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  • Good evening, ladies! A cool day only in the high 60s today but the sun was shining.

    Today was weigh in for the Losing to Win challenge and I am down 6 pounds. I've been working really hard at the Y and the 3 extra circuit class with Michael are really paying off. I hope to lose 10 pounds these 10 weeks. I'm doing more lunges, planks, and crunchs than I ever thought I could. We also use weights and run. This week we had to turn in our best time for a mile. Mine was 17.3 minutes which is pretty good considering my breathing problems. This week we are working on how many steps we get on the elliptical in 30 minutes and that will be due on Monday. We also have our regular workouts, 3 workouts with Michael, a trip to Running 2 Point for advice on workout shoes, a session with floor zumba and a healthy cooking demo.

    Maggie, my Synthroid and Simbicourt are medications of last resort for COPD and asthma. One of the side effects is increased risk of death. However, without them the risk is even higher. One thing I learned in my drug trials is that everything you report happening has to be listed as a side affect of the drug even if it clearly isn't. Next time I go I could report suddeen weight loss and it would be listed even though I was doing other things to make it happen. I figure the sudden death could be from the drug or from some other cause but it had to be listed. I'm amazed at the difference the heel lift and orthodics have made in my balance and posture - plus no more knee pain. You do know you have to pay a monthly fee for the WW gizmoe to use the website? I like my Fitbit and the site is free and it tracks my sleep and food, too. The only time I take it off is when I'm in the shower or pool.

    Jean, I'm glad the money balanced without problems this day. You are such a good women with all your volunteer work. I always make a quilt for my cats.

    Have a wonderful evening.
  • Good Morning, Flowers! It's cool and sunny in my neighborhood this morning. I've been to the hospital to turn in a $5000 check for the Auxiliary to donate to the hospital. Now I need to go to WM and get a wireless "thing" for my pc. I feel like a hamster running in his wheel this week! The church newsletter is to go out sometime this week and I have a hospital auxiliary meeting Thursday for which I have to give a financial report from the gift shop.

    Hope Jack and Faye are having a wonderful time!

    Susan -- I didn't realize you wanted to lose more weight. Congrats on all of your exercise! You make me ashamed for my lack of effort. The side effects of medications are scary for sure. A quilt for each cat made me !

    I need to go to WM. Have a terrific Tuesday!
  • Thankful Tuesday


    It is a lovely day here in the ♥-Land with the temps in the high 70ºs with expected thunder storms that just may bring us some . We still water our little trees with those bags around their trunks and they are doing fine.

    I did show a “maintain” at WW weigh in last evening as expected. At WW we have started a program to lose 4 pounds by Thanksgiving which equals half pound loss each of the 8 weeks. I will shoot for the total loss since I am not a weekly looser.

    SUSAN For your weight loss and exercise program. You are doing tremendously well with your program and your body will thank you. Yes I realize that gizmo does require payment if used on the WW web site ~ they are creative in getting more "do re me" from us. Your "fitbit" thingie sounds like a great program. I am hooked on the WW system for life. Is your center running the lose 4# by Thanksgiving challenge?

    JEAN You have a lot of things to do which will certainly make the time fly. I woke up today without any leg-pain. My meds must be working like they are supposed to once again since I had laid off taking them for awhile. My system must have built up a resistance to them.

    Have a great day Magnolias.

  • Wonderful Wednesday


    We had a wonderful booming from the thunder and light show last evening and just a smattering of rain. The temps today are said to be the same in the high 70ºs and low 80ºs which is very nice. My leg has stopped hurting since I restarted taking my meds and I feel great now. I will take them till my system gets used to them again and they quit working so well. This already Wednesday and I need to figure what the menu of this day will consist of. I am just not interested to do that just yet ~ there is time to thaw any meat that I will need to use this day. I also need to put some color into my hair.

    I need to make a batch of ff yogurt this day for I have one serving left of the last batch which I can use as the “starter.” It is funny to me that it takes longer to make ff yogurt than when using whole or low fat milk. I will start a batch of it going when I finish here. I have several different jars of sugar free jam for a variety with which to flavor a container when I want to eat it. It is so good to mix some sugar free apricot jam, a drop or two of almond flavoring, & some Splenda® into a container of yogurt and have a yummy breakfast along with a boiled egg for 5P+. I use it plain for cooking or mixing with sauces to lighten them. Will doesn’t eat yogurt like I do but doesn’t mind my mixing it into sauces to lighten them for the yogurt takes on the flavor of the sauce and you don’t even taste the yogurt. We like to use the light Miracle Whip and I even lighten it further by mixing ff yogurt into it.

