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annie175 03-14-2013 09:15 AM

Hidee Ho Neighbors....

After posting my hump day good morning yesterday, I must of moved on to Thursday as I thought it was Thursday all day. Now here it is Thursday all over again. Kind of like that movie, Groundhog Day or something like that.

Today's positive...my dream that I had to have knee surgery last night was only a dream. I think this cardio is making my joints a little achy at night, thus the dream. Tomorrow's high is 50 instead of 25 like today. Dinner last night was a winner with Cs good daughter and her bf.

Dinner was tater tot casserole (I ate very little), broccoli, cauliflower, carrots steamed, salad, dinner rolls-not me, and made strawberry shortcake for dessert-not me. I ate mostly veggies and salad. Probably too many as I had bathroom issues by the time I reached Sissy's house with Sassy-roo.

MELLIE...have a good time shopping with Jen. Sometimes we just need to get out and get away from the day to day issues, kind of like the pina colada song, getting caught in the rain....blah blah blah.. I will let you borrow Sven also for your GREAT ESCAPE! He is #2 on my speed dial, had to put C #1 on speed dial so he wouldn't get jealous. lol

CHELLE...OMG, plumbing issues are the worst. Water every where. C had to spend most of this past Sunday working on the toitie at his house. It was leaking like a mug. He thought it was fixed once then whosh, had to start over. We didn't have ANY towells to sop up the water so we had to kick Sas off her blanket and use that. I feel for you sister! Hugs.

HAPPY...I am so glad I have gotten to know you over the years on 3FC because you and DH have researched so many things that all I will have to do is ask you and it will save me all the time and trouble you have been through! You are a great resource! And now you are an expert on one of my favorite things....POPCORN! lol BTW..how is your momma doing?

Make it a great day chickies!

diyana 03-14-2013 09:39 AM

Annie - :bravo: on the exercising! I'm so proud of you for doing it despite how boring those cardio machines can be. Glad you had a nice dinner last night. If my neighbor can't fix my sink, can you please send C up this way? :lol:

Laura - Congrats on the weight loss!! :woohoo: :high5: I'm tired of the winter weather too. Right now, I think the most offensive 4 letter word has got to be "SNOW". Ugh. :faint:

Happy - Good luck with the cell phone plan.

Shad - Bummer about all the crisis and b.s. at your work. I'm sure you're handling it way better than any of us would.

Ceejay - I've thought about treating myself to a "spa day", but I'm not really into facials. Manicures/pedicures are nice. For me though, the ultimate treat is massage. I would highly recommend you find a good spa that does massages near you that has hours that are convenient. And remember that not all massages are created equal...for example, there's a BIG difference between a massage at a spa and a massage at a "parlour". :yikes: :nono: :rofl:

Laura705 03-14-2013 11:24 AM

Morning all.

Michelle - How awful about the cracked disposal and the flood in your kitchen!! I hope your neighbor's fixed it up for you and there's no more problems. Sorry about the migraine, and I hope you can get in to see the doc and get your meds. Espec. if they're pain meds for your back!!!

Annie - Hope you're less sore today. Maybe you should switch to the stationary bike for a change of pace and it might be easier on your knees. Did C. end up giving his fish to his brother? Have a good Thursday! ;)

Mel - Enjoy your shopping day. A change of scene is a good thing, and one shopping cart will be good - you can't overbuy that way! :D

Happy - Glad you sorted out the phone decision. They sure don't make it easy! do they! If Target were more convenient than Walmart, I'd be shopping there more - or instead. But it's far enough away from us to make it inconvenient, and the prices at Walmart also give them the edge. For snacks, a small portion works for me, but yesterday I substituted my breakfast for that bagel, so a mini wouldn't do. Besides, I never buy frozen bagels. I shouldn't be eating them very frequently and I prefer the fresh ones anyway. A few times a year we get over to the bagel bakery in Linconlnwood and buy a dozen of the mini-bialys - not truly mini, they're about the size of an english muffin - and we freeze them.

