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Joanna 03-06-2001 06:15 PM

Gee things have changed a bit around here.... Just wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone and apologize for being MIA the last few months. I've been so wrapped up with everything around this house..... but my biggest news is that I am officially DIVORCED as of March 1, 2001. I even took back my maiden name!!! WOOHOO!!!

I won't bore you with everything that has happened over the last few months, except to tell you that I am holding semi-steady with my weight (after gaining back a few pounds I am now roughly 245-250) but still wearing size 20 jeans, I met a wonderful young man (hehe, embassassingly young - he's 22) last fall and we are now living together - primarily because of my financial situation with the house. I was looking for a room-mate because I was having a rough time on my own. I received a promise ring for Valentine's Day. WOOHOO! We are really good together, in sync in so many ways. A true southern gentleman. He comes from a wonderful family and he is very genuine - so opposite of Keith. We work at the same place, but opposite shifts - we don't get to spend a whole lot of time together because of our schedules, but we make a point to spend what little time we have enjoying ourselves.

Well I am going to check out the new forum and try to catch up on everything I have missed....

see ya'll later

Love, Joanna Hyatt --- formally Joanna Freeman -- hehe I just had to throw that in there

CJ 03-06-2001 06:30 PM

Welcom back!
Well well well ..... look whos back! I have to say you sure have been missed! We kinda knew you had a new boyfriend from your sister .... you sound happy and that is all that matters. Please don't make yourself so scarce around here, ok? We are on #41 thread now ... I am going to copy your post onto the new thread so the others will see it. Glad you are back!

Love, CJ

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