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    It is in the 50º range this day in the ♥-Land. I am currently just really waking up with a bit of coffee in me. I have only seen Ragg Mopp so far this morning and think that Will is down stairs working on a saddle so that is where Beanie and Cecil would be also.

    After I totally wake up I am going to finish that building. All I have to do to it now is make the signs that go over the 3 doors. Over the front door will read POLICE STATION and on one side door JAIL and on the other side of the building door CAFETERIA. Will is going to put another shelf up under the ones in the front room and I now have enough buildings to fill it. We need to get a longer plug in strip so they can all be plugged. I have some of those little tea lights that are battery run that can sit under the buildings that are too small to have a light fixture in them. I’ll have plenty of time to get the little things made that I want to gift some folks with now before Christmas comes around.

    I believe for the main meal today I will make a meatloaf. We love having the left-over’s from one of those to make sandwiches with. OH and Cuties are back in the store so I have a bag of them to enjoy. They are quickly becoming my most favorite fruit.

    Will just came in to show me a Wild Rag that one of the college students that works at the museum brought back for him from when he was home for Thanksgiving. There is a lady living near him that makes them to sell. Anyway it is a bandana ~ but huge with a brown, green and gold paisley type design all over it. Cowboys used them for lots of things back in the day. It is so much bigger than the blue and red bandanas we see these days. Like I said, they had many, many uses for them. It was a very important part of their outfit. If he wants to find some material he likes at the fabric store I can easily make him some more.

    DONNA FAYE Your ham sounds delicious and it is a good low point meal. Doesn't it feel great to be able to sleep the night though. So glad that you are finally getting better. Your upcoming visit from Jay & his family will be great I am sure. The "little one" reminds me of that song . . . "trun around."

    JEAN The sun get its exarcise trying to squeeze itself between the clouds wouldn't you think. I still like my horizontal shades because I like to be able to pull them all the way up to the top. We have the vertical ones in the church building and they work great in there. Guess it depends on what you want the shades to do as to what kind you get. Looks to me you have made the right choice since you cat still has its front claws.

    Have a great day Magnolias.
  • Good morning ladies. I have paid bills, did a load of laundry and put it in the dryer and will unload and reload the dishwasher when I get done here. I want to get upstairs and clean bathrooms this morning but at the moment my knees are not cooperating.

    The family will be here sometime tomorrow evening, but half the family that lives in Memphis is sick. My daughter now has a hum dinger of a cold and was going to fix dinner tomorrow night. She ask me to call around to see about take out pasta, but I don't know what she wants and am waiting to hear from her. I imagine it is for the guys to bulk up on carbs before the race on Saturday otherwise why not just order pizza or something? I am hoping she responds back to me this morning.

    I read another of my free bookbub books and enjoyed it very much. Of course our stupid huge library doesn't have any ebooks of this author nor do they have any of the Anne George books on ebooks. Ahh well. I still have about 75 books on my Kindle I can read.

    Maggie: Sounds like you guys are keeping busy. Jack hasn't shaken his cold yet but he is coming along. I think one of the biggest uses for the neck bandanas was to keep dust out of their mouths and noses when it was windy on a trail drive. You're right though, they used those things for just about anything you would use a towel, hankerchief, etc for.

    Well girls nothing much shaking in my world. Hope you all have a great Thursday. Faye
  • Titilating Chilly Thursday


    It is another chilly day here in the ♥-Land but what should I expect since it is this time of the year when we get winter weather. I am waking up with a different flavor in my morning latte. They were out of my usual and I have a different lovely flavor to enjoy this day. Irish Cream, which is quite tasty ~ instead of my usual Vanilla. I may get brave enough to try more of their SF offerings for she read me quite a list of what they have.

    I don’t usually use a recipe for meatloaf and last night’s meatloaf was superb. I didn’t measure anything I dumped in it so I don’t know if I can repeat it again. Will wants me to make some mashed potatoes and serve them over the meatloaf for the dinner meal along with whatever veggies I decide to make. I got a real tasty recipe from the Pillsbury® folks for Bacon & Egg Savory Cupcakes. I figured it out as having 9P+ a serving and I will make it for a brunch one day soon. It is real easy to make for it takes bacon, canned biscuits, eggs and salt and pepper. I can lighten it up by using turkey bacon, beaters & light biscuits made from Bisquick®. If anyone wants the recipe, as is, I can e-mail it to you and you can decide how you want to bake it ~ lighten it up or as is, It makes 8 servings but one can make just whatever number you want. You can make just one in a 6-oz custard cup.

