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gma22 10-22-2012 09:18 AM

Good morning to you ladies. It is going to be a lovely day here, sunny and fairly warm in the 80's supposedly. I had a lovely long chat with my dil this morning. She said Jay didn't think his socks would fit and she told him, I bet they do, put them on and they fit perfectly. She said he was wearing them with his sandals! :lol: :lol: She told me she would take a picture of him in them. She told her he couldn't believe how soft and warm they were. She laughed when I told her I got sick and tired of knitting his darn socks. She just got back from a week in California visiting all her father's relatives, many of whom live in Mexico. Since Jackson is in school, she went with her mother and sister and niece. It was great to talk to her and tell her about the cruise and all. Since she is a pharmacist I ask her about the bonine and she said it should work well for me.

Today was weigh in day and I am down 6 lbs for the week! :carrot::carrot::carrot: I am not down a total of 14 lbs since I came back from vacation. I just have to keep focusing on the cruise for next year and that blasted safety drill. :lol:

Maggie: Jack would love to have a train set up, but there isn't any place to put it here. I know they spend thousands on their trains. It is a man being a little boy I think. Most men loved trains when they were boys. The museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has a cool train exhibit. I haven't been there in a long, long time. It a lot of walking and I mean a lot as the place is huge, but it is someplace everyone that visits Chicago should go to. Our school used to have field trips to the museum and we kids always loved that as we got to wander around on our own, then meet for lunch then wander around for a couple hours more then go home. I remember once we went by Greyhound style bus and we all thought we were in the big time not having to go by school bus. :lol:

Jean: I hope you found the school pictures ok. I told Jack I have to remember to go through all the catalogues I get to make sure I don't toss out the knitting magazine Kelly subscribed for me. I tend to just toss them all. It the lake situation because of not enough rain this season do you think??? Glad they fixed the cabin hole and the dock was out too. Seems like a lot of work. Glad you have the kids to help when they can.

Well, they moved my daily programming around to later in the day so I guess I better get to my chores for today. I need to get upstairs and get showered and dressed and do some stuff up there too. Have a great start to your week. Faye

QuilterInVA 10-22-2012 05:03 PM

Good evening, ladies! We're still having temps in the high 70s and low 80s during the day but down in the 40s and 50s at night. The leaves are just starting to turn.

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted. Time just flies when you are having fun. The retreat went well and we were told to just plan on coming to all the retreats until they tell us to stop. We seem to be getting a bunch of quilting groupies. When they found out we'd be at spring retreat, they started signing up and in 2 weeks there are 22 signed up and only 8 places open.

Last weekend was the quilting expo at the Hampton Convention Center and, again, I had fun. I didn't take any classes but helped Glory.

Thursday night was Ladies of the Evening and Friday night was lock-in. More fun!

I spent the past weekend moving my quilting studio downstairs into my dining room which I never used. I really like having it here and will get more sewing done. Casper has been having fits at the furniture rearranging. He has to investigate everything thoroughly.

Faye, you are like a sock knitting machine! I hope your female problems will finally be over. You are doing great with your weight loss!

Jean, you sound like me - always forgetting where I put stuff.

Maggie, have you gotten the new Hungry Girl Cookbook? I really love it.

Have a great evening!

Maggie 10-22-2012 09:50 PM

Weigh Day


It is a lovely day in the high 70ºs and I am back now from going to the dentist to get a spot smoothed on my new filling. Afterwards we stopped by Sonic and I had their roast chicken sand. We then stopped by Wal*mart™ to pick up some necessary items. I stayed in the car and watched people. While sipping my sf ff vanilla latte I enjoyed watching the shoppers loading their goodies they purchased. There were several really cute kids being pushed by in shopping carts that smiled and waves at me. I can imagine what fun they will be having at Christmas. It is interesting to see the different vehicles the college kids are driving now days. One gal drives by in a Rolls where another has a Jeep, PT Cruiser , Mini Cooper or a Volkswagon Convertible. One can usually tell what kids have rich parents by what they drive. However, some of the guys that drive beat up pick-ups are doing that by choice and it doesn’t denote how much money they come from. Most of the students are driving those generic little cars. Gotta watch out for the oriental drivers here for they don’t know how to drive or use their signal lights. What is really neat is to see the college kids walking with their grandparents. The folks have moved away and then sent the kids back here to go to college and live with the grandfolks.

