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    Not much happening here this day. All is pretty quiet. Our dinner will be ribs that the champain BBQ man brought to town this day. I'll make a big green salad to go with it. I am still chuckling from watching that video about that group that did the Hallelujah Chorus. How creative that person is that thought that up to do it that way and the kids that performed it have my admiration. We did that song when I was in school and in the Acappella chorus but we sang it the traditional way. This is a hoot. I sent it to you Magnolias so be sure to crank your sound up.

    Everyone have a lovely afternoon. Type at y'all later.
  • New Years Eve

    my Magnolias friends. Time sure flys when you are having fun and here it is New Years Eve already. Time to tell this old year good bye and start a fresh one tomorrow. I am getting my ducks in a row and cranking up to have a good weight loss year. What say ya'all? Are we in this together? Pick me up when I stumble or fall along the way and I will do the same for you. None of us will be blue and all alone in this endeavor to persevere.

    Today we will be having smoked ribs, salad and baked potatoes. Tormorrow we are planning on going out to Applebees for lunch after morning church where I can order WW off the menu and stay on program.

    The weather forecast says we will be having winds this day. In fact it is a "high wind warning" until 8pm. My most un-favorite weather. It does sweep the town clean though and makes me wonder where it sweeps it to exactly. Batten down the hatches and secure what you want to keep when the winds kick up.

    All you Magnolias have a wonderful New Years Eve.

  • Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and the wind is blowing, as usual. We're in a wind advisory until tomorrow night so I imagine it will pick up as the day goes along. We're also in a winter weather advisory for late this afternoon until midnight; rain turning to snow and limited visibility because of the wind. Maybe winter has finally decided to appear. We've had a lot of squirrels on the deck this morning so maybe they know the weather is going to change. I was going to make chili this morning but have no beans so nixed that idea. I should go to the store for a few things. Bob is off doing his Saturday morning routine of coffee with the farmers, a stop at the office, and whatever else pops up in the meantime.

    We have no plans for tonight. Will probably fall asleep in front of the tv before midnight, which has been the norm for the last few years. We used to play cards years ago but we are the only ones still alive, or in town!

    Maggie -- Were you feeling a big lonely here by yourself? You are up early this morning! It sounds like you will have the same wind blowing as we do. I am determined to lose some pounds before the end of January when we leave for Maui. I know I have put a few on in December. I have to make myself write down what I eat and get the dreadmill going again.

    "Gma," Susan, and Gail -- I hope we see you all today!

    I'm thinking I will undecorate the tree today too. I understand, now, why some older people don't put up a big tree! I need to get busy on laundry and do some ironing. Bob needs shirts for work next week and a white dress shirt for church tomorrow. Enjoy the last day of 2011, and get ready to enjoy the ride in 2012!
  • Good morning Magnolias! I am on the mend, but today is going to be a day of getting rid of the ick so my ribs area is still sore, but I am feeling much better than I was. Part of the reason is not sleeping because of coughing all night so I feel exhausted the next day. I did sleep, but didn't get to sleep until after midnight and got up with Jack at 6 AM as he went to Firestone to have the brake pads changed out, etc. One more maintenance, the coolant flush and fill done next month then we have all our regular maintenance done for awhile, just an oil change here or there. This sets us up for our vacation traveling too.

    Jean: Kelly called me and said I had another virus as I had a mass email sent out exactly like the other one I had. I ran a virus scan and a malware scan and neither had a virus or malware show up, but I went to Jack's email and there was an email from me so I knew that everyone had gotten the darn thing. Maggie said hers showed a virus so I am glad yours didn't. One more time of this happening and I am changing my whole email address. I know it is hard to control when you use your email address a lot for paying bills, shopping and the like, but since I don't know what generated the darn mass email in the first place, in other what link or website I opened that sent it to my own email, I won't know if I will accidently go to the same link or whatever again. I use a lot of free patterns and you can have something hang on to them, though I usually use a central site. Thank you for the card, it was really cute. You posted while I was posting so I decided to come back and talk a bit more. We aren't doing anything either. I will probably knit and watch tv, but I don't like the countdown shows so will probably watch HGTV or the cooking channel. If we lived close by we would love to come over and play cards for the evening. I miss doing that with my family and friends too!