    Will is now on the board at the museum so now they will have a better say on what goes on down there. The museum director loves it that Will is now on the board. It seems that Will has been the mouth piece of museum ever since he has been a volunteer down there for they give him the points to bring up at the meetings for he is such a good presenter. I really like that director and he is a good friend of ours.

    My jail is all finished and looking good. Now I get to get started on some Christmas things. I have the cutest little hinges for the boxes. I do need to add some copper chain to my order for I notice I am almost out of that. I am getting low on several of my needful supplies. I use a length of that copper chain to stop the lid from opening too far. I also use it to hang the signs I put on the business houses. I am so thankful that the company I do my ordering from is so friendly and have all the supplies that I require. I have done business with them for many years and only had one piece of glass arrive broken. I called and reported it and they said they would replace it. They did ~ but not only the one piece but the whole box of 8 sheets came. I called and told them that was not necessary and they said that they were happy to do that for me since I was such a good customer. I guess as long as I have dexterity in my fingers I will continue to cut glass and get my supplies from them.

    It is lunch time and I think I will have some soup. Soup just sounds good on a day such as this. Since I am home alone with my furry friends I can eat what I want when I want it. And I want soup. I have some of my yummy “Peal-A-Pound” soup in the freezer that would be a good low-point+ choice. Actually it is a “NO point+” choice but if I go to adding anything that has point+ values in it I will surely count them.

    DONNA FAYE Sounds like the cold bug is making it's rounds in your family and making them feel lousy. Hope they have found meds that help those colds to move on through quickly. I love to use cold-eeze. My doc says sucking on that zink really does cut the duration of the cold in half. I try to always have some of that on hand especially this time of the year. I like the orange flavor the best. Wouldn't an Italian place have take out pasta? Bet they would.

    Have a great day Magnolias.
  • Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's been a beautiful day in my neighborhood with sunshine, NO wind, and 50 degrees this afternoon. I went to get my nails done this morning, sorted through a pile of catalogs, went to WW (maintained -- surprise, surprise), and went to church this afternoon to work on the newsletter. The program glitch I had on Monday carried over to the address labels so they aren't done yet. The poor secretary spent most of the time, I was there, on the phone with a company rep trying to figure out how to fix it. I told her she should have ignored the program updates because we've had nothing but glitches with it. I finally came home and told her to call me and I would come back tomorrow.

    "Gma" -- I haven't read any Anne George books that I am aware of. You got me hooked on Michael Connelly! I also brought home a Dick Francis book this time. I know how much you are looking forward to Jay and family coming. I hope Kelly is feeling better and can enjoy their visit. I know the flu is making the rounds here, so hope you all are healthy and feeling good while your company is there.

    Maggie -- Meatloaf is one of my favorites and mine never turns out the same way twice. I also get the Pillsbury emails; let us know how the bacon and egg cupcakes turn out. I'm glad your jail is finished and now you can work on Christmas gifts.

    This has been a hungry day for some reason. I think it will be Bob's night to cook! I really need to make a serious menu list and head for the grocery store. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening!
  • It's FRIDAY


    Time sure is flying by ~ this is already the last day of November. Today is the day I was able to order my pasta machine, along with the lasagna attachment and the ravioli attachment. I also am getting a scoop colander which is a long handled colander that strains pasta right from the pot & it holds nearly 4 cups. It will be a wonderful tool to use with my wok also. It is stainless-steel and dishwasher safe. I am so looking forward to making some homemade ravioli. This should really be the last appliance I will get for a long time now. I will have replaced all my old favorites now that I wanted to. Instead of that stand mixer I have a hand held one that has a balloon whisk and dough hook along with the regular mixer type whisk. I usually use my small bread machine to mix up what dough I may need though, so don’t use the hook very often but am glad I have it. It is a powerful hand mixer and does the job plus it doesn’t take up much room at all in a cupboard. I also have one of those emersion wand thingies that mix, whip, whisk or chop at a touch which lives in a drawer. So what I have done is replace some of the bigger appliances I had with smaller versions that work for me just as well.

