The Onederland Express - Hop on Here!! #5

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  • Hi girls! I keep trying to get in here, but the distractions are never ending, hoping I can get through a post now- LOL. Soo, I guess everyone knows about yesterday's earthquake? Really weird for us East coasters! Everyone on my block felt it, but I was walking my girl and didn't feel it. Probably better that I didn't! I was really worried about my sister and her kids cause they're on vacation in Maryland, but she said they didn't feel it on the beach, so I suppose all is well for now.

    I've been having a good week so far, so I'm really hoping to make Onederland this Saturday! Tomato sandwiches for lunch every day, mmmmmm... I don't know what I'm gonna do when tomato season is over! For the first time in life I've also discovered the awesomeness of ripe fruit. Crazy, isn't it? I always stayed away from fruit because I felt like it was a waste of calories or points for something that always left me feeling hungrier, but I hear that WW has loosened up on fruit, so I started eating it. Man, I'm really going to have trouble when nothing's ripe in the winter!

    Susie, I definitely wonder what's wrong with me, too, that I'm always riding the rollercoaster. I think a lot of people have this problem! If we could fix our heads, the rest would just come naturally! I've come so far, so many times, and then I just let it slip back and have to start all over again. So sick of it! This time I'm really trying to do it differently, though. I stopped weighing and measuring and counting, which I NEVER before thought was a good idea. I always got so wrapped up in keeping notes that it just wasn't liveable for the long term. I'm pretty familiar by now with approximate serving sizes, so I'm just trying to wing it and be sensible. Granted, it's a slower process, but slow movement in the right direction that I can sustain has got to be better (for me, at least) than zooming down the scale just to zoom back up! Either way, yeah, you're not alone with the mental struggles! Glad you're feeling better and I definitely think you should do that 5K! You GO, girl!

    Carri, sorry, but I definitely giggled at your puppy poopie story! I haven't had it happen in the car, but lately we've had some close calls in the house. My girl turned 15 last week - yay! But about a month ago she started having a lot of troubles with the, ummm, consistancy of her business, so she's now taking Metamucil daily. Well, that has definitely improved the situation, but sometimes when the feeling hits, we don't have a lot of time to get her outside. We have to carry her down the steps, and it's quite a sight when that tail is raised and we know it's coming and we need to get out the door fast! Probably TMI, but I can talk about puppy poop all day- LOL! Anyway, congrats on staying below 230! I hope the rest of your transition back to better eating gets easier, and you get some sleep!

    Hope all is well with everyone else!

    Time to get out the door. Have a good one, everyone!
  • Morning Girls ....still doing good, had a slight overage last night on my calories, a mini binge you might say ...but since I am just now starting back out not gonna be too hard on myself as I know I will make mistakes...but right back on today...I had a funny the other day because I had put some of my clean laundry in the bathroom and had laid some of my underwear over the towel rack across from the toilet , so while on said toilet ( i know tmi ) I was looking straight at these ungodly HUGE underwear and it really hit me....I am so out of control ...surely these weren't my underwear ? but alas they were lol , and it really helped me realize how out of control this has gotten...I guess instead of the picture on the fridge I should put up a big ol pair of my undies, but dh might not like that, haha ....oh and worse yet they were thongs...who wants to see a big ol stretched out pair of thongs? Hey if I cant laugh at myself ...

    Auntie G - I worry about the dog getting older thing...I feel like you work so hard when they are puppies to house train them only to have them lose it when they get too old...our dog Les turns 10 on Aug 28th ( we always get him a Happy Meal at mcd's ) ...and he is still utterly crazy, chases his tail every night ...has way too much energy for almost 70 per dog years ...but I like that, because i know it wont always be that way...thinking about it makes me so sad ...why cant dogs live as long as humans? By the way, I am SO excited for you being so close to Onederland ...I know you are gonna get there this weekend....congrats !!!!

    Also I went another night with not so good sleep...went to bed early like I planned but then some really nasty storms rolled thru about 1am and woke me up for a while, then I get back to sleep and one of the smoke detectors batteries went out in the hallway around 4am and it started chirping every 10 mins, so dh and I got up, got a chair out and changed the battery, back to bed about a half hour later ...cant wait till the weekend, I really need some sleep catch up.

    Hi Susie, Arabella, Mel, and Liz - hope you are all having a great day !!!

    See ya girls.

