with you all....got another 15 or 16 years tho....maybe I can visit before then. hahahaha Yes we are condensed to half the size suite that we used to have only with NO storage, work room or conference room...Our kitchen room has the shred it bin, postage machine, the MFD (multi-function device..fax, scan, copier), coffee machine, file cabinet and the closet off of that room is now the IT closet with the rack of gunk to keep us running. So much fun! The kitchen cabinets have office supplies in them.

It is dreary here with expect lite snow on Monday. The sun is supposed to shine on Sunday. We will stay in the mid 30's until next week on Friday...then move on to the 40s. I will be glad when it gets warm and stays that way. I can barely get through the winter anymore. I just hate cold weather. Only 19 days til Spring. :) Yay!!

I had a small salad for breakfast. 95 cals with spritz spray dressing. Lunch was chili from Wendy's. I figure the chili is ok as it was one of the things we could eat when I first had bariatric surgery. Something about the way they make it and there is no grease in it. Don't know what I will fix for dinner tonight...thinking baked pork chops.

Not much else going on here, loved the hat idea. Today's hat was construction I guess. Had to climb up on the desk and put two ceiling tiles back in place that have been that way since day 1. How can people just walk by things they see needs done and not do anything about it. Nerve wracking.

Better get going....loves.

Laura705 03-01-2013 01:11 PM

Morning all (at least it was when I started this). Happy Friday. :carrot: Even though it's probably too early for lunch for some folks, I'm starving, so I'm eating lunch right now! :hun:

Happy - Thanks for setting us up for March. So is your computer back up to snuff now? I'm not big on a lot of the sugar-free stuff, except for the packet of splenda I add to my tea and the occasional diet soda. I generally don't bother with reduced fat cheeses and the like because I don't think bf would go for it. Though I did turn him on to neufchatel cheese once I finally tried it, and that's like having reduced fat cream cheese. As for the higher point value diet frozen entrees, they've never been very satisfying to me, so I suppose it'll make it easier to limit them There's really only a couple that I like enough to buy.

Ceejay - I'm not a huge fan of logging my food either, but it's gotten easier. Unfortunately, when I really need to be tracking my eating, I haven't been - the weekends. :( We'll see if I can track this weekend... with a ww weigh-in coming up on Tuesday, I'm more motivated to, LOL. Good going on the exercise!!!:ebike:

Shad - So is it that the consultants have taken to cycling once they experienced your chaufeurring services? :lol: Have a wonderful weekend at the markets and doing your other shopping. PS Love the cat pic! I'll have you know I delivered that box of GS thin mint cookies to bf entirely intact. (Thank goodness I hadn't ordered the peanut butter ones!!!) :D

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies! Have a wonderful weekend!
I was starving this morning because I didn't eat anything pre-weigh in for the weight loss contest. I believe I had a 6- or 7-pound loss, partially because I was wearing lighter jeans, and I didn't wear my cardigan for the weigh-in this time. And I've definitely lost a couple pounds since starting WW on Tuesday. No $10 penalty for me! :carrot:

Last night bf and I went to the market and I loaded up on a lot of fruits and veggies. I didn't see the naval orange display until after I'd selected two other types of oranges, so now I have naval oranges, mineolas, and honey tangerines in the crisper. BTW, I'm eating a mineola right now and it's YUMMY. :)

Tonight bf and I are meeting some friends for dinner at a place that also has bocce and regular bowling, and live music as well. Should be fun, but I need to look at their menu online and try to pick out something that's not too damaging.

Tommorrow night I'm meeting some other friends for dinner and a movie. We're going to Calif. Pizza Kitchen, so I'll have to check their menu as well.

Nothing much else planned for the weekend, but I need to continue to take nibbles out of the file organization project. And I suppose I should start my taxes!

Dang, all the food is gone, so I guess that means lunch is over. Back to work. :halfempty

diyana 03-01-2013 02:40 PM

Hi everyone -

Happy - Thanks for setting up the new thread and congrats on the new toy!! I hope you both have (and wear) helmets.

Annie - Good job on the eating! Thanks for helping me through the blues last night. I hate counting the days until the calendar says it's spring, because I know that Mother Nature doesn't let Wisconsin have spring until at least mid to late April...though I am looking forward to spring/summer this year...cuz I'm California dreaming!

Laura - Congrats on the weight loss! :bravo: Didn't realize that the groupon coupon I sent ya' was a two-fer-one. Sorry. I'd like it if my ex started on our taxes. Since we were married for all of 2012, we're filing married jointly. But I know that today and tomorrow will be spent emptying the moving truck and maybe starting on unpacking and putting things away. And he's already exhausted from driving cross country. I'll remind him about the taxes next weekend. Have fun at dinner tonight. I really enjoy bowling and bocce...but haven't done much bowling with my bad back...and only do bocce ball at Festa Italiana in the summertime. I AM going to miss Milwaukee's great festivals and the State Fair.