    Maggie: I used to dress Kelly is some of the cutest stuff, but I just didn't have the kind of money to buy at the big department stores. She had this really long straight blond hair and was such a cutey. I once bought her these lavender seersucker overalls that had this white tshirt that had little violets on them and I used to make ribbon barretts for her hair and I would braid one braid down the side of her hair. I have such a cute picture of her at one of the amusement parks with the outfit on. She was about 4. I miss not having a granddaughter to knit some of the cute girly stuff. My mil used to make her stuff too. She made her this beautiful coat and hat that she crocheted and she used to make her clothes, purses all kinds of stuff. Boys just aren't as fun. I guess that's why I make them funky socks.

    Susan: Our tax refund is going to pay for our cruise and most of the cruise expensives plus a couple other things we want to do so that is nice. A lot of people say you shouldn't "let the government use your money," but for us, it is like having a savings account we can't dip into without the interest added on. We can always count on a big chunk of money every year to spend on a vacation or home updates, etc and not spend it or dip into it throughout the year so it works for us. How are you coming along??? I wish my hair would turn white. It is still that ugly steel gray, not attractive at all. Even if it was that lovely silver color I would be ok with it, but it started out that way, but it is the uglier color at the moment so until it comes out the lighter color, I will continue to color it. I would love to be able to grow out my hair and get one of those wedge type bobs, but my hair is way too thin to try and grow it out and wear it that way so I have to keep it cut short or it looks stringy.

    Well girls, I am going to sit and knit then work some on the house and fold clothes. Tomorrow I want to finish cleaning the house, Monday Fortune goes to the groomer and we will shampoo the other downstairs rug, then starting Tuesday it is back to upstairs cleaning for the week.

    My plan for the new year is to lose at least 90 lbs but hopefully more like 125 to go on vacation, work on getting back to a walking plan even trying to work through the muscle cramps in the lower abdomen, fixing my female problem one way or another so I have a better quality of life all the way around and teach myself intarsia knitting or another advanced knitting technique now that I have mastered fair isle.

    Have a grand weekend and wishing you a wonderful new year that is the best ever for you and your family!!! Faye
  • "Gma" -- I was glad to see your post tonight. I do hope your cold is gone soon. I've had a catnap in front of the tv this evening. Bob is in the recliner where I usually sit and Ernie kept giving him dirty looks. My lap must not feel the same when I sit in the love seat. I hope you got a nap in today so you can catch up on your sleep. I didn't get any virus emails from you this time. I would like to lose 10#s in January; it's doable but I will need to stay MAJOR focused. The tree is undecorated tonight but still standing; it has the lights on it so Bob will take it apart tomorrow and put it away for another year. Ernie is going to miss it as he has spent a lot of time underneath. I think he thinks no one can see him under there. I have some towels to fold and then think I will watch the news. I doubt I see midnight tonight.
  • Good morning, ladies! We're headed for 64 degrees today so I'm going for a walk. It may not be long but it will be a start.

    I'm sending you for this year so we eat and exercise properly to attain our weight loss goals.

    Nothing interesting happening around here. I'll be glad to go back to work this week. We were swamped at WW yesterday with people wanting to be ready to start today. The next month will be super busy with long lines. I think the 3 weeks of power start are helping. People seem more willing to share in that group than the regular meeting.

    Faye, I hope you are feeling better today and soon back to your old self. How's Jack's back?

    Jean, I was in bed and asleep by 11 last night. I did wake up at midnight because there were a lot of guns being shot and fireworks in the neighborhood.

    Maggie, you've set a very doeable goal for this year. I know you'll reach it with time to spare.

    Gail, I hope you can post once in awhile again.