    My friend out in CA has mailed my Active Link so I should have it soon and get to know how to use it. I am sure it comes with lots of instructions on how to operate it and such.

    I just realized I have had the same Diamon Deb nail file since the early 70’s. I also have a small @ 2” sized sample one somewhere in my “stuff.” It should be with my sewing things. I don’t think they give out the sample sized ones anymore. They just last forever if you don’t lose them.

    Will just poked his head in and said he was going to Colonel Cluck for some . I had my usual breast for 5P+ and mashed potato and gravy container for 3 P+ and gave him my biscuit and the dogs the meat off the wing. It was good and I didn’t have to cook lunch.

    Have a great day Magnolias.

  • Good Evening, Flowers! It was another beautiful fall day in my corner of the world. My day started by working in the gift shop and I was busy as the volunteer director had a project of putting labels on place mats that they take to the schools. They are colorful and give examples of the "new and improved" lunches being served. I know, and have read, that most of the veggies and a lot of the fruit get tossed in the garbage; 600 calories isn't very much for growing kids imo. I know my kids wouldn't have eaten chopped fresh tomatoes, brown rice (nothing with it), nor spinach salad. I also sold $67 worth of merchandise. Then I went to church and helped with the monthly newsletter for a couple hours before I met a friend for coffee(priorities, you know), and finished the day with bell practice. Now I need to type my report for the auxiliary meeting tomorrow.

    Maggie -- It's good that you know how your weight loss journey will go; a maintain is better than a gain! Four pounds by Thanksgiving should be doable for all of us. Thanksgiving sounds far off but will be here before we know it. I know you will have fun with the Active LInk when you get it.

    I am heading to bed ; I will type my report first thing in the morning!
  • Good Morning, Flowers! It's a bright sunny morning and NO wind again today -- love this weather! I finished my report for the auxiliary meeting this afternoon and now need to think about baking cookies tomorrow. I don't know why things seem to pile up in a small time frame, then nothing for weeks. I think that may be lack of organization on my part sometimes. The last soccer game is tonight and I'm thinking we may be sitting in the dark by the time it is over! I am surprised (not really I guess) at how fast it gets darker earlier in the fall; it seems like it takes forever to change in the spring.

    I need to get busy and vacuum. I don't know where all the dust comes from but it sure accumulates fast. Enjoy a terrific Thursday!
  • Good morning, ladies! 70 degrees and sunshine but heading for nearly 80 this afternoon.

    I had to take my car for state inspection and oil change yesterday. They always detail it for free when you have any service done. The dealer I go to that lost their Dodge dealership a few years ago sells Mercedes and they always go the extra mile even with my old Neon.

    Nothing happening this weekend - getting ready for the quilting retreat where I am teaching next weekend.

    Jean, the doc wants me in the 130s and I agree that is reasonable. I'm only 5 feet 3 inches now. Its very important to exercise, especially as we get older, to keep our muscles and bones strong so we can walk and don't fall. Old people shuffle along because their ankles aren't strong anymore. We also need to keep our balance. I aim to stay out of "the home" and take care of myself until I'm 100. You can get a free book from the US Gov on Exercise and Healthy Living for Seniors.

    Maggie, we're doing the 4 pounds by Thanksgiving challenge, too. It's hard to believe that next week we enter the last quarter for this year. The holidays will be on us before we know it. I've seen Christmas stuff in some of the stores around here already.

    Have a wonderful day!
  • Titilating Thursday


    It is another beautiful day here in the ♥-Land in the high 70ºs to mid 80º’s. My list of “to do” things this day is a short one. However one of the most important personal ones on the list is to color my hair. I really have to do it because tomorrow I will go to the DMV and get my drivers license renewed and the pictures are bad enough without having a few gray roots showing. I wonder how many years they will give it to me this time for I have had 4 years with my existing one. Hard to believe we have been here for 4 years. Where does the time that is filled with swift transitions go.