    This evening we are going out to a place called Whisky Creek to eat. There is a western history author visiting here and we and the museum director are taking him out to dinner. I believe he is bringing his teen aged along so that will be five of us. I always order their grilled shrimp skewers when we go there and a sweet potato without the butter and cinnamon sugar they like to load it with. Just the potato is sweet enough for me. I get a tossed salad with the dressing on the side and do the fork dipping thing or just eat it without dressing. The food there is excellent.

    I was looking through all my glass patterns and cannot locate my box book. I found a couple pattern books that look interesting in my glass crafters catalogue that I will be ordering. I have some darling night light patterns that I can make in the meantime for folks like to have a night light. I wonder what happened to my box book.

    JEAN on your maintain. A maintain is always welcomed when one thinks they will show a gain. We aren't having any wind either this day. I am doing night lights instead of boxes this year but by next year I will have some boxes made for sure. I know the feeling when you get a hungry day. They come to visit me on occasion also.

    Have a great day Magnolias.
  • Evening girls. We are leaving in a little while to go to dinner with all the family. It will be a lot of fun. We are going to an Italian restaurant so they can carb up and we can visit with everyone.

    Jack is feeling much better but still runny nose is about all that is left and he gets stuffed up overnight but he is doing fine. Kelly sounds horrible and is coughing her head off.

    Well, they called and canceled my appt for my gyn and wanted to rebook on the only appt in Dec which was the same day as Jack's yearly cardiologist so I won't be going until January now. Luckily, I am feeling better than I was and can hang in there.

    Jean: Anne Georges books are really cute about 2 60+ sisters, one of which is rich and pushy and the other one just kind of goes along with her as it is easier. They keep getting into murders all the time. They are amusing books. Lauren Carr has good books too. Her Mac Faraday series is pretty good. If you watch Castle on tv you can get his books too. They are pretty good.

    Maggie: Those cupcakes sound pretty good. Jack loves my meatloaf. It isn't fancy, but he likes it. The Thanksgiving buffet had great meatloaf which amazed me. Usually, restaurant meatloaf is awful. Many times they just dump tomato sauce on the top of the meatloaf and it is so bitter.

    Just wanted to check in today. We need to boogy! Have a nice weekend. Faye
  • Good Evening, Flowers! It's been another beautiful day in my corner of the world. I even had the sliding door open a crack this afternoon. I ran some errands this morning; the hospital employees had a "craft" sale which was more party type things like Pampered Chef and I didn't buy anything, stopped at the shoe store to buy a pair of Clarks I had my eye on -- they have gotten more expensive since I bought my last pair, and then picked up a few groceries. This afternoon I did laundry and debated about dragging out the tree. I just don't feel like decorating the big tree this year and keep putting it off.

    Maggie -- I can almost taste your home made pasta. I hope you find your box book. I am famous for sticking things away in a hurry and then can't find them when I want them. I'm sure you are too organized to do that. I could never figure out why I'm not as organized at home, as I was at school.

    "Gma" -- I'm so sorry your gyn appointment was canceled. I hope the food was good at the Italian restaurant tonight. Olive Garden is my favorite! Will has a sore throat and when I talked to him tonight I could hardly understand him. Beth said he sounds like he has a tennis ball stuck in his throat. If he is sick they won't do the surgery; I suggested taking his tonsils out at the same time but doubt if they would do that.

    I have a new book so think I will go read. I couldn't go to sleep last night and the last time I looked at the clock it was 3:35. I hope I can sleep tonight! Have a nice weekend!
  • Good Morning! It's foggy, but a "warm" 46 degrees this morning. Bob is off on his Saturday rounds, the dishwasher is running, fish is thawing in the sink, and I need to return books to the library. I've read one and tried to get another started but it just didn't catch my interest after the first few pages. Maybe Christmas will start to appear today, and then again maybe not.

