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Maggie 10-16-2012 04:56 PM

Steel Magnolias #29


We went out to eat at our favorite Mexican place and I know how to count the points there. It is a beautiful day here in the ♥-land and I am enjoying it so much for it is verging on 80ºs. We have been out and about and stopped at the office supply store and I now have all my printer ink colors refreshed. I was also very happy to get some liquid red ink to refresh my little self inking “lips” stamp. I like to use it when I show a loss at WW in my “weight record booklet.” This week we are supposed to track our after 7pm munchies on a paper and turn it in next meeting. Since I am not much of a evening muncher there won’t be many entries on my munching list. :cp: I will type up a card for the entries that I may have to make.

I had ordered some refrigerator glass containers with lids awhile back to keep milk and other drinks in. Glass keeps liquids much colder than plastic cartons do. I had gotten my order and the half gallon container didn’t have it’s lid. I called the company and they mailed me one and it arrived today. I now have milk in glass containers. I bought 2 quart containers and 1 half gallon one. They all fit quite nicely on the fridge door shelf.

It is just about 3:30pm and I don’t have a clue yet of what I am going to make for dinner. Will has a check up with the doc at 5 so we will be having dinner after that. I need to make a decision and get something out to thaw. I guess I can get out a couple pork chops out to thaw and make some rice and cut up some fruit. I have some apples, oranges, bananas, and a pineapple. I just asked Will and he said, “Oh yes.”

DONNA FAYE Aches are the pits. Hopefully you feel much better by now. I think something is definitely worng with your bread machine if it does that to the dough. My little bread machine also makes jam and other things. :D Just think your next cruise will be here and before you know it you will be packing again.

JEAN You are going to love your house when you get it all back together with all you have had done to it. Are you doing the after 7pm snack thingie at your WW?

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

gma22 10-17-2012 07:43 AM

Good morning to you all. We are expecting whopper thunderstorms starting this afternoon but sunny skies until then. Fortune will have to empty his bladder right before the storms start I guess. :lol:

I am boxing up the souvenir stuff and Jay's bday presents today so I can mail them tomorrow. It is nice because if I send them priority, I can make the labels and such at home then just drop it off at the post office in their parcel mailbox. It's too bad it isn't outdoors though as you have to get in and out of your car and such, but you can't have everything I guess. :)

I have kitchen cleaning today and am going to make chili and corn bread for dinner tonight. I bought chili fixin's and potato soup fixin's when they said it was going to be cold and now it isn't but I still need to fix the soups. We haven't had chili since last fall/winter and it sounds good. Jack doesn't eat beans in his chili so I make it without then I add kidney beans to my soup. It gives me a nice bounce of fiber for one thing. I changed from buying gr sirloin to gr round as the sirloin had so little fat it was hard to use in dishes where you wanted crumbled burger likes soups and such. It doesn't up points over the long run either.

I am coming along on the current pr of socks. I am knitting the foot so they should go pretty quickly. I need to get Jack to help me ball my hanks skeins tonight though so I can contine when I need them. I got my yarn yesterday and I think I may have enough leftover from Jack's cruise sock heel and toes to put on my socks. The yarn has aloe in it so should be nice and soft on the tootsies.

Maggie: I really like Pampered Chef products and have quite a lot of it. One of the things I bought years ago was this tube style measuring cup. It has a plastic inner liner cup, then has a tube that slides over it with the colored measurements on each side. We use it constantly. I noticed a week ago the tube part had a crack down the side, but since the cup part was ok I thought what the heck. Good thing I bought a new measuring cup this last weekend (which was plastic and cost me nearly $9 btw!) as yesterday morning, Jack was going to measure out the milk for his cereal and the whole bottom of the inner cup just fell off! :lol: Nothing lasts forever! :D I think the whole idea of your munchies list is to show guys/gals what they are eating later in the evening. Like you I am not a late muncher, but that is because I go to bed early. Jack and I usually have a WW ice cream for dessert after dinner, then around 5-6 have a diet soda with a package of cheese crackers or in my case pbutter crackers. I don't ever eat fruit at night.