    Have a wonderful day!
  • Happy New Year Of 2012

    It is a chilly day here in the Heartland with a lite wind blowing. I am sipping a wonderful sf ff vanilla latte while typing and enjoying every swallow. We had a good church service than went out to Applebees for lunch and I chose from the WW offerings and had a yummy grilled chicken dish with the slaw and rice they serve with it. My actual week starts tomorrow but I needed to get in gear on the first day of the month. I placed an order on line for a set of the latest companion books, couple points+ calculators and a box of the newest flavor of smoothies ~ Creme Brulee. The calculators are on sale so I got two for the price of one. I like to keep one in the kitchen and one in my office. Those items and the digital pocket scale are my new acquisitions for this years start of the rest of my life.

    SUSAN You are getting a good start to this new year! Our wind has such a bite to it I am walking inside making my loops. I imagine all WW places will be swamped this next week for sure. That is the nature of it for there are so many that make a good start and then that is all. I placed my order on line for what I wanted because I could get two of the calculators there ~ where they only are letting the folks by one right now so as not to run out at the local places. Makes sense to me.

    JEAN Be sure and let us know how it goes with losing 10#s this month. I am shooting for 5# since there are 5 mondays which are my weigh days. That is cute that Ernie likes to hide under the tree. Cecil likes to sit in the pot that holds the tree that our lights are on and peek around.

    DONNA FAYE I imagine you are much improved this day. At least I hope you are. I wish you well on your goal to lose before vacation. We must all stick together in this effort to lose this year.

    All Magnolias please have a great day. Type at y'all later.
  • Good Afternoon, Flowers! The wind is blowing like crazy, but no snow so am counting that as a blessing! We had 90+ people in church this morning which was more than I expected. No one looked like they partied last night. I've been packing away the Christmas decorations for another year. I have a complete set of a Hallmark series ornament, dating from the first one in 1980, and I'm hoping I can talk either Jason or Beth to list them on Ebay.

    Susan -- Thank you for the as I need all the help I can get! I gave up and turned the light off about 11 last night also. I figured it was midnight "somewhere." Congrats on your walk today! Any walk is a good way to get started again!

    Maggie -- Ernie is on the naughty list today! I had left decorations and ornaments on the coffee table waiting to be packed away today after church. He didn't pay any attention to them as I placed them there yesterday, but when we got home from church there was a paper folded star in the middle of the floor with chew marks on the points! It was made by a friend and very intricate with 8 points on it, dipped in wax, and a fancy gold thread and bow to hang on the tree. I was so mad at him! He knew he was in trouble as soon as I yelled at him, and he slinked off to the basement. It sounds like you are all set for a good WW OP month to welcome the new year!

    Well, I just brought laundry upstairs and thought I would check in. My Christmas boxes need to be finished and taken to the basement so I'm going to do that next. May 2012 be a great year for all of you!
  • Back To Yack

    Just got back from a nice drive once again.

    SUSAN We went by Wal*Mart and Will went in for something and I asked him to check on that WW One Pot cookbook. Yep they had it and it was only $17.95 and not the $29.99 it sells for elsewhere. So I am now a happy owner of it. Have you gotten it yet? Will told me about another book that was for points+ published in 2011 called WW New Complete Cookbook and had checked if I already had it. He went back and bought it for me also. The one I had is the Momentum program edition.

    JEAN Looks like your cat picked out and decided to play with something you really cherished. But isn't that the way of it. That is quite a collection of those ornaments Hallmark you have. You should be able to sell them on e-bay easily I would think.

    Everyone have a lovely evening. I am going to be having fun going through this new cook book.
  • Good morning to you all. I am still on the mend with this cold as it hit me really hard and really zapped my strength. I have gained several lbs just sitting and Jack doing what he could with regards to feeding us. I would break out into coughing fits just walking around or standing, but feeling about 90% better today though still having some coughing up of stuff so I think I should be all over it in a day or so, thank goodness.

    I am tackling the downstairs this morning, doing a little at a time and stopping when I start coughing and resting for a bit then going at it again. I just can't stand the house being dirty, ick! Jack is going to vacuum, clean the ceiling fans and vents for me today so I don't have to deal with those chores.

