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diyana 03-07-2013 01:21 PM

Happy Birthday, Mellie!!!!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a completely wonderful year ahead!

:celebrate: :bday2you:

:hb: :bday2: :woo: :gift: :balloons:

Much love to you, dear sister!

ceejay52 03-07-2013 02:48 PM

Happy Birthday Mel


ceejay52 03-07-2013 02:55 PM

I'm not to going to be hard on myself this week. I should have taken a fluid pill last night cause my ankles were swollen this morning. I was hoping that the lemon water would do the trick.

Hotcupojava 03-07-2013 04:41 PM

Happy Birthday Melody
Happy Birthday Melody. I hope you got my email. I miss you. I miss ALL you lovely ladies!

happy2bme 03-07-2013 07:09 PM

Oh man oh Maneschevitz... I am so upset with myself. I marked stuff on last year's calendar so I would not forget and then didn't copy things over yet. So sorry my dear sister.


A very very happy birthday to you. Hope you had a lovely day and that people remembered the Mel Special Feast (as in Festival Celebration) Day. :hug:

:celebrate: celebrate :bday2you: celebrate :celebrate:

Shad 03-07-2013 07:42 PM

Arrgh, knew it was close to DS1's birthday and I still didn't get in early.

Happy birthday big sis, hope you get a break from all the ills and dramas of the job for the one special day.

annie175 03-08-2013 08:45 AM

MELLIE...I only hope your birthday was peaceful and enjoyed with Jen and Richie. Did you go out dancing at the disco? lol or snowshoeing across all that snow you are getting? Peace sister.

SHADDIE...With all that is going on with work and home it is a wonder you remember your name.

Not much going on at the home front. Just working on the houses this weekend. Taking Cs truck tomorrow morning to get the other headlight replaced as it burnt out yesterday. Should of just had them both replaced when I had it in for the other one. Oh well...just add it to my list of errands to do.

Work is settling down a bit, now it is just a matter of submitting reqs to have things fixed that do not work since the move. One internet connection, the doorbell, silly stuff like that.

Finally got the last load of DDs crap out of Cs house on trash day this past Wednesday. It only took about 6 Wednesdays of trash pick up to succeed with that, plus the one major haul to Goodwill.

Better get on with this day and get me a cup of java.

Have a fabulous Friday or super Saturday all...

Laura705 03-08-2013 11:25 AM

Morning all. TGIF!! :carrot:

Annie - Glad work is settling down for you now. That's a lot of trash pickups to get rid of C's dd's junk! Maybe now that her mess is almost done being eliminated, the anger will fade and after a time there will be an opportunity to touch base with her and try to start fresh...

Mel - Hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday and that you have a nice quiet weekend. With the nasty weather on the East coast now, I hope there aren't any problems in the building this weekend. :crossed:

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!! :wave:
Nothing much to report. Doggy had an upset tummy when I got home from work, so I delayed his dinner by an hour and he seems alright since.

Nothing special going on this weekend. Errands to run, laundry, cleaning, dog walks, etc. The temps should be milder, but Sunday we're supposed to get rain. Well, the warmer temps are certainly welcome! :)

Okay, gonna get this posted and get cranking. Everyone have a great day and a great weekend.


happy2bme 03-08-2013 12:31 PM

Morning kids,

Friday, Friday. Just another day to me - happy weekend for others. Nothing much planned except stuff to do around the house. Yesterday we went to the next big town to pick up more of the storage shelving we got intially for the greenhouse. It's nice sturdy stuff and reasonable priced so we figured we'd use it in the house and garage(s). Stopped at Burger King for lunch. I ordered a swiss and avocado burger. They were out of swiss cheese (what??? :shrug: ) and then I was disappointed to see that instead of slices of avocado as it illustrated on the menu board, it was just a tiny smear of green goo like you'd squeeze out of a ketchup packet. It did however taste pretty good since I haven't had a burger there is probably a year. And unlike Mc D's it did not upset my stomach. Because that was a calorie bomb for the day, just had a light supper of chicken salad with apple chunks and pomegranate seeds. I love me those seeds. They had a container of them at the store about 2 weeks ago - was pricey but hey, the hardest part of eating a pomegranate is getting the darn seeds out so I thought it was worth the extra expense to have a container of seeds I could just spoon out at will. They keep pretty well and I am hoarding them now because it seems like that was a one time only item at the store. :( DH is anxiously awaiting his UTV - they are still waiting on some of the accessories. Apparently this thing drives pretty well in snow also so there will be no problem on the trails. We just need to get it very soon because they do close the trails for about 6 weeks around the spring thaw - maybe around March 15. As things thaw out the ground gets wet and muddy and they don't want people tearing up the trails. It would kill DH not to be able to at least try out the machine and while we could take some back roads that are also marked as ATV trails, DH does not like driving on asphalt as he said it tears up the tires. So we'll see. Also as we were driving through town yesterday we passed by the popcorn shop. At first there was a sign in the window "Closed Until Further Notice" which was understandable as they dealt with the funeral and she also said back when I was there that she might close for March and April since business was so slow that she threw out way more than she sold. Yesterday however there was a new sign in the window that said "Business and Building for Sale or Rent". We just drove by rather quickly so didn't get to see much other than that. I guess their son's death might have been the last straw. I can speculate on a bunch of different reasons but no need to go into that here. Just kind of sad to see things come to an end like that - they really had some good stuff and were a nice couple. They just bought the building last year (there is an upstairs rental apartment). There are several businesses that closed up (4 that I know of) just since I've been in town since September. Add to those the ones already for sale and a few that are still open but trying to sell of the business and that's alot of real estate. I'm sure the shop owners will take a substantial loss on the place IF they can sell it at all. Town is starting to look like a rag tag bunch of t-shirt shops and bars and that's about it. :( We got another delivery of propane today and DH keeps track of that and it seemed like we were using it faster than we should. He had the delivery man check and sure enough, we have a small leak in the tank (their tank). No telling how much leaked to the sky since October :(

