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  • Burgundy - great job with the just dance challenge! I'm not good at committing to every day either but I think either 30ds or zumba be a good workout choice if you make it work with your schedule/availability. Did you have your weigh-in today? I bet you're down a pound with how busy you've been lately.

    Nothing exciting on the scale today as I think I'm retaining a little water in my sore muscles - it turns out raking leaves is liking doing lots of squats as you keep bending down to scoop up the leaves once they're in a pile. Majorly sore!! Am planning to work from home this afternoon and will take an exercise break to rake a bit more and maybe run a 3mi loop. I also have a walk with a friend in the evening so it should be a good exercise day. Am hoping the water weight will be gone soon and will reflect on the scale. My pants which fit well last week are loose today so I have my fingers crossed for a mini-whoosh soon.

    Here's my food plan:
    B: half apple with natural peanut butter
    L: chicken curry (no rice), spinach, veg curry (going to indian buffet)
    D: chicken sausage, roasted brussel sprouts, green beans
    S: greek yogurt with raspberries

    What are you guys eating today?
  • Hey ladies! And I am done! Woo-hoo. My body hurts because they changed things up the last weekend to see if sales were any better. That being said. I walked 15 miles on Saturday night! In heels! Crraaazzzyyyy. I have some serious shin splints which is a bummer because I was going to shoot for a run tonight but I might try a little walk instead. Now is the time to step up my game around the house and in my workout. I have 80 days until the cruise and want to get to 150. Its an ambitious goal but I think I can.

    Dance - congrats on the pounds loss. You are just rocking it this time. I hope I can get your dedication soon. I started out well today with food but it turned horribly wrong bc I didnt have any healthy snacks. A trip to the store is in order.

    Burgundy- glad to hear the church event went well. Have you hopped on the scale lately?

    My food for today:

    I bought this new shake that is suppose to help give you energy and balance your insulin levels...its called rockin wellness. Anyway, I had a shake this morning - one scoop of powder and almond milk.

    Lunch: Chipotle bowl. Brown rice, chicken, letter, tomato, cheese, pink beans and fresh guacamole. Sadly...a grade soda at 300 calories! Grrr.

    Downfall: 4 milano raspberry cookies AND a jelly donut, and a french crueller - ridic.

    Dinner: homemade chili. I made a huge pot for work and everyone ate already...so most of it will be consumed in the next couple of days.

    Dance - it is getting so close to meeting up with your ex. Are you going shopping for a new outfit? Have you spoken since making plans?

    Burgundy - are you 100% back to normal food?

  • Lindy - so glad it's over and you'll have more free time again. I 'm impressed by your endurance. Chili sounds great and filling enough that I bet it will keep you away from the milanos! On the ex front - no new outfit planned just trying to keep losing and no we haven't been in touch at all. I'm not expecting much from our outing - I bet nothing will have changed and he won't be getting help or seriously looking for a job. Not that I'm against a fairytale ending it just seems sadly unlikely. Will keep you guys posted though.

    Just did some raking and am going to go for a short run in my barefoot shoes. Hope all is well....
  • Ugh - the scale so isn't loving me this morning. Major sore muscles again so I think I'm probably still retaining water. Oh well....
    Here's my food plan for today:
    B: greek yogurt with strawberries
    L: burger with no bun, salad
    D: chicken sausage, green beans, sauteed spinach
    S: raw almonds

    How are you girls today?
  • Hey Dance!

    Great day for me. Had training in the morning, which is making the work day fly by. Carving pumpkins tonight with the kids.

    Did some errands at lunch, which results in me eating at Panera. Not too bad though considering.

    Breakfast: Rockin' wellness shake with almond milk
    Snack: fried egg, 2 slcies of turkey bacon
    Lunch: half a turkey sandwich, a cup of brocolli and cheese soup, lemonade
    Snack: greek yogurt - honey
    Dinner: still on the fence. Maybe some more chili, maybe another shake? The shakes fill me up like I have never seen before.

    Ok, gotta finish some stuff before the day is over.
  • Lindy - now that's the girl we know - bursting with energy and full of enthusiasm! Amazing what catching up on your rest can do, right? Glad your life is slightly less insane now. And pumpkin carving sounds like a blast - take some photos! Just looked up the ingredients in your shake - sounds very interesting. Glad it's working so well for you.

    Am going to a friend's goodbye happy hour (he's leaving the company) in a bit so no exercise for me today. Just need to decide on my 'drink' strategy - I've cut way down on wine and other drinks lately to save on empty calories. I'm thinking soda water with lime and I'll save up my 2 glasses for the week for the weekend. What do you guys do about cocktails and empty calories?
  • Hey Dance....the cocktails was a hard one for me because I am not a big drinker but I am a social butterfly. I actually would do vodka and a diet drink most often. Vodka takes the taste of whatever you mix it with and its low in calories. However, sometimes I would just throw in the towel, lol.

    Ahhhh....Halloween is upon us which means temptation city. Maybe not so much for you guys but we have 3 kids in the house who are vowing to have the "most candy" - which in turn, means it is laying around. Grrrr. It really stinks I couldnt stick to my diet while working Halloween Horror Nights because honestly, the holiday's are not going to make it any easier. I am going to try to start next week incorporating some exercise. Tonight is trick or treating, Thursday night is a hair appt., Friday night I am getting ready for the kids birthday parties, Saturday is the kids birthday parties, Sunday is family day at my grandmas. So next week it is, lol.