I've got a busy weekend ahead. If I were smart, I'd try and do laundry and grocery shopping tonight...hopefully I'll at least get one or the other done. Laundry is now done at the laundromat so rather than the ex's house. So I can do more than one load at a time. :) If I'm being realistic though...I think grocery shopping may happen tonight and laundry may wait until Sunday. Tomorrow, I'll be leaving for work at 7 and home by 1 hopefully. Since unlike my co-workers I don't have any code to push to production, I may see if I can just assist with testing and do it from home. :dunno:

Saturday afternoon and Sunday, I need to clear more stuff out of the room my friend will move into. She said she doesn't mind if the inversion machine stays there, but I'd like to move the cross country ski machine out. And I'm leaving a couple small bookcases in there that she can use because I don't have room (or the back) to move them. I think my friend will be officially moving in on the 8th, but she may be bringing things over between now and then.

I had to turn in my key and garage door opener to my ex's house yesterday. The GF doesn't want me coming in, which I completely understand. It will just make it a bit more inconvenient to drop off/pick up Santa (before I could do this even if no one was home). My ex says it's because she doesn't want me to see the house a mess with all her stuff piled up. :dunno:

The past 24 hours have been a rough time for me emotionally. I think I was in denial or numb or avoiding my feelings about his gf moving in. Yesterday, the reality of it hit me. I feel very stuck and trapped and...kind of alone...in cold/snowy Wisconsin. And he's there with a woman he loves and who loves him. She's living the life I had and will probably live it better...at least better than he and I were the last few years. I do want him and her to be happy. I'm just a bit envious that my life is kind of on hold until the snow melts and I can get a job out west and move close to the Pacific Ocean that is so loudly calling me. :beach: Thanks, Annie, for the compassionate butt kick last night. I just don't want any nasty comments on my FB page because my ex's mom and sisters and friends are still friends of mine. I don't blame him or her...they fell in love...the heart wants who the heart wants. They could've handled it better...in a kinder manner...but we can't change the past.

I'll be okay. I will get through this. The loss of a relationship is a loss..and as such...there's grief...and as I know from experience...grief is like peeling an onion. You peel back layers and layers and it occasionally causes tears. Thankfully, I've got wonderful and supportive friends, and a terrific family. :D I'm very, very blessed. Annie - no more butt kicking though...my butt is sore! :rofl:

Speaking of sore...my back is getting a little less sore and my back and legs give out less often. I still have trouble standing after sitting or laying down for a long time. I think it's something about the weight bearing that's giving me fits. My hamstrings and calves are extremely tight and spasming...so I've been starting to do gentle stretches. I was able to take Santa on a short walk last night, and I used my cane to help in case my legs/back gave out. I might get up the courage to use the inversion machine. I know that the decompression from inverting will feel good...but I'm a bit concerned about how it will feel when I turn upright again and everything compresses together. :yikes:

Better get back to it.

Much love and many hugs,

Laura705 03-01-2013 05:10 PM

Happy - I didn't realize you'd snuck in on me! That toy sounds like it'll be a lot of fun for you and DH! :) :) Yes, I resisted the cake and the frosting yesterday - thanks to being with both the admin and the boss, who are also participating in the weight loss contest. We were all very conscious of today's weigh-in. :D As for the GS cookies, I'd forgotten which ones I'd ordered. Depending on my willpower level the day I ordered, it could have been the mints, which I can usually resist, or the peanut butter cookies, which I can't. I'm thankful it turned out to be the mints!

Annie - Sounds like an awfully tight fit - and you'll be there for 2 years??!! Yeh, I'm so over this wintry weather. I fell on my walk to the train station this morning. Grrrr. It's a shame we didn't get the snow earlier in the season, like for Christmas!!

Michelle - Hope you can work from home tomorrow and be comfy. Glad your back is starting to feel better, but don't go moving anything heavy this weekend! I suppose I can understand the ex's gf not wanting you in the house now...it is sad for you, though, especially now that reality has hit. Big change for six month's time, given that you were married all those years. Maybe now that part #1 of the "limbo period" - as concerns the ex - is well and truly over now, it'll be easier for you. I know it's a dreary, depressing season of the year, and it'll be a while until part #2 happens - moving cross-country and making a job change, but try and focus on the new opportunities that await you instead of looking back. :hug:


diyana 03-01-2013 06:16 PM

Thanks, Laura. It's just hard. I so can't wait to get the eff outta here and put him, her and all this sh*t behind me. Well done on avoiding the cake...and on ordering GS cookies that you CAN resist.

ceejay52 03-01-2013 07:19 PM

I've not seen an ATV the size of a RAV4. That would be a classified as a monster in my book. We did get some spitting snow. Which you could barely see. It sure is cold here. I can't seem to get warm.