  • I apologize, too, for being MIA. One thing and another, doldrums & etc. Full disclosure: I'm double posting this one to the two threads I post on.

    This week my former MIL died in New Brunswick and DS & I went over for the visitation and funeral. She was probably the most difficult person I've ever known but I guess I loved her anyway. It was a good trip. Really wonderful to have a visit with my ex, his sister and niece. Still all a part of me, despite everything.

    Anyway, Rose was a big presence and it feels like the end of an era.

    Long drive, 4.5 hours. We arrived just in time to change our clothes and go to the visitation. It was quiet and casual and we stayed for the whole time. Frank (my ex) put us up in the family home, an old house on the bay in St. Andrews, which is a lovely old town. He's fixing up the house, which had been sitting empty for the 7 years since his mom went into care. And had been in need of attention before then, plus packed with a combination of treasures and junk.

    His sister and I spent a couple of hours before the funeral manually shredding old paperwork that had crammed a floor to ceiling filing cabinet. The day before, she'd started with cancelled cheques dating back to the fifties.

    Anyway, I'm glad I went and happy to be home again. Scale this a.m. shows me a tad under ticker, hoping to maybe get in a bit more loss before the end of the month.

    Now, speaking of dreaded EOM... I guess I'd better get to work. I hope to get back in to do the personal messages but I've got a lot of work to catch up on.

    Love to all!
  • Arabella - I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. I think it'll be like that with my MIL when she goes, (not for a long time hopefully) - she is difficult but I do love her! I'm sure going through everything would be a big job - cancelled cheques back to the 50's? Wow, that's some thorough record keeping!

    Carri - Eww, had to read back about that poopy story with your dog, GROSS! My dog did something similar (ok the exact same thing) a while back. So disgusting. Honestly I think sometimes seeing our clothing is a good way to keep motivated! At least I know trying to fit into smaller things was a huge motivator for me. I remember back in university I had my pyjamas under my pillow and a guy who was one the boyfriend of one my friends, pulled them out and held up the shorts and then asked what country this flag was for, since they were so big. So cruel.

    Susie - I don't think I've completely overcome emotional eating, to be honest. I have a habit of saving 300-400 calories or so for the evening, so I can do a bit of a "binge"...I mean it's not a binge, but I will eat cookies and tea or something without much nutritional value. I love my snack and have had it every evening since I started. It's actually gotten more healthy as time has gone on...last night it was tea (usually always tea) and two mini whole wheat muffins, and a bunch of cherries. I really enjoy it. And at times I catch myself wanting to eat more just because it makes me feel good. But somehow I've learned to tell myself NO, and stick to it and mean it - I don't know how it's worked this time but it just finally became not worth it to me anymore. The food just isn't worth how good I feel in a "slim" body (I still have a hard time calling myself slim - just too weird for me). About the 5K thing?? Something I've been wanting to do! If you want to do a run, you could look up Couch to 5K, it's a great training program (I started it but haven't finished it). Maybe you could modify it to train for a walk too. I should look up a walk too, maybe we could do a challenge together and post photos of ourselves doing it!!

    auntie g - OH my I was just thinking how sad I will be when all this fruit goes away too! I am absolutely addicted to cherries right I have a whole bunch of cherry tomatoes from my sister's MIL's garden, and they are so sweet and amazing I can't stop eating them! Good luck on hitting onederland, let us know for sure!!

    Anyhow ladies some exciting news here, MIL is taking us on a Disney cruise in October!! I am super excited (obviously!! haha). We've been doing a bunch of planning for it and I am getting online to reserve all kinds of special things for the kids to do, I am just so pumped! Hope everybody has a great day!
  • Bam! 198 today!As usual, no time to chit chat right now- getting hurricane survival stuff ready... I can't believe we're getting a hurricane in the same week we got the first earthquake I've ever (sort of) experienced. Anyway, got to keep moving. Will check in when I can. Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  • Hey auntie g -- you're there!

    I'm thrilled for you! (Now save me a spot, hey? I'm crawling that-a-way.)

    The rollercoaster issue? I guess we've all done that, huh. The worst I did was 60 pounds, all "without noticing." Also without weighing myself. When I finally decided to bite the bullet and jump on scale, I was prepared for a 30 pound gain. Not prepared to see double. Yup, I will never stop getting on the scale again.