    Maggie: Sounds like you are certainly recipe ready for this year. I know you can make great progress, you just have to keep at it.

    Susan: Jack's back is still sore, but not debillitating. Thanks for the dust, I am going to need it sometimes and sometimes not so much! I have 11days until the gyn appt and I can get this thing scheduled and get it done so maybe my hormones will then even out and such. I sure hope so. I hope you are doing well with you foot and such.

    Jean: Oooh, I can imagine being mad at Ernie too. I have some cute things my kids made that I would hate to have damaged. We just do not have the room right now to put up a tree, but someday I will have this condo the way I want it. I told Jack we are taking the cruise this year, wow, did I say it was THIS year, woohoo! Then next year we are going to take probably one last Vegas trip then we are going to start tackling the downstairs, painting, stripping and painting cabinets, clean out the house of stuff we want to get rid of and such so before he retires we can at least get the floors in downstairs. After a lot of going back and forth, talking to people and such and watching a lot of HGTV diy shows, we have decided to go with bamboo flooring throughout the downstairs except the bathroom. I found a lovely color at lumber liquidators I like so we are deciding on kitchen cabinet paint colors, back splash (we are going to put those little glass tiles across the whole back of the sink side and stove side I think) and countertops, which we will probably go with a laminate because granite is so expensive. We have a great plan for the dining room to turn it into a pantry and storage including a small area of shelves and baskets for my knitting supplies and yarn, which will be great. The dining room, which is actually a living room is big, about 22 x 14 or so and will make a great pantry and storage with shelves and we are hoping to put some kind of ready made center island with drawers and stuff for storage too. Lots of plans, but lots of money too! . We are going to do the painting, backsplash, and stuff like that ourselves, but the flooring a professional will do along with retiling the bathroom floor and a plumber putting in new toilets because jack doesn't think he can do it alone nor does he want to.

    Well enough blabbing from me. I need to get on to the next job in my list. Have a great day all. Let's make this the best weight loss year for us ever! I think everyone but myself might even be able to be at goal by the end of the year working hard. Faye
  • Good Morning, Flowers! It's a sunny morning with the wind still blowing and cold at 16 degrees. It "feels" like -1 according to the weatherman. We've been spoiled with our mild termperatures. The sun is setting a minute later again today, but still comes up at the same time. I stayed up late reading last night and woke up at my usual time. I feel like a nap, and I haven't done anything except read the paper, drink coffee, and get dressed.

    "Gma" -- I'm glad to see you today! I do hope your cold is GONE soon! You have suffered too long. It sounds like you have your house plans well thought out. Every once in awhile Bob will mention adding on again and I just get thinking about the mess. He'd really like to be on the lake but the way our lots are laid out, we do have a view between the two houses across the street. I really think we would miss the lake if we moved anywhere else in town. I would like my laundry room on the main floor along with a bedroom and bathroom, but not enough to go through the construction at this point in my life. We'll see though.

    I do need to do some laundry and work on the ironing pile today. I think I will get Bob to help me move furniture since Christmas is over. Enjoy your day and whatever it is you are doing or have done.
  • Weigh Day

    It is a nice sun shiney day here in the Heartland with the temps 23 - 40 this winter day. I am a happy camper for I showed a loss of 2 pounds this morning at the scale. It put a smile on my face, yes it did. I am going to make a pot of Chili Verde this day. On my shopping list I thought I had put down pork tenderloin but must have written pork roast for that is what Will brought home. So I shall change my plan this day and do the Chili Verde insteand of the Pork Medallions. We wanted to make a driving trip to the town where we buy our jerky but there is no answer to his phone so we won't be going there this day. Must be closed. So much for that get-a-way. I think if we don't go any where I will plan my menu for the week. I have got to get back into the nice habit of writing what I bite now that I have made my mind up to give this weight loss thing a good run this year one week at a time. I need to locate my tape measure so I can record my measurements this day. I have my mesurements when I first started and every 20 pounds lost. It has only been 10 pounds since my last measure day but since this is a new year I will make meausrements this day. Measurements will go on my chart officially when I have lost another 8 pounds. The measurements I take today will be for this year. I will measure after every 10 pounds lost this year which will help me keep my FOCUS. Helps me know "me" is shrinking. My clothes just get looser but I like them loose. Life is good.

