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cat90 04-09-2003 01:52 PM

You're as bad as me Terry :lol: got the info so i'll try again :crossed:

Cool Mom 04-10-2003 08:25 AM

Good Morning!! :)

The sun is shining but it's still chilly -- only day the sun is to make an appearance this week. Another dark and dreary weekend coming up -- hopefully my mood won't be that way :D .

Been a bit -- OK a lot! -- too lenient on my OPness, but hopefully one good day back in the saddle will spark that motivation again. And thus the battle wages on :drill: :drill: :drill: .

Gosh, wonder how Meg likes her new job?? Hopefully, her absence is a good sign .... and that she's busy at work :).

OK, time to brew the coffee extra strong -- didn't fall asleep until after 3am (not to my choosing and it wasn't because of other factors :s: either!).

Catch ya all later!


Cool Mom 04-10-2003 08:28 AM

You know, I just looked back at my profile, and I have been on this board for over 2 1/2 years now -- didn't think it was that long!

cat90 04-10-2003 12:02 PM

Oh Darn..was almost at the end of my post and i pressed the wrong button and zapped it :mad:
Terry..we've been plugging away at these pesky pounds for a long time now have'nt we? :rolleyes: the weather is'nt that great here either :rain: and i really need to get some gardening done..hubby and i dug over the greenhouse and some bedding boxes last Sunday and i've got some Tomato plants out but i really need to work on the rock wall near the house and transplant some flowers out before they die on me :( then there is the never-ending battle of the broom :eek:
I have to get back to exercising now that i'm not a computer geek anymore (have'nt done any for a couple of days) and eating right.
This year is just flying by..i've been posting on the Summer Challenge thread and one girl over there asked if we would be changing the name to the FALL challenge because we're getting no-where :lol: :nono: i want to get at least 20lbs off before July so keep me to that!
I know you must be feeling like a Zombie today Terry (i know that feeling all too well) but i think its about time i started challenging you on your treadmill again or you can WATP's if you want..come on girl..we have a lot of work to do and you've been doing GREAT so :drill: NO SLACKING NOW! At least 2 miles today O.K.??? BBL

Cool Mom 04-10-2003 12:26 PM

Yo! Don't have time to reply to everything I want to say, but you're on! I just did my 2 mile WATP plus some hand weights ... and you??!! :D

cat90 04-10-2003 02:21 PM

ooooh you :devil: i'm still busy downloading messengers and programs and re-establishing my favourites file :lol: and look what you've been doing! :rolleyes: me and my big mouth..looks like i'd better hit that treadmill :wave: BBL

Grandma G 04-10-2003 04:32 PM

Hi Ladies,

Just a quick check in. I still haven't started back using my treadmill. Will try and do a little after I finish posting. Since coming home, I have been having headaches so haven't been doing much accept resting up.

My dh has been down with a cold, it was with him all during our trip so we went into the doctor yesterday and got him some antibiotic. When he has a cold he always developes infection in his lungs, and needs antibiotic to finally get rid of it!

When we were waiting for the doctor yesterday, I checked my weight on his scales, and was really pleased and surprised to find that I actually weighed 2 pounds less then I did on my last visit to him, which was just 2 weeks before we left for Fl. in March. That means I really did no harm to my diet on our vacation, even with eating more and not using the treadmill. :) :cp:

That made me more determined then ever, to get back to work and lose the last 20 lbs! So treadmill, here I come:dance: :dance: I am going to challenge myself to start with at least 0ne mile a day!

It is really beautiful here today. 52 degrees and the sun is shining. Maybe this winter is going to end after all.

:wave: Hi to everyone, Let's all get to that treadmill. We can do this, we can!

Cool Mom 04-10-2003 07:33 PM

Evening Ladies!

Grandma, sorry to hear that you and hubby are not up to par but great job on the weight loss --- something I have never ever been able to accomplish on vacation. Kudos! Don't overdo it on the treadmill especially with a headache. Now, Cathy, you can overdo it all you want! :D :D Don't tell me tomorrow you didn't do anything because you made me do my WATP today!!!

Just got home from work and first thing is I go straight to the computer --- can you say addicted?!:lol: Not to make supper, laundry, etc -- bought all kinds of good things for a salad. Also having steak sandwiches -- keeps the meat eating men in my life happy!

Off and running AGAIN .....

Meigg 04-10-2003 09:39 PM

Hi guys!

I have been SOOO busy it isn't even funny. I get up at 5:45 (used to be 7:30) and drive 1.25 hours each way on the highway. I feel like I need to go to bed at 9 instead of 10:30 just to keep up on sleep!

I am going to go relax on the couch. I promise to check in this weekend when I have more time so I can get up to speed on what everyone has been up to.

Have a good Friday!

cat90 04-11-2003 04:09 PM

Terry...i can't tell a lie :o i DID'NT treadmill..i was messing around online ALL DAY! I was going to exercise at 9.30pm and then had second thoughts because i knew i would have been bouncing off the walls at midnight :lol: speaking of computer addiction i've got you beat because the first thing i do when i surface is put the kettle on and then the computer :lol: if i want to get anything done (like today) i have to tell myself that i can't turn it on until i've done what i said i was going to do :dizzy: I was out at the greenhouse at 7am this morning messing with planters and re-potting tomato plants..i'm currently painting the greenhouse..i bought some woodstain that was on sale a while back (mis-tinted) and it is a lovely mint green :yikes: nice colour but a bit to bright for a rather large greenhouse so i've toned it down a bit with a darker green i had but its still on the bright side :cool: i'm taking a break to watch the Bold and the Beautiful and have a well earned cuppa and a rice krispie treat ;) and now look what i've done..i definitely will turn it OFF when i've finished posting and go out to do some more painting..i've gotta!
Grandma :cp: well done on losing 2lbs..i'm like Terry no such luck.