I don’t have a cold but have been sneezing up a storm. The wind we get here brings things to my nose and eyes which are watering. I should own stock in the Kleenex company. :yes:

I am down a couple of pounds on my scale today so I should show a loss at WW this evening. Since I typed this earlier :comp: I am now back from WW :goodscale: and did show a loss of 2.4 pounds. :cp: That brings me to a good 82 pounds down.

I have been looking through some catalogs that have Christmas items and found a few things that will work great with my glass village. There is a little 2 inch crystal snowman that is adorable and a battery operated fiber optic Christmas tree that is 13 inches tall that will work great. There is also a 3 inch diameter 3D crystal sun burst ornament that I can hang from the ceiling over the village. I have got to place that catalog in a special place and not toss it like I am doing most of them. If Michaels doesn’t have the tiny plug in Christmas light strings I have gotten there before and installed on a few houses I can get some of those little individual battery operated tea lights to set under the buildings that will blink colors.

DONNA FAYE :congrat: for that terrific weight loss. You go girlfriend. It is really neat that you have a pharmacist in the family. Too bad Jack doesn’t have a room that he could set up some tracks and have a train or two.

SUSAN I will look in a local book store for that book or get it on line. I was unaware she had a new one out ~ I have 3 of hers. The last one was out in April 2011 and has 300 Recipes Under 300 Calories. Thanks for the heads up on that information that she has a new one out. Is it called Hungry Girl to the Max? What fun you have been having. Good idea to get your work moved downstairs now for it sounds like it would make things easier for you.

JEAN Hope all is well with you. :wave:

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

Jean 10-22-2012 10:14 PM

GRRRRRR! :mad:
I just typed a fairly long message and it disappeared! I am NOT doing it again tonight! :no:

gma22 10-23-2012 07:33 AM

Good morning to you all. It didn't get very cold overnight last night as I had the fans on all night. We haven't had to use the AC except once since we came back from vacation so I imagine it is done for the year, but it did get into the 80's here yesterday.

I have about 40 rows to go on the sock then can do the toe and I am done with that pair and can work on Jackson's. Yesterday was Jay's birthday so we called him last night and Jackson wanted to talk to me and he was filling me in on all kinds of stuff I wasn't sure what he was talking about, but I just, "Oh that sounds cool," or "Wow I bet that is neat." and he seemed satisfied. He would start to tell me something and then turn his head towards his dad and I would lose the end of the conversation. He informed me I bought his dad socks for his birthday. I had to laugh at that one.

I guess Jay and Jack are going to try and take Jackson to a baseball game in June when we go up there for his birthday. I promised him next year we would go up there so go up there we will. I guess the Cubs are in town that weekend so the guys made plans to get tickets and go on Friday I guess. I am not going. They sit out in the bleachers and I would get cooked like a Christmas goose even with sunscreen on so I am going to pass. I was totally miserable the last time we went so they can just have guy fun and I will find something else to do.

Maggie: Congrats on your loss. It is always great to see the scale go down for sure. It is dangerous to drive in this town for sure. People don't obey traffic laws at all even with cameras up in place. We don't see many of the college kids as the college is across town, though when we go to that little restaurant we went to for our birthdays or I go to my hair stylist we are more likely to see them. Mini Coopers seem to be popular here. I do not know why. You need a can opener to get in and out of those things! :lol:

Susan: I know you have to be glad having your studio downstairs now. We don't use our dining room either, at least not as a dining room so eventually my knitting stuff will be stored in cubes in there when we get flooring put in and such. Sounds like you have really kept yourself busy. I watch the Hungry Girl show on tv all the time but I don't have any of her cookbooks. I will have to check them out on Amazon I guess.

Jean: Sorry you lost your post. That is always extremely irritating.

