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  • Hi everyone.

    Holly you look great!

    Been crazy here yet. This last Saturday I finaly went & got my license. I know I made 1 mistake on the driving test (possibly 2) We were allowed to make 10 before failing the test. I think that way too many for the little bit of a driving test it was. If I knew what it was & how many mistakes I could have had I could have taken the test a month after I got my permit instead of waiting (3yrs) before going. I actually did it cuz my drivers license expired on my Bday in June & I waited as long as I could to go in & renew it as well. Long story short I am now legal all the way around!

    I am currently in the process of getting a job on days again. I have enough of my current group at work & went out & applied/interviewed for a different job. They offered me the job Mon -Fri 10 - 6. Training wont start till Sep cuz the 1st training they wanted me to go to was less then a 2 week notice the 2nd training I already had vacation set up. So come the middle of Aug I will call to confirm the Sep training. I also decided to see if I cant get transfered out of my group now seeing that they will loose me no matter what. Ive been trying for about a yr (or more) now. I went to my managers manager & wow got the interview for a team I applied for months ago (Feb) within a day. If I can get transfered I will not take the other job I dont want to loose my vac & extra days that I get. The new group is Mon - Fri 8-5. Much better then these 12 hours nights that I have been doing. I'll be able to have a life again.
  • Welcome IanG and good luck with your class they are very helpful and worth every penny.... Nice bikes you are looking at, so have you always wanted to get a bike or just one day decided you want to try it out?

    Dawn that is great news hopefully you don't have to change jobs but congrats on the new job in the wings
  • Hey all....I've found the perfect diet! Haven't weighed but I know I've lost weight just from riding thousands of miles since July 7. Spent days on I-80, painted a bunch in Illinois, jetted down the Mississippi, and rolled on over to Santa Fe to paint some more and a sweet 10 day break. Tomorrow heading out thru monument valley, utah , sturgis. Hoping to connect with chopper chick....now won't that be cool! Wish we could ALL meet up because this is one specialized group and I appreciate y'all.

    Hi to Ian and glad to see ya here! Congrats on passing that test...I failed my first bike class (blush).

    Oh and here's a quick story from yrs past. I accidentally rode over one of those tire shreds from a semi-truck, know what I mean? Anyhoo...I thought it would be kinda soft, but no, it was WHAM! And then some kind of strange whistle started. I looked down on my left and my kickstand was out! I kicked it back in and pulled off at first off ramp. Luckily, Frank was fine and as I calmed down and was looking around.....I saw a miracle! It was that Cadillac ranch where the guy planted a bunch of them front end down in his farmland. Somewhere in Texas I think...on I-70?

    Ok you beautiful people....take care!
  • Hi girls well I am off to Sturgis tomorrow- and am planning on meeting up with sunster on Tuesday for the Biker Belles ride if all goes planned anyways.

    Just wanted to drop in and say HI
  • Sturgis is on my bucket list.

    Not going to happen this year, gonna shoot for next year. Do have a cousin from Wyoming headed over. Hope he posts lots of pics on FB.
  • Thanks ChopperChick. I have always wanted a bike but got a bit sidetracked with being too heavy, having a family and not having enough cash. I've still got the family but the other two obstacles I have started to overcome. So time for some wheels!
  • Hello everyone and so sorry I've been so absent!!

    WELCOME IanG! of course I've seen you on the forum for a while and congrats is too small a word to offer for your success! and YAY for the bike decision!! I hope your lady is on board with the idea also, it is very very helpful when the spouse likes bikes too and yes I'm curious have you ridden before the family came? The state courses are great, that's how I got my endorsement.

    So by now Reda must be in The Promised Land and I hope she has some fun for us too sure hope she and Sun meet up at that ride.

    Dawn I hope you get the position/hours you want!

    Hi Colleen, congrats on your job shift also, 2.50/hour raise is fantastic. and always nice to see your posts on FB.

    Hi Tammy! how are things with you and have you been able to ride alot? do I remember you and DH were looking at another house?

    Sunster, WOW is all I can say, you are my hero!!! I never go anywhere alone on the bike (out of state I mean) so that is so kewl to me.

    Hi Aaron!!

    I've been riding alot just commuting which is great of course, my commute is about 44 miles a day of beautiful Vermont scenery with 6 miles of dirt road daily too (good for skills)
    We had that long spell of hot weather and I perfected stopping at a convenience store, going into the restroom and soaking my tee shirt with water, put my jacket on over that, buying 2 waters, drink part of one and then pour the rest over my head, and soak my jeans (no kidding!! got lots of weird looks) then rode home . Acts like pure air conditioning, but it only lasted 20 or so minutes but enough time to get home.

    Now we're back to typical Vermont weather, 50's at night and about high 70's to low 80's day, pretty nice.

    Been SO lax with any thought of 'diet' and my working out has dwindled down to almost nothing, ugh! too hot for a while (we don't have AC) and just so hard to do it early in the morning, and I have no ambition for it when i get home.