Jean: The design does and doesn't on some socks. Like Jay's pair I had to match where I left off with the new yarn so the pattern would continue without a big expanse of gray or whatever, but you usually don't waste a whole lot of yarn when you do that. This pair I am knitting now is all over the place because the leg and upper foot has a pattern and the heel and foot is straight stockinette. So I have blobs of colors in some places and almost a striping in others, but since it isn't a self striping yarn, but just a multiple colored yarn, that is what you are going to get. How is the afghan coming along? Did I tell you I met a lady on the ship who showed me her pinky finger and it was permanently in a bent position. She told me she was going into the hospital to have it straightened when they got off the cruise and it was caused by the fact she wrapped her yarn for crocheting around her pinky and bent it to keep it in place. Her finger was bent completely into her palm! I do that for knitting, but also thread it through my fingers so the pinky wouldn't have as much stress on it I don't think.

Well chores await as does the sock. Have a good middle of the week all! Faye

Maggie 10-17-2012 04:27 PM



It is currently 64ºs here in the ♥-Land and not expected to get any higher than a couple more or so degrees. We are under a “wind advisory” and it is blowing big time. Makes me want to sneeze more than usual. My shower this morning felt so good for I could hear the wind outside the bathroom window and my water came down nice and easy in the shower. :D

In spite of the wind Will BBQed the burgers for lunch and they were so good. All I have to count point wise is the burger and the bun because I don’t use any sauce on them but I pile on the veggies. When I slice a tomato for our burgers I chop up the rest of the tomato and eat it along will my pickles and hot peppers. Anyway I much prefer home grilled burgers than any we get eating out.

Oh how I would like the wind to stop for it makes me sneeze and my eyes itch. On days like this I can tell this house isn’t real tight for it lets little particles come in and get to me.

Lo and behold Will has announced he is getting “serious” about losing weight. He knows that I haven’t felt deprived while I have lost weight and he said he should be able to cut back and do the same. It has finally dawned on him that if he eats the same things ~ but not as much ~ surely he could lose weight. I told him I will not tell him what to eat and will stay out of his program ~ he stays out of mine and I can do the same for him. He asked me to make him a “weigh in” card so I can do that for he plans on starting his program on the coming Monday. I will gladly do what I can to help him when he asks. :yes:

DONNA FAYE Isn't "Pampered Chef" one of those party type things where you buy products? I think I have only been to one of those partys and still have a great pizza stone that I use in the oven for other things besides pizza. :D As I recall they have great products. I bet it feels great to get those items all ready and ready to mail. For my after dinner treat last evening I drank a bottle Perrier water for a grand total of 0p+. :p There aren't going to be many "food" entries on my card when I turn it in at the Monday meeting. ;) chili and corn bread sound yummy.

Have a great afternoon/evening Magnolias. :wave:

Jean 10-17-2012 04:29 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! The wind is blowing hard and the leaves are swirling around; there won't be many left on the trees, if any. This morning I went to get my nails done and ended up having 8 of them redone as my own had grown out enough. He used the same goop as when I have the acrylics so hope they don't break. Then I went to WM for cat food; the dry food I feed Ernie's little brother is almost $3 cheaper there. A friend called and wanted to know if I needed more birthday cards for church. Her neighbor's dad is an auctioneer and bought several huge boxes of Hallmark cards at a sale. She tried to sell them at a garage sale and no one bought them. I wouldn't even guess how many boxes she has, but I bought 40 at 25 cents each. I have bell practice later this afternoon, need to clear off the kitchen counters before I go, and hang some pictures back on the walls.

Maggie -- I'm usually not an evening muncher and try not to be a drinker either. :lol: WW is tomorrow so I will know if tracking the snacks is going on here. It probably is. Not too long ago I saw on tv a tip about keeping liquids in the refrigerator door. They said the door isn't cold enough for milk :dunno: but other liquids would be ok if one didn't want them as cold. I only buy 1/2 gallons and keep it on a shelf inside. I do keep juice in the door though. I don't drink milk so have no clue if it is really cold, and Bob never says anything.