Everyone have a great day today. I am going to start chores and get some knitting done. Faye

Jean 10-23-2012 10:29 AM

Good Morning, Flowers! It's foggy and gloomy here this morning. It's supposed to be sunny and in the 70s this afternoon. I see the guy across the street must have caught something while hunting . . . he's all decked out in his hunting get-up and unloading bodies out of his pickup. A couple weeks ago he had a deer hanging in his garage. Gross! We are heading to Sioux City later this morning and then have a church meeting tonight.

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another 2.4 pounds! Your determination is paying off! :cp: I can't imagine paying $6000 for anything! Bob has his collection of toy tractors but nothing remotely costing that much. Let's not talk about his big tractors though!

"Gma" -- :congrat: to you on being 6 pounds lighter! I'm glad Jay's socks fit! Nope, still haven't found the pictures. I can make copies from Beth's but wish I knew what I did with my own. :crazy: I would let the guys go to a game and not feel the least bit left out. If nothing else I would read a book or people watch at a mall.

Susan -- I was so glad to see you last night! :dance: I was beginning to worry about your. I have visions of you flying from place to place with a bag full of quilting supplies fluttering behind you. :lol:

I need to put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the counter. Enjoy your day today! :wave:

Maggie 10-23-2012 01:31 PM

Titilating Chilly Tuesday


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. We are to be in the 70ºs and low to mid 80ºs once again with no wind but a nice breeze is a tad bit chilly. I have been having a good time going through some catalogues in search of little things that will work with my glass village and have located quite a few items. The Christmas season is the best time to find these types of items. I am looking forward to our trip next month to the city to pick up some more strings of lights for my glass buildings. I am just having so much fun. :yes: The first of the month I will put in an order to the catalogues so the items will arrive in time for me to decorate around the houses for the season. It is hard to believe that it is already the 23rd of Rocktober and the new month is knocking the door. I found the cutest little :tree: for the village that I am anxious to get.

They are having a sale on some items at WW and last evening I bought a couple of the skins to personalize the points+ calculators I have. I got the psychedelic ones which make my calculator easy to see on my desk for sure. I covered also the calculator I keep out in the kitchen. :cp: I imagine they will come out with new covers for the calculators that will be with the “new program material.” All the current program material is on sale now. I am so determined to be down 100#s by Valentines Day :val1: of next year. That is my goal and I am going to do my best to reach it. :yes: My valentine gift to me is to reach this goal. Please keep your :crossed: for me to reach my goal of losing on the average a pound a week which will get me there.

DONNA FAYE What a charming little grandson you have. Cherish those moments you have with him on the phone. I am sure you will find something to entertain your self while the guys are at the game. I don't do bleachers well either and totally understand.

JEAN I goofed (a typeo) ~ That little train engine sold for $7000 and was made in Germany. I can think of a lot of ways to spend that much money. :p The man that bought it must be a very SERIOUS collector of trains. Now be realistic ~ where else could your neighbor hang his dear if he doesn't have a barn. Lots of folks use their garage for that.:D But I do understand you don't like looking at it ~ I wouldn't either. All I ever shot got hung in a barn.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

gma22 10-24-2012 08:53 AM

Good morning everyone! Another warm day here in the south. Kind of crazy for the end of October. It is usually in the 70's for the highest this time of year, but I am not complaining.

We got all our photos yesterday from the online photo store and they turned out perfectly. We got 50 free photos for signing up so we got 70 4 x 6 photos, a 5 x 7 and an 8 x 10 including shipping it was only 10$. I still have more photos I want to order, but I am waiting for Jack to get the still photos off our video camera and he can't figure out how to do it. :)

I finished Kelly's socks and am on the heel of the first sock for Jackson. I am breezing right along and may even get to start on my own socks soon, which would be cool, just in time for cold weather. I am anxious so see how soft these socks will be as they have aloe in the yarn.

I have kitchen cleaning to do today and haven't done a darn thing yet, but will get around to it before Jack gets home. We are having pot roast and carrots for dinner so that is easy peasy to pop into the oven. I like it is in the oven better than the crockpot, but use the crockpot when it is hot outdoors.