    If you're on FB you might have seen I captured my Miss (Mrs.) Crossroads Motorcycle Rally title back with my Cherry Pie skit. It was pretty fun. Afterwards I was carrying my prop oven out of the tent, arms wrapped around it and it was blocking my view, I bumped into a biker, he was about 6'5" and he looks down and says "i'll help you with that" and tried to pick the oven AND me up

    DH and I were asked, along with our organization (UMV) to take part in a member's father-in-law's funeral procession; he bult and restored trikes. The procession was alot bigger than I thought; 3 trikes led; then about 30 bikes, and the cemetary was almost 30 miles away, I'm glad I had the whole day off! DH had to go back to work when we learned how far the ride would be, he couldn't take that much time away. The family was quite grateful for the show of support for a fellow biker.

    We are entering our crazy busy month at work; we are booked every day so every day breakfast is at around 60 ppl, lunch a little lower and dinners at 70 to 80. Thats alot of pastries but its what I love to do right Our breakfast/lunch guy gave his notice which SUX because he knows how busy we are but there was some resentment thing going on. But we just hired his replacement yesterday so hopefully the dinner chef and I won't be stuck with doing extra shifts for long.

    OK I should be working out instead of being here but I MISSED being in touch with you all and especially kewl that we're got a few new peeps
  • Hi to everyone! Just checking in for a minute to catch up.

    Congrats to Holly on the Miss Crossroads title!! Dawn good luck with the job(s).

    We took a 620 mile cycle trip around in a big circle through Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa last week while in between jobs. DH took time off too. Had a good time!

    Back to work...haven't got the bugs worked out of the system on getting the computer system going to allow working at home yet. Looking forward to a day without the long commute though!

    Grandbabies are coming to stay with us for the day on Saturday.

    Funny question of the day... A lady asked me if I could sleep while on the bike. I told her I didn't think it would be a good idea, as I was the DRIVER! Funny how many looks women get on a cycle too!
  • Hello Everyone

    Well made it back from Sturgis, and yes me and Sunset got to meet up at the Biker Belle ride, hung out pretty much the whole day, it was great
    She is an awesome lady and an inspiration, she has been on her bike since the beginning of July traveling all over and is probably getting home today or tomorrow not sure which day for sure. She is a hoot and you will get that from the picture!!!!

    Well before we left I got into some poisonness sumac (I thought it was chiggers) but nope then to top it off I had an allergic reacation to the poison
    sumac- but DR put on steroids before leaving then I had to get another weeks worth while out in Sturgis- this stupid stuff keeps spreading for up to 21 days and it is still spreading- some popped up on the arm and legs in the last couple of days- boy does it itch like crazy, but I didn't let it damper my vacation (well maybe alittle as I went to bed early most nights which early for us on vacation is like 10-11pm) I just couldn't put up with itch any longer and needed to take some benedryl!!!!

    Here are a couple pictures of Sunset and myself

    This photo is myself in the pink, spitfire (she is from deadwood), Sunset, and Hotlips (she is from Mitchell, SD)
    Sunset and I met hotlips while we were visiting at the bar waiting for the ride to get started. Not a great picture of me because my eye had been swollen from the stupid sumac stuff and I just didn't even do anything with my hair before riding up there!
  • I passed my motorcycle test.
  • IanG congrats on passing your motorcycle test = that is awesome! so let us know if you bite the bullet and buy a bike

    Holly glad you have been getting to ride a lot. I did notice that you got Ms Crossroads back - Congratulations, it was a cute outfit as well and you looked HAWT!!!!!

    Tammy we may be planning a trip to the Bikes, Blues and BBQ Rally next year 2014- how far away is that from where you live? Hoping maybe we would be able to meet up next year possibly???? Check it out

    shcerif welcome to the thread- again it is summer and sometimes gets a bit quite with work, vacations and hopefully just out riding I see you have been maintaining for almost 2 years, how did you lose your weight and what has been your secret to maintaining?

    OH ya almost forgot that I got a fairing for my bike while in Sturgis- we took a day and looked at all the vendors then when I decided on one, Scott noticed another company across the street and I am glad he did that is the one I went with and ordered it will be here in 2 weeks, it has a jammin radio system as well

    Ok well time to take some benedryl and head off to bed- have a great night
  • HELLO!!! Reda, welcome back from Sturgis (weeks ago, I know) so sorry about the poison sumac but so kewl you met Sun!! GREAT PICS!! she does look like she embraces life, what a vibrant looking chick!

    Ian, CONGRATS !!

    Tammy, HI and i'm a dolt, when you have time can you tell about the pink whip and the person who almost hit you?? (months ago now I guess)

    Hi Colleen, and Hi Dawn!

    my schedule changed, we did not get a replacement breakfast/lunch cook so we (dinner cook and I) are covering. so i go into work 2 hours earlier each day (except Wed, I have half day off) and stay later each day. So I have NOT worked out in so long. And eating more. So ignore my ticker

    I successfully led our local group from one town to the next on our Toy Run last week, then my bike's battery just up and died! Other bikers stopped to help, to no avail. AAA got my bike, and I got a ride with a nice stranger, I tell ya the looks I got from everyone as we pulled into the staging area, with me riding ***** with a stranger Got a new battery and now all is well.