"Gma" -- Are you working on your own socks now, or Christmas gifts? I have a lot of PC things because Beth used to sell it. In fact she's given me a few things I've never used. :o Some of it is more trouble to put together, and wash the parts than it's worth to me. My favorite things are the can opener and the vegetable peeler. :yes: What time do you eat dinner? I feel for the lady with the bent pinkie finger. Ouch!

Susan -- What are you up to these days? I hope you are just busy and everything is status quo in your world. :twirly:

I need to get busy in the kitchen! Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

gma22 10-18-2012 10:15 AM

Good morning to you all. We too had the wind yesterday for a couple hours but then we had bad storms last night one after another. We were in a tornado warning for awhile, but they were really northwest of us more like out by the Navy base. Fortune didn't sleep well last night. I put him in his Thunder Shirt, but he still would go and get on the steps and sleep there for awhile then come down and get in my lap downstairs and back and forth all night.

I am 6 rows from being at the toe decreases for this first sock. The colors are wild and bright and cheerful for sure and it has been a fun knit. The only bad thing about socks is there are two of them! :lol: You feel all accomplished and realize you are only halfway done. There is a procedure where you can knit them both at the same time using two circular needles, but I never caught on to it and don't really like magic loop which is knitting with circular needles to make socks so I just use my handy dandy double points, which before I learned to do socks thought I would never be able to ever use.

When Jack gets home this afternoon, I will run the box for the kids over to the post office. Jack is fixing flank steak for dinner tonight and I may fix some scalloped potatoes to go with instead of a baked potato. I am going to fix some asparagus I think too.

Maggie: Yes, Pampered Chef is a direct sale company like Tupperware. I have bought stuff when a friend or family member has a party. I have baking stones and like them a lot. I also have their stone bread pans and I really like them, though I don't make bread much anymore. I am more into their gadgets like lemon zester, melon ballers, stuff like that and I have their set of measuring spoons and dry measuring cups too and like them a lot. Jack has lost about 8 lbs or so since coming home from vacation. One of the things that helps Jack though is he can't sit around and snack working. He eats a bowl of cereal for breakfast, takes a sandwich or a lean cuisine for lunch, then has whatever I make for dinner. He eats an ice cream treat most nights and around 5:30 or 6 has a package of crackers and cheese and a diet soda. He has a very strong will power and only gives in when I want to eat out or something. It is sure is the older we get, the harder extra weight makes it for us.

Jean: Since Jack leaves so early for work and eats at 5 am, then has early lunch around 11, he is hungry when he gets home so we eat really early 3:30-4 pm most of the time. Wow, what a deal on cards! I watch a program that is on at 7 AM I think on Tue or Wed on HGTV called Cash and Cari and she sets up estate sales and such. Interesting to see what people will sell when they want to empty out their home or whatnot. The socks I am working on now are for Kelly, whose birthday is next month, then I have two pairs to make by Dec 1 for the boys for Christmas. We are doing Thanksgiving and Christmas the first weekend in Dec as Jay is coming down here with his family for the St Jude's Marathon so I have to have them done earlier. If I can get her other sock done in the next week and get the hanks rolled, I can start on Jacksons socks, which are smaller so will go faster. Thomas wears a men's size 8 now so they will take a bit longer.

Well gals, today is dusting day and sprucing up the upstairs so I better get to it. I was up so much with Fortune and the storm last night that I slept in so am a bit behind. Have a nice Thursday today. Faye

Jean 10-18-2012 03:04 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's windy and pouring rain -- another crappy weather day in my corner of the world. We need the rain but I could do without the wind. I went to WW this morning and it wasn't pretty although the same as last time. I wore jeans and a sweatshirt because that's what I had on. Because of the weather, I'm assuming, not many were there -- lots of parking spots to choose from. http://forums.delphiforums.com/dir-icon/0/2/tongue.icon

Maggie -- We both posted within a couple minutes of each other yesterday. You were faster than I was! ;) Yes, we are doing the evening snack attack here too. I won't have much to hand in next week either. It's nice of you to share your wind with us -- the advisory just came on the tv. Will you have to alter your menu plan at all if Will is on the weight losing bandwagon with you?