    DONNA FAYE I am so happy for you that you are feeling better. Good idea you have to rest between energy spurts to clean. I like your plans to remodel your place. Great idea to use your dining room that way. We owned a house one time that had been remodeled and the kitchen had been expanded out 10 feet. They had left the old cupboards along one back wall but had louvered doors in front of them so they could be used for storage. They ran the whole length of the wall and it was a great set up. An island was in the kitchen closer to the "new" area. I loved that house. We had two lots and one was a veggie garden. Since the house was two storey the upstairs master bedroom was also expanded 10 feet. The bathroom was a dream. Yes, I like your idea of remodeling your place. Lots of work but oh so worth it.

    JEAN Now is the time for you to do that remodeling because one day you may have difficulty doing stairs and wish you had your washer and dryer on the same level as your living area. Just a thought and thinking years and years ahead. If this was our house I would find a place up here to have the washer and dryer for sure.

    Have a wonderful day Magnolias. We are all having a concerted effort to tighten down our programs and be losers. Be a loser.
  • I'm sitting here waiting for a new hidden object game to download and thought I would just blab at you a bit. Jack has been watching bowl games all afternoon and evening, which is a total bore to me and though I have been reading a new Rizzoli and Isles novel, I decided to put it down for a bit and play a game.

    I saw on the online news for Memphis we had 147 homicides this year. How absolutely disgusting.

    I am thinking about buying some yarn from knit picks and do another sweater for Fortune. This Bernat yarn just isn't really sturdy and has snagged a couple times and gets out of shape pretty quickly. The one I made Marty was a sturdier yarn. I am really zipping along on my wrap though. I have about half of it done so it won't be long as it knits up fast. I will then go back to my green sweater and finish it up then start on another one.

    Jean: The condo is a real mess, but right now we just have to deal with it. It has a lot of original stuff that is now falling apart and needs to be replaced. Jack is just not a handy man though he can do some things like replace faucets and such. So we have to have a big chunk of money to do things that are more expensive. My younger sister's dd has a husband that I think can do anything. He has tiled her house, replaced her toilets, remodeled and landscaped her whole back yard, and put in a tankless water heater. It would be nice to have a handy man husband, but mine just isn't.

    Maggie: It is cold and windy here today too. I let Fortune out just a bit ago and the wind whipping the bush and a couple other things scared him to death and he came running back into the house! I think they said about 30 mph is what the wind was gusting.

    Well gals, looks like my game is finished. Talk to you tomorrow. Faye
  • Maggie -- on losing 2#s during the holidays! That is a fete for sure! I made chili yesterday and we ate it again today. Mine is pretty mild compared to some. I'd really like my washer and dryer upstairs where the bedrooms are. The only way that will happen is if we'd put them in our bedroom. The wind has died down tonight but it's cold at 9 degrees. I guess old man winter is serious this time.

    "Gma" -- Now, how did you get the same post in two colors? Bob is handy to some extent but to tackle a major reconstruction, not so much. He overhauled his tractor by downloading the manual and remembering what he learned as a kid hanging around the mechanics at the garage. He helped Jason's father-in-law with sheet rock and laying a laminate floor when Jason finished his basement after they moved to Sioux Falls. My dad taught him how to do electrical and plumbing stuff, so I guess he is pretty handy after all.

    I have to be at church early tomorrow so think I will head to bed. I'm just about finished with a Nora Roberts book and then call it a night. See you all tomorrow!
  • Good morning ladies. It is very cold here this morning around 23 degrees. Jack started to go off to work in a lined wind breaker type jacket and a baseball cap, stepped out and back in and went and exchanged it for his heavy down coat and took gloves and a stocking cap along. It is supposed to be chilly all day, but warm back into the 50's tomorrow.

