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  • Howdy

    First of all.........Where the heck is......Carol, Vicki,Lisa,Doni,Dee (Titan Card Fan) & Donna???????? We really need you here!! Come on back and "catch the MOTIVATION" here!! If you aren't motivated and need to be, it won't help to "run" from us! We'll find ya & bring ya right back!! Seriously, PLEASE post soon!!!!!

    WTG on getting right back OP today!!!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I'm glad James did ok while you were at work.I was going to call & check on him but with being back at School, it was CRAZY & BUSY!! BTW: You haven't mowed yet? We have TWICE already!!!

    WTG on your 5 lb. loss too!!!!!! With your 5 and my 5 lbs....hey, that's a 10 lb. bag of 'tators!! BTW: Can you believe that we had 7 new students today???!!!!

    I meant to tell you "thanks" for the cleaning tip of picture frames! I'll try that next time! And about the water....YES it makes a diffence! The more I drink, the more I want!!! I am afraid to go back to Crystal Lite because then I'm afraid that I won't drink all this water...so therefore I'll stick to just WATER!!

    Oh Shelley...How sweet what you wrote! Yes...it is amazing how close we all can get by writing!! I hope that one day we'll all meet! How was your day back at work? It was hard for me to get up!!!

    I don't think that one waffle will hurt you girl!! Have I told you how proud I am of you? I love reading the menus to see what ya'll ate and to get ideas! Keep it up and remember what I told Carol in my last post to her.......It's better to be a couple of days OFF plan then to be 7 days off!!! Right?

    How is your Mom? Did you get to rest today? I know you were so tired yesterday.I know you have a lot on your plate right now BUT you also need to think of Dee and that heart of yours!! Please take it easy!!!

    How are you? I'm so happy that you're posting!! I'm also glad that you joined us!! I don't think I have ever told you that but I mean it!! You're just a sweet person! Are you staying OP? Are you exercising too?

    Thank you all for the "congrats" on my loosing 5 lbs.!!! Ya'll helped me & I thank each one of you for all the support!! I love you all!!!

  • Hey Sherry! WAY TO GO on your 5 lbs.! ( And I can't believe you guys had seven new kids this close to the end of the school year!)
  • Hey Sherry,
    Congrats on the big weight loss, 5 LBS. woo hoo!!! Also, thanks for the welcoming words. You are a very gracious board host. How long have you been doing this? Do you host other boards? Just curious and I'm sure other newbies would like to hear about our very supportive and creative (love all your cute icons) host!

    I went out for dinner with the girls and feel like I did okay...may have pushed it a little since I had two glasses of wine. We went to P.F. Chang's (a modern chinese restaurant) and I shared an appetized of chicken wraps (chopped up spicy chicken wrapped in lettuce) and had steamed halibut for my main course. Topped it off with decaf with cream...I feel like I cheated maybe because of the wine. My workout today was intense, so hopefully that counts for something!

    We've got the momentum Floozies, keep on losing!!!!

  • Since the kids weren't there yesterday, we were able to leave early. I got my run in at 2PM, and it was hot!! Not as humid as normal, though.

    I screwed up last night. I was doing so good, and then starting eating more of the container of FF whip than I should. Anyway, I ended up have 6 points worth of it, then had a cup of cereal (dry) . My total for the day was about 35 points!! Oh well, today is another day. I bought a new sipper yesterday for my water. It holds 64 oz. I am going to try to drink it all everyday. Sherry, you are right, the more you drink, the more of it you crave!!

    Jennelle and Debbie-WTG for coming back to the exercise board!! You both did awesome yesterday.

    Time for work--just had my bowl of oatmeal and my coffee. Looking forward to a busy day with all the kids back!!

    Love to everyone!
  • Hi girls!!! Sounds like everyone is doing great!!!!!!

    I need a few words of encouragement! Since starting this WOE the end of February, I weighed today, staying the same, meaning that I have only a 3 pound loss!!! Some of you girls are up to a 10-11 pound loss for about the same amount of time!!!

    What the heck am I doing wrong?????? I weigh my portions, add the veggies and try to stay OP????? My clothes do feel a little looser, but what the flip is going on with the frick'n scale?????

    At this rate I will be "fluffy" forever!!!!! I need to be working on getting rid of this gain from over the holidays and winter months.

