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Good evening, ladies! Raining and 64 degrees. In fact, it's rain for the next 5 days. I find it depressing.

There is supposed to be an air show at Langley today, tomorrow and Sunday. They did get some in today. I hope it clears long enough for them to get through the next 2 days. I am fortunate in that I can sit upstairs in my bedroom and see a lot of it right out my window.

I did my water aerobics this morning, then went to Walmart to pick up a few items.

Gail, I'd love some dishcloths. I'll PM you my address. Thanks! That mother injecting Botox into her child needs to have the child taken away from her.

Maggie, it's quiet where I live, too. I love it. I do have 5 pound weights at home but at the Y I lift 65 pounds and the 5 pounders are like a feather. I can go to the Y in Hampton, Williamsburg, or Newport News, but they are crowded with the men from our Y.

Jean, I hope your legs are feeling better.

Faye, ever find anything out about what happened the other night? I know Fortune will be glad to have Jack back on schedule!

Have a good evening.
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Gail -- I would have to have a dish cloth! Then I could make my own and use your's for a pattern. I'll send you my address.

Maggie -- The wind is still blowing strong and the wind chill is 38 right now. This evening we stopped to look at a pick up and the salesman (who is Jason's age and was in the same graduating class) came out and asked if we'd had a nice summer . . . all two days of it! I hope your ice maker is fixed asap. We don't have one; I guess because there wasn't one when we moved in and I thought I could make my own. There was an Iowa mom who left her baby in the car and forgot about her. The husband normally took the baby to daycare but for some reason couldn't that day. The mom was some top executive and had work things on her mind never giving the baby a second thought. She found the baby at the end of her work day dead in the car seat. She was convicted of child endangerment and some degree of manslaughter but was put on probation rather than in jail. It was a sad, sad story.

Susan -- What fun to be able to watch the air show in the comfort of your bedroom. I also find gloomy, rainy, windy days depressing. Sunshine makes such a huge difference even if the temperture is cooler. So far today my legs have not ached. I'm keeping my for bedtime. I think I will take Tylenol before I go to bed as a precaution.

The furnace just came on again; I was looking forward to some days without the furnace or air conditioner running. Have a nice weekend!

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