Mel - hope you had a nice birthday and got a chance to rest up your arm and didn't wear it out whooping and hollering on your day ;) :carrot:

Laura - hope you got the rest of your office furniture pieces. Yes, we have room to expand the commune - the land is flat (which we wanted) but trees will have to come down. And the lot next to ours in undeveloped so maybe we can all pitch in and buy it which will give us 5 more acres and lots of room to park :rofl:

Java - hi there. :wave: How's the new job coming along?

Patty - prayers for you and Dad :hug:

Ceejay - not sure the lemon water will be as effective as the fluid pill. My weight was up 2 pounds today which I'm sure was all about that fast food meal yesterday. Whoa - what an eye openner :yikes: At least you know the MRC plan is working for you and worth the expense.

Annie - geez that's an awful lot of stuff to toss out. I can't believe that someone could leave so much and then go to another place and not need anything at all. Did she move into a furnished unit or something? I'm sure it's a relief to be done with it. Thank you for the reminder on Mel's birthday. They way you are going gangbusters at the 3 houses (yours, Dad's and C's) hopefully you'll be done in just enough time to get your garden and yardwork started. At least that will be more enjoyable.

Shad - you seem to be one busy little bee lately.

Guess I should be too. Have a good one chicks.

annie175 03-08-2013 02:31 PM

Afternoon kiddos. Met a friend for lunch at Season 52. Ordered from the 475 calories or less menu and drank water. Sissy and lil man ended up joining us also. Then we went to Osh Kosh store to check out their sales. Got lil man two shirts...one was 1.57 the other was a little under 2 bucks. What a steal. Came back to work..blah. All and all it was a nice 2 hour lunch. lol. As many lunches that I miss on a daily basis and all the extra time I put in with the move, heck they owe me.

LAURA...We are having better temps this weekend also. 45 tomorrow and 54 Sunday, but rain. Shoot I will take it, much better than ice and snow. I am not angry with Cs dd anymore but would like to give her a piece of my mind and a few taps with my wooden spoon.

HAPPY.....so sad when the town closes down. It get dirty and dengy..so empty. Oh yeah, if it gets time to garden and whatnot and the houses are not done, too bad...Annie is heading out to the yard and the heck with the houses....Hard to believe dd had so much crap. We took 10-12 bags of clothes and shoes to Goodwill, along with furniture and stuff. It reminded me of a hoarder. I think she didn't like to do laundry so she just bought more stuff which answers why she did not pay rent. Oh well.

Guess I shall get busy so I can sneak out a bit early and get started on a lovely weekend of more busy stuff. It is getting easier as the more we get done, the happier I am.

MELLIE....hope you are feeling ok, had a nice birthday and are not swamped with this snow storm and the seniors. Hugs dear sister!

Shad 03-08-2013 05:59 PM

Morning all,
Back home for the weekend. And wouldn't you know it, it is raining or about to rain anyway. Can't do much out there since it is so wet. Lawns need a mow, hope I can get to them before the weekend ends - that is if the mower decides to run. Think it is still busted from the last time this grass got this long.
Pretty good flight home last night. Left more or less on time, got in more or less on time. Traffic was light going my way so it did take more than 40 minutes to get to the house. All is more or less okay here although we could do with some drying out. Today I am off to the hairdresser, badly need a cut and some colour up there. There is a large hint of silver in amongst the dyed stuff. If I knew it would turn out to be a nice shade under there I would let it go, but it looks pretty boring salt and pepper from what I can see.
After that, I'd better get some groceries in. And some veges. I need to start eating properly again, although I am not eating badly, just too much meat and not enough vege. And probably too much of everything.