"Gma" -- The weatherman was saying that our drought conditions caused us to have fewer tornadoes this past summer. :dunno: I hadn't really given it much thought but we didn't have any warnings right in our area. Ian's feet are growing too! In fact, his feet are bigger than Beth's which he thinks is so funny. I'm sure he is going to be tall like his parents. Jason's feet grew first and then he grew taller. I guess your meal times would be earlier with Jack leaving for work so early. Does that make the evening seem long for you?

I need to do the end of the day register counting and paperwork for the gift shop today and tomorrow. I usually go in about 3 since there isn't much going on the last hour or so. Hope you all are having a nicer weather day than I am. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

Maggie 10-18-2012 04:23 PM

Titilating Chilly Windy Thursday


It is so chilly today with all that wind blowing. I am about to go and check the thermostat and see if it is set for summer weather still. For dinner I got out some BBQ meat and I will serve it with something I am sure. It is some of that real good BBQ that the man brings around that has been a first place winner in several contests. I think I will go the easy route and serve it on hamburger buns and serve some more of that wonderful fruit I have cut up with it. I was wondering what to do with the rest of those hamburger buns left over from when Will grilled those burgers. It feels so much better in here now that I have flipped the switch over to heater once again. Will had a meeting with the chief of police this morning about him becoming their chaplain. The chief said he is having a department meeting in November and will bring it up to the force. He also got a call from the Sheriff to discuss being their chaplain so he has a meeting scheduled with him. He was chaplain for the sheriff department when we were out in CA.

I had a delicious lunch consisting of a Schwan’s® egg white – cheese – turkey sausage muffin for 6P+. We also have a box of the whole egg, cheese, and pork sausage ones for 12 P+ in the freezer. Will is going to have to try one of the ones that I eat. He may be surprised for they are really good. His realization of the fact that his muffins are double the points may be a factor of how well he likes the lighter version. :yes:

JEAN I won’t have to change the way I cook for they are “program friendly” meals. Will will just have to eat less of it, for that way he can lose. He will also have to cut back on his evening snacking. He is a snacker. I e-mailed you the little chart I made to keep track of my after 7pm snacks. Snacking after dinner hour just isn’t one of my problem areas. My problem lies in just too much of a “good thing” consumed during meals. Maybe I should print out a copy of that chart and place it on Will’s desk as a gentle hint. Will loves his bowl of cereal before going to bed. I think that is a “man” thing. For starters he could eat half as much.

DONNA FAYE Do you ever get tired of knitting sox and more sox? I think if I knitted sox I would have lots of pairs for myself after gifting to the family. I have to wear long sox because of this brace and found a source of where to get some neat ones. It is a place that re-enactment folks buy things for their costumes. Miners had nice long sox that came up over their knees of varying colored stripes in them that work for me.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

gma22 10-19-2012 09:15 AM

Good morning to you all! It is kind of cool this morning and overcast. I am watching this shopping addiction show and these women are nuts! I can't believe they go shopping when they are going to be evicted from their home. This one crazy lady is addicted to shopping at a dollar store for heaven's sake. She goes almost everyday and spends about $400 at a dollar store. It is crazy. Her friend is an enabler.

I finished the first sock and have started the second and started Jackson's sock. I can go back and forth if I get bored.

Maggie: I like knitting socks and they are a nice gift to give so I guess that is why I knit them all the time. I get my gifts done for this year and I want to start on throw rugs for the house and some matching throw pillows. I will store them until we paint the house and get the new floors put in. It will be fun to create colors. I would like to knit myself more socks. I have a few months before I start anything next year so maybe I can make myself more socks. The bbq sounds yummy. Hope you enjoyed it. I am making chicken and noodles for dinner tonight.

Jean: We go to bed fairly early because of Jack getting up so early so sometimes it seems a bit long but usually I do ok as far as WW is concerned. How is the afghan problem coming along? Crocheting is so much different than knitting I am not sure I helped you much, especially if the afghan is more of an open weave.