Hellos to Ceejay and Shad!
Nothing to report. I renewed the Monarch of the Glen dvd with the library because I didn't finish watching the last 3 or so shows. I'm enjoying it, but I hate that I have to really blast the volume at times to catch some of the dialog. Too bad they don't have the subtitle option on the dvd...but I suppose they figure it's in English, why would English subtitles be necessary??? :lol: Answer: For people like me who can't always decipher the heavily-accented dialog. :shrug: Maybe the subsequent series dvd's will include subtitles. :crossed:

Nothing much else to say, so I'll get on with the day. TTFN! :wave:

happy2bme 03-14-2013 11:28 AM

Well dim dam dum... working 20 minutes on a post and I must have waved a thumb over the touchpad and poof :wizard: there it went :mad:

Trying again. Good morning all.

I noticed it was clear out last night for a change and figured I might try and get a glimpse at the comet thats up in the sky until next week. No luck there - you have to look about 30 minutes after sunset on the west horizon - it's near to the moon. West of us is a big patch of tall pine trees so no horizon there. And it's cloudy around sunset usually - clears up around 11 or so.

Well it's turkey humping season. 6 boys out in the yard all fanned out. :turkey: :turkey: :turkey: For some reason they booted one of the young boys out of the flock - he's been coming on his own for the last 2 weeks. The boys are prancing back and forth hoping to attract a female and most of the females are in the back under the trees. The 2 brave girls who are out in the open pecking at seed (for heaven sakes Edith - DON'T bend over :yikes: ) could not be less interested in the boys. Must be hard being a boy turkey getting a little lovin' as the females seem to ignore them all the time. However we did get chicks last year so apparently the boys wear them down eventually. :lol:

Going to the doctor today - just a routine checkup for some blood work / lab tests. We are due for snow on and off - I think 80 percent tomorrow with a couple of inches predicted. And then 2 more chances in the upcoming week. We have to go to Duluth for some tests for DH - he was hoping we'd have clear weather. We'll see. They are often wrong in their predictions.

Annie - you made me laugh this morning with your comments. I'm glad you don't NEED knee surgery although I will agree that the shifting of the weather will make the joints a bit more achy. We need the warmth of the sun to soothe and re-energize. Glad to help with advice if I can. We at least have the time to research things now. And Mom is doing well, thanks for asking. She is going to the dentist today - chipped a tooth and she is bringing up the topic of having her remaining teeth removed - they are old and getting worn down and she thinks they are rotting in her jaw which will cause heart and medical issues. We're trying to tell her to leave well enough alone and unless she is getting constant abscesses - she had one - don't worry about it MA!!!! But she has nothing better to do that stay home and fixate on things. :rolleyes: Glad you are eating your veggies but do make sure you get some protein in there too. Tell C that is not Sven the hunk, that's Sven as in Svenghoulie on your speed dial :dracula: - you just keep him online because you like the way he talks :rofl:

Michelle - oh my you have had nothing but trouble with this apartment :yikes: First the refrigerator, now the plumbing. And I can't think of anything worse than having heavy wet soppy towels and no washer / dryer to take care of them. I hope the repairs are not too extensive. And I would never, ever use Draino. The stuff is too caustic and I heard it can get trapped in a small area and eat a hole in the pipes which is killer if it's on the other side of the wall beyond the cabinet. I also don't use the disposal for anything other than chopping the tiny bits of residue that might be left from washing dishes. Chopped food is bad for a septic system (unless it's leftover yogurt) but mostly when we had our kitchen remodeled in Chicago and I saw how bad the pipe was clogged with the yuckkiest of food gunk after they took out the cabinet - I'd never use one again to grind up food. Best to use a plumbing snake although be careful when you ask a guy about a snake - I said PLUMING snake, not Trouser snake :lol3: You said you picked up Santa last night - do you leave Rusty at home during the day and take Santa to doggie care?

Mel - I hope you are able to get out for some shopping. Sometimes you just have to get out of the house just for a change of pace. Are you still doing the meal plan or have you gone back to your own stuff?