Jean: I actually could care less about going to the game. Frankly though I love the originality of Wrigley Field, the seats are made for people who were a lot smaller decades ago and they can be pretty miserable so I don't care about going. It will be nice for the three "Jacks" to go together and have their day. If my best friend is not working I may go and visit with her and take her to lunch and such. I miss her a lot. We have been best friends for 47 years. She is an only child and her parents are now both dead so I am basically her sister, at least she considers me her sister, which is fine with me! I think I would gag having a hunter hang his kill where I could see it. I am ok with hunting if they eat their kill, but I have a real problem with hunters that kill for sport. I often wonder how they would feel being hunted so their darn head could be put up on a wall as a trophy.

Maggie: I have really enjoyed my little dog house. I have it in my kitchen and turn it on every evening as a night light. Since we will be doing Christmas so early this year, I am not going to drag everything out and put it up. The problem here is the big windows are in the back of the house and the garage completely blocks a view of them and the front, has two smaller windows and have big tall bushes that cover the winow about chest high so no one would be able to see my decorated tree anyway. Since we always have Christmas at Kelly's because she has a big house, I just figure I am not going to the trouble. Maybe when I remodel then we will have it at our house sometime, but for now no.

I guess I better hope to it as it is almost 8 AM. I am watching this crazy show on HGTV where these sisters and their family has this huge junk place in Texas and does some crazy home decorating. Have a great middle of the week. Faye

Jean 10-24-2012 02:22 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a breezy rainy day in my corner of the world today. The sun never did come out yesterday; tomorrow is supposed to be down in the lower 40s. I worked in the gift shop this morning and sold one balloon, read some of my magazines, and cut free fitness center passes for the marketing department. Bob came for lunch and now I need to get busy on the clutter piles. We bought a couple wall things yesterday so would like to get those hung. Bell practice is at 5 and I need to stop for bread and milk either before or after.

Maggie -- :eek: $7000 is worse than $6000! I wish we could see your village all set up. The tiny trees will add a lot. :yes: With your determination you can reach the 100# mark by Valentine's Day! Has your leader given any hints about anything new for the program coming up? It seems like they always change something towards the end of the year.

"Gma" -- I know you will enjoy looking at your trip photos! I like to look at photo albums and Bob's mom had quite a few since her family was scattered. The grandkids get a kick out of seeing pictures of their parents when they were little. Are you making socks for Thomas this year? It's about time you made a pair for yourself. ;) I haven't gotten any Halloween decorations out and don't know if I will. Jason called last night and said they might come on Saturday and stay overnight which means I have to get busy in the bedroom! We moved a lot of the stuff there when the painters were here and I wasn't sure I wanted it all back to where it was so hadn't done anything with them. :o It would be nice if you could spend some time with your friend while the guys go to the game.

I need to do some laundry that is piling up. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday today! :wave:

Maggie 10-24-2012 11:28 PM

Wonderful Cool Wednesday


It has been a lovely day in the 70ºs here in the ♥-Land. I am currently drying some sirloin beef for jerky. Will got a sale on some thin cut meat and it is really thin. Thinner than I usually dry for jerky but it won’t take as long to dry but I hope it doesn’t get too dried out before it becomes jerky. I have to keep checking it each hour or so. The usual cut is ½ inch thick and 1 inch wide. This is just under a ¼ inch thick so I cut it into slabs instead of strips. I really like to start out with ½ inch thick and 1 inch wide pieces which take @ 10 hours to dry. :crossed: hope it turns out good. I am making mesquite flavored this time I’m using a dried marinade mix with 1 Tbsp. smoke flavor, ¼ tsp salt and ¾ cup water for the 1½ # sirloin. I let it marinade in the sauce for ½ hour before draining it and putting it in the dehydrator. 2 pounds of meat usually turns out ½ pound of jerky which is 2P+ an ounce. My 1½ pound will be slightly under ½ pound result I am sure.

Not much goings on this day otherwise. Had Bible study tonight and went out to I-Hop for dinner afterwards. I had beaters and turkey bacon and a biscuit.