I had a weird night for sure and it has to be those darn pills. I would wake up soaked in sweat but chills running up and down my back. I would put on more cover and I put on a sweater and almost immediately had hot flashes causing me to sweat and round and round. It didn't stop until I gave up trying to sleep and just got up. So I am dead tired now, but not sure I want to try to sleep at the moment. :^: I know I am not sick as I never had a fever so it has to be the hormones. I think I have two weeks left and then we shall see what happens I guess.

Everyone have a spectacular weekend! Faye

Jean 10-19-2012 07:49 PM

Good Evening, Flowers! It's been another cloudy, windy, misty/rainy day in my corner of the world. The weatherman has promised sunshine for tomorrow so I hope he is right. I'm ready! I had library books due today, then stopped for bread and milk on my way home. This afternoon I had to close out the weeks money and paperwork for the gift shop so will count that and make the deposit tomorrow. I'm waiting for a BIG check from the hospital and whoever pays the gift shop is a week late. It will probably be there Monday and I'll have to make another trip.

Maggie -- I've had our heat turned on for a few weeks. It's chilly in the morning until the sun moves around to the south and west windows which is where I am most of the day. It's nice of Will to consider being the chaplain for the police and sheriffs departments. Our former associate pastor was fluent in Spanish so was always getting calls from the local jail. I must say that if I snack on anything I prefer a crunch of some sort. :yes: I try not to have anything except popcorn or pretzels in the house.

"Gma" -- I am not a shopper! I can't imagine being addicted to shopping anywhere. I try to have a list and get in and out as fast as I can. :dance: I am going to the yarn website and see if they have any suggestions. Otherwise think I will try fabric glue on one knot and see if it holds or gets stiff. Because of the way the stitches overlap I can hide the knot. I hope you sleep better tonight!

Bob just invited me to go to the hardware store with him so I'm off. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

Maggie 10-19-2012 08:13 PM

Finally Friendly Friday


Well I got back from the dentist before lunchtime and was still a bit numb in the upper right lip area from the shot he gave me so he could replace an old filling that was just starting to leak . :cp: Being numb made it hard to drink my soda ~ leaked out of the side of my mouth until I put a glass straw in the can to drink from. :lol: Now I am good until I go for another cleaning in April of next year. The wind is blowing but not as hard as it did yesterday but still hard. I wouldn’t mind it so much but it brings so much dirt with it. All the animals stay pretty much inside when the wind is like this. Since the weather has cooled off we take them along with us more and they sure do like being with us in the Jeep.

There are a few things that I “had” to get done this day so I got a list started. I didn’t need to get something out of the freezer to thaw for dinner because Will wants to go out to eat at Applebee’s this evening. The Home Improvement type place Will does business with is giving him a counter top that had a scratch on it and it is a large size ~ 9 feet long by 3 feet wide ~ which will be great for a work surface for his leatherwork. He can build a frame for it and have a nice sturdy table to work on down stairs. He has several orders of things that men want him to make for them out of leather for their re-enactment uniforms. They have given him several nice left over pieces of counter tops that he uses in different areas of his “shop.”

Will said he needed to go to Wal*Mart for some things and I went along this afternoon. I just felt that I needed to get out. We picked up some of the WW meals that I have free coupons for while there for I was out of those type of frozen dinners and we didn’t order from Schwan’s® today.

JEAN I don't think that fabric glue will stiffen up ~ it is supposed to be pliable. I am a more of a crunch person than a sweet person when it comes to snacks. A good snack is popcorn or celery with some WW cream cheese in it. I don't shop in stores either. I make great lists and Will does the shopping. He is so good and always remembers to get me some Perrier water even if it isn't on the list. I love drinking a bottle of that in the evening so that must be my evening "snack."

DONNA FAYE Chicken and noodles is a great "comfort" meal. I have some in the freezer that I will be taking out next week one day to heat up. It is so good especially in cold weather. Having those night sweats must make you miserable. Hopefully when you finish the pills it will be the end of the sweats.