    Liz, I don't think you need to worry about a "binge" of 2 mini whole wheat muffins and some cherries. Your daily treat sounds like a good idea, so you can have something less than optimum if you want it.

    I was thinking, Rose was the end of the line in a way, the last MIL. The mother of my then sig. other died about 30 years ago and my husband's DM died five years back. Rose was the last MIL.

    Carri, re: poop story. I've got one too -- I was driving with my cat to our new house years ago when he starts to yowl extra hard. Then just as I'm turning onto the highway, he climbed on my lap and released a big log. I was a mite freaked. Pulled over as soon as I could. Fortunately it was pretty dry and I just dug a kleenex out of my purse, picked it up and chucked it by the side of the road and carried on.

    Susie, good for you, training for a 5k walk! You should have plenty of time to get ready for it, even if you just start out walking and doing a bit more each day. The trick, of course, is to get started and keep at it. I've done a 5k run before (slooooooowly). Hmmmm... if I had trained, I probably might have been a bit faster. Ah well.

    K, wimmen, let's make this a good one. Be safe!
  • It's a lovely day here in Ohio and I'm running a low-grade fever!! I think it's because my allergies are up--I was outside on Friday night and then again yesterday afternoon and evening.

    This usually happens to me in October but it looks like my allergies are kicking in earlier this year. I woke up this morning with a very sore throat and this fever. I can keep it down with tylenol.

    I stayed the same at TOPS on Thursday. I haven't started my training for the 5k--planning on starting tomorrow. I talked to my friend that I work out with at the Y and she is going to do it with me, so that will be good.

    Auntie: ONDERLAND!!!!! How proud and excited I am for you!! Hope you are safe from the hurricane. As for the earthquake, I felt it in Ohio as well.
    I have a question about the Metamucil: how did you know to give that to your dog? I ask because I actually work for the company that makes that brand and I also work on the brand--in marketing and I have not heard of that before but I think it's amazing!

    Carri: I hope you are getting some sleep. and I looked at my underwear (after you posted your story) and I had the same thought about myself! At one time I hung that jean skirt I wanted to wear up in my roo, maybe I should hang a pair of my current underwear and a pair of my "goal" underwear up and use that at motivation?!

    Arabella: So sorry to hear about your MIL.

    Liz: How exciting--a trip to Disney--are you going to Florida or CA?
  • Morning Gals ....first off CONGRATS to Auntie G for getting into Onderland !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cannot wait to join you Arabella said, I am crawling that way too ....

    secondly I lost 3 pds last week !!!!!!!! Very excited ...puts me at 223 and heading quickly back towards the 2 teens ...which makes me feel better...

    Arabella - yes I would have been more freaked out if he did it on my lap, haha ...I think if you have pets we all have that kind of poop story, haha

    Liz - yah on the Disney trip, how exciting...and so nice of her to pay...that makes it even bettah !!! haha

    Susie - I get allergies too in the Fall, so far I am doing pretty good...I do have my days though...hope yours gets better

    HI to Mel

    I was able to knock off soda finally on Sat after weaning myself down all that probably helped with the weightloss this week ...feel like I gotta handle on this we will see.

    Have a good day everyone

  • auntie g - Congrats on making it to onederland!!!! WTG!!!!

    Susie - We're taking a cruise, which takes off from Port Canaveral in Florida. I've never been on a cruise - a little concerned about all the awesome food that's going to be there, haha, but I'm sure we'll have a great time! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well - and glad you have a workout buddy for your 5K!

    Carri - Yeah my MIL paying for it is my favourite part, too, lol...otherwise we could never afford it, that's for sure! Congrats on the 3 pounds gone!!!

    Arabella - Yeah that example didn't sound very bingey, did it?? haha Sometimes I will eat around 400-500 calories of stuff though, and it does become a bit binge-esque I think, but hey it's working so why fix it if it ain't broke?? haha

    We had a good weekend - had MIL's birthday party yesterday, we had chicken and salad and corn, so yummy! So many wasps outside though we decided to have the cake I made inside. I had a full slice of cake, which is unusual for me, but oh well. Have a great day, ladies!
  • Feeling much better today.

    I woke up in a "good frame of mind" and "ready" to take on this 13 week challenge to get ready for the 5k.

    I had a good breakfast of Greek peach yogurt, a honey/oat fiber bar and water. Lunch was a Healthy Choice Manicotti dinner that comes with brocollit and apples--didn't taste to bad--and water.