    I was going to go upstairs and tackle upstairs, but the dog kept me up most of the night and so I slept in and have things down here to do too, so will start on it tomorrow. I am at least getting laundry done including the sheets today and my daily chores.

    Man, I hate to miss breakfast, but I slept right through it so will just eat a good lunch.

    Maggie: Congrats on the 2 lb loss that is terrific. I know you have to be pleased especially with holiday stuff and all. We just don't have room to have a big gathering of any kind here, in fact the last time we had both of the kids and their families for dinner, we had to bring our little folding table out from under our bed upstairs so we could eat then didn't have enough chairs. It was kind of silly looking as I had just had surgery so I was in the recliner with a tray table and couldn't even eat with them. So, we decided it would be a great place to give us some storage. Along the only solid wall we are going to have cabinets like kitchen cabinets if we can swing them, if not, we will buy a boxed set up and put up shelving for a regular food pantry and around the corner where the short space is, put shelving for small appliances and across the door from that more shelving and in that corner shelving with baskets for my knitting supplies and yarn. I have always wanted enough space to be able to put a basket for new yarn labeled by weight and another basket for scrap yarn by weight. That way anytime I wanted to knit something I would know automatically what weight yarn I had left. I have this thing I bought where you can wind the yarn around it to find its weight, but it would be easier for me to have something easy to just grab leftover yarn to use up. We would also like to put shelving to put our china. I have two full sets that will eventually go to Jay and Kelly, but I still have it and one set which is my great grandmother's and grandmother's is a beautiful creamy white bone china set. It is so delicate and has these little coffee cups and saucers and even the tiny little tea bag plates that look like plates little girls play with. It has tureens and all kinds of stuff and both sets are identical. My other set is one which my husband's grandma bought us and it is white and silver and very pretty too. Anyway, lots of plans so hope the money will hold out! We are having boneless pork loin chops and cauliflower and corn bread dressing. Jack likes the stove top stuff and I make it without the butter to lower fat and points. I am not such a big fan, but he likes it so that is what we are going to have. I am still a bit under the weather as this cold is still not gone completely, but all I can do is just keep getting the stuff up and out I guess. It is much better than it was.

    Jean: I posted and it came out black so I went back in and fixed it and for some reason it posted the colored one and the black one. I have been having a devil of a time with the site. It will start to open then sort of "stick" and I get a webpage error on each step as I go along to open the thread. It hasn't done it in a couple days, but it was doing it all the time for some reason. I just finished a Rizzoli and Isles book at 3 am this morning and it was terrific. That Tess Gerritsen can write a book, that's for sure. I just wished the library had the series in order. I have read 6,7,8,9, then 2, then 5. I am missing the others and any later than 9 as the library online doesn't have them. Jack could put in laminate floors or probably even tile, but his knees at this stage wouldn't allow it, nor would mine to help him out. Stuff like changing out the faucets he does ok though sometimes it takes him awhile, but fixing leaks like we have with our tub, changing out toilets, and stuff, no. He can do some carpentry as his dad was a master carpenter, but he hates it and the one time he made this cute desk and chair for his dd when she was little for Christmas, he sliced his arm with a sander and had to have stitches. Since he is an electronics technician, he knows some electrical of course, but would never tackle anything involved because of legal aspects and would do something like put in a hot water heater or something like that either, so we plan on doing the wall painting and cabinet stripping and painting, the back splash in the kitchen as we are going to use those beautiful tiny glass tiles that come in sheets and are pretty easy to use, and put up the kit stuff in the dining room and upstairs new closet as Ikea has some great stuff and there is an Ikea in Nashville. This is all going to be about 3 years down the road though and then we will work on it as we have money. I am not going to go into debt to do this as I am trying to pay off everything so we aren't struggling in our SS years like some other people do. When Jack retires, that will be it, no more working and so it will be his city pension, Navy pension and SS that will be our money.

    Gals I am going to get out of here and put my sheets in the dryer and decide on lunch for today. You all have a great day and great week and stay OP this week. We want to meet our challenges for the year! Faye