Congrats on the weight loss. What is bocce? I've never heard of it. Hope you didn't hurt yourself during the fall. Never heard of a mineolas either.

Hope you can work from home tomorrow. Glad your back is feeling better.

Most people see those things but will not do anything about it or claim they don't know how to do anything. I'm like you I try.

Nothing new here. Accomplished several errands and paid bills. and cleaned the bath room and kitchen.
I'm supposed to go to Paragould for lunch tomorrow to visit with a cousin that's coming up from Little Rock, AR.

To funny about the others taking to bicycles.

My aunt called and said that my cousin was sick so she isn't coming. Yeah, I don't have to go to Paragould. More time to myself.

MELODY525 03-02-2013 08:02 AM


For some reason I thought I posted here yesterday.
Guess it was in my dreams.
Feeling much better all over but not pushing it.
Told the boss that Jen & Richie are doing weekends for awhile.
It's been very busy here.
And with Sal & the cancer it's been draining as well.
He just has no one else to tell his fears too.
Jen spent time with him yesterday after he was here.
I am not posting about him every day.
I need a place to go that's just for me and you. :hug:

Moving along.......
I weighed in at 184....that number was so good to see!
Looks like I might just keep going down by half pounds.
That's OK with me :dancer: Something is better than nothing.
Taking the weekend to relax & get back to a routine.
I need to go back and read what's been going on but not doing personals.
So have a great weekend :encore:

MELODY525 03-02-2013 08:16 AM



diyana 03-02-2013 09:43 AM

Good morning ladies -

I actually had to come into the office today. Oh well, it's okay. It's only for a half-day. I dropped Santa off at my ex's and asked if I could pick him up around 4 or 5 so that I could run errands after work (groceries, laundromat, etc.). In other words I got essentially NOTHING done last night except for clearing the rest of the stuff out of my new roommate's bedroom, and moving the inflatable queen bed in there (the one which my friend from CA slept on, and my only extra bed). It's not much, but it's the best I can offer her.

Either later today or tomorrow, I've got to gather my receipts for donations to charity (mostly clothes, craft supplies and household items I gave to Goodwill) so that I can give them to my ex for taxes. I also want to update my resume so that I'll be all ready to start applying for positions in CA. Another thing on my to do list is to continue to go through my mountain of boxes to determine what I want to move to CA and what I want to get rid of. I've been feeling very stuck/trapped here (I'm sure part of the reason is that I want to leave this snow/cold and head toward the 60 or 70+ degree temps of sunny CA). I'm thinking that the more steps (even if they're sometimes baby steps) I can take, the more I'll feel like I'm making progress toward moving forward. I'm definitely ready for moving toward MIRTH!

I'm sorry I've been such a downer these past few months. Thanks for all your love, support and patience. I've just got to let it all go, move past it, and get started on my bright future. :) Sometimes that's easier said than done when the day to day b.s. happens...but it's about :censored: time to change my focus from the past to the steps I can take in the present to make my future a wonderful reality! :)

Mel - I'm so sorry to hear about Sal. I can understand his fear. You are a good friend to be there for him. Congrats on the continued weight loss!! :bravo: I'm glad Jen and Richie are taking the weekends for awhile. I hope you do take time for you and relax. I promise, I'll do some relaxing this weekend too. :)

Ceejay - That's too bad that your cousin is ill, but I'm glad it means that you get more time for you! :yes:

Better sign off...the team will have code enhancements ready for me to test soon.

ceejay52 03-02-2013 10:12 AM

It's snowing!!!!!!!! It's not supposed to amount to much but there's a dusting in the back yard. Nothing in the front yard. The flakes are small. The roof tops have been covered.

Rode the bike again for 30 minutes last night. This is getting easier.

Since I don't have to go to Paragould I'm going to do some cooking for the week. I'm going to make the taco soup and mexican chicken.

Sorry you had to go into work this morning.

happy2bme 03-02-2013 11:54 AM

Morning all,

Blindingly sunny day out there. Wish it wasn't so messy with melting snow. I think we're supposed to be in the 40's next week. Spring is coming :crossed:

Ceejay - good going on the bike riding. 30 minutes is a good goal to shoot for. Keep up with it because one can lose the stamina so quickly. Enjoy the sight of the snow - at least it's only temporary and hopefully you don't have to go out in it.

Michelle - when I saw you had to give up access to the ex's place - you just know the new GF doesn't want you there. And she can't be all that secure in her relationship either. Sorry that you will lose access to some things that would help out but don't be surprised (and hurt) if the ex backs off from you too. Just best that you close the door behind you and look forward. Use it as motivation. I know how easy it is to get "stuck" - knowing you have some things to do to move forward but being a bit paralized too. Every thing you do that takes you to the next place is a victory. Hope the weekend testing goes well at work.

