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diyana 06-01-2011 08:58 AM

Worldlies Jitterbug through June
New thread for the month of June.

June brings good weather in both hemispheres, so let's all jitterbug, jump and jive or at the very least be joyful and jolly this month!

Just keep moving toward health and enjoy June!

If you want to go back to read the May thread, click on this link:
Worldlies in May are moving and motivated

diyana 06-01-2011 09:02 AM

Good morning ladies -

I got to work early to catch up on all my emails, and learned there was an issue with a report I built. As usual, things that were not in the report requirements document. So I'll need to address those issues, and finish a couple other reports from last week.

I'm fairly sore today, so I think I'm going to skip Chair/Ball Zumba and stay home and stretch instead. Plus, we don't have hardly any food in the house, so DMIL and I should get to a grocery store ASAP. Water aerobics tonight is still "iffy" - I'm going to wait and see how I feel.

It was so nice being up in the woods near beautiful Lake Superior! It's just gorgeous there, just like the natural beauty that surrounds Happy's new home. It really reaffirmed for me that even though we live in the country, I really need to GET OUTSIDE and enjoy the fresh air and beauty of nature more often...whether it's a long drive away or right in my backyard. :)


Laura - I hope the retirement homework went well. Too funny, and too true, about how people plan so much for vacation, but not much for retirement. I'm glad you got to leave early on Friday and with all the audit responses complete. Bummer about the water seepage in the basement, probably a bit of caulk will do the trick.

Shad - You'll be leaving for Central Queensland in a couple days, right? I wish you safe travels, lovely weather and a productive and pleasant time. I'll have to look on a map to see where those places are. Good luck getting everything in order before you go. :crossed: Thanks for passing on Jen's messages about Mel. I had a bad intestinal infection several years ago and was on bed rest and a bland diet for about 3 weeks. If hers is like mine was, it can have you doubled over in pain. I'm glad they've given her meds for the pain. Please send along my hugs and prayers for her, Jen and Richie. We should definitely send a card(s). (Thanks, Happy, for offering to compile our messages!). I'll PM y'all so we can brainstorm what we might want to send her in a care package.

Happy - Did you get everything you wanted to done? How exciting to be readying your house for sale! Retirement is getting closer and closer for you! Such a bummer about the paint color in the vanity room! Congrats on the loose change windfall! :woohoo: As for your "just one more thing", I wish I had your energy, girlfriend. I always have the best intentions to do "just one more thing", but there comes a time when my brain, back, or the entire body says "NO MORE!" and I collapse onto the couch. I remember how much work moving was...which is why DH and I joke that when we move out of this house, it'll be in a hearse! So nice that your Mom will be there soon. I hope you can find time to organize, sort and pack while she's there, and if not, then just enjoy the heck out of her visit! :)

Annie - I'm glad you have new tires, bummer that they were so expensive though. I hate that the price of gas has gone up so dang much! :tantrum: I'm glad you got to have 3 days off from both jobs! :beach: My little Mischief doesn't like thunderstorms either. We always keep on some "Calming" chamomile dog treats on hand (you can usually find them at pet stores) and give her a couple. It helps relax her...though probably not as well as a xanax. I'm really glad you had a good time on your dates and that you kinda like the guy. You deserve to be happy, my dear sista friend. Too funny about chasing Hella with the hose. My doggies hate the hose, but on hot days, sometimes it's necessary.

Ceejay - You have probably already left, but I hope you have a great time visiting your sister and her family. Wishing you safe travels as well. My DH will be going down to Mt. Vernon and Independence, Missouri next week. That's awful that your friend had to wait so long at the doctor's office!

Ellen - I'm so glad you got Monday off so you could spend it with your DH and kids. I'm also happy to hear that the meds are helping!

Ellen and Laura - I hope you both stayed safely cool enough over the weekend. When we were vacationing up in the U.P., we heard on the news that at least one of the Chicago area beaches had to be closed because it was too hot and people were getting heatstroke.

Here's to a great day for all of us, and sending hugs and :getwell: wishes to Mel.

Lots of love and great big hugs,

annie175 06-01-2011 09:28 AM

Hey Chelle...welcome back....so glad your vacay went well. Thanks for starting the new thread......Be sure to get some healthy, good, fresh food when you go to the grocery. Remember we are kickin' it the heiny to get you where you need to be.....May the force be with you, my dear sista friend. The new guy, David, that I kinda like and is growing on me, are going to the Indians baseball game this Friday night. After Friday night home games, they do a fireworks display. So all and all it should be a good time. Kinda excited. Stay strong, get your reports done, and mostly be happy!!