    All you low carbers: ANY thoughts and suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
  • Gayle, it is only my humble opinion, but from reading your menus, I don't think you are eating enough! I bet you aren't even getting 1000 calories some days. Try to not weigh your portions. If you can, try to eat a little more protein each day and see if that makes a difference. When I eat a ground chuck pattie, for instance, it is a BIG one. You can tell me to mind my own business if you want and I'll understand. I just know that when I get stuck, I up my portions to fuel my furnace and it almost always works! If you can't eat that much at one time, try 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day.
    OK, I'll hush now....lol

    Love ya,
  • Ramona, you silly goose!!!!! How could I get upset with you? Honestly, I feel like I am eating like a pig! Yesterday I had bacon, eggs, chicken, cheese, olive oil, peanuts, plus the veggies & dressing! My stirfry consisted of 4 cups of veggies plus the chicken. My calories average almost 1300-1500, yesterday racking a little over 1600!

    Yesterday my figures showed:

    calories: 1625

    Fat: 88

    Carbs: 26

    Protein: 149 ** Plus I drink at least 112 oz. of water a day!

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could it be the diet cola's???? I usually have 1-2 cans per day.

    What source do you guys use to figure the calories/fat/carbs/protein of foods?
  • Shelley I want you to know that what you said brought tears to my eyes. I am so lucky to have you as a friend. About having 35 points it may not be a bad thing.......on the wendy plan they suggest one day a week higher points and then a mix of lower points. I think that it tricks your body that way.

    Debbie I am glasd that James is doing good. Keep drinking that water. If I over eat I try to drink as much water as possible. It helps to keep me from gaining.

    Sherry that is unbelievable 7 new kids now! You are doing great work on the dieting. Keep it up. It is very incouraging.

    Gayle I don't know what to tell you about what to do. I don't know how to low carb. But one thing.....you should be happy that you didn't gain 3 pounds.

    I have to run. I have a ton of stuff to do today and it is tea time day. I think mom is getting out of the hospital today. We will have to wait and see. She looked much better yesterday. The swelling and the pain in her leg may be there for a few months. I will let you all know later if she gets out. There was a few days there that I thought that she wasn't going to make it. She just had to many blood clots in her lungs. They are still there but over time they will dissolve.

    Hope you all have an on program day.
  • Gayle, I would try leaving the diet sodas off. It sure worked for me, but everyone is different. Sometimes the aspartame and caffiene can be a culprit. I can drink one now after 2 years without them and I blow up like a balloon!
    Just hang in there girl.....you are doing great!!!!

    Shelley, I treasure all my floozie friends each and every day. You are a sweatheart!

    Dee, I'm so glad your mom is doing better. I hope things continue to look up for you. How is Dez doing?

    Debbie, that's great to hear that James is doing so well. I'm sure your TLC is the greatest part of his healing.

    Sherry, keep drinking that water girl!!! Your hair, skin, and body will love you for it!

    Jeane, I'm not sure what the wine will do. Just be sure to drink a little extra water and I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Hello to all the other floozies and I hope you have a great day.
    I better get to work. I just had a delivery of boots and the freight weighed 650 pounds! I'll get my workout in now!!!

  • Hi everyone. I'm checking in.

    We are making some headway with stuff that we need to do, but are having company this weekend so will need to back off. They won't actually be staying here but expect we'll see a lot of them though know those 2 lovebirds will want their private time (she is almost 70 and he's about the same age).

    Glad everyone seems to be hanging on.

    Dee, one of my best friends from where I worked, had a blood clot in her lung. Now she's back at work and doing great. Hope your mom gets the same results.
  • Just heard from a friend of ours that their son called today and is being sent to Iraq. His name is Shane and he is a Marine. Also, one of his good friends was killed there over the weekend. Please keep Shane in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Shane and all of our military will continue to be in my prayers Ramona. I can not even begin to imagine having to send my child over there.

    I have two second cousins deployed. One with the 101st Marines that we have all heard about and the other a paratrooper, the last I heard, the family thought he was in Kewait. Steve and I have a friend that we have not heard back from...we believe he must be there also. Please keep these young gentlemen in your prayers too.
  • STOP!!!!!!!!!!! Please go to #1.........A New Thread Has Been Started!!!!

    See Ya there!!