Mel - good to hear from you. It's nice that you are there for Sal. I think it helps to have someone help you over the hump of acceptance - and nothing is as scary as cancer. Congrats on beating that scale down another week. Sounds like the program is working for you. Keep up the good work!

Laura - it's probably a good thing so many people are participating in the weight loss program - helps you through things like tempting cake and the like. Did you do well on your weekly weigh in? And to your question - yes my computer is working better - at least not crashing but I still get wierd pauses and stuff that I'm not sure what is going on. I'm turning into one of those cranky end users :rollpin: :lol:

Annie - laughed about your comment on toys at the commune. With 2 ATVs and Mel's chair we have all the makings of a parade. She can be the grand marshall and go first. I have 2 bikes also - will have to put Laura and Ceejay on them as they have the sturdier bicycle legs :lol:

:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: xxx :scooter: xxx :ebike: xxx :ebike: xxx :moped: xxx:moped: xxx :dancer::dancer::dancer:

I always thought Wendy's chili was pretty decent. It's one of the few that didn't give me heartburn. That's a pretty good sign of approval if you can eat that after bariatric surgery. Looks like you are sticking well with the diet plan too. Guess I have to jump into the parade before I find myself sitting on the ground eating dust. The new toy has really big shock absorbers but I don't want to test them too much :lol:

Shad - hope you are enjoying your weekend. What's going on by you?

Guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. Got a nice box of strawberries at Walmart yesterday. Have to eat them quickly because they seem to mold up overnight. And these even smell like strawberries so maybe there's some taste to them too.

Have a good weekend people.

diyana 03-02-2013 12:11 PM

Happy - you are quite right about the GF (or my ex..not sure) not being comfortable with me there. Today, when I dropped off Santa, he and I were discussing a piece of furniture that he previously told me he was giving to his mom, she didn't want it, I mentioned I would like it, and we were trying to work out logistics of him bringing it to my place while he still has the moving truck...despite me being at work. I gave him a key to my place...and then on my way to work, I changed my mind and decided it's just not worth the hassle. With me not there, he probably wouldn't put it where I want it, and I can't move something so heavy. I can't even slide it. Anyway, when we were talking with me standing outside in the cold and wind (13 degrees), I asked if I could just step inside the door so we could discuss this without me freezing and without him letting all the heat out. NOPE. NO WAY. I get that he and she have that right...but really? I thought we were going to be adults and be civil. I'll get over this. Hopefully just 8-12 more weeks. I know it would be best for me to just step away. It just may take a week or so to line up better day care options for Santa, and a part of me kind of hopes that the atmosphere/vibes/situation will be improved by then. It sucks cuz he said, and still says, he would like us to stay friends...and I'd like that...at least until I move...but maybe she is too insecure to have that. And I have to admit, during the early stage of our relationship I was insecure about his continued friendships with his ex girlfriends. Kind of ironic...I guess I should've STAYED insecure...maybe I wouldn't have been blindsided.

annie175 03-02-2013 04:07 PM

Evening all...didn't get anything I wanted to accomplished today that I wanted. My bro who is living with my dad called and said I needed to come over, he found something that I would be glad to have. I guessed several things, but was wrong...Momma's diamond wedding ring and band have been missing since before she died. He found them in a ziplock bag in with some papers while cleaning dad's room out. He wanted to be sure they got to me before anyone else tried to lay claims on them since I am the only girl. Also dad's wedding band. Guess what when C and I get married we will have the bands as ours.

Holy crap, I almost lost this post....

CHELLE....I tell you, when I finally did not have to deal with my xdh, once the kids were grown, my life got a whole lot better, happier, nicer etc etc. Find Santa a new doggie daycare, and do not have anything more to do with them and their evil, nasty, sinful world. Get your taxes done and be done with them...with all the friends you have you do NOT need him as one of them. Start your new life and world without that bad taste in your mouth. ok off rant.

HAPPY....I love a good parade. Sass can sit in MELLIE's lap all the while MELLIE does the queen wave. C can rollerblade along as that is one of his passions. I cannot even stand up on them.

SHADDIE...unless Cs work changes to an easier route/day, coming to Australia is being put on the back burner. Not totally out of the picture, but less of a chance now. I am so unhappy with that, however C has to do what he has to do to keep things running. On a good note....the route he is buying that his company told him would take 5-10 years to pay, will actually be paid for by this June, thanks to his hard work and his company wanting and buying some of his stops off of him....YEAH!! That is a record, the route will be paid for in less than a year!

Gonna post and come back before I lose this.

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