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Sammy01 04-04-2003 09:23 AM

Good Morning Ladies,

Hope all is well with you on this Friday morning. It's very cold here in Edmonton today and I am not amused. April 1 we awoke to snow and then it snowed again all day yesterday and today is a lovely windchill of -23. Mother Nature apparently forgot that April 1 ended 3 days ago :)

Things here on the homefront are hectic to say the least. On a good note Erwin's Dad was released from the hospital yesterday so hopefully that transition of being home again will flow smoothly.

My parents are coming up tomorrow to stay for a week and I love them dearly but I am nervous about it as I know it throws my schedule off but we will get through it.

Sorry to cut this short but I've got to get ready for work. I just wanted to come and say hi to you all and let you know I've not forgotten about you.

Have a good day,


Sammy01 04-04-2003 03:53 PM

Hello??? Have you all gone away for a romantic long weekend with your significant others?

Sammy01 04-05-2003 11:33 AM

Good Saturday Morning,

It's quiet here so far...about another hour until the chaos begins :)

Parents should arrive in the afternoon, off to the surprise birthday party for my sisters FIL, church tomorrow, grocery shopping, laundry and a family dinner at 5:00. Somewhere today I'll try and find time to finish my assignemt for school and start studying for my final in the next two weeks. Mom and Dad will be leaving on Thursday night so we'll have the house back to ourselves then. I love them but a week of house guests, no matter who, is always trying.

Weigh in today was okay. I'm getting the hang of it. I added roughly 3-4 points a day and went up a pound so I don't figure that's too bad. I haven't exercised all week either so that's got to change.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Come out and play....I miss you guys and feel silly talking to myself (although some would argue I just love the sound of my own voice :lol: )


Cool Mom 04-05-2003 12:04 PM


Awesome, Cheri, on the weight loss! I seem to have hit a snag and need to get myself motivated. I just feel so bloated today and of course that always translates to feeling fat :dizzy:. I refuse to give up on weight loss because that just means a huge weight gain. I will do this, I will do this, I will do this .....

Howdy, Ms. Pam! I hope all goes well with your parents this week, at least try to relax a bit and enjoy their visit. I was very happy to hear that your FIL is home!

I must admit that we do not have anything even close to your Canadian weather right now but it is icy out and very cold -- we really got teased with Spring weather just last week too. Poor Katie, she lives in New Hampshire, and got a foot and a half of snow yesterday with more coming today. She is not a happy camper!

Meg, I will be thinking of you Monday as you start your new job! I can't wait to hear how you like it .... :)

Cathy is AWOL because she is upgrading her computer -- I thought I heard a few choice words coming from her direction yesterday! :D

Wicked headache this morning so maybe I will just crawl back into bed and rest. Translation: hibernate! Didn't go into work because the roads are too icy -- told Russ to take my Jeep because it's heavier than his car this morning too because of the weather.

OK, ladies, think Spring!

Always, Terry

Dahlia 04-05-2003 02:49 PM

Hello ladies,

I have been busy,,, and this weather has been terrible.. spring my eye...we've had an ice storm since last thursday, and now we are getting snow on top of that.. miserable.. but today the sun is trying to sun, it comes out for a few minutes, just to tease us..

I am very frustrated, I have been trying so hard since Lent began and I keep losing the same 5 pounds, now they want to bring some old friends back with them... I refuse to allow it...so have to try something different...like strangling my scale...

But I will not stop.. I am going to keep trying.. will discuss my meds again with doc at end of month.. been on these for several years, so maybe its time for a change.. on them, I just can't fight it.... I discussed exercising with him last time.. if I get going to strong, I get dizzy, sick to my stomach and my heart pounds,, he said the meds I am on, are to keep my heart rate low so when I raise it.. it goes to extremes and makes me feel sick... well that is lovely.. so instead of battling against myself... I need to try something new...

Well, working in the office today,, still have a couple hours worth to do. so better get to it.. just thought I'd join Cool mom so she wouldn't have to talk to herself.. I know the feeling..:)

take care, hope everyone is having a good weekend...


Meigg 04-06-2003 12:40 AM

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted. I have been REALLY busy trying to buy a used car, which we finally found. I am driving 120 miles round trip per day, so we needed a car that I could put the miles on. We currently lease a Jetta that we can only put 800 miles a month on, so I can't use that. We bought a 1995 Nissan for $2800 with 100,000 miles on it. Tomorrow my dad and Dan are putting new shocks in and once it has an alignment it should be good to go. Dan says in 6 months we can turn in the lease, sell the Nissan and get a new Jetta that we own. Then I will be driving in style! This car has seen better days, but it is a good thing right now. We have also been looking for houses closer to my job. If I last 6 months we will look more seriously. Right now I just want to make it thru the first week.

I was really sad leaving work. They thru a lunch for me, and only 6 people came. I guess the other 6 didn't like me enough to come. It made me feel kind of bad, but in the long run, I was never going to be friends with them outside of work. It really showed me who my friends were, though.

Anyway, I am excited for my new job. Glad to be done with that place!

Dahlia - you really have me worried! What kind of meds are you taking? I know that mine really effect me - and it was bad when I first started them. I used to sleep all the time. Now I know that when I take them I have a 15-30 minute window until I start getting dizzy - which means it is time for bed. Let us know how things work out.