    Have any of you heard of Green Coffee Bean Extract as a weight loss, energy booster "help"? Evidently Dr. Oz talked about it on one of his shows.

    I need to get a move on or the day will be gone before I know it. Wish the sun would shine and improve my motivation effort! Have a GREAT day and enjoy!
  • Saturday ~ Chilly This Day


    I am up early this day and all alone except for my furry friends. Will is out and about with that visiting historical author. We had dinner last evening with Jeff Broome and his son David along with our friend the museum director and had a lovely time yakking. We got there at 6pm and didn’t leave the restaurant until 9:30. The son is a college student and will soon be going to Finland for a semester. He is studying photography and since I had taken a class in photography in collage I knew from which he spoke. He was all interested in my stained glass building of things also so I gladly regaled him with my adventures in glass. We were having a lively conversation between the two of us while the three men were talking history. We will be all back together for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant today then over to the museum for Mr. Broome’s presentation which will be educational. That man knows stuff ~ lots of stuff. Makes me want to get a metal detector and hunt for artifacts. The story goes that Custer lost his signet ring during a battle and it is engraved with his initials and other telling things that show it was his and it is worth a cool million to the person that finds it. Well, we will probably just find some buttons and spent cartridges and arrows ~nothing worth nearly that much in monetary value. This historian fellow knows where those battles were fought and has gone to some of the sites where other folks haven’t been and found some real neat artifacts. He has invited us to visit him in CO and will be happy to show us his vast collection. It was funny that the museum director and he know a lot of things and places each other knows. In fact the museum director goes to CO to visit one of his dear friends and come to find out this historian just lives in a house down that same street. ♪♫It’s a small world after all. ♫♪

    I am sitting here munching on one of WW Berry-licious Cashew Chew bars that I have in my arsenal and it is very delicious for certain and drinking my coffee. Good 3P+ breakfast.

    JEAN Haven't heard much of the green coffee bean extract but there are so many diet "gotcha" things floating out there that I don't pay much attention to them. I do know for years "they" have said that green tea is very good for you and I drink that ocasionally.

    Have a great day Magnolias.
  • Good morning gals. We slept in a bit this morning until around 8 AM, which was wonderful. We always have to get up at least once to go to the bathroom but usually we go back to sleep fairly quickly. Since I haven't been in pain lately I am feeling better which is great.

    We decided not to go to the race today as parking is a nightmare, the walking can be a very long way and no bathrooms available. I really wanted to be there, but it just isn't going to happen. I talked to my son about it and he said he understood and his feelings aren't hurt, Kelly kept pressing about it trying to give me suggestions, but she doesn't think to the end about streets being blocked off etc. She suggested Jack drop me off at the end of the race, which is our semi pro baseball park, but he wouldn't be able to pull up close to the park as it is part of the runners area so I would have to walk a long ways anyway. So, just have to keep up on FB since she and Alicia are posting pics and such. They are probably past the 10 mile mark at this point.

    Jean: I love Olive Garden too. We went to an old business that has been here since 1923. We had a great time, great food, I ate way too many of their yummy rolls, and had fun with Jackson. He sat next to me and he was kind of overstimulated, but settled down when Tom went and got Thomas's Ipad. Thomas is boy scout camping this whole weekend and won't be home until Sunday. Anyway, Jackson was playing this one game and everytime I would start talking to his mom or Tom who were sitting close to me he would say, "Nonny watch me, watch me!" So, I mainly watched him play a video game! You know I really hate it all! I got a couple more of the Anne George books and they are really funny. Check them out if you get a chance.

    Guess I will go in and unload the dishwasher. You gals have a great day today! It is lovely and warm here today, perfect for a marathon. Faye
  • Good morning ladies! Overcast day and currently 56 degrees.

    My Kindle won't chage anymore and it won't work with the power cord either so I called Amazon and they are sending me a new one. First they sent a new power cord and that didn't work and when I called back they said a new one is coming 2 day. Excellent customer service, no wait time with either call. I probably shouldn't say call because I did it all with their online chat. Meantime I'm having withdrawal.