    So - any fun plans this weekend? We are halfway through the work week - woohoo!
  • Lindy - good idea on the vodka with diet combo - I'll give that a try! I put fresca (which is diet) in red wine over ice sometimes for an instant diet sangria. Not sure it would be to everyone's taste though.

    Halloween is tricky. I decided to skip it this year - I literally took the light bulb out of my front porch light so that it would not automatically go on at dusk. I just didn't feel up for having the candy in the house this year - plus it was a bit of a tradition to do the giving out candy thing with my ex. I'm going for a microdermabrasion at the end of the day (have you guys ever done one? It makes your skin so smooth and your pores so tiny!) and am going to go for a run after. That's my idea of a wild and crazy halloween

    Food plan for today:
    B: Greek yogurt with 6 strawberries
    L: green beans with almonds, 1 babybel cheese, half apple with peanut butter (random, I know)
    D: green salad with lots of veggies and vinaigrette, chicken breast

    So, exercise plan for the week - run today, run tomorrow, run fri - boy, am I exciting!

    Hope you guys have a happy halloween!
  • Never had microdermabrasion before....I think I would love it though. My pores are big, and I get blackheads on my nose so once the DBF is working again, that will be on my to do list. Or on my cruise because I vowed to not worry about money when I went on that vaca.

    Anyyyyywwayyy, enjoy your evening ladies. I know I will. :-) Happy Halloween!
  • Am hiding out from the trickortreaters, catching up on bad tv. Decided not to run - my tummy is a bit off tonight. Kind of discouraged today - scale was back at 193.0 this morning so hopefully that's temporary. Not gonna change my ticker unless it stays like that.

    Hope you guys are having fun tonight...
  • Got a good night's sleep last night and am feeling much perkier today - sorry to have been so blah yesterday!

    Am back at 192 today so not exactly setting a new world record here for speedy weight loss but at least it's headed down again.

    Here's my food plan for today:
    B: 1 scrambled egg
    L: half apple with peanut butter, green beans with almonds
    S: raw almonds
    D: chicken fajitas without the tortilla - grilled chicken with sauteed onions, cheese, sour cream, diced tomatoes and guac. Maybe some roasted brussel sprouts too.

    My appetite and cravings have definitely gone way down with this way of eating but I'm afraid I've plateaued already - I guess we'll see.

    Planning on a run after work - what are you guys eating/doing for exercise today?
  • Hi everyone, I am new here and have just been reading some of your posts to get motivated a bit better!

    Dancer, I was reading your eating plan and am thinking it is not very much! Have you figured out how many calories you should be consuming per day for your height? I know that if we don't get enough, our bodies think that we are starving and then hold on to the weight for dear life. I use to about starve myself years ago and I think I messed up my metabolism doing that. I have a friend who is 5' tall and has just lost 75 lbs since January, on 1200 calories a day. I am 5'2 and have been on weight watchers in the past and lost eating more than you do. I hope I don't sound like a know-it-all or a mother hen! I just want to give you food for thought, since maybe you aren't losing because you're not getting enough to eat. What are your thoughts? I do admire your determination and self-control!!!
  • Decorlover - welcome! Thanks for the kind thoughts. I'm getting between 1200 and 1600 cals /day which should be about right for my age and activity level. I was just venting with the girls (and maybe being a bit of a drama queen). How do you like ww?

    Went for a nice walk with a friend last night in the 60 degree weather - wish it would stay like that instead of getting colder. I'm down a pound this morning so I'm going to stick to my plan and see what happens.

    Haven't heard from my ex at all about getting together tomorrow. I'd like him to be the one to reach out to set a time - we'll see what happens.

    Food plan for today:
    B: greek yogurt and strawberries
    L: leftover chicken fajitas without the tortilla
    S: apple slices and sharp cheddar
    D: costco pot roast, sauteed spinach, brussel sprouts

    Happy Friday, girls - hope you're doing well!
  • Dancer, I guess I am not a very good estimator of calories, lol. I think it is awesome how well you are doing with your diet and exercise. I am not doing WW anymore. I have in the past and I do think it is a great, level-headed approach to dieting. I just don't want to pay for it, lol. I am now doing IdealShape protein drinks for breakfast and sometimes lunch, trying to cut calories that way. Unfortunately, I have not been very careful other than that and am losing very slowly. Hopefully joining this site and being encouraged and inspired by others will help my resolve! I think it is cool how you plan out your food for the day. Do you do that each morning or make a weekly plan or what? I think I should start counting calories, too. Sometimes I eat something and
    Ithink it isn't very many calories, and then find out later how wrong I was!

    Time for me to get off my butt. I haven't exercised in a few days, so I better get downstairs and on the elliptical.
  • Hey ladies, quick check in. I'll do personals tomorrow. My pup got sprayed by a skunk tonight so I'm gonna give her a 3rd bath then relax.

    I've been trying to burn 500 calories a day doing zumba or wii fit plus. I got to 440 today. I like zumba better. You move more and wii fit seems to take a lot longer with less moving and breaks between exercises.

    I get the exercise right but eating has been bad lately. Why can't I make better choices????? I'll get this right someday and get to my goal weight.

    I have been making frappucinos. They are pretty good. They are one scoop of slim fast(110 calories) a cup of black coffee and 3 tsp of creamer(30 calories). Put in a blender with ice. I had a chocolate one tonight. Gonna have a vanilla one in the morning. Had to find a substitute a few months ago. I love the ones from burger king but stopped drinking them after I found out the small has 400+ calories.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend