Steel Magnolias #32

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  • Maggie -- We got home from SC a short time ago and I'm ready to head off to bed! Our atmosphere has become very humid tonight so the air is back on again; the open windows were nice for a day! Bob used to call SAMs the $100 dollar store, but now it is usually closer to $200! We are co-hosting the "Neighborhood Night Out" with our cat hating neighbors; that's when the police officer comes and gives a crime report, the fire dept. brings a fire truck for the kids to check out, and the ambulance comes with the EMTs. We are asking people to bring a snack of some sort to share so I picked up paper plates and napkins for that as well as paper supplies for the cabin. We stopped at their "nice" WM and I looked for a toy Maddy had asked for; of course they didn't have it. I'll check at ToysRUs in Sioux Falls next week or order it online. I bought the same brand and size bra I always wear. They have changed the model #, but I thought I looked like my other ones. It sure didn't fit like my other ones though. The clerk never questioned me, just gave me credit on my account.

    See you all tomorrow!
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