    Yesterday Sandy and I went to Bella for their Christmas open house and then did a couple of thrift stores, Trader Joe's and COSTCO. After that we finished the day with an early dinner at IHOP since I had a BOGO coupon. I had the senior tilapia with a double order of broccoli instead of the potatoes and skipped the bread and hollindase sauce.

    I finished my ActiveLink assessment yesterday so today it's counting and I'm stoked to see some points come up. I set up my 12 week Challenge and then my scheduled of what I'm going to do for exercise. The Challenge starts tomorrow.

    How do you like the changes to the WW website? WW 360 has that portion of the program that people really need - making behavior changes. I set up my 3 things to work on this week. We have a huge stack of boxes containing the new materials ready to start passing out tomorrow. The deluxe kit will be on sale for $35 until the end of the month and one nice addition is a set of collapsable silicon measuring cups, new cookbook, new materials. We are down in numbers, as always between Thanksgiving and Christmas, right now but the January deluge is on the horizon.

    Faye, I like Olive Garden, but seldom go there. Our library bee will be having dinner there and I already know I'll be having the apricot chicken with asparagus. It's so good. Even better we had a $5 off coupon in the paper today. I know the "Nonny, watch me!" was music to your ears. How did the race go?

    Jean, I have some Pampered Chef seasonings that are sooo good...Dill Blend, Cinnamon Plus, Asian Blend, Dill Blend, and Bouci Garni. I also have their microwave steamer pot I found at a yard sale for $1 and it makes perfectly steamed veggies. I just ordered a smaller pot for the microwave. Their pizza stone is wonderful for pizza and breads.

    Maggie, I think you'll like the new WW cookbook. I really enjoy and use the calendars you send each month. I'd love to see a picture of Will in his santa costume.

    Have a wonderful day, ladies!
  • Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's 61 degrees with a slight breeze. Beautiful day! We skipped church this morning; I've been fighting a sinus headache and it came back last night. We actually slept in which is very, very rare at this house. I've been working on Beth's afghan off and on today; I'd like to get it done before Christmas but not sure if that will happen.

    Maggie -- It sounds like your Friday night dinner was really enjoyable! It's always fun to visit with someone who travels. I just read a blurp that Dr. Oz promoted some sort of raspberry supplement on one of his programs. I don't watch him very often so missed that one too.

    "Gma" -- I'm glad you are feeling better, but don't blame you for not wanting to stand and walk at the race. Did Thomas get to spend any time with Jackson? I know you enjoyed being with him.

    Susan -- I'm glad you are getting a new Kindle! I keep waiting for my iPad battery to die but so far so good. We charge it just about every night because we both use it. I must admit I haven't been to the WW site to check out the new program. We must have gotten the same coupons today as I cut out the OG one too!

    I have a load of Bob's undies to fold and another load of jeans to get in the dryer. Tomorrow I have a P. E. O. luncheon and then Bob's manor board Christmas dinner at night. I will try not to overeat! Enjoy the rest of your day and evening!
  • Simply Sunny Beautiful Sunday


    Got an early morning call from that author from CO this morning ~ his son wants that box I showed him yesterday and wants another also so I need to get that done this coming week. I think this one will have a butterfly on the lid. I have a house also to build for a gentleman who wants it for his wife for Christmas. So besides all the things I want to make I will have these to build ~ I will be kept busy for sure this month. I need to get my pattern books out and decide. Well I was looking around at things that I want to use as a box top and decided on a butterfly. I resized the pattern to fix the size box lid I want to make and will be cutting the glass tomorrow.

    I have to go to my yearly doc appointment tomorrow. Be good to hear what she has been up to this last year. I just go once a year to get a check up and pick up fresh prescriptions for the meds I take which allong with my vitimin regiman help keep me from going to see her more than once a year. Then to weigh in tomorrow night and hopefully they have the new program material on sale here so I can purchace them.

    We had pot-luck after church services today and I had a wonderful desert of more fruit. Someone had brought a nice bowl of fresh strawberries and blueberries and I ate them with my meal and had more for dessert. Tonight Will wants to go to Applebee’s and I can certainly choose a WW entrée there.

    JEAN Well raspberries are good for you ~ I love them fresh. Wasn't aware they had them in pill form. I imagine you can get that afgan finished if you keep at it some each day.