Hellos to Shad, Ceejay and Laura - will have to catch up on personals later... Have a good Thursday.

happy2bme 03-14-2013 11:43 AM

Ah I just knew Laura was typing over my head. :lol: I totally agree with you on the subtitles. There are some shows where the talking is garbled and I really can't catch what they are saying. We used to have a TV in the kitchen that was really easy to turn on closed captioning and I miss that feature. It's really complicated to figure out on our current tvs and I never quite remember how to do it and am afraid of messing up a setting. But yes, particularly with shows with accents - I was thinking the same when I was watching Slumdog Millionaire the other night. I hope you were able to follow along enough of the show to keep up. Oh that's right - you live in a land where you get fresh bagels (and sushi). :cloud9: I forgot. I'd rather have fresh too. The only problem is they do tend to make the super huge ones in the shops. Definitely an occasional treat...

ceejay52 03-14-2013 12:40 PM

Bless you on cleaning up that mess. It hasn't been long since I had to clean up water from the hose left out of the drain on my washer. Good thing the "maintenance" man lives above you.

Don't give up on the exercising. It will get easier. I can do it so can you. I still get sore from time to time so I sit out the next day to let those muscles rest. I started with only 10 minutes. I can do 50 but have back down to 30 minutes per day, along with a 20 minute dvd. That bicycle seat can get hard.

Our new super Walmart has things spread out all over creation. I could count part of that as exercise minutes. It is cleaner than the older store. though. I'm anxious in finding out about our insurance at work. I've been looking around on line to find various prices just incase they drop us. I'm sure they will find us another one.

Do you not get a basket that you can ride on? It's probably nice to have Jen along to help with things. Enjoy your trip.

Work has been better this week in fact a bit boring. The bosses call this a baby sitting job so that's what I've been doing, baby sitting. I don't go downstairs as often either. I double dog dare them to say anything about that too.
Need to bring out my humidifier. My sinuses are getting way to dry, still draining but the drainage has blood in it.
No weight loss this week. Not very good on taking my fluid pill, but I have lost an inch in my waist. I'll take inches.
Friends are getting ready to go eat lunch. More later

annie175 03-14-2013 01:28 PM

shuweee made it another 30 minutes of eliptical today. THe first 15 minutes are not bad, by 20 I am thinking is this ever going to end and at the end of 30, it is THANK YOU JESUS! Do I like it any more than I did on Monday...not really..however the positive side, I feel better about myself after exercising. And I did water hoola hoop for about 20 minutes the other night.

Today's lunch...

CRANBERRY SPINACH SALAD- Romaine, spinach, feta, dried cranberries, almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette (280 cal.-340 w/dressing) so I burnt off 2/3s of my lunch calories.

The big news is my BP is coming down, I think with exercising and the cinnamon pills both working together is helping a lot. Last night it was 135/78 and that is just taking 2 of the 3 BP meds. WHew whoooooo!!

That is my report for today..lol

ceejay52 03-14-2013 06:29 PM

I've not thought about taking my blood pressure. I'll do that after I get through here. Good job on the exercise. Your salad sounded good.

How did the doctor's appointments go?

Laura and Shad
:wave: Have a good day.

MELODY525 03-15-2013 08:17 AM


diyana 03-15-2013 09:03 AM

Happy Friday!

TGIF! :woohoo: The landlord is actually getting a plumber to come in and fix the sink! He'll be there first thing this morning. Luckily, my roommate doesn't have to go to work until a bit later today, so she can let the plumber in. :)

I'm going to the gym after work tonight to do some water walking and hopefully that will loosen up my back and leg muscles, which are still hurting something fierce. I might go out with some friends to a comedy club, or I might just stay home and make some progress on my resume and going through my boxes. Another good reason for me to not go out is I have an early morning fasting blood work appointment, and I'd like my labs to turn out good. I'm not having an A1C done, so my occasional off-plan eating over the last month shouldn't show up. :)

I got an email from my cousin the banker who gave me some great tips as to the nice (and yet reasonably priced) areas of San Diego! :dancer: So that has lit a fire under me to quit procrastinating and get my...ahem... *stuff* together.

