Could I have Plateaued Already? (Also in 100 lb club)

  • So I am a little distressed about something.

    I have gone from 280 (beginning 2010) to 260 (2011-2012) and at the beginning of 2012 I weight 253. I started counting calories January 1st of this year and I have (with a few exceptions) stayed on track. I currently eat 1600 (or fewer) calories a day (I believe I need 2000-2200 to maintain). From January to February the weight just melted off (it was fabulous) and I currently weight 234-230 (depending on the day, it fluctuates with water weight) lbs.

    Beginning Mar 1st, I have added the gym to my routine. On, M/W mornings I am there doing cardio [elliptical (30), rowing (5), stairs (10), bike (10) or arc trainer (20) or treadmill <alternate walking [3] jogging (2)>]. Tu/Th, I go at night and do Cardio/Strenght [elliptical (30) or treadmill <alternate walking [3] jogging (2)> and other cardio. Machine weights [row, chest press, abdominal, etc. lifting enough weight that is it a strain to finish. I also do a Yoga class on Monday night that leaves my muscles super sore.

    However, since around Feb 22nd (before I added the exercise) all weight loss has stopped. I am still eating around/under my calories and I am exercising like crazy (ok, for a 230 lb person who has never done it before crazy...)but I haven't seen any REAL loss I would expect with the added exercise. In the month since Feb 22 to Mar 22, I have stayed in the same 5 lbs and it is starting to distress me. I want to see my scale hit 229 (which hasn't happened yet!) and then 220, etc but it seems even though I am trying I am not losing anything.

    I am also not losing inches because I have been measuring that as well. I do have hypothyroidism but at my last Dr.s appt (March 6th), the medicine I take has it completely under control.

    I don't understand how I could have plateaued since I HAVE upped my activity level. Does anyone have any ideas? Or encouragement since this is bumming me out in a major "What is the point if it's not working" way?

  • You may be losing fat from around your organs. Muscle also weigh 2 x more than maybe be gaining muscle and shedding fat.
    Don't give up. This is a marathon not 200 m sprint.
    You did not gain your weight in 2 months...probably took you for years...well the same won't shed it in is a is a lifestyle.

    Good luck!
  • Idealogy.....darn I pad
  • SUGAR ~ well, it does seem odd that as soon as you started this fairly rigorous exercise program -- that weightloss stopped. While, it is possible you are still losing some internal fat and recompositioning (fat to muscle ratio), it is possible you may be overdoing it a bit. Sometimes, it is better to start slow and work your way up.

    And, you can gain some weight doing all that weight-lifting: I know I gained 9 lbs one year without any other change but I did lose 2-3 sizes and dozens of inches everywhere. You have a few options -- 1) wait a while longer; 2) up your food intake a bit; or 3) cut back your exercise to every other day ... focusing on walking, weights, and toning only to see what happens. Many people lose weight that way.

    Since it has only been about 4 weeks, you could wait a bit longer; or just go ahead and try something else. I have seen this happen before. You will get long-term toning benefits from your routines, and feel stronger -- but WL benefits may suffer a little (stall).
  • @ Sum: I didn't think about the internal weight loss...but wouldn't that still be reflected in the scale? I know it is going to take a (long long long) long time to lose all this weight but the complete stop has me...angry.

    @Just: I am not sure I understand the up the food intake? When I am hungry, I tend to eat I am just making sure I am not stuffing bad foods into my mouth. How would uping my intake help me lose weight?

    Thanks you guys!