JEAN The business surely will pick up at that gift shop closer to Christmas. Folks like to shop at places like that for friends and last minute things. No our leader hasn't said anything about the next years program except that there isn't much change. But they always do tinker with the program so we shall see. Gives them a good reason to put out the dining out companion and food companion booklets with some new information in them. :D I use mine a lot so don't mind getting new ones. :cool:

DONNA FAYE I totally agree with Jean about your making yourself some sox. ;) Looks like you are going to have a lot of fun going through all those photos. Memories to cherish. We won't be doing a lot of Christmas decorations but since we do have "drop in's" it is nice to have it looking a bit festive. I will spend most of my home shopping on the village things, I do believe, for I have found some neat glass things to go with it.

Have a great Evening Magnolias. :wave:

gma22 10-25-2012 09:41 AM

Good morning to you all! It seems overcast at the moment, but we aren't supposed to get rain until tomorrow, which makes it fun of course because I have errands to run and Fortune to the groomers tomorrow.:( It is supposed to get cold too, upper 50's for a high and it will be mid 80's today for a high. Long pants and sweater here I come!

We are going to have pk chop, stuffing and asparagus for supper tonight. I told Jack last night for a dinner that is made in one pan, pot roast nights always make a big fat mess. We are going out to dinner to Genghis Grill tomorrow night because I have a 2fer coupon where you get dinner, your drinks and a sundae to split between you for $20. We haven't been to Genghis for quite awhile since way before our cruise so it will be nice. It is a place you can keep the calories down by putting a lot of veggies and just a bit of meat or no meat in your bowl. I always like the asian noodles, but they have rice and a rotini style pasta too.

I only have 4 days left on my hormone meds so am looking forward to it and dreading it if it does what it has before when I stopped them. I may consider doing one more round of this meds and d and c thing but then that is it. I am not going to keep this up. I have to make an appt with her and with me reg dr in December so I should be doctored out by then. :^:

I ordered all of Jackson's Christmas presents this morning so that is done. I have to get the older one to send me a list so I guess I should email him and get him going on it. Jackson is kind of easy at this point as you buy him anything superheros and he is a-okay with it. I got him a couple of the movies, a Wii game that is batman and lego, which had great reviews for kids his age and another lego avengers kit. I also bought him these ridiculously overpriced things he has been begging his mom for, they are tv commercials and one is a blanket with a dog's head that becomes a puppet and the other are dragon slippers that growl when he walks. I know, I am a pushover Nonny! :lol:

Jean: Yes, I am making a matching pair of socks for Thomas. They will be the same as Jackson's only bigger of course. I decided to start on the littler ones first as they will go faster. I have Jackson's first one almost done already. Since Thomas no longer does trick or treat, we don't do anything for Halloween. We have few kids here and the lighting out front isn't good so I don't give out candy. It is too much of "the hood" to do things after dark here. I ordered Jackson a Halloween pail from the popcorn place and had it shipped to him to arrive on Halloween. I need to email Alicia about that and let her know it is coming.

Maggie: I can tell it is fall, Maggie is doing the jerky! :lol: Have you seen all the articles and such about the chicken jerky you can buy for your dogs? I guess it is made in China, pretty much all the brands and it has been killing dogs. Fortune doesn't like jerky so I haven't ever bought any, but I sure have checked my dog treats to make sure they are american made. I guess it is only the chicken treats made in China. I don't do "greenies" for Fortune either because I have heard they will chunk off and choke dogs. I do buy him teeth cleaning treats and he likes the plain only little alpo dog treats and pupperoni, he likes those and a few other things. I have more problems with him deciding he won't eat the dog food anymore than anything else. He can drive me crazy when he does that. :lol: I want him on dry dog food, but he absolutely refuses to eat it anymore. It is better for him, especially since he is almost 13 now, but nope, just won't eat it.