Have a great evening Magnolias. :wave:

Jean 10-20-2012 10:58 AM

Good Morning, Flowers! It's a foggy morning in my neighborhood, but no wind nor rain. I'm impatiently waiting for the sun to shine. :p Bob and Jason are meeting at the lake to plug up a hole under the cabin where a raccoon has been coming and going according to a neighbor. Jason is bringing firecrackers to scare him out if he's in there. Bob is hoping the dock has been taken out since he left the guy a message but has never gotten a bill. Otherwise they will have to do that too. I've got the gift shop deposit ready to go to the bank and need to think of something to fix for a decent meal when Bob gets home.

Maggie -- I hope your wind has died down as has ours. We don't even have a breeze blowing which is so nice for a change. Lots of leaves fell the last couple days but we still have 3 big trees to go. I'm hoping we'll have some on the ground for the kids to play in next weekend when they are here. Bob will "shop" if I give him a list and can tell him approximately where things are in the grocery store. The problem is I just get to know where things are and then the stores rearrange. :hyper: I noticed the other day, when I stopped for bread and milk, the clerks were moving a whole section of stuff.

I need to get a move on and accomplish something this morning. Enjoy your day and may the sun be shining on you! :wave:

gma22 10-20-2012 03:41 PM

Afternoon, gals! It is a nice day here today in the upper 60's.pw 70's. We had to go to Wally's (ugh) today and I told Jack coming home I could stand to have the whole fall and winter like this and not have any cold weather at all this year. Ya, like that is gonna happen! :lol:

I absolutely hate Walmart, but it is cheaper than Krogers so we trooped out there this morning to pick up some "tide us over" stuff. Like Jean we needed milk and bread and I needed some snack stuff and some frozen meal lunches. I wanted some lowfat ice cream but their selection was really crummy so I passed. Better to just leave it alone I guess.

I am coming right along on the second sock. I have the leg half done and I have started Jackson's sock too. The kids got their box today and Jay texted me and said everything was awesome but his keyring broke, which bummed me out. It was a kool keychain from St Thomas. His cost a lot more than the little plastic one I sent Jackson to put on his backpack, which cost me a buck and it came through fine! :lol: I told him I hoped his socks fit. I am always nervous when they can't try them on so I can rip out and fix them if they don't fit.

I did the mopping this afternoon, pounded sirloin for chicken fried steak tonight and am going to try to dust, but since Jack is planted in front of the tv watching college football today that is doubtful. I will just get to it tomorrow then be a day ahead on my chorese.

Last week we went to Target and I bought a long bathmat for in the tub to keep me from slipping. Since I have totally flat feet, I slide on surfaces really easily even carpeting sometimes. I get really nervous getting into the tub and this is a nice long one that makes me feel a lot less anxious. I don't take it out every day, but I take it out when I clean the tub and spray tilex on it and rinse it off and let it dry so it won't mildew or rot as fast. Jack is a peach that he doesn't grouse about it being in the bottom of the tub all the time and I know he doesn't like bathmats in the tub.

Jean: Sounds like the guys have some jobs ahead of them this weekend. I hate it when they start fooling with grocery store stuff or when Walmart rearranged their whole store. Kroger rearranged every store here in town so that they all were exactly the same. I am still trying to figure out where stuff is now since I had the store memorized. One of the cool things with Krogers is that because I have one of their reward type cards and signed up on their website, every time I buy anything at Krogers, a small percent goes into a fund for Thomas's boy scout troop. It gives money to the boys to buy stuff they need for camping and such, which is nice.

Maggie: I had to laugh about you getting out. I told Jack today when we were at Walmarts, "Well, guess I had my outing for the week!" I hate to keep the car during the week because I have to get up and get dressed so early to take him to work then seems like my day whizzes by and it is time to go out and get him again so I just stay home and try and do things on the weekend.

