The 2013 Palace: Nurturing our royal selves

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  • have a lot to get accomplished today, but wanted to check in at palace before heading out this morning. breakfast was on target and glad i was able to start out day on food plan. also got in a bit of exercise. listened to a
    good meditation cd this morning which also helps to start off my day in a positive way. thinking of all queenlies, whether near or far.

  • The tracker remains the same, this week, precisely where I was. I'm thinking some carb-cutting is coming up in my near future.

    WSW, yes, fresh flowers are a great joy, aren't they. My "garden" doesn't really produce enough for more than a couple of bouquets. So far this year, though, I've managed to steal a couple of bouquets of lilacs and a couple of bouquets of lupines.

    Weather's weird here too -- yesterday was hot and humid. I was dripping sweat after a fast walk around the harbour. Then later it was sunny and raining simultaneously, with thunder rolling. Almost too hot to sleep last night and today it's so cold that I'd turn the heat on if I wasn't so cussed.

    Stuck in a tea shop through a downpour doesn't sound too awful

    Let's make this a good one!
  • I have been out of this forum for so long owing to being without proper internet for five months! I have regained six pounds. Can I join this Royal Family?

  • lucyolivia-welcome to our royal family!

    and greetings, arabella! have also been thinking about some carb-cutting myself. hoping everyone is having a good weekend. have been sticking to food and exercise plan, although still continuing to feel like a major effort. ah well. as long as i am staying op, difficult or not, i am pleased. well, take care, royal personages one and all.

  • Carb cutting sounds good, I just don't know how to do it without feeling exhausted. Plus, I have a chocolate fetish! That's probably why I gained weight...

    wsw, just stay on plan and the more you do it, the less effort it will feel like you're having to make, right?
  • arabella-hope tracker is where you want it to be, and all is well in your part of the palace.

    lucyolivia-thanks for the encouragement!

    the heat is on here, and stepping outside each time feels like walking in to a sauna. of course, this is just normal summer weather for here, but sometimes challenging, nonetheless. hanging in there with food plan and exercise.

    greetings to all our our marvelous royals, in and around the palace. thinking of you all, whether near or far. take care, all.
  • good morning, queenlies! hope all is well in and around the palace walls. another scorcher today, but lots of errands to be done, so will deal. so far so good this morning with food and exercise. thinking of you all. take care.
  • Good morning! Sorry for having been AWOL -- I got a new work computer and can't log in to the site from it. And then don't think of it at opportune times.

    The weight loss continues, if slowly. 1.4 down on Monday, but I'd only lost .2 the week before and nothing the week before that.

    WSW, I know what you mean about the heat! It gets frustrating trying to do stuff while a sweaty mess. We've had some very hot weather too. So hoping it holds out for next week -- DH and I have a shorefront cottage. I won't be online at all -- going to make it a retreat.

    Had a killer hot yoga class yesterday so going to just walk today and hope to be recovered by tomorrow.

    Let's make this a good one!

  • congrats, arabella, on the continuing weight loss!!!!! i hope you and dh have a wonderful vacation at the shorefront!

    hanging in with food and exercise program. trying to remember to listen to meditation cd's more regularly. even though they are so helpful for me, it's easy for me to "forget" to use them at times. ah well. hope a good evening is being had by all queens, both near and far.

  • greetings, royals! checking in before heading out for a busy day. hanging in op food and exercise-wise. we got a little reprieve yesterday from the treacherous heat, and i appreciated, and enjoyed it big time. well, take care, all.
  • good evening, queenlies one and all! have stayed
    on plan with food and exercise, which feels good. still remains harder than at some times, but as long as i'm sticking with it, can't really complain. hoping all is well with all of our royals both near and far from the palace walls. take care.

  • hi royals! did well op today, including making good choices in a restaurant (which is not always my strong suit.) still had a bit of reprieve from treacherous heat today, and very happy about that. well, take care, all.
  • Hi WSW!

    I squoze off another .8 at Monday's WI. This hasn't been a great week so far, with dreaded end-of-month deadlines and - ahem - poor coping mechanisms. But anyway, back on track today and intending to stay there. Final rehearsal for Sunday's choral performance is tonight. There will be musicians joining us, which always makes it more exciting.

    Oh you are SO right -- harder sometimes than others but as long as we keep headed in the right direction, we'll get there.

    Let's make this a good one!

  • congrats, arabella, on the weight loss! hope final rehearsal went well, and of course, the actual choral performance.

    still feeling hard to stay op, but doing it, so no complaints. have a little cold this weekend, and trying to lay low so it doesn't turn in to more than that. have a busy week ahead with several appointments i can't really cancel, so need to be in "good working order." well, hope a good weekend is being had by all.

  • still have a cold, and had to lay low all day yesterday but starting to feel a little better today. hanging in there op, and not using using "feed a cold" as an excuse to add cals, fortunately. a friend came over to visit today, which i enjoyed. well, hope a good evening is being had by all our dear queenlies.