TEN POUNDS AT A TIME #168: Easter Challenge

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  • Hi guys!

    Wow, it is so different being busy at work. I used to check in here 3-4 times a day. Now I am lucky to get here 2-3 times a week!

    Sounds like I have missed alot! WATP challenges, fabulous episodes of Oprah, and alot of good advice. Dahlia, I think it was you that said something like: don't take this the wrong way but it is just a job. That really is true, and tonight it makes alot of sense. I guess I just worry too much!

    Things are a little better, and I think in a few weeks I will finally have the hang of it.

    Jelynn- CONGRATULATIONS! I hope that your son brings you much happiness!

    Pam - I am sorry to hear about your FIL. I hope that you find a really nice place for him. My parent's friends an a great aunt of mine are in 2 separate homes in 2 different states, and they are VERY happy, and are well taken care of. I always think unannounced visits are good. My prayers are with you.

    My birthday is this Friday, and I am 2 sizes smaller than last year! Clothing is coming my way!

    I will do my best to check in tomorrow...
  • Just popping in to say hi to you all and to give Emily my heartfelt congratulations on the safe arrival of Ian! What wonderful news. I was thinking of you past Easter and wondering how things were going. Congrats again to you and Jim. I imagine Connor and Brendan are thrillled. (Please forgive me if I got their names wrong.)

    Meg, you sound so much better and I'm happy to see you posting. Dahlia's advice was wonderful and I'm glad it clicked for you. Celebrating a birthday two sizes smaller is a pretty fantastic gift eh? Good for you. We're all so proud of you. I hope Friday brings you everything you wish for on your special day.

    Terry, hope your WATP challenge goes well. Sounds like alot of fun and I've been thinking of giving it a shot. Will check out the website later and see how it looks. Good for you girl.

    Cat, you enjoy that sunshine and beautiful weather for me okay?It's been sunny here today but only 5 degrees celsius so all of the snow hasn't melted yet.

    I'm writing my final tomorrow afternoon and will be so happy to see the back end of that course. It has taken up alot of time and energy over the past 8 months so good riddance. I'll be taking the next one in June and am looking forward to the mental break.

    have a wonderful night you all. Hi to Dahlia, Grandma G, Cheri and everyone else lurking.

  • Good morning ladies

    It is a bright sunny morning already...promising to be a good day.
    Opening day is fast approaching, (thursday) but we have had customers already and on the wholesale side, we are taking out deliveries already..
    Cathy, what kind of greenhouse do you have?

    Jelyn, congratulations on your new little boy...

    Meg, you do sound so much happier, glad to hear it and glad my advice made sense...

    Hello to Pam, Grandma G., coolmom, cat90 and everyone else. Hope you all have a *OP* day..

    I am back to where I started, so now I know I cannot take those silly meds... and tomorrow I see the new doc.. and I just have a good feeling about this summer... I am going to do this....

    Well got to go to work now.. putting in longer hours every day.

    take care all
  • Welcome to the World, Ian Cooper!
    Good Morning!

    Emily, what wonderful news to wake up to! Congratulations to you and your family . Like Pam, I have been thinking of you as I knew you were due very soon. Very happy to hear that Ian is healthy! Spring is such a beautiful time for a new baby because you are not housebound. Enjoy, and share apic or two with us!

    All is well. It looks like another beautiful day is on tap (I think I am awake enough to tell!). I was so achey and over-tired last night that I couldn't fll asleep until after 1am. Pumping in the coffee as we speak .

    Meg, glad to hear that things are finally working out. Happy Early Birthday and what fun to shop for smaller clothes! A new job, a new size -- lots to celebrate this weekend for you.

    I like your attitude, Dahlia, it's so positive and that's half the battle right there. I hope you have a successful season too.

    Pam, I hope spring hurries up to your corner of the world -- hasn't this been an exceptionally long winter for you? I bet you're going to celebrate this weekend too after you hand in your final paper. You do have a full plate!

    Get up, Cathy!

    I finally did get in my WATP yesterday -- I can't remember if I told y'all that but if I did, old age ya know! Made some good choices food-wise. I do well during the week -- it's just the weekends that do me in. I did weigh myself yesterday after a long time and I was up 3 lbs which wasn't bad considering I had thrown caution to the wind. I even had an ice cream sundae the night before. Onward and upward ....

    Time to get a move on -- it's a long trek upstairs for my second cup !

    Have a great day and congratulations again, Emily!


  • Sorry about all the spelling errors -- told ya I was tired! Also don't feel like editing -- lazy, lazy, lazy!
  • I'm up Terry finally got a few hours sleep last night the last 3 have been terrible so i feel half-human today
    I thought the challenge was a personal one so now i know it is'nt i think i'll have a look around the website too!

    CONGRATULATIONS! Emily ooooh a house full of men are you going to keep trying until you get a girl???

    Dahlia..when you ask "what kind of greenhouse do i have?" do you mean what do i grow in it? if so, the answer is vegetables.

    Pam it showed some Alberta weather on the news 2ft of snow at this time of year is crazy!! i hope it thaws soon and you are basking in the sun too.

    Hey Meg, you do sound upbeat and happy i'm glad to hear that because you sounded like you were losing it for a while there i'm glad you're still sane and THINNER!

    I have'nt exercised since Saturday with doing stuff outside (good excuse eh?) i should fit in a routine today before missing it becomes a habit! I've been a bit of a pig too..eating chocolate and ice cream over the weekend..i don't know why i seem to have the attitude "yaaayy..its weekend..a holiday from my diet..i can eat what i want" yeh right! and pigs can fly! i'll be good today and journal everything..i want to post a loss on friday even if its just .5lb. BBL
  • CAt 90, no I mean what kind of greenhouse do you have, how big is it, glass or plastic.. benches in it, small, large how many feet is it.. is it just by your house? just curious... when I say greenhouses I mean about 90,000 sq. feet under plastic, so was wondering what yours was like?