Well girls, guess I should get back to getting something done. Have a nice weekend. Faye

Maggie 10-20-2012 04:46 PM



It is a spring type day here in the ♥-land for the wind has stopped and it is in the high 60ºs and not expected to get over the top of 70ºs into the low 80ºs. There is a train show at the fairgrounds and Will is down there selling raffle tickets for that rifle the museum is presenting. There are trains down there of all sizes of the collector type. We are still looking for a very small one to go with my glass village but the ones down there are very spendy ~ too much per car. He was given a list of where to find them not so expensive, which is helpful, since we aren’t collectors. We know a man who has built a huge warehouse type building and has it full of trains running on tracks through country settings and city settings and hill and dale. Quite a production and he keeps building on it. Anyway we just want one little train. He said he saw folks spending thousands of dollars on train stuff while he was there. Not just a few hundred but thousands spent on collections.

I just ate a lovely lunch consisting of a WW frozen dinner called Chicken Fettuccini. Ate it with my chopsticks in my bamboo bowl and enjoyed every bite. I, of course, added some of my hot chili flaked to it. :yes: I like the WW, Lean Q and Schwan’s light dinners and get whichever ones are on sale or I have coupons for. Works for me when Will is out and about at meal time.

Tonight for dinner it is going to be Schwan’s® Shepherds Pie and salad with cut up fruit for dessert. That is easy enough on a busy day such as this.

DONNA FAYE Those frozen meal lunches are sure handy to have around aren't they. Your sox are coming right along and I know the recepients are very happy to receive them. :D

JEAN The time has come to winterize the cabin once again. Hopefully they were successfl getting that varmit to vacate his hole. They can do some real damage if left to their devices.

I am off to do some chores.
Have a great afternoon Magnolias. :wave:

Jean 10-21-2012 11:22 AM

Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is playing hide 'n seek with the clouds and the wind has picked up. At 46 degrees it's going to have to go some to hit the projected 77 today. We are having leftovers for lunch and then will hang some more pictures. Bob has to sing at second service so it will be a couple hours before I see him again. I have more laundry to do and the never ending "stuff" to sort through. I have to find Ian and Zowie's school pictures! Amanda gave them to me at a football game and I don't remember what I did with them -- hope not something stupid like putting them inside a magazine and then pitching the magazine. :eek:

Maggie -- We have a "train room" at Santa's Castle donated, kept repaired, and added to by a 90 year old gentleman. He loves to talk to anyone who is interested in the different trains. There is something mind catching about watching them go through tunnels, etc. There is an even bigger one on display in Spencer but I'm not sure if it's open year around or not. Good luck in finding a train for your village. There was no raccoon under the cabin, or if there was he slept through the firecrackers. :lol: The dock was out so the guys didn't have to do that. Bob said we have about 30' of beach which has happened since Labor Day. He will have to build more walking boards to get to the dock next spring.

Hope you all enjoy your day and do something nice for yourself! :wave:

Maggie 10-21-2012 06:37 PM

Simply Sunny Beautiful Sunday


It is currently 66ºs here in the ♥-Land and is said to get up to the mid 80ºs before the day is over with. No wind at all ~ just a light breeze now and then. We went by the fair building that was having the train show and saw folks carrying out lots of packages so some people have bucks to spend there. One guy bought an engine that cost him $6000 and no telling what the cars cost each. I guess I just never knew there were so many people interested in model trains. I located one on line that will suit our purposes and is small enough to work with the glass village and we don’t have to hock the farm to buy it either. :lol:

I am so incredibly sleepy this afternoon and don’t know why for I had a good nights sleep. I just had a snack of some fresh pineapple spears, WW string cheese and WW roasted salsa multigrain chips which perked me up. This is probably the best pineapple we have gotten yet this year ~ nice and perfectly ripe. I had a sandwich and cottage cheese with tomato chunks in it for lunch and am going to make a breakfast after evening services at church. I still have over half of my extra weekly points+ allowance left to use if I want this evening. So far I haven’t used any of my activity points.

JEAN The train folks filled up a whole huge building at the fair grounds but they were from all over and it was a 2 day event. Lots got sold. Those from the museum had a table there and sold some tickets for the raffel for that rifle for the museum. It is nice there was no varment living under you cabin for that could be a mess come next time you went to open up. How nice that dock man came and did his job and your hubby and son didn't have to do it afterall.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

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