I will check in tomorrow -


Meigg 04-06-2003 10:55 PM

Hey guys!

We are supposed to get 3-7 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. Kind of crummy to get it on the first day of my commute!

Just wanted to wish everyone an OP day tomorrow!

Talk to you then!

Cool Mom 04-07-2003 09:10 AM


Meg, good luck today!! :)

Yuck -- the winter that won't go away! Early school dismissal today as 6-12" of snow is expected. Russ took my Jeep as his car isn't that great in the snow. Translation: a day off for me! Actually, need to run to the store before the snow starts (can't believe I am saying the "S" word!) because we are down to the last roll of toilet paper :yikes: !

And, hopefully I won't see anyone I know because I am going before my shower and no make-up :fr: ...

Catch ya all later .... Terry :)

Grandma G 04-07-2003 10:41 AM

Hi Everyone, remember me!
We have been traveling for the last month to Florida to visit our daughter and family. My grandsons, 4 and 6 were so much fun and we just had a great time.

The weather was just beautiful, 85 degrees F and we went to the beach and a yankee ballgame. It was such a shock Friday when we came home to this. 20 degree weather and a snow storm. On Friday, our last day of travel we had all kinds of weather, including fog, rain, freezing rain, more fog, snow and blowing snow. However with all of it, the roads weren't too bad so we kept driving until we finally arrived home about 4:30 pm. No matter where you go or how much fun you have it is always good to get home!

I really have to get to work now because while we were traveling we spent a lot of time at restaurants, including the Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesdays, the Olive Garden, Triggers Steak house, Ryan's Steak house, Bananza Steak house, The Cracker Barrel, I HOPS, the Waffle House, etc. and to top it all off, Saturday after we arrived home we went to my bil's birthday party and his dil runs a restaurant and is a fantastic cook. She put on a 6 course dinner with champayne, including individual shrimp cocktails, stuffed mushrooms with sausage stuffing, french union soup, salad, baked potatoe, vegtable and prime rib, with a pasta side dish, and Chocolate cake. served with coffee. WHAT A FEED!

At first during our vacation I was very good and made good choices at the restaurants but as the time went on I was getting worse and worse! However through it all, surprisingly I didn't gain much. I am back to where I was when I was on the plateau for so long, all I gained was the last few pounds I lost the last week or two before we left on vacation. I was afraid it would be much worse. So if I get back to my treadmill and back on program, I should be able to lose it fast. I hope!

I have been reading some of the post and was happy to hear about your new job Meg. Good luck with it!

:wave: Hi to everyone else, I like all your pictures, you all look so young! Makes me feel old! Bye for now, have to get busy, it's surprising how much needs to be done when you get home after a month away! Good luck to all of us for an op day

Cool Mom 04-07-2003 06:15 PM

Hey, Grandma G, welcome back!! I wondered where you were!! I am happy to hear that you had such a great time visiting and eating your way to Florida and back!:smug: Those are some of my favorite restaurants, especially Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesdays. I chuckled at the idea of you going all the way to Florida for a Yankee game:) .

Hope all is going smoothly, Meg!

OK, time to rock and roll ..... welcome back again GG!

cat90 04-08-2003 08:33 PM

Hi my dear much missed friends :wave:
God..what a week i have had :stress: i completely erased drive C on my computer :lol: on purpose i might add (don't know what i was thinking really :rolleyes: ) and have had to completely re-install everything..it was a miracle :faint: to say the least that i accomplished this :eek: because i have'nt a clue how i did it..it was the usual trial and error thing :?: i was on the brink of giving up and taking it to the computer store but by some fluke i've managed to do it by myself :doh: Bill Gates better look out..if a computer geek like me can get this far who knows what i can achieve :lol: i'll catch up with you gals tomorrow because all this "thinking" has given me a rotten headache so i'm going out for some fresh air.

Cool Mom 04-09-2003 07:48 AM

Yikes, Cathy -- I am so sorry you had such a hard time with that disc as I know how frustrating it can be. :grouphug: You must have been throwing darts at my picture because it didn't work. Missed you though! It's not easy getting everything back up -- you is one smart cookie! :)

No time this morning for much of anything -- hopefully, I'll get some more time tonight after work.

Cathy, Meg, Grandma, Cheri, Emily, Dahlia, Pam ... have a terrific Tuesday :) ...


cat90 04-09-2003 09:59 AM

:lol: Absolutely NO dart throwing was done Terry :lol: it was an experience to say the least and i still have a lot to do :rolleyes: i have'nt got an email program set up yet and everything is not working as it should so i have a lot of exploring to do :lol: but on the bright side i must have erased a lot of junk too :eek: hope it was junk...i've noticed that the computer is'nt "squawking" as much..hope that is a good sign..i'll let you know if i see any smoke! Have a Good Day Ladies...BBL :wave:

Cool Mom 04-09-2003 11:57 AM

Check your PM -- I think I found it!! I'll mail you the manual -- I just found it!

Cool Mom 04-09-2003 11:59 AM

:D This is why I NEVER throw anything out -- just forget it exists :D

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