Love and hugs,

Laura705 06-01-2011 11:43 AM

Morning all.

Ceejay - Hope you're having a safe drive to your sister's today and that you have a fabulous visit with her and the kids. :) Uh, the pruners are another item to add to the to-do list - they need to be taken apart and cleaned & oiled... Need to get bf to do that again.

Happy - Hope you're more well-rested today. Thanks for offering to send a get well card. I'll have to pm my greeting to you.

Shad - Thanks for passing along the messages about Mel! I'm so sorry to hear she's got that infection, but I'm very happy to hear she can go home soon. Hope you're taking a bit of time to breathe!! Is this assignment the same company as before, and so will you be going to similar types of field locations as you did last time?

Michelle - Thanks for starting up our new thread. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time in UP MI. Yes, I totally agree about appreciating the outdoor time!! One of the retirement homework assignments was " Envision Your Retirement" and one of the categories was about the place & your lifestyle. I wanted someplace with natural beauty surrounding me, and I want to be active outdoors! Just think of how many of our waking hours we spend indoors, especially in our cold weather climate!!

Annie - Sounds like you have a nice Friday evening planned w/ D. Enjoy!

Hi Ellen!! :wave:

Gorgeous day in the 60's with a blue sky today - oh how sucky it is to be indoors. And I can't even get out at lunch - I have the 2nd retirement session today. :rolleyes:

Yesterday evening turned out so nice too - skies cleared and it cooled down. Yet instead of spending some time outside, bf and I went to see the movie "Bridesmaids" with the movie group. It's like one of those raunchy guy movies, but this one centers around women instead of men. It was funny and entertaining, and not too much gross out stuff - really just one scene like that. I thought Melissa McCarthy stole the show as the bridesmaid Meghan - she's currently the actress in Mike & Molly, and was also in the series Gilmore Girls.

It's so nice today I think I will try to do something outdoors after work in the yard. Nothing much else to report so I better get back to work before I get interrupted again.

Shad 06-01-2011 04:22 PM

Morning all,

New message from Jen.

sorry i sent the first message to mom by accident. her new aol account got me confused.
the town is sending an ambulance to pick mom up. she is coming home today.
she feels a little better but the appendix area pain is still there at the end of the day.
3 surgeons think she can get over this if she rests and follows the liquid diet.
mom says maybe she will finally lose weight. lol
we both want to thank you for your kind offer but so far we are ok.
all costs are being covered by her medicaid and she doesn't want anything.
we went to the store and bought the baby food for her to try.
she laughed that because she can't eat maybe the bills can get paid faster. :)
mom would tell you that sending your love is more than enough. just yesterday
richie and i asked what she would like and she said just quiet and an airconditioned and dark room.
she missed her tv channels and her computer.
will keep you posted and champagne is fine!!!!!!!!!!
love jenny

You can see how upset Jen is by the panic over the computer use.

I haven't read all the suggestions yet, but after reading the above, the talking books (audio books) might be an idea. I will check to see if she had a cd player, although I think they can be played throught the computer.

Thanks for setting up the new thread Michelle. I had some dramas of my own yesterday and my head is not in the right place at the moment. Forgive me (no I haven't sinned) but I will be back later after reading the posts.

annie175 06-01-2011 11:24 PM

Shaddie...no need for apoligies...guurrrrrllll, you have so much going on with th J.O.B. Thanks for keeping us up to day on MELLIE. Love and hugs to all.

Hella B is barking and crying her arse off at the rocking chair, me thinks her ball has rolled under it and causing her stress...best I should see to it...brb. Sure enough....crazy dog.

Popped a fingernail off loading milk tonight, hurt like a mammy jammer. Hope to get it fixed soon. Work was long and frustrating tonight, customer came in right at closing time. Irritating as H. She was not only on her cell phone but also trying on sunglasses, then went to the cold aisle and was "looking" for the right meds. I finally went over to her and asked if I could help her find something, as WE ARE NOW CLOSED AND HAVE BEEN FOR THE PAST 10 MINUTES.....get this, not only did she not have enough money and had to go out to her car to get more, BUT paid 26 dollars in TWO DOLLAR BILLS. OMG. REALLY.....Get the F out of here. Ok enough ranting...lol. I am still wound up and not even ready for bed. ANYWAY....

Laura...sounds like you are having the same great weather we are having...it was so beautiful coming out of CVS tonight, no humidity, almost seemed like it should be...summer. Bob Seger, 17, and in love.....makes me wanna cry......I have been so sentimental lately.

I really need to get to bed, everyone have sweet dreams...Shad...a great day in the salt mines...maybe you will strike gold.

Love and hugs.

annie175 06-01-2011 11:26 PM

Sorry for mispelled, wrong form of words.....eyes kinda out of focus....

diyana 06-02-2011 06:51 AM

Shad - So sorry to hear you're dealing with dramas of your own, and that you're under so much stress. :hug: I hope things improve for you soon. You might want to pass this info along to Jen, if you have time. When I had the intestinal infection, the diet that worked best for me consisted of: Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup (the instant mix that is essentially broth and noodles), cottage cheese, applesauce and occasionally pudding. I didn't do the baby food, though I guess that would be quite nutritious if she can handle the taste. My DMIL was on a liquid diet for several weeks due to a stomach problem, and she essentially lived on broth and Ensure. Ensure is quite expensive, but there are varieties of it that are fortified with extra protein and nutrition. As for the audio books, I really like listening to them especially while lying in bed relaxing. I've frequently fallen asleep while listening to the audio book, so when I wake up, I just rewind to where I left off and start from there. Yes, they can be played on the computer as long as it has speakers (or the internal speakers work). A typical book has between 10 and 17 CDs, so you have to pop in a new CD when you get to the end. Audiobooks also come in MP3 format. My DMIL had a suggestion of a Netflix membership (but while Mel's on bed rest, Jen or Richie will have to mail her DVDs back). And if she wants a quiet, dark room, then maybe movies wouldn't be a good thing. :dunno:

Annie - If the late night customer had just come in for cold medicine and didn't know which to get, I could cut her a little slack as there are so many meds to choose from. But the fact that she dawdled around looking at sunglasses at closing time would've really ticked me off. I would've been like, "Look lady, the dang sun isn't out tonight, so get your freakin' sunglasses tomorrow!" Good of you to help Hella B find her toy. They get so attached to the toys and so upset when they can't find them. We had gorgeous weather yesterday too. Hopefully, it will be the same today.

diyana 06-02-2011 08:49 AM

A little Thursday humor....
1 Attachment(s)
A friend sent me this...and it's so funny, I just have to share it. :rofl:

annie175 06-02-2011 10:09 AM

Chelle...that is so cute...and now I know what caused me to get fat. lol

Laura705 06-02-2011 10:39 AM

Morning all.

Shad - Thanks for passing along another message from Jen. Poor Mel - hope she can be comfortable and pain-free during her recovery. Sorry you're so busy with this work assignment and have to deal with the drama too. When it rains it pours...

Annie - Ow, the nail coming off sounds painful. How annoying that woman dawdling even after the store had closed. Wonder what was up w/ the $2 bills??!

Michelle - I agree w/ you and Shad that the audio books are a good idea for Mel. I have a tendency to get easily distracted while listening to those, and I get annoyed having to go back to where I was. But then again, I'm always trying to multi-task and that doesn't help with my concentration...

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. :) :wave:

I felt like I was getting a cold yesterday afternoon. So ticked - not again!!! I got home and started taking the zinc lozenges. Yuck - but I don't have any symptoms today. :crossed: Brought the zinc with me today just in case. My eyes were also bothering me from the allergies (it had been windy the day before and that started it all). Took some drops for those. That made me grumpy.

Bf's back is still bugging him (has been since Monday), so he paid someone to mow the lawn yesterday. It was long and would have needed bagging and he wasn't up to the constant lifting of the full bag.

After tinkering with it for quite a while, bf determined that our wireless router is fried, so that made both of us grumpy/grumpier. I think when we had the power go off/on during the storm a couple weeks ago that might have done it, or we might have had more momentary outages more recently. I thought we had a decent power strip that protected from surges, but I guess not. It doesn't seem like we had the router that long, but it's probably been a few years already. Not sure how long they should last...I'm just annoyed to have to buy another one. :mad:

I didn't do much of anything except water my still-in-their-pots geraniums and tomatoes. :o: The bed of peonies on the south/sunny side of the yard have bloomed so I had to go take a sniff of those - just love that scent. :) Other than that, watched tv.

So the boss is out of the office today and tomorrow, and then I learned late yesterday afternoon that the admin is also out both days. I'm alone and it's quiet - nice. :) :) No meetings either - great opportunity to get my desk organized and get cranking on some new projects.

Okay, time to get at it. Have a great day everyone.

annie175 06-02-2011 02:13 PM

Laura....I love Peony bushes as did my momma. Of course pink. SHe also had white ones in her yard also. My Rose of Sharon that started from what looked like 3" dead twig last year are now about a foot tall with very green leaves on them. Very happ with that. A girl from Humana work gave me the starts. Mighty fine, mighty fine. Quiet days at work are nice, make the most of it.

