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  • Oh no, burgundy! Poor doggy! Sounds like you are doing great on exercise and since that revs your metabolism, I bet you'll see it on the scale. Great idea on the frappucinos. Yours sound much lighter than the ones from fast food places.

    Still haven't heard from my ex - I'm thinking I may give it till early afternoon - we'll see.

    Got in a great run last night with intervals of sprinting. Am going to try that again this morning once it warms up a bit. And maybe go for a manicure.

    Hope you guys are doing well!

    Eta - he finally called and we are still going to the museum today. Will fill you in later...
  • Hey guys!
    Down a couple more pounds over the weekend. Probably not my healthiest losses as I had lost my appetite over the weekend worrying about guy stuff and then had a migraine last night which made me kind of nauseous. Oh well - I'll take it.

    It went well with my ex on Saturday - better than I expected. He actually got on antidepressants and seems to be making serious progress in sorting his life out. He's a little mixed up about us but I can work with that over time. The chemistry part seems better than ever so that was fun. We're going to get together next week when I have a few days off and he called me on Sunday night to chat when he had only left my house a few hours before after we spent 24hrs straight together. Fingers crossed!

    Hope you girls are doing well. How are you doing on our thanksgiving challenge? I know you've been so busy. Hoping to hear from you soon!

    ETA: Planning on a run after work with a friend so that will definitely help me get some exercise after being super lazy yesterday.
    Food plan:
    B: egg/ricotta pancake with sliced strawberries
    L: Lamb kebab with baba ghanoush
    D: steak salad with avocado, green beans

    I'm eating such rich proteins on this plan that I run out of appetite for veggies. I think I'm going to start eating veggies first at each meal going forward.

    ETA 2: Hey - where are you guys? Hope to hear from you soon!!
  • Dance-you are gonna be at your thanksgiving goal in no time. Me, on the other hand, might not be. The scale isn't cooperating. I've been drinking water like its going out of style. Just gotta try harder I guess. Glad to hear your ex is helping himself and that y'all had fun. I'm gonna keep on trying and catch up to you soon. The scale jumps between 191 and 193 with me lately. So annoying.

    Lindy-where are you hiding??
  • Burgundy - good job on the hydration - I need to try to be more like you that way. I've been particularly bad about that lately - will shoot for having a glass of water near me all day at work tomorrow and see if I can turn that around. What kind of exercise are you doing this week?

    Just got back from a half run/half walk with a buddy in the very dark and chilly park - I hate the time change
  • Howdy girls! Having one of those blah days - nothing major but I'm a little bummed that no one seems to notice that I'm losing (although I am very aware that I have tons more to lose) and a little post-reunion let-down related to my guy situation. Any ideas on how to get my mojo back that don't involved an entire bag of potato chips?

    Burgundy - Are you crafting like crazy right now? I'm wearing a necklace I made today - it made me think of you and all of the craft sales that are around during the holiday season.

    Lindy - I think I saw on fb that you are volunteering today - that's so cool! Curious to hear how it went when you come up for air.

    Food plan
    B: - skipped - (not deliberate, really a bad idea), two cups black tea with milk
    L: chicken breast and mixed veggies with yellow curry sauce
    D: pot roast, mushrooms, green salad, 2 small baby potatoes with butter and sour cream (my plan only allows carbs like these with fats - yum!)

    What are you guys eating today?
  • Hey everyone! I have been a member of 3fc for a long time but i never post. I have decided that i. Must hold myself accountable. I do really good on tracking my food. And i might eat bad items once or twice a month. And by bad i mean a pint of ice cream or a couple of pieces of pizza. I try not to do thousands of calorie binges. But i must keep my sanity! Lol
    my goal for november is to get.more active!!!!!! I need to walk my dog at least 4 times a week. We always walk 1.5 or more miles and i started taking the hilly route too. I started out at 229 and currently am 193.6. My final goal is 140-150. Or less if i can get there!!! I look forward to making new friends here that can help me on my journey to a healthier living!!!
  • Welcome, Nessa! It sounds like you are making great progress!

    Morning, girls! I'm over the blahs. Didn't weigh in this morning since I spent the night at my parents after picking them up at the airport. I'm planning on a run in the dark when I get home - you guys should see me when I wear my headlamp - it's quite a look

    Food plan for today:
    B: One scrambled egg and 2 slices bacon, two cups of tea with milk
    L: Not sure yet -am going out to lunch with colleagues and don't know where
    S: half apple with peanut butter
    D: Steak salad

    How are you guys doing?

    Lindy - how crazy is it to be in FL right now with the state results still up in the air? Glad all the political ads will be off the tv now at last...
  • Hey girls! Sorry I dropped off for a while there. I was off on Thursday and Friday of last week with Jury Duty and then I worked the election on Tuesday, so crazy busy.

    Nessa - welcome to the group. Hopefully you stick around. We are great friends and it seems our weights are all in the same area. It is a lot easier to keep pushing when you are all shooting for the same goal!

    Dance - I seriously had to do a quick scroll before all the other posts to see what came of your get together with the ex. I was elated to hear how well it went but then you mentioned a set-back? Care to share how so? Hopefully its just in the moment. I would channel your frustration through exercise. I was reading a story on the daily mail today about a women who lost over 60 pounds in 6 months because she saw her ex with his new gf and she was thinner than her so that made her upset. But instead of turning to food, she used her sadness and agression in exercising and was quite sucecssful. If you can skim through that webpage, you should check it out.