Well girls, have a great day. Today is clean the bathroom upstairs, which I always look forward to so much! ;) Faye

Jean 10-25-2012 10:59 AM

Good Morning, Flowers! It is snowing in my neighborhood! :eek: I am NOT ready for this kind of weather yet! I have checks to write for the gift shop this morning. The buyer brought them to the house yesterday and 3 out of the 6 are due today. :dizzy: I have no clue how long it takes to get them signed and in the mail once I take them back to the hospital. I have WW later this morning and coffee with a friend this afternoon. No wonder I don't get much done around here!

Maggie -- I-Hop is Ian's favorite place to go eat right now. He loads up on pancakes. :lol: I am really tempted not to put up our big Christmas tree this year, but I'm not sure how that will go over with the grandkids. The really sad part about our gift shop is that the CEO who moved us and in so doing so gave us much less space, is now history. The funny part is that his picture was just in the local paper as part of a retirement surprise for a nurse and her husband who just retired from the packing plant after 30 years. Their daughter is a nurse at the hospital and was also in the picture; when the CEO got his walking papers the rumor mill had him getting caught with an employee during working hours. :eek:

"Gma" -- I would be happy to share some of our weather with you! ;) I hope when you go off the hormones, all will be ok. I just ordered Ian's birthday toys online and am now waiting for Christmas ideas. Both moms send me the links which is so helpful. I don't know why but pepperoni treats just struck my funny bone. :lol3: I love the dog commercial where the big dog (lab ?) races through the house and jumps up on his "mom" begging for a treat.

I am dressed, have my face on, and need to get the checks written. Hope you all have terrific Thursday and nicer weather than here! :wave:

Maggie 10-25-2012 01:57 PM

Titilating Chilly Windy Thursday


It is a chilly day here in the ♥-Land. Current temp is 42ºF with a wind chill of 30ºF with 30 MPH winds blowing. We did have the pitter patter of a tad bit of rain during the night. In other words it is a cold day here and it is said not to get above the 40ºF mark. Will has gone to the museum and the dogs are asleep in the front room and the cat is on the bed snoozing. I am sitting here sipping on my :coffee: sf ff latte that Will so nicely brought to me this morning before he left. Life is good. :cp:

I have yet not decided what I am going to do this day. I need to clean off the top of my desk for it is loaded with “stuff” over so much of the top that I can’t see my desk calendar. Pitiful. However I am a happy camper for the jerky turned out good. In fact Will said it is much better than what we have been buying from our favorite butcher. That means that I will be making it more with the mesquite flavoring. Will did locate a bottle of mesquite liquid smoke he had purchased awhile back that I didn’t know we had. I asked him where he found it this morning and he said on the very top shelf kinda in the back. Well that is not where I keep my liquids that I cook with so I had used my hickory smoke which worked well. Next batch I will use the matching flavors and see how it turns out. :cp: Why in the world he had put it up on that top shelf I haven’t a clue, nor does he. I am just glad he remembers buying it for it wasn’t on a list I had made. It remains a mystery. :chin:

For awhile when Will wanted to pet the cat Cecil ran from him. We figured out the “why.” There for awhile Cecil wouldn’t come in from outside when it was our bed time and Will and Beanie would go out and round him up. Will would pick Cecil up and cart him into the house. Now for a few days Will has been picking him up when he is outside during the day and doesn’t bring him in so Cecil isn’t running from him anymore and has been coming in on his own around bedtime. He is one smart cat.

It is just about lunch time and I will see what type of TV dinner I can have this day. I think for dinner I will bake some chicken breasts and make some of my rice mixture and some kind of a vegetable, which means I will thaw out some chicken later this day. Those :chicken: breast tenders thaw rather quickly in a bowl of water. I do thaw them before unwrapping them. :lol:

JEAN Snowing. I bet it won't stick much this early. Snowing, WOW winter is here isn't it. What happened to Fall? Maybe the new CEO can move things around once again and give you more space since the "charmer" is now gone that moved you to the cramped area.