    I walked for 17 min (includes warm up and cool down) on the treadmill at a rate of 2.9 and walked .78 miles. Then I got on the exercise bike and road for 10 min at a speed of 11.4 and went 2 miles.

    I have a Happy Hour after work--will stick to water and I will allow myself some chips and salsa but will take it easy on them.

    Dinner tonight it roasted red potatoes and roasted spring veggies for me (hubby will have grilled streak), I will most likely eat some hummas on a whole grain roll as well.

    Carri: Whooo hoo! down 3 lbs and has the soda under control..that is so great! Job well done!!

    Liz: You will do just fine on the is because you can be so active and the food is so fresh and wholesome--sure there are choices that have more calories but you know how to control that and still enjoy.
    We went on a cruise 5 years ago and I actually lost 7 lbs! I think it is because I loved walking the ship and took the stairs to our cabin a lot and like I said, the food was great and I could order whatever I wanted, so I choose good things and they were so delicious.

    Also, don't sweat the's not everyday you do that.
  • Susie - I like your losing 7 pounds story!! I'm sure you're right we will be very active, that's for sure! I was actually thinking of trying to lose 5 more pounds to give myself a kind of buffer....I think I just need to relax about it! lol Glad you're feeling better!
  • Hello! I am having a pretty good week, food and exercise wise. I am following my 5k training plan and writing down my food and exercise for tracking purposes.

    I'm not looking at the calories but will do that once I get into the routine of just logging the info.

    Tonight's food will be a challenge as we are going to the Red vs Phillys game. I will choose as best I can.

    We are going to the game for a personal reason. I don't know if you remember the young man who is a family friend and he passed away unexpentantly in May from a epilitic seizure.

    Today is his 27th b-day and his sisters said "Let's honor Micah on his b-day", he was a HUGE Reds fan and so 25 of us are going to the game tonight together in his honor.

    I was so touched that one of his friends put this together that I wrote the Reds and told them about it so that they would know how their organization is touching our lives and helping us to honor Micah. They wrote back and said they would like to help us do that and they are sending the Mascots over during the 4th inning and taking our pictures with them and they will give us pictures! Is'n't that nice?!

    I hope you all are having a great day.
  • End o'month workathon here. I should make it in with a report tomorrow...
  • Hi girls! I feel like I'm stalling a bit this week, but last week was extra good, so that's pretty normal. Staying the course...

    We made it through the hurricane with no major problems, so I'm extremely grateful for that! Now I've got all my emergency supplies sitting ready for the next one... Hopefully there won't be a next one, though! I can't believe it's the end of the summer. Where does the time go? I feel like I didn't even start summer yet! Oh, except for those horrendous heatwaves we had- LOL!

    Arabella, sorry about your MIL- meant to say that sooner... I'm saving your seat in Onederland, too! Come on over! Hope you get all your end of month work done in a timely fashion!

    Susie, that's a great idea, going to the game in honor of your friend! Ya know, I'm in Phillies territory here, so maybe I'll see you. Be sure to wave! About the Metamucil- I didn't think of it on my own, my vet told me to start giving it to her. It's working great, so I'd definitely recommend it in applicable situations. What's been going on with my baby is that ever since she was sick last summer, she's been eating basically only chicken and rice, and she needed fiber. So there ya have it. Metamucil to the rescue!

    Carri, congrats on the 3lbs! I'm saving your spot, too! We've been on the wrong train for a looooong time, and it's time to switch! And how 'bout that Big Brother? It's been definitely making me crazy this season, but I'm holding out hope...

    Liz, oooooh, a cruise! How exciting! I went on one when I graduated from high school a hundred years ago, and I've always wanted to do it again! Some day... But good news- I also lost weight when I went! At that time I was at the highest weight I've ever been (high school was not a good time for me!) And I was in no way trying to limit anything I consumed. But we were just soooo active. I was completely expecting to gain that week, but I lost 5 lbs! So don't you worry about that at all. It's gonna be great!

    Back to chores- have a good one, everyone!
  • Morning Girls, just a quick check in, still doing good and hoping for another good loss this week...I was having alot of green tea lately and have been having some heart flutters so gonna go off the caffiene and see if that helps...but it also may be some anxiety over some family issues right now, so dont some stress right now...but I am not stress eating !!! So that is good...

    hope you all have a good day !!!!