    I have been looking at recipes to make something different and ran across a good Chili Rellano Casserole that is worthy and much easier to make than individual Chili Rellanos. Plus the casserole has ground beef in it and makes a satisfying meal along with a nice tossed green salad. The left over servings freeze well also. If anyone wants the recipe I can post it here for you.

    Like I said there isn’t much happening around here this day so I am out of words to post.

    JEAN Baking cookies ~ I can't recall the last time I baked any for it has been so long. What kind will you be filling your house with the wonderful smell as they are baking this time? Makes my mouth water thinking of them. You have been keeping buisy which is a good thing. The kids will not be better off with the "new" menu for most of it goes in the trash and they will end up eating "junk" food. More and more moms will be packing brown bags for their youngsters lunch at school.

    SUSAN Those WW challenges are good for us for they do help us keep our FOCUS. I would think that 130#s should be do-able goal weight for you, for you have such a great record of losing. How nice of the Mercedies dealer to give your car service as if it were one of its own. That is how folks should treat others of a different race ~ just like they treat their own. I know you will have a great time at the retreat.

    I am going to heat up a TV dinner of spaghetti and meat sauce made by Schwans that is yummy. I add some red pepper sprinkles and grated parmesan cheese.

    Have a great day Magnolias.
  • Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another beautiful day in my corner of the world -- no wind, sunny, and 73 degrees. Perfect! I ran errands this morning and now am sneaking up on baking cookies for Mondays P.E.O. meeting where I am co-hostess and have to provide the food. I'm just glad it's not at my house considering the way it looks right now.

    Susan -- Thanks for the book suggestion! I will see if I can find it. I know you look forward to your quilting retreats. Are all retreats teaching classes? I know what you mean about old people who shuffle -- not pretty.

    Maggie -- I have to renew my license this year also. We get ours for 5 years and I think after 70, it is for 2 years. I just hope I pass the eye test again; they always make me try w/o my glasses not realizing I wear contacts for distance. I wouldn't dream of driving w/o my contacts. I'm making oatmeal cookies, pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting, and Special K bars which have chocolate/peanut butter frosting. Bob expects leftovers and anything w/o chocolate not as good as with. He does like the pumpkin cookies which are from a box mix; I haven't been able to find them here in town but did find them in Sioux City.

    We are leaving for Nebraska tomorrow morning for a wedding. Before the wedding I will get to meet an online friend who lives just over the border into Kansas. We've "known" each other for years and finally get to meet at the wedding site. Both husbands are into farming and tractors so will have something in common too. I'm excited to meet her!

    I hope you all are having a good day and can enjoy a nice weekend!
  • Finally Friday


    I have had a nice busy day so far this day. We got some more “used meat” from the store and the burger was 97% with only 3% fat which was a good find. I am a happy camper for I received the “active link” from out in CA this day and have it tucked away in my bra where I will probably always wear it. You can choose were to wear it and then if you want a change just notify them on the web and it will be changed. I am to wear it for 8 days so as to form a base line. Then they will tell me to kick up my programs.

    I get so many catalogues especially this time of the year that if I don’t go through them daily they pile up and I can’t let that happen. I have a whole stack to go out that I have gotten the last few days. When Will gets home after while I will have him bring me one of his industrial strength bags and toss them into it. I like to keep just a few of my favorites but they sit in a small box on my bookshelf. When it gets full to the top is time to toss some out. Tis the season.

    JEAN I got my license for 4 years again. Seems I get it every time it is voting time again. I don't have a clue but I get mine for a shorter time than Will gets his ~ 6 years. I took the eye test with my clear glasses that I never wear but passed it thankfully. I don't think I could have passed it without glasses but I always wear my shades anyway and once in a blue moon my clear ones. What fun to get to meet someone like that. Enjoy your time. Those pumpkin cookies with the cream cheese filling sound yummy.

    Have a great day Magnolias.
  • "Gma" -- I know you won't see this until you get home but wanted you to know I was thinking of you! Hope you are having a wonderful time!
  • Simply Sunny Beautiful Saturday


    We are in the 70ºs as I type and expected to get to the mid 80ºs this bright sunny day with scattered clouds. My tastes good and nice and hot so all is well here in the ♥-Land. I don’t have anything earth shattering planned to do today ~ just the regular Saturday chores. The new word I learned today is nomophobia which means “fear about being without a cell phone.” I don’t believe I have that for I tend to leave mine on my desk when we go out. I am a product of the days of being without them at all. What is really neat that my friend out on the coast sent me a whole lot of “free” coupons for WW items that I do normally use. I love getting “care” packages from her.