DONNA FAYE I do hope your hormones have settled down and behave when you finish up with those meds. :crossed: for you. Your dinner sounds yummy. We are very careful and read the labels on doggie treat packages and get the ones made here in the USofA. At the dollar store we get those lovely looking turkey jerky wrapped little doggie biscuits for our pouches and they really go for them. We allso get some beef sticks made in this country that we break up into smaller pieces. I have recipes (wouldn't ya think) of doggie biscuits of various flavors that I could make my own if I was inclined to do so. I would surely know then they were made in the USofA. :lol:

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

gma22 10-26-2012 11:31 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Good morning girls! It cold and rainy here today and of course I have been running around in it all morning so am now trying to get dried out.

I washed Kelly's sock this morning and blocked them. I gave you two pictures so you could see the stitch pattern on the leg and top of the foot a bit better. These were really fun to knit, but I have to concentrate on getting the boys socks done now.

Fortune is at the groomers, I ran to the post office to pick up a certified letter and mail some stuff. I couldn't figure out who could be sending me something certified but come to find out, it is from the law firm I hired when I slipped in a restaurant at least 5-7 years ago. I guess they are cleaning out their files and wanted to know if I wanted my medical info or if they should destroy them. All of that for something they could have just mailed to me. I mean, after this long, they could have stored or just destroyed the file as I dropped it when I couldn't get anyone to take care of my knee. I then went to Fresh Market and got some nice fruit. I am a bit tired of bananas and wanted some decent oranges and pears.

Maggie: I bought this abruuze cheese spread to have with crackers for a snack and wowee is it spicy. It will keep me from using much that's for sure. It has a nice taste and a delayed zing:fr:

Jean: UGH, snow already! The rain here is bad enough. It has been really dark here today and my rearview mirror self adjusts so it was like driving at night everytime I looked in it. My favorite commercial with a dog it the Travelers insurance with that white dog that carries in the groceries, puts his bowl in the dishwasher, cleans up spilled milk and such. I think he is so cute. I like him in their other commercials too where he is in his dog house worrying about the safety of his bone and he keeps moving it all over the place.

Well gals, I have bunches to do today. You all have a great weekend. We have commissary shopping this weekend, ugh! Faye

Maggie 10-26-2012 01:05 PM

Finally Friendy Chilly Friday


Burrr :brr: baby It’s cold outside. It is currently 32ºf and not expected to get any higher this day than 43ºf. What a winter day this will be and it is a might early if you ask me. I was going through some clips I had saved out of magazines and there is something I really want to buy. Taha’s Vanilla Salt’s large, crunchy, fragrant flakes which they say are good on grilled fish, pork, or chicken, or dusted on grilled peaches or fresh berries. Now doesn’t that sound like I need something like that in my kitchen? I vote yes. I checked out the web site and they have so many different salts it is amazing. I will work this into our food budget and that way I won’t have to spend “my allowance” on it. :lol: I showed the little blurb about that salt to Will and he is all for me getting it. If you want to check out all the items they have ~ here is the site’s address ~ www.atthemeadow.com
There are other salts I have my eye on to purchase besides the vanilla one there. :cp:

These animals crack me up. They, all three of them, come into my office first thing when I get up and sit in a row looking up at me just waiting patiently for a “good boy” treat. They get one each before I even get my computer turned on. :lol: They do the same thing with Will when he first goes into his office in the morning.

Will wants spaghetti for dinner this day so I will oblige. We haven’t had it in awhile and so it will be yummy on this cold day. I like using those small 1P+ each meat balls for it sure makes it easy to count the points of what I consume. I always make enough so we can have a re-run of it later. Sometimes it is even better that way.

I sure hope we can grow a garden next year. I miss having all those yummy fresh picked veggies right out of the garden. I have a wonderful recipe for slow-roasted tomatoes, that are so yummy as a side dish, which uses those plum tomatoes. They are roasted at 200º for 7½ hours. I clipped the recipe years ago and notice the magazine has now re-printed it. That has happened more and more of late I find a recipe that looks familiar and low and behold I already have it in my binder. Anyway if you want the recipe I can type it out for you. Roasted this way ~ 4 tomato halves count as 2P+ and are well worth the cost.

DONNA FAYE Thanks for the picture of the sox. They are a party in themselves ~ I love them. I will certainly put that cheese on my "to buy list" for it certainly sounds like something I would enjoy. Mo hotta mo betta. :p
Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

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