Went to the fruit/veggie stand yesterday. Jan and I cut out about 10 am and went. Got tomatos, cucumbers, a whole watermelon which Jan and I split and white/yellow varigated corn on the cob. May have some of that tonight for dinner. Not really hungry tho as I went with Jan to meet her mother for lunch at MCL<---haha, old people restaurant. It was the first time I had met her mother, she is spry, 85 and still drives, a very sweet lady. We hit it off right away. Very nice lunch indeed.

Sissy didn't come into work today, she has been having a hard time with her tummy this week and vomiting. Poor babe. At this time she told BF that this may be their only child. Haha. We all say that, then like a dope, I had another, but wouldn't change it for the world now.

Hello to all you Worldlies....have a great Thursday/Friday.

Love and Hugs,

Shad 06-02-2011 04:37 PM

Morning all, no further news from New Jersey, so presume all is well and Me is home. I will try to phone her tonight but I am away tomorrow to Mackay and then points inland so any conversations will be short and sweet. Other than that, I will leave phone calls to Happy since she also has Mel's number. I'd give it to you all, but need Mel's permission first. Probably just listening to people would give her as much pleasure as anything.

Haven't had a chance to do much thinking about talking books etc. I don't have a phone number for Jen and don't want to disturb Mel or give her a chance to see what we are up to - I'm betting she is sneaking peaks at the computer. I'm up to my ears here in talking twits and much as I would like to bang their heads together, I need to stay calm, in control and soothing. Men - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. From tomorrow I will have some thinking time and can start to deal with personals and get back to friends.

Projects would be fine if it wasn't for overloaded staff, grumpy consultants - some of whom are half baked, and jittery project managers trying to talk their way out of some forgotten piece of legislature or company policy. Isn't it lucky I have done courses in Conflict in the Workplace! :rofl: even if I do feel the violence (from me) coming out. Off with their heads, legs, b*lls, etc.

Gotta go. I have 2 documents to write and then put the reporting course together and that's 3 out of 4 done.

Meantime, if you make a decision by yourselves, let me know how much I owe.

happy2bme 06-02-2011 11:16 PM

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to say that for the next 2 months or so I probably will be just occasionally peeking in here. We are really trying to get the house on the market by the end of next month. I know that several people have generously offered to help my DH toss everything I own into the streets and while I find that immensely insulting - as in if I pick it therefore it has no value at all - I know the only way to avoid this is to do it myself. It makes for a long day - working until 5:30, home by 6, make dinner, eat, relax for a bit and then hit a project. Trying to get to bed by no later than 11. I guess I have alot on my mind as I wake up at 3am, 4, and 5 am. I guess I finally fall back into a deep sleep between 5 and 6 am when I finally get up. I'm trying to tack a few short things in the morning while the coffee is brewing and I find that I barely have time to catch up, much less post. Lots going on at work too and I find that I start a post, get interupted and then it gets too late and I have to get back to work.

I will try and post when I can but won't be a regular. Once we get this all behind me I will try to be a much better neighbor and worldly chick ;)

I will check in to keep tabs on Mel. I am sad to say that I can offer no suggestions on movies or books. In fact I have 3 boxes of books I am moving to the new house - both old and new books I have purchased and wanted to read and never had the time. So I am not up on what might be interesting to her. I know she likes feel good movies like Under the Tuscan Sun so perhaps she might like some of Nicholas Spark's books - I loved The Notebook. She also loves the old classic movies but unfortunately I can't translate that to a book. I also liked the book 5 People You Meet In Heaven by the same guy who wrote Tuesdays With Morrie I believe was the title.

Shad - I thought she used her phone line for the computer and we had to agree ahead of time on a phone call so that the phone line was not engaged. If this has changed, let me know and I will try and give her a ring this weekend.

Forgive me for not keeping up with the rest of you fine ladies but it's about time for me to get to sleep. We are in the upper 90's here with lots of humidity and it is just draining.

I'll be thinking of you as I run along :grouphug:

upswife 06-03-2011 09:36 AM

Morning ladies!

Been a quiet week. JUst hanging out with DD3 also had my Gyne appt yesterday (Yuck) just waiting for next week jkids are out of school on monday and I Have plans to get this place caught up. DD2 has her follow tests on Wed then the dr's appt on Thursday. Hopefully she gets the all clear. Working Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday.

My Mom is watching the kids today since dh has to work late today. Weather has been nice the last few days, but supposed to be really warm over the weekend. Hoping to keep my Air off. need to really try to lower the monthly bills.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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