MEL - I'm so sorry to hear your neck is still bothering you. I hope it feels better today so you can go to the store.

ANNIE - I'm so impressed and inspired by your exercising!! You go, girlfriend!! And the cranberry salad sounds so yummy! Congrats on the better BP.

HAPPY - Rusty stays at home on the days when my roommate only works 1/2 days. When she works the full day, she takes him to her ex-husband's house. I'm still taking Santa over to my ex's. It's working out well. I even saw his gf the other day. She was out in the back yard when I pulled in. She waved. I waved. That's enough for now. Also, my ex said that if I want to start getting back to the gym regularly, I can pick Santa up even a little later if that's more convenient for me...which gives me more options than a day care would. And Santa loves playing with the dogs he knows so well. :)

Gotta run for now. A big :wave: to Shad and Ceejay!

Much love and many hugs,

annie175 03-15-2013 09:43 AM

Good Morning, it's a brand new day...good morning!

Positive: I got up with so much energy this morning!!! Folded towels out of the dryer, unloaded, reloaded the dishwasher (bet you thought I was going to say gun, lol), left for work 30 mins early, stopped at the grocery on way in to get greek yogurt, spinach for salad and non-fat cottage cheese, yellow grape tomatos...got to work, watered the plants, started the coffee and am now sitting down typing to you all.

CHELLE....you are sounding more and more positive these days and I am loving that! Exercise does give me more energy and I do feel better about myself and the world. Get your resume together and your act together so I can come and see you in CA.

CEEG...did you check your BP? How was it. We now have a BP kit here at work that someone never used at home, so I am going to try and take my BP a little later.

MELLIE...dang it girl...you cannot catch a break on aches and pains...sending up prayers for a healthy, pain-free body for you! xoxo

HAPPY...just for you..I have a Pam Tillis song in my head...Maybe it was Memphis, maybe it was the southern summer nights, maybe it was you, maybe it was me, but it sure felt right.....Turkey humping season, just cracked me up...does it give you love ideas with DH? bahaha...Kind of like the sign every morning I pass on the way to work. "Hemorrhoid Center PLUS" really plus? Who wants more. bahhaha

LAURA...wake up sleepy head and don't have a grumpy day! Hugs sister.

SHADDIE...make the most of your weekend sister and enjoy yourself!!

I guess we lost ELLEN in the process of the new year.

Gotta git...lots to do and don't want to do any of it.

Laura705 03-15-2013 11:14 AM

Morning all. TGIF!! :carrot: Half day for me today. :) I have a meeting with the boss shortly about my 2013 goals, so I better work on that right now. Got a start on it the other day, but it needs more. I'll see if I can make it back here later. TTFN!

diyana 03-15-2013 11:14 AM

Just got a call from the doc's office....the blood test I have to do IS an A1C test. Ugh. I just hope it's gone down some since November. :crossed: On the positive note, it's not a fasting lab...so I can go after work today. :)

annie175 03-15-2013 11:37 AM

Great discovery...Dannon Lite and Fit PINEAPPLE GREEK Yogurt...so yummy...80 calories, 12 grms protein, I froze it halfway then mixed it up, tasted like ice cream...omg....I am in heaven.

ceejay52 03-15-2013 12:56 PM

Yes I took my bp. I was in shock. It was 137/79. I'm pleased. I have my own bp monitor, but don't use it that often. I like the Greek yogurt because of the grams of protein.

I would hate to have to set goals for my work. If I did have to it would be to retire as early as possible. Good luck with that.

Sending you good vibes and healing thoughts for your pinched nerve.

It's been so long since I've done a resume I would not know how.

The girls down the street have been here and I turned them down. I feel bad but the mother has an ex living with them and he doesn't do a thing and an adult son. I say it's up to them to take them places not me.
I'm doing laundry this morning, and have rearranged one cabinet in the kitchen. I'm going to take some more things to Goodwill soon.
Rode the bike for 30 minutes and did 14 minutes of lower body and 10 minutes of upper body.

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