    DONNA FAYE I hope your birthday celebration yesterday was a real special celebration on that cruise. A big

    Have a great day Magnolias.
  • Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is a partly sunny, partly hazy day in my corner of the world. We 've been home for a couple of hours and I've unpacked and started a load of laundry. Being gone overnight is too much work! The wedding was outside and very nice. The reception was fun because we knew several people from here as well as having Jason, Amanda, and the kids there. Jason has been friends with the groom and several of the guys since high school so it was nice to catch up with their families too. The lodge area has many activites around the Arbor Day event. We didn't take the time to investigate but it all sounded interesting and fun, especially for kids.

    Maggie -- I've been known to turn my cell phone off, or on vibrate, and forget to check it for a few days. I used to just leave it in the car all the time but then learned to text so can keep in touch with the kids faster. Hope you've had a nice weekend. They fly by too fast!

    "Gma" -- We look forward to hearing about the cruise!

    Susan -- Was this your quilt teaching weekend or is that next weekend?

    I need to take luggage downstairs and clear off the counter . . . again. Enjoy the rest of your day!
  • Simply Sunny Beautiful Sunday


    It is another beautiful day in the ♥-Land with the temps in the mid 70ºs and low 80ºs which I just love for the wind isn’t blowing. We went by this afternoon to see the buffalo and those babies have sure grown. All four of the babies look very healthy for they get such good care. It is hard to believe this is the last day of the month of September. Tomorrow we will be in Rock-Tober ~ the beginning of the last ¼th of the year.

    I feel so sleepy this afternoon for some reason and it is hard to keep my eyes open. One would think by sipping my double shot of espresso in my sf ff latte would wake me up. I am being dive bombed by those “no see-ums” and I get to swat them for they are easy to see on my pale yellow blouse. Little tiny gnats ~ tis the season.

    I made an order from one of my favorite catalogues: “The Artisan Table®”; for they had just the thing I need to keep my glass straws in. It is a 6-sided Measure that is 9½ inches tall and holds 26 ounces. It is that pretty shade of light green glass that will be a lovely holder for my straws. I also ordered some of those space saving glass pitchers that fit into refrigerator doors ~ Two quart size ones and one ½ gallon size one. OH and I found a compact food processor that will be perfect for the two of us. It is made by Cuisinart™ and has a 4 cup work bowl with handle and stainless steel blades. It features auto-reversing Smart Power® blade for powerful chop or grind processing. And of course it comes with a recipe book and custom spatula. It will be big enough for whatever I want to process in it. And the neat thing about it also is that it is only $39.95 ~ such a deal. I used to have a small one and used it up. It was not nearly as nice as this one is though ~ years later make things better when they manufacture them. I used to have a full sized one also and don’t want to have one of those anymore for I no longer have the need for one that big.

    JEAN back. I agree that those one night stay overs are a lot of work and take a toll on your body. You have to pack as much as you would for a longer stay except the amount of outfits. We have "to go" bags that are always ready to grab when we want to go somewhere that hold all the hygene necessities ~ I call mine "my bean bag" ~ got it from LL Bean. All I have to add to it is my meds. Works for me. How nice to see some of your old friends and family there though ~ kinda like a family reunion.

    Have a great day Magnolias. Hope everyone else is well and happy. Type at y'all later.
  • Monday Monday


    I am keeping my that I show a loss this evening at WW for I am down a pound on my scale this morning. Usually when I am down first thing in the morning then I do show a loss on their scale which I always weigh more on because of weighing with clothes and shoes on and eating lunch which adds about 2½ pounds to the early morning weight.

    I was thinking I get to have my teeth cleaned tomorrow but this morning Will said it was today. I now have my choppers all clean and shiny. However, for the first time in years and years I have another appointment in mid month to have a tiny cavity taken care of. Today is the day I will get a new brush for my electric toothbrush. I get a new one every 3 months and it makes it easy to remember if I get it on the first. My next cleaning appointment is on April 3rd next year.

    Have a great day Magnolias.