    Burgundy - I am going to try you frappe idea this weekend! Thanks for sharing! I was like, ohhhh, I can definately do that. I am ADDICTED to frappes, fortunately it is winter season and I dont crave them as much when its cool in the air.

    Yesterday was crazy, especially working the election. Glad it is over because I was fearful I might lose some friends along the way, lol. I did have to defriend one person but I was not close to them, just a highschool aquaintance.

    My Thanksgiving goal is not looking so good. However, I do start running today in preparation for the Color Run in January. I am hoping that contributes to my weight loss. I am really convinced I have to step up my exercise because I REALLY, REALLY enjoy food way more than I should. I wish I could find something that "sticks" but I just dont have my mojo right now. Even with a cruise 71 days away and all my friends who are going are super svelt, that should be motivation enough. *shrugs sholders* Ill work on it.

    Ok, I am babbling and I have to get ready to head out. Catch up later! I will be out of commissioner from Friday to Sunday because we are going to a food and wine festival all day on Friday and then a Gator game on Sunday but Ill check in tomorrow. And will be back on Monday.

    Oh, one last note. We are having a cold front right now - in the 60's - yes! It is a cold front for us, lol, so I am really going to enjoy my run tonight. :-)
  • Lindy!! So nice to hear from you - I knew you were alive and kicking from seeing posts on fb so I wasn't worried that way - just missing your company around here. Just read the article you mentioned - what a great before and after contrast! I'd love to look like the after - someday, right? All is fine with the not-so-ex. He called Sunday night and last night and we're getting together tonight after I run. The old me would have canceled my run to have more time with him - not the new me! I need to take care of myself first. At least right now.

    Starting running again together with the cruise motivation will get you going on your plan - I'm sure of it! Didn't you buy some bathing suits on sale a while back for the cruise? I think you just needed a little bit of a break after your second job ended - you'll get right back into it. And I know what you're like when you get into it

    Your plans sound super fun this weekend - enjoy! And enjoy the sweater weather for now. It's actually warmer here than it is there - how unlikely is that...

    Burgundy - did I see a fb post on hair dye? Are you changing your hair color? Post some pics if you've changed your look. Curious to see...
  • How have yall done this week so far. I had a minor slip up on monday but have been strict ever since! Cant wait to get to know yall!
  • Nessa - you must be getting close to getting your ticker, right? Maybe I'm not remembering correctly, but it seemed like it required 20 posts or do I have that wrong? Curious to see what design you pick Do you have a thanksgiving mini-goal to add to our list?
  • Yes. Last time i tried to add one it wouldnt let me. So im assuming its because i dont have enough posts yet. I always weigh the least at the end of the week so friday i was 192.2 and now i am 194.0 but i think that gain has to do with my tom so my.mini goal for.thanksgiving is 188. And dec. 1 goal 185.8. But i.will be happy with any loss
  • Dance-i do great with water now if I could do the same with food. Have you added in more ? I agree with Lindy exercise is the way to go, back away from the chips, lol. I'm still crafting but not as much. I was thinking about "setting up shop" on etsy.com. haven't made up my mind yet. I think we need a pic of you in this headlamp. I use one at night when I read after Chris is asleep. Sounds like things with the ex are going good. I'm glad you went for the run before seeing him. Its important to take care of you.

    Nessa-welcome!! You're right in the same weight range with all of us. We have the same final goal set. My scale argues with me about that number but I'll get there someday.

    Lindy-I tried the frappe with a packet of sugar free carnation instant breakfast(only 60 Cal's) pretty good that way too and 50 to 60 fewer calories. My thanksgiving goal isn't looking good either, but you never know. The color run sounds fun. I didn't do any 5k's this year.

    I did change my hair. Added some blonde highlights to the front. I changed my avatar, not the best pic but it was all I had. Not gonna post the post workout hair.

    I've been doing pretty good with workouts. Did zumba tonight and it said I burned 860 calories. Gotta get in good workouts tomorrow and Friday. Have a girls weekend this weekend, we are going out of town to do some Christmas shopping and I'm not sure if there will be time for workouts. Luckily most of them workout often so we might squeeze something in.
  • Good morning chickadees!

    DANCE - GOOD FOR YOU! I am so happy to see that you are making yourself a priority. Its hard when you are trying to date, or in your case rekindle a relationship but that is one thing I wish I would have done with this relationship Im in now. I sacrificed my health and weight for a couple extra minutes a day and now I am regretting it - BIG TIME! So, how did the meet up go last night? It sounds like things are trucking along?

    Burgundy - I like the highlights! I really, really wish I could go like an auburn color but it took me FOREVER to get the blonde I am now and I really dont want to back track. I cannot believe how many calories your burn with Zumba! I really need to consider that.

    Nessa - those seems like really realistic goals, I love that! What are you doing in the form of exercise? Care to share anymore about yourself. What area are you from? Dating, married, single? Kids?

    I got my run in, it was VERY short but I am taking baby steps to not burn myself out - ya know. I will go again tomorrow and then I will shoot for Sunday at some point. I have no idea what I am doing for lunch because I will be running errands. I am not even trying to eat healthy so I know my thanksgiving goal is not very realistic at this time. I have to look back and see what I set for myself because I forgot already, lol.
  • Ok, just say my goal...175. NOT gonna happen, not even humanly possible unless I starve myself, which also is NOT gonna happen, lol.

    I am currently 189. Yep, looks like I put some pounds on. :-( If I can get to 185 in the next 2 weeks, I would be happy with that.