Heck look at the time. Back after the hairdresser.

ceejay52 03-08-2013 10:56 PM

It's a bit late but I'm here. Been to Jonesboro to get my hair cut and high lighted but didn't spend the night. My bff has fibromyalgia and it flared. I like my hair. Didn't really like the way he comb and styled it but that was fixable after I got home. I asked my neighbor to go with me.

Did you party hearty? Or was it a quiet one with Jen and Ritchie? Either way you deserve the best.

You found some good bargains at Osh Kosh. J.C. Penny's had a 2 dollar sale today but I didn't feel like fighting the crowd. My neighbor found some good bargains. Getting outside may be good for the soul. That was a lot of clothes.

It's always sad to see a business close no matter what reason. I had eaten some fast food the night before my weigh in so I'm sure it was the sodium that was my culprit. I'd like to go natural on my meds but am afraid to.

A laid back week end sounds good. Sorry Coal was sick.

I'm taking a rest day on exercise today. I've had a headache today. It's responding to the Tylenol sinus meds so I'm hoping that it will be gone tomorrow. I'm going to Paragould tomorrow to eat lunch with my uncles. I may stay for church on Sunday but it's suppose to rain. I hate driving in the rain so we'll see how that pans out.

annie175 03-09-2013 08:13 AM

Good Morning Ladies...for those that set their clocks back, don't forget to do that before you go to bed tonight.

Two chicklets with new do's....that should make you feel better for a minute.

Gonna start the day with getting the headlight changed on Cs truck...then go by dad's house to visit, then the rest of the day will be errand filled. Probably do a roast in the crockpot with mushrooms etc.

Monday a few of us are supposed to start going to the fitness center for about 30 to 45 minutes. I think if I have someone to motivate me to go, I may just do it...we will see.

That is about it for now....have a great weekend all....

ceejay52 03-09-2013 10:54 AM

A roast in the crock pot sounds good.

Everyone must be asleep. I should be but woke up at 6.40 with a headache. It's eased up some. Can't find the Ultram-for migraines anywhere. Need to call the pharmacy to see if I have refills.
Going to take a day trip to Paragould to visit with the uncles. One front is coming through now but with no rain, just clouds. The bigger front will be here tomorrow and I don't want to get caught on the way home in a thunderstorm tomorrow.

Everyone have a good day.

happy2bme 03-09-2013 01:35 PM

Hi ladies,

Picked up the new UTV yesterday. Good thing because today is a crappy weather day. We went out for a very short ride - just up the road and back. Should be alot of fun. Cripes this thing can get up to 75mph which is way too fast for me. DH is all smilin' and stuff. It's definitely a boy's toy. We ran to Walmart last night for a few things before the weather hit and he did not read up on his Garmin. Turns out he needs a memory stick to plot trail routes and take checkpoints and stuff so he had to go back there today anyway. He will spend the day plotting trails and learning how to use the thing.

I wish we had some of the warmer weather you guys are having. I'm tired of winter already and we have a few months to go yet.

Going to just putter around the house today. I picked up a book at the library yesterday - ALL GONE - one woman's story of losing her Mom to dementia. It's a quick read and so far it's managed to keep my interest. I also downloaded an ebook about getting started in vegetarianism. Not that I think I could ever become a full on vegetarian - just looking for some different ideas.

Ceejay - I think DH had some Ultram on one point - that sounds familiar. Hope you can find some for yourself.

Annie - what time's dinner? Pot roast and mushrooms - don't get no better in my book. I'll bring a nice salad. Sometimes it's good to have an exercise buddy but if that person is a raging crazy when it comes to working out - that can be a big turn off too. Hope you find someone like minded ;) Outstanding deal on the kid clothes. Had to laugh with your comment about someone not liking to do laundry so just bought replacements - sounds like something a guy would do :lol: No wait, they'd just turn the stuff inside out.

Shad - I totally understand the part about eating decent, just not enough fruits and veggies. Happens here during the winter when we are more casserole based in our cooking. Hope you find some yummy stuff at the market. Have you ever tried tomatoes that are a different color than red? Enjoy your weekend home - let the sun shine brightly so you can get some outside stuff done.

Laura - enjoy the warmer temps. My sister said this week's snow is already melting fast. Is your office at home completed now?

Mel - hope you are doing well and not totally laid up there. No snow shoveling - hope you got the rain instead.

I did place a hold on the first season on Downton Abbey. Gotta see what the fuss is all about. Must be popular as they have lots of copies in the library consortium but there are also alot of holds on them and a substantial wait list. That's ok, I have lots of other stuff to do...

Have a good weekend all...

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