    Oh jeez, I had to question a member about why he deviated from the set route (during the Toy Run) and he WENT OFF on me (this guy comes to maybe one meeting every two years, I exaggerate not, he only participates if there is riding involved, or maybe being on TV, never for the grunt work)

    All I did was ask if there was a problem why did not bring the group to the designated meeting area, and that maybe more back and forth communication was needed? Um, I am the Vice President of United Motorcyclists of Vermont, I think I'm allowed to question a change of routine, and this guy 'yells' at me on FB, he wrote..."Holly, I could say alot of things, but I will be nice and only communicate that I will never be a part of anything UMV does! Just who do you think you're talking to????'

    What a jackass! I am pretty sure that if a MAN said it to him, he would have taken it better, but I guess he only thinks women should make sandwiches in the kitchen and keep quiet.

    okay so I am free til 2 pm today, then I go wokr for the Rat B. for a few hours to get my mad money for the week. I WILL workout next, then laundry, then relax a bit.

    SO very kewl , again, that Reda and Sun met and love the pics! Ride safe, chicks and dudes
  • Hi ALL....geeze that was fun meeting up w/ Reda and straight away we headed for tomato beers! Hey, they're health drinks, right? But really, how cool is this board...dieting bikers...and meeting Reda was a kick. And then a few days later we found each other in downtown Sturgis. Let me tell ya everyone....her bike is blinged and tres *****in'!

    I got back from 6wks on the road and only because I ran out of money. I could live out there forever. One of the best days was getting up before sunrise in Mexican Hat, UT. rode out to Gooseneck St Park and saw the awesome horseshoe bend in the river as the sun rose and eagles soared and screeched. Then, just as I was about to enter Monument Valley, i noticed movement to my left. A group of 7 wild horses were running wild and ran right accross the road in front of me!! No place to pull over but nobody on road so i slowed and watched them frolic off. then, just over the next hill was the exact locatioon of a picture i've been staring at for years. Parked Frank and took the pic with him in it. It continued to be a great day and finished it off by going thru Zion and landing in Cedar City, UT .

    Wish I could meet y'all!

    xo Sunset
  • Sunset glad to hear you made it home safe and sound! How was your trip home by the way?

    Holly you had every right to ask why someone would deviate from the route, especially if it would have been something that would need address for another route or a later ride. Some men (not all) should just lock themselves in their house and stay there, trying to be nice and all......
    When does your summer job end and of course I know that means winter job sets in full time then? Sorry to hear about battery and thank goodness for nice guys out there, you were able to finish the ride even if you had to ride B**ch. I rode with DH on our supper ride the other night and everyone was like oh no whats wrong with bike? nothing just wanted to be lazy for a night.
    But on our way home I have that sumac all over my chest now(popped out on Saturday my 20th day) anyways thought since it was dark I would pull my shirt up and let them get some air, told my DH that if our good friend starts to pull up to let me know so I can pull my shirt back down, well he wasn't paying attention and F. comes rolling up beside us, I guess at least it is one of best friends instead of just one the guys in the riding group

    Ian have you decided on a bike yet?

    Hi Colleen, Tammy and Dawn
  • Hi everyone! We've been riding a lot this summer! On the new bike I've already got over 6000 miles! 3000 were on it. So about 1000 per month. Not too bad for weekend riding and once or twice a week to work and back. I'm really liking it, and love the "looks" from the loud pipes. DH gave me some crap about an ol' lady in her 40's with the loudest pipes in the bunch, and I decide to have a revving contest at a stop sign! Fun is fun, no matter what your age!

    Sounds like you have all been having a great time, and a busy summer. Glad to hear of the fun times! Ian, hope you find a bike you like soon so you can enjoy it yet this summer!

    I have gotten back on the wagon... 1st week. Still getting the hang of the diet all over again. My bother kind of kicked me in the rear, telling me I was HIS inspiration to lose weight--and I better get back on plan! I spent 2 hours cutting up fruit. Have salad in the 'fridge... Still went to the folks house for supper and ate! I took them fruit and salad too though! 5 pounds back down (they are always the easiest). I'll let you all know when my "tracker" is actually accurate! It won't be for a while. I lost 85 in 9 months, and gained back 40 over the next 9 months. It's still a loss from 1 1/2 years ago. I will remember through this next 35 pounds how hard it was the first time, and now I have do it all over again, because I was lazy!

    It's just after 8:00. I put a load of laundry in, and figured, I may as well just wash these jeans I am wearing...so I put on my PJ's. OF COURSE, this is when we get unexpected company coming over!! UGGGGH! How embarrassing! I opened the door, and hid behind it. THAT is enough reason to lose some body...so I can wear some cute little PJ's and not look like a hippo in a dress!

    Happy riding everyone! Take care!