    Meg, happy birthday early, I will either forget your not get to post come Friday.. you really have a lot to celebrate too.as well as your b/day.... with being two sizes smaller.... you should be very proud. and your new job.... so have a great day,

    Jelyn, I gather this is your 3rd son...I have 5 sons so I can tell you be prepared for a house full of testosterone as they get older... anyway...having all those boys, I learned to do many new and different things... I loved every minute of it... Congrats again..
    I just got a new great niece yesterday, they named her Callie Dawn... 9 pounds 13 ounces.. our family seems to have big babies.. but all babies are so precious...

    take care all,
  • holy smoke now you're talking greenhouses! i don't know how big it is but i'm guess-timating 25' x 18' a tiddler in your terms and its made out of glass and wood
    Congrats on the new great niece 9lbs 13ozs! is she walking yet?
  • Good Evening and Good Morning!!

    I hate it when I fall asleep only to wake up an hour or so later wide awake. I'm only going to stay about 5 minutes on the computer and then I have to fall asleep because it's a work day for me and I need to be in early. Grrr!!!

    One more day Dahlia and then your season starts! Sell those little planties! Hey, congrats on your new neice -- I always liked the name Callie as I associate it with sweetness -- don't know why. Most likely from a book character somewhere down the line. And, that is a big baby girl! Did I ever tell you my dad was 13 lbs when he was born?? Ouch!

    Cathy, I bet you are getting in a lot of exercise outside -- I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on Friday. Any loss does wonders for our motivation.

    I did my two mile WATP today but indulged in some left over ice cream cake that Chris had bought for my birthday. That doesn't count right??!!

    We have a meeting with Chris' algebra teacher Wednesday after school. He went from an A to failing -- can you say "senioritis?!" Never a dull moment with kids .....

    OK, time's up and it's off to bed I go .... sweet dreams!

  • Morning Girls!

    Up and attem, everyone -- one more day, Dahlia!

    Good news, not so stiff this morning so three days of WATP are doing this ol' body good. Have to be at work early -- already showered, beds made, decluttering done, dishwasher emptied, paper half read -- still have more time too! Amazing what caffeine will do .

    Ok, have a good one and keep
  • Morning Ladies
    WOW Terry you are on the ball this morning i see it was your turn for the nocturnal nasties its so annoying to wake up and it only be 1am i know that feeling all to well
    I still have'nt treadmilled 3 days now..but i was just too busy yesterday..i have some work to do too Terry if i want to show any loss because like you i stepped on the scale a couple of days ago and i'd gained a couple not surprising really because looking at my journal the cals are getting up there..yesterday was my only good day for a few days...i'll have to work on that.

    Major weedeating is on the agenda today (no Terry..i'm not eating them ) and pressure washing the deck..wonderful..just another day in paradise..LOL.
  • Hey gals!
    I've lost 18 lbs this week!!! Now just 3-4 more to get to pre-pregnancy weight and then I can work on that stubborn 75 ... Guess I have my work cut out for me.

  • Emily..well done!

    Day 4 with no exercise but i'm still busy doing other things, it got really windy up here yesterday and the roofing that hubby had put on the "almost finished" greenhouse blew off before he could torch it on! so here i am "roofless in victoria" i think that is going to end up being one unfinished project ..i asked him this morning if he was going out to do it or if i was going to have to look at if for the foreseeable future he said "yeh..i can take a LOOK at it" !!!!! MEN! i'll keep you posted.

    While i was out shopping yesterday i bought the Mari Windsor Pilates collection hope i have'nt wasted my money! but i've really wanted to try that for such a long time so i thought "to **** with it..i'll buy them" Ssssh..hubby does'nt know! and if i decide to try WATP's he won't know about that either (i'm taking a page out of Terry's book there )
  • Afternoon Ladies!

    Emily -- awesome, mama!! How much did you gain with Ian anyway? Is he sleeping well yet? I know I ask a lot of questions! And, Cathy, I've only heard good things about pilates so I think you'll love it. Sorry about the roof and LOL at "Sleepless in Victoria" .

    I must admit that stress got the better of me again today and I have been eating some not so good things. I'm coming out of my funk and one good workout will do wonders -- usually does. Mac is at the vet to have his teeth cleaned, all his shots, and he has mats that I could not get out. When I got the estimate I almost cried on the spot -- $815. And, that's just the estimate. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with my DH -- he transfered over money to my account and chuckled. I know it's not my fault about the dog, but I just feel guilty that he already spent so much on me and my birthday this week. Can ya tell I am in a mood?! Sorry to vent .......

    But, life goes on! It stopped raining and it looks like the sun is trying to come out . It's a comfortable 64 deg in here according to this beautiful new thermometer I have, and the temps out are climbing into the 70s. I should have been a weather lady!

    OK, things to do and people to see -- you know the drill .

    Catch ya all later and think "ten pounds at a time!"
  • Terry $815 put Mac in the fridge (take him out before you put the elephant in ) and then cut those mats out yourself..that would save you at least $200! You can tell Russ from me that he is a SWEETHEART

    I have'nt tried the Pilates yet, not even taken them out of the wrapper hopefully i will find the time this weekend..we DID get the roof put on and i can tell you it sure got a test during the night it was howling up here and its still windy..i keep peeking through the window to see if i've still got a roof! I had a pleasant surprise this morning when i hopped on the metal for the last 2 days its been showing me 157.5lbs so thats another 3lbs gone i'm especially pleased because it takes me into another 10..roll on the 140's!