    SUSAN I like eating at I-Hop ~ they are very nice about making substitutions and their food always tastes fresh. I know a gentleman who will be taking lots of picture of that "Will as Santa escapade" and I can surely get one from him. I can sure see him shrinking since he has been trying now to lose.

    DONNA FAYE I too love Olive Garden, but alas, there isn't one here nearer than 3 and a half hours. So you see we haven't graced their establisment with our pressence in a long time. Olive Garden & Red Lobster are owned by the same outfit. Where there is one there is always one of the other ones close by. I also love going to the Red Lobster for fresh Red Snapper. Aren't kids just so precious ~ and they sure know how to capture your attention.

    Have a great day Magnolias.
  • Good morning gals. It is warm, warm, warm here. Supposed to be upper
    70's today though it is really cloudy. I have my morning chores done and next on the list is dusting and vacuuming this morning sometime. I also say for 2 hours and did my household budget for next year. I did give up after I finished August though and will go back to it maybe tomorrow and finish up. A few years ago I made a budget expense list that really helps. I put the payment amount and date it has to be paid then just go down the list and slot it into my budget. Things like utilities I estimate since I know approximately the top end of those. For things like swiss colony, which I have an account with and usually have a balance until the first of the year because I buy gifts from there for people like Tom's parents for Christmas or whatever. I give it a slot then when it is paid off, I mark paid off on the expense sheet until it has a balance again. It works great, but it takes a long time to slot in payments then things I don't pay every month, like my health insurance or our sirrius account for the car. I just put them on the list and the months and date they need to be paid. I couldn't live without a budget. I would certainly forget stuff for things I don't get paper bills for.

    We had a nice time this weekend with the kids. Jackson loved his presents, which was nice. They left for home this morning. Thomas was on a camping trip all weekend, but got home in time for presents and then out to eat last night. I got fish, but only ate one piece and none of the fries. We won't see them again until June when we go up there for his birthday.

    Susan: The guys did great. Jay finished with a 5:03 time and Tom about half an hour later. They got separated and Jay had to finally start running again. Tom was having problems because he still had cold remnants then developed a bad couple of blisters on his feet but they both finished. I am very proud of them both. Do you have the new Kindle Fire? My Kindle is being really sluggish opening and closing lately. Don't know what that's about. I have been enjoying books on it though. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

    Maggie: We went to Genghis Grill for lunch yesterday, Dad was treating, Jack and I sat amazed at Jackson. Thomas knows how to use chopsticks and eats with them as does his parents, but Jackson had never used them. He had to imitate T though and picked them up and used them like a pro. I couldn't believe he had the dexterity at 5 to not drop anything. I can't use the darn things very well at all.

    Jean: Jackson used Thomas's IPad when we went to dinner on Friday night and loved some game that was on it like I said. Jay said he really isn't into video games a whole lot. He is more physical, ball and running around and stuff like that. He was hopped up Friday night that's for sure.

    Well girls, it is almost 10 so I have to get some work done. You all have a great day. Faye
  • Monday Monday ~ Weigh Day


    Today is the day I go to see my doctor this afternoon. I received my pasta machine today and am anxious to make some homemade noodles, lasagna, & ravioli. However, I need to get those glass projects that folks want for Christmas presents done first. Well, maybe I can take a day and play with my pasta machine which is called Atlas 150 and made in Italy where they certainly know pasta. Just not today since I have to go out of town to the doc then have WW this evening. I may come back in here and post after I go to WW ~ I may celebrate or cry depending on what the scale says. I feel like I have lost but sometimes that feeling is fooling me and not telling the truth.

    DONNA FAYE Sounds like you have your bill paying down to a fine science. Swiss Colony does have some yummy entrees from which to order. I understand from those who have had that cold like Jack has that it is a long lingering one that is hard to shake. Bravo to him for getting in that race and bashing on regardless. I think it is great those little boys know how to use chopsticks! I love using them and eat whatever it is that I put in my bamboo bowl with chopsticks. I have a nice ivory set that I have had for years.

    Have a great day all y'all Magnolias. Tis the season.