cat90 04-12-2003 03:36 PM

Hi Missing Buddies :wave: i was one stiff cat after all that work yesterday...you would think i would have slept like a log but i did'nt and i got up at 4am again this morning (sucks does'nt it Terry?) not a very nice day here today..overcast..i've just been watching the wildlife..i have 2 rabbits that have taken residence here..i even caught one hopping into the dog kennel last week :lol: they are lounging by the car at the moment..a whole family of quail just walked by them and they just looked at each other then there are 3 robins sat on the lawn and a humming bird is sat on top of the tree where i put a feeder yesterday it sure feels like spring :) Have a Great Weekend :wave:

Cool Mom 04-12-2003 11:35 PM

Greetings Ladies of the Board!

Meg, that is one long commute you have every day, woman! And, you are busy as a beaver -- quite a change from the old job. I hope you get to relax this weekend :) .

Cathy, I think we are on the same sleep schedule -- the night owl shift. We should IM each other when we are up! Could not fall asleep for the life of me lsat night -- ended up watching some TV and then playing on the computer until 5am. I had Russ call me at 10am from work so I could at least get to the store by noon. Rolled in and headed to Dunkin Dounuts for a huge cup of coffee. :fr: :fr:

Must be those crazy hormones running rampant again!

Hey, I hear ya on the morning ritual. Get up, get the coffee going, pop in the ol' contacts (need to see the coffee pot :D) and then stumble down the stairs to the family room and my computer -- the best time of the day in my book!

After buckets of rain for two days the sun actually came out this afternoon and it turned into a fairly decent day. Still too chilly to plant anything yet -- the snow finally melted this week. Yeah! :cp:

Cathy, you seem to have so much more spring weather than we do. I really like it when the birds start showing up --- I love to hear them singing when I first wake up.

Grandma, I hope you are feeling better by now :) .

Went out to dinner with Russ two nights in a row -- Olive Garden tonight -- one of my very favorite restaurants. We were lucky to find a table in the bar because there was an hour and a half wait.

Waiting for Chris to come home -- he has a midnight curfew on the weekends. The wine we had with dinner is making me sleepy so he had better hurry up! Back to work tomorrow too.

Cathy, I must confess too (not a good liar either!) -- no WATP today. Hopefully tomorrow!

OK, ladies, time to make my way upstairs .... Hope all is well, Pam (I hope you are enjoying your company), Dahlia (must be lost in the greenhouses :D , Cheri and everyone else!

Sweet dreams :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

cat90 04-13-2003 12:11 PM

It's weird is'nt it? and yet i don't feel sleep deprived :?: do you? once i've had a shower i'm ready to go just as usual :lol: the next time i'm up in the wee hours i'll come online and look for you ;)
The sun put in an appearance yesterday afternoon and it turned into quite a nice day i don't think we'll have the same luck today its raining steadily :rain: so no gardening for me. Looks like i have no alternative but to do some exercise :yikes: BBL :wave:

Sammy01 04-13-2003 04:57 PM

Hi girls,

Glad to see you're all doing fine and well. Cat, glad your computer is back up and running again...sounds like a trying spell to get that on the go.

Grandma G, welcome back..glad you're here with us again.

Meg, that is some drive every day. I'm glad you are enjoying it...makes it easier.

Terry, I too love the Olive Garden too. Those breadsticks are sooo my downfall :) Good thing I've never acquired a taste for wine or I'd be hooched for sure :dizzy:

Well Erwin's Dad is back in the hospital again. Home for a whopping 6 days before the shortness of breath and weakness settled in again. Spent another day and a half in emergency before they admitted him. Erwin's at the hospital visiting him now. I guess the nurses found him flat on his *** this morning all dazed and confused telling him that his sons were helping him to go the washroom which was down the hallway. This was at 6:00 a.m. and he was of course all by himself. No one is sure what the heck is wrong with him now...they've switched his meds up again and said they won't release him home until the confusion and owliness have vanished. Sorry to sound mad but I guess I am..I'm not sure what's going on and I just feel so sorry for Dad. With the exception of about two weeks he's spent the last 4 and a half months in the hospital. He gets crabby and irritable and takes it out on Erwin and his brother. The other brother can hardly be bothered to go the hospital at all so it falls on Erwin and Ed to go and keep Dad's spirits up. I only get to go on the weekends but half the time he doesn't acknowledge my presence so it's hard to convince yourself to go at all but I know that's a horrible attitude.

Okay, done venting now. My visit with my Mom and Dad went really well and I even managed to lose a pound while they were here so all in all it went spectacularly.

I submitted my last assignment for school and will call to reserve a seat for my final. I'm hoping to write on the 29th but we'll see what they have available. I get to take the month of May off and hit the books again come June 1.

Well I better go make my stuff for the coming week and get my workout in.

Have a great day all.


cat90 04-13-2003 08:41 PM

Hey Pam..great job! losing a pound while you had guests :bravo:
i'm so sorry to hear that about your poor FIL :( what a rotten time for you and hubby especially when other family members can't or won't be bothered..i've been there so i know how that feels :(
Terry..i've finally got my camcorder to work as a digi-cam :stress: so i've been playing with that most of the weekend :lol: trying to figure out how to re-size pics and so on :dizzy:

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